Cosmic Wars Omega: The Multiverse War across the Infinite Frontier

Chapter 253: The Last of Us that keep Enduring Admis a Dying Dream.

Since the dawn of the universe the forces of light under Cosmos, the Ethereal Queen of Heaven, and Chaos Zannacross Necron, the Shin Emperor of Darkness, had fought again and again across the history of the universe for dominance over what was the true superior force between light and darkness, the true will between good and evil that dominated the universe.

They had waged many conflicts, but their final conflict, what would be known as the "Cosmic War" among other names lead to the final trump of the light, as Cosmos's chosen champion, Ben Auro, along with her chosen warriors the Enji Knights overcame Chaos Zannacross Necron even after merging with all inhabitants of evil across the history of the universe.

It seemed like it proved once and for all that living beings chose light over darkness…good over evil…but it only took a short while to reveal in the end they just chose life over death, and that morality was an afterthought to most.

The majority of the forces of "Good" truly thought they could make the universe a better place where no one had to suffer. But while most of them had assured themselves it was the right thing, that it was truly what was needed to make life a paradise, enough people shunned the very idea of paradise and equality for all, for the strong being equal with the weak, and resisted with savage fury.

Cosmos, the" Savior" Ben Auro, and all the other agents of the light thought they had won, but in the end their final victory would transform into the ultimate despair of the light.

The first scion of Cosmos and Zannacross, the " Beyonder" had awaken as a result of the final showdown between the forces of light and darkness, and while Ben Auro and his comrades were able to overtake him, in the aftermath the Beyonder's defeat led to the death of Cosmos, who gave up her divinity to make her amends to her first son she dismissed at the dawn of creation, and forced Zannacross to give up his godhood as well.

Thus…the universe changed again.

But the universe did not transform at the hand of an angel or demon, but a common man. Doug Fitter, a teammate of Ben Auro saw a chance to change the universe in a way that would be better for him after things were still unstable in the after math of the defeat of the Beyonder, and the one who controlled him, the embodiment of man's evil, the primal savage Brad Fowltor.

While Doug and Ben at one point where best friends, after the fall of Zannacross it became clear that the two had very different ideas on what an ideal society was, in many ways Doug thought the very idea of society was a sham, a "con" where" honest" people were rigged.

For in his eyes to make things" truly" equal, he shattered heaven and hell and caused order in the universe to collapse. In his eyes this allowed the strong to be" Truly" free, and they were the only people that mattered to him.

To everyone else, the one above Cosmos and Zannacross, the "Source" the" truth" "the One Above All" appeared to declare there was no more destiny for the universe, no golden path, no plan at all…only for the strong in life to get what enjoyment they could out of it.

Since that day…Ben Auro, his wife Lacus Raystar, and those who remained loyal to him have gave everything they could to keep order in the universe.

With the demise of Cosmos, and the fracturing of heaven both the Enji Knights, and the Lylat Kingdom, the government they served lost all legitimacy, and despite his best efforts the Lylat Alliance broken into fractions.

Even so the warriors of light still fight to bring happiness to the weak to this day. The Bethel Kingdom was the savior forming a kingdom out of all that that is just to keep the sinners from consuming the universe. It's because of his efforts that we still can talk at all.

And that's why we can celebrate the passing of a new year today children."

A dozen children in brown outfits watched an older woman in brown and grey robes with short white hair close a book. A young kid in front of the others saw the woman sigh before he cleared his throat." Is that why we decorate a new year's rock every year Ibarra?"

The older woman glanced at a rock next to her, saw some painted smiles on it, and just sighed." No Keanu…not directly. There was once upon a time where even as far under the crust as Yulia City, trees could be grown, even so close to the Qliphoth.

But…after the "Death Stranding", after the spread of the Black Scrawl…after the "Final Impact", well, the short version is that are world of Auldrant no longer is a planet that can support trees, and to keep Yulia City safe we don't have the power to divert from the barrer to creating an artificial environment to grow trees these days.

We, we must be content that we are still alive while Malkuth and Kimlasca, and the rest of the former nations of the surface world fell to ruin.

We are blessed that the world above and those beyond cannot detect us hear near the planet's surface, that we can live in peace, even if it's not what most would call a prosperous peace. I know it's not an ideal life child, but we must have faith that one day, life will be better."

The kid Keanu raised an eyebrow before he looked around." But…my birther's said things have not been safe above the surface are entire lives Elder Ibarra! If there is no heaven anymore, why do we believe anything any of what the "hero's" say when everything they promised did not come true?"

"Don't say that child!" Ibarra spat out as her eye twitched. She saw the children look uneasy before she sighed, and looked at a bunch of statues behind the kids before she pointed at them." I know it's been rough, but we must keep the faith. We…we don't have a choice.

The champion of the light, Ben Auro, was a personal friend to my ancestor Tear Grants, and her husband Luke fon Fabre, and their friends Jade Curtiss, Anise Tatlin, Guy Cecil, and Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear.

He, he made sure all of Auldrant was safe no matter how chaotic the universe became. Even, even after they all died…he kept the world safe.

He, he appeared before me when my father died, he promised he would keep us safe as those that could help him left to help him bring those who keep this universe broken answer for their sins."

The children looked at the faith in Ibarra's eyes, glanced at the statues of Luke and Tear, before a girl next to Keanu frowned at it." If he promised that then why have we spent our lives having to live under the planet's surface? He's a liar!"

"Don't say that Reiss! He, Ben Auro is not a liar, he's the only thing keeping the savages, the liars, the sinners from making us suffer to their whims!

Are life may not be perfect but at least we can, mostly have peace. It's just…the champion of light is the most powerful man, but while he's immortal and the strongest man in the universe, he's not a god.

The universe is so big, and there are so many problems for him and his followers to deal with these days. We must have faith he will return, so count your blessing and eat your New Year's gel before we go on to make sure Yulia City's barrier is working and that the dead are disposed of before the corpses can unleash a voidout!"

Keanu looked at a collection of round grey orbs before he rolled his eyes." I had one when I woke up. Not like one more makes a difference if they are all the same. When are we going to be able to do that taste thing my brother Zeke told me about?"

Once more Ibarra's eyes became clouded with bitter somberness before she looked down." I'm sorry to say that's just another price we paid to keep living child.

I'm not sure if that's what the champion of light would have wanted…but ever since the Utopian watched over Auldrant…he, and his brother Brainwave decided taste was a thing people like us would be better off without. After all...for are situation it would just bring us misery for all the things we cannot taste.

When…when the champion of light returns, I'm sure…I'm sure without a doubt he will reverse things but we should still count our blessings. There…there are far worst people then the Utopian and his clan that could be taking us under there direct domain. At least he still is…heroic."

"What does that even mean?" Keanu yelled out bitterly." A hero, what does a hero even really mean? If your part of a clan, you protect your family, what makes a hero more special than that? Hero's just seem like clowns, like those stories that make jokes about waffles Tim likes."

Ibarra saw some of the other children looking more restless before she looked at the statue of her ancestors and sighed." A hero…a hero's someone who protects people that are not just his tribe, but everyone.

A hero is someone who fights to make things better for everyone. I know, you children have only seen recordings of what's outside the city. But I promise you its more than just a bedtime story! Its real…justice, faith, all of it."

"Then why is this Ben Auro the champion of light when he could not save us from this? You said that he was able to take on the devil, even after this Zannacross combined with every evil person in the universe, right? Then how come he could not do it?"

Ibarra saw everyone looking more and more upset before she grasped her hand." It was not his fault child! It was the great traitor, the one who broke heaven! He, he was too proud to give up what he enjoyed for the greater good, and chose driving the universe to hell for the sake of his own happiness.

He was not evil enough to side with Zannacross in the previous war, but when the time came he showed the true nature of his heart, and God damned us all for his choice. We, are all being tested children. We…we have to endure…even if it's enduring a lifetime of suffering.

With Lorelei and the Score we use to use to read the future from broken in the aftermath of the Death Stranding…all we can do is either prey are suffering will one day end, or go mad with despair.

Even if heaven is broken now…I know they can repair it someday, so that people like us will at, huh?"

Ibarra was cut off as a bell rang, causing her to raise an eyebrow." Huh? That porter was not supposed to arrive on planet till after the New Year! Did they want a,"

The elder was cut off as a vibration rocked her off her feet. The elder of Yulia City saw cracks in the ceiling above before she turned pale." What? No Shade should be able to attack the city's barrier that strongly! How, how could we not."

She was caught off as the ceiling above started to crack more, till seconds later it busted open. Everyone saw a green ship, around eight hundred and eight meters in height and looking a tad like a ship sized Gecko, crash down from the dome.

Ibarra thought she only had time to scream before it crashed into her, till suddenly the ship stopped like a giant hand had caught it.

As Ibarra staggered to her feet Keanu muttered," What's that by the back of the ship? A bird?"

Ress gasped before adding," Is…is it another plane?"

The old woman blinked for a few seconds, saw the others were just as shocked as her and looked up to see that while the ship was not grasped by a giant hand, there were hands that were now holding the ship in place.

Those hands belonged to an average sized human that was a muscular man, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He wore a blue armored suit, wore red gloves and boots, and had gold shoulder pads and wrist protectors, and a red cape with white stripes.

The man was casually holding the giant spaceship like it was a marshmallow. As Ibarra and the other citizens of Yulia City glanced at him, he gave a confidant smile that caused most to feel at ease in moments before Reiss widened her eyes." Is, is that the Superman form the stories?"

Ibarra blinked for a few moments till she eyed the caped man carefully." Did, the champion of light send a new supporter to take over…one of the descendants or disciples of the hero's from Krypton?"

The man in the cape waved before he yelled out." Krypton? Man you guys are way behind in the times, you're dealing with a way superior man of steel! Ah but its all-good folks! This Gekko here got a bit off course but that's nothing old Homelander can't stop! Not about to let my people have a bad day eh?"

It only took a few moments of seeing Homelander casually holding Gekko in place before most of the citizens of Yulia City started cheering. Homelander saw this and responded with a casual laugh." C'mon now it's you guys who should be getting applause!

I mean I was not scared about what was going to happen to me! I'll just make sure this ship's going to be ok and you can go back to…whatever you guys do here. Hey Maeve keep the ship secure while I check in on the crew ok?"

A white skinned woman with shoulder length red hair in black and brown armor casually flew next to Homelander before she glanced at the ship, then glanced back at the flying man in front of her." Homelander…are you sure the situation is clear? We did not have much time to see what was going on and there was a few Viltrumite 's spotted in this galaxy recently."

Homelander saw the people below looking on in awe before he kept his smile, while clearing his throat." Maeve…remember what I said about how important it is that the Seven are united when in public? Relax…no matter what is going on its nothing I can't handle."

The leader of the Seven casually threw the ship to Maeve, forcing the flying woman to catch it. With a playful wave Homelander flew to the front of Gekko and went up to the bridge.

He saw the crew looking shocked and waved before he casually ripped open the emergency hatch and flew in.

As the older mustached captain of the crew tripped over in shock, Homelander laughed." No reason to fear anymore Captain… Ivica Tanović?" Anyway captain no one under the Vought clan has to…huh?"

The caped man paused as he eyed the crew carefully, and raised an eyebrow as he saw the uniforms. As he saw the fear in the crew's eyes, his smile faded in an instant." Hold up…you guys are part of those Gènèration Bleu Pied Piper punks?

This is a Vought clan ship! I was going to have a party on this damn ship, I caught the damn thing so I did not have to wait even longer to get it started! So, what the hell are vermin like you doing crawling around?"

Maeve spoke vie the transmitter on Homelander's ear to say," That's what I was talking about Homelander! Black Noir, Jaeger, and Arasaka all said one of are ships was lost recently and never returned to Night City."

Homelander's eyes twitched before he cracked his neck." So, you guys think you can pull a fast one on me eh? What is that smartass Butcher, that pain in the ass body swapper Kovacs, or that joke rocker Sliverhands trying to pull some "stunt"?

"We…we don't want to fight." The captain stammered out." We took this ship because our planet Koam was shattering after Hyperion and the Sentry were having an argument on it and we had to get out on time!"

"And you thought I would just show you mercy out of pity?"

Before anyone could answer a casual male voice uttered," No, but they were seeking my salvation."

Homelander swerved his head to the right, and saw another man had flown in front of the ship. He was a man with a sliver outfit with a long red cape, long black hair, and a symbol of a down arrow on the center of his chest.

As this new flying man crossed his arms Homelander rolled his eyes. "This some sort of joke? You looking to get a new set of teeth Superian ? I don't know what your "Bro" Desser told you but you got some balls thinking you can fly at the Seven and get away with it. Then again if you're in Utopian's territory guess you're not just a third rate poser eh?"

Superian snickered before he cracked his knuckles." I made a deal with Utopian's brother Brainwave and his son…we both had planets that had stuff appealing to us so we made a trade."

"Oh that's how it is eh? Why you even bother calling yourself "Superian" when you're too weak to act like a true champ? Ugh, don't think you can mock me to my face…you don't have what it takes to tell the "Seven" what to do."

"I have more than just a bunch of groupies to keep the dirt off me "John"! I'm warning you now with what the Gamilas clan and the Banished came up with you don't know your place and you're going to."

"MY place?" Homelander snarled out with a boom to make everyone on the ship become consumed with dread." You really think a bunch of losers like the Klingons, the Chiss, the" Brutes" and the rest of the scum rallying behind you is going to scare me? They were all to slow to get there break and think some toys can save them!

Kids play with toys, and super men take their toys and break them with it! I mean come on who's afraid of someone who's weak to whatever the hell Big Bismuth is? Seriously Maeve and the rest of the ladies on my team were betting who could smash your weak face in first!"

The fellow member of the" Seven" winced as Superian gave her a death glare, before he grit his teeth." You all think I'm some joke eh? I "ascended" mortality and became a Nahobino the same way you all did! Your punishments not going to end till you beg!"

Superian had veins form on his face before the planet started to shake, and lighting struck him till an aura of raw blue energy erupted out of the black-haired flying man.

With a battle cry, moving as fast as a speeding bullet blink of an eye he punched Maeve in the gut, and knocked her right into the atmosphere.

Homelander just clapped casually, even as the Gekko started to fall again before he boomed out." You put the faker in his place Maeve! Who said I hog all the victories? Well, at least I'll let you soften him up for me."

The captain of the ship, the older man with a brow mustache named Ivica Tanović saw they were now falling quickly into the depths of Auldrant before he turned pale." T…turn on emergency maneuvers or we are going to crash!"

Homelander snickered before he turned to the bearded man." Oh, don't worry about that…there's not going to be time for that…I'm already sick of looking at something from the filthy Gamilas clans territory so here's the justice bugs like you deserve!"

The caped man's eyes suddenly turned red, and before the crew could even scream the caped man unleashed an optic blast that vaporized all of them in moments.

He just let out a wild laugh as his eye laser grew larger, and in seconds consumed all of the Gekko and vaporized the entire massive ship, and everyone on it in a matter of moments.

The champion of the Vought Clan saw small fragments of the blew up spacecraft rain down on Yulia City, and was more distracted by the blood on his cape before he snarled and tried to rub it off." God damn it those Génération Bleu maggots don't even know how to die right! Seriously no wonder everyone hates them! Now…just got to hand down justice to the rest of the collaborators."

While Homelander was giving off an extremely casual reaction to a skyscraper sized battleship exploding in his face, the hapless people below were reaching in the precise opposite reaction. Between fragments of the spaceship crashing into Yulia City, and the punch's Maeve and Superian were unleashing causing even more shock-waves, just about everyone in the city were panicking.

Ibarra was one of the few still with her wits, and struggled to keep the children together." Please, hurry everyone. We have to make it to the shelters to get out of this alive!"

Before she could try and run a strong gust of wind nearly blew her off her feet. She then heard a chuckle and looked up to realize Homelander was now right in front of her.

As everyone looked like deer in headlights Homelander shrugged. Oh, don't kid yourselves geezer, the only way you're getting out of this alive is if you all can prove to me your worth the hassle!"

While Reiss screamed out in horror, Ibarra grasped the teenage girl by the shoulder before she stood firm." I don't know what quarrel you have with Superian, but we did not even know he and Utopian made an agreement.

You should know, Auldrant is a planet under the treaty of the champion of the light. No matter how much ruckus you of the Vought clan cause…he will notice sooner or later. But…if you want to make a new treaty we are always happy to."

Homelander cut her off with a loud laugh as he nearly fell over before he gave Ibarra a cold look that made her freeze up." You know I was going to ask if you were living under a rock, till I realized you guys seriously are living under a damn rock! You seriously think they still do things like that old Lylat whatever?"

Ibarra winced for a moment before she winced." Even if it's a new government, even if it's an empire there are still."

Homelander suddenly fired a small heat vision burst to vaporize the lower half of her hair, before the beam went on to cause the wall behind her to explode.

As the children cried out in terror Homelander had his eye twitch," You just don't get it…I own you nothing! Maybe your savior still won't give up on this society thing with whatever the hell this Bethel crap is, but there is a reason that everyone not at his mercy calls Ben Auro the Last Emperor, it's because he's the last person trying to take all that government stuff seriously!

Society, civilization, ALL of that was just a con for the weak to try and trick the strong to keep them from doing what they want! But the Equalizers destroyed heaven itself so we would not have to get denied what we deserve any longer!

So, I'm just going to say this one more time, there IS no social contract, the strong own the weak nothing! Peace of mind is a privilege only the strong get! Predators devour prey for millions of years, but no matter how much the prey hates them, there hate does not help them one damn bit cause that's just how the rules of nature work! So, you're going to take what you can get, or die a horrible death!

I thought at first this world was part of MY clans territory, but I guess I'm more drunk than I thought. But the point is…the ONLY reason you're going to keep your weak lives is if your worth a damn for me to keep around!"

Ibarra saw the hate in Homelander's eyes before she knew in an instant, he was serious. She took a heavy sigh and got to her knees." Auldrant…is a world that's history has."

"WRONG answer!" Homelander blurted out with enough force to make the elder woman fell over." Maybe Starlight or some of the others would give a damn but the only thing I care about is what do you rock people have that's entertaining enough for me to want to keep you around!

I told you, the social contract is dead…no thing I write is going to make me do what I don't want to do if I don't feel like it later.

Your either strong enough to get what you want, or entertaining enough for the strong for them to find novel enough to keep them around. So, what is unique enough about this rock for me to want to keep around eh granny?

Ibarra looked broken as she stuttered for words, till Keanu gulped and looked around." Are world has plenty of exotic animals that you can't find anywhere else! Yah, we still got a lot of Ragpigs and Cheagle's that are alive even after all these years holding up in Yulia City!"

Homelander noticed a few half pig half rabbit creatures and small green creatures with rabbit like ears in the distance with his X-ray vision and raised an eyebrow." Well…it always gets a laugh when I save random animals for the ops. That and Stormfront was talking about wanting a new pet."

As the group of native saw Homelander looking contemplative before Keanu had hope sprout in his eyes." Yah…see this can be a great turn out even if it was a mistake!"

Homelander had his eye twitch before he snickered." That's just the thing, I don't make mistakes, not if the Seven wants to be seen as the best group of "Sups" in the universe. I…I can't let just one person be able to make me look bad. Sorry, nothing personal but I think this whole planet gotta go.

Yah…I think those other animals look close enough…and if Superian or Omniman looks bad for getting a planet blown up on his watch then that's a lot better! Yah…that's the breaks."

As Homelander flew to the air…a red aura of raw energy started forming around his body Ibarra gasped in horror." You, how corrupt must your heart be if you can even think to call yourself a hero?"

Homelander just laughed even as some of the other adults started taking out plasma guns and fired last ditch attacks, only for every projectile to bounce off the caped man's body. As his eyes glowed brighter and brighter Homelander sneered out," I'm the Homelander. And I can do whatever I damn want! Corruption? Nah…it's just being what we really were from the start! True hero's, are gods, that give salvation…or damnation!

People keep thinking they want "Equality for all" till they realize they have to share glory with the weak losers like you scum! Nah…when it comes down to it most don't care for liberty and equality, they have but one sentiment, that of honor…that the winner demands glory, distinction, rewards!

The hunger to win was so great that the winners tour "Heaven" apart if we had to share it with losers! Why should I be equal when I could be a god? And this god's judgment…is that anything I don't like looking at dies. SO DIE!"

The enforcer of the Vought clan unleashed a massive optic blast form his eyes. Ibarra, and everyone else in Yulia city just had one moment to scream before the blast vaporized them. Homelander just laughed in a more deranged manner by the second as the blast burst past the city, and went to the core of Auldrant.

Seconds later an explosion erupted with enough force to shatter the entire world. As a world died around him, the "champion" of the Vought clan just spat out something before he looked up in annoyance…seeing that as a result of the explosion that Maeve was floating facedown.

This result caused the man who just destroyed a planet to roll his eyes and had an aura form around him to keep talking even though the planet was destroyed." C'mon Maeve I thought you told me you were stepping it up!"

Maeve coughed a bit before she groaned and wiped some remains of the planet off her face. Before using her own aura to talk normally as well." Well maybe I would have handled it better if you warned me before blowing the whole god damn planet up!"

"Eh…I acted on my instincts, and you're supposed to know how my instincts work by now if you're supposed to be my teammate! C'mon…it was such a sudden move that it wrecked Superian to, eh?"

The other so called "Superman" had a chunk of the remains of Auldrant impaled through his gut. The man in sliver looked at Homelander with pure hate as he coughed up blood." God damn it Homelander…I had my lunch on that planet! Bastard…you make this much noise and Auro and his followers are going to make things hell for us."

Homelander snickered before he crossed his arms." Man, you really are third rate at everything Superian! You and all your Banished pals really did not hear that the news? Ben Auro…AND his pain in the ass holy wife Lacus Raystar both at last got whacked! That's why we were off drinking in the first place."

Superian paused as he saw how delighted Homelander was before he grasped his side." What, you believed that? There, there were times we thought he was dead before…only for him to trick us."

"Yah but this is legit! He was trying to track down that Victor Makishima and the Equalizers once and for all…and the battle got so crazy it blew a hole in the universe that destroyed everything in it and created a space time anomaly around the whole area cause that section of space collapsed on itself! Even if they were immortal, even if they were the" Gods" of the universe, one way or another they are gone for good!"

Superian saw Homelander looked like a child who saw he got out of detention before he raised an eyebrow." Victor Makishima…is dead? He…he pretended to be dead before to" Troll" Auro just after he blew open a hole in the universe right? I'm not buying it, this could be a trap so we let are guard down and they try and kill us. Besides…Victor is the one who gave us the Haikai fruit to become Nahobino so,"

"So WHAT!?" Homelander snarled out." Even if the" devil" helped us all get this strong for kicks…he still would screw with us just to make himself laugh. If they both really took each other out…then all that's left is the few diehard followers Auro had left, then no one is left!

He never let us destroy this much of his precious kingdom before without a response! Even at this point that damn Raystar would be heading over to restore the planet or something.

Don't you see that all of his forces that are left are to overwhelmed to do anything but try and keep us out of the core worlds of his kingdom? You can even see the space time anomaly where the two killed each other!"

Superian saw where Homelander was pointing, and used his enhanced vision to look deep into space and see a red light in the distance before he gasped." Wait…so that was them? But…but this means that…GUH!"

In an instant Homelander burst at Superian to knee him in the throat, and hit him with enough force to smash him through Auldrant's moon.

The man with blond hair saw his rival superman go flying before he looked purely psychotic." It means I'm going to be the true god of this universe, because there is no one left to stop me! I'm in such a good mood I'm going to finish you off later…cause I want an audience for it!"

Maeve saw Superian seemed to not be coming back from being knocked out of the galaxy before she saw how smug Homelander looked and sighed." You know…as good as it is that the "Final Emperor" and the "Devil" really took each other out we should not act like we won already. I mean, Ben Auro still had some family members and friends that had so much power that they were gods themselves and."

"Seriously?" Homelander blurted out with repulsion." Did Superian smack you to hard " Queen"? So what if there are a few diehards left? Just means I get to have fun as I show who's in charge of this universe! After all…you really thought anyone was going to stop us? That anyone left can stop us? You're not really afraid of Omniman and his damn mustache, are you?"

Maeve saw how carefully her fellow member of the" Seven" was before she gulped." Of…of course not…no one can stop us. We, we just have to make sure we do it right so we don't look bad right?"

Homelander paused for a few moments before he laughed again." That's what I'm talking about! You were this close to being at the bottom between Starlight and Stormfront for tonight's foursome Maeve!

That's right…just like all these saps on this world…everyone's learning the hard way once and for all what happens when a loser tries acting like a winner! Soon…soon no one in the god damn universe will be able to deny me what I want! C'mon, let's get the remains of this planet back to Night City to add to the collection."

"You…you really are going to make a planet shaped like you?"

"Of course I can…BECAUSE I CAN! I'm going to make all the last remains of order crumble…because I can…and no one is going to stop me!"

Homelander laughed madly before flying to his next target of interest, with his "teammate" hiding the annoying as best as she could. Little did Homelander know that despite all he said and did…many across the universe refused to give up hope.

Somewhere…in a galaxy far away a yellow and red ship the shape of a sunfish and the size of a large house was descending into a large, rusted steel tower that was surrounded by ruined equipment, with only a blood red sea being seen for miles. As the sunfish like ship floated around a tower, it paused, before a door slid open on the right side of the ship.

After a few moments, a male teenager covered in blue armor jumped out to land on the tower. He had green eyes and white skin, and a few strands of brown hair could be seen over the blue helmet covering his face. The "Blue Bomber" stepped on the ground a few moments before he smirked and waved at the ship." Its ok Roll! The place seems stable!"

The lights on the ship dimmed as a young woman's voice boomed out," That's great Megaman! This dig might go off well after all! The defenses to this Deep-Sea military base may have mostly ran out of power, but I'll keep the Flutter at a distance just in case some back up security goes on! The weather is clear of time fall, Shades, and rampaging demi-gods for now but that' won't last forever so let's pull off the job while we have the chance!"

"You got it, I see the entrance!"

The male happily replied before he ran off to a small alcove. He saw a few blinking lights, and a small hole slightly bigger than his waste before he looked around and frowned." The door's not responding Roll…I'm either going to have to blast it open or get Data's help to hack it!"

"No wait Megaman!"

His cohort retorted with haste." We can't risk some Reaverbots getting alerted! I think that's where they slide the packages through! We picked up the porter so might as well stick to plan A if we can! Its ok Mister Bridges!"

The man in blue raised an eyebrow, before a new, older man jumped out of the Flutter. He was covered in a grey body suit with a black raincoat over his body, looked middle aged, and had three large yellow cargo box's attached to his back on a customized backpack.

The older male just gave the" Megaman" a detached nod and quietly walked to the door. The cargo wearing individual just grunted, before taking the box's off the packages on his back, and put them in front of the door. As the packages landed, the door started to glow before a computerized voice declared,"

This is Bridges Central Dispatch. Freelance contractor Sam Porter Bridges—receiver is standing by for drop."

Moments later the light turned green, and the door slid open. The shorter male saw this sight and grinned." Alright this worked after all! Guess Diggers and Porters can work well after all! Thanks now the job can go a lot smoother!"

The man in the raincoat just shrugged as he looked around." I don't care about what you guys find here…I just got a job to deliver, and you Diggers helped me get the job done in time to not get my payment docked. Just don't get me blown up Megaman."

The shorter man shrugged before he pointed to himself." Hey its Volnutt! I may be part of the Megaman scouts but that don't make me a robot! We just use Megaman cause we don't want to give enemies more information then they need you know? Your Sam Bridges right? What if I called you Bridges just cause your part of the Bridge network?"

"I don't care what you are, just that you can, huh?" Sam tripped as he was finishing his retort, causing a photograph that was in his pocket to fly out.

The wind caused it to blow to some of the mud on the platform. Megaman saw Sam looking distraught, and saw the photo looking like it was going to blow away before he gulped." I got it!"

Megaman Volnutt ran over to pick up the photo, and smiled, till a drop of rain fell in front of him. His smile instantly turned to a frown as Roll chipped in with," Watch out Megaman…some wind picked up and the rain's starting early! Hurry inside before you get caught in the time fall!"

Megaman nodded and ran back, before the wind blew the photo out of his hand. It landed next to the edge of the entrance. Sam prepared to dash for the photo till suddenly a hand came out of the door to grasp it.

Sam and Megaman both got alarmed as they saw the hand belonged to a woman with a bluer outfit like Sam's, with the words fragile on the back.

This woman with blue eyes and blond hair in a pixie cut just made a quiet gesture, as the two men heard a footstep, and saw a hand like imprint in the mud near the photo.

The three held their breath has more hand prints formed in the area, till sixty seconds later a roar was heard, till the rain stopped. As it got sunny again the footsteps faded away, and all three people waited a few more moments before breathing again.

The woman took one last look, saw the moss where the footprints were had turned brown before a tear rolled down her cheek. "I think they're gone."

Sam realized the woman was still holding his arm before he yanked her away, causing her to winced." What the hell? Didn't mean to grab you so hard. Tears. A chiral allergy. So. You have DOOMS. Like me."

Sam paused, before snickering bitterly." I've got the extinction factor, but I think you got me beat.

"What's your level? You can see them, right?

"No—but I can sense 'em.

"Level two, then.

"What're you doing here?"

The woman paused before she looked inside." I was hired for a job here myself…but you should know…every human inside here is dead…there is nothing but the remains of charred corpses for what looks like days old ash and the Reaverbots that were supposed to serve them."

Megaman paused before he looked inside." Really? But…what about the vault? We…we were contacted because something important to the Bethel Kingdom got locked in there. Wait, your, you're not working for."

"I'm not working for anyone but a paycheck little man. I, just wanted to wait till the weather cleared up. Trying to stay dry, same as you. Timefall's let up. My name is Fragile."

Sam remained stoic for a few seconds before he shrugged." Yeah, I've heard of ya.

"That right? "Sam Porter Bridges. The Man Who Delivers."

Fragile saw Sam and Megaman both looked wary before she shrugged and took out a bag she was carrying and threw it outside. As it did, a handful of brown and white grubs floated out of her bag before she picked one and presented it to the two men." You want it? A cryptobiote a day keeps the timefall away. Wanna come work for me? No offense to the Megaman here but it must be tough out here freelancing day to day…"

Sam paused before he shrugged." Yeah? I thought Fragile Express had plenty of people."

Fragile paused before a bitter look of hate formed in her eyes." Plenty of traitors. Not much left of us now, save for a few honest folks. And on top of that…"

She casually slid off her right glove, revealing a wrinkled hand that one would expect to be of a woman in her late eighties. As the two in front of her let out gasps of shock she just pointed to the wet ground." Not much left of me, either. Got soaked from neck to toe."

Sam paused before he looked at his gear." I can't help you with that. I make deliveries. That's all."

Megaman winced before he looked back at the Flutter." I'm sorry that happened to you Miss Fragile. Hey…we can't do much about that but if we do this job right we might have someone that can heal you! We, we just got to get this job done right, it seemed really important to some really important people."

Fragile saw the sincerity in the younger male's eyes before she sighed." Thank you but…I have my own timetable to keep. It's not as bad as it looks.

The timefall fast-forwards whatever it touches. But it can't wash everything away. The past just won't let go.

Just be on guard. The wind, the air, something ominous is blowing, not just for this world, but all worlds. Things are already as fragile as it is."

As Megaman looked worried Sam shrugged." It's the only life I known…so I'll just do what I can to keep living."

Fragile shrugged before she threw the cryptobiote in her mouth." Fair enough. Well…I'll see you around… Sam Porter Bridges. Try not to give the friendly Megaman to hard a time."

She then took out an umbrella and walked past Sam and Megaman. As she went past them a gust of wind got in Sam's eyes. He turned around, only to see Fragile was gone, causing him to blurt out," Seriously?"

Megaman shrugged before he looked around." Well…long as she's not an enemy guess it's cool she's letting us get the treasure. She's not hiding around is she Roll?"

"Don't worry about her Megaman just get this going before something else happens!"

Megaman shrugs before he glances at Sam." Well, guess let's get this on eh?"

"You mean you do your thing…I already did my thing. I'm just a porter…nothing more…nothing less."

The blue male saw the older man head back to the Flutter before he rolled his eyes." Well…guess he's still more friendly than that other one. Is she still asleep yet Roll?"

"If she sleeps through the job it's her loss for sleeping out of the money Megaman just get going!"

"Ok ok just watch my back!"

With a sigh the Digger ran deeper into the ruins. Megaman went down a hallway, and saw nothing but burnt parts of the ground with outlines of ash before he winced." Aside from that Fragile lady everyone in here looks dead! Did they lose control of the Reaverbots?"

Megaman's helmet scanned the data for a few moments before Roll answered with," Its possible they all fell victim to the Spontaneous Human Combustion illness. Even if all the human crew died the Reaverbots still can act on their own and all!"

Megaman was about to respond when he heard a noise…and saw some of the lights go out, before suddenly he noticed dozens of inhuman red eyes glowing at him in the dark. He winced before his left hand transformed into a cannon." I think you jinxed me Roll, this place is already swarming with the Horokko types! Oh man here we go!"

The digger ducked as the Reaverbot right in front of him fired off a laser, before he fired back with his buster. Megaman continued to swerve and jump out of incoming lasers blasts while he blasted one Reaverbot after another, before making his way deeper into the ruins.

He took a deep breath after making sure he lost his attackers before he looked around and saw a large monitor. Before he could go on Roll blurted out," MegaMan! MegaMan! MegaMan! Can you hear me!?"

"Just barely, the transmission isn't too clear..."

"I got worried 'cause the transmission got cut off suddenly!"

"I'm okay! I think this is the system in charge of the ruins security! If I can remove the Refractor I think we can disable the vault's defenses!"

MegaMan found the panel to the machine in front of him and quickly blasted it off, before smirking at the sight of a large blue crystal the size of his back." Roll! It's still active! The reactor's still running!"

"Great! What about the refractor?"

"It's here! It's a big one, too!"

"All right, now maybe we can finally get some money! Be careful!"

MegaMan touched and then grabbed the Blue Refractor before putting it on his back. In mere moments the lights around the base went out.

As Megaman put the Refractor on his back Roll uttered." Alright that should do it! The vault should be below so if everything's now disabled with a bit of Mega Busting we will have cleared the job!"

"If it's as urgent to the Bethel Kingdom as they are making it out to be then we will be set for the entire year if not more! One ship overhaul coming up."

With a grin Megaman ran down to the emergency stairs to the right and ran down for a few moments before he reached the depths of the Deep-Sea Research Center. He saw a crane left to manually haul the vault up before he smirked." Well, never seen this set up before but I guess they worked with what they have. I think with the right gear I can get it to work Roll!"

His friend's response is only," MegaMan, I'm showing a large blip in front of you-it's probably a Reaverbot! Be careful...Huh? MegaMan? Can you hear me...? I'm losing you...the transmission's breaking..."

"Roll? Are you all right? Can you hear me? I don't see, whoa!"

A crack in the ground was the only hint the digger got before he saw a glow to the right, and on instinct dashed back before a tree sized metal limb came crashing down. As chunks of the ground got tossed up Megaman saw a Reaverbot the size of a small house march out before he winced. "A Hanmuru type? Guess they were not taking chances! But I don't dig just to give up when the ground gets hard!"

Megaman dodged a few of the Hanmuru's strikes before dashing back and fired at his enemy's eye. His shot caused the Reaverbot to stagger back. The male in blue smirked as his target stopped moving and smoke came out of his eye.

Megaman smirked and looked at the vault, before he saw another glow, and realized the giant Reaverbot seemed to be" annoyed" as it was now having spikes extend out of its arm.

The man wearing a helmet ducked just as his opponent smashed the wall, and winced as it started to crack." So much for these guys not charging their batteries! I'm going to need a bigger…wait. Roll, get ready to fly by my position, you better be there in ten seconds!"

Megaman shot at the already cracked wall and saw it fall apart, before he saw the sunlight and braced himself.

As the Hanmuru charged at him he dashed under its tackle, and ran for the hole. He took a leap of faith, and was relieved to see the Flutter fly by.

He jumped on the top of the ship, As the Hanmuru ran to the edge of the hole Megaman fired at the ground where his opponent was, causing it to collapse. The Reaverbot made one last vengeful swing before falling into the ocean.

Megaman saw the obstacle sink into the red colored water before he smirked." Nice timing Roll! Alright, we did it! Thanks to Mister Bridges this went off without things getting too crazy!"

"Great job Megaman! Almost hard to believe the treasure is this important if they left it this lightly, huh?"

Megaman's joy faded in moments as a large alarm was heard, before suddenly two of the giant construction grinder equipment started to rotate, till they dove for the Flutter. Roll was just able to pilot the Flutter out of there reach, and fired at it.

The attack caused the grinder wheels to back off, till suddenly the entire second construction platform next to the Deep-Sea Research Base slowly transformed to a gigantic Reaverbot who's head was the size of the Flutter.

Megaman saw his new enemy unleash a roar intense enough to kick up waves before he gulped." Ok…I'm starting to think this treasure lives up to the hype. Um Roll…I think I'm going to need a bigger Buster…like a LOT bigger."

"Unless are porter can mail us a new one at light-speed we can't count on that! Just, aim at his weak point! The bigger they are, the bigger the weak point has to be right?"

Megaman shrugged and looked at the new foe's eye, before suddenly the eye widened, and a giant red energy blast erupted. While the Flutter dodged that blast, the goliath sized enemy suddenly had countless smaller red energy orbs burst out in all directions.

The Digger saw just as it looked like his friend could get away from the attacks, the Reaverbot had raised its left grinder wheel to prepare to smash them to pieces.

Before everyone on the ship braced for what could have been there final moments, a barrage of yellow energy blasts and missiles blasted the arm back.

Megaman gasped before he saw the intervention came from a dozen metallic black and grey hand gliders being propelled by jets.

Before he could say anything a new female voice cut in with," This is Bethel high command, come in."

A new female voice responded with," 2B here…all Purifier units have descended into the atmosphere…engaging target. Autopilot systems all green across the board."

This was followed by," This is Operator 60, all units confirmed. Destroy the Goliath class Reaverbot, gather all data, and no matter what secure the target."

"Confirmed…engage the target with everything we have!"

The Goliath glanced at the new threats…and narrowed its eye, before unleashing another massive red energy blast. While the new arrivals evaded the beam, the beam suddenly bent its path to hit the rightmost unit.

A woman's scream could be heard before being vaporized, causing the voice from before to casually utter," 12H…down. All units…engage in manual mode and rely on visuals to evade."

The gliders all transformed, or at least attempted to as the Goliath machine had its left arm suddenly extended to hit the middle left unit. After another explosion the same woman uttered," 11B…down. Our Ho229 cancelers are ineffective."

The sight of another unit being hit by a few red energy orbs and exploding caused the same person to say,"7E down…prepare."

The voice was cut off as out of the water a massive spike erupted to impale the central unit. As that machine exploded a new younger woman uttered,"1D down…assuming captain duties."

The remaining units transformed into humanoid mecha figures and had energy blades form to parry the incoming grinder wheels.

Megaman saw the remaining reinforcements seem to hold their own against the giant enemy and gulped." Well…whoever these new guys are hope they know what they are doing…"

"Be at ease Megaman unit." The woman from before said." You did well to do your duty, but us agents of Bethel will neutralize this target, for the glory of the light. We will do what we must, just make sure the target is secure."

"Hey, wait I don't care what your mission is or how valuable the treasure is don't just throw your lives away!"

After a few moments of silence, the woman responded with," Everything that god gives life is destined to end. We are perpetually trapped…in a never-ending spiral of life and death. Is this a curse? I often think of the god who blessed us with this cryptic puzzle…and wonder if we will ever have the chance to kill him.

But since the man who betrayed the Lord of Light is out of our grasp, we will settle for his devotees! 9S…provide cover fire while I try and pin down its weakness. Megaman…take cover while we neutralize the threat…then Commander X will have words with you."

"You got it 2B…turn that eye sore into scrap already!" A male voice responded."

"Wait…you mean Megaman X?" The digger spoke out in shock.

But 2B was already focused on her task, as 9S fired a large yellow particle blast at the Reaverbot. While the giant machine countered with its own projectile, 2B had her mecha fly at the eye to try and stab it. To her shock the machine fired a barrage of red energy orbs.

One blew off the top of the machine, revealing a woman in a black dress with short white hair and a black blindfold over her eyes. She just cried with determination to stab the eye with her mech's blade.

The blow landed, causing sparks and explosions to blast out around its head. As the Goliath staggered back 9S chuckled." Great shot! I'll try and hack it to end this quick!"

The other Bethel agent's Mech started to glow, before sparks fired out all over the machine. The digger saw the Goliath start to stagger before he took a sigh of relief." Oh wow, its working! Was a bit of a rough start when half of them died under sixty seconds but I think they got their groove on! Hey let's get the treasure Roll I think they got this!"

"Wait Megaman!" Roll answered anxiously." That giant Reaverbot's energy readings are just going up! I'm not sure if it's going to try and self-destruct or something but nothing good is going to happen!"

The Goliath class robot was motionless for a few moments before it muttered," Kill…kill…KILL!"

The robot's eyes glowed even more intently, till suddenly the entire machine glowed, and its shoulders had wings burst out of its back. The instant they formed; all the feathers became missiles that all homed in on the two mecha.

9S saw this and just snickered." The Reaverbot is…evolving? Not fast enough maverick! Hacking complete!"

All of a sudden, the entire salvo of missiles glowed…before swerving around and flying back at the being who fired them. Explosions rocked the sky, but 9S was only allowed a moment to grin, before he saw a giant grinder wheel burst out of the smoke to try and kill his comrade before she could react.

Acting on instinct 9S had his craft's thrusters boost at full speed to get in the way, but the action cost him dearly as he was smashed to the right, and uppercased by the Reaverbot's other hand before 9S could blink.

2B and the others saw what seemed like a human body fall onto the top of her opponent's body before the sole member of the squadron that could still fight cried out," 9S! His…his black box can still be detected…there is still time. Would you just…die already!"

In response the Goliath class's right arm started to twitch…before the right arm's grinder ring transformed into a giant sword, and tried to impale its target. 2B tried to boost through, only for the sword to be faster than expected and sliced her mecha's left wing off.

The woman with the blindfold ejected out of her machine, and took out her personal blade, a white sword called Virtuous Contract, and stabbed the Reaverbot right in the eye.

Lighting discharged from her blade and surged into the Reaverbot, which caused the eye to explode. 2B just grunted as the explosion blasted her into the air, before she landed on the top of the machine.

As her right leg snapped off, she saw 9S was just getting back up, before he coughed up blood and chuckled bitterly." Hehe…talk about bringing the fight to the enemy…eh 2B?"

2B just groaned before she struggled to get back on her feet." Operator…assistance for the operation may be required."

After a few moments of silence 9S sighed." As I feared, this Reaverbot is evolving. Based on the data we got are hands on the humans on this base were trying to have the Reaverbot assimilate the data of the remains of the "Ultima Weapon" that the allies of the savior, Squall Lionheart and the others defeated centuries ago. Using Devil Gundam Cells and a few other things…there experiment worked…which is kind of really bad for us."

"No excuses 9S." 2B bluntly retorted as she grasped her chest." The target must be freed…no matter what. The black box…its ready."

2B smashed her own chest, and from where a human's heart would be she ripped out a black box the size of a heart. 9S did the same with a sigh of annoyance before 2B nodded." Requesting…destruction of enemy hostile vie Black-Box reaction."

After a few moments the black boxes started to glow white, before 2B glanced back at the Flutter." Mega-man unit…ensure the treasure is secure…no matter what. For…the glory of mankind! "

The two agents in black smashed there box's together before they glowed gold. An instant later a massive explosion could be seen, with enough force to nearly blow the Flutter into the ocean. Roll was able to steer her ship just in time to avoid a crash, and by the time the woman got the ship stable she saw the massive fire where the Maverick Hunters were.

As Megaman stood back up he winced." I know they were soldiers but still…its horrible it came to this."

"I know Mega…but we have to make sure it was not for nothing. At least at last the cost is, huh? Oh come on!"

Roll's dismay was caused by the Goliath class Reaverbot lumbering out of the smoke. The twin self-destruction 2B and 9S had caused did result in a massive hole in the machine's body…but even with the head being fractured it still glared at the Flutter." Destined to become God…kill all who are in the way. Kill…KILL!"

Energy once again formed at its mouth, till suddenly a new, crass woman cried out," Oh shut the hell up already!"

Megaman heard a burp, and glanced behind him to see a blond woman with her hair in a pony-tail wearing a leather jacket and black jeans stagger to the deck.

The Digger saw the woman was looking more annoyed than anything and winced." Wait…did you just wake up Pam? You were sleeping this whole time?"

"I was trying to!" The woman named Pam harshly retorted as she rubbed her eyes." Then I got thrown off my bed! I thought your boss Roll was a" ace pilot!"

Megaman eyed Pam for a moment to make sure this was not a joke before he rolled his eyes." It's because she's a skilled pilot that we are not dead from this giant Reaverbot here! Maybe if you were awake to do the part Roll hired you to, we would not be at this point lady!"

"Wait the job's going on now? I thought it was at night?"

"No we left at night from where we started! Why were you drinking before a job anyway?"

"I thought this was an easy job and…maybe I drank more then I intended to before getting more drunk alright? Its ok I took the sober potion so it's all cool so stop moaning. Not like anyone died."

"I mean…a whole group of maverick hunters died! It's because two of them self-destructed that we are still alive and even that could not take down this Super Reaverbot!"

Pam eyed the Goliath class for a moment before she snorted out in amusement." Wait so the noise that I was hearing was those Bethel maids blowing up? Damn now I wish I woke up sooner! Those dolls are not even alive to die dude. Whatever, I'm already scrapping this eyesore for throwing me off my bed."

Megaman saw how casual Pam looked before he winced." Hey, don't underestimate this Reaverbot, it seems way more enhanced than anything I saw before!"

"Oh yah?" Pam threw out in amusement." Well good thing for you Diggers you hired a gal that's way more special than the competition! Its why I'm good at my job you know? You're lucky the dart I threw landed was on just taking a quarter of the profits because since I'm doing all the heavy lifting I really deserve."

She was cut off with a roar as the Goliath class Reaverbot brought up its sword arm, and struck the Flutter. But before Megaman even had time to breath, in the blink of an eye Pam took out a black colored Katana and intercepted the much larger blade like it was just a normal sized toothpick. While the shock-wave knocked waves into the air, Pam just glared at the Reaverbot…before a smoky yellow aura formed around her body.

The amount of energy just grew larger by the second before the blond woman let out a savage grin." Hey ugly…anyone ever tell you I can be a real devil when I'm grouchy? Know some god damn manners!"

Pam grasped the blade with her free hand, and only grunted before ripping the entire arm off from the giant machine's sockets. As the Reaverbot staggered back Pam bumped the torn off arm around with her knee and roundhouse kicked it into its chest.

As the hostile staggered back Pam smirked in response." Thanks for being just the right workout for someone waking up ugly. Heh, or at least a warmup for the best Equalizer there is! Hey, you think we can get a bonus if I turn this into scrap?"

As Megaman looked on in shock the Reaverbot's eye glowed red before it muttered," We will all die together and become as gods! Megido…Pillar!"

Megaman stepped back before he grit his teeth." Don't take this thing lightly Pam! Like I said this Reaverbot seems like it self-recover and self-evolve…with the help of Kyoji! Well the data said that's the man who worked on this at least."

The blond woman eyed the Reaverbot carefully and noticed some parts of its body were repairing itself before she shrugged." Nanomachines son…nanomachines. Ok I guess I have to take this sort of seriously but this thing's already boring me so adios! Dark Cloaked Black Blade Blunt Sweep!"

The aura of power around Pam grew larger, as she coated her blade in darkness and extended the energy before pointing the extended enhanced sword into the shadow beneath her. After a few moments a blade of darkness erupted out of the shadow beneath Reaverbot's mouth.

As the energy beam it was about to fire started to diffuse in the blink of an eye, Pam took to the air, and warped to the Reaverbot's left leg, and cleaved it in half with another energy infused slash.

She then reappeared each second in a different part of the Goliath class machine, before ten seconds later its head was slashed in two.

Pam emerged above the Reaverbot just as it fell to pieces, and the blond woman saw her opponent was still roaring out before she cracked her neck and put her blade back in its sheath." Man, your one stubborn Reaverbot.

But no matter how much you try and evolve, even if you had a thousand years, you're not going to become more perfect then me! You can try and become a god but I want to be something way badass then that! But I don't have the patience to wait that long to see you try so, get lost! Masenko!"

Pam placed both hands above her head with the palms facing the target and one hand in front of the other with the fingers going in opposite directions before her energy tripled in size, and she unleashed a yellow energy beam that was wide enough to consume the entire gigantic Reaverbot.

The projectile vaporized every atom of the Goliath class machine, before it blasted into the ocean for a few moments, and unleashed an explosion that blew half the ocean up.

Megaman eyed the blast carefully before he gulped." Is…is it over?"

"Not till the fish jumps." Pam answers casually as in a moment she warped right next to the digger.

As Megaman jumped back suddenly dozens of fried fish rained down on the Flutter before Pam snickered." Sorry fishes, I wanted my breakfast so rules of nature! Alright dude is that it or do I have to bail you out of anything else?"

Megaman sighed before he glanced back at the Deep-Sea Research Base and saw it truly looked lifeless now before he shrugged." Let's just…wait and see ok?"

As Pam moaned Roll cut in with a chipper," Great job Pam! That's…almost worth all the stuff you broke! Alright Megaman, lets land and try this again. If the ruins are truly empty now I'll take a crack at what's left at the vault's security systems. Just make sure its secure, ok?"

"You got it Roll."

With one last check the Flutter flew by the hole the Digger made to escape the smaller Reaverbot before the blue armored male jumped in. Pam sighed before doing the same before the two went back to the depths of the ruins. They saw the heavy chains were still attached before Pam rolled her eyes." Oh THIS is what had you held up? Wuss."

The blond girl cracked her knuckles before grasping the chains, and holding the giant black vault out of the water. Megaman saw her smirk before rolling his eyes." Ok I get it your strong alright?"

Pam was about to respond before a new female voice cut in with," Hey now you can be strong as you want but if you're to clumsy to get the treasure without breaking it, it can't help you there, eh?"

The two turned around to see the voice came from a blond woman in a red mechanic suit with a matching red cap and red shorts.

She had blond hair and green eyes, and as she entered Megaman grinned." Glad you made it safely Roll."

"Well…it's as safe as any place can be at the moment in this universe Megaman. Plus I had someone looking over my back."

Sam entered besides her before he sighed." I just wanted to see if there was anything else I could deliver while I'm here. Just…make sure it's not going to blow up…I hate it when that happens."

"Don't worry mister Bridges, Mega might be a pro at the blasting part but I'm a pro at the safely unlocking the treasure part. Alright then let's get to it." Roll went to the terminal and hooked in her personal computer. After a few moments she grinned." They did their homework, but they just were not prepared for a pro. Get ready, its unsealing shortly."

Everyone saw Roll was not bluffing before after a few more moments the vault unsealed. As it split open, it revealed a statue of a man.

The man had curly black hair down to the sides of his neck and was wearing a blue leisure suit, with an orange shirt underneath, boots, and had a necklace with a cross shaped crystal around his neck.

Pam raised an eyebrow before she leaned forward." Seriously? All this for a god damn statue? The statue looks lame as hell!"

Roll eyed the statue carefully before she gasped." Wait…it's not a statue, it's a person frozen in Carbonite! They, they were using this to make sure the person was sealed completely, but mobile enough to easily transfer. Luckily…it's the more modern type that thaws quickly. I'm thawing him out now."

The blond woman checked the monitor next to the statue and pressed a few more buttons, before the statue started to glow. A few moments later after a flash of light, the statue was now a man who looked in his early twenties.

The man instantly came alive and acted like he was finishing a speech as he just blurted out," Listen Salamanca you're blowing the deal of a lifetime so don't do anything…stupid?"

The man blinked a few times before he jumped back, and looked around before he saw the four looking at him and raised an eyebrow. He looked up before he then let out an uneasy chuckle." Well…guess he got even more hasty. Well, guess the old man was right after all but…whatever. So…who do we have here? Did…did Lalo send you? If this is a trick it's not going to work, more seductive woman then you tried to con me but you can't hustle a pro!"

Roll saw Megaman, Pam, and Sam all give out various expressions of either confusion or annoyance before she let out an uneasy chuckle." Um, my apologizes sir but I think you're a bit confused. I'm Roll Caskett, and me and my longtime friend Megaman Volnutt found you at the depths of these ruins. A reward was posted by the Bethel Kingdom and, we were the first ones who were able to make it."

The man blinked a few times before he saw Pam's skeptical face and flicked his hair back." Seriously? Well I'll be damned, guess I was the lucky one after all! Heh…we just met but I think I own you all some drinks eh! Here take my card Roll."

The man slipped out a cue card from his sleeve and in a dramatic manner handed it to Roll. The mechanic took the card and squinted to see the name before she raised an eyebrow." Your name is…Mike McGill?"

Suddenly the letters glowed before a small hologram of the man before them appeared out of the letters to make a bow." Hey I'm.

Hi, I'm Mike McGill. Did you know that you have rights? The divine law of the universe says you do! And so do I. I believe until proven guilty, every man, woman and child in this planet is innocent. And that's why I fight for you people of planet Albuquerque! So if you're in trouble? Better Call Mike!"

As Roll looked confused for a few moments she cleared her throat." So, your Mike McGill? This is your…business card?"

"Heh, I know cards are old fashioned but it's something to hold on to, and with the magic in it it's something that even those who can't read can see to! It's all just to max out the odds…though I guess it's clear it's not always a sure thing eh?"

Megaman saw Roll look confused before he cleared his throat." So wait, you were trying to…make a deal with the people here? Were you trying to get them to buy something from you?"

"Not quite my good Megaman. I well…I can't say the whole story but I was trying to win this Lalo Salamanca and some others to make a contract. I, I don't think he bought it."

Pam eyed Mike carefully before she rolled her eyes." Seriously, is Mike even your real name?"

Mike saw Pam was looking annoyed before his grin widened." Well…my parents called me Michelangelo but I go by Michael, Mike, and a few others depending on how well I know yah. Since you helped me out of a jam I 'd say we are well on our way to a first name basis. I take it Lalo was not quite as happy to meet you though eh?"

"There was no meeting." Sam uttered bluntly." There was a lot of Reaverbots but every human aside from you in these ruins was already dead. More than that…there was nothing left but ash."

Mike winced before he let out a sigh." That so eh? Let me guess…the Adolla Burst? I told Lalo that if he kept messing around he was going to blow himself up but I did not think that was legit going to go like that. I, I was trying to help them join the winning team but, they, they were all being rather stubborn."

Pam snickered before she muttered," Because you think you're on the "winning team" eh Mike? Don't waste our time, the reward would not be so high for some lame ass hustler. How about telling us what is really going on, eh Mike Auro? Or did you really think we were all too stupid to not see the son of Ben Auro and Lacus Raystar when we saw him?"

Mike saw Sam and Roll also look at him with caution before he flicked his hair back." And here I thought my change in style since the last photo op would mix things up. Still…I guess since you're not the ones I was trying to work my magic over I don't have to hide.

I been trying to work over some not so nice guys to be a plus to the good guys, not a minus. Worked for a few guys on a few planets, but Lao and the boys here were a lot more stubborn than they first said they were. Well, live and learn right?"

Pam rolled her eyes as she looked up." Looks like you just might be the only guy who was on this planet an hour ago who might be able to do the living part "Prince Auro". What…the son of "God"s sword could not " hustle" some body guards?"

Mike saw the clear annoyance in Pam's eyes before he shrugged." I guess you put out a lot of work to clean up my mess eh? I am sorry for that. Look…I know this was not the best plan but I just been trying to show my folks I could help out my own way…like my bro Richard.

He may be the better fighter but I…I have my own ways of doing things to. Still, I'm not so far up my own ass that I am blind to a bad pitch. He can rub it in when he pays you find folk for this. Just don't let him…huh?"

To his shock the four around him all expressed various states of shock before Roll gasped and looked down." I…I did not check how long you were frozen in Carbonite. You…you really have not heard, have you?"

Mike saw even Pam winced before he raised an eyebrow." What's with the whole production here?"

Megaman took a deep breath before he bowed before the son of Ben Auro and Lacus Raystar." I'm sorry you must learn this way sir, but you better know this now. Your brother…Richard Auro was killed around a week and a half ago."

Mike saw the Digger was serious, and even Sam looked troubled before he let out an uneasy chuckle." Seriously man? Did Rich put you up to this? You know for helping me I think I'll throw in helping your sense of humor my good Megaman."

"Damn…you so out of tough you don't even know when someone's selling you the truth "Prince?"

Pam cut in bitterly." He was killed alright, anyone who still could watch the news across the whole universe could see it."

Mike turned white before he tried to not let his composure break and he walked up to Pam. "Alright say you're telling the truth…who did it? My folks, my folks have a lot on their plate, but they would never let anyone who pulled it off be around much longer. I'll tell you the access codes just get me to your ship so we can talk."

Roll gulped before she walked up." I'm afraid the bad news does not just extend to your brother. Right after your brother was reported dead, a massive battle broke out. It was said The Bethel Empire at last pinned down the man who betrayed him, his former teammate Doug Fitter.

All we know is that a battle between him and your father and mother broke out, and the result of the battle tore a hole in space and time that collapsed that part of the universe.

To be as honest…no one saw your parents die, but no one that was at that fight directly has been seen either. Most are assuming that he and Doug Fitter took each other out.

Either way, the Bethel Kingdom is in chaos right now, the other tribes are all seeing this as their chance to take their shot to prove they are the rulers of the universe. The Bethel Kingdom was desperate to prove that one of the Auro's is still alive."

Pam saw Mike take this all in and just rolled her eyes." Hope you polished your own sword "Prince", if you want this" Last Empire" your dad has been so hell bent on keeping together it's all on you. Don't mean to be an asshole but no matter how messed up your kingdom is you better keep your word; honor is the only thing you" Good guys" have going for you."

Mike looked like a deer in a headlights before he looked down." I…I don't have my own sword. Fighting…that was more of my bro's thing."

Pam saw how shaken Ben's son looked before she sighed." Oh man…you guys really are screwed. Well…as an Equalizer I'm an equal opportunity ass kicker but if I have to do all of the fighting for you it's going to be a steep reward."

Mike did not even seem to hear what she said as he walked past everyone and muttered." If, if my parents really are, if, no one can hear from them, who sent you?"

Megaman sighed before he looked back at the Flutter." Well, the job was posted by Megaman X…though he was just posting the order for…I think it was an angel named Gabriel Celeste?"

The black-haired man's eyes darted to the Blue Bomber before a spark of hope crossed his eyes." Gabriel? He could be a nag, but I know how to reach him. Just need to get in touch with some of the Bethel Brass."

Roll nodded before the blond woman glanced at her ship." Data…can you get over here? We need to make a call."

The others aside from Megaman were shocked to see a small metal chimp in armor scurry into the room. This Data scurried over to Mike before bowing." Pleased to meet you your majesty. I'll contact the Master right away, please just tell me where to send the message."

Mike took a deep breath before he nodded." Well, I'm clearly not in the loop here but, reach out to the Earth Prime branch and that should get things moving."

Data nodded, and a few moments later its eyes glowed. After a few moments Data let out a shrug." Sorry, this might take a while…that planet's transmission is having…technical difficulties. Reports are saying… the Viltrumite clan, the Banished', and the Andromeda Stelleration have all been attacking the entire galaxy recently. They might be jamming transmissions from the area."

Mike somehow looked even more distraught before he wiped some sweat off his brow." Look guys I'm really not buying the caliber of your jokes. Those mustache thugs and the others have been a pain, but, to push us back that far?"

Pam shrugged as her eyes turned hard." Guess you really have been blind to how this war's been going eh? Ben Auro…Lacus Raystar and the rest of their little inner circle have been holding on so damn tight to the remains of heaven to say how things go…but after things have been equalized a bit, high time for a change eh? May be a bit messy, but the laws of nature can't be held back no matter who tries to holds it. After all…despite what the die hards say even God's world is not eternal.

The angels can moan that the pure," Unsullied" path that God had forged will, as fate dictated, became a muddled, poisonous swamp at hands of humankind all they want.

But no matter how much they moan about disputed order begets chaos to chaos, and will likewise be consumed in turn, in the end the universe made its choice, and even after all the time people still can't deal with it.

Guess it's time to see how the winged guys who kept the truth about knowledge deal with it as their order reach's of their doomed idea?"

As the others looked at her Pam flashed a half-lopped smile." Hey don't get me wrong I don't really have a side, just calling it how it is. And how it is "Mikey" is that someone better be able to cash that check!"

Sam just nodded as he readjusted his backpack." Even if all of society falls apart…long as your breathing things have to keep moving."

Roll saw how distraught Mike looked before she sighed." Let's just try and figure out what's going on ok? I'm sure it's just everyone's just running around like Chocobo's with their heads cut off right? We…we can't assume the worst."

Mike saw Roll showed compassion in her eyes before he took a deep breath and tried to flash a grin." Thanks. Guess with things as bad as they are, things can't be that much worst right?"

Megaman and Roll tried to show encouragement as they, Mike, Pam and Sam all headed back to the Flutter to get an idea on what is going on. But little did they realize, things were not as bad as they thought, they were worst, for the reason Data could not contact Earth Prime was because of an even more dire situation then they feared.

In another galaxy far far away, though only a short time ago, the angel Mike was trying to reach out was in fact trying to mobilize more forces to help Ben's son.

On the edge of a mostly abandoned city on the first planet in the universe named earth, around a hundred men and woman in white and blue combat robes walked to the edge of a hill. Up this hill they saw the remains of a giant green statue of a woman holding a torch, next to a golden floating tower.

As they walked up the hill, a man with long blond hair in a white outfit, holding a staff was deep in prayer. The leader of the group saw the staff holding man looked troubled before he cleared his throat." Sir Celesta…is something wrong?"

The man took a deep breath before he opened his eyes." Not…any more wrong Floch. I'm just…reflecting at how things have…become too how they are now."

The man named Floch gulped as he looked at the sky, and saw a shape like an unstable red star in the sky before he nodded." I know what you mean sir. To think, Lord Auro could be dead. That, that the enemies could."

"Don't lose faith Floch." The older man uttered as he stood up." Ben Auro and Lacus Raystar are not dead…I have faith in that. Maybe they got trapped into another dimension, or are enemies sealed them somehow. No matter what happened…I know the war is not lost.

We must not lose hope, as devastating as it was losing Richard, as horrible as the enemies of order are, it's not over yet. We can still restore the universe, and bring about peace, but it will take as much from us as it did in the times of the Cosmic Wars.

It won't be easy, but we must be strong, we must return the faith that was given in all of us."

Floch nodded before he glanced behind him." A lot of people fled Central Knot City, Earth Prime, and the whole Milky Way Galaxy …and are trying to get out of Earth Prime before the enemies descend.

To think they would trust the likes of the Viltrumite clan or the Poseidal', Gamillas or Vought tribes. I know the last we heard from Michael Auro he said he managed to make a deal with the sons of Omniman and the Utopian…but after that no one heard from him and now…and now…this.

I guess…that's why so many have."

"It's true that…fate has not been on our side for…as a whole…a very long time. But we must not lose faith. We must do all we can. For now, that's rooting out those who want to destroy all we have dear. Vashyron…tell Picard, Setsuna, and the rest of the fleet to get ready.

Sin Kiske…contact your father Ky, Pit, Abdiel, and Kratos to get an update on the surrounding planets. We won't let the enemy's step one foot into the Bethel Kingdom!"

As the ground around him looked confident, suddenly a gruff voice uttered." Do you not get tired of being so wrong about reality angel? One foot? Your entire world, your entire kingdom is lost."

Everyone turned around to see a single man calmly walking up, he was not a human, but a member of the Klingon race wearing golden armor. The Klingon saw everyone glare at him and responded with a toothy smirk." Gabriel Celesta…the former errand boy of Cosmos herself…I'm so grateful I have someone of your caliber be a witness to the downfall of humanity! Yes…today is a good day to die!"

Gabriel narrowed his eyes before lighting crackled around his lance." No one has to die today…but if you wish to start a fight you won't win then so be it. Your crafty to get this far undetected but, your still in the heart of enemy territory."

The Klingon snorted, before he snapped his fingers. Gabriel winced and got ready to fight, before a flash of light came out of one of the towers above and blinded the sky.

When the light faded Gabriel saw the same man was in front of him, and nothing seemed different before he sighed." Whatever your gamble was, it failed you."

The Klingon in front of him snickered, before he pointed up." With how poorly you angels notice things, it's no longer a wonder how much failures you are!"

Gabriel paused, before he looked around to check things, till he noticed that Earth Prime's moon was now suddenly shattered. He also noticed a green planet in the distance before he paused." Wait…Mars looks more like, Qo'noS…the Klingon home world? Wait…that means…no!"

The Klingon laughed and clapped at seeing all the shocked reactions as he crossed his arms." Atom by atom…they will coil around us…and take all we are. There is one way to confront this threat.

That is by uniting all the enemies of man, and striking them down with the flames of are hatred! Humans, and the angels that shepherd them tried to dupe us Klingons to forget the Unforgettable.

I… T'kuvma the third…made my life revolve around one purpose… To lock arms against those whose fatal greeting is...'We come in peace'" and wipe out you hypocrites from the universe once and for all! You of this "Bethel Kingdom" were so sure of yourselves even after you lost so much.

But you failed to realize we had Skrulls shape shift into members of your forces, and right under your nose we attached the means to warp your entire Earth Prime to the heart of the Klingon Empire! You humans assumed the power of gods would forever be yours, and that will be your last mistake."

Gabriel saw the humans behind him look mortified before he narrowed his eyes." I know how much Klingons love the thrill of battle. But if you think that battle lust will be enough for an angel that will be a grave mistake."

"Maybe not…but if I match an angel's halo with a halo of my own will that be enough? Like…that one?"

T"Kumvma pointed up in the sky, and Gabriel saw a ring in the sky, a ring that was the diameter of ten thousand kilometers. The angel saw the ring was glowing before he turned pale." What…that's…a Halo installation? No…impossible!"

"STILL doubt the resolve of Klingons?" T"Kumvma spat out." It required working with others who want revenge on humans, but even if it took centuries of working in secret, we have recreated the former installation Gyre 11 or Zeta Halo, to give humanity the extinction it deserves!

We targeted Earth Prime first, so that humanity can see the root of its race wiped out, before Zeta Halo's light erases them all! With the "Last Emperor" and his queen of hypocritical light at last gone, no one can prevent your miserable race from getting what it deserves!"

Gabriel saw Zeta Halo was already preparing to fire before he narrowed his eyes, and eight wings extended out of his body. "I know the Klingons have suffered across the past centuries as well…but to resort to this?

Even if your assumption about Ben and Lacus is true…I was there when the Halo's were created, and I know more than anyone how to destroy them! You call us foolish, but you will regret tying your vengeance to one last super-weapon!"

The angel had lighting crackle around his body, before he burst into the sky like a living laser. His wings extended and he prepared to fire something form his staff, but before he could strike, a massive force collided into him, and smashed him through a skyscraper before he could even react.

As Gabriel landed on the ground, T'Kumva spat on the ground." Who said we only relied on ONE super weapon? No, we planned something just in case one of you caped" Gods" tried to meddle."

Gabriel got up with a moan before he glanced up to see that what attacked him had smashed out of the moon and was fast enough to intercept him before he could strike Zeta Halo.

As the new threat emerged, it was a giant mecha, one that had a very heavy build with massive upper torso, dome-like shoulders, and thick clawed arms.

It was somewhat insectoid in appearance, complete with chitin-like armor and large mandibles. Its armor was highly ornate and had patterns of black markings, its eyes had triangular pupils, and its forehead looked altered to resemble a Klingon's own head.

Gabriel saw this massive mecha unleash a roar before his jaw dropped." What…that almost looks like one of the machines from the days of the Getter wars!"

T'Kumva laughed out in delight as he crossed his arms." I'm glad you're one of the few who recognize this sight, at least someone should fully realize what is killing them!

Yes, the Klingons worked with the Chiss, the Skrulls, and the rest of the others of the Banished tribe and the Andromeda Stelleration to uncover the research of the Hyakki Empire to build this "Bug"or more like for us Klingons the "Ghew".

This machine is meant to be the bane of the Getter users, of all humans who tried to evolve to be a threat to all other lifeforms in the universe!

This was one of the gigantic robots called Seikun. Each robot could influence the nature and terraform a planet!

It's worth putting aside are pride and sharing this victory, to at last obtain this glory of finally removing the blight of humanity and their angelic protectors! Escharum…I take it that there are no problems on your end?"

The" Ghew" flew down to land on Earth Prime, and as it did its mouth became transparent, to reveal it was being piloted by a grey ape like member of the Jiralhanae War Chiefs of the Brute species.

The pilot grinned at the sight of Gabriel's dismay before he turned on his craft's speakers." The machine feels like my very limb T'Kumva! Angel… I want you to know my name too. To know my legend. How else will you beg me for mercy? I am Escharum. War Chief of the Banished. This is my world now. And you have little time remaining in it!

You humans and angels have brought this universe to the brink of ruin, and you will at last pay the price for it! I would say that our story will become legend, and that it will be told by those that survive you. However…there WILL be none of you to survive are wrath!"

Get Zeta Halo ready to fire T'Kumva! I will make this angel's final moments one of agony as everything he cherishes burns!"

Gabriel saw the" Ghew" mecha's wings extended before he took a wary breath." I understand many of you have been wronged…but this is not the way! I won't let your hatred distort the universe even more."

T'Kumva snorted bitterly before he snarled out," You won't let us? I'm starting to wonder if you angels are just unable to see things clearly. You think we "corrupt" the universe? Your precious humans brought all to ruin with their endless appetite and insufferable pride, and you angels must pay for keeping this farce going for millions of years!

What we are doing is not out of greed or malice, it's for survival! If mankind's allowed to evolve any more than they already have, it will destroy the universe! And some of us don't want to be dragged down with them! Human evolution ends here!"

The angel saw the humans behind him looking hopeless before he took a deep breath." I won't deny we angels have failed to live up to what has expected to us. We failed Cosmos, and so many others. And I'd be a fool to deny how much sin a man's heart has.

God is still testing us…and we failed to realize the extent of his test. But…we will not give up. I will not give up on the light! T'Kumya…Escharum…no matter how many are working with you…no matter how many super weapons of mass destruction you have amassed…you will fail!"

In the blink of an eye Gabriel moved at full speed to try and jab the" Ghew" in its eye/ monitor. However, he saw the giant bug like Mecha was fast enough to counter the celestial one, as his staff was parried by the right most claw from his opponent. Escharum saw the angel's shock and looked excited." You WILL fall! Let us test your legend angel, once and for all!"

Escharum went on the assault, and Gabriel saw the war machine was fast enough to match him blow for blow.

After a minute of trying to get a hit through, only to fail, Gabriel noticed Zeta Halo above was glowing brighter with each passing moment and winced before he dashed down.

Escharum saw his target fly past the ruins of the city below and snickered." Pride breaking already Angel? You won't deny me this glory! I can track your energy; you can't escape this fate!"

The "Gnew" burst into the city, and charged through a few buildings to see Gabriel. The pilot swung its right claw at the winged man, only to see the body flicker before fading.

Escharum raised an eyebrow, just as Gabriel burst out from behind to appear on the mecha's back. His aura surged before the angel aimed for the joint in the armor."

"This must end now. Lighting…GUH!"

Gabriel attempted to attack the massive mecha before he hoped his opponent realized he used a after image spell to throw him off with a transparent image of his body.

However, he found out the hard way he had less time than he thought…as before he could unleash his spell, a gun turret morphed out of the machine's body right above Gabriel to blast its attacker.

Gabriel's upper right wing was blasted through, and Escharum snarled with disgust before he had "Gnew" flung its tail to smash his target through a few more buildings. The humans looked on in horror as Gabriel bounced back near them, crying out in pain.

As the angel coughed out blood The" Gnew" flew above him as its pilot roared in triumph." You think I would pilot such a massive machine and not have counter measures for obvious weaknesses? Looks like you taken for granted being "superior" to mortals Gabriel Celeste…and you will burn for your hubris…you will all burn!"

Gabriel saw Zeta Halo was glowing more and more per second before he struggled to get back on his feet." No…not like this…it can't end like this! Ben…Lacus…they are depending on me to keep things together in their absence. Cosmos…she entrusted me to keep her dream alive. I won't let the likes of…GUH!"

T'Kuvma saw the angel was to fixated on Zeta Halo and shot Gabriel's knee before roaring out," Your dream is dead! Your time is OVER! Even God dubbed you Angels as failures…Cosmos was just the head of you lot, while the real God above her was as tired of your kind's posturing as the rest of us! Tsc, you really think your kind would ever get the reverence you thought you deserved?

Heaven is shattered, the universe is broken! And the future will be written not by false promises, but by the cry of the strongest! Escharum…Zeta Halo is charged! Get into position so we can end the blight that is the human race for good!"

The" Gnew started flying up to get in front of Zeta Halo before the bug like machine extended its wings and its pilot grit out," Yes…at last we will get what we deserve!"

As a massive sphere of energy formed in the ring like superweapon Gabriel saw his followers cry out in despair as Floch fell to his knees." No…its over…it really was all for nothing!"

T'Kuvma roared in triumph as he glared at the humans." If you only grasped the truth before the end things might have gone differently! But you're all learning the hard way who destiny really favored and the price is the purge of everything your kind has!"

The Klingon commander looked gleeful, till suddenly a new calm male voice cut in from the right with a calm," I can see how confident you are of your victory Klingon. But that being said…we seem have a misconception over who the true winner is."

Human, angel, and Klingon alike reacted in shock as a man casually walked up without anyone realizing he was already there. He was a man with short golden hair, and a lion's mare of a goatee. The new arrival was dressed in a black and white tuxedo, with a gold and platinum cape attached.

The new arrival looked unarmed, yet seemed so confident that T'Kuvma raised an eyebrow at the new male walking up to him, before he snorted in amusement." What is this now? If you're trying to make a deal human, it's far too late."

The interloper saw all the shocked expressions before he shrugged." You misunderstand, it's you who should be making a deal for your own good."

"Why should I, wait, that face?"

As the new man stepped into the light some of the humans eyed the face…before Floch gasped." Wait…that face…that looks like Ben Auro! The beard threw me off but its him! The savior was alive after all!"

T'Kuvma had a cold sweat break out before he stepped back." Ben Auro…alive? Impossible…your dead!"

The man in front of him merely sighed before he extended his hand." Your still mistaken, I have nothing to do with anyone named Ben Auro. You are permitted to call me Sieg "V-Day" Edel. I'm not being modest when I say describing who I am could take up all day but all that that I'm the one who wins."

Is Sieg really Ben Auro? Or is the universe about to deal with a horror that will make everything fits gone through in the Cosmic War and the Secret Wars feel like nothing compared to the true nightmare about to unfold? Find out next time as the Omega Cosmic War ingites on Dragon of the Cosmic Wars.

Ah...been a while since I did it like that...but anyway.

Authors Notes: SO…got more than a few things to go over to say the least, hopefully at least a few are excited to see this.

I'll just say…I quickly realized that ending Cosmic Wars EXE like I did was…not how I wanted to end things with the first story I written, I'm in the middle of waiting to hear from book agents for the book I'm trying to get published so figured now would be the best time to see this through.

I pushed even further in the future to make things different enough, and I'll just say now, despite how dark the opening is, despite the fact that the state of the world, and how the god damn pandemic has made so many things I was close to pulling off fall apart.

And so my mindset feels a lot like how was when Yoshiyuki Tomino wrote Zeta and Victory Gundam, and maybe even Space Runaway Ideon, and when Hideaki Anno wrote End of Evangelion, despite how many dark series are featured in this, while there are plenty of rough moments ahead, felt I just want to say this story's not just going to be about suffering and failure, more about how to rebound from the most grim and hopeless situation.

Well, I'll try my best not to alienate any more followers

But first off, the who's who before we go over why they are in there.

Auldrant is from Tales of Abyss…it's still my favorite Tales of Game, its world being treated like this was to show the grim state of things.

Homelander and Maeve are from The Boys…mostly the show on Amazon Prime but some stuff from the Comic version.

There will be more of an explanation on why he's even stronger than his" Cannon" version…I'll just say the increase in power has made him even more unhinged than his normal version.

Superian is the Superman like man from the Tick show on Amazon prime, Omniman is from the" Invincible" show and comic, Utopian is from the Netflix show Jupiter Legacy and the comic show, Sentry is the deranged Superman like figure from Marvel Comics, Hyperion is from DC comics.

Ao Fukai is from Eureka Seven: AO along with his ship.

Gamillas are from Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love

The Poseidal is from the Heavy Metal L-Gaim, a mecha series Yoshiyuki Tomino wrote in between the first Gundam and Zeta Gundam.

The cast of Megaman Legends is well…indeed from Megaman Legends…after all this time figured I'd make use of the cast not taking part in the previous instalments. 2B, 9S and the rest were from NieR: Automata, and the Goliath Reaverbot was inspired from the first boss of the game, since both the Reaverbots and the robots in NieR had a few things in common I decided to combine them.

I figured since the first area in Legends was rather non-descript, I would change it to the Deep Sea Research Base from Final Fantasy 8.

Sam and Fragile are from Death Stranding, along with a few things that are now the new rules in the universe.

Central Knot City is also the name New York City had in Death Stranding.

T'Kuvma is from Star Trek Discovery, and Escharum is from Halo Infinite, along with Zeta Halo itself.

The" Gnew" is inspired from the "Bug" Mecha, the final enemy in the Getter Robo Arc anime. Gnew is the word for Bug in Klingon so figured it would be more fitting for this. With the Klingons in Star Trek being one of the oldist sci fi villians, and Getter Robo being one of the first mecha anime, seemed like a fitting mix.

Gabriel Celesta was from the Star Ocean series.

The Bethel Kingdom is based off the one from Shin Megami Tensei V, with a few changes.

Nahobino also come from Shin Megami Tensei V, it is described to resemble neither human nor demon, but rather, it's like a god, and in this story the Nahobino are those like Homelander, Superian and others that became "Superman" or gods, though more details about that will be explained over time.

Michael Auro is an original creation, the son of Ben Auro, the only thing I'll say for now is that I see his hair as the same style as Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop.

Some of his personality is inspired from Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. I know that's not the most likely thing for a hero but it's not a total match so hopefully it will work out.

Pam is another original character; the character Pam was created by a friend of mine but this version is my own take aside from moves his version used in stuff, for now I'll say she was also partly inspired by the Revy from Black Lagoon.

And as for Seig...well more will be clear on that next chapter.

With that that should be the gist of it. I know there are more than a few questions, they will be answered in time, hope I made things interesting enough to stick around to see how things unfold.

And hopefully that's the gist of it for the moment. Ah well as always I'll be grateful for the reviews, and hopefully till next time.