Chapter 268: Those Who in One Strike, One Beat, Endure Despair to Arise from the Void.

As the battle around Lenegis escalated on all sides, people were expressing various levels of freaking out at the sight of gigantic demonic dragons coming right out of planet Rena. However, some of the ones who had survived a broken universe for some time now just reacted in annoyance, and one of them was Van.

The man in the tuxedo who till recently was a hired gun for Kattelox Island had fought a few guards as Astra broke the "script" to Deathwatch, but as he saw the others head deeper into Omnipotence City and saw the SRX pilots head back to get there mecha out to hold off reinforcements from outside he let out an annoyed grunt.

As he parried the strike of one of the members of the humanoid reptilian Hork-Bajir guard attacking him and dodged the plasma fire from a Krogan guard's energy rifle before he saw the Hague in the distance and winced." Damn it, no offense to these folks but I did not want to get part in a whole galaxy wide uprising!

These folks deserve their freedom but, I don't have it in me to give everyone their vengeance, just mine. Maybe its best if I can find a way to sneak away during all of this. After all…if I die for their cause, I can't get my revenge on the Claw!"

Van felt the entire space city shake before he looked up, and saw some of the other members of the SRX were already engaging the Void Chimera Highdrive Dragrid.

He saw the Cybuster and the Virgola Glory fire at some of the Chimera's heads before it could unleash energy blasts before he winced." Damn it, this is all over my head. What am I supposed to do anyway? No way in hell freaks like this can even, huh?"

Van saw the Cybuster was about to attack the Void Chimera but was cut off by plasma fire from the right, and saw that that two warships belonging to the Posada clan had intercepted the SRX team.

What got his attention was that he saw a giant ax the size of a mobile suit fly out. As he saw the ax transform into a blue and grey mobile suit with red wires on its limbs.

As he saw the mobile suit charge at the others with its giant ax his jaw dropped." That…that looked like the Diablo of Monday? There is only one man who has the same markings as that! Well, I'll be damned, it's my lucky day after all. And it's your worst day ever, Gadved!"

Van saw a Tarkatan guard roar before having blades come out of its arms. But Van just roared back before he grasped the Tarkatan by the blade and pulled him up and headbutt him before he could react before shouting out," Screw all of you! No matter how much this bastard is hiding I'm not passing up on my shot! Let's go Daan!"

Just as he reached the city's docking bay he snapped his fingers, before his own Armor flew out of his allies ship and transformed into its humanoid state. He quickly got on board his mech and took off into space.

In less them a minute Van had joined the battle in space, and after cutting through a few enemy mobile suits he saw the Diablo and charged right for it. As the other armor glanced at him Van sent a transmission request before snarling out," You…that really is you Gadved!? Answer me! I know no one would steal your piece of crap machine so it has to be you!"

As Daan and Diablo clashed blades a transmission hologram appeared the image of an tall, muscular man with brown hair and violet eyes that was wearing a cyan colored uniform.

The man raised an eyebrow for a moment, before he looked amused." Van…what the hell do you think you're doing here? Charging in like a mad dog, you have not learned a damn thing. An exposed blade is a good way to keep people away."

"Gadved…what the hell is this?"

"You forgot what a battle looks like Van? Heh, guess meeting here is one of fate's little loopholes."

"I know what a battle is damn it but why are you fighting for the Posada clan?"

"The same reason you were fighting for the folks of Endless Illusion Van, for a job. A life of a mercenary is a wild one."

"Damn it, what the hell happened to those virtues you were so proud about?"

"They died when the Last Emperor did. Now I'm fighting for someone that might yet bring order to this broken universe."

"To that asshole the Sentry?"

"No…to someone who's truly trying to do the right thing, even if he must sin to do so."

"Damn it, so you really are working for the Claw eh? You son of a bitch I don't care if this entire region of space is gonna collapse, you're going to tell me where that monster is or I'll give you more hell then any of these so called lords!"

"Van…this is not the time for such, narrow minded views my friend. Tsc, you haven't changed all that much have you? Always skirting on the edge of death. Elena gave you your life back. So do you really think she'd want you throwing it away?"

"Friend? Gadved, I've gotta give you credit, I'm alive thanks to you."

"Heh, your alive thanks to Daan, is what you are."

"Don't try and be modest now. You preformed the reconstruction surgery on me, to make me and Daan have a symbiotic relationship and make me one of the "Original Seven"."

"Yah…that was Elena's final request, to save your life no matter what."

"If you valued her wish's that much then why did you see her die!? Gadved, the only reason I have living in this hell of a universe, is to avenge Elena! Nothing else matters to me!"

The older man eyed Van's hateful look and snickered." Van, you never change. Despite my hopes, no surgery could fix your perpetual lack of maturity."


"Tsc, I call it like I see it. The comrade won't even let you lick his boots with that mindset."

"The…comrade? You call the man who murdered Elena and made my life a living hell a "Comrade?"

"Indeed." Gadved answered bluntly." And you should join me friend."

"SHOVE THE HELL OFF! There's just one thing I want to know before I gut yah through that armor. What the hell did that demented asshole say to twist your mind? Or did he even say anything and just mind control yah?"

"Tsc…the Comrade is not the larger-than-life demonic man you think he is Van. He's strong and weak, he's cruel and kind…he's as ordinary as ordinary gets. That day my machine overheated on me, he used the same hands he used to kill Elena to bring me to a doctor. Together we came together to a shared vision for the future."

Van paused for a moment before he let out a bitter snicker." That's the Gadved I know, once the rules are in place you refuse to change them. Of course it's only your plans!"

"Van…it's not the past that causes people to act, it's the future. Sometimes…you must shut your eyes in the face of a great cause."

"You mean be part of watching folks kill each other so some fat bastards can win bets? No thanks!"

"You don't understand, I'm not fighting for the sake of this Crown Contest. I'm fighting to end such needless bloodshed all over the entire universe! If you want the horrors like this to end, become a sword alongside me!"

"You may be stupid enough to believe a conman but I'm not closing my eyes to what's clear as day. Anyone that killed someone to get something is not worth my time. I don't care what your deal is, I'll just kill you and anyone else here that gets in the way of getting to the Claw no matter who's side they are on!"

The Diablo flew upwards before its ax started to glow. "If you're still a babe in the woods I'll have to put you out of your misery myself! If you have a weapon then fight, if you ride an armor, then master it.

Otherwise, what purpose is there for your existence? You may have made some new allies but I warn you that this Diablo is not the same mecha you remember! Thanks to the Comrade its powerful enough to stop any machine in its tracks!"

Van saw the humanoid tiger like Shin KoRyuOh hit the Perfectron Highdrive Dragon with enough force to cause it to go off course before he snickered." Eh, if these guys I'm tagging along with don't give a damn about giant metal space dragons I don't think they care how supped up your Armor is Gadved! And I don't care either! No matter what, your gonna pay!"

Daan charged right a Diablo, and as the two mecha's blades clashed Gadved snickered." Tell me Van, did I make the right decision? On that fateful day, I saved your life, and put you on the path to oppose the Comrade."

"Get to the point damn it!"

"The point is that the one who caused the tragedy that set this all-in motion was the Comrade himself! I ask you…in this broken universe what does it mean to be just? What does it mean to be a sinner? Answer me, as someone who has taken a different path! If I was mistaken, then strike me down! That will be my atonement! But if I am right and just, and strike you down, that will be my condemnation! Atonement or Condemnation? ATONEMENT OR CONDEMNATION!?"

"Get over yourself!? You think I care about your self-doubts now!? You're fighting for either one tyrant or another!"

The two crossed blades, and prepared to slash each other till a flash of light caused both men to pause. They and everyone else saw all of Lenegis start to glow, before five spheres of energy formed at its sides.

The Diablo saw the light getting bigger before its pilot snickered." You may be too simple minded to understand but this is not about tyranny, but ending tyranny! Before us a tyrant may be attempting to use fanatical means to enslave everyone, but we are trying to observe the process to change such means to help everyone!"

The Diablo knocked Daan's sword away, but Van yelled before he had his mecha tackle the larger machine and knock its own ax away. As the two armors grappled hand to hand Van cried out, but found the Diablo was overpowering him before Gadved growled out," You pull back to slow, it leaves you wide open! Your to confused Van, I'll sever your doubts!"

"Now I know your full of it! Cause nothing matters more than shutting you down to find the Claw! If I can shut down these jackasses to then guess that's a bonus!"

"Van…that's the problem with you…and humanity as a whole, you can only see what's in front of your eyes. But if your blind to the root of the problem, you will never get anywhere."

"Screw you…I'll keep hacking till I get through everything in my way!"

"Not if I cleave through you greenhorn!"

Masaki saw Van fighting before he blasted away another Ferronis and flew closer." Hey Van you know the crazy ax dude?"

"Back off cat man this one's mine!"

"C…cat man? And personal? Damn it like we don't have enough going on."

The pilot of Cybuster saw both the space station in front of him and the planet Rena to his right give off radical energy readings before he chuckled." Got out of tighter spots then this but this is getting up there alright. You guys below better know what you're doing before we run out of time."

The leader of the SRX team saw some of his allies were getting sucked into the Starving Venom Dragon and fired some energy blasts to sever the black goo trying to absorb Ryusei and the giant blue SRX robot. As he did, only one reacted to the unfolding events with anything but dread, and that was Muzan.

While the man in the fedora kept his distance as Astra, Mike and the others caused the Crown Contest to go off course, after the Sentry knocked Astra all the way into Rena, and realized he was not coming back the "Shadowlord" slowly made his departure from his booth.

He heard the explosions below, and saw dozens of troops head downward before he smirked." Well…these "rebels" are serving perfectly as distractions. Long as Mahito can get the body…it should all work out. The Sovereign Supreme, Knull Z Diavolo, Robert Reynolds…whoever you are now I seen for my own eyes you're a fool who got lucky. But today I'm making sure your luck runs out. Just need some distance and, oh?"

Muzan was about to head to his shuttle when he heard a drunk yell. He saw three people behind him, a short man that looked drunk, a taller bulkier bald man, and a woman in a pink dress.

The drunk man just burped before he glared at Muzan." Hey out of the way! We are premium members of the Poseidal tribe you flake! We get the rights to the shuttle over some salesman or something!"

Muzan was motionless before he sighed." Forgive me…I did not realize this was your shuttle."

The drunken man saw Muzan turn around before he grit his teeth and grasped the man in the hat's right shoulder. Muzan did not turn around and only uttered," I'm very sorry but I happen to be in a hurry so."

"Hey…you think just cause some vermin are too stupid to see how things are it means the rules have changed? You think cause your decked out in those posh looking threads that your better than me? I'm the chief to the Sentry himself! I'm worth someone that matters and you not showing me respect pisses me off!

You and your pale face…you look like your about to fall over dead anyway so don't weigh down those who matter! You may be a rat who tricked enough suckers to last a while but your still just a nobody! I mean you look like your about to croak anyway so don't waste are time!"

Muzan glanced around, seeing if any guards were in the area before he grasped his fist tightly. The man in front of him just raised an eyebrow before he snorted." Hey apologize already! What did you already croak you filthy piece of,"

In the blink of an eye Muzan struck the drunk man with his fist, and sent the chief through the wall. The moment the other two saw blood fly out the woman screamed." Y…Yachann!"

The bald man saw the state of the other male's broken head and in moments seethed out," What did you do to my kid brother! I'm going to, GUH!"

Muzan kicked the bald man through the roof before he could even see the demon coming. As blood rained down the woman screamed even harder, but turned pale as Muzan walked up to her slowly. Muzan swept some dust off his coat before he knelled down in front of the woman." Tell me…do I look…unhealthy to you?" He touched her face before going on with," Is my face pale? Do I look sickly to your eyes? Do I look like I'm not long for this realm? Do I look like I'm the one who's about to die? Wrong…wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong! I'm a living being who's infinity close to perfection."

Muzan made sure no one was coming before his rightmost fingernail turned black and extended into a claw. He let the woman whimper for a few moments before penetrating her forehead with his nail. As she moaned and her head turned black he narrowed his eyes." Your clearly heavily intoxicated, but even now do you have an idea what will happen if my blood keeps flowing into you? "

The woman convulsed as her body turned black, and veins formed all over her body. Muzan grasped her harder before going on with," A normal human body can't withstand the speed of the transformation process. And thus…its cells are destroyed."

The woman's eyes turned blood red and her body suddenly turned pitch black before she expanded like a mix of a balloon and a frog. She gurgled out something and tried to grasp Muzan, and turned to dust before she could finish.

The "Shadowlord" looked around before he smirked." I'm grateful that Equalizer was so resourceful, that Grip of Murder spell will one way or another draw attention away from the fact that he drank my blood with that "offering". These "freedom fighters" might just save me months of slowly eroding his health, and even if they all die today, it will take attention away from my own actions. If Mahito can just managed to secure one of the Sleeve bodies admis the chaos…the plan will be a success.

Hopefully he will not be distracted enough to let those fools get the better of him, even he should not be that careless. Either way…after coming this far…I won't lose sight of the end game. Neither deluded human "hero's" nor unstable man-child's who got power they don't deserve cause of a stroke of luck will deny me my destiny.

I defied death, I defied fate, and this universe will see that its Muzan Kibutsuji who will become the ultimate being of the universe. But before its time for me to take my rightful spotlight, let the lesser actors prune themselves for me.

Enough playing around, I don't need to see anything this up close now. Gremory…time to watch the rest of this in Infinity Palace."

The blood next to Muzan rippled, before a distorted female voice uttered," Shaw I warp Mahito after you Master?"

"Only if he secures the Sentry's Sleeve body. If not, being left will be the start of his punishment."

From the shadow emerged a woman with eight blood red arms that had bat wings on her sides. Her legs were like goat legs, and to top it off a goat's head was at her side.

The woman's face was covered by a white shawl, she had golden horns on her head and out of her back was a lacquer-black moon like mirror.

The demonic woman Gremory smirked before she crossed all her arms." As you wish. May tonight be one full of blood my shadow-lord."

The moon on her back mirror turned blood red before a light came out of it, and formed a rift. Muzan tipped his hat before he and Gremory left.

As one demon left to see his plan through, the other person involved in the conspiracy was in the thick of battle, though at the moment he was delighted at seeing how tense everyone was.

After where we left off Mike previously the son of Ben and Lacus was just coming to terms to the depths of what his current enemy could do.

The lanky haired man saw all the hands he was surrounded by thanks to Mahito trapping him in in his Embodiment of Perfection Domain spell, and after seeing Mahito's face he let out a shrug." SO…getting the vibe that your more of a hand fetish kind of guy over the foot? No judgment, just saying…"

"What can I say?" The stitch faced demon replied." I do love the feel of grasping someone's soul, and transforming it. Here, before you die I'll help show you how good it feels, for me!"

Mike saw the hands around him twitch before he quickly grasped Lani-Loli." Yah…I think I seen enough new experiences for one day and all."

The curly haired man put on the Quantum Mask just as some hands dove at him. Mahito grinned for a moment, but raised his eyebrow as he saw the hands go through his target's body. He saw his strikes kept phasing through his target's body before he frowned." Hey…being a ghost is cheating!"

"Yah sorry not sorry dude, being a liar who tricks folks to make them explode is kind of even more cheating. I never sighed up for your game so I'm going to just peace out."

Mahito saw how Mike moved before he snickered." Oh, don't be like that…like it or not when this game gets started it won't end till a winner is decided, ghost or no!"

Mike shrugged before he tried to phase through the wall of hands, only for a hand to suddenly burst out and punch him in the face. As Lani-Loli flied off Mahito smirked. " As I thought…you have to keep some part tangible to not just fly into space so it's just a matter of hitting where your tangible. Nice try, but you soul is mine!"

As hands headed for Mike a new voice cried out," Not yet! Blut Vene!"

Just as the hands were going to grasp Mike, a flash of light came out, as a faint blue pattern tracing the veins beneath the surface of his skin appeared. As it did the hands broke upon contacting the enhanced skin, James floated above Mike before his holographic body formed again." Thank goodness the Blut Vene worked as planned. That should prevent him from being able to alter you like that poor fighter."

Mahito saw the transparent Enji Master before he paused." Seriously now? You must be something special with all these little helpers. Still for someone with so many skills you're a rather awkward fighter."

Mike threw out a sheepish grin as he stepped back." To be fair…can't say the same for the others like Astra but fighting was not really my thing. I'm just kind of winging it to survive yah know?"

Mahito saw the lanky man's blunt confession and could not help but laugh." Wow…the honest truth eh? I won't deny I had to focus on survival myself for a long time now. After all, thanks to the hate spewed between people... I was born. Heh, I was born from humanity's collective hatred and fear of each other."

James saw Mahito's near sincere look before he winced." So, you're a shade, that's evolved to this lengths? They really evolved so much since I…slept. It's just like the Necrocalcous. But as sorrowful as it is that the cycle of darkness keeps repeating, no matter how much demons evolve they still have weaknesses! Licht Wind!"

Mike saw the remnant of his father's best friend form a cross of light in front of him, the bow of the Quincy mages, before it took the shape of a pentacle and unleashed a devastating volley of innumerable arrows horizontally at the demon.

Mahito winced for a moment, but had a look of madness before his arms morphed into blades and he lashed out fast enough to deflect the storm of projectiles. As energy blasts went flying in all directions he laughed." Oh, I assure you hollow man I'm so special that I have no weaknesses!"

The demon had his legs morph into springs before he tried to burst at Mike. The lanky man jumped to the other side of the room, and kicked the ground before he winced." I don't know man your ego seems like something that can be filed under that."

Mahito swerved around, still deflecting arrows while he let out a dry," You wish…I'm afraid I'm just to, huh?"

The demon tried to burst at Mike with even faster speed, only for him to suddenly slip up thanks to Mike kicking the floor where he left with his Friction Crusher spell.

As Mahito got off balance and got hit with a few arrows James braced himself." Nice footwork. Now…while he's open! Seele Schneider!"

James focused for a moment before he transformed the arrow in front of him into a chainsaw like shape and fired it at his target. Mahito regained his footing just in time to get stabbed through the chest and got pinned to the wall of his own dome. Mahito coughed up blood before he chuckled weakly." Not bad hollow man, but my soul can endure a few pokes you, GUH!"

As he coughed up blood James narrowed his eyes." Maybe demon…but even if you can regenerate, it loosens the bonds between the Reishi, or mana or whatever you call such energy of whatever it cuts."

Mahito winced as he felt his wound." Damn…you're not kidding this kind of hurts. For someone who's not big on fighting you pack a sting. But…that makes me want to get my hands on you even more."

"Yah you should just give up on that handsy." Mike spat back." I have more important things to do then be your pet project so you can think about all the ways your life went wrong or things are going to get ugly. I'm not big on decapitations but if it comes down to seeing your head roll or the others, I'll do what I have to."

Mahito noticed some of the remains of Law's shattered body were near him before he smirked." Oh, don't worry I'll chose for you. After all…I'm fond of severing my own body parts when I have to. See? Soul Multiplicity!"

Mahito had one of the hands next to him hurl up Law's remains before he grasped it with his right hand. He swiftly combined the remains of Law's soul with his own using Idle Transfiguration. That' caused a reaction due to the soul's naturally rejecting the fusion with one another.

The result caused the transfigured flesh to burst out like a moaning humanoid snake right for Mike and James. James tried to unleash a few more arrows, but the snake like shape of Law's corpse's face took the hits before Mahito's reformed body burst out and slammed James and Mike with his transformed limb.

As the two were slammed into the dome Mahito licked his lips." You're making me work harder than I have in a while but your seeing just how flexible I truly am hollow man. Those spells stung but you're not the first magic used I had to play with. Still…that bow…I heard the Quincy's were wiped out when Krakoa fell apart. Then again, guess you're the ghost eh?

You know…your special enough that the Shadow Lord might want a look at you. Heh, if I bring him a bonus he might ease up a bit about giving me a new body to. Trying to disrupt my energy was rather nasty, so I think I'll return the favor! I told you I'm no stranger to fighting magic users."

James winced as Mahito had his limbs transform into tendrils like a Jellyfish as he lashed out to bind both him and Mike. As the former Enji Master saw his body flicker he grit his teeth." No…I'm not use to pushing my body's limits like this."

Mike winced as he saw the madness in his enemies eyes before he let out a uneasy chuckle." Your one seriouly flexible freak but I'm telling you this now, if you don't back off no matter how many ways you can bend and morph your spine your not gonna get out of this."

"Why? "Mahito answered." Because you're fighting for the sake of justice? I was wondering who was crazy enough to join the Crown Contest when they did not have personal stake involved. It was clear quickly it was not about the money, so all that's left was that you were the type that were fighting for something as pathetic as " justice."

"Hey, you're really that single minded that you could only think of two reasons dude?" Mike muttered as he tried to break free." I won't deny I'm fond of rooting for the little guy, cause most of the time that's been where I fit in."

"And you're trying to change the world with the power of friendship eh? Sounds like another foolish brat who can't distinguish expectations from reality. After all…now that God himself has made it clear that things like morality and sin don't really matter to him, anyone still clinging to moral superiority is just someone who can only exist in reality vie lies. I think I'll morph you into something that's befitting such a fool."

Mike chuckled bitterly even as Mahito's left hand glowed black before he closed his eyes." I may be a hustler from time to time but I don't seriously hustle about moral superiority man. To me it's just practical to help those who might help you. After all…the more favors people own you, the better your odds are of surviving some nutjob trying to kill you!"

Mahito raised an eyebrow before he felt a vibration that threw him off balance. He then heard a cracking sound, and turned around to see the dome behind him collapse. As Mahito defended himself from the rubble of his own construct Mike smirked as he saw red spheres of energy shoot by to free him and James." See? Networking has its pros and cons but the pros sure as hell are being worthwhile for me right about now."

As the lanky man jumped back he saw the ones who freed him were Tanjiro, Grimoire Weiss, Nanami, and Shiki Granbell. As the group ran in, Tanjiro looked around tensely." Are you ok your majesty?"

Weiss had blood red energy lances circle around him before flying over to the man that was his master." We figured it would be poor form to let some fool kill you and pushed through. Thankfully this Nanamai lad's Collapse magic turned out to be dandy with breaking walls."

The man allied with Billy Butcher saw Mahito glare at him before he shrugged." My collapse magic can create a weak point in the surrounding environment, just needed enough time to find it."

Shiki cracked his neck before he smirked." You helped me out of a bind so I'm returning the favor man. Hey asshole…you like pushing people down? Better get ready for when it swings around back to you! Magimech Attack: Gravity Tackle!"

The black-haired man spun around in mid-air and used gravity to pummel Mahito. As the demon was smashed to the ground and found himself struggling to get up he snickered." Not bad…but you don't have the range to keep me pinned down."

The man with stitch's punched the ground, and had his hand spin underground, and burst up to try and hit Shiki from above. Just as the crew member of the Eden Zero ship heard something Tanjiro jumped up." You're not tricking anyone else to their death's demon! Fourth Form: Striking Tide!"

The Demon Slayer from Endless Illusion unleashed a barrage of slashes to slice the hand before it could hit Shiki.

Mahito saw his ploy was foiled, and had his eye twitch before he glanced at Mike." Well…luck's favoring you all today eh?"

Mike shrugged before he got back up." Like I said dude, networking can come in handy."

Mahito heard grunts and explosions in the distance before he licked his lips." The weak scurry together to make up for their weakness and all eh? Alas, you can't change your fate."

Mahito had his other hand cause one of the towers to collapse in Shiki's direction, causing the gravity user to call off his spell. As Mahito got back up he saw the tower had the stored human bodies and smirked." This universe was governed by the will of the weak for too long, but the natural order forced its way upon the universe. The weak can't deny fate…they exist to serve their superiors. One way or another, you're going to bow to your superior, like these pitiful saps. Heh, but in the meanwhile, I can do networking of my own. my case its more like drafting into my soul network! Polymorphic Soul Isomer!"

Mahito made a few hand gestures before he slammed the pillar with all the deceased bodies. In a few seconds they all glowed purple. They suddenly awoke and started moaning, before many fused together to become monstrous creatures.

Mike saw himself surrounded by the new creatures before he tugged his collar." Man you must be great at whatever demon's have for parties eh? Still…keep pushing and you're going to find out how far your specialness takes you creep. Trust me I seen some guys who makes your stuff seem like a kid's first school presentation."

"Oh…you seen it all eh? Well, if I'm not impressing you I'm just going to have to step it up a little. I made it this far after all, and I did not do all of this just for nothing."

"Hey what you know we agree on something?" Mike retorted." Guess we will have to see just how, hey wait?"

For the first time Mike noticed the God Bomb glowing in the distance before he raised an eyebrow." Um…ok I know we are talking about who is most extreme but who brought in the bomb? That Sentry guy looked like a sore loser but did he just lose his mind?"

"We are trying to figure that out at the moment lad." Grimoire Weiss uttered," But with enemies on all sides we are just trying to get through one threat at a time."

Mahito noticed the God bomb before he snickered." Heh…talk about putting on the pressure. But fine…if you want to go all out, I'll show you who's the master of crushing through insanity! Seriously your so dead set on this, is your dream to be a hero or something?"

Mike saw Mahito have more hands appear out of the ground, but saw his other allies gather around him before he sighed." Dream eh? That...that was more my old man's thing. Honestly, finding a dream in this current universe seems like kind of a steep thing. Can't be a Pokemon master or the top chief when the universe is to much of a broken mess for anyone to gather to pay attention. I admit I mostly just wanted to prove I was pulling my weight one way or another. But...I guess my to make the universe a place were you can dream again?

And...I'll just say…holding back the chaos runs in the family. Still…I been around these guys long enough to know they can handle this. They better…out of wiggle room for failed bets right around now."

Mahito snickered as he tried to rip apart the new interlopers. Mike glanced at the God-Bomb one more time before forcing himself to focus on the threat in front of him.

As the fight escalated, we switch over to the other side of the room to see how the escalation took place.

After where we left Mike's comrades previously Mojo was just as shocked by the appearance of the God-Bomb as his targets before he grit his teeth."

Man, you guys are trying to be really big sore losers eh? Forget it, a Mojo produced show does not get derailed even by bomb threats! Just don't set that thing off no matter what my slimy killers! The last way the Crown Contest is going to end is with me being blown to hell!"

Shionne glanced at the bomb before she raised an eyebrow." So, this bomb is really that powerful? Wait…can we use it to kill the Sentry then?"

Kaine sighed before she looked around." The problem is that someone like him moves way to fast to be caught when this explodes. Right now, the odds of this killing us are far greater then killing that glowrod."

Ratchet winced before he grasped his Omni-Wrench tightly." Well maybe we can tinker with it or something? "

Fragile shook her head before looking at the Lombax." Don't bother, if it's like the last one Higgs used there is no way we can stop the countdown."

Megaman winced as he looked around." Well, we can't just give up! Maybe we can drop it into space at least?"

Kisara saw Alphen and Vholran fighting bitterly, and saw Absolute Carnage and the other Symbiotic minions walking up before she shrugged." Even are "hosts" don't want to die yes? Maybe a ceasefire till we get the bomb out?"

Rinwell saw Carnage lick his ax arm before she winced." I don't think these jerks even have enough of a mind to care."

Clank looked at the computer systems and scanned the area before he tugged Rachet." There might be another option. After a quick check this palace does have the function to detach damaged segments. If we can't hack the bomb…we might have better odds hacking something else."

9S looked at Clank before he turned around." Hey, the Zoni bot's not wrong, this could work."

Dohalim readied his staff before he braced himself." Well, a risky plan is better than none. And if it helps end this nightmare then we have to do what we can!"

Mojo saw the group's defiance before he widened his eyes." You're acting like we are so damn horrible but at least we are giving people a good show! Thragg, his pet attack dog" Omni-man" and all the other Viltrumite just go around smashing things up like total boors!"

"You enslaved my world, and made thousands of people suffer just to put a good show for your master you fat bastard!" Shionne cried out as she shot at Mojo. Her fat target had his mechanical legs form a barrier as he rolled his eyes." Don't take it personal toots, that's just how show business works!

Hell, that's just how entertainment works for most of humanity, if not civilization itself pinky! At least we are good at it! Hey, hey, hey, seriously now you keep spitting out bad jokes but this isn't a comedy! If you can't keep your lines straight,

I will write you out of the final act! And what, pray tell, are you"Freedom fighters" going to give this mind-numbed bunch of couch potatoes and the trillions of subscribers watching at home cause life's to hellish to even try and step outside?

What do they want to see? Peace? Freedom? Tsc, maybe good "Fair" government? Like hell they do dollface! They want blood and guts and love and hate. They want entertainment! You rebels give them action! Action! Action! That's more entertaining than peaceful nobodies getting along could ever be!"

"Mojo." Dohalim cried out," Some things are more important than being entertainment!"

"Bah…spoken by a true would-be union organizer. I want them cancelled yesterday!"

2B got her sword ready before getting into a fighting stance." I think it's clear we must neutralize the fat one and his forces before we can proceed."

Carnage eyed 2B before he looked excited." Ah…let's see how long you keep that hopeful look sunshine! The fatman's right, it's not peace that the universe roots for, its carnage!"

The red and black humanoid suddenly fired a web to try and bind 2B. The woman with the blindfold tried to slice the attack, only for her arms to be bound. As she struggled to break free Carnage licked his lips." I've shown you the worst things in the universe, because that's what the universe's made of. Everything is sick! Am I getting through to you? Everything is sick... and I LOVE IT!"

Kaine rolled her eyes before she had her twin blades glow with energy." Man this freak's as jacked up as that jackass Tyrann. Thankfully I know just the ride meds for this freak!"

The blue clad Yorha agent unleashed an energy sword wave attack, only for Carnage to swerve his body like a snake out of its path. As Carnage laughed and tried to slice up all around him Clank scanned the red and black monster of a man and muttered," Ratchet, the scans indicate that fire and sound are this lifeform's weaknesses."

"Well then sounds like the Pyrocitor will give laughing man here the meds he needs." Ratchet muttered before he took out his flame spewing weapon and fired at Carnage.

The murdering minion cried out in pain as the flames burned up his limbs. The others tried to pile on the attacks Carnage, only for Scream to run up and roar, before unleashing a psionically induce sensation of vertigo to get everyone to grasp their heads in pain.

Carnage saw the pain of his attackers and laughed." You think you can get off this ride with some toys you damn cat?

Like hell, I'm piloting my new Carnage machine into every gaping hole in the mannequin-filled cosmos. Kill enough and I awake my god. And then this whole reality falls under a waterfall of blood and enters a new universe of dark.

And hoo-boy, I will be there. Sucking the last sweet shivering breaths out of its rotting, maggot-filled, bloated corpse. Dancing all silly and spine-broken to the universe's death rattle. I am the gore emperor of a thousand dead stars. I am a new colossus of bleeding red megadeath. I am the red right hand of the King in Black. I am the end of the world as you know it... and I feel like a drink."

Shionne grasped her head before shouting out," I had enough of taking this from monsters like you and Vholran!"

The" Maiden" fired a holy energy blast at Scream to cut off before she kept firing." We are not puppets for you to control! We are not energy for you to consume! Give it back, give us are world and are freedom back! GIVE ME MY LIFE BACK!"

Carnage snarled before lashing out and having an extended ax blade lunge for her, only for Kisara to block with her shield. Carnage tried to wrap both women only for Dohalim to cast a spell and have a stalagmite erupt up to sever the arm.

Carnage snarled, and jumped back as Dohalim kept his enemies off bay with a barrage of magic spells while shouting out," I don't care how many of you mock my dream. I'll keep fighting to quell the sounds of anguish on are world! Then at last it may be filled with joy and peace again."

Mojo saw his minions on the defensive before his eye twitched." C"mon on my murdering marauders don't let these idiots make me look bad! If you can't get that your" Peaceful" world's a show that's long been canceled then one way or another your just idiots!"

"Its not stupid!" Rinwell cried out as her magical energy surged." You monsters who think you can keep us down forever are the idiots! C'mon Dohalim! Radiant Genesis!"

Mojo saw the combined spell blast some of his henchmen away before he grith his teeth." No matter how much you lash out you're just going to get hit even harder till you stay down!"

The bloated enemy fired some gas missiles from his own machine, but Shionne saw them and instantly blasted them away while crying out," No more, this madness ends now!"

"And this time we really mean it!" Rinwell shouted as she used her own ice magic to freeze the projectiles. She then formed a blue energy sphere before she threw it in front of Shionne. The gunslinging woman nodded before she jumped at the sphere and merged it with her own aura before shouting out," Extend Gate!"

Shionne unleashed a large beam of ice. It managed to freeze Agony and hit Mojo, but the "spineless one's" barrier protected him. Mojo snarled as he walked forward, only for Dohalim to have his aura surge." No more dithering are future begins here! Get ready Kisara!"

"Right!" His long-time bodyguard replied as she ran up. Her lord had the ground burst up around her and transform into a giant green crystal. Kisara had it morph with her shield to form a large blade before she glared at Mojo." I'm tired of being leered at by a monster like you! Obelisk Blade!"

Kisara swung her enhanced weapon at Mojo, and bashed Riot away before smashing her target hard enough to topple him over.

Mojo fell with a thud before he moaned." My... my ratings! I'm risking embarrassment and possible physical pain! And there are no ratings?"

"That's what happened when you make are lives your show you fatso!" Rinwell cried out as she prepared a spell." Time you get what you deserve!"

Mojo snarled out before a scorpion tail appeared out of his device and lashed out at the mage. Rinwell gasped, but before she could be impaled, Kisara ran up and blocked the strike with her shield. Her shield held, but the two woman both got knocked off their feet.

As Mojo got back up, his eyes were red." You think you small time rats can out hustle Mojo? There's a reason I'm the one producer in all of the Posada clan that makes productions for the Sentry himself, and that's because I don't let the petty little wants of small-time slaves get in the way of getting the job done!

No matter how you resist, you can't change the fact that your prey! So, you can accept it, or get beaten into your roles! So, time for the, hey!"

Mojo was cut off as a wall of ice suddenly burst up and nearly froze his legs. To his shock he saw it came from Vholran, who was attacking Alphen with berserk fury. Mojo saw the last Lord was unleashing ice all over the area, and saw one nearly hit the God bomb before he winced." HEY! Pay attention hothead!"

Shionne saw Alphen dodge another one of his enemies' slashes' and got slashed across the cheek before she held firm." Guess despite what you think your still not a master at knowing what drives people! You, your lord, and anyone else that enjoys making people fight like cattle is about to regret ever playing games with our lives!"

Mojo snarled before Carnage got back up." I don't know babe, it's too damn fun making carnage out of sappy idiots!"

As Carnage and the remaining symbiotic marauders prepared to strike, Shionne saw Alphen parrying his enemies strikes and the two exchanged a look, before Alphen fought even harder.

Vholran saw his target's defiance before his eyes widened." It's amusing you thought you could escape your destiny slave, but you will suffer at my hand and know nothing but agony for the rest of your life, one way or another!"

Alphen saw Vholran try and freeze him, only to have a pillar of fire erupt to counteract it. As he struggled to keep from being frozen he saw the madness in his enemies eyes and winced." You control others to keep from being controlled, but that's a path of never-ending hatred! Don't you understand? It can only end in destruction. And the only way to avoid it…is with forgiveness!"

The two parried many sword strikes in a second before Vholran felt his left leg get cut and had his eye twitch." Bah…the words of a coward! Your weakness disgusts me!"

Vholran kicked Alphen in the back and tried to slice his head off only for a pillar of fire to cut him off. As the two glared at each other Alphen hunched over." Your wrong! It takes true power to forgive! "

The two charged at each other, only for Vholran to swerve around and unleash a roundhouse kick to hit Alphen in the head. As his target slammed into the ground the lord of Ganath Haros had his eye twitch." I have no use for forgiveness! The strong shall always triumph here! It's the law of the universe! I'll freeze your "forgiveness" and melt it to nothing!"

Alphen saw a blast of ice come his way before the rebel fighter unleashed a fire ball. As he struggled to not let his fire be put out he yelled out," You say that because you been alone for so long…being groomed by monsters like that green madmen and his golden lord! If you had someone to turn to…anyone to turn to….a single friend…someone to love, things could have been different if you were not alone for your whole life."

Vholran grit his teeth before hissing out," You dare pity me you damn rebel scum!? Your delusions are less then worthless to me! All…ALL I remember is the lash's of the whips! Each strike spreading a skein of fire across my back! The Masters who killed slaves for sport, for there games.

And the slaves who sacrificed their compatriots so that they might live. Once you see through the lies you see the truth, the truth that there is no real love! Friendship…nothing but a façade! It's the same on one world, or anywhere else!"

"Is there no way you can see things differently? You're letting the ones who wronged you win!"

"Enough! You gamble the fate of your entire people for a delusional idea that the universe has proven to be a failed dream, one impossible to coexist with the reality of human nature! And yet I'm the evil one? How absurd!"

"It's true it may be nothing but false hope, but I swore that all that we all fought for would not be for nothing, and I won't let it be a lie!"

"You and I are more alike than I can stomach."

"No, we are not! I want to build a world of kindness! Of giving, of warmth! You take and destroy, I'm nothing like you! "

"That's right…you're my inferior! And I'll erase this disgrace once and for all! You're the last obstacle impeding my destiny Alphen! Finis Aeternam!"

Alphen saw his enemy unleash his mystic art. But as the giant sword of ice roared at him he narrowed his eyes and hunched over." No…this storm of madness is over! I'll show you the limits of your solution Vholran! Blazing Pillar!"

Alphen burst forward like a living comet, and shocked Vholran by dashing around and making a blazing trail to in a swerving path before he was right in front of his rival.

Vholran had time to scream one last curse before Alphen was above him, and tried to raise his sword, only for Alphen to slash down, shattering his blade in the process. As an explosion of flame roared out Vholran yelled out as he was blasted into the wall.

Alphen saw Vholran grasp his face and for a moment charged to kill, before he paused as he saw Vholran's deranged smirk. He then took a few labored breaths and lowered his blade." What you have done is evil, there is no denying that. I know you did not walk your path out of weakness, but merely misguided strength.

Misguided because you were alone, because you had no friends to keep you on the straight and narrow. No one to use that strength for other than yourself. That loneliness could make a monster out of anyone, even me. I'm not blind to the fact that one's character is not always enough in the face of the hand life gives them. That's why…I forgive you Vholran."

His enemy looked more hurt then from any of the blows he was given as he grasped his fist so tight that blood seeped out as he struggled to get up." Damn you…I won't let you mock me! I don't need your victor's pity! You, you can choke on your vain forgiveness! You wish to save Dahna? To make your childish dreams into reality? Heh, even if you lived long enough to walk down that path Alphen, it would be a path of betrayal, corruption, and despair!

It would almost be worth seeing you live long enough just to realize how, GUH!"

Before he could finish an explosion broke out between Alphen and Vholran and saw one of Mojo's projectiles went array after being hit by Megaman's Megabuster.

Mojo glanced at his "chosen champion" and saw how beaten Vholran looked before he snarled with disgust." Damn it Vholran, I rigged things this much in your favor and you still botched your revenge? You really are useless!"

"You dare question my skill you useless bureaucrat?" Vholran spat as he got to his feet." I…am born to rule!"

"Yah and you still suck at it! Just don't have the killer winning instinct like the Sovereign Supreme and it's making me look bad! But if someone else can use your skills then we might be able to salvage this. Yo Carnage! Do your think and take over this defect's body and we can edit this into a blockbuster yet!"

Carnage twitched, but at the command of his master he glanced at Vholran and licked his lips. "You heard the director dude! We're gonna paint the whole damn galaxy red!"

Absolute Carnage swerved out of the way of some more projectiles and bound Kisara by her right leg and flung her at Kaine before he burst at Vholran.

As the fallen lord glanced at Absolute Carnage the red being suddenly burst into Vholran 's mouth. Vholran resisted while shouting out," NO! I won't let anyone take control of me and take my glory away from me!"

"Ah man your hungrier for carnage then Cletus buddy!" The red enemy hissed out." Stop struggling these games and take your medicine!"

"NO! All of this only means something, if it's my glory!"

Mojo saw Vholran cast his ice magic to try and freeze Carnage and slow him down before he rolled his eyes." Man, these idiots are way too stupid to live. No matter what I'm recommending to the Sovereign Supreme this entire stupid planet gets wiped out so we don't waste shows with dull players!"

Alphen glared at Mojo before pointing his sword at him." You think your so much smarter than us, yet you don't even understand what drives us! Are desire for freedom is too powerful for even your master to keep us down!"

Mojo saw his minions were being beaten back before he roared out in anger." Oh, shut the hell up you moron! You can be free all you want, to choke on your own sappy dreams! Seriously…at this point if you're canceling my show I'm cancelling your lives! And if there's no show, there's no camera worthy deaths, just really…REALLY painful ones!"

Mojo suddenly shot out a barrage of projectiles that shot out all around him. The orbs exploded around him, and only seemed to release a sliver gas. Rinwell saw Phage get hit with the gas and coughed before she rolled her eyes." You only hit your own minion fatso! If that's the best you got then this is over!"

Shionne eyed the hit minion before she widened her eyes." I don't think that was a mistake Rinwell…look!"

Everyone did look, and saw that Phage's hand was turning sliver, before Dohalim winced." That…that almost looks like the same effect as the Hallowing!"

"That's because it is moron!" Mojo hissed out." That Almeidrea was a crafty babe, but she only stumbled into what she was allowed to get. Heh, stuff like the Hallowing is great for outrage views from time to time.

But I have the pure stuff, stuff that will hollow you all out in no time flat! And too bad for you, the gas is just seasoning to my brunch to me! You thought you were stars, but your just gonna be pudding by the time I'm done with yah!"

Kisara saw Mojo's own minions were twitching and turning sliver before she tensed up." No…we got to get rid of his poison gas no matter what!"

Mojo laughed loudly as he hunched over." It's useless…I got enough gas stored to outlast the lot of yah!" Vholran saw Mojo before he grasped his fist tightly." Damn you…after all this…I won't be discarded like a damn Dahna scum!"

"Oh shut up already Vholran!" Mojo snarled out with pure contempt." You're just a loser choke-artist who after this is only fit to be put on Moron Mountain as an attraction! Broken has been's don't get a say in the final product."

Vholran yelled at the top of his lungs before snarling out," Who…are you calling…broken? I" LL KILL YOU!"

Using all the magic energy he had left, Vholran, while still freezing Carnage, had ice burst out of him before he suddenly rocketed at his" Boss".

Mojo saw Vholran collide into his shield, and realized ice was freezing all of his gas dispensers before his eye twitched." Damn it just how defective are you Vholran? I'm killing the same idiots you been trying to do!"


Mojo saw the ice erupting all around him, and pushing him to the elevator before he winced." Damn it I hate when I'm to good at my job!"

"Never forget." Vholran hissed out." I am the one who devours everything. Who answers neither to sprit or man or demon! My word is law! I am…I am."

9S saw the machines near Mojo before he winced." Hey…if we fire around there, we can blast fatso out of the whole ship!"

"Sounds good to me!" Ratchet took out the RHINO as he, Megaman, Dohalim, and all the others fired everything they had. As the attacks came Vholran glanced at Alphen and snickered." In the darkness at the end, I'll be waiting for you Alphen! HAHAHA!"

Mojo saw the elevator platform pit below him before he waved his arms hopelessly." No…not like this! Cut to are sponsors! Cut to the angry cat video! CUT TO...AHHHH!"

Longshot smirked before he aimed carefully." Get with the program Mojo it's the content you like most, cheap! Smile, you're on camera."

Mojo's former underpaid worker fired another round of projectiles along with his new allies, and unleashed enough of a barrage to force the green man off balance, right before Vholran unleashed all the energy he had left to blast Mojo off the cliff.

Alphen kept hearing Vholran laughing madly and heard Mojo screaming before an explosion roared out a few seconds later. He saw no one was coming back before he took a heavy sigh." Vholran…if nothing else you were not a dog. Still…the true ringleader of this has to pay his due or this will just go on all over again."

Shionne glanced around before looking back at the God-Bomb. She then saw Mahito still trying to grab everything in sight before she aimed her rifle." Then let's make sure Law was the last one to be caught off guard by these freaks! I had it with these pricks, just swarm that freak already."

As those around her nodded, Mahito was able to keep back everyone with his drafted zombie minions. He dodged another burst of gravity magic from Shiki and tried to hit Tanjiro from behind only for Mike to kick through another hand.

He saw the group glare at him from all sides before he shrugged." Between all of you here your almost enough to make me put some effort into this. But maybe I should show you what, huh? Hey!"

The stitch faced demon was cut off as a barrage of explosions erupted around him. As he was blasted off his feet Ratchet aimed at his new target and shrugged." Party's over man!"

Steiner nodded before his hand glowed." I think payback for tricking us is more then fair! Drum Buster!"

The member of Eden Zero had his Arsenal Suit reconfigured the suit's forearm, in real-time, into a cannon that fired an explosive blast. With attacks barraging him from all sides Mahito found himself quickly being full of holes no matter how he stretched before his eyes twitched." Well…I suppose there was a reason to try and keep this a covert operation after all. Is this sensation, the fear of death? I don't think I like the taste, but it is great inspiration! Nice try barraging me from all sides, but I'm far from finished!"

Mahito grasped his hands, before he suddenly started expanding like a balloon. As he became nearly as fat as Mojo hands sprouted out all over his body, deflecting the incoming projectiles as he grew.

Rinwell saw Mahito nearly reach the ceiling before she rolled her eyes." Great…another creep who thinks they can just grow till they are to big! But that just makes you a bigger target!"

Dohalim saw one of his enemy's hands transform another corpse it touched before he winced." Or it's giving him more targets Rinwell! If he grasps everything at once he could make us all mutate like Law in moments!"

"Wait…seriously? Then…we got to take him down fast!"

"Yes…but at this rate we have to make sure we don't go down with him!"

Mike eyed Mahito before he gulped." Sounds like this guy's trying to go for max damage eh? Looks like…it's a bigger deal to mess him up inside then outside at this time…disrupt his whole energy and all that. Hey…would that move we worked on work for something like this Master Elrond?"

James eyed Mahito for a few moments before the hologram sighed." I'd say its to risky but we have few options at the moment. It should work in theory, just aim for the head."

"Alright, then here we go."

Mahito saw the lanky man run for him before he smirked." I admit I figured you would be running by now. But the truth is that one way or another, it's too late for the likes of you to stop what's in motion. The faster you submit, the less you're going to suffer. Well…till you reach the Reaper Game on the other side but that's not my area."

"Yah, I don't need your mercy man, I'm playing the odds till the final moment!" Mike uttered as he had an aura of energy form around him. Mahito paused before his eye twitched." I do enjoy breaking those blind to reality, but alas this is a critical moment so you will just have to die."

The demon had the hand below him shoot out to try and smash Mike, only for Tanjiro to run up and shout out," We are not playing by your rules anymore demon! Solar Heat Haze!"

Tanjiro charged towards the target, unleashing a horizontal slash seemingly covered in haze that failed to land, but actually hit the arm after his image flickered.

Mahito widened his eyes in shock as his severed hand fell to the ground before Mike jumped up. Mahito tried to move only for Shiki to cry out," Oh no, you're not getting out of this! Satan Gravity!"

The black haired man had a blackish green aura break out before he fired it at Mahito, and caused the demon to suddenly float in the air.

The others bombarded him with more projectile attacks on all sides to keep him pinned as Mike jumped up and had energy go into his right foot." I think its time to collapse all that hot air you got in yah! Divergent Jabot Kick!"

Mike had black and blue energy surge around his foot like it was a flame, and did a roundhouse kick right on his target's forehead. Mahito felt pain coursing through his body before he moaned.

He saw his entire body ripple before he eyed Mike, then eyed the God-Bomb and let out a bitter chuckle." Did not think…someone like you could land an attack that could disrupt my magical energy. Not bad…if you want to get dibs to the vault so badly then you can have it…this does not look like the best place to be right now. "

Mahito laughed as he suddenly popped like a balloon. Alphen blinked at the sight of his enemy's suddenly bursting before he winced." Looks like you're not so much above us after all eh fiend? Law, we avenged you."

Shionne paused before her eyes widened." Don't call it over yet Alphen, look to the left!"

Everyone saw that a sliver of Mahito 's flesh flew near a grate, and had a eye pop out. Mahito looked like a hand with a eyeball in the center, and gave everyone the middle finger before he melted down the pipe. Megaman winced before aiming his buster." No…we can't let him get away!"

Rachet winced as he saw Mahito evade the buster shots and seep through before looked at Clank." C'mon…I'm sure I got something that can cut him off in here and end this."

Before the Lombax could take something out a rumbling nearly knocked everyone off their feet. Kaine looked around before she sighed." Much as I would love to shut that punk up, I think we got bigger things to worry about.

We can either go after anyone that might be a threat or get what we came here for before it's too late. Hey "Nines" are you going to be able to go through with fooling the security or not?"

The man with the role as YoRHa Scanner Unit paused as everyone looked at him before he let out an uneasy chuckle." Well, the tests show it should work. Just need help keeping the security system pinned on false flags. If we can focus on redirecting the system's protocols, it will work."

2B nodded as she looked at the vault." You hacked through more complex systems 9S, I know you can do it. Frankly, with how much time we have left you have to do it so get started."

9S nodded before he and Clank, and Coco all worked together to break into the vault. As everyone started to wonder if they should focus on escaping the process to trick the defense systems worked, and the vault opened.

Mike braced himself as the door opened, but as he saw no hostiles breaking out to greet them, he tugged his collar."

Guess having a dragon or something that might droll over the treasure might have been counterproductive. Let's just hope he did not trade what we were looking for on a bet or something."

Everyone saw the vault had many sections to it before Mike sighed." Did anyone remember the number for where the Element X was stored again?"

Clank walked up before he motioned everyone to him." Not to worry, I can detect traces of metal in the area. Doctor Nefarious was looking for the metal himself for his own plans for the Dimensionator so we searched for the metal on planet Jasindu. It lead to a tense clash with the Kerchu tribe, but I was able to get the element on my database. That's why I can detect its coming from, over there."

Mike saw where the robot was pointing before he shrugged." Well works for me. Guess when you have everything else nothing is that special. Well, Astra might need our help so let's get started before the Sentry, shows up?"

The lanky haired man froze as he saw the face of the hostile ruler from behind one of the vault doors. As everyone got ready to fight Shionne winced." That Astra seemed tough but guess she could only hold out against the Sovereign Supreme for so long."

2B paused before she cleared her throat." That's not a correct judgment. This is not the man above, this is his Sleeve clone, on standby. This vault…would be where the Sentry is storing his spare bodies."

Rinwell widened her eyes before she saw there was several copies of the Sentry, also frozen in spire like pods behind the vault door." So…wait…the Sovereign Supreme has…clones of himself in case he dies?"

"Sort of." Mike threw out." There is this thing called Cortical Stacks. By downloading the human consciousness, they are able to transmit it to a waiting body or "Sleeve" on a distant planet. This method of transmitting consciousness off-world, called Needlecasting, allowed instant travel to anywhere in the universe.

Over time, this technology more or less became a method of immortality for those who could afford it. Placing the dead in new bodies, called "Re-sleeving", can be accomplished by simply downloading consciousness in a new Sleeve after death as long as the Cortical Stack is intact after sleeve-death."

Alphen eyed the Sleeve clones before his eyes widened." So…he could spring an army of himself to overwhelm us?"

"Thankfully no. All of these guys have too much ego to try and have a "clone" take over "what's theirs."

Shionne eyed the sleeping copies before she shrugged." Then let's just blow them up and cripple him now! I mean…its either that or we will have to keep fighting him right?"

Megaman winced as he rubbed his head." I mean…the problem is that they are as strong as the original right? So, we would need the same level of firepower to take each Sleeve out right?"

Mike let out an uneasy chuckle before he shrugged." The Diggers right Shionne. Its dicey but going double or nothing for this might get us to lose everything."

2B paused before he smirked." He's right, but that does not mean we can't do anything. If I can hack the Needlecasting receiver, then it would mean they can't just spring a Sleeve out. At least, we would be able to get away before they could get his " extra life" deployed."

Alphen grasped his blade tightly before muttering," These bastards have corrupted so much that even the rules of death mean nothing to them? Is…is the universe really this broken?"

Mike saw the local hero's dismay before he sighed." Won't deny things are really messed up right about now man. But…there are still people trying to make things right Alphen. That's why we got to do what we can right? Hey at least Astra is showing the current gilded bozo running things here how out of touch he really is. Hell by the time we get out this might be,"

Another tremor nearly caused Mike to fall on his face. As the lanky man caught himself he let out a uneasy chuckle." Ah well…really don't want to jynx things. Still Astra looked like she was playing that guy like a fiddle so as long as no one else shows up looks like we, huh?"

A new alert flashed across the vault's security systems before an image appeared. The image caused Mike to feel like his spine felt like it weighed a ton as his eye twitched and he muttered," What? Oh hell."

To get a better idea on what caused the group's moral to nosedive at the drop of a hat we rewind time a bit, to show what happened after we left off with Astra last time.

Despite Knull using his power to make the area around Astra become pitch black, the blond woman rolled her eyes and had her aura flare up to light the area and let her see her enemy. She saw the transformed Sovereign Supreme looking at her like she was prey before she rolled her eyes."

You're not quite as boring as I thought you were going to be "Bob" but your still not nearly as hardcore as you think you are. Playing tricks with shadows and making a super edgy sword and half-assed shadow demons may scare kids but it does not mean you're a badass."

"If that's what you think wench then stop delaying destiny and see just who is all talk. But I would rather skip the part where you put on a pointless fight and just submit to me. I assure you…bravado for the sake of pride will give you nothing but death."

Astra saw Knull looked confidant before she grasped the hilt of her broken Katana tightly." Think life's all rigged in your favor eh jackass? For the sake of all my friends that you screwed around with no matter what, till my last breath I'm not kneeling to you no matter what! Shunkō!"

The blond woman had lighting crackle around her body before she dashed back. She attempted to form an energy blast, but before she could finish raising her arm she felt something.

She winced and looked up to see Knull was showing off his new speed, by appearing behind her and grasping her arm before she could react. In an instant he twisted her arm, and as she yelled out in pain he snickered." Honestly what is the meaning of this? There is no one to put on this pitiful performance for."

Despite the pain she was feeling she glared at her attacker and hissed out," You really don't get what personal pride is eh asshole? More than anything I care about living life in the way that I want. No matter how much the universe tries to bend me in one direction I, GUH!"

Knull showed Astra just how much he thought of her defiance by jamming his hand down her throat.

As she struggled his grin widened." Tell me "Equalizer" as anyone told you how painful it is when you break the fourth vertebra that connects to the kidneys?

This removes all the oxygen from the victim's lungs, leaving them to drown in the adrenaline which is created by the lack of moderation around the kidneys due to the fourth vertebra being broken, effectively 'drowning' a person on dry land.

I found this a rather effective way of killing someone once the process was down pat. I told you, unlike my other half I took being good at what I do very seriously, and to survive, I had to find ways to kill that would not bring attention to myself.

A fool like you drowning in your own bile is befitting for being such a, oh?"

Despite choking, Astra had enough strength in her to gather energy in her free hand, and unleash an energy blast at Knull.

The ruler of the Posada clan had his eye twitch before he on instinct dashed back, letting Astra break free. As she coughed a bit after nearly being suffocated, she glared at Knull before hissing out," A kid may know how to torture ants but that does not make him tough you bastard!

I don't care if you aced all your exams on torture Bob, you're still not breaking me! Cause it's just more reasons to make sure you never get "alone time" with any girl in this universe or any other ever again. I broke the others free from your slimy hands, and they are not going back to you!"

"So that's what this is about?" Knull rebuked with an amused tone." Fighting to keep your friends "free?" I thought you were a smart woman, but your more naïve than I thought.

After all if you had the sense I thought you would have long realized the weak are never free in this universe, it's the fate of the weak to be chained to the whims of the strong. Are you envious that I stole your" Tribe" from you? Submit and you can still keep your group as your squad, in the end very little will have changed."

"Piff…I say never having to be the puppet to an asshole like you is a big change for me!"

Astra charged at Knull, only for her target to narrow his eyes." Who said they were ever free? You may have taken their bodies away from me, but their souls still belong to me!"

With a wave of his hand Knull's shadow rippled, before it burst up and took humanoid shape. Astra was shocked to see that the shadow took the shape of Bullet, before the doppelganger of her friend punched her in the gut. As she was sent flying, she saw another shadow appear above her, and took the shape of Yuzuriha, with her Iris Blade coming for her head.

The blond woman caught the blade with her hands, and saw its owner looked like a moving corpse before she glared at Knull." The hell is this? My friends are not your shadow asshole!"

"Oh, but they are!" The man with glowing red eyes hissed out." Once my thorns are latched into a body, even if the link is severed the soul is still in my codex. Thus…I can never truly be cut off from my servants."

Astra saw the glee in Knull's eyes and rolled her own." That clingingly eh Bob? No matter how special your chains are, they still can be broken! No matter how hard you try and keep people down people will break free to have their freedom!"

"And that great error in human judgment I'm trying to fix." Knull uttered with fanatical resolve." History had begun with the original sin of humanity that doomed it to suffering. The sin of" Freedom." For fools daring to think they deserved to have what they were not meant for, it's led to poor, chaotic existence.

People kept thinking that vie revolutions they could gain freedom, but it just leads to farce after farce.

People suffer because God's creation is irrevocably locked in conflict. Facts and passions cannot be aligned through revolution, only through redemption, and that redemption is only by returning to the totality of existence, of god's existence! Individuality is corrupt and transient, and the only meaningful connection is the lost divine totality.

So long as the universe is fractured, to love god means to constantly struggle. He who opposes the chivalrous struggle against the devil Is himself the devil!

And I, Knull Z Divavolo will be the one that brings about that Divine Totality! All my sins are a chivalrous sacrifice to be the act of salvation to bring the people of the universe the happiness they deserve, under there redeemer that takes the first step towards the return of totality to the universe!"

Astra saw the madness in Knull's eyes before she groaned." God damn it, almost just wish you were a hoarder at this point. Even Auro is not twisting reality around as much to act like he's the savior! You been around your own mind-controlled dolls too long to even remember what the truth is eh?"

To this Knull just snickered." Truth? That's just what the strong decide! Emerging from fiction, the redeemer disregards the facts of the universe, and creates a myth around himself to channel the evil nature of the sensual into a grand unity!

To be inspired by the spirit of totality, the redeemer suppresses factuality, directs passion, and generates myth by brutally butchering all heathens with a rising sword that is also a kneeling prayer.

The duty of the servants of the redeemer must surpass the individual reason in favor of submission of the one who takes the burden of dissolving all facts and passions, thereby rendering senseless any aspiration of any individual, for the unity gained will wash away their sin, there pain, and be the end to the pointlessness of the history of freedom!"

Astra eyed Knull's face before she cracked her neck." Of course your crazy enough to think your god now eh? Just as crazy as someone who thinks he's the messiah just because he was drunk and was hearing things."

Knull narrowed his eyes before pointing his glowing red sword at the blond woman." You see all that I am and think it's just a delusion you faithless dog? The others became a Nahobino, but I found a way to evolve even further by merging with the dreg's of the devil's power! The Crown Contest was to test who was to be a worthy sacrifice for me, but the devil's own War of Bel over who can best shape his desired reality will be the one I will come out on top of!"

Astra could not help but chuckle bitterly before she leaned down." You really think you're the chosen one when you're just a lucky punk eh Bob? I know the" devil" far more then you and there is no grand plan with that bastard.

Nah…he just does whatever he can to troll as many people as possible and you and the others were just what he used to pull that off. Even if you pull this off he would shatter you just to keep things in chaos. But lucky for you, I don't want to wait for anyone else to see yah get owned!"

Knull glanced at his sword before he smirked." I'm not foolish enough to think I could depend on anyone! Gorr was forged to slay my rivals, and anyone that wants to deny me my throne! And you…you will get a sample of that. After all…you did not really think you could defeat me at this point did you?"

"I mean…with how cocky you are it seemed worth a shot."

Knull looked up before he licked his lips." You think your allies can spare your fate? None of them have what it takes to defeat the lord of the abyss!"

"You say that but you kept hiding like a little bitch so sounds like your to crazy to think straight! No matter how many shadows you have its not enough to hide Bob! Masako!"

Astra fired her most preferred energy blast before Knull's eyes widened with rage." ENOUGH! Archon Purge!"

Knull grasped Gorr before it shimmered with blood red energy, and seconds later he released an energy sword wave that easily slashed through the Masako projectile like it was nothing. Astra winced and dashed to the side, but the shock-wave still knocked her back.

As she rebounded Knull showed off his speed and smashed her in the back to send her to the ground. Before she could even get up Knull smashed his foot down on her back.

Even as the ground around her shook Astra struggled not to scream, causing Knull to snicker." Even now you refuse to accept reality? Are you just to broken to even see the truth woman?"

Astra spat on Knull's foot before she glared at him." The man who thinks he's two people really wants to talk about who's on the level Bob? If we are being real, then I would be higher up in the hierarchy then a punk like you! Look at yourself, you're too much of a mess to last long enough for to pull this off."

"If you will not submit, then you will serve as a warning to anyone else who dares to be so defiant!"

Knull had shadow spikes burst up to stab the blond woman's legs and arms. Astra could not help but yell out in pain as she was tied up like in a cross before Knull grasped his free hand tightly." Your wrong…soon everyone in the universe will be bound to me when the Knull Wave bursts out across the universe and makes everyone my slave!

And it's not just the people of this realm that will be bound to me, since Gorr was forged with the power of the devil, even the realms of the "dead" will be under my command! If you served me, I could reunite you with those you lost in your life woman. Even such a stubborn" Lone Wolf" as you must have someone you wish you could see more of, eh?"

Astra winced as she thought about all the people she lost in her life. She saw Knull look amused before she glared at him." Of course I do, but the last thing I would want is to see them back as your doll to play with asshole! I swear Bob, no matter what powers you do have its still not enough to make up for the fact that your, GUH!"

Knull showed how angry the blond woman's defiance was as he suddenly burst forward and stabbed her through the heart with Gorr. The red sword impaled her with such force that she was launched into part of Rena, where she was impaled into the wall.

Knull saw Astra yell out in pain and dug the sword deeper as he hissed out," I AM SUPERIOR WOMAN! It does not matter how much you don't like it when I rip apart your insolent heart eh? For all your defiance, in the end you're just going to be a mount on my wall of trophies, one that will be so very...very large by the time I'm done."

Astra coughed up blood as she struggled to lift her arms." Like…hell. I…refuse to have everything I went through just end, just…end…"

The daughter of Doug Fitter 's voice trailed off as her head slummed down. Knull paused, and then bent over to grasp her before he smirked at feeling that she had no pulse before he started laughing madly." Back to the eternal flow, where you belong! Alas…in the end the weak don't get a say in how things go whore! Be grateful you make a find trophy, so your corpse won't be to altered, the most respect I'll give someone as insolent as you. I'll make sure her soul goes through a Reaper's Game that will be remembered for years. But for now…its time that,"

Knull was cut off as the dome of darkness above him exploded. He saw that his shadow dragons were descending in fragments, and that it was shattered by a combined attack by Cybuster and other members of the SRX team.

He noticed not only the Hague, but another ship one that resembled a demonic dragon where the figurehead was an open maw with a diamond-shaped plate where the nose would be and two curved horns on either side of it. Additionally, there is a pair of wing-like protrusions on the side. This was the ship Rebecca owned, Eden's Zero, the flagship of their group.

He also saw a large green warship named the Bravery that the Lost Numbers used before he widened his eyes." So, the maggots think they can swarm me to take the throne? Its time this entire universe knows who its true ruler is, for the time of dwelling in the shadows is over!"

Knull had the shadows burst up around him to bind his creation. He waved his hand before the shadow dragons merged with him, till he morphed them till he had there combined height in the shape of a humanoid yet draconic giant, the Subsumer" avatar armor.

At the moment Masaki had just blasted off another head of the Chimera Highdrive Dragrid before he smirked." C"mon guys, these guys have more slime then fire! If this is all this asshole has we will have this wrapped up before…huh?"

He and the other Mecha pilots saw the entire planet ripple before his cat familiar Kuro hissed at him." How many times did you have to jinx us Masaki!?"

The green haired man was about to rebuke the black cat, till he saw the entire black substance take the shape of a gigantic version of Kull, once more his ever growing " Subsumer " Avatar before his jaw dropped." Oh great, just had to have a guy with the same kind of ego as Perfectio and Volkruss eh? And he's as gross as Neue Regisseur to when the chips are down eh? Told you I would win that bet Crow, you better not die before you can pay up! Guys like you who's ego is big enough to fill a planet really needs to, huh?"

The pilot from another universe saw a giant hand of pure shadow try and grasp him before he had his mecha's thrusters flare up and get out of the attack. He noticed Cybuster's paint got chipped before his eye twitched." Hey jackass I seen guys like you before…you can only hide hidden limbs for so long before we got you cornered! Just…have to not get shot down when that happens."

As everyone was doing their best to not get consumed, Knull's eyes looked at the world of Dana itself, before he grasped his hand." People of Dahna…its time your made aware of the true nature of this year's "Crown Contest".

You should all be honored, because this time your Sovereign Supreme has judged that every last person in the planet will be given the honor of taking part of Spirit Channeling Ceremony. Because now is the time that the Poseidal Tribe fix's this broken universe, and brings every last soul into God's Totality like it longs to, with ever they are enlightened to embrace the true desired of the universe or not!

Any slight discomfort is worth the price of becoming part of the path to the cosmos's realizing of the endless now it yearns for! Do not resist, or you will be as marked as the sinners before me that dare defy destiny!"

Some could make out Astra's lifeless body strung on him like an ornament on a holiday tree. It's at this time we return to where we left off with Mike and the others in the vault.

The image they saw as Knull giving his announcement to everyone in the region of space. But as monstrous as the Sentry's other personality had become, it was seeing Astra's lifeless body hung up like a slab of meat that caused Mike and some of the others to feel a chill down their spines.

Mike blinked a few times before he struggled not to lose his composure." No…no not like this damn it! We knew he had a higher power level but he was supposed to be incompetent damn it! If…if he had an ace up his sleeve she was supposed to bail!"

Alphen saw the dismay in the curly haired man's eyes before he looked at Astra as well." Is…is she dead?"

2B paused before clearing her throat." Are long range scanners are not able to reach where her body is but, her body is clearly not moving at all."

Kaine was about to add something till she saw how devastated some of the group looked before she cleared her throat." She…she might be paralyzed bound to that mountain of puke's body or something. Either way, I think it's clear one way or another we got to do something fast."

"Yah but…what?" Rinwell muttered tensely." She…she was the strongest of you guys right? If…if she could not stop him then we don't have anything left strong enough to take him down!"

Mike was about to say something till a flash of light stopped him. He glanced behind him and saw that the God-Bomb was starting to glow faster till his eye twitched.

He took a deep breath before he swept the sweat off his forehead." I don't think it's fair to say we have no cards left to play guys, but we got to play them right or we lose everything cause the master of the house is clearly upping the ante. We might as well use all the cards we got."

Kaine eyed the God-bomb before she shrugged." Hey, I would love to see that slimy bastard choke on a bomb to, but he seems like he has a lot of ways to knock it away at this point."

Megaman winced before he looked around." Yah…but what if he does not see it coming? What if its hiding under something he thinks is for him? I mean…what if the bomb is hidden by this room?"

9S paused before he looked around." That…that's not too bad a plan Megaman. This chamber…no…the section of the vault that has his Sleeve's does have the function to detach from all of Omnipotence City. Hell he even made it so each pod could jet into hyper space solo for a last ditch escape attempt.

There's just enough room to squeeze the God Bomb in there…and to the very last second he would not shoot down where his spare bodies are. Even as powerful as he is now…he would not keep these if he did not fear dying."

2B glanced at Knull's image again before glancing at the ship." It makes sense…aside from the fact that he would surely realize something is odd if this detached section of his ship heads right for him."

Cortex scanned the ship's systems before he let out an uneasy chuckle." As someone who built escape pods for his own lairs you should know there's another problem. The systems have an auto hazard feature built in. You would have too manually steer it into that freak!"

Coco saw Cortex was not lying before she gulped." That would mean he would have to be distracted enough to not notice, but are the SRX members strong enough to pull that off?"

Dohalim glanced at the vault, and looked at the objects in the vault before he spotted the Renas Alma stored in one of them." I…might have an idea. The Renas Alma is being used to spread his energy into others, right? If we could use it to take away some power from him, it would weaken him enough for the others to keep him…distracted enough."

Shionne paused before she looked firm." As the" Maiden" I should be able to take enough energy, enough for just that short time at least since I'm" Part of him"."

Alphen saw Shionne looked serious before he tensed up." Shionne…if this does not he will kill you!"

"Anything's worth at last being free from these damn thorns! I want to be able to touch things again, it's the only way I can be free."

Alphen saw how desperate the pink haired woman looked before he glanced at the Renas Alma as well. He then took a deep breath before he nodded." I…I understand. As worried as I am, we have to do what we can to finally be free of this madman. Alright, let's do it."

Mike looked around before he winced." Hold it…I know this is a bit of an improvised plan but seems like the deal is that someone has to manually pilot the ship. That means…someone's drawing the short straw on this with a fatal price."

As everyone looked around glumly Fragile walked up." I can do it. I can warp away at the last moment so it should be me."

Sam walked up before he sighed." No…it should be me. I botched the job so I have to pay the price."

Mike looked at the Porter and blinked a few moments." Seriously man? We all get screwed over in jobs but don't mean we have to fall in our swords for it! Higgs screwed you over and,"

"My integrity for my job is all I have." Sam fiercely shouted." Its…it's the least I can do. I'm not afraid of death."

Fragile saw Sam's resolve and shrugged." We will both take over the job, just in case."

As Mike saw Knull start attacking in more directions he shrugged." Well…if we botch this we are all dead anyway so guess we have to pull this off. Astra…this ride we are on is not ending here…it…it has to be more than just to amount to this."

The group quickly tried to pull off their last-ditch gamble, as Knull went to make his own gamble pay off. The "Lord of the Abyss" saw the SRX team members surround him before he licked his lips."

I have not seen machines like yours, but it does not matter what corner of the universe you hid from…I'll bind every last inch of the universe to my will, to the totality of god!"

Masaki snickered as he saw black all around him." Man, your way to broken to see how things are dude! You're not as special as you think you are, and its time your brought down to reality the hard way! Let's roll! There's no way I can forgive you asshole! Secret Slash! Dis Cutter Ranbu no Tachi!"

The Cybuster glowed blue, before unleashing a barrrage of lighting fast slashes that cut through one of the smaller shadow dragons before it could even react.

Knull saw the mecha was powerful enough to slice through its minion before blocking the incoming sword slash with its left wing. As the left wing was burnt he hissed out," Your light is…more than I thought a mere war machine could produce pilot. Alas, such light is far from enough to keep the darkness of the Lord of the Abyss at bay!"

Masaki cursed as shadow tentacles burst out of the wing to try and absorb the Cybuster. As the mountain sized enemy tried to go through with this, his teammate Setsuko in the Virgola Glory S flew up before the blue mecha 's pilot winced." I can sense, so much sorrow coming from this man's heart. One way or another…letting you go on with your mad desires will just cause more sorrow to spread so we have to end this here and now! Carrying the Glory Star's pride in my heart…Virgola and I will become one! Glory Star…Full Burst!"

Her machine's cannon doubled in size before firing a massive green energy blast. The beam succeeded in pricing Knull's wing, but as it collided into his body he snarled as the shadows over all of Rena rippled." Such a revolting light! But all the maidens in the universe don't have the light to hold back the darkness of the entire universe!"

As he pushed back Ryusei flew up the Super Robot X-Type before he smirked." Want to bet on that slime ball? The SRX team packs a ton of fireworks! But find out for yourself! Full burst!"

The giant blue mecha unleashed a barrage of attacks to try and overwhelm Knull, but while the ruler of the Poseidal clan was blasted back, it slowly tried to grow new snake heads. As it did the SRX pilot Excellen Browning flew her blue Rein Weissritter fly right in front of her target's face." Wow this bruiser just can't take a hint eh? Guess I'll add a few rounds with the good old Howling Launcher! Just so you know the W in W mode stands for "AWOO!"

She repeatedly fired beam blasts from the lower barrel of the Howling Launcher while moving at flashing speeds with afterimage, assaulting the enemy with an immense beam barrage.

The blast blew a new hole in Kull each second, but it just made the Lord of the Abyss scream out with primal fury as he hissed out," Lash you as rapidly as you want maggots…your just mere mortals with advanced tools! But mere tools can't kill the vessel of god!"

Knull had dragon heads burst out of the dome around Rena, but before it could hit the SRX team a barrier appeared like a giant talisman that caused the attacks to shatter.

The source of the barrier was a fifty-two meter long humanoid mecha with dragon-like aesthetics, including its base, head, tail, and more. It had scales like those of a dragon, had a pair of wings, and is colored in mostly blue. On its chest was a white tiger head.

The owner of the pilot, the blue haired Kusuha Mizuha pointed her mecha's lance at Knull before declaring," You small-minded tyrant, you understand so little. The Shin RyuuKoOh is more of a deity then you! Eliminating Kaiju! Four spirits untie behind a single will!"

The mecha made a few hand gestures before taking a green orb out of its tail. The orb glowed before its pilot cried out," What one needs is not an unbreakable sword, but an unbreakable will tyrant! I'll slay you with the Shin RyuuKoOh 's demon slaying technique! RyuuOh Hazanken: Gekirindan!"

The blue winged mecha had its new sword shimmer with holy light as lighting and fire surged across it. It shot into the sky like it flew high into the heavens, as countless bolts of lightning struck Knull. The Shin RyuuKoOh dashed straight for the enemy inside a bolt and unleashed a clean, horizontal slice.

However, at the last moment tentacles burst out of Knull like a web to slow the Shin RyuuKoOh down. As the mecha paused Knull narrowed his eyes." I thought you were just delusional…but I can sense divine energy from your machine. Heh…alas."

Knull suddenly burst out of his shadow construct and slashed at the large machine with Gorr in his hand. Despite returning to normal size, the red blade pierced through the larger blade, and cut right into the Shin RyuuKoOh.

Knull smirked as red lighting crackled across his target and black fluid popped out all over it." As your finding out firsthand Gorr was forged to be a Transcendent Slayer!

The weapon's main purpose is the killing of Celestials, gods, and other "cosmic entities" and as such it is capable of bypassing their immortality and affecting them as though they were mortal.

As an extension of this, my All-Black feeds off and draws its strength from the blood of gods it kills, and the more gods killed by it or its creations the more power it can provide its host; me! Fleeting beings…you entertained me but this farce is at an end! Astraea!"

Knull grasped his hand, before his aura transformed into a tornado of purple energy that was powerful enough to blow back all the Mecha and warships attacking him. In moments black webs broke out of the dome around Rena to bind them.

The "King of Black" laughed as he slowly pulled all his targets in." You provided worthy entertainment to me, but you delayed the destiny of the universe long enough! Now bear witness to the universe's return to how it should be! As penance, your energy will speed up the ritual!"

The being covered in shadows had the webs link to Lenegis before the orbs of energy grew larger. Upon seeing this the Sovereign Supreme looked fanatical." Yes…YES! Its time for this universe's original sin to at last be redeemed! All shall be how it should be, bound to, huh?"

The pale man was shocked to find he staggered, and looked down to see he was attacked at his base. He looked below to see that while he was fighting the SRX team Mike's group reached the surface of Rena and attacked Knull with everything they could unleash.

Despite hitting the man surrounded by a gigantic black armor by surprise, all it did was make their enemy itch. Despite this Alphen pointing his blazing sword at his enemy and declared," No matter how much powerful you become Great Sprit of darkness…you will not decide are future! No matter how powerful you become you have not become powerful enough to shave everyone else's future!"

Knull saw Alphen's resolve and laughed with disgust." Future? The present is all. The present of a perfect united universe is all that's needed. That is the true unyielding wish of all, they just have to embrace it!"

As the entire planet shook Shionne grasped her right arm." My…my thorns are getting restless. I feel them whirling inside me. He…he really is prepared to consume the entire universe! I was not sure before but it's beyond any doubt that this Lord of the Abyss, the source of my thorns, and the one who gives me visions of devouring the entire universe in darkness!"

Alphen saw how shaken the pink haired woman looked before he got into a fighting stance." Sovereign Supreme…you have to get through us before you can destroy everything!"

Knull saw the man known as Iron Mask looked defiant before he sneered with disgust." Maggot…I indulged you to long for the sake of keeping the Crown Contest going. If you will not serve me then you will be crushed like the insect you are!"

Shionne used all of her will power to stand her ground before she walked up." If we are just worthless maggots then how come you spend all this time trying to guide us to do what you want? Without us you would not have anywhere close to this level of power! You, in the end you're just a god damn parasite and we are through being used by you!"

The pink haired woman saw a tentacle burst for her, till she held up the Renas Alma. When the tentacle grasped it, the glowing object shimmered with light, before it absorbed the dark construct. Knull winced in pain before he narrowed his eyes. "You dare use to use my own tools against me? You have my essence inside you, I won't allow my own power to defy me!"

Knull stomped his foot down, causing a shockwave that caused all of Rena's surface to rupture like it was a wave. This knocked everyone off their feet and scattered them.

While Alphen coughed a bit, he saw his friends were still in one piece before he grasped the blazing sword and spat out," In the end your just a petty child thrashing about when you don't get what you want! You think a will like that can keep the will of freedom down!?"

Knull laughed again as he leaned down." And you all call me delusional? You really think you're a vessel of freedom, of justice? It's because you amused me that you lived this long" Iron Mask".

You're too narrow minded to realize it's because of my compassion that you all lived long enough in this broken universe. But you will learn the hard way how fragile you are without my protection!"

Knull waved his hand, before it started to rain. Alphen felt a few drops touch him before he raised an eyebrow." Rain? You think bad weather can put out the blazing sword? You will pay!"

Mike looked around before he turned pale." Oh hell…you guys always had a barrier on Dahna to control the rain right? Guys take cover quick!"

Rinwell saw the rain before she shrugged." What seriously? It looks like normal rain to, AH!"

Mike grabbed her before uttering," That's cause you guys have not seen what normal is for most of us!"

James flew out again before the Holocron shimmered." I understand, get around me everyone! I won't let this be the end of the Auro legacy! Kirchenlied: Sankt Zwinger!"

James generatind a number of roman numeral-inscribed constructs from the fingers of an outstretched hand, several towering columns of magical energy shaped like the Quincy Cross erupt upwards in a circular formation around the transprent Enji Master.

As the barrier formed not only was the rain repelled, but the moment tentacles of shadow tried to grasp the barrier the light shined and made them shatter instantly.

It succeeded in also blocking the rain, but Knull stomped the ground again to launch Alphen out of its path.

Alphen just wiped some rain off his face before he glared at his giant enemy and took a few labored breaths. "No matter what you command you can't control are hearts! All your powers are not enough! I'll, GUH!"

Alphen prepared to charge before he felt he lost his momentum and tripped. As he fell on the ground he felt his ribs crack and yelled in pain. He realized he was struggling to get up before he winced." What…did he unleash some invisible attack? Why…did that hurt so much?"

Knull only laughed as he leaned down." I did not attack you, your own body did! I told you…I spared your world from the effects of Timefall, Void Outs, "Beached Shades", and more. I protected you all from the true nature of the universe to not spoil my games. But let's see how fast you last in this broken universe without my mercy."

"You…you think I need your, huh? No…no!"

Alphen was caught off guard when he saw a puddle from the rain in front of him, and blinked at seeing the face of an elderly balding man, before he realized it was his own face. As he looked at his wrinkled skin he yelled out in shock." No…what magic is this?"

"This is not my action rebel maggot, it's the timefall aging you rapidly! Your valor means nothing!"

Shionne screamed in horror at seeing the man she loved looking like his own grandfather before yelling out," Alphen! No! We have to help him!"

"Sure thing but we have to make sure we don't need help ourselves getting there! Anyone good at blowing up the weather!?"

Mike uttered tensely as everyone tried to scramble a response. Ratchet nodded as he motioned to Clank." Get the Thundersmack charged up pronto! We can reverse the cloud or something!"

As the humanoid cat took out a yellow machine, but by the time he charged up the device that might help, it seemed like it was already to late to help Alphen, who had just coughed out a tooth. He realized he was having trouble holding the Blazing Sword before he muttered," No…no matter what you…you won't,"


Kull howled out as he smashed the ground, and caused the terrain around Alphen to shoot up. The blow caused Alphen to rocket into the air, and when he landed his body shattered into pieces.

He saw Shionne's horrified look and reached out to her while muttering," Shionne…I…I." At that point his jaw fell off. As he turned to dust Shionne fell to her knees." A…Alphen? No…it was…not supposed to be like this. You were going to be…the first…AHHH!"

As Shionne looked broken Kull laughed madly. "But you see my puppet this is how things work in the universe, it's the absolute rules of nature! Again and again those who cling to concepts such as love, fairness, justice, and the rest of that moral dreck tried to hustle the universe into thinking such things had value, that the winds of nature curved in the direction of such weak things.

But the Death Stranding proved once and for all what the true nature of the universe really is! It's not the just that are the champions of the universe, it's not the loving, the kind, it's the monsters that come out on top cause only those that do what it takes to win reach the throne! All hero's are good for…are clowns to entertain the masses with their nonsense! But now that the farce is over…it's time to be taken out with the rest of the trash!"

Mike saw how confident the Sovereign Supreme looked, and saw Astra's motionless body hanging on him like a trophy before he winced." No…it can't end like this, it can't!"

"And yet it will vermin! Because in the end god has forsaken you and all other" Agents of justice"! It's taken centuries to smash in the fact that god does not side with the light anymore…it sides with the devils, the monsters! Because we are the true nature of the universe and you have been forsaken! You have nothing left to do but die!"

Mike was about to retort but paused as he saw Astra's body was starting to glow red. He paused to make sure it was not something Knull was doing before he gulped." Well…we are not out of cards yet so not folding till the end."

"Fine…be the examples of all who, huh?"

Knull then noticed a ship was coming for him, and paused as he realized it was a detached part of his own castle. He eyed it flying by, before he widened his eyes." That…that's the part of the vault that has my…backups? You bugs really are desperate enough to try anything. But you can't take my treasure from me. You can not escape from, huh?"

He was caught off guard to see the ship suddenly head for him before his eye twitched." At last some common sense…but it's too late to grovel!"

Knull grasped the shuttle with his hand and paused. He eyed it carefully before he widened his eyes." A…bomb? You think you can hide a bomb amiss my treasures and that would be that? You underestimated me for the last time! Moebius Diffusion!"

The King of the Abyss once more emerged from his giant shadow armor to stab the detached segment of Omnipotence city with Gorr, this caused all of the energy in the segment, including the God-bomb to be absorbed into the blade.

As a current of power coursed through his body, and everything attached to it, Knull then had black substance flood into the detached vault. Sam saw the substance already grasping Fragile before on instinct he pushed her out of its path just as he was caught.

Fragile saw Sam get impaled before she yelled out and warped out of the vault pod. Knull saw everyone's despair at seeing the segment be absorbed into the dome around Rena before he snickered with disgust." So that was your last stand eh? Not bad…but not good enough to outwit the King of the Abyss!

Do you see it now? Do you see that it's my destiny to be the favored redeemer of the universe? If you beg…I will give you the chance to live on as my servant! It's your last, only option! Heroism is worthless, only monsters win in reality so submit to the, huh? What…what is this…GUH!"

Knull's attack was blocked off as an explosion of red energy burst out of his body. As Knull realized that was just where Astra's body was his eyes widened." What…no…impossible!"

To understand how this event was not completely random we rewind time a bit.

After Astra was stabbed her, or at least her soul awakened to find herself in front of a grey sky, on a beach. She found herself pinned by some rocks and saw the water was pitch black before she looked around weakly she quickly realized she was underwater." God damn it…did that bastard knock me half away across this busted planet?

Ugh…though I was stabbed but that son of a bitch sounds like the kind of jackass who would punt someone when they are down. Ugh…did not get this far to drown here! Got to."

"What are you doing here?"

A voice asked." Astra gasped before she looked around and saw Sam was swimming to her before the Porter muttered," What are you doing in The Seam?"

"Where the hell is that? Did that whackjob lock us in some fancy new part of his castle for torturing and what not?"

"No… the Seam is a place of purgatory that someone is sent to after death."

"Wait this is seriously the afterlife? The hell Sam your chill even when you die!?"

"Not quite…its because I'm not dead yet. Well I sort of am but because of some glitch in the universe I have the power of Repatriation. Someone who is known as a "repatriate" has the ability to guide their soul in the Seam by following being "stranded", ultimately bringing themselves back to life if they find their body. The only one else I knew that had this power is Higgs."

"For real? Hell I never died before so I did not know I could pull it off. Wait so I just…swim back to life or something?"

"Not quite…you have to find your stream before it's too late. I found mine, if you want to keep going you have to find yours."

"What the hell is it even, huh?"

Astra saw a red thread floating in the water, she shrugged before muttering," Could use a break after all the curveball's today."

The blond woman tried to grasp it but found that the strand was stuck by a rock before she winced." Damn it…not now."

Sam saw Astra was getting weaker before he pushed the rock to, and managed to get it to topple over. Astra saw a hole of light appear behind her before she smirked." Now that's what I'm talking about! I'm not done yet…I'm going to…huh? Whoa!"

A red light engulfed her, before when she awakened she saw she was back on Rena, on her feet. She staggered a bit before she regained her balance, and saw Mike and the others in the distance.

She raised an eyebrow before muttering," What…you really came all the way here just to gawk? God damn dumbasses."

Mike's jaw dropped before he blinked a few times." Astra…your alive?"

"Do I look like a ghost or a zombie to you your highness?"

"But you were not moving!"

"Cause this punk hit me hard enough to knock me out but I thought you were not sheltered enough to know between unconscious and dead moron!"

"Impossible!" Knull roared out." I did not see anyone cast any revival magic! I…I stabbed you through the heart! I felt no pulse from your body!"

Astra paused before she realized the hole in her chest was patched up before she raised an eyebrow. She grasped her fist tightly before narrowing her eyes." Where I come from…we don't die that easily Bob! Still...your tricks are really starting to piss me off!"

The blond woman yelled at the top of her lungs before her now red aura erupted with such force that it knocked Knull back.

Everyone saw Astra started to transform before she grew fangs in each side of her teeth. Her skin became extremely pale, she had one light silver eyes and a blazing red eye."

Crash saw the entire planet seem to shake before he muttered," Whoa…I did not know you hit her with your ray or something Cortex!"

"This is not me! she was a sheep remember? It's almost like she turned into a demon! And like, the kind of hardcore demon that makes Uka Uka look freindly!"

James eyed Astra before the hologram winced." Her energy has now become demonic, in synch with hell itself, so that seems to be the case."

Ratchet noticed that Astra now had had black marks or tattoos that appeared all over her face, shoulders, arms, and front upper body section before he raised an eyebrow." I'm no demon expert but what's with the random tattoo job?"

2B paused before she winced." Those marks have been identified…they are the marks of the Mazoku. And the Mazoku are supernatural beings and a special type of Elite even among powerful …are enemy do something to her? Because I'm at a loss at how this occurred."

James's eyes widened before he muttered," By the light, it's because of her relation to Doug! His Devil Gene…passed on to her!"

Mike paused before he looked at the hologram of his dad's friend." Really? But sounds like his kids were not demons, right?"

"True, but this is the process called The Atavism of the Mazoku. Its when atavism, a trait that recurs in a descendant after skipping generations and even resulting in a reversion to the primitive characteristics of a remote ancestor, occurs as a result of a demon deliberately rendering its genes a recessive trait until that code can express itself in a descendant strong enough to succeed it, effectively creating a demon sleeper agent.

Astra…was the one who inherited Doug's power more than any of his offspring so far. This near-death experience must have been the" Devil Trigger.".

The blond woman heard what the former Enji Master said and looked at the mark of the Mazoku on her body. She looked at herself before she winced." That drunk bastard, half a chance this was a total fluke, or something he planned for the kicks. Is that…why he purged Sigrun out of my body? Damn it…I'll see how he likes it next time I see him. But since I don't see him around your ass is first Bob!?"

Knull eyed Astra carefully before he snarled with indignation." What…you're a demon to?"

Astra regained her composure before she smirked at her enemy." Guess you're not the only one who got caught in a con? Though I did not really have a choice for this gig."

Astra saw Alphen's blazing sword near her, saw his remains , and saw Shionne and Rinwell still looked broken before she grasped her fist tightly." Still…at least it's worth something. Iron Mask may have been naïve but…he did not deserve what he got. I think its high time I equalize the hell out of yah!"

"Bah…this farce means nothing!" Knull shrieked out as shadowly dragon heads erupted all around Astra." You can change your eyes but you could never match the true power of the Dark Si, GUH!"

In a flash Astra showed how fed up she was with Knull by in the blink of an eye punching her target. The blow hit Knull right out of his Subsumer armor. Everyone was amazed to see Knull was hit so hard that she knocked him around the planet in the span of seconds. Astra casually turned around before muttering," Shut,"

Before she could finish, she smashed Knull downward with such force that he was rocketed through the planet as she hissed out," The hell."

In a flash she burst all the way around the other side of the planet. Just as Knull burst out of the other side of Rena he saw Astra waiting for him while crying out," UP!"

The demonic woman punched Knull right in his skull, sending him rocketing through the entire hollow planet in seconds. Mike saw Knull burst out of the ground, and yell in pain as his jaw was shattered from the combo before he tugged his collar." Damn…and I was worried about getting on her bad side before."

Kisara saw that Knull had fear in his eyes before she took a deep breath." I'm not sure I got all the details on what is going on, but as long as Astra does not turn her fury on us it seems like we might have caught a break."

Knull saw Astra had flew above him before he had his jaw regenerate and roared with fury." Damn you…DAMN YOU! I will kill you! For this I'll give you the ultimate death that will terrorize the entire universe!"

"Man you and reality just don't get alone eh Bob? Good thing for me it's clear you don't have what it takes to kill me!"

"SILENCE!" Knull roared out as he took out Gorr once more." I am Knull Z Diavolo! Yes...I'm the one who will redeem this universe and bind it in the darkness of the abyss! This…all of this is clearly just a test to stand victorious against my past!

Yes…a person grows once they are able to defeat their weaker self. No matter how much I try and tear apart this universe's past, it still manages to wriggle up like a worm under a rock! Someone may be blessing you woman…but I'll just kill them next for getting in the way of my destiny! Mazoku may have been the highest caliber of demon in the past, but it just means I surpassed it! Even if your body has some hidden regenerative function, even if your immortal I'll just rip your very soul apart with Gorr the Butcher! Even "Gods" are just prey to the All-Black God Slayer!"

The ruler of the Poseidal clan burst at Astra to try and impale her through with his red sword. For a moment she looked like she was hit, only for Knull to realize she left an after-image right before Knull got hit hard in the gut. As he coughed up blood Astra gave her opponent the middle finger." Even if that sword does all that stuff its worth jack when you can't tag me with it."


Knull cried out before the shadows rippled around him till they grew and expanded to become five black berserk clones of himself. All six of the bodies gave out roars of pure hatred before charging at Astra and slashing and hacking at her from all directions.

Despite moving so fast they all are like black blurs to the others, Astra is able to evade all the strikes at once, moving so fast it's like she's not even moving to the eyes of the others.

The transformed blond woman saw Knull and his Black Berserk clones shirking like banshees before she narrowed her eyes." Trying to kill me by ramping up the bad breath? I can smell which one the real you is "Bob"! You're not fooling me with crap like this!"

"Your tongue will burn for mocking me!

Enflamed Rage!

Darkened Envy!

Earthen Delusion!

Tempestuous Greed!

Watery Ego!"

The blond woman saw magical attacks of fire, dark light, earth, wind, and water head at her from all directions from all the clones. Yet she took a deep breath before in a flash Astra dove to the upper right through the attacks, and gave a roundhouse kick that launched one of the Knull's heads off. But as it did its head shattered into black slime that got on the rouge Equalizer's eyes. Causing Knull to smirk." It was meant to fool you in a way other then you anticipated whore! AND NOW I" LL BUCTURE YOUR SOUL!"

Knull thrusted from above, but despite being blinded Astra felt the energy coming from above and moved upward just as Knull slashed. She was able to catch the blade with her hands, and grit her teeth." I'm done being stabbed today prick!"

"You can't hold me back forever! This time I won't stop till I drain you into a husk like that blazing buffoon! It's useless!"

"I'll decide for myself what's useless! Just like when you tried to get into my mind before, if I know it's coming I got something ready! Soul Rupture!"

Astra had her hands glow before she sent a burst of energy to disrupt the blade trying to consume her soul. In response Gorr glowed as well, before a flash of light blinded the two. When Astra could see again she saw she was in a vast endless desert. She saw nothing but corpses around her before her eye twitched." Oh, hell don't tell me I died again!"

"You're not dead yet "God" though you're in death itself."

The half demon swerved around to see a pale white bald humanoid male wearing nothing but a long black cloak with tentacle coming out of the side of his head. Astra saw he did not look like he was about to attack but kept her guard up before she snorted out," What…your some Togruta trying to pass off as some reaper or "Shinigami"?

"Tsc…I'm no "God of death." The pale man hissed out as he glared at Astra with his yellow iris's." I'm the butcher of gods, for I am Gorr."

"Oh, yah Knull did call his sword that and said his servant turned into his sword or something."

"I'm no lacky! I just did this to slay every last deity in the unvierse! You…your soul is the most…unique I tasted. You somehow resisted me and now your in the blade's "inner world"."

Astra looked around before she shrugged." You chose to live in this dump? Your race fond of sand or something? Seems like its course and rough and gets everywhere."

"This…is where I use to live when I was alive. I chose to remember what drives me to slay all who call themselves god. I was born on a planet with no name, almost every day on the brink of starvation. I was taught to trust in the god, but God never answered my prayers. I lost my parents, my wife, my children, everything!

While wandering the desert praying to die, two figures crashed into where you see here, the man that called himself the Knull, and an angel. The angel begged me for help, but after never answering my prayers, why should I answer his? I helped Knull slay him, and agreed to join him get revenge and vowed to seek vengeance against all gods for never answering our prayers, and set out to kill them all!

I became this Necrosword to best see my vengeance, and at last soon that vengeance will be at hand!"

Astra saw Gorr's conviction before she rolled her eyes." Damn dude, I almost sympathize with you accept for you joining with an even bigger entitled asshole then the ones your trying to kill. You do realize Knull's just as bad as the people who left your planet to rot right? You do realize that all your doing is going to make him god if this goes as he planned it?"

The pale man winced before he grasped his fist carefully." Compromises must be made…I'll absorb Knull's soul himself if he betrays his vow! Whatever happens, I must kill all the gods!"

"Quick question Baldy what do you think god is? Cause if you're getting too broad here, you're just going to kill anyone who has any kind of power over anyone."

Gorr paused before he looked down." No one really asked me that before. God, god is the one who controls everything, the one with the power who is supposed to control everything. Yet...with all that power gave us nothing but suffering all for their amusement. I wanted to kill those who made me suffer and made the universe a place were we suffer for nothing!"

"You do realize that Knull does the same thing right?"

"I…I don't really see the outside universe till I consume someone's soul."

"Well then, your being conned man! Hell I'm down with killing those on the top who screwed us all over with their impossible standards."

"You want to butcher gods to?"

"Yah…the ones who's corrupt entitled out of touch decisions screwed us all. Not the one's that did nothing but try and live their lives, that's just being a jackass. The blunt truth is that long as pepole think diffrently there will be strong folk and weak folk, and some folk are so strong that to some they come off as " God". Some are just find soaking in that attention, and do anything they can to make sure everyone sees them as a untouchable god. Those pepole that do anything they can to seen as god, are the last ones who deserve that spot.

Maybe not everyone can be as happy as others without robbing free will entirely, but at least pepole that deserve to be on top should be over those who only get there spot vie lying and cheating eh? Think of it this way...this way you don't run out of punks to butcher!"

Gorr saw the convection in Astra's eyes before he looked at his hands."I wanted to kill those who made my family suffer, not make those like my family suffer. You…you and I are more alike than I thought demon woman. It's a shame we had to meet like this."

"Hey who says it has to be a shame? If you want to not just be a tool ditch the pale dumbass and work for me!"

"I…I was created by Knull to be his God Slaying blade."

"Oh yah? Well as long as you have a mind of your own your free to do what you want right? What he has a self-destruct button for you or something? If I can slay him before he slays us then he won't control you anymore."

Gorr paused before he closed his eyes." If your energy can override Knull's, then there is nothing to stop me from being welded by you. But if you go back on what you say I'll consume your soul!"

"Heh, hey I con enemies but not partners. Well then Gorr, let's go butcher some would be god eh?"

Gorr paused before he smirked." Your terms are…acceptable."

The two shook hands before the Inner-World unleashed a light. At this time when the light faded Knull saw Astra was not being harmed before he raised an eyebrow." You can negate this to? I command you Gorr, Butcher this vile woman's soul! If you can't even do that right then you're to defective to, GUH!"

To his shock what he thought was his own sword suddenly had its hilt have thrones shoot out to pierce his hand. He yelled out and dropped Gorr, before Astra smirked and caught it. She gave it a few waves before her smirk widened." Thanks for the new blade jackass. It does not quite have the feel of my old blade but, it will do."

Knull blinked a few times before veins appeared on his forehead." You…you turned my own blade against me? I created the God Butcher! A simpleton like you does not have the magic to override my power! "

"I sure as hell could but I did not even have to do that! Your sword just like's my plan better than yours cause he could smell a hypocrite as soon as he could see he was being gaslighted!"

Astra had her aura flare up before the red sword blade transformed to have a spine-like structure attached to two curved blades via an organic looking substance. The top portion had a large glowing red gem-like object in the center. The other side had two significantly smaller gems, glowing orange and pink.

As she got into a fighting stance she looked murderous." After all…You just want to become the new God" Bob" while I want to kill anyone who thinks they have the right to be god…till there is no god, just everyone being nice and equal where no one is the prey!"

"You…you can't do this! You, GUH!"

In a flash Astra showed what she thought of Knull's outburst before she slashed Knull's former sword arm off.

As he howled in pain he looked at Astra before screaming at the top of his lungs." DAMN YOU ALL! EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU WILL DIE!"

Astra was about to slash again till she saw the ground behind her transform to a giant dragon mouth. She easily slashed it in half, but saw more coming for her and was distracted enough slashing through the attacks to allow Knull to fly above her.

The Sovereign Supreme regenerated his arm before his aura expanded till it covered the sky. He put his hands in the air before his eyes glowed red." I don't need this planet anymore! I'll bury heathens and traitors alike to surpass my older self! Infinite…FINALE!"

Knull had his aura condense into a massive purple and black energy sphere before he hurled it at Rena. Despite the blast covering the sky Astra spat on the ground before grasping her fist tightly." Figures you rage quit like a little bitch Bob. Huff and puff all you want but you're not blowing me down! This…sounds about right."

Astra powered up before she threw Gorr to the ground and put her hands up like she was going to use the Masako. However now her new wings extended before forming red energy spheres of their own. As the three energy beams formed a chain Astra widened her eyes." Let me show you what the rage of a real devil is like! Berial…Masako!"

The three energy spheres combined to fire off as a triple red projectile that rocketed at the energy blast. Knull saw his ultimate projectile was being pushed back before he yelled at the top of his lungs." No…no matter what you mutated into whore your energy is still finite. I…I have the souls across my entire empire to fuel me more and more! I am the limitless void! I CAN NOT LOSE!"

Astra was able to have her new energy beam keep making progress, but her beam was slowed down as her enemy's attack got bigger. But as she was focused on killing Knull, she was distracted as a giant black dragon head formed behind her, and fired a red energy blast at her back.

Mike saw she was distracted and ran up." I think you cheated more than enough for one life time!"

He flew in front of the blast and put up a barrier. While he was pushed several feet he stood his ground while yelling out," Your paying your debt no matter what! Compound…Fracture…Flash!"

Mile had blood come out of his mouth, but he managed to absorb the energy blast into his barrier, and reconverted it into a massive crescent shaped green energy wave that he hurled at Knull.

The Sovereign Supreme got hit by Mike's attack, and it was powerful enough to make him stagger as he hissed out," You damn worm! You will pay for that!"

Astra saw her enemies focus was wavering before she smirked." Not bad at being useful Mikey. Your out of tricks jackass!"

"NO! I won't let you beat me!"

The recovered Masaki had the Cybuster fly up before the green haired man snickered." Time for a dose of reality, Cosmo Nova!"

The sliver mecha quickly unleashed its ultimate projectile, and as the massive energy sphere combined with Astra's beam, it and the other Mecha's attacks, along with the charged particle blasts of the Hange and Eden Zero helped Astra over power the Infinity Finale energy blast.

Knull saw his blast being overpowered and hissed out," Impossible…IMPOSSIBLE! GAUH!"

Everyone saw a massive flash of light that shattered the entire dome over Rena, and kept going across space. Shionne saw the light before she grasped her hand tightly." That's for Alphen you bastard!"

Rinwell took a deep breath before she eyed Astra." That was…so awesome! I hope that creep suffered as he died."

Astra paused before she saw some body parts of Knull got blown off before he was vaporized, and saw they were wiggling before she narrowed her eyes." Don't jump the gun yet gal, this is one stubborn bastard. Still…if he just wants to drag this out then fine by me."

The pieces wiggled together till they sunk to the ground. For a moment the group thought that meant it was over, till the fragments all sprouted into Knull's head. All of them screamed out in unison as they slowly tried to reform into a full body before yelling out," How dare you…HOW DARE YOU! I am not some mere thug, I AM THE NEW GOD! I have spread myself all over this planet…you can't kill me like some common mortal!"

"Well guess we will just see how many times I have to slice your head off till you stay down!"

"ENOUGH! The time has come to where it won't matter who has what body, cause ALL bodies in the universe will be bound to me! All you did is make your ends even more agonizing, cause the time has come for redemption!"

Astra winced as Lenegis started glowing before she pointed Gorr at it." You think I can't blow that up to?"

Mike winced before running up." Chill out on going full devil over there Astra some of are pals, and are ride is still over there!"

The transformed blond woman grit her teeth before shrugging." Don't act like I'm some mindless beast dude, but we are running out of time!"

"More like time's up for the old era!"

All the Knull heads cried out as the space station above glowed more and more." Soon, all of the souls will be united, TO ME!"

Despite the situation Astra spat on the nearest head of her enemy." I'm half expecting it to blow up in your face but I got stuff in the ship next to that station. Still, you really think this is your ace in the hole eh? Your already one broken son of a bitch, and if you pull this off you won't even know who's the real you anymore Bob!"

"You think you can make me doubt my masterpiece now?"

"Hell yah, I heard how many times this was botched in history for one, and you don't even know who the real you is now! Hell your going to be more messed up then all those that botched those Bene Gesserit Sisterhood and there Other Memory thing. Heh, you were never some genius Bob, just some guy who got lucky and ran with ideas and things he stole from others."


"Oh yah? Then why are you unable to control your own thoughts? Looks like you're not even able to keep control of yourself, let alone every other soul in the whole damn universe!"

Knull paused as he saw that the left most head that emerged was one that looked like his previous self. The" Bob" head looked around and shouted out in terror." No…no what is this? This…this is not supposed to happen!"

"Go back to sleep you worthless shadow! It will all be over once you stop dragging things down!"

"You, you're supposed to be the side that gets things done, but things look worst then ever!"

"This is just a flesh wound in the face of god! This is all because you keep interfering and dragging me down! I always had to get things done for us! Without me you would have died hours after mother starved! It was all part of the plan to come out on top of this broken universe! And I turned this body from a near starving street rat, to the man who will take the throne of god!

Once the Void of death left me, the two angels came. Pulled me from the light, to return to this chaotic room with its malodorous flavors. But gloriously free of the entirety of my sadness and failure, I am reborn - I AM LIFE-IN-DEATH! AND I HAVE ASCENDED MY WEAKER SELF SO DON'T GET IN THE WAY AND WE WILL BE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!"

The Bob head looked at Omnipotence city and with enhanced vison saw his original wife, the blond-haired Lindy Lee Reynolds, seeing all the separate Knull heads on a monitor and screamed and pointed at him like he was a monster.

This caused the Bob head to scream out." No…this this is not what this was all about. This was supposed to make everyone in the universe love me!"

"You never got to decide things vermin! Love itself is a façade! They can only become us or fear us, that's the only way we could control everything!"

"No…they can still love me, once I get rid of the monster, once I can get rid of you!"

The Knull heads saw the Bob head's eyes glow before snarling with outrage." You DARE Challenge your true nature for the throne you lesser half! Ungrateful vermin! Today I overcome my past self, FOREVER!"

Everyone saw more of the Knull heads turn to Bob heads before they all started blasting each other. Kisara saw one head go flying before she gulped." I admit…I have no idea what's going on anymore."

James looked around before he readjusted his glasses out of habit." It would seem, the blow Astra landed was so severe that the" Sovereign Supreme" lost control of his own mind and his "Other half" is now fighting for control. And thanks to his mutated nature he's now divided both mentally and physically, I'm glad Ben's mental issues with Idious did not reach this level."

Shionne saw explosions break out all over before her eye twitched." So, does this mean he's going to break into even more people? I just want this monster to die already! "

Dohalim glanced at the Renas Alma and gasped." Wait…if his will's this fractured, then maybe the Renas Alma can condense him and we can finish him once and for all!"

Shionne glanced at the orb before she grasped her fist tightly." That…could work?"

Rinwell glanced at the sky before she winced." It's the best shot we have right now so lets just end this!"

Shionne nodded, and ran to the orb. She dodged an incoming laser, and as the others gave her cover fire she grasped it before wiping tears from her eyes." Alphen…we are going to be free of this nightmare, once and for all! Whatever your true name is, I'm done with you, the universe is done with you! GET OUT!"

The pink haired woman succeeded in using the magical orb to draw in the fragmented divided forms of the Sovereign Supreme into the orb he made to try and spread his power. To her shock, even her own thorns were extracted out of her body and ripped into the Renas Alma.

She saw some of the Knull heads yell at her and some of the Bob heads scream before she looked as composed as she could." You don't like what it's like to have someone take your freedom from you? Too bad…it's just the start of what you deserve!"

The orb turned pitch black in seconds before Knull's voice hissed out," HOW DARE YOU MOCK ME EVEN FURTHER SLAVE! YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST SEAL ME AWAY IN HERE FOR LONG!?"

Before she could response Astra landed along side Shionne before cracking her neck." Maybe not, but that's where I tag in! Let me handle this Shionne, I learned how to shut down dicks without them taking anyone else with them."

The pink haired woman nodded before handing into the Equalizer. Astra glanced at the wrecked part of the ship that still had the Sleeve's of the Sentry before she glanced at Mike." You got the metal we were aiming for out of that vault right?"

"Yah, Roll got it secure."

"Great, then let's wrap this up!"

In a flash Astra burst for the wrecked section of the ship like a sonic boom and slammed the Renas Alma holding Knull's essence like a basket ball with such force that it shook the entire planet. As Knull tried to break free he yelled out," No…NO!"

"More like hell yah bastard! Just what you got coming for trying to make everyone your damn slaves!"

"You think you can reach your dream life? And what happens when you can not choose? When you can't make that dream reality no matter what you choose? In that desperate moment, there will be nothing but despair! The self is all that exists! As such, the only cure is total oblivion or absolute subjugation! "

"OR we can just deal with it! And I'll do that by getting rid of yah! SUCK IT BOB!"

Astra slashed the orb with Gorr, then powered up, and kicked the entire section of the vault with an energy infused kick, right at the deactivated Godbomb.

It only took a few moments for the blow to launch the vault segment out of Rena, and right through a segment of Omnipotence city, just as it was about to unleash the wave. This caused the process to backfire, and shut it down right as it was about to be unleashed. Knull could only scream in horror as everything he worked on was collapsing in front of his eyes. He then noticed that Astra's energy infused kick, restarted the God-bomb.

The deranged leader of the Poseidal clan saw the giant sphere resume its countdown where it left off before his spectral body chilled with fear." No…impossible! I'm…the Lord of the Abyss! I AM THE ESSENCE OF THE DARK TRUTH OF Al… ARHHH!"

The God-Bomb exploded, before unleashing an explosion so massive that it looked like an exploding super nova.

Astra saw that when the light faded, only darkness could be seen before she snickered. "Well looks like you are seeing reality now Bob, cause your nothing but darkness now, just like what you deserve. Someone as messed up as you is never going to arrive at the truth. "

Shionne saw that the shadows around Rena were collapsing before she grasped her hands tightly." Is…is he finally over?"

Astra looked around before she shrugged." I can't sense his energy anywhere, and thanks to his" Genius" plan he blew up his "Backup" Sleeve bodies to boot. He's really, finally dead."

Rinwell saw Shionne looked shocked before she ran up to her." And after all that you finally broke free! You helped us all get free!"

On instinct the younger woman hugged her friend, and Shionne was too shocked to stop her. Kisara saw the hug go through before her jaw dropped." Shionne…you can be touched?"

Rinwell gasped before she looked at her friend." The thorns…your curse…it really is gone? You don't feel pain anymore?"

Shionne looked at her hands, and got teary eyed." The part of Knull that was in me was purged into the Renas Alma….I'm finally free. Alphen…I…I wanted to….oh god."

Mike saw Shionne breaking down before he looked at the Blazing Sword and winced." He…he gave everything to make his world free, and he pulled it off. But…they were not kidding when they said freedom's price tag is a steep one."

Astra spat on the ground before shrugging." Maybe…but now these assholes playing god are learning that there is a price to thinking they can do whatever they want and not have to answer for it."

While Knull may have been oblivious to the last moment, his forces were shaken to the core at the sight of his defeat. Ethel was one of the surviving commanders who made it to the end of the fight, and after seeing the God Bomb go off she looked down on planet Rena, and saw Astra's demon form." What…what kind of power could that woman have tapped into to overcome the Sovereign Supreme? Either way…its more then the rest of the entire fleet can handle. I'm getting a transmission from Giwaza, all forces are to retreat to Sveto."

"What?" Her fellow commander Mian uttered." We just are going to let the rebels take this planet?"

"If the ruler of the Poseidal clan was really just killed we have far more to worry about then just holding on to planet Dahna once either Homelander or the Viltrumite tribe realizes this! All forces full retreat!"

It only took a few more moments before most of the Poseidal clan military units tried to get into hyperspace as fast as they could. One of the few units that refused to stop fighting, were Van and Gadved.

The two former friends had to stop there fight a few times as some of Knull's actions knocked the two 's fight off course. But the death of the Sovereign Supreme just caused Van to snort out," Guess your plans are even more full of it then you thought eh Gadved?"

The bearded mecha pilot gripped his controls tightly as he looked down on Rena." You don't even understand what my desire is in the first place because your to emotional!"

"Like its anything but relying on some crazy power to get your way!"

"You mock me, and yet your greatest ally seems to be a devil woman? And you really think your path is more just than mine Van?"

"You think I give a damn about a righteous path? All I care about is getting vengeance on those who wronged me! If morals and virtues are all a con, then all that matters is backing the devil that will get me what I want!"

"If you revel in being a single-minded beast then I'll cleave through your singular vision Greenhorn!" Gadved cried out as he tried to slice Daan in half.

He had the Diablo spin around its ax rapidly, but while it nicked Daan, its hat wearing pilot grit his teeth." Nice one, Gadved. But…no matter how much of a pain in the ass you might be inf you refuse to get out of my way I'm going through you! Your good with that Axe, but I'm better with my blade!"

His former friend sneered as he tried to land a blow. Just when Gadved thought he was going to connect Van had his armor transform from a humanoid shape into a sword, and thrusted into his enemy's shoulder joint before he could swing the ax down.

Sparks burst out all over the Diablo from the impact, and as the pilot hit its head from the recoil he snarled out," No, you may injure my body but my heart remains unbroken! GUH!"

Van had Daan keep thrusting forward till he pinned the Diablo to the wreckage of one of the blown up war ships. As Gadved realized what happened Van backed up and fired a barrage of energy blasts at his target. While low powered, it barraged the Diablo long enough for Van to back up and transform his machine back into its humanoid state before he grasped his blade before charging back," Gadved…RAAHHH!"

The vengeful tuxedo wearing pilot unleashed a furious barrage of slices that sliced through all the major systems of his opponent's machines. The impact caused Gadved to hit the head of his cockpit. He looked at the computer, and saw that data he was gathering on the battle had transfered before he let out a bitter chuckle." My dream is…passing away. And with it, my sins…GAH!"

Van saw chunks of the Diablo explode before he could only mutter," Gadved…"


"Someday…let's talk about the same dream."

"I…I look forward to it. Till then…focus yourself so you can finish that puzzle I gave you. I…my dream lies in tatters, along with the crimes I have committed. Van…if your serious about your path, you better not give up making your dream come true. I'll see you in one hell or another."

Van was about to say something, till the Diablo exploded. The revenge seeking man saw the ax fly into space before he grasped the puzzle around his neck and had his eyes hardened." I'll see it through because it's a damn simple dream Gadved, no matter what happens I'll keep coming till I get revenge on those who took my happiness away from me! Tsc, at least this group looks as dead set at getting things done as me.

Hell, that Astra chick might be hard core enough to pull up that stuff off when I thought they were all just drunk. Well…just got to take one step at a time."

Van caught up with Masaki and the rest of the SRX team as it seemed that the battle for Dahna had been decided. Dohalim looked around before he took a deep breath." I knew it would not be easy, but I admit I did not think the cost would be this steep."

Mike saw Shionne looked like she was going to cry again before he eyed Astra and cleared his throat." Speaking of prices…hope the price for you to win was not to high Astra. You feeling ok after…whatever the hell just happened to you?"

Clank walked up and nodded." I'm still concerned as I don't detect a heartbeat from you right now."

Astra paused before she looked at herself and shrugged." Oh that? Chill out chrome dome, demon hearts don't beat like a humans."

Tanjiro eyed the woman with new tattoos on her body carefully before he winced." So…you really have changed into a demon…like Nezuko? You…you do smell different but, not like what she is or the demons I fought so far."

"Hey who said you could smell me creep? I, I'm not a demon like that Tanjiro cause I was not turned into this from an outside jackass, but from the inside. Sum it up, I was born to be able to do this, even if I did not know it at first. All cause of the old man."

James eyed Astra before he sighed." Even the uninformed can't deny that you're without a doubt the child of Doug Fitter, Astra. I confess, in such a short time you become a demon that's power and skill surpasses most of the enemies me, your father and Ben fought in the cosmic wars, and I'd wager your already a more powerful demon then most of the former seven demon lords that were Chaos Zannacross Necron's ultimate followers."

Astra saw the tense looks and shrugged." Hey, I'm not picky, long as it does not bite me in the ass I'll be whatever it takes to get the job done. Heh, I mean most folk who know my name think I'm a demon already, so might as well live up to the hype eh?'re not happy we don't have to bail the second one of the other "Nahobino" show up?"

Mike saw the tension before he broke the silence with a sheepish laugh." Hey long as you don't suddenly want to eat my heart I'll take any good news we can get these days."

"Tsc...I don't want that kind of blood in my gut not knowing where its been."

"Well works for me. Even if this might have been a turn for the worst a month ago, with the stakes as they are a demi-fiend or whatever is just another ace we have in are deck. And we got through this, well, not without losses but, with most of what we wanted to get done well, done so a win's a win right?"

As everyone looked at the state of things Megaman shrugged." Well…can't argue with that. Long as the even worst guys are not going to…eh don't want to jinx it. Your right, long as we can get through this day without things getting worst guess we came out on top right?"

James saw some were giving Astra tense looks before he eyed the child of his former teammate carefully and sighed. this truley want kind of life you wanted for your children? Even with a life time of being hunted by the forces of the universe...we never found you and Aqua raising your family. You...truley seemed to have lived a life without roots. I know you made it clear you don't care what the universe thought of your actions...but is having your children live as the embodyment of fury truley what you wanted for her? Do you even care? I do hope despite everything...we can get a answer to that. But for now...just have to remember there is worst demons for the universe to worry about.

As everyone tried to figure out how to take in everything, they slowly tried to figure out how to move on from here. Little did they know that their actions already were starting to make more waves than they realized.

After he left Muzan watched the rest of the battle unfold from a monitor. Upon seeing Astra kill Knull Muzan finished sipping some tea before he cleared his throat." I admit…to go from just distracting Knull long enough for me to see my own plans through to in fact kill him surpassed my expectations, I'll have to take them as seriously as the other clans from here on out.

Thankfully, because of their own actions, now at last the means to surpass them are in my grasp, is that not right Mahito, Higgs?"

A few seconds later Higgs whisked into the chamber in a burst of dark mist. The man with the gold skull mask snickered as he swept some dust off his coat." God damn, that was the most down to the wire paced delivery I made in a while, but guess the plan got pulled off, eh hand boy?"

He snapped his fingers before a hole appeared in the wall, before Mahito, still in the shape he was after Mike's attack came out, dragging the last pod containing one of the Sentry's Sleeve Clones.

The Special Grade demon took a few labored breaths before letting out a stressed chuckle." I'll admit that was a little too close for me. But thanks to that woman putting on a show, no one noticed I got one of the "Sentry's" Sleeves to individually jet away just before the rest were destroyed. Muzan, at long last you have one cloned body of one of the Nahobino for yourself."

Muzan took off his hat before raw hunger and ambition formed in his eyes as he touched the pod containing the clone body." Good work Mahito, your almost worth your asinine mannerisms at the moment. I'll give you time to recover, then you and Grimoire Noir will use your Idle Transfiguration to morph this, into a body proper for the Shadowlord, one that will be my perfect Gestalt vessle.

Robert Reynolds was so broken that he truly thought he was chosen by god, when he was just a fluke. In the end all the Nahobino got their power because Doug Fitter managed to capture one of Ben Auro's shadow clones and alter it, thus in the process rip out its divine power and transfer it into fruit he gave to the ones he chosen to become " gods" after consuming his " Ambrosia". Just as the legends say the first humans were purged from God's paradise after the devil gave them the Fruit of Knowledge, Doug Fitter created his own Nahobino to prove that Heaven had lost its mandate.

After so many of his comrades died or were no longer willing to keep fighting a hopeless battle the" Final Emperor" relied more and more on just using Shadow Clone magic to try and be everywhere at once. He thought an army of warriors with near infinite strength would be the ideal solution, till his arch enemy ambushed and corrupted one of those clones and gave that power to random men to make things more chaotic.

But as random as that process may have been, now at last that power will be where it should be. The current Nahaobino thought they were the chosen ones, that the one who came out on top would be the one who was fated to rule, not even humoring the idea that someone could repeat the process and take there godhood from them.

But, I'll be happy to wake them up to reality. Soon, so very soon I will no longer have to fear anything, because the universe will be ruled by someone far more superior than the weak wills of Ben Auro, Robert Reynolds or any other weak men, it will be ruled by someone at last fit to be god, me.

Author's Notes:

Gadved is from Gun X Sword. It may be random to have him join in in the middle of all this but it was a way to show all the various ways people express revenge, hate and fear across the chapter.

Gremory was a major demonic enemy in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night.

Astra's Mazoku demon form is more or less what Yusuke Urameshi gained across manga and anime series YuYu Hakusho, with a bit of the Devil Gene from Tekken and the Demi-Fiend from Shin Megami Tensei 3 Nocturne mixed in.

Gorr becoming Astra's sword may be a bit of a swerve from how he was in Love and Thunder but hope the logic makes enough sense, under Astra's command his new form is closer to the Sparta blade Dante and Trish use in Devil May Cry.

Well, I know I took a few curve balls from how a few things went but hope this direction to end this arc brough more enjoyment than annoyance. As always if you liked what you saw I would be grateful if you left a review, and see you next time.