Chapter 287: Nothing to Lose in the Metamorphosis to the Black Abyss of Death! Dance of Illusions In the Shadow of the Devil.

As chaotic as the showdown over planet Valisthea, formerly known as Ormus had gotten, the forces of the Bethal Kingdom were able to at least give some updates to those they were fighting for.

The Axalon, the Yamato, the Eden Zero, and the Aldous all stuck to the plan, and released the jammers to insure Muzan could hopefully not contact the Vought Clan and the IV&C. But Optimus Primal and Captain Jūzō Okita were able to transmit at least a few updates to their peers in Corneria.

While things got hectic once Geto warped most of the group into the Inverted Castle, enough information was passed on to the point that X, and those who stayed behind in Neo Arcadia like 9S and Sage Sera were now walking in to brief Bria and the others about the situation.

The blue Mavrick hunter saw General Remington Kurtzman and a dozen Arc commandos guarding the door before the Bethal general held up his hand." Hold it X, Queen Auro wants no one to disturb her unless there's another attack."

As X paused 9S let out an uneasy chuckle." Seriously? This is about the battle to decide the fate of the universe and all what could be more important?"

Before Remington could respond Admiral Picard opened the door behind him and cleared his throat." Its ok Remington, I know X would not disturb us unless it was important. Make it so."

Remington saw X 's patient eyes before he nodded." Understood."

The group entered the throne room, and X saw Bria on her throne. Makima, Popola and Devola, Abdiel, Figue, and Takuto Maruki were at her side, while Die-Hardman, Ringo, Burns, and Cecil were on the other side of the throne.

Picard saw everyone look to him before he smirked." My apologies but we got an update, yes X?"

X saw Bria's detached look before he raised an eyebrow, and cleared his throat." We just heard from Zero, Shadow, Primal, and Okita, and the team has successfully infiltrated Valisthea. The planet is successfully being jammed and Muzan is being engaged. The maverick is cornered now, Ezan's team should be able to neutralize him before he can escape or alert the Vought clan."

"Should?" Bria bluntly reacted. She saw X winced before she sighed." Forgive my lack of excitement but Ezan just promised his last plan was foolproof, and here we are. This time, I won't be allowing myself to feel secure till its done."

9S let out an uneasy chuckle before he shrugged." I know everything's tense and all but this is no illusion your majesty. 2B's pod and mine are still able to exchange data and they made it into Muzan's creepy lair! No matter what he has planned he's going to just rule in hell!"

"And…is that supposed to change anything?"

As the two agents of Yorha looked shocked Bria closed her eyes." I mean, I get we have to stop this" Shadow Lord" cause without this Multiverse traveling ship we are all screwed, but this Muzan is not even supposed to be a big deal, till this Demon king suddenly is about to cost us everything.

I mean, defeating Chaos Zannacross Necron, who was supposed to be the real ultimate god of darkness and root of all evil did not really change anything for long. So what's going to change with one more imposter?"

Picard saw everyone's unease before he cleared his throat." Queen Bria, I know you been stressed but I hope you realize that regardless of how the future unfolds, we don't have one if Muzan succeeds. Should we see how the battle footage?"

"Fine, after we finish this."

X paused before he raised an eyebrow." Something more important?"

"I'm trying to not just see an endless status quo but a real change. So help Picard plan how to escort Sacrosanct into Corneria and make sure that there is no misunderstandings with Shinryudramon ok?"

X saw Picard, Die-Hardman, Cecil, and Burns all look troubled before the ultimate creation of Doctor Light blinked a few times before he looked around." Wait…you're talking about the vessel that served as the home base of the cult most commonly known as the "Universal Church of Truth" or Naixatloz. Also known as G5 Deneb? Did the Vought clan destroy them as well and we uncovered the ships remains?"

Bria sighed before she stood up." No, more like they are requesting asylum, and I am granting them being escorted into Lylat airspace."

X looked even more troubled as he walked up." Do you mean, refuges who escaped from the Universal Church of Truth? Because, I don't know how much you been informed about them your majesty, but the group is listed as a terrorist organization, one that's a bastion of interstellar dogmatism that generally shows up at a planet offering true peace and harmony through faith.

If accepted, the Church would peacefully take over. If not accepted, the Church would "purify" the planet, subjugating the population and exterminating any that would not willingly convert. They, they are our enemies."

"The Viltrumite's were our enemies and now they our are allies so, is it really that different?"

"Omni-Man and his faction of the Viltrumite clan are working with us now, because we know the Vought Clan destroyed their world and will work with us because we know it's an alliance to ensure are mutual survival. But the UCT…we don't even know the identity of there "Grand Unifier", and their actions are nearly entirely erratic, a cult of madness."

"Maybe…but order has gotten us no where eh? Are you guys not all telling me all the time to be more open minded and remember the values of our nation? Well are you hypocrites or not?"

Die-Hardman sighed before he eyed Michale's sister-in-law carefully and adjusted his skull mask." I am grateful you're doing that my queen. But nevertheless this is not just some refugees, but a entire cult that's far less straightforward then the likes of Thragg and Omni-Man. If they don't even state their intentions then."

"But they did state their intentions." Bria answered bluntly." The Grand Unifier, the Khan Maykr of the Maykrs, queen Vlaakith of the Githyanki, N'Jadaka of Wakanda, and a few more are realizing that if nothing is done, everyone will be damned.

They want to help, by fixing the root of the problem, by fixing heaven."

X saw half of the group looked hopeful while the other half looked on edge before he paused." Wait…what? I won't deny that would be, ideal. But, no offense but if Ben and Lacus and the rest of the angels could not amass the energy to do it, how would they even think about pulling off such a task?"

Abdiel saw X's outrage and sighed." As someone who has been God's messenger for eons Megaman X, I understand your instinct to see such clams from outsiders as heresy.

But it's because I have been an angel for so long, that I realized we failed God. We all failed to see God's will properly, and the universe being its current state is God's punishment, then are redemption is to see God's true will realized. Sometimes God acts in unexpected choices, Ben Auro was one such one. Its…possible that the agents of Naixatloz at last live up to there name."

Cecil winced before he walked up." Still, they can say anything. As bad as things are we can't just take their word."

"It's not their words, but their actions that have convinced us." Makima uttered flatly. "The Khan Maykr has managed to manipulate Argent energy to stabilize there world of Urdak, and create a pocket dimension with the conditions like heaven for their people's souls.

They don't have the power to do much beyond their own territory, unless we help them. Only, the faith of all the true believers of god can things be as they should be."

X paused as he looked at Makima closely." It is true that the Maykr race has managed to do some impressive terraforming…but this is far beyond that."

Maruki smiled before he shrugged." Yes, but with the Faith Generators of the UCT, we could amplify that effect to cover the entire universe. I spent my entire life studying the" Metaverse" the relam that is linked to the entire universe's collective unconscious. Along side colleges like Kuon Ichinose , and a few others who shared intrest in the subject, we been trying to find ways to use a gigantic data storm network to reach out to every heart and soul, and change reality itself by slowly causing everyone's ideal realities to blend into the physical universe, erasing all suffering and hate from existence.

With every resource we have at are disposable, we can at last fulfill the "promise" made to mankind, and alter the very cognition of reality itself, so that the universe can unleash the "Actualization" that will not just get us out of its broken state, but lead us to the true paradise every good person desires! Is it not the ultimate goal of any hero to give everyone the best thing for his or her pepole?"

X winced before looking bitterly at everyone." I can't blame some of you since you were not alive then, but this is getting too close to the Homeostasis Matrix Axiom Connection. Despite the best intentions that Ben, Lacus, Doctor Light, myself, and the angels all had it was an arrogant doomed plan."

Makima shrugged before responding with," Its true the plan was flawed, it assumed to much about humanity. But, this time, those errors are corrected. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the selfish few. The selfish arrogant savages that have drowned the universe in their sin will never again be allowed to shape the future. If all goes well, we will never have to interact with them again, and at last be free of there cruelty. "

Figue nodded before adding," Aion has calculated that by taking the Nirvana Initiative, that is the best way, if not the last chance the universe has to not be consumed with despair.

Humanity as a race is captive to its own darkness. Sorrow and greed destroys them, as Doug Fitter's greed destroyed this universe. It is inescapable, and we can no longer dismiss that the chains of sorrow must be forever severed if we can ever evolve to a better, happier existence."

Bria put out her hand before she smiled." X…this universe is not how it should be. This…this is how we find the "seam" that holds us back, to bring down the false wrong reality, and to lead people to liberation.

Then we will never have to suffer at the hands of the likes of Homelander, Thragg, Doug, and any selfish prick like them ever again. Now do you see how that's more important than the never-ending cycle of angels and demons taking turns killing each other?"

X paused and saw Bria looked sincerely hopeful before he sighed." Well, I won't deny that we need to be resourceful to get out of the state things are. But, we have to make sure its not a trap."

"I'm glad you're not as stubborn as some of the others and remember what you're here to do X." Bria answered with relief." Sure, take as many former Enji and agents as you want to meet them. Just make sure Shinryudramon lets them through.

Then we can set up the "Angel Halo" with the Cosmic Containment Units to sync with the Argent Energy. Picard, have any world's leader come to Corneria. For the first time in years, we will have an in-person session in the Grand Senate Hall, for the Final Mass.

I know many have not left their home world in a long time, but after seeing how even the Viltrumite's could not defend their world it might convince them to do what's best for their people. This robot has the data-file with the plans."

X saw the brown robot that was with Eve and Cloe that was left behind walk up and offer a data file before the Maverick hunter hesitate, then uploaded the data.

9S saw X do this, and winced as he saw how detached the ruler of the Bethal Kingdom looked before he grit his teeth." Wait…is that it? I admit I don't know what's really the best way to fix the universe but, are we just giving up on 2B, Prince Auro and the others like all of this has not mattered?"

Bria looked sorrowful before she sighed." Don't misunderstand, I want Mike and the others to come back alive. But, as much as I ran away from reality, the fact is I am Bria Raffles Auro, the one that's supposed to be in charge, I'm the Evangelist.

In the end Mike started this turn for the worst when he tried to make a rushed deal with the Maykr race to "smooth things over." But now, I'm going to do this the right way to build bridges.

As much as we want the hero to save the day "hero's" have failed to really change anything, and we have to think better if we ever will truly have the utopia humanity has yearned for since the start.

Mike, Richard, their parents and all their friends tried, but its become clear no hero alone has the power, or the faith to make things better. When things don't work, you have to do something different, and that's what I'm doing."

Picard sighed before he looked outside." Maybe so, but the work of these good men and woman have prevented many good people from suffering, we can't discount that no matter are frustrations."

Abidel sighed before she grasped her sword tightly." The warriors of light have served God faithfully, but to bring true salvation that level of faith is not enough. The only way to maintain order in this universe is to give it all to God, everything…that includes our own lives.

God's word is unchanging, its only use who are corrupted and fail to see such words! As an archangel I'm sword to defend it, and if I must force myself to go beyond what I thought was my limits, then so be it. We shawl carry out his will, as one!"

9S saw the archangels conviction before he chuckled bitterly." It's true that Knull and Thragg both thought they were big-time gods, and wanted it all. No one's going to" play nice". It really will be endless war till we do something.

I guess if we do just let the" creator" do his work, everyone's supposed to get their fair share right? I mean…how could someone who's all-powerful, all-seeing, all-knowing ever steer us wrong? He speaks the truth; we just have to see it."

"Indeed 9, no, Elpizo, the man who you were when you had the faith to serve God. Protecting this divine order has been my sacred duty as an Archangel. My resolve has been eroded by confusion, but I seen the truth once more. May your comrades, Prince Auro, Ezan Zeon and all the other true servants of god see the path to God's plan as well. If so, they too will find salvation."

X took a deep breath before he nodded." Well, we will all see who is seeing the truth and who is a fool soon enough. But, I better make a few calls to, plan this out properly. Doctor Light, Doctor this the best path to peace? Would...this be what at last stops the fighting? I, I have to know for sure."

With that X was informed by Bria, Makima, Figue, and Abidel about how the plan was supposed to be and trying to figure out the best way to react in this sudden direction, the others were trying to see the original plan, no matter what was unfolding around them.

At the moment slowly but surely the obstacles to Muzan were being cut down one by one, and those nearest to the target at the moment were Tanjiro's group. After Akaza was defeated some more minions got in their way, but they were quickly dispatched one after another.

For a while the Demon Slayer and the others wondered if they were making progress, till Tanjiro saw a bright red light at the end of a tunnel and widened his eyes." Wait, that scent, it, its Nezuko! It has to be! It's not too late, it's still not to late! Muzan…this demented nightmare ends now!"

The others nodded, and were about to run up the stairs before Wolverine paused. The veteran of X-Force sniffed around before he growled." Hold it rookie, we are not in the clear yet."

"You mean more minions? Where are they?"

"It smells like, they are all around us? Ugh!"

The entire hallway suddenly swerved to the right, causing everyone to fall to the new ground. Before they could even fall the gravity in the room shifted again and they kept shifting in midair till everyone was too dizzy to even know where they landed.

As Tanjiro groaned Grimoire Weiss floated next to the young demon slayer and sighed." I know its stating the obvious, but it seems the Shadowlord won't let us pass just yet."

Everyone heard the sound of the Biwa playing, before they saw Nakime was above them, glaring at everyone with her single eye. Just as Tanjiro grit his teeth another woman threw out a dismissive," You will find no one here human, only death."

They saw that Elizébet was casually bathing in a fountain of blood before the Queen of the Greater Fiends and blood priestess of the Order of the Necromantale gave everyone a dismissive look." After all…I…the ruler of blood will toast on your corpses to honor Master Muzan with his victory!"

Tanjiro winced before he took out his sword." No matter how sexy or powerful you are demon woman, you won't stop me from saving my sister!"

"Humans…you will be undone by your pathetic sentimentality!"

She waved her hand before the blood around her started to bubble, and burst up to cover her.

The demon then transformed into a more fiendish form that made her resemble a more dragon or scorpion like appearance having a tail and wings. Her stomach appeared to be ripped off showing only spinal bone; her hair also turned red and she gained claws and red shoulder guards.

As her tail lashed the ground hard enough to crack it "Doomman" yelled out with fury as he pointed his buster at both fiends." NO MORE GAMES! You're in the way of Roll…and Barrel! I'll rip and tear every last, GUH!"

To his shock hands erupted out of the ground and grasped his buster, and also grasped everyone around him as Gremory came out of the floor behind them and chuckled darkly.

The third demonic woman had her wings extended before hissing out," Your last mistake was thinking we are playing games! Master Muzan's ascension matters more than are very lives! You will never reach him! Your blade cannot touch the moon. The other intruders will take…more measures but your luck has run out! Otoma make sure they can't get away eh?"

A woman in black armor with blue crystalline hair floated down and spoke in words most could not understand before she waved her hand, and had many in the group be frozen by blue crystals.

Gremory snickered and had the walls open up, before demonic lances formed out of them. The eyeless demon licked her lips as she and Elizébet prepared to attack, when the room suddenly rotated and the lances went for the demons instead. Elizébet grit her teeth as she heard a biwa noise and glanced behind her." Nakime what do you think your, huh? No!"

To her shock the one eyed demon had a tag on her eye, with Yuichiro 's hand on her head. The rouge demon saw the demonic ladies glaring at her before he smirked." You could not detect your "own kind" eh? The games end here! I can control her enough to end the games! Let's see, the first path, is here!"

Yuichiro used the control tag he had on Nakime to force her to play her Biwa again, before a hole opened in the ceiling. Clive, Miriam, and many more of the others landed down before Miriam saw Gremory and narrowed her eyes." You! You're the one who used Gabel and now you will pay for that!"

The eyeless demon snickered before the ring on her back had the image of the moon, and glowed blood red." Very amusing wrench. I don't have time for this, so as payment your blood will go to the master!"

"Damn you, your wretched games end here!"

"I think not, Master Muzan must ascend to Bael, King of Kings! You heathens will be brought in line!"

Miriam saw both of the demonic woman attack before she uttered," Teps Salrenda!"

And unleashed a barrage of lightning to zap Elizébet and make all her blood hurt her. She saw Gremory unleash a barrage of blood red crescent moon shaped energy sickles at her before she narrowed her eyes." Tis Raiff!"

She unleash holy rays to vaporize the projectiles and caused the demon with bat wings to get burned before she shrugged." You don't understand what power is for. You wield it stupidly, arrogantly. And now you pay the price!"

Gremory hissed out in outrage, but before she could lash out fire erupted out on her wings. She saw Clive was the one who attacked her before the Dominant narrowed his eyes." Demon…today is the day we free ourselves from your shackles!"

"Curse you all!" Gremory hissed out as the moon on her back glowed brighter, and suddenly grew larger and larger each second. Elizabet hissed as well as her eyes widened." We will not die…the hatred of the greater fiends are eternal!"

She formed a massive blade of blood, but before she could swing it another hole opened, before Mike charged in. He, Mark, and Tyson all struck Gremory at the same time as the lanky man smirked." Sorry but no matter how great your hatred is, it's not enough to get out of the debts you guys own! Friction Crusher!"

The combined blow, plus Mike's spell caused the winged demon's massive energy sphere to crash into her fellow archfiend.

Gremory, Otoma Raga, and Elizébet cried out in outrage, but they were barraged with energy blasts from all sides and could only curse their attackers as they were vaporized.

Mike saw Tanjiro, Clive, and more before he waved." Hey guys, glad our host did not drop any of yah into space or something. I take it someone was waiting for you guys had someone waiting for you to?"

Kaine snickered before she looked back." Yah…the red haired punk who Conquest owned wanted a rematch, he got one. He won't be coming back for another."

Mike nodded before he let out a uneasy chuckle." Mahito invited me into a party, turned out to be more of a funeral but it fit the mood. Has anyone seen Astra or Ezan?"

Clive paused before he looked up." The blond woman and the sliver haired man with the purple eye? I have not seen them above."

2B looked around before she cleared her throat." There energy signatures are still around the planet…if not close by. I'm confident whatever Muzan sent won't be enough to kill them, though I can't assure how long it will take for them to get to us."

Before anyone could respond the ground shook before Tanjiro winced." There's no time! I'm worried about Master Ezan and Astra but, if we don't hurry my sister's life might be lost. No matter what, I can't fail Nezuko!"

"Calm down Tanjiro." Kaine uttered bluntly." There's nothing else to think about. Lets go."

Tyson cracked his neck before he looked around." This devil poser caught us off guard last time, but this time he's the one who has nowhere to run. Let's see how he likes it."

Mike looked above before he sighed." Well, I know Ezan and Astra can handle themselves, but can't count on them for everything. Muzan may have a hardcore drive to win but well, so do we!"

Tanjiro nodded before he grasped his fist tightly." Nezuko…hang in there a little while longer. No matter what, got to keep going, full speed ahead. Keep fighting until the very end. Just like everyone else, I'll keep going without hesitation. Even if..I may not be ready.

From the latter I saw from Senjuro…I understand that the Hinokami Kagura should have thirteen forms…and I only known twelve of them. Nevertheless…I must defeat Muzan for everyone's sake! For what I lack, I know all of you can make up for." Mike patted Tanjiro on the back before he smirked."

We are in this together man. No matter how hard they try and trip us up lets stick together so that are combined hand triumph's his!"

James looked at the red energy in the distance before the Holocron cleared his throat." This darkness…Muzan might not be the devil he thinks he is but this rage is sincere. We can overcome him, but don't lower your guard for a moment."

Yuichiro chuckled bitterly as he made the minion he tagged play her Biwa." I might be able to fool Muzan a bit more, but it can't last forever. Get going!"

Tanjiro nodded and ran past the room. He saw steps looking downward and gasped as he realized the Infinity Palace was so far down that it was in the planet's core.

The diamond-like castle keep was hovering above the planet's core, with the Mother Crystal above it, directly transferring energy into it. Mike saw the area and tugged his collar." Well, if nothing else Muzan goes all out selling the act."

"Maybe." Kaine answered flatly." But no matter what…time he learns the hard way that no matter how hard he tries, it's still just an act! Huh, wait, that's are pals right?"

Everyone saw that the Hague was decked right below the Castle Keep, causing Mike to wince." Masaki…if Sieg is not here then that means that Muzan hopefully has not cracked you guys yet. Just hang on a little longer."

Trigger felt his hand shaking before he let out an unstable," Roll…please…just hang on a little while longer."

Everyone quickly descended down the stairs and into the inner sanctum. Inside, they saw a blood red crystal in the center amassing power, and saw Nezuko attached to a crystalline cocoon, with a woman that looked just like her but blond. Above them was another cocoon. Miriam saw a book with many demonic symbols before she winced."Is that…the Liber Logaeth?"

Grimoire Weiss sighed before responding with a wary," So Noir really is fusing demons of the past into Muzan…dandy."

Tanjiro saw his sister, and the woman that looked just like his sister before he winced." Is that…the woman who's. No…no no matter what Nezuko is my real sister, she's real! She, she's still there!"

Mike shrugged as he looked around." No one minds if we sucker punch the guy before he wakes up right?"

Ratchet shrugs as he looks around." Sure but does blowing him up blow up everyone else? Hey Cortex you know what an off switch looks around here?"

The former member of Sithantos saw Crash raise an eyebrow before he sighed." Sorry, Xehamaru tried to kill me before we had the tour."

Tyson shrugged as he took out his Vibranium Kuni." Let's cut up this asshole then figure the rest later."

The Black Panther prepared to strike, till a shock wave blew everyone to the ground. Mike nearly was blown off his feet before he let out a bitter chuckle." Damn it…guess owning Mahito was my luck for the day."

Tanjiro saw pillars of dark energy emerge before he took out his sword." Then we will make are own luck!"

Everyone nodded as Muzan emerged from the cocoon. He landed on the ground with a thud, and whatever process he went through caused his hair to now be sliver and as long as his shoulders.

The Shadowlord looked around casually before he cracked his neck." Mahito, Kenjaku, Mother Miranda, Gremory, Doma, and the rest all failed this badly?

I expected the natives to be little more than cannon folder but, being my elite was supposed to mean something. Or is this an offering to celebrating my ascension? I am hungry enough for a feast. Living for centuries, one can lose their sense of taste. I'm feeling generous enough that if you kneel before me and hang your head, I might make you my demon slave. After all, I do seem to be in need to do more recruitment after today."

Mike rolled his eyes before spitting back," Thought you were the info breaker Muzan? You should know where we stand."

Muzan narrowed his eyes before hissing out," To think people would be so fixated on something as worthless as justice in this day and age. Useless…your all useless trash. Tonight I will crush the sicking remains of the" Holy order of Enji Knights" and mark the final victory of the darkness."

Tanjiro grit his teeth before lashing back with," The only thing to celebrate tonight will be me avenging my family demon!"

Muzan rolled his eyes before retorting with a deadpan," You're such a persistent replica, I'm getting sick and tired of you all, and I'm losing my patience. You're always yapping about avenging your parents or your children or your siblings. Isn't it enough that you're still alive? So, what if I killed your loved ones? Consider yourself lucky and carry on with your lives."

Tanjiro saw Muzan's utter coldness and blinked a few times. How…how can you say that? Do you even have emotions?"

"Of course, polished ones. Think of it as if they simply met with some natural disaster. There's no need to make it more complicated than that. Rain, wind, volcanoes, earthquakes, and now the Timefall, spontaneous human combustion and all the other ways for life to take everything away in a instant.

No matter how many people natural kills, no one seeks revenge against them, because its futile. Once humanity knew it was foolish to defy acts of god and just embraced there weakness…till foolish "hero's" made them think fantasy could become reality.

Well, it's time to purge the final fantasy of the weak. The avarice of fools has drove the universe to utter madness, and soon it will be made right.

This world, will be how all worlds will be once I take my rightful place in the universe. All of you, cast your eyes on what you must become to endure the true nature of existence."

Clive grit his teeth before flames danced across his fist. " We are not as accepting of the destiny as you think Muzan! You treated us as cattle long enough! For how much you treat "common" humans as beneath you, you seem to be quite obsessed over some, like any other human!"

Muzan saw Clive was pointing to Yonan before he narrowed his eyes." My sister is not like you, she is destined to rule over the masses. She just needed to be healed first. And this "Mythos" has fully grown, serving her purpose of at last correcting the injustice done to my dear sister."

"My sister does not exist just to right your wrongs!" Tanjiro yelled back. Clive nodded before adding," If are sin is just wanting to survive, then you are marked by it as well."

"Because I am superior to inferior beings! Mankind has no place in my order but as cattle. I'd ask if this is truly so difficult for you all to understand, but it's beyond clear that humans are a race of fools. You are nothing but your precious will… and that will is about to see even greater level's of suffering till its shattered forever."

James sighed before he took out his bow." Muzan… you were once human…and its folly to think you're beyond what drives us all. I can promise you, no matter how many years you live you never completely are free of such instincts."

"Oh, I'm not as weak as you are "Master" Elron, I will make sure not to make your mistakes and evolve properly to become a true superior being. But I grow weary of your dissent. Its time you learn that this master will not tolerate disobedience."

Clive had fire surge across his blade before he yelled out," My friends, my family, we have all suffered. We have all fought to survive! This universe may be flawed and broken to you, but it's still all we have! If we can't share it, we have only one choice! You have to go!"

Jousha nodded before fire danced around him as well." You may have created us, or at least made us Eikon's Muzan Kibutsuji, but it's time we live on our own terms! This is not your world, it's are world!"

Muzan sneered as he spat back," You don't even know what to do with your freedom, I'm giving you the order you deserve."

Tanjiro coldly got into a fighting stance." Muzan…we…cannot allow you to exist anymore! I have never felt this cold…toward a living being before. My stomach is churning with hatred. This is the first time…and it's directed at you, Muzan Kibutsuji!"

"That's because it's my rage replica! But you're to inferior to ever defy your master!"

He raised his hand before Doomman yelled out in anger." I'm tired of you mocking us! RELEASE ROLL OR DIE!"

Muzan realized who he saw before him was the same man he ripped apart in Corneria." Oh, did you remake yourself to try and become something that could kill me? Such passion is not nearly enough to matter " Doomslayer"."

"We will see how smug you are after I rip and tear your mouth off!" The former Digger retorted before he had his buster transform into a pentagram and made up of parts of the spine and rib bones before his "Unmaker" buster fired three powerful beams of red energy, just as Dion, James, Eve, Shion, Axl, Ratchet, Miriam, and more all fired projectiles at the Shadow lord from all sides.

Before they could even hope to see if their attacks would have an effect, Grimoire Noir flew in front of Muzan and had a red barrier neutralize every last spell before hissing out," How could mere tools ever hope to stand against the Shadowlord? Utter nonsense! Neutron Flare!"

The book suddenly unleashed multiple lasers that spread out in a fan in front of him.

Weiss evaded one laser, and moaned before floating above Tanjiro." Don't speak in such a manner you fool! I am nothing like you! Lad, I'll try and counteract his power but you must be swift!"

The talking book on the side of the hero's glowed before charging at Noir. As their aura's collided into each other Weiss grunted in pain, causing Kaine to wince." Weiss…you all right!?"

"Naturally hussy." Weiss grunted out even as dark lighting crackled into him." I'm…fit as a fid…id-id-id-id-iddle…Nnnngnngghnah!"

Muzan had numerous jaws all over his body with sharp white fangs appear, and had his arms transform into long spiked tendrils once more before the mark of Zannacross flared across his forehead." Pathetic maggot…be swatted like the fly you are."

Tanjiro winced before he shouted out," No more!"

He, Mark, Zero, Raymond, Giyu, Ryu Hayabusa, Clive, Shiki, Wolverine, Zangetsu, and Kaine all charged at the demon, only for Muzan to lash out at them all in an instant. Giyu saw this and cried out," Water Breathing, Eleventh Form: Dead Calm!"

And was able to evade a few of the strikes, before he got lashed in the leg. As he winced he saw most of the others get knocked back and looked around." His arms! They're as sharp as blades and he can extend them! He's…he's like lighting…if not faster!"

Tanjiro managed to evade the strikes while thinking, His reach is incredibly long! I can't follow him with my eyes, so I'm dodging on pure instinct! I got to get past his attack's to get in close!

The demon Slayer kept his tenacity going and attempted to go through Muzan's tendrils in order to harm him in some way. Just as when he got within striking distance of Muzan, one of his arms slash past and cut Tanjiro's right eye, knocking him onto the ground.

Muzan glanced around before he licked his lips." Bow down, offenders, hearts bestained."

Mike winced before he looked around." I don't know…might have to hold him off long enough for Ezan, Astra, and the others to get in here so we can throw everything we have at him."

"Come on dude." Tyson uttered as he cracked his neck." For being the big boss all he is is a man squid with a a book as a magic shield! We cracked a lot of worst things then this fool getting here!"

Tyson tried to flash step behind Muzan only for the warrior from Wakanda to be barraged by a bunch of lashes that were so fast that they looked like blurs. Muzan saw Tyson struggle to keep up before he snickered." I'm aware I am not as "flashy" as my subordinates, but I'm more for practically over image. Still, I'm almost fully aware of all the demons I infused myself. Don't worry, I'll have plenty of ways to kill every last one of you to make sure you have no way to prepare your death!"

As Muzan and Tyson moved around so fast they were like blurs, Tanjiro struggled to get on his feet before he grasped his eye." No…I won't just be a burden in this fight! Who cares if he smashed my eye!? I can still see with my sense of smell! I'll use my nose! I'll sniff out the transparent world! I'll, GUH!"

Tanjiro prepared to move till he suddenly got lashed back. As he coughed up blood he saw Muzan looked like he was in several places at once and winced. No…his attack's are too fast to smell! And I can't maintain my breathing! I, huh?"

To his shock 2B pushed Tanjiro out of the way just as her arm got cut off before she winced." Please be on guard sir Tanjiro, Muzan is relentless."

"I know, I should know better. But I just think of how little time is left to save Nezuko and I can't control myself!"

Muzan heard Tanjiro and smirked before he whipped Wolverine and Cid into Tyson and lashed at them as he hissed out," Such foul attaint may not be sublimed through gainstanding.

Only with heads hung low is penance paid. Wretched humans, incapable even of contrition…it's a fitting season for me to reap my harvest. For after all, it's far too late for salvation for humanity, or any of you!

You think I would have planned this operation with any room for you to stop me? No, it's too late to stop me, your sister is gone Tanjiro and mine is at last revived!"

To everyone's horror Muzan pointed behind him, before the crystal container on the right glowed, and opened. Even Muzan looked on edge as the blonder woman's eyes twitched, before she muttered," B…brother?"

Muzan widened his eyes before he uttered," Y..Yonah?"

Tanjiro fell to his knees before he gulped." No…Nezuko?"

Mike winced as he saw Yonah slowly get on her feet." Great…not the best time to be tag teamed right now."

Muzan saw his sister walking to him before he extended his hand." Sister…I knew that it would work. After all we suffered through at last we will get what we deserve! I know you have so many questions Yonah, but just be patience a little while longer. After I do what must be done, it at last will be over."

He reached out for her, only for Yonah to shock him and withdraw in disgust. The blond woman had tears form in her eyes before uttering," No, no more brother. I, I could see, and hear everything! Please, just…just stop. I don't want to…do this anymore!"

Muzan paused before he raised an eyebrow." Yonah, you're just confused. You just need."

"I'm aware of everything Muzan! I don't need someone else's body and soul, I don't want it! There's another girl inside this body, I can hear her! She won't stop crying. She wants to see her brother. This girl lovers her brother to, just as much as I do. Its not right, you know? It's not right that she can't see him!"

Muzan had his eye twitch before snapping back with," Might makes right Yonah! Life gives us nothing unless we grasp it, and I'll rip away anyone and anything that denies us where we deserve! Do you have any idea what I've done to save you from death, all for this moment?"

Yonah looked at Muzan with sorrow before she glanced at Tanjiro and sighed." Its you…isn't it? I'm sorry."

She walked up to where Nezuko was still bound before she touched her Replicant." I'm…really sorry. I just…I don't know what to…I'm so very sorry. No matter what, just know that I love you Muzan. But you, I don't see my brother in your eyes. Just, a devil."

She then touched Nezuko, before a light went from her body into her counterpart. Muzan went to grasp her, only for the light in the blond woman's eyes to fade as she fell. The moment she did Nezuko stirred.

Muzan yelled in outrage as he saw his sister's body was lifeless." Neir…the process was corrupted. This damn failure corrupted my sister's mind! We have to do it again!"

Neir hesitated before he stuttered out," My…apologies Shadow lord but all data available indicates that's now impossible. Your sister's soul, Yonah's soul has vanished, vie her own will."

Muzan glared at Nezuko as veins formed on his forehead." You…YOU TOOK MY SISTER AWAY FROM ME! She was the ONLY one in this damn universe that mattered to me! And it's all because of, GUH!"

With Muzan 's rage consuming he was distracted enough for Tanjiro to throw his blade through the demon's head.

Even this just made Muzan even more fanatical, Tanjiro just glared at him." You want me to understand your sadness? You think I'm going to sympathize with you? I swore to protect my sister and my friends! If someone puts them in danger, they must stand aside or be cut down! Now come on, let's finish this! Even your own sister can't stomach the monster you are Muzan!"

James nodded as he aimed his bow at Muzan before he closed his eyes." Muzan…I am sorry for your despair, but the reality is that you can only blame your own actions for her turning against you."

Muzan 's dark aura flared out to cause the entire castle to crack as he snarled out," Damn you Elrond…YOU WON"T TAKE HER FROM ME!"

"Your anger and your lust for power have already done that."

"Don't lecture me on the bankrupt morals of the Enji Elrond! Everyone sees by now how your "holy order" amounts to nothing but lies! You just refuse to submit to destiny and die! However much you damn demons, it's you "hero's that are damned! Only the fools and the desperate still fight for the likes of you!"

"Maybe…we lost sight of things, but it's not about poll numbers and the like. While its important that people have faith in us, it's about doing what's right about being known. To the end, that's what we have to do."

"Such thankless tasks may have persuaded people back when the promise of being rewarded for your nobility in the afterlife was more than a fantasy, but the mandate of heaven is broken forever.

Why else do you rely on deluded undying fanatics? Your warriors are more coerced than the Upper Moons ever were. At least the offers I made then were something that could be real. That's why all you could launch was a strike force, you have no one else left that will fight for you and your failed cause!"

Mike chuckled bitterly before shrugging." Sometimes you got to show people what's real and what's not a con. Still got enough cards in the deck to pull it off, I know it will."

Muzan eyed Mike carefully before he cracked his neck." You think Ezan Zeon, Geto's project gone rapid, and a few last followers of the light are enough? Please…the Infinite Victory and Conquest Corporation will snuff out such light even easier than they did to the Viltrum race! Just be grateful your deaths are my proof of worthiness to them so that you don't have to suffer their wrath!"

Mike stood his ground before he shrugged." Guess we will just have to prove that Sieg's act is just a hustle and not a fact, no matter what."

Muzan tried to rip the curly haired man apart, only for Sonic to hit him with a spin-dash before Crash hit him with a tornado spin to knock him to the ground. The Shadowlord hissed out and lashed out at everyone again, keeping everyone too busy staying in one piece to think about much else.

But despite the showdown with the self proclaimed successor to the devil, there were still a few other battles around the planet that had yet to be decided, most of all Ezan.

While being wrapped to the nearby moon and having the " extra help" Doma had rounded up transforming into Apex Ignisters did throw off Ezan's expectations, after how many battles the rival to Ben Auro had been he was more annoyed then dismayed.

While Dragon, Ata, the" Justice" Gunslinger, and Kokushibo seemed to be able to keep up with the super elite warrior's speed, they could not seriously damage Ezan yet either.

At the moment this stalemate caused Dragon to snarl, before the now golden warrior roared and fired an energy blast from his mouth. Ezan was able to deflect it, only for the rouge mutated Viltrumite warrior to grasp his blade.

Dragon had a crazed look in his eyes before he hissed out," Are you really going to be the one who can put a end to my long years of despair at not being fulfilled or just another false hope?"

Ezan saw his opponent's smug glee before he narrowed his eyes." I have no time to waste dragging out humbling fools. Chidori Rupture!"

Ezan once more unleashed the black lighting that short, circuited Dragon's brain just like how he did to Lucan.

As the mustached enemy fell to the ground Ezan pointed the Nu-Epyon at Ata." You can take your defeat with honor or without honor, that's the only option deluded thugs like you will get."

Ata and Kokushibo both raised their swords as the Justice Gunslinger raised his guns, before suddenly a monotone voice uttered," Brainwave function cased…correcting."

Doma chuckled as he waved his fan." Guess its true what they said, the IV&C's " Server" backs up the soul data, and " reloads" the member to full power the moment corruption is detected."

Ezan swerved around as he saw the mark on Dragoon's head glow, before he got back up and cracked his neck." That hurt…I'm going to make you pay for that! Cheap tricks don't work on those who have the ultimate power! You're not just fighting one man, your fighting the divine unstoppable network!"

The Enji eyed Dragoon carefully with the Shari-Rinnegan before he grasped his blade tightly." So "status effects" are "patched" up? Before I finished things too quickly, but at least it's good to know this when fighting inferior opponents.

So your souls are backed up to a network or sever? Are you even yourselves anymore or just extensions of a program or a system of sort?"

"I'm not a tech guy mister " Number one" The gunslinger spat back." I just know that I feel great. Got to give a little to be part of the winning team right? And in the end I don't need to know just what I am, as long as I am a winner! Lodsam Hanti...we are the chosen ones. Cahanna risone Hanti...we are the fortunate ones. Jaya Hanti...we are the victorious ones!"

Ezan sighed before he looked around carefully." If you think that's all that matters, think again. So as long as one part of the" Network" remains damaged to the others is corrected? Then destroying all of you at once is how this will end."

The Gunslinger snickered as he twirled his guns around. "Damn it's pathetic how much that overinflated ego of yours is not seeing reality mister "Number one." Guess you been on the top of the hill so far you can't even look down!"

"Now you're over-hyping my reputation, I know full well what the taste of defeat is. But it's because I know what it's like to be out classed that I know your nothing but a sightly more annoying obstacle to terminate."

"Oh, trash talking to make me lose my nerve? Almost worked, but I'm calling your bluff!"

The gun wielding mercenary fired a blast from his gun that knocked him back a few inches. Ezan slashed at the bullet and deflected the projectile into an asteroid to the left of the moon, it shot through two more before exploding with enough force that it vaporized a chunk of the asteroid field.

The explosion was powerful enough to knock Ezan forward, into Dragon's waiting fist for a hard gut punch.

The warrior of light was winded from the impact, but had the neon crossbow he had while posing as Yozora appear in his hand before he fired a Judgment Arrow faster than his opponent expected.

However Ata flash stepped in front of the projectile and cleaved it in half. He swung so hard that the blade cut into the moon, causing the samurai like opponent to have his grip on his blade to slip. It caused him to falter for only a second, but this allowed Ezan to slash through his hand in the blink of an eye.

As Ata grunted and dashed back Ezan shrugged." I can tell you know. You can't hide that you only recently obtained this new power. You're clearly not use to your power, you lack any experience using it in a real fight.

No matter how much sharper your sword is than your opponent's, if you can't weld it properly to use it then it's useless. Have you trained at all after you sold your souls for handouts? Or have you just been intoxicated reveling in your power?"

Ata snarled out with rage as his aura become a building sized samurai before he caused the moon to crack with each step." I'm a samurai who has mastery over splitting and connecting things. Even dividing the fabric of space between realms fall under my power! I'll show you my mastery of both the Ususama Style and Kongo-Yasha Styles as I put you into a true hell, a living hell! Combined Style: World of Death!"

Ata's aura unleashed a purple cross slash with the aura blades before cleaving the very space around Ezan apart. Ezan tried to strike the slash, and was pushed back a few feet before Ata snickered." You can't deflect this Ezan!"

"You underestimate what a true elite can cut clown! Kamui Tachyon Shuriken!"

Ezan threw the projectile that seemed to bend the boundaries of dimensions, before it cut through the void of the World of Death attack. As Ata dodged the projectile, he snarled and blocked Ezan's sudden slash as the man from the Uchiha clan uttered,"Please…you're a novice at bending reality, you have no chance comparing to someone who's long mastered the art. One special move is not going to nearly be enough to make the difference with me."

"You think I only have one resort you relic?" Ata spat out as he went for another sword." I gathered all the sword skills in the universe, to prove the title Ata the peerless means something, and prove I'm superior to you! Sip the world and wear the horizon. Duplicate and curtail... All of creation equally… Enrakyōten!"

Ezan braced himself as his new sword emitted a brilliant, blinding light, before the blade appeared gone. Using the Rinnegan Ezan saw the blade 's aura lingered before he narrowed his eyes." I know that blade. Damn you, that's the ancestral Zanpakutō that belongs to the Tsunayashiro family, and one of the oldest Zanpakutō there is. It does not belong in the hands of scum like you."

"And yet the Vought clan took it because no one would stop them, and Homelander and Black Noir gave it to me as a gift for my service to Arasaka. You don't decide who is worthy of power anymore!"

"Bah, your so obsessed with winning that you would fracture your lifespan over it?"

"It's an honor that's worth death as a cost! But besides…by being an Apex Ignister it overrides the cost! And with the power to mimic any Zanpakutō magic its blade touched, and the recreation data of the Vought clan, I already can replicate Hisagomaru, Gagaku Kairō, Wabisuke, Senbonzakura, Haineko, Ryūjin Jakka, Kinshara, Tsuchinamazu, Kyōka Suigetsu, Suzumebachi, Shinsō, Gegetsuburi, Tenken, Hyōrinmaru, Suzumushi, & Ruri'iro Kujaku, and more! Now I know even more skills than you!"

"The fact that you think that proves you're a fool."

"Will you mock me even as you're in pieces? We will find out soon. Senbonzakura Kageyoshi!"

Ata jabbed the moon with his blade before the sword phased into the ground, as though it were a pool of water. Energy rippled expand out, turning the surrounding area dark, and within seconds, two rows of a thousand giant blades rose from the ground. Those thousand swords scattered, and countless flying blades flew at the enemy like a storm.

Ezan saw the incoming storm and hunched over." You think that level of blades is enough? Judgment, huh?"

Before Ezan could strike back, he saw pink mist behind the pedals, and his vision suddenly had it that down, left and right as well as forward and backward all changed in an instant.

This sudden change in directions caused Ezan to get hit by some of the blades, and before he could react he heard music playing, somehow on the moon and it further threw him off balance.

As he dashed to the side and blood flew out in space, he saw that several large beings with petal-shaped protrusions were acting like they were in a concert around Ata before he winced." I saw the file on that. The Kinshara Butōdan spell, that use music to create physical illusions. But, I did not see, wait, unless that was just part of the spell."

Ata smirked as his blade rotated around." True, with the power of Sakanade's Special Ability, it is not just the sense of direction that is changed; the opponent's eyesight, direction of incoming attacks, and injury locations are also inverted. No matter how elite your skills are, countering the damage from the inverted directions simply by processing it all within the mind is not possible.

No matter how powerful the opponent is, especially if one is accustomed to fighting, their body will not be able to adapt due to their reflexes preventing proper reaction, which causes them to continuously succumb to the power's effect. I'm to powerful for the likes of you Ezan, I'm like fighting a whole army!"

"Only an army of fools." Ezan countered." Underestimating the Rinni-Shaingan will be your last mistake. You will never surpass me with stolen power and magic!"

"I'll make you grovel to me before your death Ezan! Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō: Dangai Jōe!"

Ata had a giant human of about a hundred meters tall appear behind him. The giant resembled an armored samurai. The armored Samurai roared before his armor was removed, exposing a body composed of nothing but pure energy.

Ezan fired a quick energy blast at the new giant, only for it to go through its body. It swung its massive blade at Ezan, and while he parried it, Kokushibo charged at him while yelling out a furious," Who's the fool now! Eighth Form: Moon-Dragon Ringtail!"

The number one ranked Upper Moon performed a massive, long-ranged curved slash that left dozens of crescent moon blades along its path. Ezan managed to parry the strike, but as he did his right hand got shot.

The blast knocked him back, and he quickly saw that it was from the Number One Bandit before the three-armed gunslinger snickered." Face it mister" Number one." Time's passed you by! You can call us "fakers" for not getting are strength like you did but want to know something?

No one really cares about how the folks with the power have power, just that they have power! Things get outdated all the time; you are just a damn sucker thinking you were special enough to be different.

Oh make no mistake, you've grown into a fine killer "Kaiba boy". But you're still vulnerable. Like your pals who thought they were god's only to die like chumps, you're soft on the inside. You all thought you could bring" Peace" to the universe, but all you did was stir up a hornet's nest of lust for power. It's time for man to become god, when god has failed."

"You sure are confident when this battle is far from over." Ezan grunted out bitterly." He instantly cast Amaterasu at the gun welder, only for Dragon to get in front of the black flames.

The larger enemy tanked the heat and snarled out," A bold clam "hero!" Your resolve just has made me interested in seeing you break in despair! I will destroy you! Your all alone, fighting to push back the tides of destiny!"

Ezan saw Dragon also charging at him before symbols of dragons glowed all over his arms." I am the master of my own fate. And I'm not alone! Resshin, of the Karyū Flames!"

An instant later eight flames burst out of his hand and shout out in all directions as they took the shape of various dragons. Dragon saw the blue flame that looked like Dragon God Ladon roar at him and he snickered." Foolish, no matter what color your flames are it's not hot enough to burn me! You, huh?"

He punched the flame, only for his body to be consumed with ice. As the other dragon heads caused the others to scatter Ezan jumped up and shrugged." It's a good thing that's not the plan then."

The purple flame that looked like Anankos, the "Silent Dragon collided into Dragon, causing his body to be consumed with strong acid and burn in moments.

Doma jumped out of the way of the golden dragon head before the rainbow eyed demon let out a bitter sigh." My, I suppose it's only natural your defiant with your reputation. However, someone with such sharp eyes must realize the reality of things."

Ezan chuckled as he deflected another attack from the gunslinger and Ata." Now its clear none of you are real warriors, just thugs. I was a perfectionist at one point as well, but I realized trying to cling to perfection and the like is futile. That's why, while I did not devolve into a " Fight junkie" like say, Goku, Vegeta, and some Saiyans, I learned to appreciate the art of fighting.

After all, if you're going to be doing one thing the most its good to know how to enjoy it to stay sane. To see the flow of battle, is to know what one can and cannot do. Damage is nothing but fuel to me.

After all, it's not my own pride I fight for, but the resolve to see the mission through, and protect what still matters to me! The souls of these various dragons would not be with me if my only ambition was my own power.

A joint desire trumps sole heartless ambition, that will be the final lesson you learn as sham warriors. That's why…no matter how many moves you steal or how your power level grows…it won't be enough. I am for loftier goals worthy of the title" King of fighters."

Ata cracked his neck before uttering," A true warrior makes his point with his actions, not pathetic bluffs. All throughout history, be it royals or samurai or whatever, this universe has always been ruled by minorities! It's this universe that's become too lenient towards idiots. For protecting those idiots, you don't even deserve a warriors death. Die in agony Enji Knight! Kōkō Gonryō Rikyū!"

The samurai pointed his stolen katana into the air, and produced a bolt of lightning from the blade which extended and transformed into a dome of lightning, stationed far above his head and fastened to the ground by a large number of lightning pillars. A single pillar also reaches from the top of the dome toward far above the moon. Ezan saw the lighting crackling around in space before he rolled his eyes." You think lighting will be my down fall? Enough, Onyx Chidori Burst!"

Ezan had black lighting crackle around his blade before he charged at the lighting dome. He managed to hold the opposing lighting back, but once more Kokushibo burst at him before yelling out," Your trapped Ezan, its over!" Tenth Form: Drilling Slashes, Moon Through Bamboo Leaves!"

Ezan saw Dragon and the "gunslinger" preparing to attack to before the man armored in light and darkness had his aura flare up." No…now your trapped! Inferno style, Planetary Devastation, Takemikazuchi-no-Kami!"

Ezan had his aura erupt, before the very moon below them shattered. Fragments of it and the asteroid field around them came together to form a new sphere that also bound the Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō: Dangai Jōe giant.

As black fire blazed around it and it turned into a miniature sun Dragon laughed." You think ripping the ground changes anything? We are already in space? You, guh!"

Dragon felt himself be hit hard enough to be staggered, but saw Ezan was still in front of him. The super elite had the flames of all his dragons surge around him like a miniature sun before he declared," Its merely the opening act, of your checkmate! Limbo: Border Jail!"

The gunslinger found his throat cut by what seemed like an invisible force, but as his wound closed his eyes glowed and he narrowed those eyes." Invisible clones eh? Nice trick, but we got to many perks for a stunt like this to, huh?"

To his shock the limbo clones also had flames circle around them before the real Ezan declared," It does not matter if you can see them coming if you can't stop them. Face true fury, Saishuu Kessen Hiougi Totsuka!"

Ezan unleashed a barrage of brutal flame punches of each element, striking with his Limbo clones to attack with an even more brutal barrage at once. Kokushibo saw the flames coming for him and narrowed all his eyes." No matter how many attacks you unleash, I'LL CUT THEM ALL DOWN TO PROVE I AM SUPERIOR EZAN! Sixteenth Form: Moonbow, Half Moon!"

The man who thought he was Ezan's son swung upwards, sending six curved slashes crashing down several meters in front of him, powerful enough to leave craters in their wake.

Yet Ezan swerved through each blow to hit his target in the chest, causing the Upper One Demon to yell out," No…I can overcome it, I can, GUH!"

The various elements overwhelmed Kokushibo before Ezan shot for Dragon next The punch's hit him dead on, and as Dragon felt his head rattle he laughed madly." This is a sensation I have never felt before. I can tell that death is approaching the both of us! Do not disappoint me before it all ends!"

He opened his mouth before Ezan suddenly uttered," Tiger Knee Crush!"

At the speed of light Ezan burst forward and rammed into the opponent with his knee, causing the rough Viltrumite's attack to explode in his head.

Doma saw this and chuckled uneasily." My…I guess I messed around too much and Muzan might scold me. That won't due at all. Blood Demon Art: Wintry Icicles!"

The demon unleashed a dozen ice clones that all fired large icicles, but it did little to stop Ezan's charge. In an instant the Enji grasped him, and Doma realized his face was melting before his eyes widened." My…face is melting? I…GAH!"

Ezan punched through his head before going on in the blink of a eye. Doma saw his body melting before his life flashed across his eyes.

No…if this is what destroys me, I really am pathetic. I dedicated myself to people and made contributions to the universe! I'm…going to die?

I knew it, I'm a gonner…I don't feel anything. I'm not afraid of dying…And I'm not frustrated that I lost. I've always been this way. My father was a lecher who dallied with female cult followers one after another…and my mother stabbed him to death…and even when she went crazy and killed herself with poison…I just wished she would not mess up the room. I still was not a demon back then…so the smell of blood was awful to me.

I wanted to air out that room immediately. I could only think of things like that. Not for a moment did I feel sad or lonely. AT age twenty I became a demon, and lived over a hundred years but in the end…human emotions are nothing to me…like mere dreams. Yes…like…oh.

While Doma's last thoughts flashed across his head, everyone saw him die in seconds. Ata saw how ruthless Ezan was before he grasped his blade tightly." Your rage has ignited, but you just might burn everything you cherish "hero".

Ezan went for the rough samurai next, but saw asteroid chunks fly by, before he saw the Yamato had been drawn into the attack apparently by the sheer force of Ezan's aura. The son of Ansem Zeon winced for a moment, before narrowing his eyes." Treating me like a rookie will be your last mistake scum."

After only pausing for less than a second, Ezan resumed his blitz. As an explosion of flames erupted in space itself from his power, a cry came out. The Yamato flicked before suddenly turning into the "justice" gunslinger.

As his third arm fell off the three-armed man chuckled bitterly." That's it eh? I thought you loved your comrades and all that? I thought all those souls you sent to heaven behind you mattered mister number one?

Guess now everyone can see your little anger, is just a sea spray of blood in the endless ocean of the universe. It's got no end, and no beginning! Just the strong, and the dead. Only cursed ones like you and me can stomach this truth hero. I, GUH!"

As he was hit so hard blood came out of him Ezan eyed the area fiercely as he saw Ata above him." More like I seen things far clearly than those like you who are blind by the blood. You dared try to use Kyōka Suigetsu, Absolute Hypnosis on me?

There was a time I could not see through that, but using the weaker version by Sōsuke Aizen doomed you to fail. Maybe if you used it fast enough I would have fallen for it, but I trained myself to notice the small deviations rushed attempts can cause, even if it's the wrong number on a ship like the Yamato! You failed to be aware of the weaknesses of the powers you took clown, and rushing to glory will only give you damnation."

Ata roared out in fury as he charged right at Ezan like a supernova." No…it does not matter if you know its weakness if you can't stop it Ezan Zeon! BURN TO ASH! Zanka no Tachi, Kita: Tenchi Kaijin!"

The Samurai became consumed with flames, but Ezan instantly noticed the ultimate attack belonging to the deceased Enji Master Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto before his own flames surged at him before he casually parried the blade." Yamamoto…I can feel your anger that your power is being copied by someone so unworthy! His flames were not nearly this fickle Ata! Feel it for yourself, Susanoo Reflection Slash!"

He prepared to counter attack before Kokushibo charged at him with a look of madness." No…I WON'T LET YOU!" Fourteenth Form: Catastrophe, Tenman Crescent Moon!"

Ezan eyed the many eyed demon, and merely narrowed his eyes. While the demon swordsmen hoped to impale Ezan in the back as he counter attacked his target, the Enji used his Amenotejikara space–time spell to switch places with him.

Kokushibo could only scream in shock as he and Ata impaled each other. The two only had time to look at each other with fury before Ezan resumed his counterattack slash, slicing through both enemies arms.

The two were blasted downward, and collided with the others, only now realizing that Ezan hit all four enemies in different directions to collide into each other, in the center of the Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō: Dangai Jōe giant, tripping all of them up.

As they all realized they were tangled with each other Ezan had his aura erupt to nearly be as large as the moon he destroyed." Now that I have you all pinned down at once…you won't get away!

Sieg V-day Elgan may be the deadliest foe this universe, if not the multiverse has faced, but if you thought you were invincible just because you became his pawns, lament it in what ever next dimension you end up in but don't ever cross me again! Twilight Omega Flare!"

Ezan unleashed his energy blast of light and darkness at the four Gold member Apex Ignisters. All four cried out with various levels of outrage as Dragon fired another mouth blast, the Justice gunslinger put his guns together to form a massive energy bullet, Kokushibo unleashed his Seventh Form: Mirror of Misfortune, Moonlit Blood demon art to unleash more frontal crescent-shaped slashes, and Ata unleashed Getsuga Tenshō.

While the rushed combined attacks pushed Ezan's beam of light and darkness together the warrior of light coldly declared," That's not enough to elude checkmate scum, in the end my barrage is more then yours.

Omni Nova Burst!

While still maintaining his Twilight Omega Flare, his aura formed a new holy armored hand, and fired another Judgment Arrow right into his beam. To his enemies shock, the arrow just merged with the beam and became bigger.

On top of that, his aura formed more hands before once more releasing the Dragon of the Darkness Flame, and the flames of all the other dragons to merge with the Twilight Omega Flare as well, merging into a even more massive rainbow like sphere.

Ata saw his hand starting to melt before he snarled out," No…he's still mortal yes? How, how can he have all this power?"

"Because I told you, I'm not alone scum."

The Samurai saw the aura of a woman behind Ezan before his eyes widened." The light…its like a shooting star. I…I am the Peerless...AHH!"

At the same time Dragon saw his body was breaking down and could only laugh madly in response." Bravo Ezan Zeon…well done…you're slaying me. You showed me hope at the end of this dull and deary life. Thank you!"

At the same time the Justice Gunslinger saw his guns vaporizing before he chuckled bitterly." Guess you're more hellbent on hanging on to that title then me " hero." But doing what it takes to hang on to this spot is going to hurt more then any bullet I have. Somewhere…I'm going to laugh at you when you realize how stupid you are… !"

AT the same time Kokushibo saw his hands start to shatter before he howled with outrage.

Use a technique! A technique…I can't us a blood demon art! Not yet…I should still be able to regenerate. I haven't lost yet. I still…huh?

From the light he saw his own reflection. Upon seeing how hideous he looked his resolve broke further.

The ugliness of not admitting my defeat…living in disgrace. Have I lived lifetimes for this? Was I so afraid of death that I became a monster? Did I want to be strong even if it meant eating people? Did I become this miserable creature because I didn't want to die? No. Yoriichi, I just wanted to be you.

Anyone who doesn't get jealous of other people is just lucky. They have just never met someone..who has received god's favor. Someone intense and vivid who burns everything…like the sun. I can't remember my father's face or my mother's face or my wife's face or my children's faces.

Only yours is clear. You are like the unequaled sun…and all the human beings around you have no path other than yearning, reaching out their hands and writhing in agony…until they become ashes.

I could never grab hold of anything. Anything at all. I abandoned my home. I abandoned my wife and children. I abandoned my humanity. I cut down my descendants and abandoned being a samurai.

But even all that wasn't enough? You said that those who master their paths all reach the same place. But I never did. I could not see the same world that you did. Why could I not leave anything behind? Why could I not become someone known? Why are we so different? Why in the world was I ever born? Tell me... Yoriichi…UAHH!

The Upper Moon demon's thoughts were cut off as he and the other three were at last vaporized. Ezan's attack exploded with such force that it vaporized a chunk of the asteroid field around the planet.

Ezan took a few breaths, then looked around to make sure the fight was done. After seeing it was clear that the five enemies were dead his Divine Joutei armor became undone and he used all his power to keep a barrier around him in space.

He looked back at the planet below him and sighed." Well…not having a moon will just add to the planet's problems but, I'll build a new one for them out of the asteroid belt before we leave. Thankfully, it seems the rainbow eyed minion was not lying…I can't detect any more energy linked to the IV&C around the area.

As long as the jammers are still in place, Sieg…should still not be aware of this. I just hope, we are on top of this. If it takes this much effort just to neutralize thugs who have their power…the odds of the mission are still far too close to failure. Have to…keep going."

Ezan grasped his shoulder, before a light came out around him. He suddenly felt a pulse go through his body before a kindly woman's voice cut in with," If you don't pause even you are going to get careless Ezan. Don't forget that it's not your duty, your burden, to end this all on your own. Because you're not alone Ezan."

The light in his necklace glowed, before it took the shape of a woman. She had long light-brown hair with a large pink ribbon Segmented bangs frame Aerith's face, and she has emerald, green eyes.

She was 163 cm tall and clad in a shin-length pink dress that buttons up the front and a red bolero jacket. She wore brown boots and had metal bracers on her wrists and around the edges of her jacket sleeves. While she was transparent, Ezan greeted her with a wary smile." Oh, sorry if I woke you…Aeris."

"Hey, I wanted to be awake for this. Was not about to let you do something crazy."

"Thanks, but I'm afraid there are going to be few sane options to take to see the mission through."

Aeris sighed before she looked down." Maybe, but just don't push yourself to hard. I can't heal everything you know?"

"I know. It's just, we are running out of time, and this time everything depends on preforming past my limits. One mistake could lead to the end of everything."

"Man really are old now you know?"

"What...did the Supreme Kai of Time's spell erode? We don't have time for,"

"Oh no its not that. Just, you talk like a old guy now, like the Masters."

"Guess that makes sense since aside from James I'm the last Enji Master.."

"Hey c'mon, it's not just us you know? Zero and some of the other still got your back. And Ben's son has come a long way. And even Doug's kid is not as scary as she seemed at the start."

Ezan glanced back at the planet before he took a deep breath." I suppose Astra is showing what the true nature of her heart is. And, the number of hostiles down there is increasing rapidly so it seems even at this level they are holding their own."

Aeris glanced at the planet before she winced." Still, now's not the time dilly dally dear. The darkness around the planet, it's getting more intense. It…it feels just like when I first met you."

Ezan sighed before he grasped his fist tightly." I am sorry I let the universe fall into such a state Aeris. I promise, no matter what we will fix things no matter what."

"Don't get all moody now I'm not talking about that! I'm saying, this dark feeling, the sinister intense, it's the exact feeling I first felt from when I came back to life, from the same feelings of hatred!"

Ezan paused before uttering," Wait, what do you mean? What can you see?"

"I said feel not see you're the one with the super god eyes!"

Before Ezan could respond he saw an explosion of red energy from the planet below and had to shield himself. As the light faded he grit his teeth." That energy…is this really the worst-case situation? No…no matter what I won't allow the nightmares to linger!"

"Then let's go Ezan!" Aeris cried out as she pumped her fist in the air. He smirked before his energy flared up." Right, with you all the way love."

Her spirit smiled before going back into the Holy Materia on his chest. He grasped it tightly before bursting back for the planet Valisthea. But we rewind time a tad to just where we left off with the showdown on the planet's core.

After Muzan's taught his former teacher everyone tried to attack him, but even when they landed blows on the Shadowlord, his wounds healed up instantly. Wolverine saw his claws sliced through the demon's neck, only for the wound to heal up instantly before he growled." His healing factor's nearly as quick acting as mine. But if he regenerates as fast as we can cut him, and that book blocks all projectiles then something's got to give rookies!"

"We just got to barrage him and pin him down!" Tanjiro declared as he weaved through a few lashes. He got sliced across the face before he winced." Even if it means taking a lighter blow, if we can just combo him we can, GAH!"

Tanjiro cried out in pain as his eye started turning into a large clump of flesh. As the others looked at him in shock Muzan smirked." Your arrogance will cost you replica. Those who die quickly are lucky. And those who do not die immediately soon will if I do as touch them. I mix my blood into my attacks.

This blood, won't turn humans into demons. Similar to a deadly poison, it causes cell destruction and death. I'm not like Mahito who made a big production about it, I just want all that cross me to suffer. Tanjiro Kamado, your already dead. You just are to much a fool to realize it just yet."

As Tanjiro cried out in pain James winced." No, I got to heal him right away."

Weiss saw Tanjiro cry out before he winced." Lad…no…RAHH!"

Kaine saw Neir's energy seemed to be consuming Weiss's before she winced." You still in there book brain?"

"F,f,fine! All is weeeellll….We-we-we-wewellll…."

"You're freaking me out here Weiss!"

"Wh,wh,wh,what are you doing? To come so f-f-f-far…D-Do it! Strike the killing blow!"

Mark took a few heavy breaths as he glanced at Mike." Hey man you can still do the same rainbow move that owned stich face back then?"

Mike saw how fast Muzan was lashing out so fast even Sonic and Shadow were hardly staying ahead before he winced." If I can hit him then yah, if he does not cut me to ribbons first."

Weiss saw that Tanjiro was coughing up blood before he sighed." Oh bother. One moment please. I'm fine. Ugh, no, guess I'm not. It seems some headstrong idiot had decided to push me past my limits. I should have taken my job as a cookbook when I had the chance. Joking…I hate cookbooks. Out of the way Noir, I have one last task to fulfill!"

"If you want to fulfill your mission then stop resisting me traitor!" Noir hissed out." You can never defeat me we are both, huh?"

Weiss started glowing before chuckling bitterly." Maybe we can't overcome each other without falling to pieces, but if I no longer care for that it's a moot point."

"What? No…you would not dare divert from the mission so!"

"My mission was to save humanity, and saving my comrades is just that!"

"No…your mind's unraveled! Only the savors of humanity matter, not common trash."

"Because you see no value in life you're the one who has no idea what matters Noir. I do, and I'm willing to risk everything to keep such things alive."

Tanjiro saw Weiss was starting to glow, and the aura around him and Noir was starting to go unstable and form a mini twister before he groaned in pain." No…Weiss…you have to live through this to!"

"You're the one with family left lad, so I'll do what I must to ensure you can still go home. But, after that it's up to you Tanjiro. Only you can see this battle to its conclusion. I wish you luck…my friend."

"You can't…I swore we would always fight side by side!"

"Bah, you are an exceedingly stubborn lad. You know that yes? Perhaps that's why I enjoyed our time together. But I fear that is where are journey ends."

"No, Weiss!"

"Ugh, remember what I told you about using my full name? Ugh, forget it. I've grown rather fond of being called Weiss."

This caused Tanjiro to smirk despite his pain." Weiss…I knew you would come around."

"Don't let it get to your head now, its swollen enough as it is. Just hang on to it. Well, curing you of this poison might help. It's the last thing I'll do, so don't make light of it!"

Nor felt his energy get unstable before he hissed out," No...impossible! Damn you Weiss! You will damn the universe so a few more fools can live?"

"Yes, because without fools like him it's not worth it in the first place. At least it won't be an endless bore. Master Elrond, Prince Auro, and even you H, Kaine, make this old book not look like a fool yes?"

Muzan narrowed his eyes before he jumped up." Enough…you have no place to defy your master tool." He lashed out at Weiss, but while he was impaled Weiss just chuckled." I'm no tool Shadowlord, not now…or ever!"

Weiss unleashed a explosion of light, that destroyed himself, but also vaporized a outraged Neir in the process. The shockwave unleashed a wave of energy that covered the area. The wave hit Tanjiro, and the wound on his eye started to erode in moments. Elena looked around before she saw a wound Raymond got started to heal as well." I think…Weiss caused a chain reaction from destroying him and his counterpart that, neutralized Muzan's toxin."

He saw Clank, Zero, and some of the others nod before he smirked." That's one badass book. You're sure as hell going to get more than a paper cut from that jackass!"

Muzan saw lights glow all around him as James had his bow surge with light." You can no longer neglect are magic Muzan…its over."

"Over? It's just getting started!" The demon lord hissed out as his aura flared up." You pesky flies have nothing but your pathetic tricks! I just have to move faster now! Die you pathetic, GUH!"

He prepared to rip apart Kaine first, but to his shock he felt pain as a blade went through his chest. He saw Tanjiro was suddenly behind him before the demon slayer declared," MY FRIENDS ARE NOT PATHTHIC MUZAN! Beneficent Radiance!"

Tanjiro spiraled into the air whilst performing a swirling slash upwards to slice off Muzan's arms off before he could react.

As his limbs got set ablaze Muzan winced before he chuckled bitterly, and regrew his severed arms." You look positively awful Tanjiro Kamado. It's hard to tell which one of us is the demon at this point. You make my skin crawl."

Tanjiro saw his allies surround his parents killed before he got back into a fighting stance. "Lets finish this Muzan. I'll keep my heart burning. I will not lose, I will not break! I will do all twelve fire dance forms to defeat you! "

Bah, the so called master of the Fire Breathing, Yoriichi Tsugikuni could not defeat me! And you think someone with a fraction of his power can?"

"Yes, because I'm not alone!"


Muzan went to lash at Tanjiro, but his Replica evaded strike after strike while hitting the shadowlord with Sun Breathing: Dance, Raging Sun, Fire Wheel, Sun Breathing: Sun Halo Dragon Head Dance, Sun Breathing: Fake Rainbow and Burning Bones, Summer Sun, Sun Breathing: Solar Heat Haze followed by Beneficent Radiance only to be followed by Clear Blue Sky, Fire Wheel, Raging Sun and Flame Dance again, then Sun Breathing: Fake Rainbow, Dance, Setting Sun Transformation, Burning Bones, Summer Sun, Sun Halo Dragon Head Dance and Sunflower Thrust, all in rapid succession.

Muzan screamed in outrage as the barrage of blows caused him to be ignited on fire. He saw his wounds would not heal up before hissing out," Damn you…you scared me on a cellular level?"

Tanjiro took a few breaths as the others attacked in his place." The Thirteenth Form…I did it! Father, Weiss, I wish you could have seen this! Muzan… the user continuously performs all twelve forms of Sun Breathing in repetitive succession to increase the accuracy and agility of its movements, and attacks.

This form was created solely for the purpose of killing Muzan Kibutsuji, since the repetition of all twelve forms aims to destroy Muzan's twelve vital organs, seven hearts and five brains, that move freely inside his body. Muzan, your legacy is so wicked that killing you was an entire lifetime devotion!"

"It does not matter…when it's the foolishness of weaklings!"

He went to lash at Tanjiro before his tentacles were shot off by projectiles. He saw everyone surround him before Tyson cracked his neck." Big talk for a jackass who's one trick just got owned and's got nothing left!"

Muzan had his eye twitch before veins formed on his forehead." You have no idea just how much power I have maggots!"

The demon suddenly morphed his torso into a gigantic beastly mouth, and before anyone could attack him he projected a long-ranged energy-like shockwave that severely damaged the nervous systems of those caught in it, which was everyone else in the room.

Everyone found themselves having extreme seizures and convulsions, even rendering them unable to breathe for a brief period of time due to damage inflicted to their lungs or just paralyzed by the power.

Muzan glared at Mike and Tanjiro before his whips glowed. " You thought you could deny me? The ultimate demon? I'm the new ruler of hell…and your just the stepping stones on the way to ,"

At that instant the wall to the right collapsed. The moment Muzan turned a force smashed his face and knocked him so hard into the wall that it cracked. Everyone saw Astra land on the ground with a devil may cry look on her face." Thanks asshole, you made your place so damn convoluted but that godawful yell sure made it easy!

So, what was that about being the number one demon squid man? I think it's high time you got some sense beat into yah! Yo guys I know this is personal for some of you but mind if I tag in? I really wanted a piece of this guy."

Mike saw Astra looked confident before he smirked." Sure go nuts. I, huh?"

He noticed Choso was suddenly lying unconscious on the entrance before he raised a eyebrow." Hey who's that guy? He locked up here or something?"

"He's someone who needed help, and I thought you guys are into the whole helping thing right? I'll explain more later but I got a ass kicking to get to. Sorry to leave you hanging but I wanted to make sure everyone on the Hague was still ok. They are now, mostly. Just…wanted to know how many things this dick is going to answer for before we got started."

"Ah, I guess we are going to have to clean the ship good from all the corpses you made clearing house eh?"

"Eh, not as much as you would think. Even " devils" want better deals. Hell this Tiefling, Karlach Cliffgate just let me in when I proved her current contract was a con. We even agreeded to get drinks after woulds right?"

Asta pointed to a red devil like woman in a black outfit who was outside the entrance watching over Choso, who just responded to Muzan's glare by giving him the middle finger." Oy screw you " Shadowlord" , since you lied about my contact with Zariel and gave me rigged Soul Coins, me, Astarion, and Wyill are quiting!

Muzan narrowed his eyes before he got up." Damn you…Astra Fitter. It seems Kenjaku overestimated himself after all. He got carried away, but you're still not the true successor to the devil, I am!"

"Piff…if you want to run a place like that be my guest. Still, your no king, your just a backstabbing snake. After all you were so scared of me that you had Kirinmaru stall me so I could not kick your ass back in Corneria right? I think your check's due now" Shadowlord."

"That was before…but my ascension is complete! Now I am where I should be as the god of,"

He lashed at Astra, only to winced as the blond woman casually caught his whip with her bare hand and suddenly pulled him to her. Shadows cut off the tentacles that tried to stop her before her aura flared up and she smashed Muzan into the ground back and forth like a rag doll." Piff...for all your barking you sure are one puny ass god. If you mean with my foot up your ass then hell we are on the same page! This is for all folks that got hurt cause of you! Shippu Jinrai-kyaku!"

Astra unleashed a barrage of flaming kicks that knocked Muzan around before slamming him into the ground. The Shadowlord cried out in pain band struggled to get up, looking at Astra with a mix of shock and hate. He looked around, before Eve suddenly trapped Muzan in a dome of pink light.

The demon instantly yelled out as his skin burned before Eve shrugged." Enough is enough, just burn away like the nightmare you are! You're not god, just a virus on this universe!"

Muzan saw his skin burning before he yelled in outrage." No…I am the shadow lord! I just, have to use flesh as armor to protect myself. NO MATTER WHAT I WON"T DIE!"

To everyone's shock Muzan had his body expand in all directions turning himself into a giant demonic infant to burst out of the cage of light. As Muzan cried out Astra could not help but laugh as Muzan stomped in her direction." Oh man, I took down more man child then I can count but I have to admit you're the first one who legit turned into a giant baby Muzan! Still, don't want gross demon baby spit on me so just chill out! Some no mai, Tsukishiro!"

Her blade blade glowed, and she made a slashing motion when her target is in position. In a flash she made a circle with Gorr, before a pillar of ice consumed Muzan within it.

As she landed on the ground Mike raised a eyebrow." Wait…when could you use ice magic like that devil queen?"

James gasped as he added," That…that magic, was just like Aqua's."

Astra just shrugged as she cracked her neck." Was feeling…nostalgic. Do you want the story, or do you want this guy dead?"

Tanjiro saw the giant baby was frozen solid before he grasped his sword tightly." Everything else can wait till later. This…this has gone on long enough! Muzan…this is all you were all along!"

Clive nodded before fire danced across his blade." You called us deluded fools, but the only fantasy is yours and we shall be its final witness!"

Everyone prepared to charge Muzan, before suddenly the blood red mark of Zannacross appeared on the floor, and also appeared on Muzan's frozen head. Suddenly torrents of blood red energy burst out of the ceiling, before the Mother Curse Seal crystal suddenly came crashing into the room, and crashed into Muzan. Mike turned pale as he stepped back." Wait…that's still going on? Oh, AHHH!"

A massive shockwave of energy knocked everyone off their feet, before the entire castle shook, and blasted upward. It only took a few moments before they were rocked back to the planet's surface, and then higher as the red crystals kept growing.

When the shaking stopped everyone saw that the city below, before seeing shredded remains of the giant baby in front of them, causing Astra to roll her eyes." All that was just his big spell blowing up on him eh? Guess its what he deserves. Alright, and that's a wrap."

Mike looked around and took a deep breath as he saw the pillar of fire around him." Just got to make sure things are not going to fall apart, put some of these fires out and we can call it a day eh? Hell, we managed to pull it…wait…how did that fire even get there?"

The ground started to shake as Tanjiro winced." Wait…the scent…the fire has Muzan's scent!"

A gust of wind nearly blew everyone off there feet before a cold voice uttered," You thought that was my final form? I just needed time to, adjust. But as a snake sheds his skin, I discard my weaker self, to be how I should be! Thus does the final piece fall into place. Behold…Muzan Ultimalius!"

With a bolt of crimson lighting, the fire was wiped out in an instant, before Muzan emerged in his new form.

He now had a second pair of eyes underneath his normal eyes, which were closed. A blood red crystalline substance now covered nearly all his body like a suit of armor and his shoulders had two broader segments, behind of which lay a pair of large floating white wings, with a pair of floating crystalline parts similar to his shoulder protectors, from which multiple, smaller, and thinner black wings emerge.

His eyes were now pitch black, with red pupils, and as he looked at Tanjiro he narrowed his eyes." I should thank you replicant. Your agitation pushed me to complete my evolution. For that, your death won't be to agonizing. Yes, if you bow and beg for forgiveness, I just might grant such a wish. Or do you wish to delay the inevitable even now?"

Clive grit his teeth before fire consumed him." As we always have, and always will! On this sword I swear to shield the firebird's flame, and its people, forever! "

Muzan cracked his neck before hissing out," I forbid such insolence. You only have the right, to desire what your master declares you do!"

Cid snickered before he had lighting crackle around him before spitting out," Think you get the memo that we are casting off are shackles devil!"

He, Clive, and the other natives all primed into their Eikon forms. While they roared at Muzan his eyes glowed red." Have you learned nothing? Damned is the slave that dares turn scourge on his master! You think you can bark a bit and intimate me? I'll show you what the wrath of a true demon is!

Playtime is over. Domain ExpansionMalevolent Shrine!"

Muzan made a hand gesture before in an instant darkness spread out across the area. Behind him energy burst up to mold an environment centered around a small, disfeatured Buddhist shrine (vaguely resembling a chinjudō) that had been distorted to instead enshrine demons.

It was surrounded by dark-colored water and horned, bull-like skulls on the ground. The roof also has horns coming out of it, along with human skulls that hang down from it. The four entrances to the shrine were formed by large, grotesque mouths, complete with humanlike teeth and tongues.

Clive and the others kept charging, but before they could unleash their attacks, they all fell into various pieces. Muzan saw the others horror before he flexed his wrist. " Ryomen Sukuna…I told you that such power would be better in my hands. I was planning to cut you into three pieces each, but I suppose I'm still adjusting to my new power."

The pieces of the Ekon's turned back into their human forms, coughing up blood and hardly alive, Mike winced." Damn…looks like it was not a joke after all."

Tyson narrowed his eyes before his own energy flared up and he used the full power of his Jinchūriki state with Bast." Then we better waste this punk before he is done " settling in" with his new toys! Idoua's Desgarrón!"

He, Mark, Zero, and a few others all tried to attack Muzan, only for the ascended demon to shift his feet and declare," Demonic Guard of Heaven and Earth!"

Just as the blows were about to reach the Shadow Lord, he unleashed a counterattack that was three attacks at once. First, he shattered Zero's left arm with a chop of his right hand, hit Mark with a palm strike, and then gathered fire in his right hand before waving it, causing the flames to shoot out in the form of a snake that consumed Tyson before he even had time to react.

The impact caused an explosion that knocked everyone to the ground before Muzan closed his eyes." Your counterattack is proving to be very effective "Dark King Vearn." A pity you did not have time to preform it yourself. It's clear that this ascension has worked as planned. You disgusted me long enough "heros". Just burn to ash. Tendō Jigoku..time for your Kurei flame to be put to proper use!"

He waved his left hand, before a massive pillar of blue flame erupted. It took the shape of a woman with wings. She gave out a distorted cry before unleashing a tornado of blue fire.

Before it could hit the others Astra had a pillar of ice intercept it before she glared at Muzan." You stole a few "Super Moves" from some other demons you tricked and you think that's making you're a badass? You played with your toys long enough, time you get knocked down off your throne once and for all!"

She burst at Muzan, but he managed to parry her strike. He kept her back a few inch's before he grit his teeth." Between then and absorbing Vigoor, Anthrasax, Zagred, Sarevok, and all the other Bhaalspawn I'm even more of a true demon then you Astra Fitter! You're not meant to be a god or devil, just flesh and bone! Stellar Xyston!"

Astra was shocked as a sphere of blood red energy formed around her opponent, before the sphere fired many laser beams at Astra before she could react. As she was blasted into the ground Muzan raised his hand." Spawn of the devil or no, I won't allow any debate about who the true successor of the darkness is Astra! Rapture…F, huh?"

He prepared to blast her, till he felt a tingle, and realized Tanjiro stabbed him in the back. This time the sword did not even get through his armor, but as he saw Tanjiro behind him the demon slayer looked deadly serious despite not causing any damage till he said." I don't care how much you evolve Muzan, I'm still going to kill you!"

The evolved demon could not help but sicker as he licked his lips." Pathetic failure…do you not realize I am all but a god now? You're nothing but a bug to crush beneath my heel! Let your will be purged!"

He was about to strike, till purple flames consumed his hand. He felt more annoyed than hurt, but saw the flames came from Nezuko before the wary half demon hissed out," No…no matter what you are, you will not hurt my brother!"

Muzan let the bitterness of his sister rejecting him make his face turn red before he snapped out," I AM YOUR BROTHER! These scum just confused you with there lies! If you had any of my sister in you replica you would have realized that!"

"But it's because your sister Yonan touched my heart that I know what she wanted! You, you're not the man your sister loved! You're a monster!"

"Not a monster, the devil that rules the shadows! And I forced myself to evolve to what I had to be to survive! Beings who can only act with compassion and kindness only can live in cages like rare birds, they are too weak to survive! I was not going to die for worthless ideals, but become whatever it took to become on top of this universe! And you will pay for defying me you rejected, oh? Give it up!"

He saw energy arrows coming for him and bat them away as he saw James firing at him.

The man he once saw as his teacher looked at the demon with sorrow before uttering," Do you think you become god Muzan? I assure you, you're far from a perfect being. Take it from me, there is always a bigger fish."

Muzan chuckled darkly before he looked down." I'm fully aware of the power of those who run the Infinity Victory and Conquest corporation Elrond. But this was not to challenge Sieg, but to prove my usefulness to him! By showing the resolve to become the master of hell, and grasp everything, then no one is more worthy of being on the winning side then me!"

"Do you really think you're winning now Muzan? Regardless of how high you made your power level, do you really think you can just smash your dreams into reality?"

"Don't What nonsense are you on about now? Don't play semantics with me. I will have everything, the right that someone who evolved into the perfect lifeform deserves!"

"Take it from someone who's seen so many trying to solve their problems with strength, if you can forgive yourself, your true self, only then can you be strong."

"Enough! The defeated should remain silent so now and forever be,"

Everyone heard a thunderclap, before a dragon headed lightning bolt hit Muzan in the link of an eye. A purple energy beam collided into him before an explosion burst out. Ezan casually landed on the ground and flicked his hair out of his eye." Take your own advice so we can be done with this farce."

Mike saw Ezan taking a few breaths before he chuckled." Talk about a dramatic timing Ezan! I know you like to play the cool guy and all but cutting it a little close eh?"

"I apologize for the delay, it took a bit more time to get here from the moon?"

Mike raised an eyebrow before he looked up. After seeing no moon he let out a uneasy chuckle." Wait…are we on the other side of the planet now? Where is the moon?" "

"Oh, I blew it up while dispatching the hostiles."

As everyone saw how casually the sliver haired man described that, he saw Clive, Cid, and Jill look at him in horror before he sighed." I'll build a new one when this is over."

Astra saw Dion's jaw drop before she rolled her eyes." Oh come on now your just being a show off!"

Before Ezan could rebuke her their enemy hissed with rage before a explosion of energy blasted the flames away and Muzan emerged. While his right shoulder was bruised it was quickly healing before Muzan gave Ezan a death glare." You think that display is meant to intimate me?

It seems even with the token gesture from the Batman Who Laughs, my Upper Moons and the rest could not match you.

But that matters not, I always intended to surpass that power! Nice try, but now I'm even more perfect than you! None of you warriors of light can stop me, I am now more perfect than you!"

"I never said I was perfect." Ezan flatly retorted." At least not in this century. I heard a little of the chat before I arrived, and I agree with James. Unless you embrace the truth your delusions can only last so long demon. After all, all this power and you still failed to grasp what you truly wanted and that will forever be out of your grasp."

Muzan saw Nezuko looking bitterly at him before his aura surged." You're talking about Yonan? No…I'm the lord of hell now, I won't be denied! This damn reject corrupted my sister with her emotions, so I'll just have to revive her again! Now with this power, I will just resurrect her directly! Yes…arise Yonah, come back to me with your replacement as the tribute!

Edo Tensei…Reanimation!"

Muzan made a hand gesture before a demonic symbol appeared before Nezuko. Tanjiro and Kaine ran to her, but nothing happened. As Muzan looked more and more unhinged Mike tugged his collar." I'm going to say it's a fair bet to say that this is some sort of resurrection spell? How much…time do we got to stop it?"

James saw the symbol was not moving before he took a deep breath." Normally, it would already be starting. But, it won't work, not in this instance at least. The spell's nature is to revive someone from the dead, but that soul has to want to come back from the dead, even if it's subconscious. But Yonah, she truly has no desire to return, so it's useless."

Muzan saw his spell was not working before veins formed on his forehead." No…you can't do this to me Yonah! My sister…should be the one who understood me, not insult me most of all! Don't throw away this miracle I'm giving you! I, huh?"

Everyone wondered if Muzan was about to lose all of his sanity before his eye twitched.

Suddenly the second jaw on the side of his mouth chuckled darkly before it hissed out," If she will reject your miracle, I'll gladly accept it boy. You can have your dream yet…just submit to the darkness!

No matter how much you hunger your hate burns, I assure you, my hatred trump's yours! If you want to play the role of the lord of shadows so badly, might as well give the role to who it was originally intended!"

"What…what is this? What the hell is, GUH!"

To everyone's shock Muzan 's chest rippled before a snake head burst out of his gut. As the Shadowlord screamed in shock and pain, his other mouth just chuckled darkly." I must thank you for being so devoted to the case disciple of the dark side…but I insist on "switching in now." After all…this was the shadow game I started in the first place!"

Snakes burst out of Muzan's back before his aura surged to even greater heights as the demonic symbol over Nezuko suddenly switched over to Muzan himself.

As the whole planet felt like it was shaking Astra raised an eyebrow." The hell? Is he losing control of those demons he absorbed cause his focus broke? Then its over!"

"No Astra its just getting started if who I think is the cause of this is coming out to the surface! Damn it, Kira was not just playing games after all.

It really is you…Xehamaru!"

Muzan screamed for a few more seconds, before he suddenly was motionless. His head fell to the floor, before he suddenly licked his lips and chuckled darkly." I never thought we would meet again, Ezan Kaiba. So…after all this time the war is still going on. But, that just means I'll finish it!"

Muzan suddenly looked back up, with a look of pure sadism in his eyes. He then peeled his face off, to reveal a new face underneath. While still pale, this new face was a snake-like appearance: with more slitted pupils, purple markings around his eyes and fang-like teeth. He also had more pronounced cheekbones and his sliver hair grew to become as long as his back.

James saw those eyes before the Holocron tensed up." No…impossible…Xehamaru?"

Astra spat on the ground before she snorted out," This suppose to mean something? Just sprouted an even more creepier face to me!"

Zero saw the new face of his enemy before he grit his teeth." Oh come on…seriously!? All this time and we still have people pulling a hijacked by Sigma thing?"

Muzan, or more like Xehamaru looked around before he looked confused for a moment." You…some of you were part of Auro's band back on Corneria. I, I had the most wondrous dream that I was fighting under the command of Chaos Zannacross Necron himself to destroy all the champions of good at last, then it ended, till now.

I knew…I knew the plan would work! It, was not my first plan but…always have back up plans. Someone ingested my cells and finished the fusing process of Mutamycete with the Jenova cells and Sigma and Ganondorf's souls! A direct resurrection would have been swifter I suppose, but all that matters is that I defied death!"

James looked horrified at one of his oldest enemies using his former student's body before he nearly dropped his bow." Oh god…to think all this time…Muzan ingested the remains of Xehamaru's DNA. No wonder he was obsessed with immortality. Damn you Xehamaru. You will wish you never came back!"

Xehamaru saw James's transparent body before he looked around in confusion at Mike and Astra." You…you were Auro's sidekick. That's right...Magneto's nephew.

But wait…you…you have his scent! Wait…but you also have traces of Lacus Raystar's scent as well! Your…there child? How long has this war gone on? He really won her over that monkey? Bah, it does not matter, I'll finish it once and for all, and prove darkness really does conquer all worlds!"

Astra spat on the ground before her own aura flared up." Well…seeing Muzan's plans blow up in his face was kind of a laugh but the circus ends here freak! Your not even important enough for anyone to really talk about…so hope you enjoyed your ten seconds of fame because your going back to whatever hole you crawled out of!"

Xehamaru eyed Astra with even more confusion before uttering," Wait…you have the scent of Auro's other sidekick…and also of…my former comrade Aqua?"

"God damn it everyone really just saw him as the sidekick at that point? I'm sure as hell no one's side kick asshole!"

"Wait…you even have things in common with Lord Damonus's scent? Did the master have fun torturing the trash?"

Astra grit her teeth before Ezan raised his hand and cut in with a sharp," Everything you knew and thought was a fact about the universe has changed Xehamaru. Your ambitions were just that of another pawn, compared to Kira you were just the front man in the grand scheme of the Zannacross Empire's plans.

You can submit now…or embarrass yourself further but I assure you, I'll crush you even faster than you fell on Corneria if you entertain thoughts of revenge."

Xehamaru saw Ezan's new eyes and snickered." Oh, you awakened the legendary Rinnegan and surpassed even Xemnas eh Ezan? Most impressive…you lived up to what the rumors about you were it seems.

But don't think you can dismiss me! I can feel it, I'm even stronger than I was back in Corneria! I can see some of you have "leveled up" yourself, but your on my world now. This entire world, and all of its darkness…IS MY POWER TO COMMAND!"

Xehamaru grasped his hands before torrents of dark energy burst out from all directions as a cape of blood red energy appeared on him. A storm seemed to break out all over the planet as lighting struck down again and again around the city and hurrican level winds starting blowing.

Ezan struggled to press back against the shockwaves of dark energy and flames being released from his old foe.

Demons that were still around like Nakime were absorbed into the master behind her master. The sliver haired warrior saw lighting crackle down around the planet before he grasped his katana tightly. " Damn it…just like before…he's having all the Necrochalcos on the planet fuse with him. And sadly…the majority of the planet's people have already mutated, making them fuel for his power level!"

Xehamaru laughed madly as more snake heads came out of his back." You thought you warriors of light could prevail? Ever the fool, boy. And forever a pawn of the darkness! And now darkness within darkness awaits you. I'll make you all die in agony, so that Auro and Master Myers are forced to come here and I can at last get my revenge on them!"

Mike winced as he saw the madness in Xehamaru's eyes before he braced himself." One way or another, my old man's not coming to you. Because your not worth his time! You're just a small time player who can't take a hint!"

Xehamaru hissed at Mike before he took to the air." You really do have his pathetic delusions boy."

"Big talk from the guy who got killed by him!"

"A mistake that will be corrected! But come now, chamberlains let the banquet begin as the encore Shadow Game commences!

As Xehamaru Ultimalius, I will truly be the one who secures the final victory of the darkside over the universe forever more!"

Most of the people on the world were terrified at what was going on, feeling like the world ending. One of the few who were not consumed with terror calmly looked from below, right near the tower, and it was Cornlious.

By chance Crowley was near him, and the demon in the suit was sweating as he was using all his magic to avoid being absorbed by Xehamaru's spell. As he saw mutated citizens and demon soldiers alike being absorbed he chuckled bitterly."Lightweights! There's a reason we don't call our chits in early – consumer confidence. This isn't Wall Street, this is Hell! We have a little something called integrity. This gets out, who'll deal with us? Nobody! Then where are we? Huh? Your in the wrong place you big, lumbering piles of flannel!"

The pitch black Namekian saw the mark of Zannacross on the former patriarch of Sithantos 's head and just let out a exasperated sigh." I assure you there is no more fitting place for me" " Sellsmen." The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones. No man means evil but the devil, and we shall know him by his horns. So, it's time to see who bears the horns of" evil" once and for all."

Authors Notes: Well, I know we might have more than a few questions today but lets get started. General Remington Kurtzman is from Star Ocean 6, Otoma Raga would be the final boss from King of Fighters 15, and Karlach Cliffgate is from Balder's Gate 3.

The Enrakyōten Zanpakutō was not originally welded by Ata, but from the Bleach villain Tokinada Tsunayashiro, the man who killed Tosen's wife and so far was only shown in the Can't Fear your Own World novel and a few video games, seemed like something that could fit to spice things up a bit for Ezan.

Now for the big one, obviously Xehamaru being behind Muzan was not quite how it goes in Demon Slayer but, wanted to mix it up a little. To be clear, Xehamaru was not consciously manipulating Muzan, Muzan just took his cells to gain his behavior, like how Kabuto took Orochimaru's cells in Naruto, and only after Xehamaru's cells had spread and Muzan's will was weak that Xehamaru's mind was at last" Restored", hence him not being aware of all that's transpired in a form that's a mix of the final boss of Final Fantasy 16, the Shadow lord from Neir Replicant, the demon Ryomen Sukuna from Jujutsu Kaisen, Vearn the Dark King from Dragon Quest Adventure of Dai, and Muzan's form.

Well, hope the come back tour from my first original villain will come off well. If you liked what you saw hope you liked it enough to leave a review. Till then thanks for the reviews as always, and hopefully see you all next time, the site seems a little more stable at the moment, just fix the glitches already so I can get E mails again people. " Facepalms."