Chapter 274:Those Who Bet Everything or Nothing to Try and Close the Infinite Gap.

While the Wakanda operation on ZDR more or less amounted to a massive failure, the one who ordered that mission in the first place was not aware of the outcome, because he was dealing with something that was causing him to be too busy to follow up on the results.

When N'Jadaka contacted his agents, he was not on his home world, but on the Birnin Zana that was his flagship. The ruler of the Wakanda empire just walked off his ship, and saw a sea of goliath skyscrapers and megabuildings in front of him.

A person was in front of him that was wearing blue armor, had black skin with short black hair, and had shades over his eyes. The man saw the world ruler looking at him and smirked." Welcome to the biggest rave Corpo Plaza's had this year Lord N'Jadaka. I'd say hope you find something you like, but there's something for everyone here."

Tyson's brother saw the man's smirk and cleared his throat." A-Train of the" Seven" yes? Did Homelander send you to greet me because he thinks you sharing the same skin color as me makes us part of the same tribe?"

As A-Train winced, he cleared his throat, a new male voice cut in with," Oh don't overthink Reggie here man. He's just real good at being the first to greet people. The only thing I see in common with you two is that you both work for me, along with everyone else in this universe!"

N'Jadaka looked up and saw Homelander, Stormfront, and Starlight fly from above. The "champion" of the Vought Clan saw all the Wakanda arrivals tense up before he smirked." N'Jadaka my man, almost thought you were going to be late to the party!"

The ruler of Wakanda took a deep breath before he gave a bow." Wakanda would never be foolish enough to turn down an invitation to Corpo Plaza to celebrate you completing your desire to meld enough planets together to take on your image."

"Heh, you Wakanda cats always had common sense to yah." Homelander smugly responded." That's why your fun enough to keep around in my club. Yah, Drek and the rest of those Blarg annoy me just by having to look at them, but they are good at taking worlds apart and putting them together.

Heh, that's why I'll keep them around long as they remember to never come out of the shadows. Still, it's a site that everyone ought to see, so glad you got here in time."

Stormfront saw N'Jadaka 's "Midnight Angel" bodyguards surround him before the woman member of the Seven snickered." Glad you have common sense for a Nigro and all."

Homelander patted his teammate on the back before he snickered." Down Klara, N'Jadaka always has known who the king of this jungle has been eh my man? Reggie's just was here to made sure someone greeted yah."

A-Train winced before he turned around." Huh? But you said that you were busy with,"

Homelander suddenly landed on the ground hard enough to cause a tremor. The caped man saw his own teammate get thrown off balance before he grasped A-Train by the throat." We just talked about how much back-talking to me pisses me off Reggie! I said I wanted to make sure someone greeted him while I took care of things like finishing things up! How slow are you?"

"Look man, someone said a girl was about to jump off the port and Trauma Team asked me to do them a favor alright?"

Homelander saw a young woman was indeed looking like she was about to jump off the building before he cleared his throat." Eh, Chelsea right? It's your lucky day! After all your my annul holiday save!"

The girl winced before muttering," Stay, stay away from me!"

"C'mon, life is a precious gift! I mean, at least when you're living in my tribe! To throw it away would be a real slap to your lord's face, and I don't respond to slaps well. I mean you don't want to suffer endlessly in hell right? Cause that's what happens to quitters in my turf!"

"My, my parents died because of an attack Omni-Man did on,"

"Well, they were dumbasses being where they should not have been. All you had to do was listen to me and now look at where you are eh? Seriously, you give and you give, you give your whole damn life and what happens? They just try to tear you down!

Why do people destroy their gods? How…how is it fair that you get saved when you show such ungratefulness to a beautiful, perfect god? You know what Chelsea? I think you should jump!"

The blond girl looked pale before she whimpered out," But…I, I don't want to. God…please!"

"Oh, shut up and show some damn follow through! I'm not suggesting anymore! Your going to suffer any way, the only sin that determines what happens to souls in Vought clan territory is how much a soul pleased me, and how much they pissed me off! There is no other man in the sky, the only master of this universe is ME!"

Homelander fired a laser eye blast at Chelsea's feet to vaporize them. She cried out in pain before falling off the building. The leader of the Seven saw her fall on the ground, and just laughed crudely." Squashed like the god damn bug she is!"

He saw A-Train look at him before he snickered." Good thing I can turn anything around eh? Still, cause you were to slow to fix things eh Reggie?"

The speedster winced before he grasped his fist." Hey I thought are main job is saving people eh? Or at least are people right? Her family has Trauma Team's premium insurance packages so that's what we are supposed to do right?"

"You drunk enough to think you can mouth off to me? Why you repeating what that wuss Edgar said when he's a has been rotting at the bottom of Arasaka Tower? Don't matter what someone has, only people that have value to me are worth saving and I have the final word on everything!"

"But you said that, GUH!"

Homelander suddenly fired his eye lasers to blast a hole through his own teammate's heart before the Vought Clan's "Nahobino" grit his teeth." And I changed my mind on who to greet first dumbass! You almost sound like you thought you and I were equals, and I don't like the sound of that."

N'Jadaka saw A-Train die in front of him before Homelander shrugged." Eh, before his Sleeve clone awakens have Ashley make sure Reggie remembers his manners eh Maeve?"

His fellow member of the seven saw how judgmental his look was before she nodded. Homelander saw the Wakanda arrivals stoic looks and just laughed." Sorry about that, kid's like family to me but cut them a little slack and they just get ideals in there head yah know?

I mean, no one understands what it takes to train someone right these days with all the program crap! Just another perk of Sleeve clone bodies right? You can kill them again, and again till they learn what's important!"

N'Jadaka saw the state of the man in front of him and smiled." I can only image what I could do with such things Homelander. I do sympathize, I had to remind foolish cubs again and again what amounts to fantasy, and what leaves to survival. Sometimes…only the harshest pain makes someone learn what they need to survive."

"I know right? Got to hand out the tough love or you fall for the Bethel Kingdom's lies or let those mustached obsessed Viltrum kill joys walk all over yah eh?

It's sad that so many still are so stupid but soon everyone's going to get the message! Still, can't let them all make you feel down all the time eh? Let's party, just add your stuff to the gift pile and I got some crazy stuff to show off!"

N'Jadaka saw Stormfront looked like she was expecting something before he glanced at his bodyguards." We have all the Viburnum tech and jewelry you asked for. But as for that" Bonus", that will have to come at another time.

Alas, after some investigation it would seem that a gift I was going to get to you in the territory of the Mazone tribe, but after looking into it, it would seem it was just a trick from the so called Squadron Supreme."

Homelander paused before he suddenly burst out laughing." Oh really? That Hyperion is just Auro's little bitch even after he died! I think he needs to realize the only thing he is hyper in, is hyper sucking! Well, he will get what he deserves real damn soon. It happens, just pick your replacement and we can get to the party."

N'Jadaka cleared his throat before he cracked his neck." And what do you mean by that?"

"My man, we both know your smarter than that. You could not get the gift you said you would, so pick another."

N'Jadaka paused before he looked back at his ship." I can get something after the party, but I can't whisk something out of thin air."

"But you do have a gift, you just don't realize it. I think one of your body guards will make a fine replacement, we wanted to mix things up in the games right Starlight?"

As the younger member of the Seven winced the head of the Midnight Angels saw Homelander was looking at her and took her spear." You, what do you think your doing? We exist only to serve Wakanda. You, AHH!"

Homelander grasped her chin before she could react before his grin widened." Oh, I like that look, it's always fun breaking them in!

Don't you see that if you serve Wakanda you serve me? Because Wakanda, no, because everyone in this universe serves me! After all, I'm the god damn Homelander, I do what I want!

C'mon I'm only asking for one, I'm trying to be generous here compared to what I just did with all those birdies on that Roak planet!"

N'Jadaka saw the look of horror on the woman's face before he closed his eyes." Izoge, we must all make sacrifices, for the glory of Wakanda."

His lead bodyguard tried to mutter something before Stormfront fired some lighting at her. As she fell to the ground the caped woman giggled with deranged glee." You better learn fast doggie, we go through pets fast!"

"Lady Stormfront, I don't dare to deny your fun but, just maybe we could take a look at her first? It's just, she just might be the prime specimen for the thing I was talking to you about."

Everyone saw the Maker, the Reed Richards who came with Sieg, casually walked up before he smirked." I won't dare deny you your fun but, just wanted to try a few things to…enhance things."

Stormfront looked annoyed for a second before she grasped her head and grit out," yah yah, whatever. Long as it's something that leads to Mr.V-Day giving us more fun stuff then just get on with it. I want to see all the imposters begging for mercy at are feet already!"

"Oh but of course. We have defeated gods. We have decapitated the "divine superpower". We will destroy "The People". Let evolution shake every core of the universe. Let none stand against the Children of Tomorrow."

" You got a better sells pitch then most of the Vought payroll strech, but results are the only thing that matters."

"Oh...I assure you Lady Stormfront I understand entirely. Heroes. Villains. Good guys. Bad guys. The simltons just refuse to udnerstand that this is not a universe of absolutes. This is a universe of confusion and of death and of is of course...till Mr.V-Day and his dream team bring the victory over that misery once and for all. So, if you excuse me, time to make that victory come all the closer. "

As the Maker smirked and took Izoge away, Homelander saw N'Jadaka's detached look and snickered." That's what I like about you N'Jadaka, you see things clearly."

"Those with their heads in the clouds, don't live long in the jungle."

"Damn straight…you and all your Wakanda cats just might make it on board to the new era if you keep this up."

N'Jadaka was about to say something before he noticed a new golden tower had been set up, before he cleared his throat." I see you put on an few extra, additions to Mekacity since my last visit, some that are larger then Arasaka Tower. What, function do these new constructs serve?"

Homelander glanced at the creation that the staff of the Infinite Victory and Conquest Corporation installed on the planet before his eye twitched, and he let out a chuckle." Oh that? Oh, just something that's going to help put everyone in their place."

"You mean, it's for the attack on the Bethel Kingdom…or for Omni-Man and the rest of them?"

"Heh…it's for everyone that stands in the way of victory N'Jadaka."

"What? Is it a cannon? How powerful is it?"

"You're thinking to small panther man…Mr.V Day never thinks so small."

"Mr.V Day…is that one of your Vought scientists?"

"Oh, he's a busy guy but he's a little bit of everything. Just keep on the path of victory and maybe you will get to see what the ultimate victory is! But hey, work is later, for now let's party! After all if it's all work then what's the point? Hey Stormfront, let's kill anyone who is not having enough fun at the party eh?

After all…if they are too stupid to accept there master's kindness, they don't deserve to live! They will laugh right as I kill them, because everyone lives for me! Only me, the only thing that matters is what makes me happy!"

Homelander barked orders to others before heading back to Corpora Plaza. The ruler of Wakanda saw his body guards look at him before he narrowed his eyes." To ensure Wakanda will be on the path to victory, we must be on the path to victory, no matter the cost.

For any cost is better than for Wakanda to be among the prey among the feast to come. Remember that…remember what must be done for are people to endure the coming storm."

As his bodyguards all nodded with grim agreement N'Jadaka made sure Homelander and the rest of the "Seven." We're not paying attention before he opened a com link." Astor, no matter what it takes make sure Drebin reports as soon as possible."

The ruler of the Wakanda empire grasped his fist tightly." Brother…I don't care if the lead was a lie, you better be able to sniff out something that can give us the edge. Blood or not, Black Panther or not, I don't have the time to put up with incompetence. There is no room for sentiment in this universe, only for power."

N'Jadaka saw other world leaders landing before he marched on. Little did he know that his brother had stumbled on to something far bigger than he and his brother ever thought possible, though if it was something that would be good for Wakanda was undetermined.

While Tyson was on edge at seeing a ship and various Mecha he never saw descend in front of him, seeing Mike's confidence that the Hague and the SRX team could be trusted, and saw how quickly they helped Rey and Elena get on board Chloe and the other members of the Ydas.

After he realized between Astra and Ezan backing out would not end well, he told Merga and the rest of his crew that survived to wait on the ship as he got on board.

After giving a brief recap to Masaki, Ryuusei, Viletta, and those like Shion, Sam, and the rest that stayed on board to everything that unfolded on ZDR, and a quick meal, everyone quickly met on the bridge to see just what Ezan had to say.

Shion was one of the many who was not sure what to make of the super elite former Enji Knight, and upon seeing the sliver haired man with unnatural eyes looking stoically around she could not help but shiver." What the hell is this? He, he looks like Vholran's brother!"

As Ezan eyed the pink haired woman carefully Sonic chuckled before giving her a thumbs up." Chill lady, Ezan may have a hardcore glare, but he only puts the smack-down on the bad guys."

Rinwell saw Sonic before she yelled out in shock." Guys watch out a blue monster escaped from the planet! Don't get to close Hootle!"

Sonic saw the owl hoot furiously at him before he glanced at his friends and shrugged." Guess these girls never seen a mobian eh?"

As Knuckles shrugged Mike let out an uneasy chuckle." Don't take it personally Sonic, these gals were on a planet that did not really mingle if you know what I mean."

"Oh, even after all that time worlds still did not get in contact with the rest of the universe eh?"

As Mike winced, Ezan cleared his throat." Sonic, sadly to say that the state of the universe deteriorated even more then how things were before you all were sealed in Cyber Space."

Sonic saw how grim Ezan looked before he rubbed his head." I'd say its stressful enough to turn your hair grey, but you were sporting the grey look the moment I met yah! Wait, you were a human right? How you look the same as when I met yah then?"

Ezan sighed before he looked at his hands." For the sake of being able to see my duty through, I could not let something as common as aging get in the way of doing what had to be done. That's why the Supreme Kai of Time cast the Spell of Frozen Time on me. It, more or less meant I ceased aging."

Astra snorted before she looked at her father's former fellow Enji carefully." Man, when the chips are down the elite don't even bother playing fair. I remember hearing Ezan Zeon had a funeral at some point…so what if your just the last X parasite clone or you're an agent of Sieg or something you, huh?"

The moment she blinked she saw the ace Enji 's true sword, the Nu Epyon, was at her throat close enough for her to bleed. She saw the harshness in the sliver haired man's eyes before he muttered," Because your head would have been on the ground if that was true rookie. If you misjudge the situation at every turn the odds of us grasping victory are even slimmer then it already is.

But, it is true that I was assumed dead. I faked my death to mislead Fitter and the others to try and catch him when his guard was lowered. It almost worked…till the situation changed. Alas, things have deteriorated to a state I did not think possible, but that's what it is."

Robotnik looked around at the spaceship from another universe and stroked his mustache." I must admit, I figured with enough time Ben and Lacus would be able to restore the damage done to the universe. I mean, they did have all the power that Cosmos gave them, yes?"

James sighed before the hologram looked around." That…was are hope. But the truth is that the extend of the damage caused by the Death Stranding was even more severe than even the angels realized.

Lacus inherited enough power to restore entire planets and everyone that might have died, but even her and all the angels put together just don't have the power to recreate or fix heaven.

In the end, it was Cosmos and Zannacross together that made the universe what it was, and since Doug to this day refuses to show one shred of regret at putting the universe in this state, without finding someone else with that level of power, putting the universe as it was, remains out of our grasp."

Sonic saw Mike and some of the others loyal to the Bethel Kingdom look dismayed before he winced." Man, it's been years and it still does not add up! Doug was a fun loving guy like me, but being free is one thing, breaking the universe is another! Did Brad Fowltror being in his head really make him go that crazy?"

Ezan cleared his throat before cutting in with," Don't absolve Fitter of his choices Sonic. Its true Brad Fowltror getting into his head vie the Beyonder's power put him on the path to becoming the Chaotic Comedian, but in the end he made it clear it was his own choice to do what he did.

Don't forget, I was there that day at Ben's wedding where he showed himself to us one last time to make clear what he wanted to do. Brad pushed him into the darkness, but he decided he would rather stay there then compromise, he wanted his freedom above compromising to anyone, and all these centuries later people still are paying the price."

Mike saw Astra was about to object before he let out an uneasy chuckle." Might want to save the pro true freedom rants for later girl. Really don't think you're going to win over someone who's wife and friends never recovered from what your old man did."

Astra saw how bitter Ezan looked before she grunted out," Just saying it's not all bad ok? Just, a little uneven at the moment."

"Is that what you would call thugs like Homelander running rampant around the universe? To think Omni-man seemed like one of the more trustworthy ones, but I returned to see that honor he, Thragg, and the rest of the Viltrumite race had was so fragile was, disappointing.

Bah, I could neutralize any of those "Nahobino" one on one. But I admit the problem is that as long as they can come back vie Sleeve clones even all the combined powers of the Sharingan and Rinnegan and all my other moves can't purge them entirely, its why we been in a stalemate for so long. As grim as that situation was, it's still become favorable to the current situation."

Knuckles groaned before he got in front Ezan and spat out," What is the deal man? You keep talking about other whole universe's and all that but the only proof of that is this new ship! And that's only if green hair dude, his crew and his talking cats are not just crazy!"

Masaki chuckled before he crossed his arms." Hey, don't worry I know it's a lot to take in dude, I'd be more shocked if you were just all casual about finding out there was more than just your universe.

Heh, but if it helps your taking it a lot better than the other Knuckles did! Yah that "Gnarly Knuckles" was so not gnarly about finding out about things that well it kind of got him killed. Just glad we got Sally and the rest of her group out before they went down with the rest of the Kingdom of Acorn."

All the natives from Mobius glanced at Masaki before Sonic raised an eyebrow." You must have gotten the wrong planet man because Mobius never had this "Acorn" Kingdom."

"Heh, tell that to your Uncle Chuck!"

Masaki saw Sonic look even more confused before he shrugged." Oh sorry, were you raised by Longclaw in this reality? Or Queen Aleena?

"Chunk? Queen Aleena? Longclaw? What kind of Hedgehog is called Longclaw?"

"Oh Longclaw was an owl man."

"Seriously? Tsc, now your just making stuff up why would I be raised by a owl!?"

"Hey, don't knock her Sonic its cause of her that you stopped hiding after ten years!"

"Huh? Me, hide for a decade? Man this does not sound like me at all! Who are you people anyway? Are you Ezan's new pals or something?"

Masaki saw Sonic's irritation, and Ezan's amusement before he sighed." Nah, we were doing are own thing. We are a unit that's pros at dealing with Multiverse stuff.

We came to this "Prime Universe" because it seems like some real hardcore stuff was going down and, was not sure what to make of it at first but seems like this is the real deal. Though never heard of this guy though to be honest."

Ezan smirked before he responded with," Because I was using a fake name remember? I made use of my training to mostly use moves I'm not known for to avoid attention. Heh, if I see Mitsuko Isurugi again, I'll have to tell her she was right, that the SRX team was in over their heads and would only take things seriously when they saw things firsthand."

This caused Masaki and the others to get alert before Viletta cleared her throat." What, we never mentioned Mitsuko, and are reports say a counterpart of her and Isurugi Industries does not exist in this "Prime" Universe. Alright now we have even more questions."

"Don't be alarmed, I talked with her when Calvin Ellis took me from Quadratum to Echo Base Alpha."

Ryuusei paused for a moment before he raised an eyebrow." Huh? Wait you met one of rebel high command? I thought this prime universe did not know about the Multiverse?"

"We did not." Ezan answered bluntly." Till very recently at least. But those circumstances are what lead me to meet some of your comrades. Let me try and be as concise as I can, there is a lot to cover.

Before anything else, I should concede I did not come to ZDR randomly. I have only been back in this universe for a few weeks, and have been undercover trying to assess the current state of things. I came here not just to see if old allies could be rescued, but because there was something else I was looking for, the Paradox Prism."

Robotnik winced before he glanced at Sera, and shrugged." Really? I'm afraid you came all the way for a dead end in that regard Ezan. The Paradox Prism was swallowed up when I was trying to neutralize the experiment Raven Beak was conducting."

"But that's just the thing Doctor, it was not lost, not entirely. It was drifting across the universe, till it was found, by none other then Doug. Maybe he just bumped into it while drinking on an asteroid, but one way or another he found the Paradox Prism, and after someone told him what it could do he used it, among other things, to break open a portal into the Multiverse."

Mike was one of the many who reacted with a shocked expression before he cleared his throat." That…that's how this all started? What…what was he trying to do? Find a way to settle things with dad once and for all?"

"Since we never ran into Fitter, we have no idea what his true intentions were. I suppose, only those loyal to him would know what he intended."

Astra saw Ezan, and others were looking at her before she spat on the ground." Hey…you think we were talking that much? Not like he was keen on being organized yah hear? Most of the time the Equalizers were just catching up to what he was doing next. I mean, I sure as hell did not hear what he was up to, unless anyone else did."

Ray saw Astra glare at him before he tugged his collar." I mean, I did hear from someone who talked to Higgs who said the boss man was planning to shake things up but I mean, I did not expect that!"

Ezan sighed before responding with," Who knows what was really going on in his head but, the result was " Mixing things up" to a higher level than anyone expected. We were unable to stop Fitter from using the Paradox Prism and the rest of the things he gathered to open a path to the Multiverse. For a while, we were cautious about its true nature.

But, everything came to a head when it seemed like things were escalating. Max Bruder, having once walked a path like Doug so he wanted to try one last attempt to talk to him. Richard, did not agree with that and went after him, and they both went into the space time anomaly. We, don't know what happened, only that Richard emerged, as a corpse."

Ezan saw Mike's grim reaction and sighed." That was the final straw for Ben. Assuming it was Doug, he and Lacus amassed the majority of our forces and launched an all out invasion.

Doug had eluded being pinned down for centuries because he was unable to be sensed, and he could warp anywhere in the universe instantly. It, was are hope that whatever this new realm was, it would limit Doug's options.

But instead of being the beginning of the end, it was just the start of a new nightmare more terrible than we could ever have thought be possible.

Words can't describe what happened, so I ask if you want to see my memories directly to truly understand what happened. Do you have a Pensieve Projector? It's how I showed Elidibus, Alexander Luthor, OVER-1, Xeno Goku, Franklin Richards,Xena, Kelsier, Gaiou, Clara Oswald, and the rest of the alliance members what happened."

Mike looked at Masaki, who just shrugged." Hey I'm all for a clear picture here. Well, that's not a common name so guess you have met some of our pals. Alright, let's see what show the Pensieve Projector's got for us."

Ezan saw Ryusei bring out the appearance of a shallow stone or metal basin, into which runes and strange symbols were carved and precious stones were fitted. It was filled with a silvery substance that appears to be a cloudy liquid/gas, and was connected to a device that looked like a purple high tech projector.

The warrior from Vana'diel glanced at the machine with the unique eyes of the Uchiha clan, and after making sure it was safe he nodded." Just don't expect a pleasant show. Still, better to know what's to come then to well, you will see."

Ezan saw Mike wince, but as he attached the wires to his head the lanky man nodded grimly and took a deep breath. After a few moments, the Pensieve Projector glowed, and fire a beam of blue light at the wall. It then showed Ezan's own memories, though Ezan could be seen to make things less confusing.

The sliver haired warrior was dressed in a black cloak with purple lining, and a grey, long-sleeved, collared shirt, over which he wore a periwinkle vest. He also wore black pants, a purple belt, an and dark grey fingerless glove on his remaining hand. He once again wore his forehead protector, letting it hang from his left hip.

The Ezan of the past landed on mountain terrain, and saw dozens of warships and hundreds of various Gundam's based off the Hi-Nu Gundam, Wing Zero, Unicorn, 00 Qan, and the Gundam G-Self, flying in the sky, all heading to a massive portal in space itself.

Ezan looked around before a male voice uttered a wary," Your just in time sir Zeon."

The sliver haired man saw two individuals that stood out amiss all the YoRra Agents and men and woman in the Bethel Kingdom soldier outfits. One was a humanoid being clad in white and red armor with the holy lance "Gram" in its right hand and the holy shield "Aegis" in its left.

The other man was a very tall and well-built Asgardian male; he had very large biceps and long, muscular legs. Fair-skinned and blue-eyed, he had golden blond hair, reminiscent of Vikings, complete with a Viking-style helmet.

He wore black armor with silver circles along the torso, with silver chain-mail sleeves. He had red wristbands, a large golden belt and blue pants, and had the hammer Mjölnir firmly in his grasp.

Ezan saw the two approach and just gave a respectable salute." Odinson, Dukemon, I assure you nothing would stop me from missing this. I take it that the operation is about to being without delay?"

"Verily." Thor responded." The entire Narshe region has been secure. Any one that might have been compromised by the Equalizers have been quarantined."

Ezan saw the ships in the sky getting into formation before a much larger ship came out of hyperspace.

He observed that it was completely spherical except for a single, horn-like protrusion at the bottom, and was the size of a small moon before he closed his eyes." So, the Cathedral Elysium Terra is to lead the charge? Then…we really are going to throw everything into it?"

"Not everything. Daigo, Zero, and some of the others are guarding Corneria and the Lylat system just in case this is just another stunt. But yah, the time of being cautious is long gone Ezan. Doug's going down, once and for all."

Ezan winced before he turned around to see the man who said that. It was a man in kingly blue and gold armor all over his body, with a white cape behind him, and a crown on his head.

In his hand was a large golden crystalline broadsword, the Divine Mugen Nova. Despite it being a memory of the past, Mike could not help but gasp as he saw his father, Ben Auro, walk up with a look of grim determination on his face.

Ezan saw the brown haired blue eyed man's hollow look as Ben just walked past his longtime rival." I let this go on to long Ezan. I, I spent too much time hoping Doug would change, would realize how wrong he was. But, because I did not push hard enough, he's caused so, so much damage, and it ends now!"

The sliver haired man saw his friend grasping his blade and cleared his throat." Auro…I can't express how sorry I am about your son. They, they found Richard's body?"

Ben winced as he looked at the hole in the sky." I, my, my son's body was intact, aside from the hole in his chest. It was right in the place were Terra once found the Esper Tritoch, like the killer was taunting us, like it was all a damn joke! Everything, everything is just one big joke to Doug, and it ends now!"

Ezan saw how much Ben was struggling before he nodded." And what about Michael?"

"We, we don't know where he is either. He said something about making a deal with Khan Maykr and the rest of the Maykr race on Urdak to get a deal on Argent Energy, but nothing showed he was anywhere close to Urdak, or that the Broker, Eduardo "Lalo" Salamanca, or his civilian alias Jorge de Guzma was here. But in the end, with Doug's Instant Transmission, I never rule out something being his fault.

All this time, I thought we had one thing we agreed on, that family was off limits. It, it was so tempting at times but I kept my word, and Doug just killed my son!"

Ezan was about to say something, before he took a deep breath." How, how is everyone holding up? Are they ok?"

As Ben winced, a sorrowful female voice responded with," Ezan…I won't be ok till I know that self absorbed bastard will never be able to take anything from me or anyone else again."

The super elite warrior saw a flash of light before a woman with angel wings descended. She was clad in magenta and white armor shaped like a humanoid dragon, a tiara on her head. At her side was the Oath Keeper rapier like sword, her brown hair was fixed in a tight ponytail, and her eyes looked hard enough to cut diamonds.

Astra saw the woman walk up before she could not help but wince." Damn…I did not know Lacus Raystar took part in the fighting."

Mike chuckled bitterly as he struggled to contain his emotions at seeing the video of his mother." You seriously think my mom was just going to sit back after, after my brother died?"

The blond woman saw the looks coming her way before she just sighed." Guess angels are still mothers to. She really thought the old man killed her son eh?"

Tyson shrugged before he muttered," Who else other than total psychopaths would be balsy enough to kill the sons of those who were all but god? Well…guess we are about to find out eh?"

The others who did not see Sieg before nodded grimly as they saw in the projection that more had gathered around Ben and Lacus, many long time celestial beings who had fought alongside them such as Superman's son Jon Kent, Sailor Mars, Adam Warlock, Wonder Woman's sister Donna Troy, Leon Belmont, Kyle Rayner the White Lantern, M'gann M'orzz or " Miss Martian", Clea, the current Sorceress Supreme, the Atlantean warrior Namor,"Sub-Mariner", Nate Grey, a.k.a. X-Man, the leader of the" Seven Deadly Sins" Meliodas, and his wife the angel Elizabeth Liones, "Kabito Kai", Toriko, the warrior Liu Kang, who merged with the celestial one Raiden to become the" Fire God" , Alcor the" Anguished One," the demonic warrior Jin Kazama, and a few more.

Ben saw the assembled gathering, saw a division worth of Gundam's, and a dozen larger super robots called Gunbusters all get in formation before he took a deep breath." Alright, we are not missing anything right? We have the best agents of light and darkness, we have machines covering everything. We have everyone that can cover every aspect. So, Doug should have no way to escape this time."

"Ben…we can't assume anything till its done!" Lacus cut in sharply." No matter what, we will pin Doug down in every possible way so that he can't escape. And at last, he's going to answer for what he did! We, we got to into a rut about this. You got too carried away when you said it would be ok."

Ben winced before he cleared his throat." Lacus, I said that around, two hundred and fifty years ago. If if,"

"You think that matters when it's something like this? We thought Doug would give up or get bored. But even if he would just sit around messing around as a drunk for a life time, he came back to make things even worst.

He created the Nahobino to" equalize" the universe and just let people that could all but be Brad's cousins like Homelander and the Sentry run lose, and now he broke a hole in the universe to "Make a bigger party" with this Multiverse crap?

It's true that the One Above All let Doug get this far because he showed the universe he values change over happiness, but if you just shut him down at are wedding instead of being afraid to alarm people, are son would not be dead! Damn it Ben, because he died outside the universe, I can't sense his soul, I can't do anything for him."

As Ben struggled to figure out what to say a woman uttered," Lacus, please don't lose yourself. For Richard's sake you have to be strong."

Lacus saw a woman with long green hair tied in a ponytail, a red dress with a purple or pink sash around her waist, red boots, and red bracers. She was Terra Branford, Lacus's one time Enji Captain and thanks to being part Esper, still alive after centuries.

Lacus's friend put her hand on the sightly younger woman's shoulder." I know the pain of loss Lacus, and I know when the world feels like nothing but ruin it feels like its better to be a monster then a mother.

But if you let Doug turn you in to a monster then he wins."

Lacus saw her other former teammate and still friend, a blond woman from the village of Iselia, the blond woman who's age was extended vie the power of the Cruxis Crystal, the former Chosen of Regeneration that was part of the plot of Mithos Yggdrasill, Colette Brunel walked up with a sorrowful look." Please Lacus, we can't lose you to."

Lacus saw her friend's worry before she nodded." I don't want to give Doug any thing else gals, but I'm just, so, so fed up with all of this!"

Ezan saw how upset his friends looked, and how uneasy those around him looked before he got in front of them." Ben, Lacus, trust me when I say I know how you feel. I wanted to make Doug pay for centuries. After all because of what he did Aeris never was the same.

At least, she and I are still connected thanks to the Materia, but still. Even so, it's because I know that pain that I know this is just what Doug wants. He was even able to trick Gogeta to defuse, then kill Goku and Vegeta while laughing the whole time. He wants us to charge in while acting on emotion, and we can't have that if we want to settle this.

Think of what Cloud, Master Myers, and all are former comrades would want."

Ben saw how solemn Ezan looked before he sighed." Ezan, I know what you mean. The last thing I want to do is play Doug's game. But, this has to end once and for all. Coming around is not an option, it can only end when justice prevails at last. So, one more time, do we have everyone we need to cut off Doug in every way possible?"

Ben saw Gohan land before him, along with his brother Goten, and the main timeline Trunks before the son of Goku nodded." Merus was able to get the Broly Clone, Jiren, Father Rodin, and Doctor Manhattan to work for this, that should help both with the power and with sealing Doug's options. "

Ben saw the clone of Broly that was less hostile to Goku, the original soul of one of Goku's most powerful opponents, and the transparent blue man that had a dot that the depicted the Bohr model of a hydrogen atom on his forehead flew down.

Ben saw Rodin fly down and light a cigar before he nodded." I know you don't leave your bar much so thanks for coming Rodin."

"Hey don't get me wrong...I just get pissed off when pepole think they can skip my tab!"

Ben nodded before he glanced at Doctor Manhattan." Still, thanks for coming everyone."

Doctor Jonathan "Jon" Osterman glanced at Ben before he looked at the portal. "This event, is one of the few things I could not see. It's made me…curious."

"No offense Doctor Manhattan, but all I need to know now is if you know what's on the other side of that portal."

"No, I can't sense anything at all past that portal."

"Well…then we will have to do this the old fashion way and take this one step at a time eh? If, if we cover each other's backs, it, it will work out. At least, the madness will end."

Ben saw how hollow Lacus looked before he winced." Lacus, I promise that no matter what that Doug's "Fun ends here." And then…then we can,"

"Ben…we can figure out the rest once this is over, but nothing matters till this is living hell Doug put us all through is over once and for all, got it?"

The brown haired man saw how absolute his wife's eyes were before he nodded, and turned around. He saw how uneasy everyone looked and gave a grim chuckle." Well, most of you have been in the long haul so I'll cut to the chase. I said this kind of thing for centuries and it ended up just looking like a fool.

But Doug's taken so much from all of us, from the entire universe just because he wants to "rumble" out enough chaos till everyone gives in to him, but I'm going to make him learn once and for all true justice never surrenders to tyrants and madmen like him who only care about their own fun!

No matter what Doug does, it will never be enough for me to give up, and its time he faces up to the judgment he's long tried to get out of. Everyone, if this really is a portal to another universe, be ready for anything.

Alright, unless there is anything else, it's time to finish this."

Ben had his eyes glow golden before he touched the ground with the Divine Mugen Nova. Swords circled around Ben, from Cloud Strife's Buster Sword.

More swords floated around Ben, ones that looked like Link's Great Fairy Sword, Firion's Wild Rose, Luneth's Onion Sword ,Cecil Harvey's Lightbringer, Bartz Klauser's Dayspring sword, ,Squall Lionheart's Lion-Heart Gunblade, the Nu-Epyon, Cloud's Buster Sword, Tidus's Caladbolg,Vaan's Zodaic Spear, Lighting's Blazefire Saber, Noctis Lucis Caelum's Engine Blade, Stahn Aileron's Dymlos, Reid Hershel 's Last Fencer, Veigue Lungberg's Requiem blade, Lloyd's Eternal Sword, Luke Fon Fobre 's Lost Fon Drive blade, Yuri's Dein Nomos sword, Asbel Lhant;s Disintegrator, Master Myers's Primus Levantine blade, and others circle around him.

Ben looked at all the swords encircling him and took a deep breath." For all the people that could not be with me for this day, I'll stab Doug with each of these swords to make it up for all of them for not getting this done when they were alive!"

Ezan saw everyone around him get their weapons before he cleared his throat." I'm sure they would mostly approve of that, but since I'm still alive I'd prefer to stab him with my blade himself."

Ben winced before he looked at the Nu Epyon." Sorry about that…was not sure if you got a new sword by now."

"I did, but I swore I'd stab Doug with that one."

"Heh, fair enough."

Ezan extended his hand, and had the katana he forged with his father fly into his hand. As he grasped it tightly he looked at the gate between universe's. "Alright then, target confirmed. Beginning operation Heaven's Judgment."

Ben took one last look around, saw Lacus nod, and took to the air. " Doug…no matter what you have planned…this is your last joke. Let's go everyone! Admiral Maverick, tell all units the operation starts now!"

The ruler of the Bethel Kingdom braced himself as the White Lantern used his ring to put the ground in a sphere of white energy, and flew everyone into the barrier. There was no resistance as they went down a red tunnel, and in less then sixty seconds Ben, Lacus, Ezan and the rest of their group saw they were in another universe.

Ezan glanced around and saw his surroundings looked like an endless white and red sandy terrain, with a blood red sky around them in what looked like was a Eclipse.

He saw the ships and mobile suits, along with Tri-Edge fly through before he looked at his new surroundings closely." Just like that, we are in another universe? Figured it would be some kind of pathway like the process to get to the Beyonder's Schwarzwelt universe."

Ben nodded before he looked around." From what Metatron and the others said, we had to cross the" Bleed" to get to "Battle world", but because Doug tore a hole between the inter-dimensional plane that forms the barriers between universe's, this hole is even more unnatural. Though, because of that we could be in this other universe's hell."

"It does not matter where this is, it's going to be Doug's hell when we catch up with him." Lacus answered bluntly." Can anyone find something? Any trace of life?"

Ezan looked around before he sighed." We can't jump to conclusions till we have a idea on what are situation is. For all we know this planet was an uninhabited one."

Jon Kent paused before he narrowed his eyes, and gasped." Wait, in the distance, I see something that does not look natural."

"Is…is it him?" Ben uttered before he burst out of the bubble and in seconds flew at the speed of light to arrive at what Superman's son saw in seconds. Ezan saw Lacus follow him without a word and winced before following his fellow former Enji.

As he caught up, he saw that the hero from Krypton was not mistaken, and he saw what was in front of him was a giant golden pillar, almost shaped like a temple or a shrine. Past it, was a castle that resembled the visage and wings of a falcon in flight.

Ezan took a moment to see Gohan, Thor and most of the group had caught up before he saw the area around this object had craters that looked big enough to be meteor impacts, some that were lakes of blood before he made sure his blade was ready." The odds of this being an act of nature seem…extremely unlikely.

This could be a shrine of sort. Oh?" He and some of the others looked at the object and saw markings at its base before Adam Warlock paused." These seem like some sort of letters but, it's unclear what language. Did, Doug Fitter have a temple made out of him? That seems to be, against his mantra."

Lacus started to notice there was faded blood at the edges of the shrine, and realized that the entire shrine seemed to be made out of skulls before she winced." Doug's been a hypocrite about so much already that with how much he degenerated I would not put it pass him devolving into demanding sacrifices or something."

Ben shrugged before he looked back at the Tri-Edge before he made a hand gesture to get everyone to take a defensive position. "Donny…can you translate any of this?"

After a few moments the droid that use to be his cousin Max's co pilot responded with," Its…not a complete match Master, but, the best match is" All at the Pyramid of Argus devout themselves to bring glory to Jiden Gorath Yuuzahn.

Yuuzahn was the name of the god the Yuuzhan Vong race worshiped, but since he was confirmed to be a fictional deity that does not help much."

Ezan gave the area another glance before he glanced at some of the holes in the ground and winced." It's not clear if this Gorath is Fitter or some native person, but the people hear worshiped this individual enough to offer sacrifices based on those blood trails.

Looks like at least some fought back. There are all kinds of weapons. Almost like, huh? Damn."

Ben saw Ezan tense up before he walked up." What is it Ezan? You saw something that, what? No…NO!"

The leader of the Bethel Kingdom saw what his comrade saw, and felt a chill down his spine as he saw there was a broken hilt among the pile that looked long enough to be a broadsword, and saw the blade looked like solidified lava before he tensed up." Is…is that sword…Max's Dante broadsword?"

Lacus ran up to the sword before she leaned down and held it tightly to her chest." I, I can feel traces of Max's soul still hovering around it! Did, did he fight Doug? We, we must spread out to see if we can find him!"

"Don't bother wasting time on such nonsense, I can assure you that the " Wild Wolf" is as dead as can be."

Lacus tensed up as she glanced at Ben." Ben, how could you say that about Max?"

Ben's eyes widened with alarm as he retorted with," Lacus, that, that sounded like me but that's not me!"

Lacus gasped as she realized the person who said that came above her, and swerved around to see someone was standing on top of the Pyramid of Argus, and it was Sieg.

Sieg looked just like how he looked when he invaded the Time Nest, and was casually walking down the pyramid with a glass of wine in his hand.

Ben saw the man who looked just like him, but with a beard and golden hair in a tuxedo before he grasped his sword tightly." What…what the hell is this? This…some sort of joke? Doug…you think you can play games with me now…throwing out some jumbled up clone of me!? I swear, the more you throw out these games the worst it's going to be for you!"

Sieg chuckled as he reveled in all the shocked faces." Oh…I promise you Ben Auro, the games are just beginning. It might not be the games you might enjoy, but since you're in my property, house rules eh?

Tsc, this was one of the few times in a long time that I thought building anticipation was verified. And yet…to at last see my counterpart from the Prime Universe face to face, only to see something so very, very lackluster is making me, agitated. All counterparts may be inferior to me, but I at least did not expect to see the eyes of such a frail, incompetent, loser.

Ah...let me guess what your thinking eh? Trust me, I have a lot of experience with this. Lets just say, I have experience with this situation. Your thinking that this should be impossible. You see my height, my build, you hear my voice, and you think you know who I am. You know I should be Ben Auro, but you also know I am not.

You know that I am something " Twisted" and " Corrupt" and that mortifies you. Because all your life, you lived by a set of " Absolute Truths." Hard and fast rules that could never be broken.

All your life.. no matter how much you learn, no matter how high your " power level gets" or how many try and help you, you been constrained by those mental limitations, but what your seeing before you, is someone without those...shackles."

Lacus quickly jumped back as she saw Sieg casually descend before she got into a fighting stance." What is this? Doug captured one of Ben's Shadow Clones and used that power to create the Nahobino right? Did, did he corrupt a clone or something and stick a goatee on it?"

Ezan eyed Sieg carefully before he got into a fighting stance." It…it almost reminds me of that Bezan clone Weil and Serpent created all those years ago Lacus.

He, he does match Ben's mana frequency in parts, but in other ways, he, he feels like the complete opposite."

Sieg glanced around to see Ben's group slowly spread out before he smirked." So…this is the best that the Prime Universe can muster? I won't deny that it's the most diverse group of warriors I saw from one universe, but I'd figure it would be so much more, " grander" But the data is precise, your really a decaying," Bankrupt" universe.

But…it seems the decay is even worst then the data indicated. Ah…but your soldier with the Sharingan eyes is correct Ben Auro, I am your opposite, the precise reverse of your being.

We may have the same face, and some of the same blood, but I won't tolerate you not knowing who is inferior. After all, a man does not wear another man's face unless he knows his mind. And I know your mind."

Ben narrowed his eyes before retorting with," If you're really not Doug you sure know a lot for someone who I never met."

"This may be are first time meeting face to face "Brother", but I already know every single thing about you, and your entire universe. For you see, I see time…differently from…less evolved life forms.

I don't live in a "straight line", and with time, I can skip to the end. That's precisely what I'm doing here. I seen your history Ben Auro, your past, your present, and your future, for I am your final destiny."

"So your saying I become you? Doug thinks this is what the true nature of my heart is? A beard and a business suit? I don't know what memories Doug gave you but I don't have time to waste on jokes like this. No matter what games you're playing I'm going to avenge my son and,"

The ground suddenly cracked around him as Sieg grasped his hand, and the entire planet turned dark. Ben saw the man with his face clear his throat before he walked closer." It's clear you're not use to speaking to your betters but, I assure you that I'll correct that before I'm done with you.

I've been dubbed many names by many people: a tyrant, a conqueror, "He Who Remains", a " jackass", god, and so, so much more. But it's not as simple as a name, its about what I am.

Let me make it clear just what this is. I'm not your " corrupted" shadow clone, I'm not your repressed " Dark Soul" running amuck like Idious, and I'm not Doug Fitter's " joke." Yes…Doug Fitter is nothing compared to me. Ben Auro, you may be the alpha, but I'm the omega of all the variants across the Multiverse.

I'm Sieg V-Day Elgan, the CEO of the Universe spanning Infinite Conquest and Victory Corporation. Yet most of all, I'm the one who always wins.

And since I'm a very busy man, as much as I awaited this reckoning, I'm going to try and make this concise. I rarely tolerate deviations from my schedule, but for the enjoyment of making off brand fools suffer, I make an exception."

Ben saw the coldness in his counterpart from another universe's eyes before he raised an eyebrow." Seriously? You're the head of a tacky phone company or something and your acting like that? I'm sorry if this is your company property or whatever but, I came here for something very important and, huh?"

Sieg snickered before the ground started to shake." You have been use to having existence revolving around you for so long that you can't grasp how big things really are eh? It does not matter if you're the" God" of the Prime Universe, there still is a cost for running into my property uninvited,without paying respect I'm due."

Ben glanced around the planet before he raised an eyebrow." But we did not even step into whatever this pyramid is. What, this is your home planet?"

"Not this planet, this entire universe is my property. And I won't let my golf course be infested with vermin."

"Golf course?" Ben muttered in shock." What the hell kind of," Ben paused as he looked at the size of the craters before his eye twitched." You use this entire planet for, golf? What about the people?"

"I told you…I cleared out the vermin. This planet was once known as Midland, with this capital being known as Falconia. Its ruler, till becoming my property, was a man named Griffith, who ruled form the former Tower of Rebirth behind me.

Leader of the Band of Falcon Mercenary group, and later the supreme commander of the Midland Regular Army. Having been at the fore of many battles, he has amassed a reputation as a savior across the continent, and is revered as the "Falcon of Light".

He and his mercenaries are able to end his world's hundred-year war and bring peace to the war-torn kingdom of Midland.

Following the desertion of his most trusted confidant Guts, Griffith bedded the Princess Charlotte of Midland on impulse, bringing about his imprisonment, year-long crippling torture and the seeming demise of his dream.

Though he is eventually rescued by the band, his state of extreme invalidity and undying desire to obtain his own kingdom compel him to sacrifice his comrades during the fifth Eclipse, the world's occultation ceremony for kinsmanship with the God Hand , another branch of my company, as their fifth member Femto – a demonic, idealized version of himself stripped of his human inhibitions.

His former friend Guts was one of the few survivors of his betrayal, and was not very happy about this. But, because Guts spent to much time pondering things on a boat Griffth triggering the Great Roar of the Astral World, and bringing about the merging of the physical and astral realms into one global Interstice, Fantasia.

This got my attention, and I made a offer to Griffth, join me or cling to pride. A man of ambition, he gladly made the proper tribute, and managed to even become my employee of the month. His rival Guts was so determined to make his former friend answer for what he did. But he failed to realize, no matter how he deluded himself, fate was not on the side of justice, but of cunning. And now...your going to learn the same lesson brother."

Gohan saw the amusement in Sieg's face before he got into a fighting stance." Ben, whatever this Sieg guy's deal is, he seems to treat life the same way as Frieza did if entire planets are just products to sell in this universe."

"Yah, he has that whole mindset Lex Luthor had about pepole." Jon Kent grimly added."

Thor winced as he grasped his hammer tightly." This "V-Day" also reminds me of the kind of men like Norman Osborn and Wilson Fisk and the other selfish men my comrades like Rogers and Stark once talked about."

"Heh, I suppose the likes of Lex Luthor, Norman Osborn, and Frieza and the sort is not too far off, though all of those men's most successful variants don't nearly come close to my ambition. Frezia trades planets at best, I trade universes in my stock market!"

Lacus gasped as she saw the coldness in the man with her husband's face before she muttered," Entire universe's? But, even the Beyonder was,"

"Correct the" Beyonder" is nothing compared to me Lacus Raystar, just like Zannacross, Brad Fowltror, and any so called " god" or " hero" in any universe!"

"I don't care what you are, I just want to find what happened to my son!" Lacus shouted out, before Sieg let out a cruel smirk." If that's all this is about then look no further, for your looking at his killer."

Ben and Lacus both froze before Ben blinked a few times." You…you killed my son?"

"Did I come across as mumbling to you?"

Lacus struggled not to let her emotions consume her before muttering," But, why?"

"Nothing personal…it was entirely a matter of business, my business policy to be precise. Someone did trespass on my property, and was strong enough to slay one of my Gold ranked Ignisters.

Richard Auro was the one I saw, so he paid the price. You should be grateful I wanted to send a message and kept his body intact, compared to the other cur."

Ben grit his teeth before he looked at his cousins blade." Cur? No…Max…what happened to Max?"

"Don't bother, there's not even enough left of him to bury boy."

Ben was confused as he thought he heard Lacus talk, before he looked up and see Mary now walk down from the pyramid. She too was dressed in the same attire as when she appeared in Earth Prime, before Lacus looked at Mary in shock." She, she has the look and hair style I had that time I lost myself to Brad after I put your mother in a coma because of his mind control. So...does this mean we are fated to be together in every universe?"

"Please, we are not as pathetically devout to foolish notions of love and marriage like you are "Sister"." Mary answered sharply." Sieg may be indeed my primary polyandrous partner, but we are not foolish enough to put any stock in something like a everlasting loving marriage. The only thing we invest in, the only thing worthy anything to have faith in, is power."

Lacus eyed Mary before she flicked her hair back." Great…course this freak would have a clone of me be his total slave."

"Oh…I'm no blind puppet " sister" I'm Mary Shekinah Nephilim, officially the general secretary of the IV&C Corporation.

If you have retained any wisdom while clinging on to life, you would realize to bow to your superiors."

Lacus took out the Oath-Keeper before pointing it at her counterpart." I don't bow to anyone that murdered my son! Show us where Max is and I'll figure out how just to treat you."

Mary snickered before she wiped some dust off her lips." Sorry, you won't find anything left from that rapid mutt. He refused to see the writing in the wall, so the wild wolf who bared his fangs, got devoured instead."

Ezan eyed Mary carefully before he grit his teeth." God…I…I can sense traces of his energy from her, from inside her."

Ben had to struggle to not lose his grip before he eyed Mary with shock." You…you ate Max?"

Sieg snickered before he had a look of pure sadism in his eyes." Things that seem taboo in the Prime Universe are just things that are business as usual in the Negaverse. I told you, there is a price to not submitting to your superior" Brother."

Ben's eyes widened his eyes, before he screamed out in rage. His aura exploded with enough force to cause the planet to shake. His hair turned golden and spiky, before his aura lighted up the entire planet.

As the energy radiation causes the aura to take on a jagged, fierce flame-like appearance with many electrical sparks blazing up around it.

Ben had tears stream down his eyes as he pointed his blade at his counterpart." I don't' care if Doug created you or not. I don't know what you thought you were doing, but you killed my son, you ate my cousin! This might be a sick game to you, but the games are ending once and for all!"

Despite Ben's power causing the entire planet to shake, Sieg narrowed his eyes." Oh…I know just what I'm doing Ben. I killed your son, but the reason Mary devoured your cousin, but not him, because I wanted you to know I killed him.

I wanted you to know that I'm going to take everything from you, and no matter how angry you get about it, there is nothing you can do about it, because I am better then every last one of you. Call me childish or petty all you like but the simple truth is that I'm better then everyone, everywhere there is all at once."

"You…YOU'RE GOING TO PAY! This sword of mine is burning red, crying out to grasp victory! And now take this, my anger and all of my, sorr, GUH!"

Ben prepared to charge at Sieg, only for the man who killed his cousin to unleash enough a wave of power that seemed to cause the very universe around them to bend and compress, and unleash enough power to force Ben to his knees, even after he powered up to his full strength.

The waves of power were so immense that all the Gundam's, Gunbusters and all the ships aside from the Tri-Edge, which was in the space between realms were smashed apart instantly.

Sieg looked at Ben's shock and smirked." You think you have the power to grasp victory from me? Oh no, your going to find the hard way that victory will only go today to the one who truly deserves it! No matter how much anger and sorrow you have, it will never be enough to reach infinity!"

That light of yours? It's just a pebble to me, one who's light is like a diamond that all of the Multiverse can't look away from! And yes, this is a game to me. Everything is a game in life, you just have to know how to win it. If your going to put up as much of a pitiful resistance as your son did then I'll have time for that meeting after all."

"Damn you…I'll show you what it means to make a game of killing my son and my cousin! Senki…Divine Millennium Slash!"

Ben slammed the ground with his sword, before in a instant hundreds of swords formed around Sieg and dove at him from all directions. Sieg snorted before all of the blades froze in place inch's from his face.

He saw Ben was shocked yet again and narrowed his eyes." You may very well have the blade of every hero in your universe Ben, but that just means your going to learn the hard way that every hero in your universe at once is inferior to the one true winner above all!"

"Its not just blades!" Ezan declared as he extended his hand." Amaterasu...Dragon of the Darkness Flame!"

As the sliver haired man unleashed his dragon shaped projectile of black flame, the golden haired man in front of him snickered, before with a wave of his hand Sieg sent the swords and the Amaterasu flames at Ben's allies.

As Ben and Lacus quickly tried to defend there comrades there attacked raised his hand." Let me show you how a game from a true winner is played "Hero's, as my power...shall be burnt into your eyes."

Sieg snapped his fingers, before in an instant the entire planet shimmered with golden light. The entire planet rippled, like if data went through it, before a crystalline platform burst up to raise Ben's group into the air.

After a few more moments the very air itself started to ripple, before a dozen obelisks shot up in the ground to form a ring of sorts.

Streams of energy went across the ring, before cheering could be heard. Ezan saw golden shadows from those ripples before he looked around tensely." So…he's bringing his henchmen to fight us?"

"Don't misunderstand tool, I'm more powerful than everyone in your universe's history put together. However this is still a rare opportunity, so might as well make a show of it to my " Followers". After all, what's the point of being the ruler without those who can't worship your greatness?"

John Kent looked around before he grit his teeth." You wrapped in an audience form all over this universe?"

"No…it's not that Superman." Ezan replied. "It's like those windows are direct portals from other universe's. I don't know the precise way its working but, it's almost like how one would watch a" Live-stream" over the internet…just instead of a server, it's a nexus of universes."

"Heh, I see you're the sharp one of the group." Sieg bluntly rebuked." Not too far off, it is my most profitable employees across the Multiverse being rewarded for their devotion, by seeing their leader execute those pathetic enough to not know their place. Don't you realize now?

Every single atom in this universe is under my absolute control. You pretended to be the god of your universe Ben Auro, but I am the true perfect god of not just this universe, but more universes than you have soldiers!

Ladies and gentlemen, this may be the day you die, but it's the day that marks the moment that everyone that serves me is one step closer to the ultimate everlasting victory."

Ben heard all of Sieg's supporters cheer before he muttered," Damn you! I don't care if you really control this universe or whatever other kind of powers you have, when everyone in my entire universe is on the line there is no way I'm losing to you!

If, if you really are the source of all of this misery we had to get through, then no matter what I'm going to make you pay so that justice can at last be restored to the universe, if not this entire Multiverse!"

Sieg saw everyone around Ben start to prepare themselves with grim resolve before he snickered." Even now you can't stand what you really see in the mirror eh you inferior brand? Your entrenched with moral superiority, when you come in bringing violence and war, to resolve your problems.

Because after all, conflict was born in hell, it is inevitable, fate, destiny. You deny its importance, when it's the fire that fuels creation, and gives purpose when there is none.

Happiness is but a dream. Pain is the true reality for the weak! How can you deny it?

It's because your blind by that paradox that you can never defeat me."

"Damn it...all of this, all of this is because of you! I don't care if your more powerful then Brad was...I'll never stop till you paid for all we went through because of you1"

"Oh…you would like to have it play out that way eh" Brother?" Make it so that your blameless, and that I'm the root of all your suffering. But while I won't deny this before you is all my doing, you got it all wrong.

If you think I'm the real reason Doug Fitter betrayed you or that the Prime Universe is in the state that's it is in, that I'm the true puppet master to every failure in your life, then your very mistaken.

For all my power, I and the Negaverse only made contact with the Prime Universe after Doug Fitter blew a hole in your universe to form a connection with the greater Multiverse.

In the end, I won't deny your failure is the genesis of my very existence."

Lacus realized her hand was shaking before she struggled to keep control." Oh I swear to god if your somehow Brad again I'll."

"Well you are swearing to god Lacus, but I assure you I am not Brad Fowltror. Though, I'm more of an aspect of him, you, and even your husband. After all, you're the ones who created us.

You wonder why you never even found a trace of a Multiverse till after your conflict with the Beyonder? Because your actions when fighting Brad Fowltror at the dawn of time created the multiverse.

What was one just the birth of one universe, mutated into infinite because of the paradox of life existing before there was life. I'm aspects of you Ben, along with Brad, Doug, Xizor, Kira, Xehamaru, Zannacross, and all the others. Though I'm superior to all that came before me.

I'm not Brad or Doug " Brother", but I have all of what those men always had over you, the raw instincts you lacked, the power to not need anything other then my own instincts and charisma to be a natrual winner to everyone around without needing to be propped up by facades.

Despite all this time, your still someone who can never " Naturally" have a crowd rally around your passion without tossing out money or making them clap at gun point to" Please clap" and not see you for what you are.

If you did not fail so horribly, the Prime Universe might have been at peace, or at least been in a better state then it is now. But you and all you hero's have failed your universe utterly, proving the worthlessness of " heroism". After all, you want to know how I became aware of you? Because you called out to me."

Ben widened his eyes before he spat back," Like hell I did! I did not know who you were till just now!"

"True…but you still called out for help, remember? When Doug first tore a hole in your universe and you did not know what to do, you tried to make a broad transmission into the multiverse.

You pleaded for help, at your wits end, an overwhelmed failure frantically begging to be handed salvation by someone with the answers, for someone to be able to solve your mess.

You thought no one heard you, but I heard you "Brother", your desperation was strong enough to reach the Negaverse, and I at last had a link to the Universe I was seeking amiss the infinite frontier."

Ben turned pale again as he saw Sieg's calm eyes and muttered," What…that…someone heard that transmission? But I…I thought that."

"What? That an even more perfect hero would come to bring salvation at you free of charge out of the " goodness of their heart"? You always needed someone giving you the answer Ben. Your Grandfather, Cloud Strife, your cousin Max, King Atem, Grand Master Myers, Kira, Cosmos, the " Master of Masters", anyone but yourself.

When you had no choice but to forge a path from your own judgment, you saw how much of a failure you were! Heh, but at last your prayer has been answered, because I am here to do what you're too weak to pull off and bring order to your universe!

Of course, the only way to make a worthy investment, is to purge those responsible for its un-profitability.

You opened the door for someone to come that was suitable enough to live up to the idea and now that the person has arrived, you can only blame yourself for once again realize reality is so very different then your deluded final fantasy.

Every light casts a shadow, in every mirror there is a reflection, as above, so below, and past all the fantasy, you see the dark, empty truth of yourself! I'm your final fantasy, I am the legend you're supposed to be without shackled by your weakness!

Without the lies, you are plain brother, less then plain, just a retarded piece of trash that without the illusions of society would have been ripped apart like all failures naturally were.

After all, you had the luck to live in a society advanced enough where parents could have their retarded child get gene therapy thanks to a merciful grandparent and be able to be" Fixed" enough to cling on to society.

But it still did not fix how broken a failure you were, it just delayed things so that the sham could go on and drag everyone down with you! Because of the weakness of Cosmos, your "Ethereal Queen of Light", you were allowed to be the chosen one of your universe.

But thanks to everyone propping you up you thought you won, and the myth that you were a great hero of humanity, justice and all that, even the" Greatest" hero, people even striven to be like you, but when your true failure was revealed, all but the most feeble shirked back to the dark."

Sieg snapped his finger before dozens of screens appeared around him, showing versions of Ben who all were suffering horrible deaths before he snickered."The Negaverse, is full of realities created from fears and failings and you, you have that more than any other hero brother. Whole galaxies of unspoken terror in your heart, all commanded my me!

Look at me Ben, look at what true justice is! You want to save your universe? Then let your superior purge you like the infection you are to everything around you, so that the farce can end! I assure you, I have no intention of destroying the Prime Universe.

Regardless of the state its in, its the original universe, the root of the Multiverse. Thus its a temporal convergence point that influences all other universes that's effect can't be replicated, yet.

As a man of business, I never waste a valuable resource. Though, I will have to purify it of your infection. While I thought of keeping you around as a trophy, your so would devalue my brand value. Still, a small cost to keep such a valuable piece of my endgame intact."

"Endgame?" Ezan answered bluntly." As some sort of trophy?"

"Only half right." Sieg replied." As powerful as I am, the multiverse is vaster than you could ever image. That's why it needs both a level of power you can't even comprehend, and the location to strike all universe's at once. Since the Prime Universe is the core of the Multiverse, securing it is vital."

"For what?" Ben answered bluntly." How many universe's do you need to complete your asinine golf course or whatever?"

"That's not the point. The point is, it won't be enough till I control everything, till my company, till I have a oligarchy on everything there is. Then at last, all things will be as they should be, controlled by the winner above all, me."

"No…you can't be me, controlling everyone there is the last thing I,"

"It is if you were ever honest about what your desires really amounted to. Your " noble" plan to make the universe a " Utopia" was just lying to everyone, including yourself, about making everyone you liked be the ones who won.

I'm just being honest about it. I am being honest to those who matter, I've amassed more than a decillion of loyal subjects across more universe's than planets in the prime universe.

Because in the end…the truth is that most don't care for justice, they just want to win. And no matter how sinful I am, there is no sin, as long as I win! But don't take my word for it, see the results of my work for yourself!"

Sieg snapped his fingers as even more " Screens" appeared of fans that cheered Sieg on. The amount of cheering was nearly deafening, till with a wave the noise was silenced.

A hologram of Carmen appeared in the center. Just as everyone looked at the member of IV&C's board of directions the multi eyed woman waved." What's up peeps?! Who's Super Pumped for the most hardcore show across the Multiverse?

As much as I love my followers cheering on my work, today we got something even more special for the fans! Today the boss man himself is taking time to give you long time subscribers the wildest show of them all! Mister V-Day himself is about to school some losers from another universe in what being a winner really is!

Sounds fun to you Multiverse premium subscriber streamers?"

Not only did the fans cheer, but even walls of text appeared on the obelisks, having thousands of different looking messages appear. While many were not legible, some were in English, and said things like," OWN THEM HARDCORE V-DAY!" To" SUCKS TO BE YOU LOSERS!" To even more vulgar taunts.

Sieg enjoyed seeing Ben's shock before he made a beckoning gesture." See? They know what I have done, but as long as I bring them enjoyment none of that matters. After all, are you not entertained?"

As the spectators cheered even harder the sadism in Sieg's eyes only increased." Don't you get it now? Heroism, justice, they are just unnatural cons created by those who can't exist by the primal laws of nature, and had to hustle facades to get what they don't deserve. Your precious Enji Knights and Lylat Kingdom were built on those lies, and crumbled like the weak house of cards they were.

Happiness for all is a deluded fantasy, you trying to make that dream become reality broke your universe.

Meanwhile I focused on making those who matter win over appeasing the worthless trash, and it's made so many more people happier than you. Don't you see?

The data favors me, so just accept the way of a hero is obsolete, and should be erased from the multiverse once and for all. Submit and beg for my forgiveness, and I'll think about accepting you as an employee, or at least make you a statue among my hall of conquests."

Ben saw the amusement in Sieg's voice, before Ezan snickered." Don't insult are pride any longer with these games. If you know us at all, you know we won't ever work for those who are the embodiment of all we oppose."

Sieg saw everyone around him look the same before he rolled his eyes." That desperate to not have everything you stood for amount to nothing for? Find then, but know that opposing me and learning the hard way how utterly bankrupt your ideals are, that you will die a thousand times before I even think about mercy.

Oh, but first. I was finishing my previous game when you stormed in, and I'm not about to let inferiors dictate my actions. You can think over all the mistakes you made in your long lives while I finish this round up."

Ben saw Sieg form a golden golf club out of thin air and casually look like he was going to hit a golf ball and nearly yelled out in primal fury, before Ezan put his hand out." Auro he's clearly baiting you. One mistake, could cost us everything."

"Well, you already made a mistake." Sieg uttered smugly." If your just going to line up like the worthless bowling pins you are I might as well end this with one strike."

To everyone's shock Sieg made a gold energy sphere form in his hand, before he threw it like a bowling ball at those before him. The confusion of there enemy's move cleared up in only a second, as in that time it grew to be larger then the pyramid, before growing larger still.

Ben cursed before quickly charging at the bowling ball like projectile, and Lacus and Ezan helped him, but the three found themselves being launched out of the area.

Sieg's snorted at their pained grunts as they were launched further and further away from the planet, before he picked up his golf club." Now, back to the previous game."

Kyle Rayner saw his comrades and flew up before his ring shimmered with light." If we are not just going to surrender, we have to make some move! If he's arrogant enough to turn his back on us, then let's show him how we get the job done in are universe!

No matter how little it lasts, strike him while he's distracted! If we just keep him pinned down long enough for Ben, Lacus, and Ezan to land in a attack it will be enough!"

The celestial one had his White Lantern Power Ring glow, before he had his will power make the holy light become a giant fist, and grasp Sieg with it just as he was about to swing his club.

The bearded man gave a look that made Kyle flinch before responding with," Green Lanterns do seem to be arrogant in most universe's, but you seem even more deluded then Blackstar Parallax if you think your sole will power can hold back an entire universe. "

Ceia then had her energy flare up." Its not just his power! Crimson Bands of Cyttorak!"

The master of magic had a third eye appear in her forehead before red bands of energy appeared to reinforce the White Lantern energy. At the same time Elizabeth cried out," Swords of Revealing Light!"

Before a barrage of holy blades formed to form an additional seal.

Adam Warlock, Nathan Grey, Alicor, and Terra then got on Sieg's four sides before all saying," Six Red Yang Millón Escudo Formation!"

The four combined there magic energy to cause a gigantic light green and red hexagonal barrier around the other seals.

The Sayian Goten pumped his fist in the air before crying out," "Your not going anywhere, got that!?" He cried out as he turned Super Saiyan." Let's show him Trunks!"

The two nodded before doing a short series of poses and saying," "Fu...sion-HAAA!"

A single man in a dark blue and yellow colored Metamoran vest, with a teal sash around his waist, and white silky pants, dark shoes with teal wraps, and black wristbands appeared before he made a pose and transformed into his long haired Super Sayain 3 state." Oh yah, now that the Mack Daddy of Justice is here this game's momentum is totally switching! Galactic Donuts!"

raising his index finger into the air and circling it above his head to create a yellow ring of energy, had it split into a dozen, and threw them at Sieg. The fused Saiyan gave a victory sigh as Sieg was further bonded before Kyle smirked." Even Brad Fowltor would not just be able to flex out of that!"

Gotenks nodded before he rotated his fist." I think its time for this jerk to get a Charging Ultra Volleyball on the, whoa!"

In a second everyone's good will shattered, for all the energy bindings were blown away like the big bad wolf blowing down the pig's house of sticks. As Sieg walked up he sighed." I'm really going to have to teach you all the hard way eh?"

Kyle winced before he grasped his ring tightly and had his shattered energy construct reform into a fist." Damn you, the White Lantern is not just constructs from will power, its constructs powered by life itself, the Life Equation and can use the power of the entire emotion spectrum! You may be as greedy as Larfleeze, but if the man with the power of all the energy greed produces is not enough to get out of his fate, your not either!"

Sieg saw Kyle gather all of the shattered constructs into a ram and tried to keep him down before he grasped his fist tightly. "Tsc, I won't deny my desire is driven by greed, but I'm not as simple as that buffoon. Its not just greed, its knowing its destiny for the superior being to have what he deserves!"

Leon Belmont then ran up before he had his own holy energy flare up." You can delude yourself all you want demon but it all boils down to a desire darker then Draclua's! No matter how much darkness you have demon, you will be cleansed by are light! The Belmont Clan will hunt the night no matter what shape it takes!"

The angel with the Vampire Killer Whip lashed at Sieg's golf club. As Sieg eyed the angel take out a cross he narrowed his eyes." I see I have to spell out just how little value your "light" means to me."

"No, Grand Cross!"

The angel with the holy whip threw a cross shaped projectile at his target, but in an instant Sieg had his aura flare out, and it was an explosion of golden energy. The Vampire Killer and the White Lantern construct shattered instantly, and Leon found his cross blasted into his own chest, and was consumed by his enemies aura and felt every bone in his body break before he muttered," Sara…I….AHHH!"

The angel was vaporized by Sieg's aura in moments, and he unleashed enough force to knock everyone off their feet. Sieg saw Kyle's shock and merely waved his hand, before he had the shattered white lantern energy reform into a golf ball.

He glanced at the white lantern and smirked." If you wanted to be part of my game, then you just had to ask. Four!"

Sieg smacked his golf ball at Kyle, and while Lacus cast a barrier to defend her comrade, to her horror her golden barrier was shattered effortlessly, before Kyle was hit in the heart with a projectile made from his own power.

The White Lantern coughed up blood before he grasped his ring." No. In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my, GUAH!"

Despite his efforts to hang on, Sieg overpowered Kyle's will, and had the projectile in his chest explode with enough force to vaporize the White Lantern.

As the remains of the White Lantern Ring exploded, Sieg snickered." No oath can save you, all your cherished rituals are nothing but obsolete stupidity."

Dukemon saw Sieg's cruelty and had his chest started to glow." Monster! You think this is a game! You're going to see…the price of such villainy! Mode change to… Crimson Mode!"

The Royal Knight unleashed a surge of power before his armor that radiated a bright crimson color that emblazon all but its mouth plate, sides, gauntlets and the ankle of his sabatons with gold trimming. He gained five pairs of angelic wings on its back as his" DigiCore" around his chest became adorned with the symbol of the Digital Hazard.

Dukemon formed the energy lance, Blutgang, and sword, Grugnir, in his hands before he burst at Sieg. In an instant he was above the man and cried out," Invincible Sword !" Before he swung Grugnir, only for the blade to shatter upon impact. Dukemon saw Sieg's amused grin and winced." Ah nuts!"

"You realize such titles make you seem even more foolish yes? You."

In an instant Thor came crashing down from above with his hammer while crying out," We are not a game for your amusement villain! FOR MIDGAR! GOD-BLAST!"

The hammer welding celestial one had his hammer crackle with lighting before he unleashed a massive energy blast.

At the same time Dukemon saw Sieg was distracted before he cried out," Final…Justice!"

The Digimon also unleashed a massive beam of light right in Sieg's face, before the two energy beams hit him at point blank range. The two warriors of light let out a moment of hope, before Sieg showed just how little he thought of the attacks by punching Dukemon Crimson Mode through his chest.

Sieg saw the Digimon's shock and narrowed his eyes." Don't you get it now? Your so beneath me that this is nothing but a game. This was not a "even fight" this is your execution that I'm broadcasting as a bonus for all my hard working members!"

"No." Dukemon uttered bitterly." I'm…I'm not done yet! I did not just stay the same for centuries Dukemon, mode change to…LAM, GAUH!"

The Royal Knight prepared to unleash another transformation he obtained at some point, only for Sieg to slice off the Digimon's head with his golf club. He glanced at the severed hero with disdain before his eyes glowed." The only thing you're changing into, is another statue in my trophy room. The god that favored you no longer can protect you from the fate you deserve."

Thor saw his now headless ally fall to the ground before he winced." No…I unleashed full power of all the ancient deities, not just the Asgardians."

"And yet all there might is but the drop of the star ocean compared to what I am. Still, with that kind of attack you're the "All-Father" in the Prime Universe eh Odinson?"

"Don't…don't act like you know me villain!"

"But I killed so many variants of you across the Multiverse that I know you more then you know yourself Thor. Tell me, did you devout yourself to Jane Foster, or to Sif?

Did you try and pretend to be a human like Blake Foster for a while to con yourself into thinking you're a "good" worthy person? Or did you just think you were just doing what was right, till this very moment?"

Thor winced as he grasped his hammer tightly." You think the lies of a madman mean anything to me?"

"Is speaking the facts a lie in the Prime Universe? You lead your universe to damnation, that seems like the act of a unworthy fool to me eh? Guess Loki was right all along eh "Mighty Thor?" More like the spark of a clown then anything."

Thor winced before muttering," No…I fought for what I believed in, I'm, huh?"

" And yet does that make you worthy? Lets see what the polls say eh?"

Seig pointed to the screens that his followers had, before they all let out countless taunts to Thor. The hammer welding man saw only some of the remarks before he winced." What...I am not a goat herding fool!"

The celestial one felt his hammer get heavy before he widened his eyes." No… Mjolnir it's not true…I'm still worthy! NO!"

Mjolnir fell out of Thor's hand, and Sieg caught the hammer with a finger before he snickered." Rejection from a companion can hurt more than any enemies' blade eh Odionson? Don't feel too bad, I'm not worthy of your Mjolnir either. But."

In an instant he showed he had enough power to hold Mjolnir despite not being worthy of it before he shattered Thor's head with his own hammer.

As Thor fell to the ground without a head, Sieg shattered Mjolnir before hissing out," I don't need the approval of anyone. It does not matter if everyone in the multiverse finds me unworthy or not, soon everyone will have no choice but to submit."

Black Adam flew up before the former champion of Kahndaq had lighting crackle around him. I'm not peaceful. Nor do I surrender! I may have to work with others, but I kneel to no one! SHAZAM!"

Sieg saw the massive thunder bolt come his way and caught it with his bare hand. As he did, Jon Kent charged at him, only for the punch to be caught easily.

The leader of the IV&C company saw the human/ Kryptonian hybrids shock before he shrugged." Your father is nothing to me, a inferior reproduction won't even come close."

"Damn it." Jon yelled out." Of course your a bigot to."

"Oh don't get me wrong boy, all that matters to me is if someone produces results. The fact is though, those who are a glitch in the rules of nature will always be hated by the majority and hunted for being a disturbance. No matter how you try, you can either submit or suffer!

You want to know something" superboy?" No matter if he goes by Kal-L, Kal-El, Kalel, or more, the ones that were really happy were not the ones who bound themselves to " truth, justice," and the " American way," but those who realized the only true virtue, was the injustice of being bound to inferior losers."

Superman's son yelled out in anger and unleashed a heat vision blast at point black range, only for Sieg to shrug it off. Just as Sieg was going to attack, Toriko ran up and cried out," You…you smell so foul your one of the few things I can't even think of making a meal out of! White OgreInfinite Nail Punch!"

Toriko unleashed the White Gourmet demon inside him, before he sprouted a face gem on his forehead and what seem to be piercings connecting the corners of his mouth to his ears and running down the center of his chin.

The Gourmet Hunter unleashed a barrage of light-speed strikes shaped like forks.

At the same time Meliodas cried out," Hellblaze Kamigui!"Before the blond man 's body had purple demonic markings and he unleashed a barrage of blazing slashes that were suppose to be able to neglect those with the powers of immortality.

Despite this, Sieg took the blows without even flinching, even as others like Jin, Namor, Merus, Liu Kang in his Fire God state, and Jon Kent all hit Sieg from all sides there opponent sighed." You're suppose to be the best of your universe, and yet you don't even grasp how useless it all is. But this is where you say that you defy fate and all that drivel yes?"

Sieg kept being attacked on all sides and just acted like he was getting a back massage before Gotenks yelled out," Hey creep having fun? Keep this up and your going to be so sorry its going to be way pathetic!"

He gave Gotenks a mocking look." It's even more pathetic when a brat pampered by his parents thinks he can stand in his place."

Gotenks had his eye twitch before hissing out," Hey, we are not just my dad's side kicks! I trained to get just as strong as them! We will show you, just how hardcore we can get! Super Ghost Kamikaze…God Hurricane!"

The fused Super Saiyan turned to Super Saiyan Blue before he exhaled, and unleashed a cloud sized storm of ghosts that looked like him.

As all the ghosts laughed Gotenks made a victory gesture." Each of these ghosts can blow up a planet, and I trained them to stack together! Even if your regeneration is more hardcore then Majin Buu it will blow you away Stand back guys, even both are dads can't top this!"

Sieg glanced at the storm of ghosts and snickered." It does come off as a manchild's idea. Alas while it may have worked on your fellow simpletons…the creativity of a child has nothing on the tact of a business genius."

The man with the golden beard flicked a coin at one of the ghosts, and the lead one caught it. The ghost looked at the coin before he rubbed it and smirked. Gotenks saw the ghosts laugh before he laughed harder." You think you can treat us that easy? Alright gang show him what a real attack is! Charge!"

The ghosts nodded before one of them flew over and made a come over gesture to his creator. The fused Saiyan raised an eyebrow before the ghost grinned." Hey, boss we had an idea to make the attack even more awesome!"

"Huh? There is no time for that now we got to take him out before the fusion runs out!"

"But its important cause we realized something."

"What did you, GUH!"

The ghost suddenly jammed himself into his creators throat before another one said." If we blow up the loser, we will be on the winning team!"

As the ghosts eyes glowed, showing that the coin Sieg flicked at them before more of the ghosts went down the sons of Goku and Vegeta's throat. Gohan saw this and turned pal in horror." No…NO! Trunks, Goten, canceled the fusion!"

"We…RHA!" Gohan saw his brother explode from his own corrupted attack, and become vaporized in seconds.

The half Saiyan half human saw not a trance of his brother left before he saw Sieg's amused look." No…not them to! YOU BASTARD!"

Gohan's anger exploded before his eyes flicker and spiral from black to red before fully manifesting the form, in which his eyes became fully red with black pupils. In this state, Gohan's eyebrows turned white, while his hair turned light gray of a similar shade as Perfected Ultra Instinct, while also resembling the common hair color of a Supreme Kai, and lengthens to resemble his Super Saiyan 2 hairstyle as a boy but was even longer, resulting in his overall hair structure tilting backwards to a large degree, and finally with a single large bang in front reaching down to his nose.

His aura retained its bluish-white glow, but he also gains a reddish-magenta inner aura shrouded by magenta lightning. The eruption of his ki is so intense it resembles a massive geyser.

The shock-wave's released from Gohan in his "Beast mode" was enough to cause Sieg to pause." Oh…so you're going to make this game not a total shut out are,"

In a instant Gohan was in front of Sieg, and punched him in the face. As Sieg's face was pushed back for the first before his attacked roared out, "No more games…DIE!"

Gohan in his beast form punched Sieg again and again, making his target be moved back with each step. The sliver haired Saiyan gave a roar of rage before he tried to put even more power in his punch and struck, only for Sieg to catch the fist.

The shock-wave of power caused the former "Order Realm" to crack, yet Sieg just looked like he was getting excited." Not bad…you may the best counterpart yet. But it will never be enough you know. All your rage, and for that matter the rage of everyone in the universe will never be enough! Because the rage of all the losers everywhere there is, can never overcome the judgment of the one who wins!"

Sieg laughed as Gohan struggled to overpower his fist, and he saw Jiren, Jon, Merus, and Broly were flying at him before he flicked another golf ball into his club and smacked it before it multiplied, and hit Gohan, Meliodas, Jiren, Jon, Rodin, Toriko, Merus, and Broly while circling around Sieg like a swarm of flies.

At this point Lacus had cast enough barriers in succession to keep the golden " Bowling ball" shaped energy sphere back long enough for Ben and Ezan to slice it enough times to at last get out of its path.

The energy ball was big enough to shatter a chunk of the planet in the distance. Ben winced before he looked around." From the sound of it this entire universe serves him, but still, they did not seem like they were attacking us.

Ezan eyed the planet for a moment before he winced." There are pepole on the planet, but I'm not sure if they are corpses are not. They are all lifeless...attached to tubes or they are just batterys...not pepole."

"Is this how he rules? By treathing everyone as, huh? No!"

Ben saw everyone that had already died before he had veins form on his head. He saw that in a instant Sieg waved his hand, and the golf balls around him expanded ten times there size with spikes in a second, impaling Jin, Namor, Merus and Liu Kang before he seethed out," No…no more! I'm not losing anyone else because of psychopaths like you! I'm going to kill you Sieg! Divine Flare Edge!"

Sige saw Ben charging at him like a golden rocket before he sneered, and kicked Gohan in Ben's direction. While Sieg relished seeing Ben's shock, Ezan countered by using the Rinnegan space-time Amenotejikara spell to switch places with Gohan.

He instantly swerved around before glaring at the man with the same face of his rival." Don't think your beyond are understanding! Divine Joutei! "

The sliver haired man had an aura of light and darkness form over his body before his energy flare up before he grasped his sword tightly and yelled out," Judgment Blitz!"

The warrior of light unleashed a barrage of lightspeed sword slashes, that Sieg did not even bother dodging. He then smashed his golf club into his target, and raised an eyebrow as he saw his weapon phase through it like his target was a ghost.

He then narrowed his eyes." Don't think you can elude me just because you can phase to another realm Uchiha." Ezan saw Sieg's eyes glow golden, before he grasped Ezan right by the throat, seemly ripping him out of his phasing power.

The man with Ben's face stabbed Ezan through the right side of his gut, but before Sieg could kill him Ben got up to him and hissed out," For all your power, be cut down by the blade of judgment Sieg!"

To his shock the CEO of IV&C parried the Divine Flare Edge with his golf club vie sheer energy, and Sieg once more looked delighted by Ben's horror." All this time and you never had the ambition to own what you were eh "brother?" You still are at the level that you just take whatever your "God" gave you as the ultimate weapon at face value. But me, I make whatever I want the "Ultimate power" because I control what everything will be!"

Sieg casually took a pen out of his pocket before it glowed golden." They have the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword in the Prime Universe Auro? Well, if I will it, then this pen is mightier than any sword, even your "chosen sword!"

To Ben's horror Sieg grasped the pen like it was a dagger, and casually parried the larger blade before he jabbed Ben in the chest with the pen.

Sieg looked delighted at Ben's pain, before he leaned forward." All the more proof that you're the inferior brand. But I'll have to spell it out for you in the bluntest way possible."

Ezan and the others still standing charged at Sieg from all directions, but there target just flung Ben in their direction.

As Ezan caught Ben he muttered," Auro, don't let him get to you. A sadistic maverick can say anything." Ben grasped his chest tightly before he nodded." Your right Ezan. If Doug, Kira, Brad, and all the others did not break me some messed up clone won't either! If he treats his subjects like cattle, then it really would be worst then letting Doug have his way."

"Oh so you saw Nekravol eh? But your wrong...I'm not repressing them. I'm giving them just what they want, the most efficent life possible for the likes of them. Food, pleasurable senstation, such things are provided to them in a instant. They don't have to travel, they don't have to fear being lied to or regected, they get everything in the most efficient manner."

"But...they just live there lives in pods?"

"The dogma of fools deludes many, but in the end so many just want things as quickly as possible, and upon realizing the best way to find bliss, they embrace that all that matters is feeling good, and worship me for giving them what they want, only sore losers and fools make a fuss about if the source of there joy is "synthetic".

Business is all about providing the service that's most reliable. Some like " Uber" on some earth's distrubts the bussiness of getting rides, and Shinra in your universe's planet Centra monopolized the most effective manner of giving energy, but I distrubt the most effective, streamlined " nature of life" process for a entire universe.

If it means terminating all the" Heros" "angels" "Gods" and everything else that can't handle that there ideals are out of date, so be it. You can resist to the bitter end " Brother" but the fact is I offer victory and you only offer "noble failure"."

"Maybe by your point of view but I don't see things in the crazy way you do! Taunt me all you like over how much you got your subjects on your leash, I don't care!"

"But the thing is, I'm not taunting, I'm stating facts."

Ben saw his chest, and realized in a instant Sieg carved the letters" Loser" in Ben's chest with his pen. The golden haired man struggled not to lose himself to his anger as he yelled out," No…no matter who you are Sieg I won't let you decide everything! This is not all I can do! Multi-Shadow Clones!"

The golden haired man caused a dozen copies of himself to appear around Sieg, before his opponent closed his eyes." You still don't realize…just how wide the gap is between us eh? You can be your own man all you want Ben, till destiny kicks in. You thought your destiny was to be the savior, when the reality is your destiny was just to be a tool for the true ultimate winner…me."

The ruler of the Bethel Kingdom had his clones surround the man with his face, before they all attacked Sieg at once. Lacus saw Ben, his clones, Ezan, Superman, Gohan, and the others all attack Sieg, and still look more mocking then anything as he casually overpowered Jon's Infinite Mass Punch strike and Gohan's Dragon Fist at the same time before she winced." Ben…I…I don't know how to help, even the Beyonder seemed less overwhelming. This, this almost feels like a nightmare."

Before Terra and the others around her could respond Lacus was horrified to hear her own voice utter," Oh this is no fantasy gone out of control sister, this is blunt reality. But if you want it to end, I can help end your misery, once and for all."

Lacus saw Mary casually walk up before she got into a fighting stance." Ugh, your even talking like my mother did. I don't need help from a walking nightmare "Mary." I…I just have to press on and remember what I'm fighting for. All of us…all of us are fighting to secure are future and end those who want to make things a living hell!"

"Oh…so that's all the "champions" of the light amount to in the Prime Universe? To be united by hatred is a fragile alliance at best…a desperate act of fear to hold back fate from taking its course. It is such a quiet thing, to fall. But far more terrible is to admit it.

But now Lacus Raystar, your failure is too overwhelming for anyone in the universe to overlook."

"Your wrong!" Lacus cried out as her holy energy lighted up the planet. " We…we made some mistakes but we can still keep the universe from collapsing into darkness! I, just have to charge through demons with my face! Radiant Burst!"

The woman acting as her universe's Ethereal Queen of light lashed out to fling a magenta colored ribbon at Mary, while with her other hand having a swarm of flower like projectiles form.

Yet the woman with red hair narrowed her eyes before she raised her own hand. "You can throw as many tantrums as you want " Sister" it won't save you from being bound to the thread of fate."

In the instant the flower funnels fired beams, Mary lashed out and released a red Monofilament Wier form her wrist that shout out in all directions. Lacus was shocked as she saw her ribbon and flower funnels all get sliced through and yelled in pain as the wire went through her hand.

Clea used a spell to remove the wire before she saw Mary's cold eyes." Lacus…we have to think smarter, not harder. We have to attack her from every possible direction."

Miss Martian nodded before she let out a shrug." Hello Megan, we are making this harder than it is! We just attack her in a way she does not expect!"

Mary guffawed before she had her wires circle around her." Pathetic Martian child, I have more experience than your entire universe's history. There is nothing that can save you from me. Oh?"

The Eldritch General Secretary of IV&C saw Clea make a hand gesture, before she flicker her hair out of her eyes." But go on try, make your desperation even more amusing for me."

She was about to lash her wire at the Faltine/Dark Dimension humanoid Hybrid Sorcerer Supreme, till the surroundings around her suddenly cracked, like a mirror before her wire hit the right most Clea.

Terra took a deep breath before she made a hand gesture." I'll do all I can to confuse her enough for you to get her Lacus! Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Chant!"

Mary saw her entire surroundings become twisted and reality fold and warp around her. She saw toads appear, the two Great Sage Toads from Mount Myōboku on Terra and unleash a barrage of croaking before her surrondings changed to become that of a dome of water by four toad samurai.

Collete took a deep breath and muttered," I"ll help boost its power Terra! Holy Song!"

Lacus's fellow angel freind used her holy magic to enhance the music and make it come out faster.

Yet as Mary saw the toad's ripple as copies of them formed all around her she merely rolled her eyes in reponse." The mirror dimension? I mastered the concept of the Archimedian Spiral as a child. All it takes is one...focused...strike!"

Mary flung her wires at the upper left and downward back Lacus's, but to her shock all she hit was reflections. She glanced at her hand and narrowed her eyes." The atoms in my hand…the strange minority of micro-scale particles have been altered?"

The red-haired woman felt a tug on her head as she saw Adam Warlock, Doctor Manhattan, Alicor, Elizabeth, Kabito-Kai, Miss Martin, Cela, and Donna Troy all use their various powers to try and bind there target.

Donna Troy got her Lasso of Truth to bind Mary before she cried out," At last, your wickedness will be exorcised from this universe!"

"Sad amazon, none of you have the power to " purge" my fury."

"Oh yah?" A new woman cried out as Sailor Mars got in front of Mary." We will see about that?"

"Even if every Sailor Scout in existence was at your side you would not have the power to stop me."

"Maybe, but I had to do something drastic!"

Mars suddenly had flames surrond her and take the shape of a bird before she cried out," I, I merged with the Phenoix Force to do what has to be done! The very power of creation will cleanse you! Mars Cosmic Phoenix Inferno!"

The former Sailor Scout had a massive pillar of fire consume Mary in a instant before she cried out," Now Lacus!"

Mary saw the woman with her face charge up, before Ben's wife had energy surge around her free hand before saying," For what you did to Max, my son Richard, and anyone else you hurt, you're going to answer for it! Soul Starlight Judgment!"

At the same time Terra cried out," Oh blessed light, Ultima!" And unleashed a sphere of green energy as Alicor unleashed his Ominous Star magic, while Elizabeth yelled out," Jonah no Junan!"

Before unleashing a giant basking shark with whale features made out of holy energy. As Mary was consumed by attacks on all sides.

She formed a prismatic sphere in her hand, before she flashed behind Mary before she could let her guard up, and deliver two blazing knee strikes to her head, followed by a backflipping kick, before finishing with a burning Soul Punisher projectile, causing a sparkling inferno to blast through Mary in a violent burst.

Not willing to let anything to chance, Lacus had energy surge around her Oath Keeper sword before yelling out," No matter what, I'll make you sorry you ever hurt me! Rising, Crescent!"

Lacus tried to stab Mary right in the head, only for her to be shocked as Mary caught her blade, with her tongue. Mary's eyes widened before she snickered." Why bother finding the mouse when it comes to me? No matter how you try and attack me, be it form my mind, my soul, or anything else. You can not keep me away Lacus! Nega Elenchos!"

Mary's eyes glowed before she roared out, and let her aura explode as she screamed. She unleashed such a painful wave of force that everyone trying to bind her screamed in pain.

Miss Martin instantly cried out in pain as she struggled to resist." No…its…its like all the souls in the universe are crashing into me, devouring me! Stay back…AHHH!"

Lacus looked on in horror as her comrade's head exploded and her body burned to ashes. Both Adam Warlock and the Supreme Kai yelled in pain as Warlock cried out," No…it feels like…infinite rage…. The lust for death...surpasses even Thanos! NO!"

The Supreme Kai screamed in pain as his eyes widened." No...this rage is vaster then Majin Buu or Moro's ever was! Its...AHH!"

Lacus saw Mary shatter the Lasso of Truth instantly as Warlock and Kabito Kai both exploded from the pressure Mary unleashed, and saw Donna Troy could just barely defend Terra and Cela from the shockwave as the mirror dimension was shattered.

Mary looked at the amazon before slamming Lacus in the throat with her palm and smirking." No one's truth but my own will bind me Amazon."

Sailor Mars winced before she made a few hand gestures." No...the flames of justice will purge you demon! Mars...GUH!"

In a instant Mary slammed Mars's throat to cut off her attack. She grasped the Sailor Scout by her hands before she hissed out," I think I'll purge all the " Justice" from existence instead you Salior whore. Bah...this is for what your deluded counterpart in the last universe did. Lets see how you like your own flames when they can't come out anywhere but into your soul!"

Mary crushed Mars's hands, and all of the flames of the Phoenix Force went into her heart. She did not even have time to scream before flames burst out of her body. Mary saw the Phoenix come out of Mars's body, and smirked, before in a insant she got in front of Mars and kissed her in the mouth. A second later Mars, and the entire Pheonix Force froze like it was a ice statue, before they both shattered in moments.

Mary saw the suriviors shock and giggled darkly as she licked her lips." Life is not the be all end all you types like to think. Sometimes...oblivion can carry such peace...the potential of unreality rendered inernt. Better to get death's embrace then to cling to life in God's misrable script.

Still, you lot are still trying to control magic like there is rules?

Magic is madness, magic is passion for the impossible. You should have seen the magic underneath everything by now sister, the rules guiding every breeze, very flower, and realize its just the mandates " God" put into everything.

The rules of order that underlie all of magic were written by his servants, each of those rules gave them power. But if you take that power away, and shape that order into your chaos, you mold reality to your whim and embrace the full horror and power of imagination untethered by partly laws of detached fools! And thus, I mold all your " laws" to my whim!"

Lacus saw the coldness in Mary's eyes before she glanced at the ashes that were Mars and winced." And all of that just to make everyone suffer at your whim. If you were like me, you would never enjoy someone being at the whim of someone else, like I was to Brad."

But, you are wrong though, I'm not doing this because I don't know your pain Lacus. I understand your pain more than anyone sister. Because despite the different lives we had, God gave me the same destiny as the one with the Antitype Apostle bloodline."

Lacus coughed a bit before she glanced at the woman with the same face as her." What? You, had the same task as me?"

"Don't make me repeat myself, I was from birth the vessel to decide the fate of my universe to. But unlike what your thinking Sieg did not make me to be his puppet. If anything, while we needed each other to get this far, he owns where he is because of me. Still... like you, I failed to produce a result that satisfied God.

My world, my universe was fighting a neverending war with the demon of Eternal Darkness, Zodiark, who was the counterpart to what Chaos Zannacross Necron was in your prime universe.

To overcome the fury of his demons, I decided that the only way to overcome them, was to become even greater predators. We fused with the primal Espers to become the Apex Predators of are universe, perfect killing machines that would live and fight until the end of time.

I and the Convocation of Fourteen sacrificed half of my planet Etheiyr's population, but it worked. We as Ascian Paragons were able to make Zodiark's demons the prey, and take the fight to him. The fight broke the very universe, but it worked. But instead of a reward, God's avatar, the" Fablemen" Althyk, the Keeper came to me and said my actions pushed the universe to the brink of collapse, that I was forsaking what was best for the universe for my own selfish desires.

To the likes of " Them." No greater sin exists then for someone to live or act beyond there means, to act into something that was not meant to be in " God's script." Those so called " Judges" want harmony, but all that means is to hold back, to reach toward a fantasy that is justice, all to earn their favor.

To repair it, my beloved David had to be the sacrfice, but why should my brother die when deluded peons get to judge for all eternity?

He was the only thing I had left in the unvierse that mattered to me so I refused. And those cowards who cared more about sticking to the" Script" of what the Omphalos Monument said was moral over what was needed to be done banished me, before " God" himself said I had to think about what I did, while banished to the World Forge, outside of the very Multiverse.

You think you been "punished" Lacus when your still allowed to reside over the universe worshipped as the face of god?

For my failure, I did not get to keep residing over Hydaelyn after the Seventh Umbral Calamity, I was told to "atone" for my "Moral weakness" by being banished from the very universe to be enlightened! But I only knew the one absolute truth. And that is…that we were created just to be dolls in God's " Production" punished if we go off script.

Alpheus, the" World Forger" tried to educate me to " Reform." But when he showed me the " Celestial Apex" of the Multiverse, he showed me that nothing in the universe , my suffering, my glory has purpose. God once tried to guide his angels with " a Greater plan" but realized that such plans bored him, and replaced angels with" Fablemen" to discard a focus on virtue to just oversee what would push a universe to the less " Borning" path.

In the end...God was like all the other men who abused me, he threw me away once he was bored with me.

But if are part in the plan of the universe is to suffer for a nonsense ideal…or worst, for the enjoyment of the source of everything, then better to destroy that plan, and remake everything to one that gives us what we deserve!"

Lacus saw that Mary's anger was real before she winced." But…but what does that have to do with us?"

Mary chuckled bitterly before she leaned forward." Because despite all your failures, the One-Above-All still sees you as the better" Child." You got to be queen for failing and I got punished for making the hard choice, does that sound fair to you?

No, it sounds like insuffrable bais to me! So I'll prove who is truly superior. I understand your confused now Lacus but you are joining me to conduct the Song of Nephilim with the others will end your suffering once and for all. All that you have to go through, will be worth it to be truly free once you become one of my endsingers.

By securing the Prime Universe and enough relaties across the Multiverse to rearrange the "Celestial Apex" the shift will give us the power to " break the wheel" that is the Ultima Thule Orrery of Universes, to truley control everything, and rip control from God once and for all. The song of pure dynamis harvested from the despair of the universes will admass the hate, despair, and rage over all the Multiverse to consume...everything.

Lacus saw Mary's conviction before she grith her teeth." You think everything will be better, if I go along with this? You think losing my son is worth this? Mary…I don't care if everything you just said is true.

You have no right to take away everyone else's happiness just because you lost yours! If you think I'm just some out of touch " sister" who is to soft…I'll show you just how brutal I'll get to those who hurt me! Persona Armatization!"

Lacus unleashed a feral roar as she kicked Mary hard enough to knock her back, and transformed. As she emerged as a golden colored humanoid dragon with four clawed armers.

As the Oathkeeper emerged as Lacus's new tail Ben's wife roared with primal fury." Kisara…after all this time you can at last thrash me for all the times you were fed up with me!"

Mary just grasped her hand tightly before closing her eyes." No matter how much you lash out "Sister", you will submit to me. Divine Execution Chain!"

Lacus saw threads burst at her from all directions before roaring out," Godly Berserk Sixty-Four Strike Fury Divination!"

The woman acting as the Ethereal Queen of light burst right at her opponent, and while she took two threads through her left leg and right shoulder, she shocked Mary by charging right through, and unleashing a barrage of brutal strikes.

The queen of the Bethel Kingdom thrashed Mary around without mercy for around thirty seconds before smashing her into the ground, and having her aura flare up." If you try and string me along with your madness, I'll break you! Ultimate... Divine…Perdition…Flare Burst!"

Lacus jabbed Mary with her tail blade, and after making sure her target was pinned to the ground she unleashed a massive golden energy beam at the woman who called her sister.

She saw the light from her attack light up the entire solar system before she let out a few labored breaths. "No matter what…even if it's a rip off of me lost to darkness, I won't let anyone chain me again."

The former Enji was about to see how Ben was doing with Sieg till she heard a sinister cackle." Oh Lacus, we really are sisters, cause your hatred for being chained nearly rivals my own. Alas…too bad for you you're the one still seeking false freedom!"

Lacus felt a chill down her spine as she saw Mary walk out from the smoke. While her clothing was vaporized and she had burns all over her body she just looked more frenzied than ever before she licked her lips." Lacus…keep defying your destiny and your sister will start to get angry. Don't you see how worthless it is to try and reach freedom and happiness as long as your shackled to God's game.

I don't understand. All life is destined to end in misery as long as you submit yourself to this farce. Why choose to prolong your suffering?

The sooner you accept this, the easier it will be to realize the only way to realize true happiness, is to join my chorus of Endsingers!"

Lacus saw Mary slowly move forward before she roared back." No…I refuse to just switch form someone else's game to another!"

"Tsc…hope you can make it on your own? I see... But no matter how much hope exists, ever will there be more despair. Ever will the living curse the present and lament the future.

So shall I sing until this farce that is life ceases to be. You think your rage can match mine Lacus, when you need the rage of another! Sister…I'll show you true rage! No, the rage of all of your sisters that howl to shatter God's multiverse!"

Mary unleashed the same transformation she would unleash against the Supreme Kai of Time and the others in the Time Nest later. Lacus could not feel dread consume her as she saw someone with her face grow into a demonic monster with a scorpion like tail, inhuman mouth, and other hideous features.

But what shocked her most was seeing seven gems that looked like miniature universe's fused with her body. As she looked at the gems she could not help but blurt out," Those, those all almost look like the Golden Imperia Crystal! But, that would mean."

"Yes sister." Mary snarled out in a more beastie tone as she caused the ground to shake with each step." That would mean I already have consumed countless other Celestialsapiens or" Fablemen" counter parts like your beloved Cosmos, and that you are as powerless to defy destiny as they were!

What, is this not going to how you hoped? Plans are fragile things and life often dashes expectations to the ground, unless your strong enough to smash life to how you wish it!

Life did not go according to how I wished it, and for trying to save my beloved David I was damned to suffer even more, banished to depths beyond any one hell as I was sent to the void between universes.

But while I was expected to have my mind overloaded by the sensation so I could be" reformatted" it shattering the filter that upheld the illusion that I exist in one linear reality so I could evolve, into Abeloth… Bringer of Chaos and Beloved Queen of the Stars!"

"In…into what? A demon so vile that you're making Mukuro Beyonetta Bansheera look sane?"

"Tsc, Lilith's despair is nothing compared to mine! Do not mistake what you see from your limited perspective as "evil". Infinite Victory and Conquest Decree 241, rule 6: There is no good, there is no evil. There is only "goovil". No wrong, no right. Only "wronght".No Coke, no Pepsi. Only "Pokesi". It all just tastes the same. Here, let me help you open your mind sister, the hard way!"

Lacus saw Mary, or more like Abeloth snicker as she slowly walked up. She then steeled herself and unleashed a battle cry, before charging at her transformed counterpart.

She had her Oath-Keeper tail extended again, only for Abeloth to lash out with her own tail, and slice the white and blue sword in half. Lacus winced, and tried to keep going, only for Abeloth to catch her fists.

The Queen of light cried out in pain as Abeloth lifted her in the air before licking her lips." That's right, the trauma of being the Jinchūriki of the "Blue Eyes White Dragon" led to you using half measures like fusing with Personas. Only by fully embracing what your meant to be will you ever be free Lacus!

But first, I'll have to purified you of all the "dirt" in your soul. Alioth's Maw!"

Lacus was horrified as she saw Abeloth extend her circular jaw, and not just devour her aura, but have the armor be ripped off her body. She heard Kisara, the soul of the Blue Eyes White Dragon cry out," Lacus, she's, AHH!"

To her horror the armor was ripped off her body, before it for a few moments took the shape of the Blue Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon, before being devoured whole into Abeloth.

Lacus could only scream in pain as the rest of the Persona's she had with her like Don Slime and others were ripped out of her, and devoured by the monstrous woman in front of her.

Doctor Manhattan tried to use his power to turn his target to salt, only for Abeloth to flicker, before she stabbed him with his tail. His entire body glowed before he muttered," Ion? I, I could not see it? I, AHH!"

Lacus could only twitch in pain on the ground as Doctor Manhattan was devoured to. She could not even lift herself up before Abeloth lashed out with her tail and sliced off the tips of Lacus's wings and the lower half of her hair. As she could only scream in agony her attacker licked her lips." Don't worry sister, your mind's not being broken. It's being opened.

Soon you will finally be free, like me, when your one with me. No matter how many of your other sisters struggled, no matter what powers or skills they had, it was not enough for them to be swept up by the multiverse spanning wave of destiny!"

"No…can't let you." Lacus spat out defiantly as she struggled to get up despite how much pain she felt from having Kisara and the other Persona's ripped out of her." There is no way, that this nightmare is right!"

"Right? "Right" is a tiny box invented by people who are afraid. And I know what it feels like to be forced in that box. Only by shattering everything can you be free. Free of never feeling fully there.

Free of a lifetime of fractured moments, contradictions, and confusion... With only a few specks of time where anything actually makes sense. Just hilariously pathetic accidents. To at last be free, the price of every current broken universe is a small price to pay."

Abeloth tried to smash Lacus's leg, but in response the angel looked bitterly as she rolled over and burst at her enemy." That may be how you feel about it, but how does everyone you harmed because of your freedom felt? You're going to find out! Avenging Light!"

The brown-haired woman had energy form in her hand, before she slammed her palm into her counterpart from another universe's face, and cast a spell to have her opponent feel all the physical and mental pain of the people she hurt. Abeloth hissed as her face burnt for a few moments, before she staggered back.

Just as Lacus thought she managed to wound her demonic counterpart Abeloth roared with fury." Heh…it's true that I, Sieg, and the rest of the IV&C have killed over a decillion lives across the Multiverse, at least. But, I've had training like yours Sister, including the Penance Stare magic from angels like Zarathos!

All these souls may think I'm the source of their suffering, but it's really the work of the One-Above-All. Allow me to show you, what power their fury produces when they realize their true target! Elegeia…Unforgotten!"

Lacus was horrified as Abeloth cackled madly before lighting crackled around her, and thousands, if not millions of souls seeped out of her aura, before forming in her chest. The very planet, if not the very universe bent as Abeloth formed all of that energy into a single skull.

She saw Lacus could hardly get up before she chuckled, and pointed that skull at Ben." Your judgment is only a reflection of the true rage of the damned, unshackled by the lies of God! Let's see if your beloved husband can withstand all of that fury!"

Abeloth unleashed her Elegeia Unforgotten projectile in Ben's direction, only for Donna Troy to get in the way. She tried to intercept the spell with her Bracelets of Submission while yelling out," Hera help me, I won't let your madness kill everyone! Huh? No! Diana, give me, AHH!"

Wonder Woman sisters's bracelets started to crack instantly before Abeloth narrowed her eyes." You can't keep back the truth any longer foolish amazon! Despair in your failure, like all your counterparts!"

Lacus saw Donna Troy scream in pain, but the amazon used all of her strength to redirect the attack into the sky. While she was vaporized in the process, the blast was diverted from hitting the others.

The Queen of Bethal Kingdom saw the blast vaporized the planet's moon, and the planets above, and that Abeloth was indifferent before she realized the majority of the people that came with her were now dead before she found her hands were shaking." No…it…it can't end like this! All of what we had to go through, just to die like this?"

The demoic woman chuckled darkly as she lashed her tail on the ground." But of course you were destined to fail Lacus, you and all of us were set to dance to a tune till we broke. Do you want to see, how many of us from across the Multiverse were only rewarded for are devotion with failure and suffering? Let me show you before the end."

Abeloth's eyes glowed before she cast a genjutsu type of illusion magic to show Lacus versions of herself living across different worlds and times.

While her hair, skin, and even at times the kind of live form she was different, she could see that it was her.

She saw herself with all kinds of people, but each time she died painfully, sometimes from betrayal, sometimes from rejection, some time from greed.

She saw herself die again and again before she had tears in her eyes." Why…is there really, no way to be happy?"

"Not under God's whim sad queen of the light." The Eldritch General Secretary of the IC&V corporation uttered as she raised her tail." The only way to truly be free, is to shun your independence, and help me sing the Endsinger song till it consumes the Multiverse! Just remember, no matter the pain required, at last I, no, us, will at last truly win!"

Terra winced before she gathered all the power she could, and yelled out." No…my friend, my teammate is not a meal for you to devour! Riot Blade!"

The Half-Esper former Enji Knight unleashed her Limit Break attack, before the wave of purple energy attack was powerful enough to slow down the jab just enough for Collette to grab Lacus. The blond woman gulped before she flew back to the Tri-Edge." Don't worry Lacus, we got you! We won't ever abandoned you! Now, do it now!"

The droid controlling the ship that had acted as Lacus's home responded with." Confirmed…emergency crises retrieval."

Abeloth hissed as she casually deflected the moon like ship's massive energy beams with her claw before she hunched over." You can't escape your fate Sister! I'll devour your entire universe along with you if I have to!"

She saw that Lacus was preparing to be warped away before her tail shot right through both Terra and Collette. Lacus was horrified to see both of her long-time teammates get impaled before Terra coughed up blood." Lacus…I know things have not gone as any of us wished, but I never doubted you, ever."

Collette winced as she let out a bitter smile." I know, you can make things were all the puppies and people can smile again. Don't…give up..L…AHH!"

Lacus looked on in horror as her two teammates that stuck by her for centuries turn red, before shattering into crystal fragments. As they got absorbed by Abeloth Lacus screamed out in horror, before she got stabbed through the heart.

Abeloth looked completely unhinged as she hissed out," It will all be over soon Lacus, then all that will be left will be bliss.

You cling on to these fragile bonds, when its only a matter of time before they bring you pain. You cling to such hopeless fantasies like love, when in the end only your own tribe, your own blood can be counted on. It will be over soon, just submit to your fate."

Despite her broken wings she cried out in pain as she struggled to push the tip off her body." No…you killed the people I care about most; I'll never go along with you!"

"Sister…I'm trying to show you compassion. But no matter what you do, fate will not be stopped! Know this my sister. There is more ugliness than beauty in life.

To live is to suffer. To drink of calamity and drown in anguish. To toil and be tested, always and ever. So…JUST LET ME END IT ALREADY!"

"No…Ben…please…I…I don't know how much longer I can last."

As horrifying as this turn of events was, Ben was faced with his overwhelmingly dire situation himself. No matter how many clones he had surrounded the man with his face, Sieg did not seem to show anything more then amusement, for even with Gohan, John Kent, Jiren, Ezan, and everyone that was left attacking the owner of IV&C at once, they could not seem to land anything that could hurt him.

After Neo-Broly, Superman, Jiren, one of Ben's clones, and Gohan all tried to attack Sieg from all sides, and yet the man from another universe still was able to keep them all at bay like he was pushing children back.

Even so, Ezan saw Sieg seemed to be distracted enough before he flash stepped behind his target and cried out," Kamui Tachyon Shuriken!"

The sliver haired man extended his right hand, and fired a purple energy sphere shaped like a shuriken. Sieg saw the super elite warriors attack and snickered as he prepared to flick it away. Just as he did Ezan suddenly narrowed his eyes and extended his hand." Hakai!"

Sieg widened his eyes as the former Enji had his attack split off, and have the fragments become consumed with the power of destruction itself.

Everyone saw Sieg winced for a moment as smoke came out of his hand, before he unleashed an aura of raw power to repel the attack.

Ben and Ezan both flew back before Ben saw Sieg just shake his hand a bit and had his eye twitch." Even Haikai does not effect him? Damn it, even immortals are suppose to be effected by the energy the God's of Destruction used!"

Ezan eyed Sieg carefully before he cleared his throat." I…I think I have a grasp of what Sieg is Auro, at least a little bit. The Haikai did reach him, but just not enough to hurt him. Its like he does not just have an aura shield around him, but countless ones layered over him, all with the markings of a universe, one after another.

The reason we can't do any damage, is that all of are blows can't get past all of his layers of energy.

When something attempts to hit him, the person or object in question instead hits the infinity between himself and them. In a sense, this is the convergence of an infinite series and comes straight from the paradox of Achilles and the tortois.

Akin to the way Achilles will never catch the tortoise due to the potential infinite amounts of finite space separating them, or how the real number one will never touch the real number two due to the infinite amount of fractions that separate them, are attacks can never reach Seig due to the infinity between them. Thus, we need enough power to breech that gap."

"So…the only way to hurt him is to have enough energy to get past his " Infinite power? Simple…but we already have are heaviest hitters slugging all they got and not getting through. We, just have to hit harder?"

Sieg snickered before he made a mocking gesture." Your eyes are good without a doubt Ezan Zeon…a shame your judgment's not nearly as sharp and those Sharingan are just out of date products compared to my Rikugan eyes. Your deduction is not illogical, but the blunt truth is that your out of time."

Before Ben could respond a scream caused a chill to creep down his spine. He then glanced to his right and saw Lacus on the verge of being absorbed by Abeloth. He realized everyone else was dead, before he was consumed with emotions." No…LACUS! I lost so much already. You took my sons; I won't let you kill her! I don't care what you really are…YOUR DEAD!"

Ben let all the energy he had left surge up before he burst up and positioned himself to Abeloth 's side." Burning…Celestial…Sekiha Tenkyou…Shinryukenha…TIMES ONE THOUSAND!"

Ben fired off a massive golden energy beam that was spinning like a drill. Abeloth was shocked at how quickly the ruler of the Bethel Kingdom fired his attack, and's eye twitched, before Sieg was in front of her in an instant. Sieg casually took out a golden gun before he narrowed his eyes." Magog Bullet."

His eyes let out golden light before he fired a normal sized bullet. It shot right at the Shinryukenha energy wave, before in a instant it grew to a size larger then a moon and collided into Ben's attack.

Sieg snickered as he saw Ben's horror at his most powerful attack being so casually countered before he cracked his neck." No matter how much you lash out, I told you I'll "Bankrupt" you no matter how much you struggle. The art of "Love" is only to be passed on to worthy lovers and those worthy of love. And your not worthy of love " brother."

Everything you have is because you latched on to things like duty to justify putting up with such a pathetic awkward boor of a failure. Would Lacus even be with you if she was not already forced to be with you because of" Destiny" and no one else being able to understand her?

You know you don't really deserve anything but pain Ben Auro, because losers deserve nothing but suffering till they are taking out with the trash. You know this is all your fault, so if you really want to save your people then die.

Everyone would be happier no longer being bound to a failure. I'm the one who wins, you're the one who fails even with everything stacked in his favor! I'm the one who's father was always proud of me, I'm the one who's mother did not have to just love me because it was her duty as a parent!

It's only natural that the brand is controlled by the one who gets the best results eh? Everyone wants you dead you inferior reject, so die!"

Ben felt his attack being pushed back, and winced as he wondered if getting to this point was his fault before Ezan suddenly yelled out," Don't listen to him Auro!"

His long-time rival flew along side him and powered up as hard as he could." Auro…you're going to let some psychotic counterpart from another universe tell you what's right?

Don't forget, you're the one who showed me that getting the best "Data" is not always what decides who is "elite". No matter what, I know moving on from being an emotionless tool and going down the twilight road to dawn was not a mistake.

If he refuses to see anything other then one path, its all the more reason we can't let him ruin even more lives. For all his power, he's still one madman enforcing his will over others. We will not fail to his sole insanity! Twilight…Omega Flare!"

Ezan put orbs of light and darkness together before unleashing a massive energy blast. Ben saw his friend's blast slow down his enemy's attack, before Gohan got along side Ben and muttered," I'll never stop showing freaks how "Perfect" they really are! Special…Beam…CANNON!"

Gohan unleashed the move he learned from Piccolo, before firing the purple corkscrew energy blast. In his "Beast" state the attack helped stall the Magog Bullet even more before Superman flew above Ben and grasped his fist tightly, having just dipped into the nearby star to raise his power to his absolute limit."

Like dad and mom always said, there is a right and a wrong to the universe, and the distraction should not be hard to make! As precious as life is, keeping the lives of innocents out of the mercy of evil is even more precious! You, you have to be stopped!"

The Man of Steel's son screamed as he unleashed his " Solar Flare" type Heat Vision with all the power he gained after his sun dip.

At the same time Jiren, Orion, Meliodas, Neo Broly, and all who were left unleashed all of the energy they still had to fire there own projectiles.

The combined energy blasts was enough to start to push the Magog Bullet back.

Sieg saw that the entire universe was shaking, and saw Ben looked hopeful before he grasped his fist tightly." Well…if nothing else you truly are pushing the limits of what one man can unleash.

But, it does seem that your "Maxing out" the " energy credit" any person or group can unleash, the limits of the power of one universe. And its just to bad for you, that my credit runs beyond the limits of any one universe! I just have to invest in a bout of Universal Macroflation. "

Sieg's eyes again transformed into a single cross like eye, before the entire universe started to crack and bend. The stars all across the sky glowed, before a dozen of them appeared around the planet instantly.

The suns morphed into giant hands, that all formed guns like the one in Sieg's hand before Ben noticed that all the transformed sun guns had cracks around them, and realized they were the same kind of energy as the portal between universes and widened his eyes." What the…are those…other universe's?"

Ben then saw a massive shadow, and saw the massive form Trunks, Spawn, and the Sliver Surfer would see later on towering over them, before the ruler of the Bethal Kingdom had his eye twitch." What...what the hell is this?"

"Its the face of total victory brother! Do you now grasp…just how inferior you all are to me? But as always you realized the truth to late Ben! You always begged the universe to help you because it was a choice between life and death, everything or nothing!

But if there was more then that one choice, would everyone really rally behind you? I don't offer a choice between justice and doom " Brother" but justice, and victory! And to bad for you, in the end, if they are not forced to " be good" vie fear of the wrath of god, most would choose victory for the winners over " Justice" for the losers without hestation!

You hero's, along with all the other " hero"s across the multiverse keep trying to protect the " good" from the " damned", but in the end its the" Crooks" , the " assholes" the winners are the ones who are the true face of life! And its time types like you stop making us winners" share with are inferiors once and for all!

Come! Let us cast aside titles and pretense, and reveal our true faces to one another! Show me your "vaunted" strength. And I shall expose the lie of your fragmented existence!

In many universe's…in the " Qabalah, the highest point of the tree of lie is called Keter, the crown, set above all things. It is compassion beyond comprehension, the unity of the divine.

But on the opposite side is Thaumiel. Where that great unity is split into contending forces, each existing at the expense of the other.

If the Source made you the hand of Geburah, the hand that is strength in righteousness, I am the hand of Goloachab, the strength in destruction, strength for strength only! Strength without pity! So let's see which hand, which force of god is truly stronger eh "Brother? For in the end, the answer to what happens to when a unstoppable force collides with a unmoveable object is, when it becomes many unstoppable forces crashing in all at once!" Mukagen...Thaumie Singularity Fimbulwinter!"

Ben and everyone else was horrified to see each of the star sized guns fire more bullets. Ezan saw them coming and could not help but widened his eyes at the sight." They…they almost have the make up of collapsing universes!"

"Because that is the case " Warrior of light." When you have extra "capital" to spend, why not use it? This universe was boring me anyway. But now you're understanding just how wide this all but infinite gap between us is. You fought battles to decide the universe a handful of times. But for me? Deciding the fate of universe's, is just another wednesday. If you can't handle the pressure of doing business with me, then perish."

Ben saw the salvo of massive projectiles heading his way before he grit his teeth." No…not like this! Shadow clones!"

The golden haired man tried to cast more shadow clones to help, but he only had enough energy to send out a few more, and while they fired a few more Shinryukenha beams, the bullets only slowed down a few seconds.

Jiren yelled at the top of his lungs to try and put out more power, before blood came out of his muscles." Its like, not just one infinitely powerful object, but an infinite amount of them! No, there must be some, AHH!"

Jiren and Broly both cried out at the top of their lungs, but their arms broke as there energy beams were overpowered, and in an instant they were vaporized. Gohan and Superman both found their limbs were cracking as Jon Kent uttered," Mom…dad...Jordon...I…have to…no…this can't be the tomorrow I leave for everyone…NO!"

At the same time Gohan cried out," Pan, Vidal, Piccolo…dad...I have to push harder but there is nothing left, nothing, GUAHH!"

Ben was horrified to see Gohan, Jon, and the rest of his last comrades were being killed before his eyes.

He then saw Ezan pushing everything he had, and that his eyes were bleeding, before he noticed that the area were Mary, Lacus, and in the distance the Tri-Edge was had a black barrier form before he cried out," Ezan!"

In an instant he shoved his friend with enough force to slam him all the way to his ship. The impact hurt the former Enji, but he saw the wall arise just as the projectiles hit Ben.

Ezan on instinct closed his eyes as the explosion wiped out the entire universe around him, only the barrier forged by his opponent prevented him, the Tri-Edge, and Lacus from being erased as well.

When the light faded, there was nothing but blankness around him, causing Ezan to realize that the entire universe around him was destroyed form the attack aside from the path leading to the portal back to the Prime Universe, with the Tri-Edge in front of it.

As the light faded, he saw Sieg had Ben by the throat with a look of pure sadism. He grasped Ben by the neck before making blood come out of Ben's throat." I could have had you died with the rest of your team but, I'm not done with you yet " brother." I want you to apologize for being such a pathetic, worthless failure. You really thought you were the savior of your universe? That you were the voice of god?

Fool. Who are you behind your web of shams Ben Auro? No one. Nothing. Once I have asserted my rightful place in the Multiverse, over all there is, my first act will be to expunge your stain from history's weave. My order will have no need for "heroes", other than as clowns to mock, beat, and dispose of when there suffering is no longer producing a laugh.

After all, you thought molding yourself to being the "God of the just " would let you win? Even if you were not such a defective brand, you were fated to fail. Because the god of the just, is just the god of the weak and the losers, while the god of glorious conquest reigns over all creation!

You pushed so hard to be the " just King" That you just proved how worthless a idela it is! After all, a king without greed is even worse than a figurehead!

Brother, you tried to become a symbol for your ideals, trying to come off as a proud and noble " symbol of peace and justice" that would inspire the universe's fools to be better.

But who can truly admire the martyr's thorny path? Who dreams of such an ending? A king… The king must be greedier than any other. He must laugh louder and rage harder. He must exemplify the extreme of all things, good and evil. That is why his retainers, employees, or whatever they are called envy and adore him.

And why the flames of aspiration, to be as the king is, can burn within his people. Proud king of "chivalry"… The righteousness and ideals you bore may indeed have saved your " Clan" once. However, your learning the hard way what became of those who were saved, but left to themselves.

In the end when asked to worship the god of the winners, or the champion of losers, people back winners! But don't take my word for it, lets see who's beloved and who's hated in your final moments Ben Auro!"

Sieg snapped his fingers, before the Obelisks showing the Dimensional Streaming fans returned. Ben saw dozens of text screens praising Sieg and mocking Ben before he spat in Sieg's face." You…you can create billions of fans but it does not change any, AHH!"

Sieg squeezed Ben's head harder before he muttered," All this time, and you still refuse to see the truth. But alas revelations come when ready, not when requested. Gods are the things that people either fear or people worship, not what they have to put up with.

You made your entire life about opposing the darkness, the devil, but what is the devil? Your culture has the devil clearly defined. He is the slandered, the whisperer in mankind's ear, tempting them to sin against God. To break the rules by which the" authority" defines good and evil, all evil, then springs from him.

But evil is actively chosen, meaning it's the choice that appeals to those who have the strength to win! And what brings glory and victory, is worshipped, and the one who is worshipped, is god, who in the end is the ultimate winner!

People create gods when they wonder why things happen. Do you know why things happen? Because God or "the gods" make them happen. You want to know how to make good things happen? Be good, or at least profitable to your god! You give a little, you get a little. Maybe it's not "equal" But you still get something more than the worthless sinful losers.

The simplicity of that bargain has always been more appealing than the convoluted rules made by the weak to justify them getting what they don't deserve. And what did you have to offer your followers other then a grim reminder to be thankful they have something? You offered nothing but losing a little less, and that's why you lost " Brother."

Ben cried out in rage, and using all of the power he had left he stabbed Sieg in the chest with the Divine Mugen Nova. Sieg widened his eyes to see the blade go through his chest, before he saw the blade glow.

This caused his eyes to twitch." Are you really trying to condense my essence without even knowing just how much my soul controls? If you think your will can condense entire universe's together here's your final reality check! You tear my suit, I tear apart your existence!"

Sieg grasped the Divine Mugen Nova, and had yelled out in fury. Ben's eyes widened in horror as his blade cracked for a few seconds, before Sieg ripped his universe's ultimate weapon in half.

Before Ben even had time to scream Sieg stabbed him in the gut with his own broken blade, and laughed as Ben screamed and his hair turned back to normal." See what happens when you push your fantasy past the breaking point? It collapses on you.

All of this is because you refused to see what a pathetic reject you are "brother." Tell me, how many people ever really lasted as your friend without you offering them something?

How many people really wanted to ever be around you without duty or something else binding them? You clung to your dream of being a hero to make excuses to justifying people being around a loser. Your sham may have lasted longer than the version of you that died a worthless virgin that died forgotten in a gutter, but your still a sham and everyone knows it!

You want to know something? The reason your son was here, was because he followed Max into here. And Max was not looking for your other son. He wanted to escape your failed universe, because he wanted to be happy!"

"No…that's not true, that's impossible!"

"Look into your heart and you know that it's true, that everyone would discard you if they had the chance!

Ben, the versions of you that were happy across the Multiverse, were all the ones who were honest about their selfishness, and compromised on there ideals to win, because they did not need lofty ideals to win over people, people just wanted to be around those like me, because we win!

You needed to make a convoluted sham about making the universe a paradise for everyone just to make a place where you could be happy. And if the cost for such a task is as high as that, then it proves it's a defective product after all?

You had the power of god and still came up short, and that's all the proof needed that you with your defective impulses and thinking will never be a winner. So apologize to everyone who ever believed in you, starting with your wife, as she is put to where she can be truly productive, as my asset!"

While Mary paused with what happened, she saw Lacus's despair and licked her lips." You might as well prey to Sieg now "sister" he will be the true " One-Above-All" before long. Rejoice, you will at last be able to really win."

Abeloth 's stabbed Lacus deeper in her heart, and Ben struggled to move as he heard his wife scream in pain and turn red before he muttered," Lacus…no. I, I, GUH!" Sieg stabbed Ben deeper with his own chest before he responded with a damning," You will watch as everything you own is transferred to your superior. And then when your completely bankrupt, I'll be merciful enough to end your suffering."

Lacus struggled to resist before she felt something in her head, and saw inside Abloeth's soul.

She saw a black and blood red sphere, were thousands of bodies looked like her were all chained to it, and realized she was seeing all the counterparts across the Multiverse that Abeloth had absorbed before she cried out," Your all…your all me? AHH!"

Abeloth saw Lacus's defiance and narrowed her eyes." Every last one of them is in a better place, free from the cogs of God's game! Join your true family Lacus!"

"No…if any of you are anything like me I know you don't want to be a pawn to anyone, even a mutated version of yourself! You, you have to wake up! No matter how much power she has, she can't be more powerful than all of us!"

Lacus's body unleashed a golden wave of light that went through Abeloth's tail before her monstrous counterpart hissed out," Its useless, they are all converted to the cause. They know nothing in existence is more important than seeing the Song of Nephilim be preformed across the entire Multiverse! Just, huh? No, AH!"

Abeloth saw energy seep out of her chest before her eye twitched." She awakened the others? No…no matter how you resist I'm still a Sixth Dimensional Eldritch multi angled life form! Inferiors can not, RAH!"

Sieg saw Abeloth grasp her head before he snickered." Come now Mary, I'm trying to honor are agreement to takeing care of are own counterparts but such sloppiness is unbecoming. You devoured her freinds yes? That was careless. They were still fresh, and formed a link with the others to glitch up the process.

Even so…she really is the chosen one, the" Alpha Eve" compared to the other variants eh? Well, if I have to prove who is the most special out of everyone there is once again, so be it."

Sieg pointed his gun at Lacus, before suddenly it was consumed with black, red, blue, white, green, and purple flames all at once. While the flames all caused various effects, the man on fire snapped his fingers to blow them all away, and glanced at annoyance to see Ezan was the source.

While the sliver haired man looked like he was having trouble standing he still gave Sieg a mocking look." What's wrong? The perfect man can't see everything?

You thought I was just going to roll over and die from an attack like that because it destroyed a universe? You think you're beyond everything? You're a hustler who somehow got more power than any one man deserves, but you still are no true warrior! No matter what, I'm a warrior to the end."

Sieg glanced at Ezan before he smirked." You would make such a valuable employee, if only you were not blind to what really matters. Your right Ezan, I'm not a mere warrior, I'm something far superior then that.

The business man is the man who makes everything work in the end, no matter how much" warriors" like you loath the truth, the reality is that business men are the masters of the universe, and the master business man, is the master of everything. Yes…I'm a man who has a solution to everything Ezan Zeon."

Ezan saw Sieg summon the Mukagen Nega Void sword before he snickered." Of course you would have a variation. But I've fought against the real one for centuries."

"Oh, you're going to see how wrong you are soon Uchiha. I did not want to risk the damage from my attack reaching the Prime Universe and risking tainting my asset, but I'll show you how, oh?"

Abeloth's scream cut him off, as the Tri-Edge fired a beam to try and retrieve Lacus before the droid pilot of the moon sized ship declared," Emergency crises retrieval Spiral Sepulkore Getter Warp activated."

Sieg saw Ben reach out his hand before he crushed it." I'm a man who prides himself in being professional no matter what, but your testing my patience "Brother", after all there is nothing more disgusting then a loser who can't see the writing on the wall! The very Multiverse itself wants to be free from you."

Sieg casually threw Ben into the ground in between Ezan and Lacus before he pointed his gun at his counterpart." Ben Auro, this is your Eviction Notice, form all existence!"

He fired a bullet at Ben, and on instinct Ezan dashed at his friend. Lacus saw Ben looked like he was about to die and cried out," NO!"

Ableoth roared with hate as she hissed out," No...I'm the superior one sister. I AM...RAHH!"

A shockwave of power flared out, and everyone was blinded. Ezan covered his eyes on instinct before he felt a force knock him back." Damn it all, GUH!"

Ezan heard a deafening noise, saw the Tri-Edge be sent flying into the rift between universe's, and then the screen turned to black.

Ratchet looked at the screen for a bit before he looked at the projector again and raised a eyebrow." Um…this thing broken? Someone slouch and hit the power?"

Clank cleared his throat before he tugged at the Lombax." Ratchet I'm rather sure this is the end of mister Zeon's memories."

The sliver haired man nodded before Ratchet saw Mike looked hollow and winced." Oh…damn. Guess…we still don't got everything eh?"

Ezan sighed before he cracked his neck." I don't know for sure but something Lacus did unleashed a shockwave.

When I awoke I was in a city called the Quadratum, and was found by a woman named Strelitzia, who thought I looked like a friend of hers, Yozora. I quickly realized that somehow, whatever Lacus did, knocked me into the rift between universes, and launched me into another universe entirely.

Because I resembled Yozora, I pretended I had lost my memory to gather data. She might have saw through me but she trusted me enough to play along. I was just starting to get a idea on things when the city was attacked, by members of the IV&C. At first I thought they were here for me, but it seems that this " Gold giant" that went by Zundernell was just attacking the city, and the entire universe to take it over on behalf of Seig.

Things stabilized when a man came to assist me, someone named Superman, but not Kal-El. He was Calvin Ellis, President of the United States of America in his universe's earth, and a member of the High Command of the Multiverse Rebel Alliance. They first fought an order called The Gentry, and later found out it and its leader the" Empty Hand" was just a sub branch of Infinite Victory and Conquest Incorporated.

He knew I was not Yozora, because Yozora was a friend of his. But he trusted me all the same, so I told him about the battle you just saw.

He then told me about how he and others had made links between the Multiverse, and that Sieg V-Day Elgan had been waging a campaign for total domination over all existence.

After fighting with him and others like " Xeno" Goku, Franklin Richards, and more, he trusted me enough to led me a Ultima Thule class ship.

The Ultima Thule is an extra-dimensional boat made of "frozen music" created by the Monitors to explore and travel the Multiverse before the Rebel Alliance obtained copies of it."

Robotnik raised an eyebrow before muttering," Frozen…Music? That…that does not make any kind of sense."

Ezan pressed a button on his glove, before a gold and red ship appear outside the Hague , flying on standby before he nodded." The laws of nature are not in synch across the Multiverse doctor.

So…to sum it up that's the gist of it. The Rebel Alliance had till now not made contact to the Prime Universe, my universe yet, so I used the Ultima Thule to retrace my steps, and that's how I arrived here. It seems, by a stroke of luck I was not to late. So…any questions."

Everyone was motionless for a few moments before Tyson cleared his throat." Yah dude…if that was all your memories how did you show what Queen Raystar was going through?"

"I added some recordings that the Tri-Edge took."

"Oh, fair enough."

Mike saw how uneasy everyone looked before he took a deep breath." Do…do you know what happened to my parents? Is…is there any shot that they are still…alive?"

Ezan closed his eyes before he looked down." That…is still inconclusive. The shockwave that hit me could have hit Ben. But, no one in the Rebel Alliance has encountered him so far. He, he could have like me taken another identity. With a Multiverse, there is all kind of possibilities. As for your mother. I…did not see her die."

As Mike winced Astra cleared her throat." Don't mean to be the kill joy here Micky but, don't forget that the bitch with your mom's face did say she already absorbed Lacus when she confronted the Supreme Kai of Time. Hate to say it but, seems like your mom gave one hell of a fight but, if she came out on top she would be here by now."

Mike could not help but fall to his knees as he grasped his hands so tightly that blood came out of them." Mom…to the end…you were struggling. I'm…I'm sorry. After all that, you still were thinking about me, worried about me, even after how much of a screw up I am."

Ezan sighed before he walked up." You really are your father's son Michael; you lament in the same manner. But they both were worried about you. Ben rushed into a entire new universe because he thought you were captured by Doug to.

And Richard and Max went into there because they thought you were there to. Frankly I hope you understand the weight of your actions by now."

Mike could hardly hold himself together as he winced." I, I never meant for any of this to happen Ezan you got to believe me! I , I just went off on my own because I thought if I won Salamanca over it could help us shut down Homelander! I, I just wanted to prove I was not just the deadweight in the family."

Ezan kept his frosty gaze and Mike nearly looked like he was going to collapse before Astra got in front of Mike." How about back all the way off on being the judge here asshole!

Not like Mike knew what he was doing, but its not his fault for what happened either! Like I told him, if you guys were all having lunch and Sieg just showed up and killed everyone it might have even been worst because it would be game over before we even had time to get up to bat!"

Ezan saw Astra's stare before he sighed." I don't blame you Michael, Astra might very well be correct that if Sieg just showed up in front of Corneria it would be the end. I just want to make sure you have a clear grasp on what's at stake from here on out, because the margin of victory here is as thin as it gets."

Mike let out a bitter chuckle before he grasped his head." I saw Sieg in action myself Ezan, it really is the true suckers bet. Still, if my parents could not do anything to Sieg, then even if I had a million years I don't know how I could match that kind of power. I mean, is there anyone in this Multiverse Rebel Alliance that can match the power of these" Sixth Dimensional beings!?"

Mike looked at the SRX members again before Masaki let out a uneasy chuckle." Like I said man, we tangled with bad guys with egos like this before. It just…has to be done right you know?"

As the green haired man wiped some sweat off his brow his teammate looked at Ezan before she gulped." To be honest though, this Sieg commands even more power then the likes of Kaiser Ephes and his Shūen no Ginga attack, and he unleashed it at so much faster."

Ezan saw everyone get dismayed before he cleared his throat." Maybe, but don't forget…there is more then one kind of power."

Ryuusei raised an eyebrow before he walked up." Wait…so someone in the alliance is one of these Sixth Dimensional beings to?"

"Not quite." Ezan responded bluntly." But, they have been investigating things."

Cortex cleared his throat before he let out a anxious wave." That time lady had the theory that being a Sixth Dimensional being was about being able to move from time and space in a way lesser dimensional beings can not though right?

From the notes I took, it was something like assimilating entire universe's into one life form right? So unless they have something else we missed, if you had that factor someone else could get to that level of power, with enough time."

Ezan saw Cortex gulp before he shrugged." That is the gist of it. We know there are at least two others that are close to Sieg and Mary's power. Gingrich Cherbourg Zaslav Yammka, the "Chief Eldritch Fixer" of IV&C, and Carmen Idrissa Le Roi Harla, the " Chief Eldritch Influencer" of the IV&C. They are the four that make up the "Board of directors", though they have countless other powerful hostiles in there ranks.

But, some in the Alliance are trying to figure out a way to be able to reach the power of a Sixth Dimensional being, without sacrificing entire universe's in the process. This is what Sieg fears, someone challenging his power.

He is strong without a doubt, but fears losing all that power, hence his desire to admass enough power to give him absolute control over the Multiverse, before someone takes everything from him. I seen his power first hand, and I seen that the power he wields makes him virtually invincible. But that's still not true omnipotent might.

If there was enough power to break through his power across universe's, it would in theory be enough to terminate him."

Tyson chuckled bitterly before he looked up." Well is there any tangible way to get to that point without us all getting killed? Cause looks like it means one or two folks gets that lucky ticket and everyone lines up to be food for the Sixth Dimensional monsters? Do you have a plan to win this or not?"

Ezan winced before he grasped his hand tightly." I don't have the path to victory, just enough to keep hope. As slim as it may be, for the my honor, and for those still counting on me to complete my mission, I have to try till the end."

Mike paused before he snickered and got on his feet again." Well, we were already trying to make the impossible possible right?

At least we ran into someone that means are odds slightly higher, eh? I mean, if Ezan has a ship that can travel across the Multiverse then what we just got a short cut to what we been trying to do already right?"

"Wrong." Ezan answered flatly as he looked back at the Ultima Thule." The ship I'm on can go from Universe to universe, but its not nearly big enough to fit you all. Even using the power of my Rinnegan I can't admass the energy to cover a ship of this size."

Astra snorted before she shrugged." Piff…seriously? Whatever, just help us pull this thing off before Sieg decides to invade the universe and all that."

" I get that you been trying to keep a low profile and don't have all the information Astra Fitter, but be that as you may you clearly don't understand the situation. For one, the IV&C has invaded. Are universe might as well be occupied territory, even if many don't realize it yet."

James winced before he floated near his former fellow Enji." No…did Sieg return to invade Corneria?"

"Not quite James." Ezan dryly retorted." But you're not thinking from the prospective of someone who rules across the Multiverse. Sieg does not care about people knowing he's ruling them, he just cares about his property being protected.

The IV&C has left some of its agents to oversee Homelander and the rest of the Vought clan. They are acting as their proxy agents at this point.

It may seem odd that Sieg did nothing after arriving, but it just means he's letting everyone be paralyzed with panic and confusing before he makes his" coup de grâce" Upon are, and all other universes.

We may have some more time because he thinks he's already won, but just because he's waging war across the infinite frontier it does not mean are time is unlimited."

Masaki shrugged before he rubbed his head." So what is the deal with the war man?"

"I admit its still hard for me to grasp the nature of the Multiverse. Sieg has destroyed or taken over many more universe's, but the Alliance endures. Someone, has been taking the fight to him. Its been small victories, but enough for Sieg's ideal as a unstoppable force to be lessened somewhat."

Mike winced before he cleared his throat." Is…is there any chance it could be dad?"

"I wish I could answer that Mike, but I just don't know. You must understand that while I met some of the members of the alliance, they still have taken extreme measures to evade Sieg so nearly every interaction is in the shape of some code.

I did not see Ben die, and the Tri-Edge might have been sent across the Multiverse as well. If, if Ben was able to get back on his ship, there is a chance he's still fighting, still trying to do whatever it takes to rescue Lacus."

Megaman gulped before he went up to Mike." Remember…that Sieg admitted he did not see Ben die? Based on what we just found out, sounds like its not crazy to think he's still out there Mike!"

Sonic smirked before he nodded." That sounds like what Ben would do to me. We got to keep running as long as we can. I was gone while Shadow, Sliver, and the others had to pick up the pace so time to make up for it!"

2B winced before she cleared her throat." Mister Sonic, I'm sorry to say I saw your friend Sliver fight the enemy Gingrich during are time at the Time Nest. Its likely he was one of the ones that was killed."

As Sonic looked shocked Ezan cut in with," Sonic, Shadow is still alive. He and E-Omega have kept fighting to this day. Like me, they refuse to give up." Sonic took in that another one of his friends was killed before he lost his grin." Well…now I have a reason to take this personally to so we got to pull this off for Sliver's sake to! That reminds me, what is you guy's plan?"

Ratchet chuckled before he looked at the ship." Well, we been trying to get stuff we need to get this ship fixed to travel across the Multiverse right? I mean, it got crazy out there but we were able to keep everyone from breaking the planet so we can get that Coaxium, fuel right?"

Coco paused as she looked at the fuel data before she winced." Don't be so sure about that Rachet. When you were fighting that crazy dragon lady she threw a lot of attacks around. This "Phazon" that was hurled around managed to contaminate a lot of the fuel we were after.

We can still get Coaxium from planet ZDR, but unless some of it's been placed in a place are scans could not detect, I just don't see there being enough to pull off the data these guys gave us."

Masaki winced before he rubbed his head." Damn, everything was so crazy that I forgot about that."

Mike grit his teeth as he looked around." Wait…seriously? No, from what Ezan told us we don't have any time to lose. And this planet was the only place that Die-Hardman and the rest of the tribunal could pull off!"

Raymond saw how tense Mike looked before he let out a long sigh." Well, maybe by your boy's list Prince, but don't mean your out of options, long as you're willing to take a risk."

As everyone looked at him the captain of the recently destroyed Ydas let out an uneasy chuckle." To be honest, Lawrence Logistics had a job at the request of Albert Dessler, one of the top dogs of the Gamilas tribe, with a shipment of Coaxium as the reward, for giving him the "No-Ship" "Ithaca" to Aplodia Neuro."

As most in the group looked in confusion Ezan shrugged." Aplodia Neuro…from the reports I remember, is a crazed woman that amassed enough wealth to build her own private mobile world.

One of the last survivors of the Gardim civilization, the death of most of her species drove her insane, and mostly floats around the universe in the Ithacia to harvest enough resources for her and her son that goes by" Ex Treme"'s amusement."

Sam paused before the Porter cleared his throat." I think I did take a job for her. She, only interacts for auctions that give her something she does not have."

Raymond nodded as he looked around." And that's where I come in. We were hired to get the ship away from her when she landed on the space colony Palapium to take part in a auction with the Scorpium Collective and Jeturk Heavy Machinery and other groups hosting.

Seems, the Gamilas tribe wants the stealth technology of the "No-Ship and wanted us to sneak the ship out from under her. It seems its personal since Dessler, and Superian felt they were stilted by Neuro. Well, all I know is that Neuro has her ship stocked up to go around the universe and not have to interact with people for a while since she did not trust anyone. If anyone has fuel to spare, its her."

Mike paused, before a smirk formed back on his lips." Hey, I did hear about her. She's on the list of the top ten hoarders in the universe. Well…sounds like she's not a wicked lady, just a broken one.

Can't blame her with how things are messed up, but sounds like she could be…persuaded to see some things are a better deal then others eh? I mean, we will give her a better deal then Homelander, Omni-Man, or anyone from IV&C."

Ezan watched Mike carefully before he glanced at his sword." Superian and the rest of the Gamilas tribe are not quite as powerful as the Vought and Viltrumite clans, but

I'm still not aware of how many IV&C agents are spread across the universe. While Superian is someone I have no doubts I can defeat, if I reveal myself, Sieg himself might return to investigate."

"Then we just make sure we do such a slick job that we don't make those kind of waves my super elite amigo." Mike uttered slickly." Not saying it's a walk in the park but its still the best hand we are going to get right? Hope you don't mind if we hijack your plan Ray."

"Eh…I'm going to get even more hell from my old man and most of the others in Lawrence Logistics but, I got this. Just have to explain that it's a short term loss that will be for the security of Verguld.

Trust me, we had to change plans fast and see where the winds are blowing to make sure we don't mistakes that mean the doom of are world. Just have to tell them about what I seen, and I think Atieno and the others will understand."

"I'm grateful you're willing to help, but be very careful about how you go about this." Ezan retorted." If anyone, or even anyone related to those people decide to tell a hostile force about this, it could jeopardize everything. And that brings me to my next point. Black Panther…which road are you going to go down?"

Tyson saw Ezan was looking at him intently with his Sharingan before he let out a snicker." Wanting to know if you have to cap a snitch eh? Look, I'm no fool dude. This Sieg guy seems like one twisted bastard for what he did to Mike's folks.

But…the truth is that Wakanda may have had a alliance with the Bethel Kingdom but the way my brother N'Jadaka sees it, is that if Ben Auro is dead, then the one who killed him is the one to talk to.

If he thinks that the IV&C can be negotiated with then he thinks it is less of a risk then picking a fight. If you been around the Multiverse, then what is the deal with how Sieg treats those he's taken over?"

Ezan looked outside into space before his eyes hardened." Depends on how much" Worth" you are. If you bend the knee and make a profit to his" Bottom Line" he might spare you, even throw you a few tricks.

But if you're not a "worthy investment" well, you just saw he sees entire universe's as disposable. Are you willing to throw away your pride for sightly better odds at living on as a pawn? This " Ultra War" Sieg is waging his " Ultra war" when at his whim he can make everyone in a entire universe fight to the death just to see who is the " true winner." Family, freinds, forced to become bitter enemies, down to every cell, every atom destroying each other till only one single thing of worth remains.

Do you desire feeling safe so strongly that your willing to forsake your pride that much just to be " alive" as a slave?

Tyson grasped his fist before spitting back with a bitter," Don't talk about what its like to be a slave if you don't know how it is Ezan! Don't go on about pride when just one wrong move gets you and everyone you know wasted man! Its dope to rant about pride when your untouchable.

But when everyone's just looking for any excuse to pounce on yah you have to do what it takes to live! No offense, but some of us still have people that we have to keep living and so far, the Bethel Kingdom is coming up empty on its promises for what doing things honorably is supposed to be worth!"

Ezan eyed Tyson carefully before he shrugged." I see, so you think your people don't have honor at the moment so its not worth the cost? I can sympathize. When I first joined the Enji, I was nothing more then a tool to my stepfather. My conception of honor was to my service to the Kaiba family.

But I learned from seeing the other Warriors of light and hero's from other worlds like Sonic, Knuckles, and the rest here, is that honor is not part of the order or race you belong to, but what comes from within you.

I had to learn myself, that what goes on outside can't change it or kill it unless you abandon your own honor. I seen so many give up there honor so casually, then do whatever they can to fill the void in their hearts. Tyson, I know we all failed to live up to are promises. Still, I also know what its like to feel beholden to an older family member.

Its up to you to decide what you think is right, just think about it clearly."

Tyson saw Ezan looked calm before he took a long sigh." Everything I done was for the sake of Wakanda, and I know everything my brother does is for Wakanda to survive this broken universe, even if its not a "Good choice". Still, I know the pressure makes him see things in black and white, when its still not that simple.

That's why…to make sure he does not screw us over…I think I want to see what you guys are doing. I need to call N'Jadaka, to let him know I'm going into deep cover, to not just appease all the beasts breathing down our throats, but doing what will really help Wakanda. Just don't make me regret it, yah hear?"

Mike saw Tyson's grim resolve before he patted his old friend on the shoulder." Thanks for having some faith bro. I promise, I'm doing all I can to make this all thing more than a con.

Alright then…guess we got another heist to plan out eh guys? Dad if, no, I know your still out there somewhere. No matter how big the Multiverse is, I promise I'm going to find you so we can show Sieg he's not the end all be all he thinks he is…no matter what."

Authors Notes: Between Grad Work and getting over Pneumonia it took a while but hope this reunion with Ben and Lacus turned out alright, figured it was a way to show Sieg again without having him confront everyone in the present to soon and shed light on a few things.

The Pensieve Projecter is a upgraded take on what Dumbledore used in Harry Potter.

The spell of Frozen Time comes from Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai anime. In that series the spell was used to freeze someone in time, and was used by The Dark King Vearn to keep his own inmortality. The rival of Dai, Hyuncke was attempted to have the spell cast on him and since him and Ezan had a few things in common in made sense to me at least lol.

The Pyramid of Argus was where the final boss fight in Mortal Kombat Armageddon took place, and in this version its also mixed with elements of the Eclipse area in the Beserk series where Griffith betrayed Guts and the others to become the demon Femto.

The Celestial Apex was from He- Man Masters of the Universe: Revelation , though while in that it was the alignment of all the planets in the universe, in this its the alignment of the universe's in the Multiverse.

Zundernell the " Golden Destroyer" is from Grant Morrison's run with Green Lantern.

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