Mysterious White Wolf

Ep2 S1

Humphrey rushed to Kate's place to see if she was home, fully ditching his friends. He wanted to spend the few days she had in the pack with her. As he nears her house he spotted something in near by alleyway. Curious on what it was he stopped to take a look. As he got closer to the alley he heard someone moan out in pain. Humphrey rushed into the alley to see a white furred wolf in an all white kimono.

"Hey, are you alright?" Humphrey asked getting closer. "Yumiza." The wolf said faintly.

How did this stranger know Humphreys' last name. Humphrey was confused but worried cause the wolf wasn't responding to him. Humphrey decided to take the wolf to the medical center and have them figure something out. He reached over to unconscious wolf picking the wolf up onto his back and rushed to the medical center.

On Humphrey's way to the center he was stopped by someone.

"Oooiii, Humphrey, whatcha doing? Who's that?" The wolf asked. "Ohhh Candu it's you. I found this wolf unconscious in a alleyway so I'm taking him to the medical center." Humphrey said.

"Okay then let me go with you. I've never seen him before and with tension high right now we can't afford to let complete strangers into the territory."


"No problem."

Candu was the new Beta who's next to succeed Hutch, the packs current Beta. Candu's is very smart but he lets his anger gets the better of him most times. Small just like Shakey but a foot taller than him. He wore the packs signature Beta uniforms, a dark blue outfit with a light gray vest. He was going to be Kate's Beta when she steps up to take over when Winston retires.

Candu and Humphrey arrived at the Medical Center with Candu running ahead to stationed nurse.

"Ma'am we need medical attention please someone is hurt!" Candu said pointing at my direction. "The wolf on my back is hurt I found him in a lone alleyway!" Humphrey says shifting so the nurse can white wolf.

"Oh my, we'll get him room right away. Lily come here!" The nurse called out.

Lily came running out of a small room in back of the nurse's station. She looks to see Candu and Humphrey standing there with a white furred wolf on Humphreys back.

Lily was shy, curious and helpful. She was Winston and Eve's youngest daughter and Kate's sister. Lily love to tell jokes about turtles and turtle related topics. She was white furred as well so other wolves always assumed she was adopted, since she looked nothing like Winston or Eve.

"I assume you want me to tend to the wolf on Humphreys back." Lily said walking towards Humphrey. "Yes, can you go get a bed ready for him?" The nurse asked.

"Sure I can. I'll be right back."

With that Lily ran off to get room ready for the mysterious stranger. Candu was heading out to get and an alpha to report the situation to Winston. While he did that the wolf moaned out. But what the wolf said is what surprised Humphrey the most: he said Yumiza. This wolf just moaned out Humphreys' last name. Humphrey was even more confused, who was this stranger and how did he know him. Humphrey needed to learn more about this wolf. Just then Candu and Lily both came back simultaneously.

"Uhhh guys, he just moaned out my last name." Humphrey said looking at Candu. "What are you sure?! Did he say anything else? Like what's his name, what pack is he from? Anything important?" Candu said speed running through each question.

"Whoa, whoa Candu calm down! All he said was my last name that's it." Humphrey said in a serious tone.

"Okay fine, Lily let me knew when he wakes up I'll be hanging around here waiting for Hutch to show up. Humphrey you can leave, everything will be handled by Hutch and I, so no need to worry."

"K Candu if he wakes up and says anything mentioning me, please let me know. I'm so confused right and want to know why he said my name."

"Maybe he's your brother." Candu joked.

"Maybe. Who knows?" Humphrey said before turning to leave.

Humphrey wasn't going to leave everything up to Hutch and Candu. Hutch would try to keep the info classified, but Candu was somewhat willing to tell him but not all of the information. So it looked like Humphrey was going to get the information himself.

While Humphrey was thinking of a strategy to get the information from the new wolf the medical center, another wolf was a distance away watching him. Humphrey could sense eyes on him, so he use the magic spell of invisibility: Yeva's Cloak. The wolf watched as Humphrey cloaked himself invisible.

"So, you're the brat of the Yumiza household. Interesting, hope you hold up to the family name, kid." The wolf male said before vanishing away.

Humphrey now had to two things to deal with: getting the mysterious stranger to tell him what he knows and a possible enemy ready to kill Humphrey.

Most omegas are afraid to fight, but Humphrey wasn't scared to fight. He always could hold his own in a fight; against alphas that tried to pick fights with him or his friends. Some alphas know about Humphreys skill in TaiJutsu. Some alphas respect him and others hate him for it. Humphrey never backs down.

Whoever it was that's stalking Humphrey, he'll deal with them at some point.

Meanwhile Mono was waking up in strange room. Being in this strange location scared him. But while Mono was looking around the room someone walked in. A female wolf white fur like his own.

"Ohhh you're finally awake. Hi I'm Lily Tatsuba, I'll be taking care of you while you're here, but you'll have to answer some questions from our Beta." Lily said checking over Mono. "Beta? What's a Beta? Is that like being a Lesser?" Mono asked very curious. "What's Beta? First what's a Lesser?" Lily asked back.

Silence filled the room after awkward exchange. But soon Lily spoke again.

"Look let me go and find Hutch and Candu." Lily said before walking out the room.

To Mono's eyes Lily looked exactly like Luli but Mono knew the reason why. Luli is Lily's origin with Lily being Luli's copy. Mono knew bringing that up would make him look insane so he decided to stick with trying to find Yumiza. Mono had finally found Yumiza's home dimension.

While Mono was in his thoughts Lily had returned with Hutch, Candu and two other Alphas.

"You're right he is awake. Well let's get down to business. I'm Hutch and these are my subordinates, their going to make sure you don't escape if you dare attempt it. I'll be questioning you, so here's the first one. What pack are you from?" Hutch said in authoritative tone.

Hutch is the serious type of wolf, but he means well. Usually is a silent type until it comes to the pack duties, in which he doesn't stop talking. He has to know everything, so he tends to get irritated when you won't give him what he wants, but has no problem keeping everything from you in hypocritical manner.

Mono just looked at the male wolf in front of him. Mono blinked and sighed.

"I'm from the Kamiza pack. Do you know-." Mono was cut off by Hutch. "Okay, what's your name? And is the Kamiza pack wanting to start trouble with the Western pack?" Hutch asked not caring to hear anything else from the white male. "My name is Mono, and the Kamiza may try to conquer your pack." Mono said. "WHAT!? That's bad, do you know how long they'll be here?" Candu yelled out. "Candu, calm down! So Mono, they sent to you here to do reconnaissance. Who else is with you?"

Hutch asked. "No one I came here by myself. I'm looking for Yumiza do you know where he is?" Mono asked quickly before Hutch could cut him off.

So Humphrey was right, this wolf did say he's last name. But what does he want with Humphrey and why did the Kamiza pack come out looking for him. Humphrey is just an omega so what does a pack want with lower ranking wolf like him. I need more answers . Hutch thought.

"Hey what are you doing you aren't supposed be out of bed." Candu said moving towards Mono. "I need to find Yumiza the fate of the multiverse is at stake." Mono said moving towards the window. "We can't just let you run around the pack. We still know nothing about about you. We still consider you a threat to the pack. Winston has instructed me to watch over you." Hutch said moving closer to Mono.

"I'll just have to find him myself." Mono said jumping out the window.

"Chase after him! Bring him back here when you catch him." Hutch commanded.

Candu and the two alphas made chase for Mono, but when they got outside Mono was gone. Candu and the alphas decided to split up to continue the search.

This Mono is looking for Humphrey, huh? Then we'll just have to keep eyes on Humphrey. When Mono makes contact with Humphrey we'll capture him and put into a holding cell. Hutch thought.

"Humphrey is very popular, huh Hutch?" A voice spoke out.

Hutch turned to to see Eve standing there behind Lily.

"Oh Mrs. Tatsuba, I didn't know you arrived. And yeah Humphrey does seem to be popular. Do you have any reason why some strange pack we've never heard of before wants Humphrey? Hutch asked looking for an answer from Eve. "Maybe Humphrey is a magic user." Lily blurted out. "Lily don't be silly. Your father and sister are only two in the pack that can use magic. Your father would've known if Humphrey was magic user." Eve said looking at Lily. "Humphrey IS the only omega with TaiJutsu under his belt. So if Humphrey is a magic user then he's hiding it very well." Hutch stated. "That is a possible factor. If Humphrey was a magic user then I wouldn't put it passed him to hide it if he knew the fate of being a magic user." Eve said.

"Being a tool of war." Lily said in a low voice.

The Kamiza pack. Why haven't I heard of that pack before? It must be a small pack rising up to be a bigger pack. But what would they need Humphrey for? Long lost son? Maybe Humphrey's a wanted criminal, Humphrey isn't originally from West. Whatever it is Hutch will find out.

"What about what Mono said? About the 'fate of the multiverse is at stake'." Lily said. "What did he mean by that?" Eve asked. "Don't know probably said it to try and throw us off guard." Hutch said looking out the window.

Mono wasn't far off steadily watching Hutch, Eve, and Lily. Mono needed to find Yumiza.

"I'll find you Yumiza, I can sense you. You're not far off from my location." Mono said opening a portal and stepping through it.