The Arrival

Ep1 S1


A white furred wolf was running through the forest trying to escape his pursuers. Crashing through the tree line he makes his way into a big clearing, looking ahead he sees someone standing there blocking his path.

"Finally I have you where I want you no escaping your death…..Mono!" spoke the female standing in Mono's way. "I can't let you escape alive after rebelling against me." The female continued.

Mono was looking for an opening, but knew his chances of escape are now slim due the person in front of him.


Mother was a white furred wolf just like Mono. She's cruel and controlling. She's a big perfectionist and hates losing to anyone she deemed lesser then her. Mother doesn't even show compassion for family either. She most definitely doesn't show love to anyone.

Mother is a tyrant, monster, demon. She was the worst wolf to run into. To think she actually came to kill him herself. Mono began to worry about lives of the others,

Fearing the worst. If Mother was here it probably means she already killed Whitney, Eva, and Luli; now he's next.

Mono tried to back up until he heard another voice.

"Sorry little guy but this path blocked as well, can't let you slip past me like last time." Spoke a male voice. "Chester stay focused, don't fuck this up!" A new female spoke out as she jump down from a tree.

Chester was a silly and clumsy wolf, but he usually gets the job done. Chester was one to play games with you before he slaughtered you outright. He was very dangerous but to others he looked the least threatening. And then there's Muyan, she was just the opposite of Chester personality. And she went above and beyond to help Mother. She's extremely loyal to Mother. Far more sinister than Chester. Only thing they had common with Mother and Mono was the white fur.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm going wipe the floor with him-"

"Silence!" Mother yelled

"You failed me Chester, I don't want to hear your repugnant voice. Be glad I find you useful or else I would've dispose of you long ago."

"Y-y-yes Mother" Chester whimpered.

Mono took this distraction as an opportunity to flee from them. Mono raised his paw up to cast a spell but Mother reached him first. She had a hold of his paw and pulling him closer to her. She paw held high prepare to stab him through the heart. Mono was prepared to die for the cause. To die trying to stop Mother and her Conquest. Mono closing his eyes cherishing his last pleasant memories.

Mono awaited death but it didn't come all he heard was someone kicking mother away as he felt himself jerked forward. Someone came to his aid but who.

"Mono you done all you can leave this to me." A familiar voice spoke. "No, leave this to US." A another wolf showing up with a companion.

It was Whitney, Eva, and Luli, all of them here to save him.

"Mono, we'll buy you some time to escape, now go!" Whitney spoke stepping forward towards Mother. "You must leave and find him…." She continued.

Mono knew what she meant, a wolf with the last name Yumiza. The only wolf who can fight against Mother. Mono backs away prepared to flee the fight.

"Chester! Muyan! Stop them but leave Whitney to me." Mother said getting up dusting herself off.

"Yes Mother." Both Chester and Muyan said simultaneously.

Chester and Muyan charged at Luli and Eva first using tai Jutsu then switching to magic and Whitney and Mother having stare down. Mono takes one last look at his friends ultimate sacrifice before opening a portal and leaving.

I must find Yumiza. If I find him Mother's reign of terror will end and so will our suffering.

3 weeks later

Gray wolf laid his bed think about to up coming season: Winter. In the winter Alpha School was held Nurturing the future alphas of the pack. Among them was the pack leader's elder daughter. She was destined to lead the pack. The gray wolf was happy for her but was sad that his best friend was leaving him. Not only that but due to their opposite ranks: the wolf being a omega, he wasn't able to be mates with her as the Pack Law forbid it.

The wolf sulking at thought of this made him forget that he was to supposed to be logsleding with his friends. The wolf sat up looking out the window of his house. Seeing the autumn sky filled his heart with temporary happiness. The wolf knew this was going to be a long Winter. As he continued looking out the window when he heard a voice call out.

"Hey Humph, what hells taking ya come out man!"

"Be there shortly, don't wait up for me just go on ahead!"

"I already told Salty and Mooch that and their waiting for me to come back with you knucklehead!" Shakey said jumping up to the window.

The wolf got up and grab his short sleeved dark blue jacket.

"Fine, fine I'm coming." The wolf said reluctantly.

The wolf walks out of his house to be greeted by a neighbor.

"Good morning, Humphrey Yumiza! Lovely day isn't it?" The neighbor asked cheerfully. "Yeah it is, holidays are almost here." Humphrey responded with same level of cheerfulness.

Humphrey was an omega, usually nice and compassionate until you try to hurt him or his friends, Humphrey was willing to sacrifice himself for them. He was also the only one in the pack that could use magic; he was keeping that a secret. Most packs subjugate magic users as tools of war, but the Western pack had no idea about Humphreys magic abilities.

Humphrey walked towards Shakey, who was waiting for him. Shakey the small wolf dressed in a white and beige kimono looked at Humphrey with some annoyance. Humphrey smiled at him soon the small omega was smiling back.

Shakey is one of Humphreys best friends. The small energetic wolf was pretty sarcastic, and a loud mouth. Usually he got into trouble just because he couldn't shut up. Shakey was overall a good wolf to everyone he knew.

"Finally, ready?" Shakey asked looking up at his friend. "Yeah, sorry I forgot." Humphrey said coming up with an excuse.

"Yeah right, you were just thinking about Kate again like usual."


"'So', you know the rules dude. 'Alphas and Omega can't be mates'."

"A rule established eons ago by the founders of the first pack. But let's forget that and get going."

Humphrey hated being reminded of that rule. Not being able to be by Kate's side it was eating him up inside. But he tried to forget his woes and continue about his day.

Humphrey and Shakey walked passed the leaders main office. They could here someone yelling as they walk by.

"We've been out of food for three months and you act all calm about it like you don't even care. Winston you fucking fool do you want a war!" A very angry male yelled. "Tony if you don't calm yourself I'll give you something to cry about!" Yelled a female. "Tony! Eve! You both need calm down!" Winston yelled breaking the tension between the two.

Tony is the Eastern pack leader. He's a brash wolf, mean spirited, and a little cruel at times. He was known for treating the omegas in his territory like crap. He started acting that way after his wife Maria died, before she died he was somewhat tolerable. Now he was here in the Western territory discussing plans to solve Eastern pack's problem: low food supply.

The Caribou in the East have either migrated or dead off during the Eastern pack's Bloodlust Era. The previous leaders caused a lot of chaos during their lifetime, waging war, assassinations of high officials of other territories, then lying about it. One of the wolves was Tony's grandfather, and other his father. Tony learned most of his ideals from them.

Now that Tony was here and it looks like he's going cause trouble for us.

"Winston I'm only going to say this once. I'm willing to do whatever it takes for the security of my pack."

"Don't think I not willing to do the same….Tony."

"Hey Humph, let's go I don't think we need to be listening to this conversation." Shakey stated. "You're right." Humphrey said looking up at the window to Winston's main office. Before fully leaving Humphrey used magic to clone himself and sneak into the office.

Winston looked out the window to see Humphrey and Shakey standing there before they left.

"Hey focus on the meeting dammit. I didn't come here for you to look out the window." Tony retorted. "Tony if you don't cool it, I'll-" Eve started but was cut off by Winston.

"Eve! You're not helping. How about you go check on Kate and Lily dear."

"Ohhh fine but if he causes any problems don't hesitate."

With that Eve walked out of the room not before shooting Tony and nasty look.

Eve was nice and mean; mean only when she thinks you're going to hurt her or family. The overprotective female is the medical director of the pack. And most of all Winston's loving wife and mother of Kate and Lily. Eve was actually an omega before she married Winston, she went to Alpha School in order to marry Winston. Odd as it was no one would believe her when she would stated her original rank.

"Finally some peace and quiet. Now let's get on track shall we." Tony sneered looking at Winston.

Winston wasn't fond of the disrespect Tony was giving his wife but he didn't want to cause a full scale war with the Eastern wolf. But with how things were headed war was almost inevitable. Until Winston thought of a idea that will end the fighting for both packs and any smaller pack in the area. But the only problem was that he knew his daughter Kate wouldn't be up for it, especially when came to choosing a mate. The thought of putting his eldest daughter in forced marriage put uneasiness in his mind. But for a pack leader putting his and families need before the pack was selfish.

"Tony I called you here to arrange a marriage between my daughter Kate and your only son Garth," Winston started. "With this marriage the packs will unite as one pack providing food for all of us."

"So when will this marriage happen, huh? We can't wait much longer. We. Need. Food. And I'm not about wait a whole year for that."

"The wedding will take place after Alpha School.

"That will work for me."

Humphrey heard the whole conversation. The clone was hiding behind the pillar in Winston's office. Humphrey considered an uncouth character amongst the pack was a master in the art of stealth.

Great, All my chances to be with her all gone now…this fucking sucks Humphrey thought

With that the clone dissipated

Humphrey decided to spend the last remaining days with Kate before Alpha School.

I'll just hangout with her as friends and only friends

Somewhere in the pack Mono just arrived but hid out to recover passing out in a alleyway. Also somewhere not far off is a wolf sneaking into the territory.