Ep6 S1

Humphrey was stuck in a interrogation room waiting for Winston and Hutch to come back. Winston had made sure to secure the door using a spell impossible to break. Humphrey was stuck in the room, but with quick thinking he made a clone so he can scout the outside. He needed to find where Mono is being held, but he needs to be careful all the alphas are rushing around.

Due to Kate's kidnapping, all the alphas are on high alert. Winston had been barking orders nonstop he was worried inside, but as Alpha Leader he had to be strong. Eve and Lily were extremely worried, Lily more so than Eve, with Eve being an alpha.

Humphrey was looking for prisoner information in the Records room. All the records of arrest, criminal documents, missing wolf cases, etc. Humphrey was looking in prisoner section being careful not to make his presence be known.

The real Humphrey however was about to be questioned and informed by Winston and Hutch.

"Alright Humphrey, why didn't you inform us that you was magic user or better why did you hide that from us?" Winston asked calmly. "Reasons. What's gonna happen to Mono?" Humphrey asked back. "Humphrey, we're the ones asking questions so please just answer them." Hutch said. "Fine I'll answer. I'm not a tool or a weapon that's why I didn't say anything. I'm not going squander my freedom for the pack so they can use me. That's my reasoning for not letting tell you I'm a magic user." Humphrey said looking directly at Winston. "So your freedom is more important than the security of the pack, huh?" Winston asked looking disappointed in Humphrey's answer. "Look Humphrey you have abilities that no normal wolves have." Hutch stated.

Humphrey knew there was no way he was talking himself out of this. Winston was going use him as an instrument of war. Humphrey could tell Winston was going make things harder for him.

"Well, Humphrey you have only two choices. Comply and help the pack or be locked up and never see the daylight again. I want you to know that you'll be able to spend more time with Kate if you comply." Winston said.

Humphrey was ticked off that Winston would was his feelings for Kate against him.

Winston got Humphrey by the paw. We all know that Humphrey and Kate are in love with one another. Humphrey will most likely take up on the offer. Hutch thought.

He was wrong. Humphrey used his Limbo manipulation and broke the interrogation table.

"Don't ever use Kate as leverage against me! Manipulation tactics and torture are the reason magic users hate packs and pack leaders! And you're not looking at me like I'm a wolf you see me as a weapon! Am I right Winston!" Humphrey said only looking at Winston.

Humphrey was right Winston only saw him as weapon of war. Winston had no intention of letting Humphrey go.

Winston got up and looked down at the destroyed table then back to Humphrey. Winston then with quick speed punched Humphrey in the stomach.

"Humphrey still have a choice and second you are to refer to me as 'Sir' or 'Mr. Tatsuba'." Winston said looking down at Humphrey who on the floor.

Humphrey looked defeated, he has no other options. Winston was going to make his life a living hell if he didn't comply and let them use him a tool. Humphrey knew he was cornered- but he was still one step ahead -Humphrey knew Winston would do something like this. Winston was upset that Humphrey basically had wool over his eyes. Winston was still waiting on Humphrey's answer.

"Fine… I'll comply. But…" Humphrey said as he got up.

Suddenly Humphrey using Limbo Manipulation he punched Winston towards the wall and then holding him there.

"You'll tell me where you're keeping Mono." Humphrey said seriously.

Hutch was surprised that Humphrey would retaliate against his pack leader. Humphrey was bolder than other omegas who would've just caved in. Humphrey was standing his ground and wasn't back down.

Back in the Records room the clone Humphrey was just found the file the contained info on Mono. To Humphrey surprise Mono was labeled as a huge threat due the file being stamped with red warning. Mono was immediately classified as a "S" rank criminal. Humphrey looked further down the page to see Mono was to be transferred to the Maximum Security prison.

So Mono is in a normal cell that will be easy to break into and get him out. Humphrey thought.

"Is that really all you want? What about Kate? Don't you want to save her?" Winston asked. "I'll save Kate with help from Mono alone so butt out Winston. Only after that I'll do whatever you want." Humphrey said. "Humphrey you can't-" Hutch was cut off by Winston. "Fine, but any attempt to flee and you'll be labeled as a traitor. I'll hunt you down. Just keep that in mind. Now I'll tell you where Mono is being held." Winston said. "No need I already have the information on where he's at." Humphrey said.

"Huh?" Winston and Hutch both looked confused. With that Humphrey dissipated into thin air.

"So that was a clone." Hutch said looking Winston who now away from the wall. "Aren't you going to send someone after him Sir?" Hutch asked. "No, Humphrey's a little crafty and managed to trick both of us. I think he can manage without us." Winston said.

Humphrey had used a clone the whole time from the medical center, the forest and the fight. The two Humphreys at the Alpha HQ were clones, the real Humphrey was sitting on top of a building looking out at the pack.

"I'll save you Kate, I swear to it." Humphrey said.

Kate on the other had was proving to be more useless by the minute. The wolf who kidnapped her couldn't get any reliable information. Kate basically knew next to nothing about Humphrey's magic abilities. The only she could tell him was that Humphrey had high TaiJutsu capabilities. Kate wonder if her father was devising a way to save her. Kate actually kept it hidden but she secretly wanted Humphrey to come save her but if her dad saw Humphrey using magic he would most likely been put in a holding room.

I hope Humphrey you can come save me. Kate thought.