Chapter 265: Those who Ignite the Flames of Rebellion.

While the support Mike, Astra, and the others had gotten was not public, it did not mean the actions of the last living member of the Auro family was not making waves across the people he championed.

The Celestial Being Grand Nuage had just exited hyperspace when the commanders of the stealth ship were informed that the forces that consisted of their best hope of salvation had reached planet Dahna.

Before they could react, there was a transmission request, and Megaman X had the transmission go through, before an elder bald man in a Bethel Kingdom uniform appeared. The man did not seem alarmed by the expressions he got and just chuckled." "Die-Hardman" with your mask I can never tell if the situation is good or bad."

The commander of the Bridges division snickered before uncrossing his own arms." That's because the situation has not really changed since I took up this mask Jean-Luc Picard. I'm shocked the burden of your own job has not caused you to kneel over by now."

"Heh, well I suppose that's mostly thanks to the synthetic "golem" body that's been letting me keep doing my duty over the past centuries. Still…even that can only handle so much so I hope there is at least some good news to keep are Queen happy."

X sighed before he walked up." Its honestly as good as we can hope for. Prince Michael was able to relink planet Endless Illusion with the Chiral Network, we confirmed he was able to reawaken the AI of Master Elrond and also find the machine he needs to travel across this Multiverse."

Picard paused before he crossed his arms." Well, that's good, if this can really help us find salvation from all that seek to destroy us."

"We have no choice but to have faith Picard, cause frankly it's all we got." The man in the mask responded." We just have to do what we can to give them the best odds of succeeding against the Renan forces. At least Billy Butcher has confirmed that one of the Renan lords wants to work with them."

Picard paused before frowning." You really sent Prince Auro into one of the worlds where the Poseidal clan like to conduct their most deprived games, and the only reinforcements you provided him was the" Butcher?" McClane, I know he and you were ones in a squad but that was before he became mad with hate and does not care how much damage he causes in his wake?"

The man in the mask sighed before he looked away." He may be a mad dog but even mad dog's remember when they own a favor. I know you don't like him Picard but frankly he's the best option we got, cause we still can't make an open move without are enemies deciding it's time to wipe us out. Or have the Vought clan, or the bastard with lord Auro's face and his crazy forces that wiped out the Time Patrol agents had a change of heart?"

Picard paused before he sighed." Commodore Fikes just reported we lost another million soldiers fighting off Omni-Man 's Viltrumite commando squadron before they withdrew, and that was with the Absolute Hypnosis barrier confusing them."

X winced as he looked at the report about the battle." And that was when they seem to just be testing the extent of what we can do. It sounds like they still just assume if they get to cocky Ben and Lacus will reappear.

They…they want to make sure that this Sieg is not Ben having a breakdown and want to make sure they can push without being eradicated incase Ben has become a vengeful mad god.

But…all it takes is Homelander, Thragg, or the others to stop being cautions and " Go for broke" and things will escalate to hellish levels real fast. That's why, I agree with Die-Hard man that keeping are enemies guessing is the best hopes we have of the Bethel Kingdom's survival."

Picard paused before he took a deep breath." And you met these allies from another universe? This…Multiverse Rebel Alliance is not just a con?"

"There ship and machines did not match anything in the universe, and frankly that's all we got. No one else can save us now, so if there really is someone outside this universe that can help us turn the tide, then we got to hope there is time to pull this off before this" Sieg" decides to be more…proactive.

There is still no sigh of that giant golden castle that appeared around Earth Prime right after Zeta Halo and the Klingon's were eradicated?"

Picard paused before he sighed." Seven of Nine and the others that have managed to get information out of "Nightcity" and it seems that the "New friends" Of Homelander went to take out others defying him before he implemented his Endgame.

It's not very clear, other than someone is clearly defying this "Infinite Conquest and Victory Corporation" in open rebellion."

"And since no one in this universe hear even knows him to properly rebel against him, thus logically it would mean there is some credit to this alliance of rebels across universes.

We just got to do whatever it takes to keep this fire from going out. If that means even confusing are own people so that they can't let our enemies know what we have planned, then that's a sin I can bare if I know it kept what so many died for going."

Picard saw the resolve of everyone in the ship before he gave a solemn nod." I feel horribly putting the majority of the burden on Prince Michael it's a life he made it clear he was trying to avoid. Still, I'm glad he's rising to the occasion, as much as one can be expected to under such circumstances."

Die-Hardman took a deep breath before he closed his eyes." To be clear he and everyone else in his current team don't stand a chance at stopping this Sieg, or the Nahobino, but if they are resourceful enough to outwit them long enough to get those who can from another universe…then maybe this can work."

Picard nodded before he looked behind him." In challenging times people either rise to the occasion, or crack under pressure. I suppose everyone suffers when the wrong person is given a duty that overwhelms them. We, we,"

Before he could say more a loud female voice cut in with," THERE you are Picard! It took me forever to find you!"

A woman in elegant green and white robes with curly hair with jewels on her fingers, neck and ears that all looked like crystal shards ran up. As she did Picard cleared his throat." P, Queen Rebecca, what's the matter?"

"You are silly! I need you to cut the ribbon so that we can begin! Only the master of ceremonies can do it! What are you doing here anyway?"

"Oh…just getting an update about the others on security my queen. After all don't want the party be spoiled eh?"

"Yah but let others do that Picard! A lot of people want to kick this off!"

"With all due respect my Queen, in light of everything don't you think we,"

"Hey, I know more than anything how much the Bethel Kingdom lost ok? But with Richard, Mikey, Lord Auro and Queen Raystar all dead, the Bethel Kingdom needs to feel good about something right?

You guys are in charge of fighting and all the war stuff, but as queen I'm making damn sure the people have something to make them forget about all the painful stuff. I, I made Richard forget the painful stuff so, as Queen that's what I'll do with everyone. But to do that I need you to help kick the party off! Besides I need you for the drinking contest!"

"You mean you made another new drink your highness?"

"Why? Things are so tight you can't try something that packs a punch?"

Picard eyed the others and sighed." No…I guess things are under control enough to…go through that. I was just cleaning up things here, right?"

X nodded before he looked around." Yah…things were just wrapping up here anyway. We, just might need to keep a look out in case things change?"

"Make it so." Picard blurted out tensely before he saluted the two. X and Die-Hardman saw Michael's sister-in-law drag Picard off before the hologram ended. When they were sure the transmission was over X sighed." Rebecca made it clear she never really thought she would become the leader of the Bethel Kingdom, but she's doing worst then I thought handling the pressure."

Die-Hardman grimly nodded." As long as the rest of the universe thinks she is to harmless to do anything it gives us some leeway, but it could be a problem if she becomes so desperate that she begs for mercy or something. Still, we have to do what we can, and hope everyone can keep it together.

Mike, it may be easier said than done, but with Master Elron's support I hope you can muster the resolve to get through this, for all our sakes. Well, for now let's see what Zero, Axl, and Shadow found out from Thaedus on Talescria about any sympathetic Viltrumites, we are going to need everything we can to get through this."

The two of the few defenders of justice gave solemn nods before going back to their work.

As they hoped for the best, those they pinned their hopes on were wondering if said hope had left them once again, for at the moment Mike blinked a bit and realized he was surrounded by enemies on all sides." Well…I'm guessing your all so racist that no matter the sells pitch not trying to kill us is a no sell eh?"

Balseph laughed with contempt as he smashed the ground with his ax hard enough to shake the ground." Dohalim…you're quite the cruel one hooking any foreigners to ignorant to know how things work on Rena! After all…only fools dare defy the order of predator and prey!"

As Mike rolled his eyes Astra snickered." Or maybe we are just folks that are tired of jackasses cocky enough to think the "Lucky Lords" are entitled to the privilege of making everyone around them their damn slaves! You bright eyed assholes have gotten away with being spoiled for so long I can't wait to equalize the hell out of yah!"

"Big talk for a foreign whore who has no idea who she's mouthing off to!"

"Think that ax is big enough to smash away your problems baldly? Sounds like someone's seriously overcompensating for something. I guess the only way to find out is to see how hard you're, huh?"

While the blond woman prepared to charge at the Lord, before she could she saw a flash of light, and looked up to see that the Mobile Fortress Gradia, just at it fired a red laser at her.

Astra swore before she had her aura flare up, and fly at the energy blast.

While she was pushed back a few feet, she yelled before smashing the energy blast into the sky. As it exploded in the air, Almeidrea looked at the Equalizer before she looked amused." My…it seemed Dohalim did not just pick random help. But that's find…the more powerful the targets…the greater the rewards for accruing such alluring trophies. Securing you all…will without a doubt grant me the!

Silvercoat Ethel…time for you and the rest of the squad to do your duty and ensure such inferior beings don't get away with such defiance! It's time for the Keves squadron to prove their worth."

The lord of heard a stern woman respond with," As you wish my lady." Before a giant mech on wheels rolled up to the right of the city, with dozens of other mobile suit like mecha and a handful of green warships called the Sarge Opus warships flew up.

On the giant machine was a woman with long sliver hair, in a sliver and blue military outfit and welding two lightsaber like blades.

This Ethel glanced at Mike's group and narrowed her eyes." It seems the traitor managed to recruit some noteworthy mercenaries. Still…for the glory of the Posada clan all of you will be crushed by the wrath of my Ferronis! Hans, Baan, Gavlet, cover me."

Mike saw the Ferronis mecha transform into a machine that towered over them before he let out an uneasy chuckle." Man…would love a day when the surprise is less to worry about and not more."

"Oh, quit moaning." Astra spat out." Not like we don't have our own mechs right? Besides…if they are being a pain the only thing to do about it is kick there ass out of the way!"

Alphen saw the lords around him look at him smugly before he grasped his blazing sword tightly." The uncouth woman is right! No matter what tricks these lords' resort to…they won't be able to deny us are freedom any longer!"

Balseph glared at Alphen and hunched over like a bull ready to charge." Iron Mask…you're going to pay for the scar you gave me, with interest! But, this stunt for " peace" is impressive, it's the most noise you Dahna rats have made in a while! But that's good, you brought what we need to win right into our hands!"

Shionne saw the bald man's gleeful eyes and grasped her rifle tightly." You really think we are going to hand anything over to you?"

"Ahahahah! I'm taking everything that belongs to me back no matter what you say! A common thief really thinks she can swindle a bunch of fools to usurp me? Don't make me laugh!"

"You can keep your tacky crown!" The pink haired woman retorted bitterly before Alphen nodded." All we care about is being free from your control!"

"Spare me you're weeping you damn slave! I'll crush you with your own mask!"

"Don't think you can just bark and we will cower!"

"Oh I'll do more than bark maggot!"

Calaglia's Lord had his eyes glow with fire before he jumped up and slammed the ground with his ax. The blow caused a tremor that caused Mike and a few of the others to get knocked off their feet, but as fire, if not raw magma itself started to gush out of the ground Alphen grit his teeth and charged at his attacker.

As he did the Blazing Sword in his hands shimmered with power before he cried out," You're not the only one who can command flames monster! Infernal Torrent!"

Alphen swung at the incoming fire, and absorbed the flames to make his own blade grow to three times the length as he charged for Balseph.

While his target looked caught off guard, just as Alphen looked hopeful, a bolt of lightning roared down from the sky. Alphen reacted fast enough to intercept the bolt of lightning with his sword, and saw the spell came from Ganabelt.

The thinner lord looked at Alphen with raw contempt." Heh, you talk big but you're forgetting that your dealing with those who can master far more than the likes of such rabble can handle!"

Astra snorted before she cracked her neck." Oh yah? There's only so many of you " Lords" asshole!"

The blond woman hunched over and burst at the thinner lord. As she appeared above Ganabelt she grinned at his shock, and slammed her sword down. While she was fully prepared to slash him in half, to her shock his body flickered, before he suddenly split into a dozen copies of himself.

Ganabelt, and all of the copies of himself that suddenly were around the area smirked, before they all hissed out," In this contest where there can only be one winner, I trust no one. That's why I made sure I could reinforce myself so I did not have to count on anyone else!"

Astra snickered as she cracked her neck." You think this is a problem for me pencil neck? It just means I can make you squeal longer! I have a move just for trolls who spam clones like yah! After all us, huh? Hey don't be a buzz kill tin can!"

While Astra was about to unleash a spell, she saw some of the mobile suits fire at her from above and swore before deflecting the energy blast. Before she could fire suddenly the ground below her ripped apart as the Lambda Ferronis burst out and instantly opened fire.

As Ethel and the others barraged the blond woman to keep her too busy to counterattack Ganabelt, the lord, and his clones all had four crystals fly around him before magical symbols formed around all of them." You lot are a unique bunch for sure, but none of you can match the cunning of one of the Renan lords! Its time you, huh?"

The ruler of Cyslodia prepared to attack Astra with her back turn, but before he had the chance he heard a yell, and saw part of the platform that was just used to attempt to hang Almeidrea fly to him. As some of the clones got crushed a male voice snickered." Don't act so smug you bastard, you're going to be dragged down from your damn thrones, no matter what!"

Ganabelt saw the attack came from Zephyr, who despite being wounded was still forcing himself to go on the offensive vie sheer willpower. The lord saw the resistance leader looking at him with pure hate before he sighed." Zephyr…rebelling against even death now are we? You think you can push your luck?"

Zephyr grasped his fist tightly before hissing out," I may not be able to escape death…but I'm making sure you lords are taking the same trip I am!"

"Tsc…don't you think you caused enough damage cause of your insistence on rebelling against destiny? Look at what it did to your fellow leaders, and to your own family?"

Zephyr saw Law looking conflicted in the distance before he grit his teeth." That's because of all of you lord's damn games! Dedyme and the others only got consumed with hate because you drove them to it! You will pay for it, all of it! I'll pound my fury into you! Exquisite…Thunder Punch!"

The man with the goatee had lighting crackle around him, before in a flash he punched through one of the Ganabelt's like the clap of thunder. While he only shattered a clone, the rest of the copies snickered in unison." Oh…that's not a half bad mystic art, for Danann trash. Alas, your primitive but strong blow is not enough too undue one who, huh?"

Zephyr yelled before he swerved around and smashed through another line. As he zig zagged through the clones of his opponent he snarled out," I'm not stopping for anything till I end you!"

"Nothing you say?"

Ganabelt hissed out with glee as Zephyr kept charging like a lightning bolt, but as the rebel leader shattered another clone, he saw that behind him was his own son Law. Zephyr slowed down his charge to avoid hitting his son, and this delay caused Ganabelt to have his clone blast Zephyr in the back, before the real one stabbed him in the heart.

Ganabelt saw his target's shock before he licked his lips." Rebel scum…your weakness will chain you down to the grave. Well, I'll enjoy seeing your soul squirm in the reaper games you brazen worm!"

Ganabelt threw Zephier to the ground like he was trash, and Alphen saw his comrade fall near him after dodging another wave of fire, and paled up in an instant." Zephyr!"

Shionne winced, shot another shoulder before running over. Before she could reach him, another pack of hound like monsters dove at her. As Rinwell unleashed a barrage of ice magic Zephier coughed up blood." I…I was so caught up struggle to survive in this world, that I ended up neglecting my own family. I lost so many good friend, my wife, and all but lost my son. No matter how hard I'll fight, I'll never be able to fix those mistakes, not a single one."

Ganabelt snickered before hissing out," Sounds like the greatest mistake of your life was never learning to stay down when you're beaten. But now this entire planet will have to learn the hard way."

"A good man…told me that if I took up this fight I'd have to pay any price. After all…the very people and things I was fighting to protect the most, were payment. I don't regret keeping up the fight for a second.

But still, not a single day goes by when I think about what I have lost. Not telling others how much they truly meant to me before it was too late. That…is the greatest mistake of my life."

Zephyr saw Law was looking at him and raised his hand in his direction." Do yourselves a favor and never become like me! Don't continue to make the same mistakes till it's too late to fix them! That…that's the only way this world, this universe will ever stop being so damn broken. Ask yourselves what you could not bear to lose, what you might do to protect them with all you're might. Then hold on and never let go."

"That's enough scum."

Ganabelt uttered before he and all of his copies glowed. Lighting crackled around them all before they declared," Defying us only leads to doom!"

Rachet ran up before he took out one of his many guns, a glove with a red, bulkier glove with silver fingers, which held the central green circle. Just as Ganabelt noticed him the Lombax smirked." Your all doom and gloom pal, so let's see how high and mighty you are when the Glove of Doom is locked on to yah!"

The humanoid yellow cat dispersed Doom Eggs that hit in the air that broke out into " Agents of Doom" that were all short robots with a large circular head, blue eyes with the left eye larger than the other, and sharp teeth. Ganabelt raised an eyebrow before the Agents of Doom all laughed, and dove at him. While a few were blasted, they self-destructed and exploded with enough force to cause Ganabelt to raise a magic barrier.

With Ganabelt distracted Zephyr glanced at his son once more. "Law…listen to that voice inside you, so that no wall can hold you back! The same goes to the ones the Lords forced you all to build over your own hearts. The…the struggle is in all of your hands now. Law…listen…I always…GUH!"

Zephyr coughed up blood just as Law ran up to him. Mike saw the older rebel was dead before he winced." Damn it…these guys are way too casual about how they treat life."

Law saw his father was dead and grasped his fist tightly." This…can't be! No, it can't, we never, I didn't…and now he's gone."

Ganabelt laughed as he kept his barrier up as the "Agents of Doom." bombarded him." You were supposed to be on my side dog, what did you think was going to happen? Are you going to go down with the ship or serve your master and get rewarded."

Law looked around before his fists shimmered with energy." You think I'm going to trust you after all that you did? Never again…I won't swallow my pride trusting such monsters ever again!"

"A shame…and here I thought I'd fool you till the very end! No matter…no matter how many foreigners you try and amass, you can't change your fate!"

"I'm going to punch your smug face in for what you did to my father!"

Ganabelt was about to say something, till Megaman and 9S also fired at him. Almeidrea saw Law and Alphen both try and take down the lords in front of them, and saw Astra get annoyed as Ethel and the others of the kept her to pinned down to counter attack before she flicked her hair back." Oh…it's so amusing seeing these vermin think their anger in fact means something. That's why it's so enjoyable making them realize how worthless all of their emotions really are!"

The female lord raised her staff, but before she could cast a spell, she saw Dohalim run up to her." That's enough Almeidrea! Even if it's needed to defeat one's threat's, how can you smile while causing so many to suffer?"

"The fact that you even ask such nonsense proves you were never going to last, the likes of you don't deserve power! This is the way of those who possess great power! The way that Renas live by!

Those with power set the example, and those without it are forced to obey. You forgotten that's how things are supposed to work, but it did allow us to make this Crown Contest a tad more…entertaining."

Kisara glared at the woman before hissing out." You think that justifies your actions? You turned all those people, including my brother into a hollow sea!"

"What foolishness…it's only natural that the fate of a slave differs from there owners. Ultimately, it was their own burning hatred that laid them to waste. To say it was all my fault is simply laying blame at the wrong feet."

Kisara glared at the woman on the dragon before declaring," You think people would ever just resign themselves to being treated as disposable cattle?"

"Yes! Worms just squirm before the birds devour them…and across the past few centuries even the most foolish should know that the "Mandate of heaven" was exposed for the lie it was, and that the rules of nature dominate all!

To think you would really try and "change" the world without even knowing how things work! Its such foolishness…that's why the inferior beings of this world have been enslaved for over three hundred years!"

"Those who you call inferior beings are my friends, I won't let you dishonor them so."

"Honor? A traitor who's fallen so far does not even deserve the title of "Lord". If your so sad about the loss of a few "allies" to get power…then I'll let you join them after you're a meal for my pet!"

Almeria had her dragon swoop down to try and devour the other lord whole. But while Kisara braced herself, the Lord of Elde Menencia grasped his rod tightly before muttering." Enough. You defied the very fabric of decency enough! Seismic Rupture!"

The red-haired man slammed the ground in front of him with his staff, before the ground around him slammed up to punch the dragon in the jaw. Dohalim saw the dragon's tooth go flying, and as Almeria looked shocked, he pointed his weapon at her." If you will only listen to force, then I will show you how hard my resolve is!"

Almeria stabilized herself before she giggled darkly." You really think a peace-loving twit like you can overcome me? I'll outwit you easier than I did my own brothers!"

At her command the Mesmald Dragon roared before unleashing a green energy blast form its mouth. Kisara ran up before crying out," Underestimate are resolve and you will pay witch!" Her shield glowed and unleashed a blue barrier, that to her opponent's shock was powerful enough to diffuse the blast.

As Almeria swore, Dohalim jumped up." You, Balseph, Ganabelt, Vholran Igniseri, you all just respond to every obstacle with evermore cruelty, and its why it's been an endless cycle of suffering! But I'll do whatever I can to break the cycle! Demon Lance!"

The red-haired man had his mana surged before he hurled a lance of black and purple energy at the female lord. Almeria had her eye twitch before her aura surged." Don't make me laugh! Bloody Howling!"

Her staff glowed before a twister of dark energy howled out to shred the Demon Lance. A green barrier formed around her before she glared at those below her." You can not break the cycle of life Dohalim. Even the" Last Emperor" with all of heaven's light crumbled to the ruthless whims of reality, the likes of you sure as hell can't change a damn thing!"

Dohalim saw Mike, Alphen, Law, Astra, and the others all fighting with all they had before he grit his teeth." I heard the stories, but I refuse to just submit to this logic. I'll try and make a better world to the bitter end!"

"Then I'll speed that along then, cause I waited too long to get what I deserve to let you deny me that! None of you can deny me what I deserve!"

Almeria had various magic spells break out to attack. As she did, Mike dodged a green energy blast, and looked at the direction of where it came from, till he heard a battle cry and saw Balseph swing his ax again before the bald man caused pillars of magma to fly out.

Mike saw the raw hate in the Lord of Orbus Calaglia's eyes before he swallowed. They are wrong…my folks dreams are not dead yet…Sieg and these smucks are not going to get the last laugh. Still, this bozo sure is a hot head. Much as would love to have his own ax fall on him think I would melt before I could make it weigh enough to trip him up. Still…just got to think more outside the box.

Balseph saw Alphen, Mike, Crash, and the others giving him angry looks before he laughed loudly." You think you can swarm me like the rats you are? Quality will overcome quantity you damn slaves! All you can do is run and sting like the meddling maggots you are"

Alphen inched forward before he sighed." We are not running anymore…we are staking are claim to live how we want! Infernal Torrent!"

Balseph saw Alphen was charging at him head on, and swung his ax right at the man with half an iron mask over his face. Alphen was knocked back but held his ground, which just made Balseph madder before the fiery lord's eyes had sparks break out and he pushed his ax closer to his opponent's neck." The more you bark about getting what you don't deserve vermin, the more painful I'm going to make your death be! At this point your pink haired whore is going to be my toy before your, GUH!"

At that moment Shionne blasted Balseph in the chest with her rifle, and as the murderous man glared at her she narrowed her eyes." I'm not your toy you scum…and you're going to pay thinking you could do that to me! Get ready Alphen!"

Grimoire Weiss and 2B fired attacks to knock Balseph back further. At the same time Shionne had her eyes glow before she fired a beam of white energy at Alphen. The banner of the planet's rebellion jumped up and caught the energy sphere in his sword before his eyes glowed." Flaming Swing!"

In an instant Alphen's eyes glowed before the flames around his blade tripled in size. Before Balseph could even curse him the freedom fighter slashed him across the chest. Alphen saw the man that took so much for him was staggered before he grasped his blade tightly." At last…no one else will suffer because of you!"

While Alphen tried to finish things, Balseph blocked the sword thrust with his ax before he glared at his attacker." Keep dreaming slave, the rules of nature, and myself…don't break to the whims of fools! You think your power is enough to free yourselves? Scum…suffer at the hands of true power!"

Balseph stomped the ground, and caused pillars of fire to erupt all over. Alphen got struck, but just winced as he pressed on his charge. Balseph noticed Alphen did not look hurt at all before he snickered." So, it's true…you really don't feel pain eh? Well that's no fun, I'll have to torment the others to make up for it!"

Mike saw that Balseph was causing pillars of fire to erupt with each step before he winced." This guy's a class act on being a jackass alright. Still, can't get near him without going all melty, and I can't reflect his projectiles long as he does not use pure energy. Damn it…still feel so damn useless."

"Don't let the pressure get to you Mike." James replied from his pocket. Mike glanced at the Holocron of his father's best friend in his pocket before James followed up with," If need be I can come out and cast a spell or two that might cool him down."

Mike saw the battle ships in the sky before he tugged his collar." Thanks, but no point winning the battle to lose the war right? Though, guess it does not matter if we die to these lords of brutality and all that. Well, for now, any advice on cooling down hot heads?"

"Well, if you can't amass enough magical energy to directly cool off his heat-based magic, there are other ways to cut it off, like cutting off the air and what not."

Mike saw the madness in the bald man's eyes before he paused." Alright, I think I got an idea. Will have to mix it up a bit but…should work. No…I'll make it work!"

The curly haired man ran to the side just as Balseph batted away a few projectiles. He saw Alphen glaring at him before he turned beet red. "You wrench's won't beat me no matter what! It does not matter if you can't feel pain, you burn to ash if you can feel it or not! Burn….burn burn burn burn BURN TO THE GROUND! Pyroclasm!"

Balseph had fire erupt around him, before he spun ax his around, and become a cyclone of magma.

The magical construct seemed to swallow up everything that was thrown at it, and as it got closer to its targets the Lord roared with mad hate." Yes…BURN MAGGOTS! All your defiance will do is be firewood for are glory!"

Mike grasped his fist tightly before he yelled out," That's only if you can keep the fire going without passing out baldly! Friction Tax Bubble!"

The lanky haired man had his aura flare up before a bubble of magical energy formed in his right foot. He then kicked it at the charging fire tornado. After a few moments, it swerved and fell to the ground in front of the tornado.

The tyrant of Orbus Calaglia laughed as he kept his assault going." You vermin as so craven from your approaching doom that you can't even land your last moves right! Squirm like the maggots you, GUH!"

Balseph 's attack slowed as he suddenly had trouble breathing. While his attack still went through it was slowing down as Balseph gasped for air." What…impossible…no attack landed on me!"

Yah but you stepped on it genius." Mike quipped back." Guess even a blowhard like you can run out of gas if the area around you seeps the moisture out of your flames, and your lungs."

Balseph had his eye twitch before he glared at Mike." Runt…dare mock me!? I"LL BREAK AND BURN YOU AT ONCE!"

Shionne had her eyes glow before she cried out," Enough, its time to finish this!"

The pink haired woman had her eyes glow before she took out the bullets for her energy rifle and had them glow before she put them in her Gun-barrel all at once before crying out," Consuming Wildfire!"

Shionne unleashed her Mystic Art in the form of a massive blue energy blast that headed right into the tornado. As he was struggling to breath, the Consuming Wildfire blast hit Balseph and blasted him into the air. As he was hit, Alphen ran up as his own aura surged." Its over Balseph! Scarlet Outburst!"

Balseph saw Alphen coming at him with his own mystic art before he howled out," No…all of this is nothing to me! I'll still crush you slave!"

Despite being blasted into the castle, Balseph burst at his target and spun around his ax to become a tornado. As he did Crash charged at him with his own Tornado Spin. Balseph noticed the charging Bandicoot just as he was hit in the head.

The blow caused the tyrant to have his momentum change, and Alphen wasted no time slashing right through Balseph, and hitting him hard enough to cause a x shaped cross of fire and magic to flare up. Balseph felt pain blaze across his entire body before he roared with outrage.

As he fell to the ground he saw Shionne glare at him before he coughed up blood." But…why? Do you not possess the blood of a Renan? Why would you turn against your own kind? It's always been the way Renan for the strong to survive! And yet you allied yourself with the filthy Renan! Damn traitor whore! Tell me why! Why bring ruin and devastation to your own kind? Snakes like you should die!"

Shionne glared at the man in front of her before spitting out," Erwolsey Teldilys, I have nothing but disgust for your laws, so why should I not burn it down? Here's what I think of your opinion!"

The pink haired woman saw the lord weakly try and raise his ax, till she shot at it, knocking it right into his chest. As he was blasted into the wall and cried out in pain Shionne casually reloaded her rifle." I don't care what I'm supposed to be, I'll fight with whatever can make me happy, and take down whoever tries to control me! All of you lords will see you can't chain are happiness down any longer!"

As Balseph learned the hard way just how much those around him wanted to be free from there rule, the other lords were being taught the same lesson.

As the same time as Mike's group figured out how to outwit Balseph Ganabelt was seeing his confidence was not as justified as he thought.

While he was amused that Law tried to punch him no matter what spell he threw, his enjoyment turned more and more to annoyance as Megaman, Kaine, Rachet, and 2B all cut through his clones and neutralized his spells.

He saw the foreigners did not even look stressed before he hissed out," You vermin will pay for not treating your superiors with the respect they deserve! I am just warming up to not hit my own men. But if you force my hand I'll show you just how I, huh?"

He saw Kaine was above him, before the agent of the Bethel Kingdom spat out," Oh please…I chewed out blowhards like you before breakfast, I just am trying to be nice and not kill anyone in the crossfire here! You may be use to killing prisoners who can't fight back but you barked up the wrong tree asshole!"

"Enough! I, Lord Ganabelt Valkryis won't tolerate insolence from tactless dogs! You think I lasted this long being soft!? I'll show you the depths of my wrath! Drink deep in despair! I…who am united with the abyss…will not falter to such rabble! While the depths of despair consume thee…I, who commands the astral plane…while thou art cursed to expire into nothing…I…who stand bathed in heavenly light…while those cowers before the gates of hell…"

'" SHUT UP!" Law roared out as he saw all of the copies of the lords glow." You can rant till you run out of air but it still does not mean a damn thing!"

Kaine saw all of her targets glowing and crackling with lighting before she winced." Hey, he may be a blowhard but it does mean something dumbass! That's not ranting, he's chanting a spell, a big one!"

Rachet grimaced before he glanced at Clank." Well, if any one of them can be the real one then no time to conserve ammo eh bud? Its RYNO time!"

The Lombax took out his most powerful gun and fired a storm of projectiles as music blared up. Even as explosions erupted all over Ganabelt roared out, " It's useless, base weapons cannot break my resolve!"

Rachet smirked before he shrugged." Maybe, but it can help pin down the source of your nagging! Got him homed in?"

"Yes Rachet." The robot replied." The source of the energy is from the upper left."

"On it!" Megaman cried out before the digger fired right where Clank pointed and fired his Shine Laser. Ganabelt, presumably, the real one saw the massive green laser head for him before he winced." No…it's too late for your base tricks to work! The end is neigh! Return to nothing insignificant worms! Indignation!

Ganabelt unleashed a massive lightning bolt at his targets. While it was fired before it was fully charged it still pushed the Shine Laser back quickly. Ganabelt saw everyone look tense and laughed madly." It's useless worms! You can't deny divine judgment!"

Kaine winced before spitting back," Oh shove it, it's a powerful spell but it's not invincible!"

"Indeed." 2B uttered as she ran up." So many strong things still have a shatter point, like this! Now pod!"

Her floating android aid nodded before firing a barrage of bullets. It only caused the Indignation spell to flicker, but it gave 2B enough time to slam the ground, and cause a lance of red energy to erupt to spike the Indignation bolt.

Kaine saw this and grasped her saw blades tensely. "About high time that smug tongue of yours fries jackass!"

The YoRha agent smashed the bent bolt, and caused it to fracture, smashing part of it right back at the one who sent it. The backlash was so powerful that Ganabelt's barrier was shattered, before the ruler of Cyslodia was blasted hard into the wall, so hard that the metal structure dented. Ganabelt coughed up blood before hissing out," Impossible…how…how can mere vermin do this to me!?"

Law grasped his fist tightly before crying out," Still have not learned your lesson!?"

The man who killed his father saw everyone around him was giving hostile looks before his eye twitched." No…not yet!"

The lord had his eyes glow, before his own soldiers around him yelled in pain, and their aura's went into him. He laughed as sparks crackled around his eyes." For the sake of Lenegis and my fellow brethren on Dahna, I will never,"

"I heard enough!" Law cried out." Just shut your stupid mouth and die Ganabelt!"

Law cried at the top of his lungs before electricity crackled around his fists. In the blink of a eye the younger man was in front of the lord, before he punched Ganabelt in the gut. As teeth went flying Law just looked more hellbent as he cried out." This is for you father! Lighting reflexes…Thundery…Tenebros…Claw!"

Law punched like he was a living lightning bolt, and hit Ganabelt so hard he only had time to widen his eyes, before he was hit all the way into one of the mobile suits above. Everyone could see him mouth a scream one last time before he exploded. After seeing the saber that killed his father fall to the ground and shatter, Law widened his eyes and looked at his fists." Father…I did it. I."

Explosions broke out all around the area before Rachet winced." Hey man take it from me, don't get so hung up in trying to do what your old man might have wanted that you go join him!"

Law looked around before he grasped his fist tightly." Right, still got to free this world so dad did not die for nothing."

As Law and those around him tried to get an idea on what the best choice of action was, at the same time the others were also bypassing their attacker's cruelty to see their desires through.

Despite looking frailer than her male counterparts, Almeria made it clear she was more vicious than anyone around her. Seeing her fellow lord's defiance just made Almeria lash out harder.

As she saw Dohalim, Kisara, and Rinwell were countering her dragon's attacks she just giggled darkly." Don't think you outwitted me scum, my game is just getting started!"

The mage who lost her family because of her just glared at her attacker." No…all your games are being put on ice for good! Freeze Lancer!"

Almeria saw the spear shaped ice magic shooting for her and looked amused." Foolish slave, that's the best you can think of!?"

With a wave of her hand a green sphere of energy formed around her, and the Freeze Lancer spell melted upon impact. The woman on the dragon eyed the younger mage and snorted with disgust." Your parents must be so disappointed in you girl, the last of the tribe is such a pathetic failure! Time to blow away such trash forever!"

Rinwell saw the woman who had her parents killed was glowing with power, before she grasped her fist tightly." I won't allow it…I won't allow you to trash talk my parents in front of me like that! I'll never forgive you!"

The last of the Dahnan Mages opened her book, and to her opponent's shock, the aura she was pouring into her spell flowed into Rinwell. Just as Almeria realized what happened Rinwell yelled out," I'll take you down!"

Rinwell showed off the extent of her power, and unleashed all the energy she absorbed from Almeria's magic, and released it in the form of a green energy blast in the shape of a tornado that was powerful enough to break the lord's barrier.

Almeria regained her footing before she glared at the young mage." You can steal magic energy from those around you? I suppose there had to be some reason you lingered this long. How befitting of a parasite such as yourself. Bah, but that trick can only work so many times parasite!"

"I have plenty more that will finish the job!" Rinwell cried out. Almeria dusted off her attire before she narrowed her eyes." Oh, I have plenty of tricks to girl. The problem is you will be dead before you realize what they are!"

Rinwell braced herself as she saw her parents' killer raise her arm. But suddenly Tanjiro cried out," Don't think we are going to be such easy prey! Seventh Form: Drop Ripple Thrust!"

The Demon Slayer confused everyone as he seemed to randomly stab the pile of rubble behind Rinwell and the others. However just as they questioned his sanity they heard a hissing sound, and saw a large chameleon like lizard suddenly appear, with his shoulder stabbed by the native from Endless Illusion.

Almeria had her jaw drop before muttering," What? No… the Venoflage is supposed to be impossible to be detect, even from a machine's sensors!"

Tanjiro grinned as he evaded the rageful monster's claw lashes." Maybe people hear are caught off guard but, I had to sense demons for all my life, and even if it hid its sight I could smell it! You're not getting us that easy lady!"

Almeria had her eye twitch before her eyes glowed." You think you can make a fool out of me boy? The winds of judgment will blow you away! My magic is without peer! Chaotic Disaster!"

The wicked woman had her aura explode before she had twisters form around her. Dohalim saw even her own troops were being sucked up before he winced." So that's the ace up her sleeve? She will rip apart her own soldiers to tear us apart?"

"So what?" Rinwell spat back." Your Astral Arts are not so special, and now they are mine!"

"Damn cur…before this is done I'll have you be crushed under the heel of your superior!"

"I was about to say just such a thing you vile woman." Grimoire Weiss uttered as he flew above the enemy mage." I tire of a haughty amateur making mages look bad "Lord" of tirades. Lad, get ready to strike! Dark Gluttony!"

The floating book glowed and let out a short impulse in the form of four barriers around him that instantly sucked up the twisters. After a few more seconds of absorbing the magic energy he released a massive red energy orb at his target. As Almeria tried to redirect it Rinwell had energy surge around her book." I'll take it from here!"

As she threw a green energy sphere that quickly became a tornado that kept Almeria and her dragon servant immobilized she formed a yellow energy sphere in her hand." Let's see how you handle this…Beatific Deus Roar!"

The young mage unleashed her own Mystic Art and threw the yellow orb into the tornado, before creating a barrage of explosions of lighting. Almeria grit her teeth as she saw her dragon roar in pain." No…no matter how you try and mix your magic, you still don't have the might to match me!"

She commanded her dragon to charge at Rinwell and eat her, using her magic to force him to move despite his pain. While the charge was sudden, Kisara shocked her foe by blocking the dragon's charge with her shield.

As Almeria staggered the woman in knight armor glared at her." No matter how viciously you lash out, you're not getting away with killing my brother! I'll take you all on if that's what it takes to avenge him! Flare Demolisher!"

She suddenly had the energy around her shield triple till she slammed it into the dragon's chest, and then slammed it with her mace to unleash an impact that was powerful enough to cause an explosion.

As Almeria was knocked into the air, she was shocked to see Dohalim was already above her. Her fellow Lord looked grim as his eyes glowed." No matter how foolish I may seem to you and the other lords, I'll do whatever it takes to see my vision through! And in the meanwhile, time to drag you down to earth to make you face up to the cost of your genocidal ambitions! Behold! The earth's pulse…Tectonic Fission!"

The dragon roared and tried to unleash a blast, but Dohalim shocked his fellow lord by striking the ground, only to have dozens of stalagmites erupt and pin her and her dragon from all sides, as one went right into its mouth.

In an instant they all turned to giant icicles, that also froze her, before Dohalim slammed down his staff once more and caused the ice constructs to glow, before exploding. The explosion vaporized the dragon, and caused Almeria to scream in pain.

Everyone tensed up for a few moments, but it soon became clear that their vile enemy had at last run out of tricks. Almeria had landed on the ground in one piece, but she was coughing up blood and the attack left her bloody and bruised all over.

As she staggered up more of her burnt outfit flaked off her, and she almost looked oblivious to reality." You…you will pay for that…everything you do just makes your deaths all the more painful!"

Rinwell grasped her book tightly before looking at the burnt woman with pure hate." At least see the truth in your last moments witch! Your magic's not as great as you thought! I'm going to,"

Before she could reply Kisara ran up and shouted," Watch out!" Before she prevented Rinwell from being blasted by an energy blast from above. Both ladies looked up to see even more mobile suits were flying in before Almeria let out another mad burst of laughter." You thought you could overthrow your masters so easily? The armies of one of the major powers in the universe does not run out of troops so easily! Kelzalik…they killed Balseph and Ganabelt, just bombard the entire area to dust! I'm the only thing that matters here…so it's time to show their rebel scum just how outclassed they are!"

It looked like the swarm of mecha was about to rain projectiles of death all over the area, till suddenly a barrage of projectiles flew around the Mobile Fortress Gradia and blew apart a good chunk of the attackers in moments.

While Rinwell and the other locals did not know the new machines that had arrived Mike saw that the assistance came from the Cybuster and the other units of the SRX team, plus Van in Dann, before he chuckled." Well…when the chips are down no point hiding your ace in the hole."

Masaki evaded a few missiles before having the Cybuster transform into its bird like state and swerving around a few blasts before he smirked." Heh, the Poseidal grunts may have a few different kinds of mecha in this universe but they still seem to be trained to be total tools, so they are sure as hell going down like grunts! Just try and tag me!"

Ethel was one of the many who were shocked to see so many different looking machines shooting down her forces before she tensed up." What…what corner of the universe are these foreigners from?"

"Heh…really matter right about now?" Astra spat back as she slashed through the arm of the Lambda Ferronis." All that matters is guys and gals with guts and the tools to kick your ass are putting your "Lords" in their place! You better hope the time being a leashed dog was worth it!"

As Ethel winced and tried to command her forces to regroup, her " Boss" was in a an more stressed out state as Almeria saw the SRX's units were easily breaking through the Mobile Fortress Gradia's shields before her eye twitched." What…what is this? Where could such power have come from?"

"What you thought you controlled everything?" Rinwell yelled out with raw hate as her eyes glowed." No…your wrong…its time you realize how wrong you are…with your life!"

Rinwell amassed energy in her hands, but before she could cast a spell Law suddenly ran up to her and yelled out," NO! You can't kill her!"

The mage saw the martial artist get in her way before her eye twitched." Get the hell out of my way! How does this monster mean anything to you!?"

"Nothing! But if you kill her in cold blood your heart will be tainted with darkness and you will be a monster like her!"

"Don't dare lecture me you hypocrite! You just caused the man who killed your father to blow up!"

"Yah but you know…it was in the battle and all. Besides you looking like a angry murderer makes you look funny."

"DON'T TELL ME WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO GET THEIR REVENGE!" The mage cried out with rage., which caused Law to flinch." No, it's not like that! Look killing Ganabelt did not make me feel better after the moment you know? It's not worth tainting your, GUH!"

The former Renan soldier was hit in the back of the head, and as everyone turned around they were shocked to see Astra was the one that threw a rock.

The blond woman came back after Ethel had to regroup her forces, and the Equalizer looked at everyone with cold detachment as she spat on the ground." Who are you to judge what taints someone asshole? All those privileged jackasses who think they have the right to say what's morally superior just are lucky someone else had to suffer so they could feel good.

There's nothing more to say who's tainted girl, for some all life is about is that one sweet memory remembering how you were the one who came out on top. If that's what matters most to you…the who the hell has the right to judge you? After all, in the end this is all cause you want revenge on those who been making your life suck? That's all there is, who is on top, and who ends up on the bottom. Just make sure you have the guts to see it through!"

Alphen walked up with an uneasy look." It's true the Lords need to face their justice, but Rinwell…if we succumb to their level how will we ever build a better world?"

Astra snorted before she flicked the blood out of her face." Hey, I'm not pretending to be God and have all the answers. But from what I seen all there is in life is doing what yah can to not be on the bottom.

So, if that feeling of getting payback is the most important thing of all to yah then screw the" Moral superior" path and just do what makes yah happy, just figure out what that is cause we don't have all day!"

Rinwell saw everyone's various looks, before she grasped her fist tightly." I…I want to feel happy damn it! I, huh?"

Before she could make a decision everyone heard footsteps in the distance, and saw a cloaked figure was casually walking into the area. Mike looked at the sky tensely before letting out an uneasy chuckle." This planet's barriers are still working right? Last thing we need is for it to rain down Shades on us."

Alphen saw the cloaked man had a sheathed sword before he tensed up." Wait…I remember that man! When we were traveling between lands we were randomly attacked by a man in a hood just like that! Is…he one of the Lords's hired warriors?"

The hooded man paused before he sighed. "I thought this game was beneath me at first…but now you made such noise that I have to put my foot down and put such maggots in their place."

The new arrival threw off his hood to reveal a male face with yellow eyes and shoulder-long black hair with white tips. He wore a brown and black leather outfit with several belts around his waist. His look was completed with a dark blue cape and large dark blue feathers around his neck.

Almeida saw the man's cold eyes and winced as she stepped back." Oh…V…Lord Vholran? What brings you here? No, forgive me, please I forgotten myself. Please, allow me to make it up to you my lord. I, all of this is simply a mis, GUH!"

In the blink of an eye Vholran had appeared right in front of his fellow lord, and stabbed her in the heart. As everyone gasped in shock at how fast the new Lord's speed was, Vholran saw Almeida's shock and looked at her with pure disgust." pathetic snake. Does it hurt? It should. Rejoice, this pain is proof your alive. Enjoy it, while it lasts. Your game was far too predictable, but I'm in the mood to play my own game now."

Vholran grasped her tightly before her entire body froze solid. He took a moment to look at her before he ripped out a green orb from her gut, and then threw her to the side like trash, where her frozen body shattered into countless ice shards.

Dohalim saw how indifferent the last living lord aside from him looked and grasped his staff tightly." Vholran...I figured he would not just sit on the sidelines forever. Years ago…the lord of Ganath Haros met a sudden end. His successor, was the man before you."

Vholran glanced at the corpses of Balseph and Ganabelt and looked amused." Like a relentless lover…I come for more. I figured I'd let the fools tire each other out before I take my rightful place."

The lord of water snapped his hands, before spikes of ice burst out to impale his fellow lords, and have two more spheres come out of their bodies. As they floated around the man with the katana, he eyed Shionne hungrily." Its time you all know where you truly belong in the circle of life."

Alphen saw that Shionne flinched at the enemy sword-men's glaze before his own sword had fire blaze out." Stop right there!"

Before anyone could stop him "Iron Mask" slashed at Vholran, only for his slash to be parried with one hand. Vholran saw how shocked Alphen looked before his grin widened." Think you can cut me down? Your passion does not burn anywhere close enough!"

Ice seeped out of his blade, and froze the blazing sword. As Alphen looked on in shock, the ice started to take him over. The rebel cried out with rage, before his mask started to glow, then crack.

To everyone's shock the mask broke off Alphen's body, and the eye that was exposed had a glowing symbol on it. The shock-wave of power shattered the ice around the swordsmen, but while Vholran stepped back, he just looked amused." Oh…that's all you had hidden away? I expected more…from the one that was supposed to be the true Sovereign!"

Alphen could not respond, because his head suddenly throbbed with pain. Dozens of visions flashed across his head, and it did not take long for Alphen to realize those were memories of his.

As a woman that looked like Shionne but with blond hair flashed across his mind. The surge of memories caused him to scream out in pain. As Vholran looked amused, Shionne ran up to her comrade." Alphen what's wrong?"

Vholran saw Alphen stagger around before he snickered, and stabbed the man in front of him in the chest. The force of his blow knocked Alphen to the ground, and as Shionne yelled out, the most unhinged lord of them all grasped the pink haired woman by her right arm. Instantly her" Cursed" thorns caused bolts of black energy to seep into the man who grasped her, but to her shock Vholran just looked excited from the pain." Yes…your" Curse" just makes you an even more thrilling trophy."

Vholran raised his sword, but Alphen charged for him while Shionne broke away and yelled out," Alphen!"

"Shionne, I, GAH!"

The moment he touched her a volt of dark energy seeped into him with enough power to knock him back into the ground. Rinwell glanced at Alphen before her jaw dropped." The…thrones affected him? He could not feel pain before. But, with the mask gone, he really is a normal person now!"

Vholran saw the dismay both Shionne and Alphen had before he licked his blade." Guess without your senses being locked away your just another weak piece of trash after all eh? All the more proof that I'm the only one who is worthy!"

Astra saw how revved up Vholran looked before she rolled her eyes." Hey freak…you think pain gives yah a rush? Let's see how much of a good time you have after " dancing with me" for a minute! Oh hell I'll, huh?"

Astra was about to charge at the man with the katana, till she saw the ground around her get cold, and saw a large icicle burst up. While she easily shattered it, more erupted around the area to keep her and everyone else busy.

Vholran snickered as he saw everyone keep moving before his eyes glowed, and the same symbol that Alphen had in his exposed eye appear." Oh…you seem like a fine trophy yourself foreigner, but we will finish this on my terms.

Dohalim, you played an amusing game with this farce of equality between predators and prey, but now I'll show you all my game. Cower and hide if you want but you can't escape no matter where you run. Come and fine me if you have any hopes of being the one named" Sovereign."

Vholran let out a laugh of pure psychotic hate before he swung his blade at the air behind him and seemed to cause some sort of warp spell before he and Shionne vanished in a flash of light.

Ethel saw her superior retreat before she winced." Lord Vholran…why did he not tell us he was going to take part? He, huh?"

Suddenly a hologram of a man with a mustache appeared before he cut his throat." Ethel, all the forces on the planet will mobilize to Pelegion to be at the command of Lord Vholran."

The sliver haired woman winced as she looked around." Kelzalik? You're serving Vholran now?"

"Eh…after betraying one lord what's wrong with doing the same? All that matters is serving the one best fit to rule."

"But…if we focus entirely on Del Fharis Castle then the entire planet will fall to the,"

"All that matters is serving the will of are lord! The vermin will soon know their place, as long as we perform as we are supposed to!"

As the hologram faded Ethel glanced at the sky, saw there were more glowing lights then she expected before she took a deep breath." We…we must do are duty, as soldiers of the Poseidal clan to bring it glory. All forces, regroup around Mobile Fortress Gradia!"

Mike saw the enemy forces start to retreat, with the SRX team being kept back from lasers coming down from the sky before he winced." Should have known it would be too "easy" for everything to be wrapped up in one battle. Damn, all this and now looks like that was just the first round."

A piece of the stadium fell off and the curly haired man dove to avoid being crushed. Astra saw how stressed out Mike looked and rolled her eyes." Hey at least you made it past round one "Prince" so count your blessings. Still…what the hell was that? That asshole just shows up to and pinky and taunt me like that? Oh, I don't care how far he warped off to I'm gonna see if he laughs when I smash his teeth in! Where is he?"

Kisara saw how distraught the man she served for so long looked and sighed." He, he is the lord of Ganath Haros, the Land of Naught so its most logical that he would be there."

"Great…anyone in there that can speed this up?"

Dohalim winced before he looked at the parts of the ground that were still frozen in ice." Vholran…is even crueler than the other lords, to the extent that no one dares to even whisper something that displeases him."

"Piff…if it means we do this the hard way then screw it, I'm not letting that jackass think he's better than me. Just get whatever troops you need and let's do this!"

Dohalim saw Law was looking at his father's corpse before he winced." While I don't doubt that speed is of the essence, I hope you can understand we have to see just what we have left after such a, savage turn of events."

Astra noticed that people were starting to come in now that the fighting was over, and that wives, children, and others were bursting into tears realizing their loved ones were nothing more than a puddle on the ground before she sighed.

Mike looked around and saw Alphen was still grasping his head before he winced." What the hell happened? Was that mask keeping something on his body working or something?"

Rinwell winced before she looked around." I, I don't know? Alphen never knew why he had the mask on in the first place. Alphen, can you hear me? Why did you let that creep just whisk Shionne away!?"

The rebel leader looked dismayed as he dropped the blazing sword." I…I could hardly move, I , I can feel pain again and it…it took longer to deal with then I thought. We, we have to find her! But, there…there's something I need to tell you guys first. I…I got my memory back. "

Rinwell looked in shock before blurting out," Wait…so you know who you are?"

"Yah. I, I just wanted to go back to Dahan…my home."

"Wait…so you were…taken away from the planet?"

"Yes…I remember…being on Lenegis. I was abducted form Dahna, I was told that if I ever wanted to return home I'd have to do what they said, so I did just that. Next thing I knew…they made me into the sovereign. "

Dohalim blinked for a few moments before he eyed Alphen carefully." You're saying that you won the crown contest, as a Dahnan?"

"No. They kept me locked away in a strange cold place. They experimented on me, like I was nothing more than an animal. There were others, but I was the only one who survived."

"But…we have to have heard if one of our king's was a,"

"That's just it, they never treated me as a king. The reality was they treated me worst then the lowest kind of slave. The only reason I survived, was cause my body was able to withstand the sovereign power that was put inside of me."

Dohalim looked at his newly exposed eye before he took a deep breath." The chest on your eye, without a doubt it's the mark of the Sovereign. It…it's starting to make sense now. Your affinity with the Blazing Sword, the strange power you possess, they are all because you have the blessing of the Sovereign!"

Kisara saw her lord's shock before she grit her teeth." Okay…but…why would the Renans go out of their way to give you all this power? Just what exactly does being the Sovereign entail?"

Dohalim winced before answering with," It…it means you're the champion of are supreme lord, the ruler of the Posada clan, the" Sentry". Alphen…did you meet the Sentry?"

"No…I don't remember anything like that." Alphen glumly retorted." They said it was all for the spirit channeling ceremony. They trained me to master my power for the" fated day. As for what the ceremony was for…I never found out."

Rinwell saw the anguish on the man's face before she rubbed her head." So, if what your saying is true about being on Legendis, then maybe you really did meet Shionne? I mean you said you recognized her before, when you did not know anything else right? She said she never saw you before, so what's going on?"

Alphen looked even more dismayed before he looked down." I was wrong…it was not Shionne I knew from Legendis, it was Naori. She…she was a Renan Maiden I was paired with during the Sprit Channeling Ceremony. She's the woman I keep seeing in my dreams."

"What? So, this Naori just happens to look like Shionne?"

"Its not a fluke, Naori's family name, was Imeris."

Dohalim looked on in shock before blurting out," Imeris, that was Shionne's family name yes? So…she's an ancestor?"

"Your guess is as good as mine. All I know is that Naori was the one who put the mask on me."

"The mask that repressed your memories and seemed to seal off your sense of pain? But why?"

"To keep my soul from devouring itself with grief over the guilt. After…after what I did in Legenis, after all the lives I took."

"Lives?" Mike blurted out." So, you staged a rebellion all the way back then, eh?"

"No, not something like that. Whatever the Spirit Channeling Ceremony was supposed to do…it did not work. I lost consciousness halfway through. By the time I came to, half of Lenegis was a sea of flame and Naori was weeping. I shudder to think of all the deaths I caused that day, cause I am sure it's even more then the "Lords" could claim."

Rinwell looked on in shock before she let out a bitter chuckle." Do you really expect us to buy all this? All this stuff about the Sovereign and Lenegis?"

Dohalim paused before he turned around." In ancient scripture, there is a tale of a terrible calamity that befell Lenegis, nearly destroying it. The restoration took years, and countless slave labor."

Kisara eyed her lord carefully before she gulped." By ancient…you mean."

"I mean before the crown contest was even formed." Dohalim muttered." It, was before Renan even invaded Dahna, which is more than over three hundred years ago. "

As everyone looked on in shock Alphen laughed bitterly." That's right…I'm more or less an antique of a human being. Deep down…I think I already knew. Some hero eh? Cooperating with the villains that snatched me from my home.

Committing mass murder, only for it to slip across my mind. Then when I at last remember, it seems they wrote scriptures about me! So much for standing up to the lords! I got more blood on my hands then all the lords combined!"

"Oh quit it with the melodrama will yah?"

Astra suddenly blurted out. Before anyone could say anything the blond woman groaned." From how it sounds you were just a damn tool so stop acting like you were behind a genocide ok? You got a crappy hand and did the best you could, only an asshole would say otherwise. What really matters is what you're going to do about it eh? Are you just going to cry or are you going to do something to change things?"

Mike let out an uneasy chuckle before muttering," Hey can you dial it down just a little bit eh girl? Dude's just got a ton of stuff he just remembered and sounds like only some of that stuff's enough to mess someone up good!"

Astra rolled her eyes before she just shrugged." Yah it's not fair but guess what? If you have not figured it out yet life's not fair! Go figure out how you're supposed to properly feel about things when you got the time! What really matters, is if any of these memories change who you need to protect or who's ass you need to kick? Please don't tell me that asshole's not your father or brother or something."

Alphen saw how intense the blond woman looked before he closed his eyes, and sighed." No, I never met him back then, and I sure as hell know that nothing but suffering awaits Shionne as long as he has her."

"Then your overthinking it you maskless moron! You got a job to do so just do it!"

Alphen paused before he chuckled bitterly." Sorry, I just remember Fragile said something right like that."

"Well that makes sense, we shared enough drinks so that some of what she said stuck in my head."

"Well, then you really did know her. Your crude but correct, everything else can wait till Shionne is safe. We…we need time to prepare, but then we have to take up Vholran 's "offer" as soon as possible to end this…once and for all!"

Astra smirked before flicking hair out of her eyes." That's what I'm talking about! So…I guess we can't just nuke this emo gint's pad if that gal is a hostage, so anyone know any hidden ways in to his place?"

As Dohalim and Alphen both looked at each other in confusion a new female voice cut in with," I, I think I have an idea."

Everyone turned around before the Rebecca woman from before the battle walked up anxiously. Mike took a moment to remember her before he let out an uneasy chuckle." Sorry lady but now is not the best time for an interview."

"No its more than that. I'm a B-Cuber from the planet Blue Garden, but I'm also a part of the crew of the crew of the warship Eden's Zero, and I came here to find leads on my crew mates.

My crew was hired to rescue people from this Vholran, but my friends Shiki Granbell and Weisz Steiner made it into his lair, but never came out. I, I don't know what happened but, I'm not strong enough to fight this creepy Vholran on my own. So, I been trying to get to the bottom of things."

Mike eyed Rebecca carefully before he cleared his throat." So, your teammates found a way into the castle? But if they never came out sure seems like a trap to me."

Astra paused before she cracked her neck." Still…if we know what happened we can know want not to fall for eh? Still this better not be a trick cause we don't have time for mercy."

"I swear it's not!" The shorter woman pleaded." I'll do whatever it takes to save my friends. We will do what we can, right Happy?"

The flying blue cat next to her flew higher and gave out a chipper," Aye!" Before Mike looked at Alphen and saw him shrug, before breaking out a half-lopped smirk." Well sounds like a good way to start things off eh? One way or another it's going to be one hell of a party." The curly haired man saw Law looking remorsefully at Zephyr's corpse before he winced." Lets just do what we can to make sure no one else has to pay the price for being thrown into " Extreme" festivals they wanted no part of eh?"

As the others nodded, Mike tried to keep his cool as he and the others went to make sure anyone that needed help could get it before they tried to plan the next move carefully. As they did they did not realize Vholran was even more psychotic then they realized, though Shionne was finding that out the hard way.

The mad lord's warp magic landed them in a wide castle like chamber that was full of dark gloomy metal. As soon as Shionne landed she saw a giant throne of ice that seemed more befitting to a giant then a man, but saw her abductor go up to it and glance at the window to see the outside thunder storm just as a dozen armored knights with glowing red eyes grasped her before she could react.

As she cried out in outrage Vholran looked at her with raw cruelty." Best submit now…you're going to become quite familiar with your surroundings "Maiden."

Shionne spat in defiance before she looked around." Vholran Igniseri… no matter how powerful you are Alphen and the others will come for me!"

"Oh…I'm counting on that knight to try and rescue his "cursed princess", so I can give him, and this world a demonstration on what force truly rules over all! Till then…time you get ready for your part. Don't worry, unlike the others I treat what's mine with care…long as they behave. Get her ready."

Shionne saw a woman in a red dress with short black hair and black eyes walk up without a word, and then nod before her hands glowed.

Her eyes then glowed black before thorns of energy burst out of the ground to bind the pink haired female. Shionne saw Vholran looking out the rainy window like he was seeing something coming before she was moved out of the room.

As she did the woman in red dismissed the armored guards, before muttering a quiet," You will learn just what your role truly is Maiden, no matter how hard you resist."

Before Shionne could retort a new woman voice cut in with an amused snicker." My, after all that hassle all the pieces are at last gathered eh?"

Shionne, and the woman in red binding her turned to the right, before a new woman stepped out of the mirror in the chamber, she was a woman with six arms, some of them looking metallic. She had white eyes and silver hair, a metallic helmet and a blue armored uniform with white furry boots with many swords on her sides.

While Shionne looked shocked the woman in red casually nodded." The actors are now all where they should be Lady Spiral. I take it that the exalted one is ready to see who will emerge the winner?"

The woman named Spiral merely crossed all her arms." Yes…Mojo can barely keep the Sentry from leaving Omnipotence City, but he is amused that the Crown Contest this time is so…unique and wants to see its conclusion unspoiled. After all, the ratings for this Crown Contest are so good its getting high support even in the Vought clan territory. Plus, it will be the test run that will see the ascension of the Posada clan to its rightful place in the universe.

Everyone may have dismissed the warmth of the Sentry, but soon everyone will be bound to the all consuming will of the void that is the Great Sprit Knull! So, make sure the actors follow are lord's script, its time everyone will learn there is a great cost to not knowing there place, or there lines."

Authors Notes: Vholran is of course from Tales of Arise, while Picard is from Star Trek with his android body inspired by the Picard series.

Ethel and her mecha are from Xenoblade 3 and Spiral and Mojo are from the X-men.

That, might seem random but it will hopefully make sense soon. Lets just say that I felt Tales of Arise had the most disappointing enemies in the series, even compared to the first few games the enemies feel like they belonged in a 8 bit RPG, just with a lot more flash.

Needless to say without spoiling things while it might feel a bit like a abridged take on Arise my own take on things will be more clear soon. Till then hope you liked enough to leave a review and hopefully till next time.