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Sora needed a break.

Given that he had been on a long journey going across multiple worlds trying to become a keyblade master along with Riku. Only for that entire test to be a trap which the real Organization XIII had laid out for him since the beginning. To add insult to injury, the Mark of Mastery had stripped him of all his newfound power leaving him back at level one.

Which led to Sora having to gain the power that he lost while also traveling across a whole new set of worlds to become stronger. Not to mention Organization XIII had their own plans to create a war to take control of Kingdom Hearts and needed the new 7 princesses of hearts. Meaning that Sora and his friends needed to prepare for the coming battle.

Going through a number of new worlds along with Donald and Goofy, his most trusted and reliable friends, greatly helped Sora in gaining his newfound abilities. However, over time Sora began to realize more about his journey and that while he found his power through his friends, they wouldn't always be there. He found that out the hard way back in the Keyblade Graveyard.

Furthermore, Sora learned that death being the natural end to all things was always near to him. It shouldn't have surprised him since he had dealt with destroying heartless and nobodies non stop along with having to kill Organization XIII members beforehand. But, realizing that he and his friends lost to darkness was something of a turning point. Given that he had been woken up in a place called The Final World by his new friend Chirithy, Sora realized that saving his friends would be his goal. Whatever the cost will be.

Following his journey to bring his friends back and change the events of the future, Sora achieved his goal of bringing everyone back and began to change the future. However, Kairi had fallen. She was killed by Master Xehanort. Sora had experienced pain before but to see one of his closest friends be slaughtered in front of him is something he will never forget. Moreover, Sora, Donald, and Goofy began their trek to find Xehanort and put an end to this war, and they did. They saved the day yet again like they always do.

However, Sora knew that not everyone was saved and that Kairi was gone. Realizing that he had the power to make a change, Sora went on another journey back into the past to find a way to bring back Kairi. But the Power of Waking required a price, and that price would be that Sora would be cast out of this world along with the Power of Waking to be stripped away leaving him no way back home. Not caring about himself and acting selflessly, as usual, Sora began his journey to the past yet again to save Kairi.

After a long journey of experiencing the past once more, Sora was able to find Kairi and bring her back to the realm of light, but Sora realized that his time was coming to an end. Wanting to make things right, Sora returned with Kairi to Destiny Islands where everyone was awaiting their return and rejoiced when they returned. However, Sora knew that everything would be ok with him gone. He knew that the worlds would be safe and that everyone would fight another day. Accepting his fate, Sora spent his last moments with Kairi before closing his eyes and fading away.

Sora could feel a rough surface below him. Waking up slowly, he found himself getting up and taking in his surroundings noticing that he was in a city of sorts. One that he had never been to and realized that he was in another world. Finding a unique building that called out to him he noticed the building was circular and had a 104 symbol on top. Wanting to catch his breath and process just what was going on, Sora stretched his arms and legs while taking several deep breaths feeling much better. However, when Sora closed his eyes, sleep took him once more leaving him with a feeling of floating in the air.

Wanting to see where he was at the moment, Sora opened his eyes to find himself staring at a beautiful sight. Many stars were lit up above him all shining off the ocean floor which Sora noticed he was laying on his back surrounded by water. Immediately realizing where he might be, Sora concluded he was in the Final World but at nighttime. Standing up while checking to see if everything was intact, Sora began to look around for anything or anyone that might be out there. He began to yell out into the quiet yet peaceful sea of stars.

Not even a minute later someone did respond to Sora's yell. Leading to Sora running towards the source and coming across a strange sight. Yozora of all things was in front of him standing there in the flesh. Many questions began to enter Sora's head but the confrontation between the two did not make any sense. Questions ranged from who Sora was to why Sora was using that name. Along with not knowing whether any of what was happening was real. Which led to Sora ultimately being forced into a corner when Yozora began to get ready to attack Sora. Which somehow transformed the Final World into Sora's Station of Awakening which then turned into the city that Sora had been to and he even found himself on the 104 building.

What followed resulted in Sora being even more confused as Yozora had mentioned that he wandered into this place and went through trials which led him to his goal, "Save Sora". To say that Sora was confused would be an understatement given that Yozora was ready to strike at him with his crossbow gun and transforming sword. Which led to Sora summoning his keyblade ready to take on Yozora.

The fight was a hectic one and it was clear that both of the fighters had tricks the other had never seen before. However, in the end, Sora had one. Barely. With all his strength leaving him, Sora managed to strike one second sooner than Yozora which led to him winning. But not before Yozora began to start fading away in bright light and mentioned not needing his powers. Along with giving Sora a small but friendly smile before being covered in a blinding flash of light which covered the entire top of the 104 building.

Which leads to now. Where Sora is once again waking up in the Final World during nighttime but this time he is standing up with a feeling of peacefulness. Not really understanding anything that was happening, Sora let out a tired sigh and scratched his eyes wanting to find a moment to relax and collect his thoughts. Realizing that he should at least try to explore his surroundings, Sora walked forward at a regular pace beginning to think about everything that had happened right after saving Kairi and fading away.

While walking for some time and having processed what had happened to him from waking up in the city to finding Yozora. Sora nervously raised his hands to his mouth and called out for anyone out there in the Final World. After not hearing anything for a good minute, Sora called out once more in hopes he could find something that will help him or at the very least someone who won't try to attack him again.

Surprisingly, Sora began to hear something faint in the far-off distance. He began to slowly walk that way and put his hand up to his ear to listen for anything. What followed immediately was another voice calling out to him to which he yelled out saying that he heard them and was going to run towards them.

Sora had begun to get nervous since his last meeting with someone in the Final World was met with a fight and some very confusing questions that lingered in the back of his mind. Hoping that whoever called out to him would give him a break, Sora began his run towards the voice hoping in the back of his mind that things would be different.

How right he was...