Chapter 271: Choices that Make one the Predator or the Prey.

While Mike, Astra, and the rest of their group was quickly trying to figure out how to get past their current opponent, the original enemy they were chasing did not just vanish. After making sure she lost those behind her, she had the shuttle land in a underground pathway.

She stepped out with the Servbots, saw a room with featuring statues, orreries, banners, and other elaborate things showcasing the Mawkin Chozo, but saw a light at the end of the tunnel and ran through it.

She saw various drilling machines trying to get past a giant sphere the size of a city at the end of the bridge. One of the drilling machines stopped before Teisel and Bon Bonne popped out of one of them.

Teisel saw Tron was catching her breath before he smirked. "Right on time Tron, I need refueling more than the Blitzkrieg! Hey, where's my meatball sub!? Don't tell me you forgot already!"

"It's not that Teisel!" Tron spat at bitterly." It's that Megaman…he, he's here!"

"Wait…what!?" The older pirate blurted out." But…how…why would he be in a dump like this?"

"The same reason anyone comes to a broken piece of crap girl, to get loaded! Course…they are going to see just how big a mistake they made trying to nab my score."

Tron glanced to the right and saw a tall, muscular man with dark red eyes with dark shadows, a dark red curled beard, thick eyebrows, and spiky hair with a diamond-shaped pendant connected to a chain on his right temple walk up to the right.

His main attire consisted of a dark fur-collared, light-gray overcoat draped over his shoulders, a long-sleeved, high-collared white jacket, and a dark-violet turtleneck underneath with a pale-violet design that resembled flames.

Tron saw the man give a wide grin before she rolled her eyes." Hey, don't get cocky about this Drakken Joe, these guys are no chumps! Back at Endless Illusion my, fight with them was cut off because BT's swarmed the entire area. I thought, I thought they were done for. But, but they are alive. That Megaman is more stubborn than I thought, and I guess the others are to."

Joe snickered before he glanced at the sphere." I don't care how determined one digger is, he's going to realize he's digged to far real damn quick if he cuts into my turf! So he's behind yah or something?"

"No, I lost him." Tron muttered." But, you should know its not just him Joe. He is part of some crew. Like, there's a Lombax, a clumsy loan shark, and some blond hussy that's like, really strong. I, I think she is one of those Equalizers based on how she was talking!"

Joe paused before he narrowed his eyes." Blond woman? Oh hell, Astra? Damn, that bitch screwed me over on Aster IV! Wait…Ray she's with you!? If your trying to double cross me I'll hit you so hard you will land all the way on Verguld!"

Joe and Tron both glanced to the right, and saw a blond male that's hair went to his shoulders, and was wearing a black uniform. The member of the humanoid Verguldian race winced as everyone was glaring at him before he gulped and put up his hands defensively." Hey whoa let's calm down here Joe! You know us Equalizers are not the most organized bunch but I'm just trying to honor my contract with Wakanda so they honor their promise to help out my planet Verguld! We do have a way of settling disputes but, it kind of depends on the honor system. It's worked out, right Elena?"

A striking blond woman next to him gave a shrug in response before Teisel snickered." First that Digger and his smooth-talking friend screwed me over on Kattelox Island! Now they want to rub out the competition! Well, they are going to find out that the Bonne family does not roll over so easily!"

"That's right, you roll over even easier!" A snide voice retorted. Teisel glared at the source, a smug young man in a bird shaped digging tank before he grasped his fist tightly." Watch it, Glyde! I wanted this score more then I wanted to get payback for Nakkai Desert, but what matters more to me is wavering really rapidly right now!"

"Just try it! The Rafale is ready at any second to blow away any one in the way and one less divided in the pay is fine by me!"

"Gentlemen, we are forgetting something rather important here." A calm male voice uttered." Were these intruders looking for you, or were they already looking for something here?"

Everyone looked up and saw a round neon green warship floating above the others pause, before a middle-aged man with glasses and a top hat pop out of a cockpit. He glanced at Tron before he narrowed his eyes." It would be extremely important if we can deduce this quickly my dear."

Tron winced before she looked down. "They were shocked to see me, so I don't think they were hunting us or something Mr. Zone."

"And that means that they came here with the intent of getting this planet's treasure."

"Well, if they have a better plan then the Illumidas did. If their data was on point, we would be out of here by now!"

"To be fair, they were not lying, its just that the data was incomplete. What we were provided did help us get through without being harassed by those Titans and the other defensive E.M.M.I. robots running around.

It just, did not get this Elun section to open. Thus…its clear that something very, very important is behind this vault. It would seem these intruders could provide us a way to save some time. After all…how is it looking Angela Cross?"

A female Lombax in green armor looked up from her own machine before she winced." I mean, I brought all the tech Megacorp's got and its doing nothing on this vault! It's been centuries and yet nothing that's come out since can crack this!"

Joe snickered as he looked around." Guess it means that its true that things have gone down hill tech wise. Bah, might as well just try and brute force so we get something! Hey Will, you should just go ahead and try and blow a hole in this place!"

As a thin mecha armor with a rapier floated closer to the spherical vault a female voice hissed out," You fool! You want to kill us all?"

Everyone glanced behind Joe to see a humanoid dragon in purple armor stomp up and hiss at Joe." The entire reason we are here is to get what's behind the vault. If we blow it up, it could cause a chain reaction that will kill us all! And even if it does not, if we fail to do are job we will be killed for are failure!"

"Heh, chill Merga. This is Wakanda 's job right? All of this is based on if the big cat around here know's what he's doing? And if its not, then its all on him."

Merga hissed at Joe before she looked around." I thought you Oración Seis Galáctica members were supposed to be smart? Were you not paying attention when Wakanda took this job on behalf of Homelander to gain favor with the Vought clan? When has Homelander ever forgave failure!? We are acting as Asakari, as Wakanda's soldiers, so we will be seen as responsible to."

"Hey, maybe you and everyone else on Avalice got "drafted" into Wakanda 's army like the Kett, the Vyrians and all the others, but some of us just took a job to make a score!"

"I thought you lived long enough to know nuance is a dead concept! To those on the top there is only winners and losers, predator and prey! You either get results, or you die! That's why all that matters is not coming out of this as losers! My kind did not endure all of the woe's history through at us just to end up as losers!"

"Well, its still not are call then eh?" Joe spat out." Where is that "fatcat?" Anyway? Taking another break to call his brother for instructions?"

Teisel paused before he shrugged." You know, he did go out when Tron left. I thought he was just getting his own lunch. You think, he ran into that Megaman? He really thinks he's smooth enough to win them over?"

"No…he thinks he's strong enough to neutralize them." A composed voice uttered from the distance. Joe, Merga and the others looked up to see a man with a black cloak standing on one of the Chozo Statues. Joe looked at the man's right eye being a light blue color, and his left eye being a dark red color, and saw the calculated expression before he spat on the ground." What…you wanted dibs Yozora? You keep ranting about seeking a true fight worth fighting, so if that's so important then why you even bothering sticking around instead of challenging Omni-Man to a fight? Him and all the other mustache freaks love throwing there weight around!"

The man called Yozora looked at the sky before he sighed." Its more then a test of might I seek…I'm seeking the answer beyond the fighting."

"What the hell are you even saying? If your just crazy just say so."

"All you need to know is that I'm seeking the same thing you are for now, and want to see what's beyond this vault, and if it will give me the answer."

Joe and Yozora had a stare off before Joe smirked." Well…only a moron living under a rock or a sucker thinks any relationship will last after one job these days so, fair enough. Whatever, I don't give a damn about this rock and I only care about Wakanda as much as it pays me to so, lets see what's it's going to take to get a payday eh boys?"

Teisel, and some of the others around him nodded before trying to figure out if anything they could do could get the vault open.

As they did, the man who hired them was taking a more, direct approach to finding a solution. While Astra was not impressed by Tyson's reveal, the members of the group not half demons took the appearance of a Black Panther with shock and dread.

Tanjiro was mostly taking everything in the whole time he set forth on the dead planet, but was shocked at Tyson's true nature. He saw the man in black look like he was about to pounce before he raised an eyebrow." Wait…this man helped us back on Dahna right? So, he was just a demon all along? Like, some sort of panther demon who wanted to see Knull and his tribe fall?"

Grimoire Weiss sighed as he eyed Tyson carefully." Sigh, right, the whole living under a rock thing. Listen quickly lad, he's not a demon, just the champion of the Wakanda race. Wakanda as a culture, and as a kingdom thrived by having mastery over the mineral Vibranium, a metallic ore with energy-manipulating properties, and if tempered properly through a mix of magic and science, Vibranium can amplify mystical energies.

The Black Panther is not a demon Tanjiro, the title of the Black Panther is a generations-old mantle carried by the ruler of Wakanda that has spanned thousands of years.

Thus, between having a monopoly over that and having the favor of the celestial being Bast, they managed to do quite well throughout the history of there culture. Still, Wakanda nearly always takes a defensive stance on matters with those outsiders their borders, unless since I been asleep, Wakanda has been conquered."

Tyson snickered before he glanced at the floating book." Nah, Wakanda to the end will be independent, but we do adapt to the times book. Clear you have been sleeping for a hell of a long time if you don't realize just how bad things are these days just about, everywhere.

Any planet that just keeps their head in the sand hoping things will just get better just gets owned, and Wakanda don't do getting owned so we do what it takes."

Tanjiro saw even through the Black Panther mask that Tyson seemed grimly determined before he gulped." So, you just are looking out for your people? That's all we are trying to do! There is no reason for us to fight!"

"Guess you're another guy who's not gotten out much eh? Like I said its nothing personal but the dreams of everyone making it out ok together long died. Wakanda has to come first, its kind of my job I take seriously. That's why I'm going to be nice about this once, and then I'm not."

Astra shrugged before she took Gorr out of her sheath." Fine then, be a hardass all you want but don't blame me when your people lose all respect for you after the ownage I'm going to serve yah. You can talk the talk but you ran so fast from what was going on in Dahna that you did not even see what happened."

"Tsc, you really are to use to not having to care about anyone to not realize when someone has to keep their people safe Astra. I made sure my people were not going to get caught in the crossfire, but I did see how things went down, including you going through that whole Atavism of the Mazoku thing to own Sentry after he went postal. That was nicely done, enough for me to take you seriously."

Astra narrowed her eyes before she spat on the ground." Oh, still not impressed, eh? Your power level's higher than any Black Panther I remember having in history but that's still not going to be enough."

"Well…if you want to assume you know everything that's on you. But...if you insist on being stubborn about this, then you brought this on yourself."

Shiki had his eye twitch before he got into a fighting stance." Hey…sorry if you guys are in a bad spot to but we are not just going to roll over! Bad kitty! Magimech Attack: Gravity Fist Frenzy!"

The black-haired male ran up before his fist started to glow prior to unfolding a barrage of punches. Tyson deflected all the punch's with his viburnum daggers with ease. He was about to strike when Tanjiro jumped up from behind and cried out, only for the Black Panther to kick him in his chest without even turning around.

As the demon slayer got knocked back, Grimoire Weiss fired a lance shaped projectile at Tyson's right hand, but to his shock his target's body turned purple before the magic just got absorbed into the suit.

Tyson glanced at the floating book, but as he turned around both Megaman and Ratchet fired at him.

Megaman fired with his Ice Beam, while Ratchet unleashed a barrage of rapid fire shots from his purple Lighting Rod gun. Tyson tried to deflect the projectiles with his Kuai daggers, only for the ice to freeze him.

While it was unclear if this hurt the Black Panther, 2B, Crash, and Kanie all charged at him before the woman with the blindfold uttered," You may not be a evil person Tyson Hamilton M,Baku, but if you're trying to stop us you must in turn be stopped for the glory of the human race!"

Kaine smirked as she jumped up and had her blades glow." If you wanted to play hardball, don't moan when you can't, huh?"

The two ladies saw their target glow purple, before suddenly a shock-wave of energy burst out, shattering the ice instantly and smashed not only 2B, Crash, and Kaine back, but Ratchet, Megaman, Tanjiro, Shiki, and Grimoire Weiss all at once.

Tyson cracked his neck and saw how many were moaning in pain before he snickered." I'm fighting for the glory of the human race to girl, just my part of humanity! Better be able to cash a check you lay down girl. I'm trying to be civil about this but if your going to be thick headed about this then I'm going to have to, ugh, seriously?"

The champion of the Wakanda planet swerved around mid-sentence, so fast he looked like a blur, to intercept a kick Astra tried to land on him. The impact was strong enough to cause the ground around him to cave in, but Tyson did not even flinch as he glared at Astra. "Yah know…when your go to move is to fight dirty it becomes even more predictable yah know?"

"Think your such a badass eh kitty? So, your suit absorbs energy and releases it as kinetic shock-waves, eh? Not worth much if you get slugged to hard to counterattack!"

"Like I said Equalizer, don't say what you can't follow through with!"

"Tsc, think your suit can prepare you for everything eh? Well, you can't build a anti everything suit panther!"

Astra had her energy flare up before she unleashed a lunging punch. Tyson caught the fist, and while he was pushed back a few feet, as he was pushed into another wrecked part of the Eggman land Amusement Park his aura flared up before he pushed back.

He saw Astra's shock before throwing out a wry," Did you really think with all that's on the line Wakanda would rely solely on technology for protection? If you think I did not train my ass off to be the strongest Black Panther in history, then learn the hard way how wrong you are!"

Tyson headbutt Astra hard enough to make her wince, before he slashed at her with his dagger. Her shirt around her stomach got cut before she glared at her opponent." Yah know…you did not seem that bad a guy but if you are going to hiss and slash at me like a damn beast then I'm going to smack yah so hard even the Black Panther is going to be black and blue! Your no spoiled brat, I'll give you that much. But somethings you run into something you're just not going to be able to match!"

"Kind of hypocritical for you to say that after you offed one of the Nahobino eh?"

"And that's because I'm just that badass! But if you want to see just how up the creek you are then find. I'll show you the, huh?"

She saw a dagger fly by and smirked before evading it. She was about to taunt, when she realized in the blink of an eye he was gone. She sensed something, and swerved around to see that Tyson all but wrapped to where his dagger was, and was trying to stab her in the back. She quickly parried with Gorr before her eyes widened." Some kind of space-time warp spell eh? Nice try, but not fast enough!"

"You sure about that? The Flying Thunder God Technique was just the first step in my dance!"

Tyson uttered as he drew back his free hand. While Astra braced for a punch her opponent yelled out,"RinzinRasengan!"

Astra's eyes widened in alarm as she saw the Black Panther form a spinning ball of purple energy held in the palm of his hand, and slammed it into her chest before she could react.

The blond woman cried out in pain as she was launched into one of the buildings. As an explosion broke out Tyson cracked his neck." When you dance with thunder your going to get, huh?"

He saw a yellow energy blast come out of the smoke and instantly deflected it with his dagger. He then saw Astra emerge, and while she was grasping her now very burnt stomach she had a wild look of anger in her eyes." Piff…you're one slick panther all right but, little stings like that are not enough to put me down! You really thought that's all it takes eh?"

"Maybe, but that just means we do this the hard way!"

The blond woman spat in anger, but before she could start to power up Tyson threw his dagger at her. She caught it in time, and this time burst at the Black Panther as his suit glowed again." You can only pull a fast one on me like that once! If you stuck around you would have seen just how stubborn I am!"

"Oh, I saw girl! You may not have saw me but I saw you come back from the dead to waste Knull. Diss me all you want but I'm not big on just letting my enemies just power up to own me."

"Well, you're not a dumbass but you're not stopping me!"

"How about agreeing to disagree? Spears of Bashenga!"

Astra was caught off guard as purple spears suddenly burst out of the sides of Tyson's dreadlocks and all tried to impale and entangle her. Despite being attacked from many sides at once Astra dodged the strikes, and caught the left most spear attack with her left hand.

She then noticed her left leg and right shoulder get entangled as the spears en-wrapped around her before she grit her teeth." You think you can chain me down just with this? I told you, I'll show you just what your dealing with! I, huh?"

Astra tried to power up, only to realize her demon power was not coming out. She had veins form on her forehead before she winced." Huh? The hell? I, know this is how it felt when I went all out last time!"

"Maybe, but I'll bet your ship that its not working cause my Spears of Bashenga are not just about the tips of there blades. The chains also infuse energy that repress cells form changing, AKA surpassing all those transformations! If it worked on the Super Sayians, Meta-genes, or even gamma infused monsters like the legendary Incredible Hulk, it will work on you! The Black Panthers may have been warriors since the dawn of civilization but that does not mean we don't learn new tricks!"

Astra realized Tyson was not bluffing as she could not bring out her demonic energy before she glared at the humanoid cat." Think you got it all thought out eh Hamilton? I broke out of chains thicker then this!"

The blond woman promptly fired an energy blast to blow off the chains on her limbs. She tried to jump back, but saw Tyson crouch over before she tried to power up, and still failed before her enemy shrugged." True enough girl, but the microscopic Viburnum thorns that get injected into your bloodstream when your "tagged" might be a bit harder to cut out."

Astra had her eye twitch before she glanced at her wounded limbs and snickered." Tsc, if you thought that would stop me you were not around at the Exiled Lands. You know, I'm trying to be fair about this.

You don't seem like a bad dude, just a stubborn jackass and country to what some might say I don't just kill anyone on an moment's notice. Still, you're making it really hard not for me to kill you when you're pissing me off this much!"

"Tsc, if you still think I need your mercy Equalizer, then your drunk on power."

"Oh, that's it I'll show you just how many smug assholes I cut down kitty! Gorr…try and hold back a little, still want to come off like I'm the butcher of gods, not nations."

As she took out her new blade the red sword glowed." Are you sure your misdirected mistress? I, can sense the energy of deities around him."

"Hey, I know how much hype the Black Panther's have gotten but they are not gods."

"My senses are not so dull that I am so easily confused with technology. Like how your ally's robot was infused with a divine soul when Knull set me at her, your current opponent has some sort of divine essence stored in his body, though I'm unsure just how."

Astra took in what Gorr told her, then got back into a fighting stance." I'll admit you have a lot of surprises in your fur kitty. But…I have a bit of a reputation to hold up to and not going to lose it to you!"

The blond woman went on to charge, and Tyson parried Gorr with two more Kuni daggers before he narrowed his eyes." You think your reputation matters compared to the fate of all my people? Get over yourself girl!"

"Tsc, I have to be that badass, because only then can I pull something off that will stop everyone in this whole universe from being owned by some seriously self-absorbed bastards."

"So, you think because you killed Knull you can take down the Viltrumite 's and Homelander's circus? You raise your power level a little higher and you think you're on top of the world eh girl? The "Sentry" was erratic, but Homelander and Omni-Man are not nearly as careless, you're going to get a lot of lives get ruined cause your high on a power trip."

"You really think you know everything eh Hamilton? If I was thinking I was invincible I would have been making a scene on Night City trying to bash Homelander and the rest of his "Seven" with that tacky Arasaka Tower instead of looking around this dump! But I have something I have to do to make sure things don't get even worst, and its already a pain in the ass without whipped dogs, or panthers getting in the way!"

"You Equalizers keep saying your trying to help but all you do is make things worst. I don't need any more misguided dreams, just the things I need to keep me and my kin alive!"

"Well, if you're going to give up then just get the hell out of my way!"

Astra slammed her shoulder into Tyson and tried to slam Gorr into him. The Black Panther dashed back faster then she anticipated, before her blow caused the ground to erupt around her. Dust blew up, and she coughed for a second before she cursed, and swung Gorr hard enough to blow the dust away.

By the time she could see again she saw that Tyson had vanished. She glanced to the right, saw Mike still in the distance and that the lanky man shrugged before she spat out, and took a deep breath. She realized her opponent could repress his power level and looked around, smelling the area to see if she could pick up his scent or see any hint to where he went.

She swerved around a few times, and was just about to take to the air till she heard a noise to the right. She saw a wall fall, and saw movement to the right before she charged at the noise. The blond woman rocketed through the length of a sports stadium in less then a second and stabbed Tyson.

The blond woman saw her sword go through her target, and smirked, till she blinked and realized she stabbed the reflection in a mirror from one of the park attractions.

Before she could turn around, she saw Tyson charge and jab her sword arm with his hand to pinch her nerve. As she cried out her ebony-colored opponent narrowed his eyes." Time to shove a chill pill down your throat girl. Million Knocking!"

As his purple aura flared up once more, with incredible speed and precision, Tyson struck Astra so fast that it looked like it was a million times from every angle in the span of seconds.

The scion of the devil tried to punch back only to realize she could not move her fist. As Mike realized Astra was completely paralyzed the lanky man winced." No, I knew he trained with mom, but did not realize he taught her those Knocking moves."

"Knocking?" A wary Ratchet muttered as he staggered over." Knowing how to knock on doors somehow makes you super strong or something?"

As Mike winced Clank sighed." The knocking technique is a fighting style that originally was used by a group called the" Gourmet Hunters" as a special, non-lethal method of capturing wild beasts.

It generally involves striking the nerves or pressure points which control a living creature's motor functions either through the usage of specific martial arts techniques or with specialized weaponry.

At its most powerful, Knocking can also be applied to inanimate objects and ethereal concepts, the range itself depending on the skill level of the person who's preforming the knocking, and it seems clear this Black Panther is well versed in the art as Astra seems completely paralyzed."

Tyson saw Astra struggle to move a finger before he cracked his neck." Don't worry I'm not going to kill yah. Hell, I'm not even sure that would work based on what happened with Knull. But you are going to be not moving for a while cause I, and my brother have a lot of questions for you.

You all seem to think you know some things, and I may be the Black Panther but I'm not really digging being in the dark. No matter what it takes, I'll be whatever I have to be in order to keep Wakanda alive! Time for a trip! Huh?"

Just as Tyson prepared to attempt to knock Astra out, he found himself suddenly feeling like he was going to slip. He quickly regained his balance, and saw that Mike was closer, having used a long-distance Friction Fracture spell to soften the ground.

Mike saw Tyson glaring at him before he let out a sheepish grin." Hey man maybe let's dial down the intensity just a little eh? We get it, your as hardcore as you can get Tyson. But if your just focusing on the hear and now your just going to have the future pass you by till it hits you in the face!"

"And this is where you're trying to get me to see I'm wrong?" The Black Panther bluntly retorted." Unless your parents and brother are going to show up behind that door you got jack dude."

"Hey, I don't have nothing man, its just a long story."

"I see your still big on the stories Mike. It was fine passing the time while hanging out at your folk's place, but its not going to fly when things that matter are being taken care of."

"Its not a con Tyson! But if you're not going to listen then,"

"Then what?" The defender of Wakanda spat out sharply." You're going to make me listen vie force?"

Mike took a deep breath before he got into a fighting stance." If I have to, then guess that's how its going to go."

Tyson eyed his onetime friend carefully before he grasped his fist tightly." This a joke? I can clearly tell your power level is not anywhere to mine Mike. You been the kid of the "Last Emperor" for so long you did not realize how much of a crutch that was for you. But if you want to learn the hard way, at least I'll let you live enough to learn form it."

"Hey, I'm not as clueless about how things have been as you think Tyson!" Mike spat bitterly." I get it, I'm the third wheel who without the rest of my family would have been nothing. But…but they are gone now so I have to keep their legacy, their dreams, and everything else alive!"

Tyson saw Mike's grim determination before he chuckled bitterly." I admit, I feel yah their Mike. It royally sucks having your family's legacy hurled on yah. But the fact is that your family's dream is already dead. You can try and hide and make the most of a life in hiding, or die with it."

Mike saw the armored man's claws glow purple before he walked up." Hey Tyson, I know it's been a while, but I still know your no killer! I know how bad things are but there is still hope, enough to not give up! You just must trust me!"

"Don't make this even more painful than it's got to be Micky. Your family's been telling everyone else to follow them cause for generations if you messed with them the fury of the heavens would come down on you.

But it seems like someone broke that fury of the heavens since your folks got killed. In the end, the god of the "just" is the god of the weak, while the "God" of conquest reigns over all creation.

Your family always insisted about keeping up the cosmic laws no matter how broken and chaotic things got, but all that hissing and sputtering of the law amounted to a candle flame against the night…the darkness outside the cave.

Make no mistake, I respected your parents, they honored every term they made with Wakanda, but in the end even your father showed how fragile the law can be, when it was just welded by one man. I have to make sure my people survive, and I can't make any naïve leaps of faith based on dead dreams."

Tyson had sparks of energy dance around his right claw before he took another dagger out and pointed it at Mike." Last chance before things get real ugly Mike. The days of breaking out of history, and escaping the rules of nature are dead.

People may have wanted the noble hero to be on top, but these days you're either the predator that's ruthless enough to be on top, or the prey who has no choice but to suffer!"

Mike took a deep breath before he braced himself." Well…in the end we are just going to agree to disagree."

"Sure…but your out of time to keep thinking you can think what you want! Huh?"

Tyson prepared to throw the dagger at Mike, but before he could throw it he realized it was suddenly gone.

He glanced behind him and saw Astra was giving him a hateful look, but was still paralyzed from the Million Knocking strike, and that the others seemed to not be responsible.

As he looked around he heard a new male voice whistle." Hey dude, if you think we are out of time then you just not seen how much a pro can cut it close!"

Tyson glanced to the upper right and saw none other then Sonic the Hedgehog standing on the top of the gate, casually twirling the dagger he was going to throw.

The hero form Mobius saw the Black Panther glare at him before he gave a salute." Sonic's the name and speed's my game! Guess I'm party crashing here but things seemed like they were getting way out of hand!"

The black panther eyed Sonic carefully before he snickered." This some sort of lame ass joke? I remember statues and pictures of you back in Corneria and other Bethel Government buildings. Your one of the Legendary hero's. But…you must be some party trick cause Sonic's been a legend for a long time now, a lost legend!"

"Well, I admit I'm catching up on everything myself dude but guess you could say what's lost has been found! But no matter how much time has changed, what's never changing is me being cool with a dude going all slice and dice on all around him!"

Tyson saw Sonic looked serious before he snickered." Guess the staff here went the extra mile on the park rides. But if you want to keep talking you Armatron, back the hell off! No matter what kind of relic you are, your time's long past, and panthers' prey on hedgehogs like they are nothing."

"Man, your edgy enough to be pals with Shadow alright. But still, if you think hedgehogs are just a meal for panthers you don't know how things go down on Mobius! I don't know how long you have been having a grudge with the yellow cat over there but don't mean you can drag everyone into it!"

Ratchet realized Sonic was talking about him before he facepalmed." Hey…blue dude that guy is not a Lombax, just a human in a set of panther armor. We don't really have any history at all so don't jump to conclusions man."

"Oh really?" Sonic asked as he looked back from Ratchet to Tyson." Sorry dude, a lot to catch up on at once. Hey, it's cool one of my best friends is a cat! She's a royal to!"

"Sonic…no offense but stay focused before you make this situation even more of a mess." Ratchet rebuked. Sonic let out an anxious laugh and as he nodded Tyson glowed purple." Alright I seen enough. Sonic…whatever you are time to go back to where you came from because there is no place for you now here!"

In a burst of speed Tyson leapt above Sonic in the blink of an eye, and struck the blue hero with his hair lances. As it shattered the entire construct Tyson realized he missed, before he saw Sonic was to his right.

The speedster swept some dust off his quills before he keeled down." Hey not bad man, you're going to be a decent work out! But here's the thing, I know I don't know a lot of things but what I do know is speed. And right now, as fast as you are."

Suddenly Sonic was right in front of Tyson, and even the Black Panther was shocked to see that there seemed to be a dozen Sonic's around him as they all wagged their fingers while crying out," You might as well be trying to tag the wind cause your way to slow!"

Tyson snickered and tried to have his hair spears lashed out at Sonic, only to wince as he realized something was off, and looked to realize that in a blur Sonic had tied all of the hair blades together. Before the warrior of Wakanda could even let out a curse Sonic yelled out,"Sonic Wind!"

Before he moved fast enough to cause a small blue cyclone to surge out across his target. As Tyson moved back, Sonic curled up into a sphere to unleash his trademark sonic spin dash to hit Tyson in the gut. Before his target could even cry out, Sonic jumped up high enough to jump past the buildings, and then slam Tyson on the head.

From there the blue hero moved so fast it was like dozens of phantoms were rushing Tyson all at once and attacking with spindash's and kicks. Mike and the others saw Sonic was moving so fast it looked like Tyson was being barraged everywhere all at once.

Seeing the sight caused the son of Ben and Lacus wiped some sweat off his brow as he could not help but feel aw. I, I saw all the videos and recordings about Sonic and all of dad and mom's war buds but, seeing the dream become reality is, something else."

Tyson could not do much but grunt as Sonic barraged him at super-speed. But as he got more and more this his body started to glow more purple by the second." Hell…guess the stories were not just all propaganda. I'm digging your vibe Sonic, but you're moving so fast you're learning the hard way that your just a pain in the ass fly who can bite fast, but can't do a damn thing! Even the fastest can't outrun the laws of nature forever "Hero"."

Mike widened his eyes before he walked up." Sonic! His armor takes physical blows before unleashing the energy as a Kinetic shock-wave!"

Sonic eyed Tyson before he shrugged." Nice try cat man, but Eggman and Metal Sonic tried that trick a few times and they were to slow then!"

The former member of the Justice Force ran away from the shock-wave, only for the Black Panther to cry out," You guys can run away as hard as you like, but it's going to catch up to you sooner or later!"

To his shock Mike got in front of the shock wave and stood his ground before he spat back a defiant," And we are just going to kick it right back Tyson cause to the very end I'm defying what you are saying is nature! Compound Fracture Flash!"

To Tyson's shock the lanky man cast a barrier that caught the shock-wave. While Mike was pushed to the wall, he yelled at the top of his lungs, and had his own aura flare up. He shocked the man he used to hang out with and unleashed a crescent shaped projectile that hit Tyson in the chest.

The Compound Fracture Flash blasted Tyson into the wall. He saw his chest armor was cut, and that the right upper part of his mask was cut off before he chuckled bitterly." Well, I'll be damned…did not think you had a card like that to play. Back when we were taking lessons you could hardly string basic magic together."

"Yah, well I had to be more motivated real fast dude."

"I can see, and feel that. But its just to, GUH!"

As he staggered back up, he found the hard way that the others healed Astra's paralysis while he was distracted with cure magic, and that the blond woman wasted no time to punch Tyson in the gut.

Just as the two locked eyes Astra widened her eyes like an enraged beast as she kept punching." NOW who's to slow eh kitty? Time you get declawed jackass! "

Astra unleashed a brutal combo of punch's and kicks to knock Tyson around like a pinball in the span of a second. As she saw Tyson glow she snickered before her energy flared up." Your going to wish cats really do have nine lives after this cause I'll kill you enough to make it like count as a hundred deaths or something! Masako!"

Tyson saw his current opponent unleash a yellow energy beam before he winced." Damn it, not like this! Light Grenade!"

The agent of Wakanda put his hands together in front of them and charged a purple energy sphere in his hands. Then, he brought his hands forward and fired the energy sphere.

The purple Light Grenade projectile collided into the Masako, and was powerful enough for it to redirect the blast into the ceiling. The blast was powerful enough to shatter the dome, and kept going up into the sky till it unleashed an explosion that lighted up the entire sky.

Mike winced as he tugged his collar." Well, I would say we just blew are cover but sounds like we blew this being a stealth job anyway."

Sonic eyed the new hole in the wall before he eyed Astra carefully." Hey, hold on, I remember Doug used an energy blast just like that! But, she's on your side? James was saying a lot of things but he said a lot so I was not following it after a while."

"Yah…a lot has happened Sonic. But to have time to explain it enough to make sense we got to get past Tyson. Hopefully he's realizing how things are by now."

Everyone saw the Black Panther was breathing heavily before the man in cat like armor snickered bitterly." Well…guess it was not just luck you guys lasted this long. But just because you offing Knull was not a fluke, don't mean that means you guys are coming out of this on top!"

"Man, you Wakanda panthers really are even more stubborn than the usual jackass! But you're the one who overplayed your hand Hamilton!"

Astra, with the spores purged from her body, had her energy flicker before it turned demonic. As the marks of the Mazoku formed on her body Sonic raised an eyebrow." Hey, I transform to, but this is getting creepy."

"Seriously, it's a hell of a long story Sonic but we will get to it later." Mike answered.

Astra spat on the ground as horns appeared on her forehead." Either I break your armor, or I knock you into space, either way this dance is done!"

"Like hell it is." Tyson uttered bitterly." Even if you really are a special kind of demon girl, there is still far more tracks on this record! For the sake of my people, its protector does not give up that easily!"

"Then time you wake up to see where you are on the food chain!"

Astra burst up to uppercut Tyson right out of the area, if not the planet. However, before she could land the blow, to her shock her target's aura suddenly became a claw of raw energy that intercepted the blow, and was powerful enough to block the strike.

Tyson narrowed his eyes before the ground around him cracked." You still don't realize how serious I am about doing my job girl. But now…you're going to learn the hard way…what this Black Panther's resolve is! Bast, this better have woken you up, cause its time to go all out!"

Tyson unleashed a surge of energy that was able to push Astra back, before his body became coated in purple energy, which emanated from him reminiscent as if of flickering flames.

Astra noticed six magatama markings around Tyson's neck, some sort of prominent circular/swirl design over his stomach, and various other lines extending along his body as his aura took the shape of a panther before she raised a eyebrow." Oh hell, Gorr was right about something being inside of him?"

Sonic just rubbed his head as he looked around." Wait he has a super form to? Does this dude have the chaos emeralds?"

9S eyed and scanned Tyson before he gasped." No, but he's no way in hell a normal human anymore! The energy wavelength, it's almost like that of a celestial one! Wait…the databanks has a match! Its…that of Bast, the celestial one that Wakanda always worshiped as their people's god as a member of the pantheon of Wakanda, known as Orisha."

Mike eyed Tyson in shock before he blinked a few times." Wait…so you're not even Tyson, but the deity that watched over his people?"

"More like a little of column A and B Mike, and its all cause of a crap hand my world got!" Tyson roared out bitterly." When Doug Fitter shattered heaven, the Astral Plan were Bast and the other Orisha made their domain was destroyed to!

To survive, Bast's fractured soul would merge with the body of her people's champion. It would be passed down, and short version is I'm the one who drew the short straw as of late!"

Mike eyed the man with the energy of the deity of Wakanda before his eyes widened." Wait…that would almost make you one of those Jinchūrik, just like how mom use to be with Kisara when she was known as the Blue Eyes White Dragon."

"We call it something else but yah, that's more or less what the deal is if it clicks faster Mike. That's the other reason I trained with your mom directly, she was the OG who knew how that kind of life went down."

"And now you're repaying her by trying to kill her son on behalf of one of the bastards who made their life hell! Damn it Tyson, with this power your stronger than some of the Seven or a good chunk of the Viltrumite's?"

"And your point is? Your folks were the ballers who were untouchable for centuries but that did jack to save them in the end eh? All flaunting my power would do would make things go to hell even faster. When there are no good options, you make do with what you got."

Astra spat on the ground before she cracked her neck." So, your just another one desperately praying that a god will bail them out, eh? This would have all been a lot easier if everyone just moved on! Then instead of all of this crap we would have had true freedom."

"Your boss is more" Godly" then just about everyone and you seriously think you can talk about stuff like that? Fitter, on his own, broke the whole damn universe and devastated my people and countless others across the universe all because he only cared about himself! Yah know, people like him always seem to think my people's suffering is a fair price for their freedom!"

"The hell are you,"

"You know what I'm talking about damn it! Wakanda…from the very start existed because others, from all kind's of greedy men to the Originators wanted the Mena Ngai, and all the Vibranium in it so they could be freer then others.

That's why my ancestor Olumo Bashenga had to make sure are tribe was strong, so that we would not be pawns to help others have their freedom. Despite all the ways the universe has changed, the reason we have to fight has not, not really."

Mike saw how bitter Tyson looked before he sighed." I'm not denying that Tyson, but I'm sure as hell denying we are your enemies if you just calm the hell down! I remember you were a really chill dude when we hanged out, you really want to be someone who does not trust anything?"

"And you have given me anything to trust other then you trying to save yourself no matter how desperate you get? The universe has made it damn clear what is real and what can't hold up Mike. If you can't read the sighs then you're just going to die like a, huh?"

Tyson felt something and jumped back on instinct. But what hit where he stood was, the rain. He looked up, and saw that with the dome's ceiling and the cavern above it was vaporized before he tensed up." Damn, forgot where we were, oh hell."

Sonic saw the Black Panther dash out of the way as rain started to fall before he raised an eyebrow." All of that power and cunning and he's afraid of water? Who knew all that came with a trade off eh? Live and learn I guess."

Ratchet tensed up before he looked at the blue hedgehog and yelled out," You forgot what rain does these days dude? That's time-fall coming down!"

Sonic winced before he dashed back to." Wait that's still a thing!?"

Mike got under a wrecked building before he saw Astra and Tyson both avoid the rain as well before he sighed." Sadly, yah man, the universe was even more broken than you guys thought."

Astra eyed Tyson, before looking at the rain keeping them apart and narrowed her eyes." You really want something on this dump worth dying for?"

"I could say the same to you." Tyson uttered bitterly, to which Astra snorted." Yah well, wadded through enough mud to not let some damn rain stop me! Huh? Oh, come on seriously?"

Astra's alarm was caused by hearing howling winds, and saw that the rain was turning into a tornado.

Sonic braced himself as he heard moaning sounds from the tornado before he braced himself." Man, this guy's going full villain meltdown alright!"

Mike saw Tyson look around tensely before he shrugged." No…I don't think he's causing it Sonic! I think the planet's just going through one really messed up storm!"

"Well don't matter who's doing the attacking if it can kill us all the same!" Astra spat out bitterly."

Megaman glanced back at the administration building and gulped." Quick, get inside while we can!"

Sonic nodded and used his speed to get most of the group inside in seconds. But before he could get to Mike, a chunk of one of the buildings got blown in his direction.

This forced Sonic to go off course, and at that time Mike realized he was getting caught up in the cyclone. Tyson saw Mike about to be swept away before he winced." God damn it, not like this."

On instinct he had one of his aura claws extend to cover Mike from the rain, just as the storm lifted the very ground around them both up.

Astra was about to charge till a burst of black mud burst up at her. The blond woman spat out," You're not invited to the party damn it! Xeros-Beat!"

The Equalizer bent her body before emitting light, and a myriad of light rays shot out to blow away all the Shades that were trying to emerge.

When the smoke cleared she saw Mike and Tyson were already out of her sight, and saw the tornado was already moving away from the hole in the sky, before she grasped her fist tightly." I don't sense any other energies, but that Tornado is sure as hell not being random. Damn, is this planet just that broken? I don't care if this whole planet, universe, or even Multi-Verse is out to get me I'm not just going to roll over!"

While her enemies were not even close to her level of power, with the fragile state of the area she had to hold back enough that she could not get to the tornado. As Mike was suddenly kept up in a windstorm, he was being hurled around too fast to see.

He cast another barrier around him just in time to keep the rain from hitting him before he struggle not to be knocked out." Damn it, I'm sick of being stuck on rides I did not want to get on! I had, huh? GUH!"

An impact nearly caused Mike to snap his head, before he realized he was on solid ground. He looked up, and saw he was on the surface of ZDR, but he could not see the sky.

All he could see was acidic geysers, rock formations, and spiky husks that once were trees. He also realized the ground was crystalline with random crystal spikes all over the area.

He looked around and heard a moan, before he saw Tyson behind him.

The Black Panther got back on his feet before muttering," No matter how many times it happens, Timefall is such a damn drag."

Mike coughed a bit before he winced." You, you saved me Tyson?"

Tyson glanced at Mike before he sighed." Don't think to much about it, just felt no matter what dying like that would have been a waste. Besides, I still have a lot of questions I want answered, and I can't solve the damn riddle if the answers die before I can solve it."

Mike saw Tyson still looked angry, but did not look murderous before he snickered." Eh, these days I'll take not getting the worst possible outcome as a lucky break. Still, now what? Neither of us really want to kill each other."

"I told you, its not what I want to do, its what my duty to my clan is. Hell, because you know about Bast is all the reason I can't let you live."

"Hey that was not the rule when my mom trained you how to handle it eh?"

"Yah, when they were alive! But the rules having changed is the point I was trying to drill into your thick skull!"

"Hey, I know what a prince's duty is to Tyson, if you just listen!"

"Fine, just what the hell are you here for anyway?"

"Alright just work with me here cause its going to get crazy. We need to get the rare Atium Coaxium."

"What…you're planning on just outrunning Homelander and Omni-Man forever in Hyperspace or something?"

"No, we need it to make a trip across the multiverse."

"Oh, guess that checks o, hey wait Multi-what?"

"C'mon you heard about theories about the Multiverse right Tyson? Turns out its real and some dude with my dad's face called Sieg V-Day Elgan who can like, one shot a universe with a bullet and is some " Sixth Dimensional being," that makes him even beyond Cosmos and Zannacross runs this tacky universe spanning company called Infinity Victory and Conquest and thinks he has the right to control every universe there is cause he's like, better then anyone there ever was or something. So that's why we need to contact this Multiverse Rebel alliance to stop him."

Tyson was motionless for a few seconds as he eyed Mike carefully before he whistled." Damn, you really are a cracked cracker after the stress from losing everyone eh Mike. I guess I seen worst mental break downs."

"Hey, I'm still sane man! If this was all in my head you think Astra would be working with me? The only reason an Equalizer is my teammate is cause she saw what Sieg could do to, and knows this is the only way this entire universe is not even more screwed then it already is!

Look Tyson, I know this feud between my family and the Equalizers, and then the Vought clan, the Viltrum tribe fighting it out for being the top dog seems like the only thing that matters, but this is so much bigger that its all a kids game compared to that!"

Tyson eyed Mike before he snickered." Its true no way Astra would listen to you at this point unless someone else pissed her off more. Still, how the hell you know this" Rebel Alliance" is not just a con?

"Because I saw their ship, outside this universe Tyson! That same ship is right outside ZDR waiting to hear back from us. Just give me a chance to prove its legit and you will see just what's going on. You wanted too not be in the dark? Then this is how man!"

Tyson looked up before he cracked his neck." You think this is going to change anything? Even if there are more beasts out in the jungle, don't change which one is breathing down are necks!"

"Maybe…but it does mean things are not set in stone, or Vibranium or whatever. I mean, let's be real you think Homelander's going to honor his word and not backstab you the moment he gets bored? I mean how long did you,"

Before he could respond the two got on guard as they heard an explosion in the distance.

Mike saw Tyson's energy flare up before he looked around tensely." God damn I did not think it would be that fast! Damn it, Astra better not have gotten to heated up with that new demon blood."

Tyson looked around before he narrowed his eyes." Its not her, and its not Homelander either. Its not one of my guys either, Drakken Joe talks a big game but he knows what my brother will do to him if he tries to double cross Wakanda. It almost feels like, huh?"

The two men heard moaning, and swerved to the right to realize it came from some of the mud before a panicked voice echoed out," No, the monsters are back! We, we just wanted to live alone in peace! The cursed ones...they are the ones that have to die!"

The two men looked around for the source of the voice, and realized it came from the ground.

The black mud started to ripple, and the moaning got more and more frequent till suddenly four corpses staggered out of the mud. They all had chains attached to there back, and they pulled out a taller, muscular man.

The man was covered with so much mud that his face could not even be made out, the man just looked up at the sky before muttering," Glory…honor. Give it to me…give it back to…us."

The four corpses staggered before their faces could be seen, and they were revealed to have skulls for faces with burning orbs of fire in their eyes. Black particles formed around them before forming old Lee-Enfield. 303 rifles.

The man in the center had a cigar form out of red sparks, and smoked it before he looked at Mike and Tyson with a empty look." Remember…remember pups…the only thing…a man has left in the end…is his pride. And if another man takes it from you…then you take it back!"

He made a hand gesture and the other corpses opened fire. In response Tyson had a claw of energy smash into them. While they were ripped apart, they just moaned, and regenerated.

The two men who were just minutes ago fighting each other saw projectiles come from all directions before on instinct taking cover. Mike looked around before he let out a bitter chuckle." Have to admit, for traps this is creative at least. Have to admit not sure how they knew how to spring it on guys who got thrown from a tornado."

Tyson looked around, and realized the sky was black around them before he winced." That's because we never got out of it in the first place. These guys are part of the Chiral storm!

This is the most advanced kind of Timefall storm, where the souls of the dead think they are still in the past at times. Ever since Fitter broke the after life broken fragments of heaven and hell, and the Lifestream and all that leaked across different worlds to form these " Soulnado's" "

Mike saw that soldiers were now fighting each other before he grimly nodded." Right…even my parents did not want to get caught in one of those. I admit I mostly remember the run the hell away from them part and not the stuff on what to do if you get caught in one."

"That's because just about no one that's ever got caught in one ever got out."

Sigh saw Tyson was serious before he gave out a sheepish grin." Well, if we can't get out of this there was no way I could stop Sieg so, test of might and all that."

"Yah will just focus on getting out of this in one piece first then we can sort everything else out."

Mike saw the soldiers looking at them before he glanced at there guns and shrugged." Those guns, those are from the first "World" war on earth prime. As long as its soldier that are this "old school" it's just a warmup even for me."

The curly haired man flash stepped out of the way of the gun fire before he smirked." After all, even I trained enough to not let this kind of fire power be a big deal. Huh?"

Mike saw a missile coming at him from behind before Tyson flicked one of his daggers to slice it in half. As the smoke came out he rolled his eyes." Even a sharp rock can still take out a panther if he's not paying attention. Just keep looking out till we can, huh?"

The Black Panther felt his eyes and tongue were stinging before he glanced at the gas from the missile and winced." Damn… I was careless and forgot about my mask. That's not smoke Mike that's Mustard gas! It…its not suppose to work this fast but this place is already messed up. Got to, GUH!"

He felt a sharp jolt of pain that caused him to fall on his knee. Mike winced as he saw Tyson's aura start to wither before he winced." Hey c'mon dude don't pull that on me!"

The son of Enji Knights cast wind magic to blow the Mustard gas away before he cast a barrier around him and Tyson." I got a few spare elixirs so hold on."

"Hey…you think Astra can bust tornado's now with all that demon stuff she's been throwing around."

"I would not put it past her. We just got to hang on one way or another. May be a lot of angry soldier souls out there but no way that just by having all of hell dog piling all that on me will be enough to, huh?"

Mike felt something slamming into his barrier, and noticed what caused Tyson to fall to his knee. It was a dozen three-foot-tall green skin, round heads with small snouts, yellow eyes and a fish tail. They were wearing dark brown cloaks with hoods and were carrying an old-fashioned lantern and a small butcher knife.

They were Tonberry's, and one of them was twice the size and had a crown on his head before the" King" cried out," This is not hell…THIS…IS…SPARTA!"

"Wait dad did not make that up? Oh, you got to be"

"Chief's Knife!"

Mike realized how chaotic the situation was getting as he tried to avoid the shade Tonberry King's wrath. As he did, those not caught in the tornado were trying to figure out the best move after a disastrous turn of events.

After everyone got back in the park's administration building Sonic, 2B, and Megaman recapped everything to James, Sera, and Lilac, before the woman dragon winced and grasped her arm." Sorry, taking so long to heal me meant you could not help with this crazy cat."

James sighed before he looked at the hole in the area." Enough of that my dear, your life is not less important then any one else's here. For now we must now focus on how to save another. I admit I never thought that Wakanda would be in charge of this attack. For nearly all of their history they were a strong world, but one that focused on self-defense."

"True Master Elrond." 2B uttered." But, the years since the Death Stranding made them, feel pressure to change there stance. After world after world attacked them to try and take there resources, they decided that to be secure, they would have to strike first , and kept striking first till there acquired territory spanned five galaxies.

It started with the Benhazin System and expanded into what is now called T'Chaka's Reach, which was taken from the Rigellians by force.

The Wakandans then moved into the S'Yaan Expanse, wiping out its original inhabitants without mercy, before taking the Matrix of Mamadou from the Kronans, Symbiotes, and Shadow People, though not without considerable losses. Finally, Nehanda's Lattice was added to the empire, the dominant Teku-Maza enslaved like the Kronans before them, and forced to work in the Vibranium mines.

This has made then powerful enough for the Vought clan to not take them lightly, but still making them big enough to want to appease the strongest clans."

"I see…the universe really has driven nearly everyone to the brink of madness and savagery. Well, before even coming close to fixing the bigger problem we must tackle the most pressing matter.

Firstly…is this tornado the act of yet another enemy? Is this the work of one of the Black Panther's allies?"

"Nah." Astra answered." He seemed as surprised as us. What…is tornadoes a new thing on this dump?"

As everyone glanced at Sera, the artificial intelligence closed her eyes before answering with," This planet had dealt with Timefall but the barrier negated that. However, if the barrier is now down then that is a factor.

Calculating feedback form the reports. The storm came from the lab run by Professor Menoa Bellucci. Oh…it seems since planet ZDR reemerged the state of her lab has decayed by a…excessive amount."

"In other words, she's dead?" Astra blurted out." Guess anyone not stuck in that cyberspace that was not a robot could not take it eh? Still, she in charge of a weapon that now's going nuts or something? She built those giant Titan robots?"

"No. Professor Bellucci was the one in charge of the digital preservation systems along side Doctor Robotnik. Her primary focus was trying to figure out how to see if the Timefall could restore lives, after she lost her family because of the aftermath of the Death Stranding. Ah…curious. Her energy signature can still be identified, but it seems she merged with a Digimon that was her assistant, Eosmon. I see…it seems that a unexpected chain reaction caused Menoa to biomerge with Eosmon."

James winced before he looked at the map of the planet." So, she and her Digimon fused into one life form? Does that mean this Eosmon has taken over her mind? Or did they fuse into a new mind?"

"Neither Master Elrond. Unlike most Digimon Eosmon was a complete artificial creation, so it was already forged to serve Bellucci's will. Most…curious. Some data from the storm indicates particles in this wind, match the energy signature of Eosmon."

As everyone looked around with various levels of dread Kaine sighed." Does this mean that professor became a Shade?"

"It is unclear…at this point of time. But, the odds are fair that Bellucci and all the others that lived there might have become Shades when the planet was consumed by the Scourge."

Sonic tapped the ground with his foot before he looked around." Well, we can figure out what's causing this later. We better figure out now how to stop this. I just met the guy but not about to let Ben's son get stuck in that gloomy Chiral tornado. I outrun faster things then that in my sleep."

Sera paused before sighing." The problem is that the storm has retreated to the underground section of the planet. It was last seen near the Dairon section on Chaos Island."

Astra focused for a big before she raised an eyebrow." Its weird, I can still sense Micky's energy but its like its all over the planet at once."

"That's because the storm they are caught in, is moving rapidly across the planet each second. Its, far from a normal storm, more like the entire region of space's "glitching."

Ratchet sighed before he leaned back." Man, we have seen enough of the universe glitch to right a book about it by now. So, what do we do?"

James eyed the data carefully before the transparent man looked determined." Its like a more dangerous Pokémon or fishing stake out. We predict where the storm will head next, then prepare to neutralize it in a way that will let us get Mike back. Then from there we can resume doing what we originally sought to do."

Sonic looked around before he cleared his throat." Yah about that…I know there is a lot going on but um…maybe we can let my buds out of digital limbo while we are at it right? I, I just want to know Tails, Knuckles and Amy are safe."

"Ditto, this lump in my chest won't go away till I know Carol, Milla, and Neera Liare all ok."

"Heh, even want to check in to make sure Eggman is not cracked since we might need him to get his own stuff to work."

Sera nodded before having four dots appear on the map." Releasing the master is my priority, but I seek to ensure the safety of all who were sealed from my defense measures. Four Cyber Prisons are still active in the Ferenia, Burenia, Ghavoran, and Elun sections. My Master was sealed in Elun, so the others must be in those places."

Sonic winced before he looked down." Man, hard to flick a coin to see who gets rescued first right?"

2B looked at the planet's layout before she shrugged." Perhaps we should see which area's are most unstable and go first to which area needs to be acted on first."

Megaman sighed before he looked at the map." Not to mention whatever Tron, her family and whoever is working with her is up to."

Astra spat on the ground before she looked at the hole in the sky." Well, I honestly thought Mike was a goner back in Endless Illusion the last time the Shades went nuts, but he is stubborn, for a spoiled moron at least. Well, hope he's learned enough to not blow it now, for all are sakes we can't afford to lose anyone else."

The group looked at all the locations and tried to figure out the best move.

As they did, the situation they were trying to figure out how to get Mike out of kept escalating by the second. It was quickly becoming clear that it was far from just soldiers from World War one that were the problem, but the souls of warriors from countless eras and planets.

While Mike was able to give Tyson the potion in time before the Mustard Gas could fatality affect him, but it still left him weakened as more and more shade souls erupted out of the ground.

Mike froze some Imperial Storm Troopers after evading their blaster bolts, before seeing some Soviet Union era soldiers yelling at him in Russian before he looked around." Guess we forgot the key part of the plan with how the hell do you fight out of a storm? Just power up and blast it away?"

"Nah, its to big for that." Tyson answered." Even storms like this have a core. If we get to that, we can break it up. Just don't lose your nerve with the corpse busting."

"Well, not like its anything personal I guess."

"Heh, honestly this is my job anyway so nothing's really changing."

"That's because…you're a disgrace to the Black Panther legacy who is to short sited to protect Wakanda!"

Both men tensed up as they saw the shadows ripple, till taking the shape of a human in another Black Panther suit that looked less metallic.

Tyson saw the new arrival get into a fighting stance before he winced." Wait…great ancestor T'Challa? This some sort of joke?"

"Do I look like I'm laughing? "The Black Panther of the past hissed out." You, all of you disgraced Wakanda, and made are traditions amount to nothing."

"That…that's not true, we had to do what we could to survive!"

"And yet you sound like you been battered so much by your enemies that you let there thought process become yours! If Wakanda becomes what it fight against, then its already dead."

"Or maybe…you were just not as great as you thought you were? Maybe, the prey has to have a wake-up call to who the true predators are! Time for a feast boys."

Mike saw another group of armored warriors come out form the shadows, warriors armored completely with cross shaped masks and shoulder blades and other firearms. The lanky haired man saw the armored wraiths and winced." Wait…now it's, Zandalorian raiders? My dad's cousin Max, use to ride with them back in the Cosmic War days."

"Yah. I know." Tyson uttered bitterly." And he fought my ancestor for the sake of a job. The two clans kind of hated each other."

One of the Zandalorian warriors pointed a blade at T'Challa before hissing," Time for the cats to be skinned. After all." This is the way."

"A King will not let wild dogs bark with such impudence without cost!" The Black Panther of the past yelled out with fury." Wakanda…FOREVER!"

Suddenly form the shadows more roars of anger erupted from the ground before other men in panther like attire came out of the shadows. Tyson saw the others before his eye twitched." The man on the left is, T'Challa 's father T'Chaka, and the dude on the right is, Mosi, the rumored Black Panther from the stone age? Was not even sure he was real!"

T'Challa got into another fighting stance before hissing out," Wakanda endures, and it won't be broken by the likes of you!"

The Zandalorian commando in the center snickered before cracking his neck." Always less of a drag when fighting someone that got guts. But you're going to learn the hard way we don't roll over for anyone!"

Both sides gave cries of fury as they attacked each other. Mike walked back as he made sure that both sides were not suddenly going to attack him before he shrugged." Don't want to jynx it but this sure is one disorganized trap."

Tyson looked around as he hear moans all around him, and then narrowed his eyes." I don't think this was a trap, more like an impulse.

Something or someone was drawn into are fight, and acting on impulse. Most Shades don't have much of a mind to them, and are only thinking about the last thoughts they had as they died.

All of this, is it reacting to us. Its like it wants to absorb us, or hell, digest us. So, following that train of thought, if this is the storm's gut, if we figure out where its all going then, we might be able to get to the bottom of this."

"Is, is that all real?"

"As real as this Multiverse of yours."

"Touché, but this better be going somewhere."

"It is. Instead of looking up, we should be looking down."

Mike does so and shrugs." Looks like mud to me dude."

"How about past your own feet eh?"

Mike did, and while he was distracted by all the fighting, he saw a red spherical crystal stuck in the ground. He then realized that streams of black dust from the tornado were going into that before he tensed up." That does look like something. But how we know if its going to explode the moment we touch it?"

"I don't know, does the pope dump in the woods?"

"How would I know?"

"Point is, better then just waiting for zombies to dog pile us. Cover me!"

The two nodded, and avoided the bombardment from a "Doom Slayer" Marine's gun before they got closer to the crystal. As they did the object glowed red." Are town…are world…where am I? Who am I?"

The crystal rippled, before the head of a woman with red hair in a braided ponytail sank out. The woman's body was crystalline, and she glanced at Mike and Tyson before her eye twitched." Papa…I'll find you, I promised, no matter how broken this universe was I'd find you. Then…then we will go back to being a happy family.

Even if I have to make are own Never-Land, away from this miserable universe. Mom…did I make the wrong choice? I just…don't know. Nothing makes sense anymore, except for that everything leads to pain.

I did not do anything wrong, just wanted to be someplace safe where I could be happy. Why, why did God make it so that are lives are fated, preordained just to suffer? All for his amusement? I don't want to suffer, Eosmon, you promised you would keep me safe! We, we have to be stronger to be happy! So, so Digivolve Eosmon!"

Mike saw the crystal glow before he winced." Wait…that thing's a Digimon? Whoa!"

The storm of black particles grew in size before the noise grew louder, and the ground shattered. Mike and Tyson saw a figure that resembled a gigantic humanoid moth emerge to tower over them.

It had three pairs of crystal-like wings, while its body was composed of gold and black armor apart from its swollen, purple abdomen which resembled a light bulb.

Mike saw some parts of his new enemy leak black mud and spread Chiral particles from its wings before he shrugged." I could have sworn she called out a Digimon's name but this sure looks more like a BT shade to me."

"That's because it seems like it's a unholy fusion of both." Tyson bitterly answered." Seems this Eosmon and the woman went through some messed up mutation when the planet got sucked up by the Scourge. Whoever this chick is she, or her soul has been broken for one hell of a long time."

Mike realized that Eosmon 's wings were beating rapidly, and that the entire tornado was coming from it before he winced." Ok…but what's the deal with the storm then?"

"Dude I just said she's crazy! Logic does not have anything to do with it, she's legit just a storm of rage now! But at least we know the source. Sorry lady, nothing personal but I got things to do!"

Eosmon saw Tyson have his aura erupt once more and the human head attached to its chest reacted to his angry look with a distorted giggle." Why are you mad? All you men want to do is fight like the boys you are. You can fight forever in my Never-Land."

"Hard pass!"

"No…I won't let anyone take anything away from me! Aurora Stream!"

As she saw Tyson burst at him, she fired an aurora-colored energy beam at him. The Black Panther dashed out of the way, only for the Aurora Stream beam to swerve and colliding into him. Tyson blocked with his knife, and while he was pushed back, he was able to hold his own.

As he tried to push back some of the wraiths charged at him form all sides. But while he was hit from everything from a Vibranium spear to a Tonberry's knife to an Zandalorian shuriken, his body just glowed purple before he growled out," If you think you can get me to crack under pressure you got it wrong, it's the other way around."

He unleashed another kinetic shock-wave to blow everything around him back, then threw the Viburnum dagger at Eosmon. While she flicked it away with her wings, Tyson used his power to warp to the dagger and dive down.

Just as the Digimon/ Shade Hybrid glanced at him he howled out," Rinzin Rasengan!"

While his target looked shock as the purple energy sphere formed in his hands. Just as he prepared to strike her face, her wings glowed, before a aurora shaped wall suddenly appeared to intercept the Rinzin Rasengan. Tyson narrowed his eyes and had his energy flare up as he tried to burst through the barrier. But while his attack started to cause cracks in the wall Eosmon uttered," Cruelty Rain."

She waved her hands, before mirror shields formed in various directions around her, before slamming into Tyson. Mike winced as he saw the only other living human in the room get slashed in many directions.

Tyson dashed backwards before spitting out blood." No doubt you got some nasty claws for a month, but they still got nothing on a Black Panther! I came here to bust some doors down for the sake of Wakanda surviving, your just another detour you, huh?"

While the Wakanda prince threw another dagger, to his shock Eosmon showed she was catching on and had a barrier form right in the middle of the weapon, cleaving it in half.

The deranged woman merged with a Digimon cackled madly before she suddenly fired a barrage of Aurora Stream projectiles at her target. While the Black Panther tried to dodge the beams, he was running out of room rapidly as his enemy also caused more mirror walls to appear each second.

As Tyson got hit by one of the beams Eosmon laughed harder." Yes, there is no reason to escape are Neverland. Let the universe and all the sinners who ruined it for us kill each other, we can be a nice happy family here, forever."

Mike winced as he heard the man he once saw as a friend grunt in pain. He saw Eosmon look ecstatic, before he grit his fist tightly." No…no…just hiding away in some hole doing the same thing every day cause your to afraid to do anything else, makes you already dead! No matter what, I'm going to keep trying to find a way to really be alive to the end!"

Mike glanced at his enemy, noticed the wings, and widened his eyes before he took a deep breath, and took to the air. He dodged a energy beam, and used Flash Step to get above Eosmon before he cried out," No matter how much you try and fly away reality's gravity catch's up to you. Even if you can escape the planet's gravity your not slipping away from the bill reality 's handing you thanks to yours truly! Friction Crusher!"

The curly haired man struck his target's right wing, and just got flicked away upon impact. Eosmon just laughed harder, as if seeing his effort as a joke. But Mike looked determined and kept dashing in to kick her wings again.

While he kept getting knocked away, even as he got cut he just kept at it. While the response was just more dismissive laughing, the Digimon suddenly noticed its wings were sagging, and that it was taking more effort to keep moving.

It glanced at Mike, and then realized that Mike's blows may not have hurt much, but with each kick it was making the weight in her wings multiply. Eosmon cried out with outrage before hissing out," Damn bugs…you won't interfere!"

"That's rich coming form the biggest cockroach here!" Tyson roared out as he had his energy flare up. Eosmon tried to finish him off but was now too sluggish to catch him. The warrior from Wakanda dashed out of the way of the attacks, and then grasped his fist tightly." No matter how much rage you have demon…you're never going to have enough fury to overcome my wrath. Its clear you all had a raw deal...and while I can't do much about you all turning out like this, at the very least I'm going to end your agony. Idoua's Desgarrón!"

Tyson once more had the power of Bast surge out as become consumed in purple energy that took the shape of a panther. He then made a slashing motion before each claw in his hands was reflected in his aura to become long, sharp blades of purple energy that towered over him.

He then burst at his enemy. As he did the roar of a panther boomed across the area, and in response Eosmon winced before having another wall of energy appear to try and intercept it.

However, to her shock it only took moments for the Idoua's Desgarrón to cut through the barrier, and shatter it. Eosmon cried out in fury and tried to have more Aurora Beams and walls intercept the attack, it was to late to stop the momentum Tyson had, and it only took seconds to stab her through the chest.

The crazed monstrosity roared out in outcry before her eyes looked up with a hollow look." Momma…I sang as best as I could…did…did it make anyone happy? I just wanted to make a place where people could be happy in this miserable dying universe. I…AHH!"

Tyson swung his energy claw all the way down to rip her to pieces, before the energy exploded, vaporizing the Digimon.

At once all the wraiths started to flicker, and the tornado start to collapse. Mike landed on the ground and took a sigh of relief." Well, glad something broke this damn nightmare. Well, time to wake up to the, less freaky nightmare eh? Huh?"

Mike saw the first wraith who appeared still staggering for him before he got on guard. The unknown soldier just snickered as he staggered forward," Life's…either a nightmare or dream depending on if you have the courage to make your dreams become reality, and leave your mark as a man."

Mike winced as he saw the bitter smile on the wraith's face before he winced." Man…guess soldiers think alike. My dad's all but brother Max would always say…stuff like that…wait…huh? No…you, you're not?"

"I'm just a ghost kid. If you want to avoid ending up like me…remember to never give up on your dreams, or your pride."

The man's helmet fell off, revealing curly hair underneath. The soldier just saluted before he faded into black particles just as Mike ran up to him. The last living Auro blinked a few times before he grit his teeth." Max…was that you? Damn it, I was, really hoping someone survived fighting Sieg."

Tyson saw the despair on Mike's eyes before he looked around to make sure no enemies were coming, and cleared his throat." So…they really all did die eh? Was it Fitter? You, you saw them die?"

"No, I was stuck in carbonite when this all went down because I was a dumbass. The only one who was there who got any details, was the one who killed him. Sieg swore he killed everyone, and with how easily he cut through even the likes of Spawn, the Sliver Surfer, and Trunks and the rest of the Time Nest it seemed like it was no bluff.

He, he had someone who looked just like my mom, but said she was superior, from a superior universe. The, the only one I don't know is really dead is dad, this Sieg admitted he did not see dad die, but just assumed he finished the job. I, I got the broken half of the Divine Mugen Nova sword from him in the fighting, it was the best someone like me could do.

Tyson, I know its nonsense to you but these guys from the Multiverse say someone is rallying rebels from Universe to Universe to come together to stop Sieg. I get that it's the longest long-shot possible, but it's the only shot I have right about now."

The warrior of Wakanda looked at Mike in the eye and closed his own." That kind of grief is way to raw to be faked so, that part I'll swallow. Still, why you bail me out when I was trying to waste you all just before this?"

"Heh, because I need all the assists I can to get out of this alive? And honestly, because I don't have many friends left. Even, even if we were not friends for a while, I lost so much that, anything close still is something then nothing."

Tyson saw how shaky Mike was before he looked up." You realize, even if I wanted to take everything you guys said seriously, that its not really my call right? I may be the Black Panther of Wakanda, but N'Jadaka still calls the shots in every way that matters with my people."

"I figured as much, he still as much as a kill joy as he was that time he was getting a tour?"

"After my mom died? How he is now makes how he was then seem like he was the jolly giant. Your going to need direct proof to avoid him trying to kill you on site. And to be real with yah all the hired help around here would not think for a second to sell you out just to be in Homelander's good graces."

"Eh, with friends like that who needs enemies and all that."

"Hey, with how risky this mission was I wanted to bring about people I would not feel as bad being killed if I opened a door wrong."

"Fair enough. But, does all that mean your willing to try and work something out?"

Tyson saw the last of all the angry wraith warriors start to fall apart, even those from his own culture, before he sighed." I think you know enough about duty to know I have to put my people first.

But, since it's just you and me now, I can be real enough to admit that while my duty may require me to be a dick at times, unlike others I don't always want to be a dick if I don't have to. If nothing else, I see how messed up being a one note killer is and don't want to erase the charm for the lady's yah know?

Heh, to be honest, this was not even popular with my own people a lot of the time but, to me, battles should not be heroic, to be a thing that a culture demands to be the only way someone can have a life of glory.

Battles should not be exhilarating. Battles are full of despair. Dark... Terrible... It must be something of sadness and gloom. It must quintessentially be something which frightens people, such that they select the path which avoids battles.

But, I learned quick that the way someone who's a "Predator" and someone who's" Prey" sure as hell see battles differently. Wakanda started off being seen as prey, but we evolved real damn quick to turn it around. But it pissed everyone around them off to make us never forget what would happen if we took things for granted.

I once questioned my brother's order and N'Jadaka nearly pounced on me before saying that if I did not go with the order it meant I had the mindset of" Prey", and that only prey avoid conflict and seek peace cause they are to weak to have the thrill of the hunt.

He pointed out that the universe had proven the natural order when they broke heaven so that the strong would not be robbed of there glory by the weak, and it was hard to argue about that, when it seemed like it was decided what was the law of the land, and just a naïve fantasy that was proved fake once and for all. its because of that, that Wakanda made it look like the Black Panther was a thing of the past. To many, anything acting like a hero was just a eye sour, a broken promise and all that jazz. My brother thought its more important to do things that would keep the heat off us and all."

Mike snickered before looking up." Older brothers sure like to think their word is law to the rest eh? I get that, but with there being more then one universe the rules have changed eh? Its worth a shot right?"

"Well, more allies is always something worth looking at. First thing's first, if we don't get to the bottom of what the deal is with this planet then one way or another is hell to pay. How about we figure out where the hell we are, then how to get everyone off each other's throats.

I think if I pay off most of the pirates they will just not care but we have to do this smooth alright? That Astra girl looks like she's just itching to kick ass."

"Yah…she's always looking for a excuse to punch a guy's face in but she can reign it in for the bigger picture so long as we can show her that it should be cool. But, for now we got a truce."

"Sounds like it."

Mike saw Tyson offer his fist before he fist bumped the man he realized he could still call a friend and flashed a half-lopped smile." Awesome. Alright, now what?"

"Getting out of this pit of death would be a good start. I still can't sense anything so something's clearly blocking both transmissions and sensors. Might as well, eh?"

Tyson paused as he saw with the storm gone, it was clear Eosmon and the Chiral storm she caused blew them into a large canyon that blew them deep into the planet where Eosmon created her " Nest".

Tyson saw a faint light in the distance, saw it was purple and saw that the pathway looked human sized before he cracked his neck." This planet may be messed up but that still does not look like natural light. Better check it out just to make sure bug lady did not have a twin or something."

"Eh, lights at the ends of the tunnel seem to always end well."

"They do if your seeing clearly Mike, just keep your guard up."

With a nod the two followed the light. While it was a tight fit, after a few minutes they saw a large round elevator with a glowing yellow light. After seeing that it still had power they found a switch, and were lowered down even deeper into the planet. After a few minutes it landed without hassle.

After going through a short tunnel, the area they emerged in had a few lava pools, but the thing that caught there attention was what looked like a mix between a palace and a laboratory. Seeing that there seemed to be no one to greet them they slowly made there way to what seemed like a entrance before Tyson shrugged." So, this what you guys were looking for?"

"Unless it controls the fuel then not really? What about you?"

"Only if it unlocks the vault in the Elun section. What is this anyway?"

Mike paused before he looked on the doors, and realized he recognized the banner." Wait…this has to be old-school, its all the way back to the Lylat days."

"Great…that means any current key's would not even be recognized."

"Maybe…maybe not. There might be one key that still works, me."

Tyson raised a eyebrow as he saw Mike went up and press his hand on what looked like a door lever. For a few moments nothing happened, but just as the Black Panther was about to say something all of a sudden spark cracked out, and the Chozo Statues that were guarding the door had their eyes glow before a glitchy but still functional female computer voice blurted out," Auro DNA recognized, Omega class authority, access to Itorash fortress, granted."

With a few sparks, the doors to Itorash slowly but surely opened. Tyson saw Mike's grin and snickered." Good to be king, eh? Just keep your eyes on anything that looks like its going to move."

"Trust me I been to enough wrecked places to know not to expect anything but trouble. Unless its one of those cyber prisons Sonic was trapped in not about to expect to find anyone friendly left…here?"

The two heard metallic footsteps, and got on guard before the lanky man tensed up." Oh great, another glitchy robot guard eh? This will be…fun? Wait what?!"

"I…I did not think anyone was ever going to come here again."

Mike saw a small green light and looked at the source of the footsteps. He saw a humanoid shape, and realized that the light came form the head, the green visor of the new person.

Lights started to flicker on, and Mike and Tyson saw that the person was covered in armor that was yellow/gold coloration with large round shoulders. The person had an arm cannon in the right hand, and the visor covered that person's face.

Mike's eyes widened before he stepped back." Wait…no…your dad's friend!? The bounty hunter…who got her armor from the Chozo right?"

Tyson paused before he eyed the armored person carefully." Wait…that's that legendary bounty hunter, Metroid?"

"No, she was the one who killed all the Metroids man! That, that's Samus Aran! She, she was a good friend of my dad during the Cosmic wars."

Samus 's cannon dropped to her side before she pressed her visor. After it glowed, she muttered," Your DNA…scanners indicate it really does match the kid's. What…what is going on?"

Mike took a deep breath before he let out an uneasy chuckle." I was kind of hoping you could fill us in on that Miss Aran. I mean…from what I heard, everyone kind of assumed you were dead. So, how did you end up here?"

Samus paused before she grasped her head." Everything was frozen for so long…I thought I, was never going to wake up, that I was dead."

"Its ok my child, we been sleeping for so long. But the answer, is power."

The two men got alarmed as they saw a new platform came down from the other side. Mike for a moment thought that he was seeing a Chozo statue, and then realized it was looking like it was a Chozo, a humanoid bird that had red eyes and was wearing a decorative metal headpiece similar to that of a kabuto, a red draping cloak, and a metal plating-covered arm. He was clad in silver armor with a red fabric with gold accents resembling ceremonial scarves.

The new being was motionless before he glanced at Mike and bowed." Your scent, it truly is the same sent as the savior. My apologizes for such a unpolite greeting but, it seems like we have been asleep for a very, very long time. Your parents, new me as PAIR, but the Chozo of the more "modern" era would see my name as Ashkar Behek, or "Raven Beak" I suppose. I, am in charge of all the experiments on ZDR."

"So, so you made it through like Sonic did? Then, can you say what the hell is going on here?"

"Hadar... sen olmen, or in the more common tongue, power... is everything. All that's been conducted on ZDR since I was given the task of advancing my research for the sake of producing the power that would bring salvation to the universe. There were a few…set backs but thanks to your arrival, this universe may at last be given salvation."

Mike saw Samus still looked dazed, and glanced at Tyson. The two friends gave a small nod and braced for things to either get a whole lot better, or get a whole lot worst.

Authors Note: Got another jam-packed chapter so let's get the filling in under the way. Glyde is form Megaman Legends 2, Drakken Joe, is a enemy from the Eden Zero series, Angela Cross is from Ratchet and Clank Two Going Commando, was an enemy in the anime Space Pirate Captain Harlock, William Will Woo is another armor pilot from Gun X Sword, Ray and Elena are from Star Ocean 6, and Yozora is from Kingdom Hearts 3…that one might be confusing but will hopefully will make more sense later.

As you can see I was generous to Tyson, but felt the moves he learned would fit what a more, anime styled Black Panther could learn. Million Knocking was a move from the Toriko series, Rasengan and the Flying Thunder God Jutsu is from Naruto, while the Rinzin part is from Power Rangers Jungle Fury, while the Light Grenade is from Dragon Ball Z, and the Desgarrón is from Grimjaw from Bleach.

Bast in Black Panther, in the comics at least Bast is one the eldest of the Ennead, the child of Ra himself, though by her own admission she and her fellow deities were originally mortal beings who apotheosized to divinity through being worshiped.

In this story I had it so that Tyson and Bast have the same kind of relationship as Naruto and the Nine Tailed Fox, though he already mastered the form that is the equivalent of Naruto's Nine-Tails Chakra Mode.

Also, Menoa Bellucci and Eosmon are the central enemies of Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, though I also merged them to have aspects of the "Wendy" shade from Nier Replicant.

The realm of dead soldiers fighting is primary form Death Stranding, in that game Sam would be whisked away into battle fields of soldiers fighting wars in the past. In the game it was caused by Clifford "Cliff" Unger, but I'm going a different direction to say the least. I'll just say, more will be clear on that later.

And lastly, Samus is of course from Metroid, and "Raven Beak" is from Metroid Dread.

In case people forgot or did not read what I covered in EXE, I had it so that PAIR, and the Red and the Blue Nitro from the Toriko anime and manga were the ancestors of the Mawkin and Thoha Chozo tribes.

Since I already went down that path, decided to roll with it, so hope everyone likes how things progress with that.

Was able to get one last chapter out before my new Master Degree classes start but, going to be hectic for a while, so we will see how it goes. Still, as always hope you like enough of what you seen to leave a review, and with that till next time everyone.