What Could've Been

Chapter 1: It Begins After Death

A/N: Just heads up to my old readers. While this story features the cyborg twins and Krillin that we all love and does contain traces of K18, the main characters are Future Seventeen and Eighteen and we will be seeing things from their perspective most of the time. This fanfic is also much darker than anything I've written and while there won't be graphic violence, death occurred pretty often here so for people only interested in fluff, please turn away now. For readers who decide to stick with me, I give you the first chapter, which isn't for the light of heart.

Disclaimer: I do not own DB, DBZ, DBGT, DBS or any of its characters. All rights belong to Akira Toriyama. This is a not for profit fanfiction. Enjoy!

A young blonde appearing no more than mid-twenties dressed in the latest designer brand clothing strolled across cracked floor tiles, her immaculate appearance a sharp contrast to the dilapidated interior. Debris of all sorts laid strewing about all around her, ranging from broken storefront glasses, burned furniture, collapsed walls, to liquids of crimson red that gave the otherwise lifeless place a sinister look.

Now which clothing shop should I visit next? I've ransacked every single shop in the basement and first floor...

Well there's the second floor...but do I even want to be up there? It looks so...rundown...

Despite her apprehension, she still walked to the broken escalator and studied the top floor, which unfortunately only reinforced her concerns. To start things off, the glass ceiling was broken, allowing thick black smog hanging outside to drift into the mall. The fire raging above didn't paint the floor in an inviting light either as it produced even more smoke.

Whatever goods they have upstairs were probably stained with stench anyways...but then again they might have some jewelries stored inside glass cabins. It would be great if I can find a matching gemstone to go along with this babe here...

Her frozen orbs drifted down to the equally stunning yet artificial diamond ring on her finger. The blues of her iris and the gem shined together in a display of otherworldly beauty and brought a genuine smile to her otherwise smug occupied face.

Yeah, I can really use a sapphire...or even a topaz...yeah the yellow glow will match my hair nicely...but is it worth it getting my dress dirty? It's not like I can just wash it in a lake...

The young woman wouldn't have to ponder her dilemma much longer; however, as a loud crash echoed through the space when a hover car rammed through the outer walls and collided against the escalator. The collisions caused scraps of metal and concrete to fly everywhere, including her direction forcing her to take evasive maneuver least her precious garment got scratched in the process.

She accomplished just that, with ease as well since the most drastic measure taken was flicking off a few metal shards with her fingers that, while fragile looking on the surface, were durable enough to make rocks and metals shatter on impact. Despite coming off untouched though, she still growled at the individual responsible for such a scene.

"What was that for Seventeen? You almost wrecked my clothes. Do you have any idea how long it took me to collect all these?"

Her audience, a raven-haired youth with almost identical facial features save for his crazed look, didn't seemed to be pay her any attention as he continued steering the car through stores after stores, kicking off dirt everywhere and forcing her to dodge a few more times.

"Okay that's enough you brat!" She screamed firing a bolt of pink energy from her index finger, hitting the back of the vehicle.

"Hey what was that for Eighteen? Are you out of your mind?" The young man shouted, his hands busy trying to steer the out-of-control car in order but only managed to crash it into another vehicle on display.

Huh, serves you right idiot...

Blazing flames reflected off the one called Eighteen, or rather Future Eighteen's unfeeling eyes and she smirked, going as far as to lick her lips when the wreckage exploded into a ball of infernal. To everyone but the young woman's surprise though, Future Seventeen would emerge from the scene relatively unharmed save for a few cuts on his already disheveled attire. There wasn't even a single scratch on him, including his jet-black hair that flew in the gasoline-smelling wind.

"Okay sis, just what the hell do you think you are doing? Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a car that can run through steel and hard concrete?" The young man barred his teeth as he stomped toward her with green electric currents leapt across his fingertips.

His blonde counterpart refused to back down and instead crossed her arms in front of her stuck-out chest, her chin high and her eyes narrowed. If her icy demeanor wasn't enough, then the pink electric currents dancing around her delicate frame certainly convinced the boy of her seriousness.

Future Seventeen stopped just inches from her face, their noses almost touching. They stood there for what seemed like forever glaring daggers at each other while neither made a move as the only thing coming into contact were waves of pink and green energy that sparked and exploded.

Eventually the young man's frown began loosening up until a playful smile downed on his handsome face, "Hey I'm just messing with you sis. Calm down alright?"

His apology seemed to do the trick as the woman's frown ceased, "I will, but promise me you'll never attack another clothing store without my permission."

Future Seventeen scratched his head, "Sure thing sis, but how am I supposed to know there are clothing stores inside this dump? It looked just like any other building from the outside."

"Well, you just have to be more careful next time don't you?" Future Eighteen spat angrily turning toward the entrance giving him the back treatment.

"Fine whatever."

The brother jogged up to his sister and tried laying a hand across her shoulder, only for his sibling to spun around and slap him away.

"Now what?" He was getting really annoyed at this point.

"Your hand, it's dirty and...what the hell!" She screamed looking at her black leather jacket splattered with drops of red.

Future Seventeen looked down at his all hand and shrugged, "Oh this, sorry sis. Didn't know the blood hasn't dried yet. Here, I'll rub this off okay?" he walked toward a fittingly white wall and began smearing the liquid on it, turning the canvas into a white-red graffiti of sorts all the while his sibling continued staring at him in disgust.

The duo made their way to the outside and was greeted by an equally lifeless scene. Although there were countless bodies lying all over the streets, not one was moving as looks of death were plastered across the corpses' faces. The surrounding cityscape didn't fared much better seeing there wasn't one structure in-tact.

"So I guess we are done with this place then?" Future Seventeen asked with a smug look no doubt enjoying his handiwork.

"Yes we are brother. Unless you want to waste time blowing up buildings." Future Eighteen muttered in boredom.

"And you don't mind waiting for me a bit?"

"I guess not, just don't mess up my cloth brat."

"Deal sis!"

The raven-haired youth raised his hands high above his head and began gathering lime-colored energy in his palms. A ball of light soon emerged that, while a beautiful sight to behold, would result in devastation as its owner unleashed its contents in a rapid-firing manner, reducing what's left of the once vibrant city center to rubbles.

"He's such a kid. It's not like there are any more humans to kill...but then again like what those low lives said, you can choose your friend but not your family, especially not your twin," Future Eighteen muttered as she perched atop a two-story apartment, observing the destruction from a safe distance.

"Say something sister dear?" Future Seventeen remarked without turning to look at her, the only indication of him noticing being his ears perking up.

"Nothing dear brother. Just wrap this up quick!"

"Huh, you are such a party pooper sis!"

Right when the impatient blonde thought they were free to leave, she heard a loud beeping sound as her targeting system kicked online.

Not this again! Does my system have to remind me every time something moves? When I kill I do it for fun not because an alarm went off thank you!

A devious grin overtook the scowl though as she quickly identified several figures darting across the road several blocks away, followed by another batch after those ahead gave them the okay signal. After zooming in with her cybernetic enhanced vision, it was clear there was an entire band of survivors no doubt trying to use her dumbass twin's senseless destruction as a distraction to get to safety.

The runaways never had so much of a prayer; however, as several precise beams cut down those lagging behind, their bodies devoid of life even before they hit the pavement.

"Ahh!" The girl at the very front shrieked but the man right behind her pushed her forward, muttering something along the lines of "It's too late for them, you've got to save yourself!"

Meanwhile, some humans following their two leaders have decided to stand and fight while others continued to flee in terror. The bullets of those resisting her flew everywhere but none landed anywhere near their intended target, which only brought a loud laughter from their blonde hunter's face.

Pathetic, they can't even aim straight. No wonder these sacks of meat die like cockroaches. Ah well, it's time to show them what real accuracy looks like...

More blasts flew from her smoking hand and found their targets even as a hail of bullets missed the blonde. It was as if she was in a shooting range where the white human-shaped cutouts posed no threats to her, giving her all the time to carefully plan out which vital organ to strike. Some were shot in the head, some in the heart, and some in multiple places, a treatment reserved solely for those vexing the shooter.

Before she could drop one last gunman though, a green energy beam struck him in the torso and split the man in half.

"Hey what was that for? I found them first so they are mine!" Future Eighteen snapped angrily but merely drew a light chuckle from her listener.

"Oh common sis, there's enough humans to go around between the two of us. Now let's get them before these rats scurry away!"

The killer duo began strolling toward the runaways at a leisurely pace, well leisurely for superhuman but a sprinting speed for the average humans. As they walked, they would fire off blasts after blasts all around them, with some finding their marks while others landed on the buildings, scaring those not killed yet to run faster as sounds of destruction drew ever closer.

The frightened girl and man, who Future Eighteen assumed to be related by blood due to both of them sporting similar facial complexions, even if the man had jet black hair and the girl platinum blonde much like her own, eventually ran into a dead end surrounded by tall unclimbable walls on three sides. After attempting at climbing the steep slopes, with the man going as far as trying to hoist the girl over the walls to safety, they spun around but their pursuer had already arrived, boxing them in.

"Well well well, you two certainly are good runners aren't you? I almost couldn't keep up with you guys!" Future Seventeen waved his index finger at his prey like a parent would to naughty children.

"Huh, good runners for a bunch of pathetic human maybe, but definitely not against cyborgs like us!" Future Eighteen chimed in, her eyes narrowed and blinking a dangerous artificial red resembling ambulances speeding through dark nights.

The cornered man, rather than begging for mercy like so many others have done before them, bent down and gave the frightened child a quick reassuring hug before stepping in front with his arms stretched, effectively covering the girl up.

"I know I can't escape you guys, so all I'm asking is a quick death for me and my daughter." He stated resolutely.

Future Seventeen arched an eyebrow as did Future Eighteen but neither made an attempt at attacking just yet.

Huh, just another guy desperate to escape his suffering...

The duo shared a mocking glance that communicated their inner thoughts without speaking.

The man didn't seemed to share their amusement though, as his firm expression began cracking with each passing second, "I said make it painless for us you monsters. Finish us with one strike and spare us the torture and pain! Please! It's the least any living being deserves!" He shouted yet again, this time with his eyes closed, no longer able to look at his executioners.

From behind, the little girl had begun sobbing uncontrollably, her breakdown forcing tears out of the man's well-shut eyes.

"Heh, sure why not! I'm sick of all your cowardice anyways!" Future Seventeen announced pointing his palm crackling with energy at the two.

Thank kami, if that being really existed anyways, that the sole person I cared for is Eighteen and she's neigh indestructible...it sure would be laughable if I ever have to beg on behalf of my sister...

Future Eighteen watched in boredom at the two trembling figures hoping for the whole charade to end immediately. The man's pathetic whining had sullied her fun and the last thing she needed was more begging and pleading.

What a way to go...begging your executioner for a quick death...lucky me, that will never happen to me and Seventeen...

Thankfully for the cyborg, she didn't suffer for long before a blinding green light engulfed the father and daughter, snuffing out their cries and leaving nothing but burned marks on the ground as only proof of their existence.

"Let's go sis, I'm done here." Future Seventeen said nonchalantly.

"Good, it's about time." Future Eighteen spat impatiently.

"Hey, you are the one spotting these humans not me!" He shot back sporting a look of disbelief.

"Whatever, let's go home brother. I'd like to add these garments into my collection."

They took off into the sky reaching an altitude beyond the reaches of even the highest smoke. From up there above the clouds, the scene of their destruction appeared to be no more than a tiny dot with traces of red and black hovering on its surface.

The spectacle, or rather the lack of it, brought a sense of emptiness to the cyborg male who hurled a well-charged bolt of green at it, resulting in an explosion visible miles that sparkled in his icy blue eyes. It was only then with a fulfilling smile did he sped after his twin who hadn't bothered to check on the damage.

These future killer cyborgs' home, as it would turn out, was located thousands of miles away in the remnants of another city where an apartment complex stood. The large building stood by its lonesome self as those around it had long since been reduced to rubbles. In their place were countless vehicles of different kinds, ranging from motor bikes to regular cars and even hovercrafts.

"Good afternoon babes. Did you guys missed me? Did you guys missed good old Seventeen? Yeah I bet you do!" Future Seventeen patted a black limo on its roof like a pet, his other hand tracing the outlines of its side view mirror.

Future Eighteen rolled her eyes and snorted, "Talking to these non-living junks? Very funny bro. So lonely you seek companions?"

"You are the one to talk Miss Fashion Model. Well no one's here to see your dumb catwalks!" The brother shot her a vehement glare, "and no, I haven't forgotten that you destroyed my ride!"

"Whatever, I'm off to my room."

"Oh? And which one is that? No wait, just tell me the floor and I'll come and find you."

"Shut up brat!"

Future Eighteen made her way past countless dilapidated floors, all of which contained various rooms with their doors ajar, showing much well-kept interiors filled to the brim with trendy clothing. On a closer look, one could even identify the years these garments were manufactured as the fashion sense had drastically changed since when she began her collection.

The haughty blonde arrived at the top floor where she entered a half filled room toward the back. There inside the dimly lit space where the sole source of light was the dying sun's pinkish rays, she began meticulously taking off all the fancy clothes and jewelries hanging on her and stored them into paper boxes. Finally and with great reluctance, her icy blue eyes turned to the blood stained black leather jacket, the corner of her mouth arched downward in a scowl.

"Just how the hell was I supposed to do with this? It's a rare find these days but the red...must I be reminded of those humans every time I wear this?" She shouted, stomping her feet against the floor that saw the entire building tremble to her anger.

The clothing lover began turning on all the faucets in the rooms but just like before, only sounds of friction between metals greeted her. No water, not even a trickle dripped from the dry openings and the temperamental blonde cursed loudly, going as far as smashing a sink with her bare hands.

She took off toward a nearby river, still cursing nonstop even as she landed by the streams. No matter how hard she scraped though, the organic matter from her sibling's victim hung there persistently as if mocking her. The leather on the other hand would gave out sooner than the blood as an audible tearing reached her ear.

In a fit of rage, Future Eighteen ended up ripping the fine jacket into shreds.

"The hell is this? Why can't I get anything right?"

By the time she got back to their home, her brother was cruising about the compound in a fancy sports car wearing a look of unadulterated joy unlike one he wore during his massacres. Still irritated by her loss, the sister was considering simply ignoring him but his infectious joy made her adopt the role of a spectator atop one of his jeeps. There was something about his display of raw emotion that triggered something in her, something she hadn't felt in years or perhaps forever.

Was he like this before we were turned into what we are now? What was I like? Well it doesn't matter anymore...

The day had now taken its leave, substituted by a tranquil night that plunged the entire landscape into pitch darkness save for the headlights on Future Seventeen's ride. Not another source of illumination could be seem as far as eyes could see and while this lack of human-touch brought a smirk to Future Eighteen, she began to feel a lingering pain that could never be shaken as soon as the sun set.

The lack of terrified screams and buildings collapsing, which served to occupy her mind, always brought out something deeper within the killer cyborg and she shuddered in unease.

"Mind if I join you brother?"

Future Seventeen was lost in a world of adrenaline induced high when his sister stepped in front of the car, forcing him to execute a sharp turn and snuffing out all the fun that had been building inside of him.

Did she do this on purpose? Is this her way of getting back at me for ruining her jacket? Well I'm not backing down sister dearest...

"Are you blind sis?" The male twin roared no longer to keep his temper in check.

"No, just want to see if I can ride with you." His female counterpart replied devoid of her trademark scornful tone.


What's her deal today? Normally she would've headed straight for her room and stayed there doing kami knew what until daybreak...

He raised an eyebrow but nevertheless opened the passenger door for his sister who got into the leather seat beside him, her head reclining against the headrest and her eyes closed.

"May I play some music?" The male twin asked in a considering manner.

"Just nothing containing human vocals. They disgust me." She muttered nonchalantly.

"Sure thing sis."

A strong head-banging tune filled the car as Future Seventeen began his wild cruise across the landscape. The cyborg male was mouthing all sorts of crazy lyrics as if trying to complete the song, his head jerking back and forth to the rhythm. In the meantime, his sister sat across from him without uttering a sound, her eyes shut and expression stoic akin to a lifeless doll.

Intrigued by her unresponsiveness, the driver began making sharp turns but to his surprise, his passenger remain unfazed, well, unfazed save for her left hand drifting toward him and holding onto his arm.

Okay...something really is up with her now...

"What's the matter sis? You are...awfully sentimental tonight."

She didn't answer vocally, the only indication of his words registering was that of her fingers tightening around his arm.

Future Seventeen was weirded out but forced himself to chuckle, "Don't worry sis, we'll get you the clothing you want first thing tomorrow."

"You'd better brat!" She muttered quietly.

They started the next day flying through the sky until signs of human activities came to view and then swoop down to greet the unfortunate souls with a volley of blasts. Their victims scrambled all over the place like ants with their nests disturbed, trying to steer clear of the explosions all around them but little did they know, the survivors survived only because the killer cyborgs wanted them to while the dead were no accident.

Those who died serve as examples of what's to come for those who lived.

For the killer female cyborg, she was even more efficient than yesterday, her beams found their marks that saw little blood dripping onto the ground as intended.

After clearing the landing site of any unwanted pests, the icy blonde made for the nearest fancy shop that she suspected of containing clothing. Lucky for her, stacks of fine garments were to be found near the entrance and her scowl softened into a radiant smile, even going as far as humming a bit as she began checking herself in those dresses through a mirror.

The shopkeeper and his attendants meanwhile cowered in the corner not sure why they haven't met their ends yet. The woman with goddess-like strength had transformed from a murderer to just another customer but neither knew better than to offer her discounts or suggesting new garment for her. Just when it seemed like they would be spared, a petrified human ran into the shop screaming in terror, only to erupt into pieces of meat that rained down onto the merchandise.

"Not again! Why don't you do your killing somewhere else?" Future Eighteen roared, her eyes flashing crimson while electric currents crackled all around her delicate frame.

"Hey how was I supposed to know that guy would run into your clothing store?" Future Seventeen shrugged with a playful expression.

Those still alive in the shop ceased to exist as the entire place erupted in flames. Her anger not spent, the cyborg began firing in all directions.

"Hey save some fun for me will you sis?"

There was no response as the only sound coming out of his twin being blasts departing her hands. This went on forever until the town met its end like so many others and yet the angry blonde just kept going, seemingly unsatisfied unless every crumbling wall had been reduced to dust.

"Hey calm down sis, you might blow a circuit if you keep this up!" Her brother exclaimed with an amused look.

"Shut up! I'm still not talking to you!" She spat still firing like a maniac.

Tsk woman...so temperamental and so...human...ah well so much for trying to have fun for the day...

Future Seventeen was about to make another sly remark when he felt a something struck his cheeks, which turned out to be a deformed bullet and the killer cyborg's eyes narrowed in disgust.

How dare this lowlife struck me...on second thought I'll have something to kill my time with...

He smirked deviously at the old fart trapped underneath rubbles whose face tensed up but quickly adopted a defiant look.

So he's a tough guy heh? Well let's just see if he can keep this act up or will he crumble into nothing like so many others...

His soon-to-be victim had begun firing yet again. The incoming projectiles bounced harmlessly against his skin, causing nothing more than tickling sensations. By the time Future Seventeen was standing in front of him, only empty clicks came out of the smoking barrel while a doomed expression had taken over the once hopeful face.

"Aww look at you, trapped with no place to run and all out of ammo!" He teased, "but guess what, I still have mine!"

Future Seventeen pressed his own pistol against the man's chin and those frightened eyes widened showing even more fear.

A coward through and through like all the others...this is why we cyborgs will always be superior to you flesh and blood type...

Before the cyborg got to enjoy the satisfaction of taking another life, an incoming high speed object registered in his system, forcing him to leap backward in the nick of time to dodge the golden blast.

"Trunks it's you!" Future Seventeen snickered at the familiar sight, as did his sister who looked like she could use some extra violence to calm her nerves, and the brother did just that, giving her the honor of ending the pest who had also been their only decent workout but nonetheless wasn't worth his attention any longer.

You've done a remarkable job lasting this long, but today we've chosen to end your life and just like that, you will cease to exist...

Only this Trunks's strength proved to be much higher than anticipated as all his sibling's best strikes that even he would have trouble dealing with were countered with ease. After several initials exchanges, the blonde cyborg was thrown across the battleground bruised and bloodied but without landing a single blow of her own.

E-excuse me what is happening here? Is this a bad joke?

Future Seventeen couldn't help but swallowing a gulp as a foreign sensation buried deep within him, a vomit inducing sensation he hadn't experienced since lying unconscious on a certain doctor's operation table all those decades ago had reared its ugly head and he didn't like it one bit.

Future Eighteen was meanwhile breathing hard, her attire was completely torn but the appearance conscious woman found her clothing surprisingly to be the least of her worries. A primal sensation, one dare she say was akin to survival instinct was taking over her body and it made her shudder just thinking about it.

We are the ruler of this world and do as we please, there shouldn't be anyone capable of standing up to us, least this pathetic plaything of ours...

The two shared a defiant look then launched at the spikey-haired fighter in desperation, their power output raised to maximum, determined to wipe this newly surfaced sensation off their mind. They threw punches after punches but none even came close to hitting their target, who had transformed into blurs dancing freely in and out of their vision. Panic set in and the two began mixing in ki blasts with frantic melee moves hoping to catch him off guard, only to hit nothing but air.

"You know, I used to hate the two of you but now I just feel sorry for you guys," Trunks taunted as he dodged a kick from Future Eighteen and swatted a blast from Future Seventeen all the while wearing a sad frown.

"Save your sorry for yourself you arrogant punk! Cause you'll need plenty of that once we are done with you!" The blonde cyborg screamed as she threw a combination of left and right hooks, all of which were blocked by a single finger.

Future Eighteen felt her fists held in unescapable grips as the purple haired demi-Saiyan closed his fingers on her fists and cursed vehemently at him. To her surprise though, there was no display of joy whatsoever on the demi-Saiyan's stone cold face and it puzzled her; since even when she wasn't killing out of fun but merely to vent her frustrations, the cyborg woman always wore a mocking grin as if entertained by her preys' weakness.

"You two never have to go on a killing rampage. You could've found friends amongst humans, even being loved and cared for by some of your supposed enemies but instead you wasted your opportunities. But now there's no going back and you will both die for messing up so badly."

"Shut up just sh...ahh!"

The furious blonde didn't get to finish her sentence before Trunks abruptly squeezed down on her fists, causing barely audible cracking sounds to reach her ears. The next thing she knew, the two killer cyborgs had collided against one another and dug a crater on the ground. Mere seconds later after they've both stood up in a hurry; their elusive opponent had vanished once more.

Even if they refused to admit it, their erratically beating heart knew they were in serious trouble and the twins had subconsciously pressed their back against one another, seeking refuge in their sibling's warmth like it's the only thing they had.

Is this what it's like to be forced into a corner? L-like all those pathetic humans? But we have numbers on our side and there's always hope...

Just like how those low lives had hopes before we slaughtered them...

The thought didn't linger on their minds much longer as Trunks had apparently teleported in front of Future Seventeen and knocked the cyborg away. Future Eighteen gasped feeling her back deprived of her brother and leapt back in fear, only to feel the wind knocked out of her as a searing punch struck her face. The overwhelming kinetic energy crashed through her cheeks, sending her spinning uncontrollably like a ragdoll and making her internal system sounding the "Critical Condition" alarm.

Still not giving up and desperately hanging on, the female cyborg stumbled back onto her trembling feet and began firing volleys of energy attacks, hoping her opponent would simply disappear in the blinding pink glow. While she was blasting away aimlessly, tears were swelling up in her eyes but she blinked them away in an instant.

I'm not like that frightened child from yesterday...I'm Eighteen...

She didn't get to finish her thoughts as an open palm with five fingers outstretched emerged from the flames, unleashing a blinding yellow light that overtook her and then she felt nothing.

Future Seventeen recovered just in time to see his sibling engulfed in the golden glow. Dumbstruck and in denial, he kept on blinking, hoping her body would miraculously reemerge from the explosion but deep down he knew better. A psychic link of sorts between him and her, something that had always been there for as long as he could remember had been severed and there could only be one explanation.

I'll get you for what you've done to my sister...

The male cyborg tried to get angry at the golden warrior but all he felt was body numbing fear, for that fight or flight had kicked in and if fight hadn't worked then there's just one other option available, an option reserved solely for his victims he might add.

This is pathetic; no I won't go down like a wimp...

Try as he might, the only thing Future Seventeen accomplished was training his eyes filled with a mixture of fear and defiance at Trunks, only to lose sight of him before a swinging foot occupied his vision. The impact cut off all sensation he had below his neck, and in his last moments as a head attached to an inoperable body waiting for the familiar yellow light to take over, all he could do was to whimper which reminded him of his victims.

Future Seventeen opened his eyes to find his body still functioning and intact. What's more important was that the guy known as Trunks was nowhere to be seen and the cyborg couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

"You alright Seventeen?"

A familiar voice rang from behind him and he spun around to see his sibling eyeing him with her trademark cat-like eyes, only this time her orbs sparkled a warm sisterly glow.

"Y-you are alive too sis?" He muttered in disbelief, almost going as far as to hug her but knew his sibling probably wouldn't take it well.

"Apparently so, except how we have this dumb thing on our head." She pointed at a bright yellow hoop of sorts on her head that looked suspiciously like one worn by angels.

The raven-haired cyborg looked up to find he also had one as well and tried yanking it off his head but to no avail.

"Don't bother; I've already tried getting rid of it many times."

"Yeah, sure looks like it, but where are we anyways?"

Future Seventeen took a careful look at his surroundings, which would turn out to be up on the sky of sorts with strangely yellowish clouds all around them. Underneath their feet was a narrow white path covered by green carpet that seemed to go on and on with no end in sight.

"Huh, first Trunks and now this? Just what is it with today sis? Is this all a bad dream?" The male cyborg questioned with raised eyebrows.

"No idea bro, but I do know I hate the look of this place. What do you say we redecorate it to our liking?"

"Sounds like a plan sis!"

The two began firing energy blasts at all directions, their faces lit up in childish glee already anticipating what would become of the creepy place but to their disappointment, the environment remained completely intact once the smokes cleared.

"You've gotta be kidding me!" Future Eighteen stomped onto the ground enraged, expecting it to crack only for her scowl to disintegrate into a wince feeling pain traveling up her foot to her entire body.

"Great, so this blasted place is invincible just like that Trunks. Now what?" Future Seventeen muttered.

The blonde cyborg, now having recovered from her self-inflicted injury, looked at the never-ending path warily until with a sigh, she relented, "You said you love travelling don't you Seventeen? Want to see what's at the end of this road?"

The raven-haired youth shrugged in a defeated manner, "Looks like that's the only choice we got sis, let's go."

They flew across the purple sky at top speed, hoping to end the whole journey as fast as possible. The more they travelled, the more uneasy they got as the place had an other worldly feel to it. Many times, the duo considered diving underneath the clouds to get a better picture of the situation but an ominous sensation from the pit of their stomach forced them to rescind such thoughts. Soon enough though, a temple of sorts appeared at the horizon that, on a closer look, was crowded with lines of others all wearing golden hoops.

The killer cyborgs, being their usual selves, lacked the patience and flew in front of the line.

"Hey, no cutting the line you two, get behind the others!" A blue-faced man with horns atop his head shouted.

"Shut it you dumbass!" Future Eighteen screamed pointing a finger at the man, her fingertip already glowing pink.

Her gesture caused a commotion as many began to scream in fear, a melody to the murderous twins' ears.

"No way it's them? I've already died once don't want to get killed again no thank you!" A woman, whom Future Eighteen identified as the female shop assistant cowering in fear while she tried on clothes screamed, shocking the cyborg in return.

"Y-you? But how could you be alive?" The blonde muttered.

"None of us are you see. This is the afterlife and you sent us here!" Another man, the male shopkeeper yelled.

Those words registered on the cyborgs' minds like a bucket of frozen water dumped on them. The two looked at one another with wide frightened eyes, clearly still refusing to believe what had happened.

So we hadn't escaped Trunks? He...really killed us?

"Silence all of you! I said silence!" A booming voice followed by loud thuds resonated through the temple causing the entire compound to tremble.

Future Seventeen and Eighteen peered up toward the sound of the voice timidly, which just so happened to be a mountainous red-skinned giant in purple suits holding a mallet like a judge. The figure had an authoritative presence about him, and the twins could tell with their acute senses that his power rested not only in his imposing body. It was as if this person literally held the power of life and death.

Just like us back then...just like that Trunks when he killed us...this person probably hold that kind of power...

Now with the order restored, the suited red giant smiled satisfyingly as he took up his seat, "Now what do we have here, oh wow it's you two!"

It took a minute for the giant's surprise to sink in, but the killer cyborgs eventually smirked seeing even the man-in-charge feared them.

"Yeah it's us! Yours truly Seventeen and this is my sister Eighteen. And if you still know what's best for you, you had better do as we say!" Future Seventeen bluffed, still believing there was a way out of the whole mess.

Instead of complying, the bearded man let out a thunderous laughter, "That's hilarious brat, you really are as bad as they said you were," he began after regaining his composure, "no I'm not afraid of you, I'm King Yemma, ruler and judge of the underworld and I can send you lot to hell with a flick of my finger. I'm just surprised I finally get to meet the two notorious human exterminators responsible for wiping off most of the human population. I mean do you guys have any idea how millions of souls would tell me you two are the cause of their deaths?"

The raven-haired and blonde duo exchanged an amused look.

"Heh, well smile for all you want, because King Kai has specifically ordered me to send you lots his way. He said he's got something in store for the two of you! Something that will make you regret your actions. Now off to snake way!" King Yemma proclaimed the same time he brought the wooden gavel down onto the sound block.

Wh...King Kai? Snake way? The hell is that?

The notorious duo didn't have much time to process what was happening before a magical wind of sorts escorted them from the compound.

A/N: Thanks for reading through this first chapter. I hope my take on the Future Androids/Cyborgs is accurate and fun to read. To be honest, I've struggled a bit trying to decide whether Seventeen and Eighteen get to retain their power after death, seeing that their artificial power was implanted later but this is Dragon Ball and seeing Seventeen and Eighteen coming back to life with their power in tact convinced me they would still have it.

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