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- "Aslan, are we in your Sanctuary?" I managed to ask after opening my eyes and taking in the beautiful scenery laid out in front of me.

I heard the deep chuckle of Aslan, "Yes dear one, but this is yours just as much as it is mine."

"My Sanctuary?"

"Yes, child. This used to be my own, but those who are in need of it are more than welcome to seek refuge here."

I stared at the Great Lion, bewildered with his statement. "Thank you Aslan, it's amazing."

Aslan gave a lion's smile, "I bring you here every night when the White Witch threatens you in your dreams. This is a place where only those who possess true faith may enter. Now, child, I want you to see the rising sun."

I looked out at the horizon, taking in the first rays of the magnificent sun. The warmth wrapped around me, the feeling was marvellous.

"Walk with me child; we have something to talk about." I didn't want to leave the place, I wanted to watch the sun rise higher in the sky, but I couldn't say no to Aslan. I inhaled deeply and turned my heel, following the Great Lion.

We arrived by the river, the place where I spent most of my nights at. I sat beside Aslan under a mighty oak tree.

"You and your friends are very special," Aslan started, "I know that it is hard to believe, that the four of you are the Daughters of Magic but it is true, young one. The four of you have been chosen by the Deep Magic to govern the four elements, and you to protect and guard Narnia, her land and her people."

My mouth fell open wide in shock, "Me? Protect and guard Narnia, Aslan?" the Lion nodded in amusement. "But, but why? How?"

"Because you are the Guardian of Earth, making you the Protector of Narnia."

"Guardian of Earth? Protector of Narnia? Me?"

Aslan chuckled and nodded, "Rowena is the Guardian of Water, Danica the Guardian of Air, and Cassandra the Guardian of Fire. You and your friends make up the Eternal Guardians, the Daughters of Magic and the Empresses of the Elements."

I fell silent. I didn't know how to respond to the news. Everything was so sudden and I couldn't believe what I just heard. 'This isn't happening,' I thought.

"Do you doubt what I tell you, child?" Aslan probed.

"It is not that I doubt you, Aslan. I'm not sure if I can become what you have just told me to be. If I could live up to what is expected of me," I gazed at the grass underneath my feet.

"Child, I did not tell you what you should become. I told you who you already are. And you have lived up to my expectations," Aslan purred and gave me a lion's kiss on the forehead.

I closed my eyes and smiled, "Thank you, Aslan, for believing in me."

"You are always welcome, dear one. Now, we have to deal with the evil that threatens our home, the land you are born to protect."

"Jadis? The White Witch?"

Aslan growled at the mention of the Witch's name, "Yes. She is on the move, my dear. She wants to take over Narnia. Claim what once was hers, kill those who oppose her, and rule again."

"But, Aslan, can we stop her?" I stammered. And to my relief Aslan nodded.

"The only hindrance to her plans is you and your friends."

My face paled and my heart rate quickened, "Us? Is that the reason why she wants to kill us?"

"She has found deep and dark magic in Terebinthia, more powerful than her powers before, and she is willing to use it to get what she wants. She can only defeat the Kings and Queens with dark magic, and since the four of you also bear magic, you and your friends are the only ones who can stop her."

"Aslan, how can we stop her? We don't know how to use magic," I cried.

"Ellina, you and your friends must earn the Mystic Weapons, prove your worth to the Deep Magic and you will be granted your full powers." I nodded, showing that I understood. "But beware, for each Mystic Weapon great dangers are guarding it. One must learn to make sacrifices in order to achieve their goal. Death and danger are always present, so always have faith."

The news was hard to grasp but I nodded, nonetheless.

"Now, you need to come back to Narnia. Don't say a word about what we have discussed, not yet. I will come and tell you when the time is right. Goodbye for now, dear one." With this said, Aslan opened his mouth and let out a loud roar.—

"Well, that's everything," I said with a shrug.

"You have seen Jadis and Aslan in your dreams and you didn't bother to tell us?" Peter asked in a dangerous tone.

"I'm sorry, Peter. I didn't know it was Jadis until I saw her at the ball," I looked down on the ground and played nervously with a blade of grass.

Peter furrowed his eyebrows and ran a hand through his hair.

"Peter, calm down. I'm sure Ellina would have told you if she knew it was the White Witch," Lucy patted Peter's shoulder trying to reason with her oldest brother.

"We really are the Daughters of Magic?" Danica stammered.

I gravely nodded.

"Aslan, where can we find these Mystic Weapons?" Caspian queried.

"You cannot go and look for them. The Mystic Weapons will come to their rightful owners in their own time. Be patient," Aslan reminded and stood on all fours.

Everyone got on their feet.

"Now, you should go back. Your kingdom needs you," Aslan added.

Lucy opened her mouth to say something but was cut off by Aslan's loud roar.

Everything became blurry and in a blink of an eye, all nine of us were back in the Assembly Hall. I scanned the individuals in front of me, my best friends were pale, Caspian and Susan were holding hands and still in shock, Edmund rushed to the nearest chair, Peter was deep in thought, and Lucy looked like she was about to cry.

"Your Majesties? Is everything all right?" Glenstorm asked, heading towards us.

Peter shot his head upward; the expression on his face was grave.

"Leave us. I want to talk with Ellina, alone," he ordered in a voice I never heard him use before.

The centaur nodded and motioned the rest to vacate the hall. Susan whispered something to Peter before grabbing Lucy and Edmund and dragging them out. Everyone quietly left us, even Edmund didn't complain.

"Why didn't you tell me about your nightmares?" Peter asked, trying to remain calm.

"I told you about my nightmares," I meekly replied.

"When?" his voice was raised.

"The night before the Ball. The same night you had the dream about a war, the same night I found you on the balcony in the Throne Room," I reminded him.

His gaze on me softened, "But you didn't tell me that the lady in your dream was Jadis."

"I didn't know. To me she was always the Pale-skinned Lady, not the White Witch. Every time I tried to remember her face, it just slips through my fingers. Everything becomes a blur."

"And did you just forget to mention Aslan?"

I shook my head, "I'm sorry."

"Sorry? If you told me sooner you wouldn't have gotten hurt. I could have prevented that Witch from harming you."

"I couldn't tell you because it was just a dream, a crazy dream. I couldn't believe it myself, let alone other people. I would just sound loony. And how Peter, pray tell, would you have prevented the Witch's coming?"

Peter groaned in frustration, "Still, you should have told me!"

"Why, Peter? Why amI obligated to tell you my dreams?"

"Because, because I like you. More than just a friend. I worry about you and I think of you more than I want to admit."

My mouth fell open. I tried to respond to him but I couldn't find the right words. I was speechless.

Peter looked at me, anticipating an answer. He sighed in disappointment and started to walk away.

"Peter!" I shouted but he didn't turn. "Peter Pevensie, come back here and explain yourself!" He stopped and looked back at me.

"Why Ellina? Why am I obligated to explain myself to you?" He retorted and continued to walk away.

My mind went blank. I didn't know what to think. I tried my best to hold in the tears that threatened to fall. 'Why does Peter have to pick the worst time to tell me the truth?' I thought as I entered my room.

"He likes me?" I whispered to myself.

The knocking on my door stopped me from picking at my brain further. I sighed and answered the door.

"Hi!" William greeted me cheerfully.

"Oh. It's you," I replied.

"Were you expecting someone?" His face dropped, "I should just leave you then, my lady."

I mentally slapped myself. To be honest, I was expecting someone else, Peter to be exact. I was hoping he would explain what he told me earlier.

"William, wait!" I called. He turned and smiled sincerely at me. "I'm sorry for being rude. What is it you came for?" I politely asked.

"I wanted to say goodbye."

"Goodbye? Why? Where are you going?"

"We'll be heading back to Archenland."

I looked at him incredulously. "Come in, and tell me why you are leaving all of a sudden."

I motioned William to take a seat on the chaise longue.

"Now tell me why you need to depart on such short notice?" I asked him impatiently.

He gave me a small smile, "I'm leaving to inform Archenland about the situation Narnia is in. If the White Witch wants a war, rest assured that Archenland will be willing to fight by your side."

"Oh. Thank you, William. But when will you be sailing?"

"In the morning, Ell. I know you like sleeping in, that is why I wanted to say goodbye tonight. In case you miss our departure tomorrow," he chuckled. I felt myself blushing.

"I'll wake up early. I promise you that," I smiled.

"Well, if that is the case we should spare our goodbyes for tomorrow. I should get going; I'm not done packing yet."

"Do you need help?" I offered.

"Actually, yes I do. I can't seem to fit my belongings back into my trunk."

We headed towards his room. After I finished neatly folding his clothes I sat down on the end of his bed and watched him finally close his trunk.

"Thank you, Ell. I couldn't have finished packing without your help."

"No worries," I answered.

"I have something for you," William produced a long velvet box from the inside pocket of his jacket.

"Why?" I bluntly asked.

He chuckled. "I have something to tell you, Ell, I am not a Lord of Archenland. I am actually the Prince. I came to Narnia looking for a wife, but instead I found friends." He took my hand and guided me gently towards a cushioned chair.

"I apologise my lady, if I have offended you with my deceit. I was planning to tell you the truth at the ball and give you this," he opened the box and pulled out a gold bracelet adorned with different coloured gems fashioned into flowers. He took my right hand and clasped the bracelet around my wrist, kissing the top of my hand afterwards.

I was about to politely decline his gift when William pulled me up and wrapped his arms around me in a gentle hug. Colour filled my cheeks. "Thank you," I mumbled instead,

"It's getting late; we should go and get you back to your room so you can get some sleep."

"It is alright, William, I can manage," I smiled up at him, "Good night to you, William."

It only took me a couple of steps before I bumped into someone. I looked up and found Peter looking at me.

"Oh. Hi Peter," I mumbled, the fire in my cheeks flamed brighter.

"I was looking for you. Are you feeling well? You look flushed. And why were you in William's room?"

"I, uh" I began to stammer. "I wanted to talk to him before he leaves. Peter, I don't feel good. I'm going to bed now, good night," I bid as I hurriedly left him.

I went back to my room, claimed my bed and forced myself to sleep. I didn't want to give myself the chance to think things over.