Chapter 288: The Crescendo of Evil's Symphonic Poem.

As shocking as the turn of events with the showdown over Muzan, and the manbehind the demon was for this enemies, only a few in the universe were aware of just what changed, and fewer grasped its significance. One of them was Xehamaru's former teammate, Kira.

He did not see anything, not a single color was allowed to grace his prison. Covered by endless shadows on a jet-black room, multiple barriers had been set up to prevent even the faintest of light from reaching the structure at the core of planet Corneria. In this prison where silence would normally dominate, a man's emotionless voice resounded through the space." So…one of the flows…has changed."

The darkness in the Muken seal quivered faintly as Kira let out a small bitter laugh." My senses don't seem decayed, so it is true then. Xehamaru 's soul has returned. He defied all odds and returned despite all of the souls that were bound to Zannacross being purged back then thanks to this Muzan Kibutsuji gathering all of his remnants on Ormus and not knowing what he was doing.

Father…it seems that those who follow in the footsteps you left behind have walked a path to a rather entertaining pace. All your efforts to obtain immortality…seem like a farce in this era of Cortical Stacks and Re-sleeving where the elite treat death as a cold.

Still, at the very least seeing how you react to a society where you're irrelevant will provide a few laughs, I'm just curious how he will react to this. Either way, I will wait with anticipation, looking forward to the time when his journey illuminates my own path. "

Suddenly light came out of the center before a wary voice cut in with," How many do you have to try and lure down your path till you learned your mistakes Kira? It's gone on long enough."

The light faded as X, Cecil, Harpuna, Fefnir, Leviathan, Samuel Hayden and a few others walked in. Kira saw the former Maverick Hunter glower on him before he smirked." Oh…need my advice once again X?"

"No…more like we have to know who you have been giving advice as of late, for the sake of the future of this nation."

Kira saw X's glower before he sighed." It's a testament to my legacy that you still blame me every time your own plans fall apart, but I hardly see how you can blame me for how things have been going with these third-rate demons. If you think I would help the likes of them you don't know me at all."

X sighed before retorting with a sharp," I'm not talking about Muzan or anything going on with Valisthea! I'm talking about what did you say to Queen Bria!?"

"Wait…why would I have any reason to even want to talk to someone as vapid and shallow as her? We never met; you should know that more than anyone."

"Even if you influenced someone else to be your proxy it still counts Kira! Why else would she suddenly think are salvation lies in the "Universal Church of Truth" or Naixatloz and this Project Nevada that came out of nowhere?"

"The Universal Church of Truth? Don't insult me thinking I would humor the delusions of petty hustlers. Since we are in stressful times I'll be blunt and get to the point. If you think it would take the likes of me to sway her you're overestimating your current" official" ruler. Bria Ruffles Auro was never meant to be a ruler.

She was never even meant to be Richard Auro's wife, till fate, or more like a Auroa Burst derailed her sister Molly's life and she all but became her sister to Richard and the public at large.

From what Samual has told me she frequently relies on others keeping her frail ego together. The core of the matter is, who else has she been confiding in as of late?"

Cecil winced as he looked down." She has having double to triple the sessions with her therapist Takuto Maruki. I thought it was good she was keeping her thoughts together…but I admit…with all that's going on it seemed like a lower priority."

"Then you're missing the most basic fact about sabotage Director Stedman, and that's going for the weakest link. The "Order of Naixatloz" May have been just an order of irrelevant fools for most of its existence, but that can all change if it becomes taken over by a new order.

That's just what happened with Sithantos in the past, it was seen as a irrelevant fringe group till Darth Damonus commanded Xehamaru and I to mold it , and the same kind of thing seems to be happening.

From what you told me about Sieg V Day Elgan and the resources of this multiverse spanning Infinite Victory and Conquest corporation, it would seem like child's play to people with such resources."

X saw the others look troubled before he grasped his fist tightly." I won't deny that it seems possible. But for all their power why even bother with fronts like this? Kira…I can't deny there is logic to what you say, but there is always been some logic to what you say, it's the other half that leads to betrayal and suffering. Besides, we saw Bria have a chat with you."

"You saw it X? Live? Really now who said that?"

X winced before he looked down." Olivia Pierce…Head of Biochemical Research, and Dr. Malcolm Betruger, the doctor who physically checked up on her after the Viltrumite attack, Doctor Sellers, and Dr. Giovanni, captain of Special Fire Force Company 3."

Samual snarled in disgust as he looked at one of his staff, a Caucasian British woman that appears to be aged somewhere between her late forties to early sixties.

She had white hair cut very short and wore a light gray exoskeleton. She appeared sickly and almost emaciated, being very thin and she winced as Samual walked up to her." What nonsense is this Oliva? Why would you even consult with the Queen's physician?"

Oliva winced before her cohort, Doctor Sellers floated up in the hover chair he was sitting on. The scientist with red hair and red lenses over his eyes smirked." We understand some of this might sound, insane. But you can't change the universe without a little insanity right comrade?"

Dr. Giovanni walked up behind Sellers. He wore an outfit resembling appearance to a plague doctor, as he wore a stitched white mask with a large beak over his entire face, with lenses for vision.

Atop his head was a black top-hat, and he wore a white scarf around his neck, concealing any skin on his upper body. He wore a dark v-neck jacket, dark trousers, dark shoes, and carried a white cane with him and tipped his hat before bowing." There's a very simple answer to this Director Hayden, this droid will make it all clear."

The same Robot that was with Eve walked up before X raised an eyebrow." Wait…you don't have the clearance to, huh?"

X suddenly had sparks crackle around his head before he fell to his knees." No…something is…in my head."

The robot suddenly had its eyes glow before crossing its arms." Good…the Krypto Chip is taking effect and overriding your Hyper chip after all. Despite your reputation for immunity to virus's even you are not invincible if a Trojan program is made just to affect you Megaman X. Your devotion to your duty is, commendable, but it also makes you predictable."

Suddenly Samuel, and the other inorganic beings in the room suddenly felt paralyzed before Cecil winced in alarm." What…how did we miss this protocol droid hiding so much?"

The robot paused before its eyes glowed." Oh…the droid that was following Atom Eve was more or less a basic droid. However, because it was so simple it was easy to switch out with him when you all were distracted. It's time that the arrogance of the Bethal Kingdom amounts to the judgment you deserve."

The face of the robot suddenly split open, to reveal a male with red hair to his neck and a beard. X widened his eyes before he grit his teeth." You…you're in the database. Your, Rudolph "Rex" Conners…the chief of intelligence to Walter Sampson!"

Rex smirked as he shrugged." Well…I tried my best to remain in the shadows but guess you wanted to know everything eh maverick hunter? I'm a bit of a robot fan myself to be honest. I do say I can surpass the legacy of the likes of Doctor Light and Doctor Wily, the next few days will prove it."

Cecil saw Rex's casual in difference before he grit his teeth." So this is some sort of sabotage? You think you can just waltz into the Bethal Kingdom?"

Rex closed his eyes before he sighed." Well, we were invited into here by your leader out of her lack of faith in you after all. To be honest she caved easier then most of us expected and I was not ready. I hoped to be much more prepared before I made such a move. A pity."

Cecil took out a gun but in a flash Rex had a knife shoot out of his right arm and in the blink of a eye he dashed up and slit Cecil's throat.

As the director struggled to grasp his gun despite bleeding out, Rex smashed his head into fragments before he looked at everyone." The Sampson family send their "regards".

Still, you should know I am sorry I have to do this. I respected his devotion to his nation. He knew the importance of the greater good. If he were truly aware of what he was preventing me from accomplishing, he would welcome this.

So many of you have lived countless lifetimes, but you still only see good and evil, black and white. Well I need to keep things gray, and there is no time to waste negotiating with those who put pride over progress. "

"Damn you! You're not going to get away with this maverick!" X cried out as he tried to charge his X Buster. However, he and the others felt there legs fail to move before Rex sighed." Can we please have a calm discussion? I have to begin by pointing out the hypocrisy of you opposing me. How is what I'm doing any different then what you have done?"

"All I know is that you're a murdered trying to kill what I swore to protect with your madness!"

"I want to protect my people too, even your people X. And the fact is you have failed to protect anyone X. You left too many variables in play. Your wishy-washy methods never had any chance of succeeding. But are methods? In the six hours we taken over Bethal worlds today, we prevented nine thousand deaths.

I'm already putting systems into place that are changing the way crime is fought. Stopping "This madness" would cost lives, not save them so stop being so childish about this. Don't be scared of the new, embrace it, welcome it, accept it. Then, we will at last reach paradise and be in the heaven god truly desires for us."

This caused Kira to suddenly chuckle bitterly before he lowered his head." So…you think you know God's will Rex Conners? That you can sit on a throne of heaven you made for yourself? Thank you, I seldom have much interaction with humorous things these days."

Rex saw Kira and tensed up, before he chuckled." Kira Myers…the man who tried to become god. I respect your ambition, but even if you use to be seen as one of the most "refined" men in the universe back in your Cosmic War, the fact is that you to are now just an obsolete relic."

"I use to think my elders knew nothing myself. However, in my hubris I overlooked a few things that led to a painful collision with reality. Tell me, just how much do you know that makes you think you know the word of god? I would love to compare " notes". But, you should know, a paradise built on others dreams has no hope of becoming anything but a illusion."

Rex saw Kira's look before he snickered." I won't deny, that I would love to have a more in depth chat with such a unique individual. However, I'm no fool. If you outwitted Demon Lords and God's of Destruction's I admit its fair to say you could find a weakness in time.

But I won't give you time. I'm proud of my intellect but not foolish enough to think I could counter the powers you have if you had even a second to unleash them. But unlike your past "deadly alliances" this is not a partnership between people, but reorganizing a resource to harvest. Olivia, time to implement the Lazarus Project operation for the Argent Tower, eh?"

Kira saw the traitor go to the controls and sigh." So that's the extent of your genius? A suicide bomber who wishes to blow up his enemies planet? How disappointing."

Samuel snarled as he struggled to get up." Your trying to cause an overload to form a portal between the mortal dimension and hell? Damn you Olivia…to think you're even more gutless than I figured. I knew the stress was eroding your resolve but to think you would just blow up the entire system. Vega…cancel her commands at all costs. Huh?"

Everyone heard a noise before golden pillars started to descend into the chamber. A computerized voice, the one called Vega replied with," I'm sorry Doctor Hayden but she has locked me out…it seems Aeon is under her control."

Oliva smirked as she looked at her boss." You could never have saved them like this anyway Samuel. The only way to realize salvation is to make even greater sacrifices. But unlike you my vision was not so narrow. My "Sisters and brothers" should be thankful, if you embrace enlightenment. The hell wave we will create from here, will redirect the course of mankind! We just need the right tools to make sure it expands properly. Begin synchronizing with the Zohar Emulators!"

She pressed a button before twelve golden monoliths the size of buildings were lowered around Kira and the Argent Tower. They all had metallic silver in color with black highlights and a flashing blue emblem on them, and glowed to synchronize with the energy.

Kira saw the energy around him before he snickered." Oh…so now you're trying to use the replicas of the Zohar pillar, the original device that serves as a portal between the Upper Domain of U-DO and the Lower Domain of the human collective consciousness, known as the Unus Mundus, aka between heaven and the moral realm? You do realize that those emulators were an utter failure when they erased planet Ariadne from existence yes? I seen some of the souls reactions and they are very bitter that, huh?"

He then saw the emulators all had glowing cubes in them as Rex 's eyes narrowed." Maybe, but synchronized with all the remaining Cosmic Cubes…will allow them to at last serve their purpose. There's more to it, but in the end you're just the battery for this part of the operation.

In ancient times, people used to be together with God. People loved God, revered and even feared God. Out of fear of the undying God, they sought divine power. This was a way for the ancients to resist him.

Eventually, they found a method to become gods themselves. We have revived their relics: the Deus Merkabah and the Zohar emulators and with the uncovered Y Data, which holds the records left behind by the ancients. This holds the instructions, so that we may become gods once again. Then, at last we won't have to fear the savages anymore."

Sellers nodded as he looked delighted." I don't care what the vessel is. I will make use of all available options to obtain what I desire. I've always built my own path."

Dr. Giovanni nodded before adding," We will have surpassed the old ways, such as me having the solution to pi!

For pi is the incantation prepared by god in ancient times to activate the rebirth. Humanity has recited the words of destruction throughout its history. And now that the image of ruin has been firmly established, pi has been solved to the final digit, and as a result imagination and reality will become one!

The hope that exists in this universe, one might call it optimism, but it is actually only resignation. There is no such thing as real hope. All things in creation are doomed to destruction from the moment they are born. All people, all planets, everything. Imagine, to image is to create all possibilities and erase all possibilities.

There is no such thing as a human with a subjective will. They are merely carried along, sometimes by their government, or by religion. Time has passed, and now that pi has been solved human kind is finally prepared to reach evolution's final destination. There is a scientific theory that the final destination of biological evolution is extinction, or paradise. We are about to find out now that you fools are subdued."

X struggled to get up as he grit out," No…no matter what virus you throw at me, I will NEVER let you do this? Huh?"

To his horror, Rex took out a spherical container before his smirk widened." Oh, I know your mind is stubborn X, but I will just remove that from the occasion. Its true your mind was powerful enough to resist the legendary Sigma Virus again and again, but what if I just quarantine the mind from the body? I been working on these Cyber Elves, these sentient computer programs for a while now. With the EM Wave Change program, they will make your bodies are puppets regardless if your minds agree. Crea and Prea…make father proud will you and let Queen Virgo and Sirius get back what is there's?"

Two orbs, these Cyber Elves giggled like deranged babies before going into Harpuna and Leviathan. The two screamed before light went down their throats, and their eyes glowed. Harpuna smirked before uttering," Hehe…this feels great!"

Rex looked delighted before he uttered," Good, Now, Apollo Flame, your turn!"

As another one went into Fefnir, Rex smirked at X's horror. " And I have something special for you X. What you renounced for so long you will now embrace!"

X tried to resist but could only watch his body fail him as the" Dark Elf" went down his throat. He tried to resist, only for his eyes to glow yellow." You think you can defy me? You're merely tools of the humans... Tools of the old era... You think you can stand up to those of us who have evolved this far? You struggled to defy it but the univeres is changing! Therefore it's only natural that evolution takes its course at last Megaman X!"


X yelled out, before he fell over and chuckled."D…Doctor…the real X is here at last. Now these people…can get the heaven they deserve."

Rex smirked as he grasped his fist tightly." Fasalina…you can inform Brainwave, Tokiko, and the Grand Unifier that the situation is under control. We should be able to install "Deus" on the vessel shortly, and the rest will follow from there. Then at last, God's promise to the universe will be fulfilled."

Kira saw X and the former Dead Cell members look fanatical before he narrowed his eyes." I concede you seem to have planned this out as much as my own rebellion on the Enji so many years ago. However…take it from someone that knows personally…people never seem to submit to logic as one would think."

"True…but we are done playing the endless game between the forces of" Good and evil or light and darkness or however you call it, we are going to remove those who keep fighting this pointless battle entirely. Those that can't see the truth will be given the only salvation that such people can be given."

Kira saw the dome was about to cover him before he closed his eyes." Yes…then its time to see what force comes out on top…once and for all."

The dome consumed him entirely as the Zohar Emulators all started to glow more and more as the agents of the Universal Church of Truth made their move one section at a time.

But as they did, many were still preoccupied with the crises more in their face, that for some was a crazed fanatic suddenly burning for revenge.

Doctor Cortex by chance got hit by a rock as the platform they were on burst to the surface of the planet, and he was knocked out for a bit. As his head stopped spinning the scientist moaned as he saw the sky." Oh so it's over? Guess bad guys always throw a fit before going down eh? I would know. Guess he's not so, eh?"

He saw Xehamaru Ultimalius looking at him before he let out a deranged chuckle." Oh…am I having a nightmare? Well at least its not the one with Uka Uka and the,"

"Neo…Cortex?" Xehamaru hissed out in bewilderment." How the hell are you still alive? I ordered your death."

The scientist gulped as he looked around, and saw the wrecked remains of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque around him before he turned pale." Wait…this is real? But you were like, super dead! Did you jump ahead in time to?"

"Jumped ahead in time? Destiny seems to be in quite the mocking mood as of late if a farce like you somehow is alive. Well, if you being alive is the cost for my own revival then it's a small price to pay. At least this time I get to exterminate a failure like you myself!"

"Oh, come on! What you came back remaking yourself from the ashes of dark flames or something?"

"I'm going to take that as the head trauma talking because "coming back form ashes from flames is the most nonsensical explanation I ever heard, and that's coming from someone who made it his life's work researching those who came back from the dead across the universe."

"Hey I remember reading it in one of the rooms around here!"

"I assure you that Sithantos never had...wait...oh...wait you saw that!? HAH...that takes me back. Oh...let me saw it in the cell, the writings of another fool I killed earlier yes? Oh...that was when I made that Kaiser Kaidora wake up to reality. See he was the ruler of the Forjita Empire. He a more effective Bowser, a dragon worshiping savage that was good at being a wrecking ball...but little else. Yes, hated Sailor Scouts, loved over convoluted sex fetishes...he was a piece of work alright.

Before the war started I tried to give him a few pointers on how to improve a few things but he thought he was to above advice form " some inferior being". So...because he spent a whole day mocking me for giving advice I repaid him by posing as a prophet to give him a idea and oh...drove him insane enough to wipe out his own race.

Did not take much really...he already seemed to have a split personality and not realize how obvious it was. Just had to push the bitter angry high ranking Lesbian in his army to pick Yes...he wrote that on that wall swearing he would revive...not realizing spoiling the surprise out of spite was so pathetic.

Ah well seeing him crash and burn was a fun way to build up my own reputation at the time and it was such a brutal massacre that even Nightmare's Soul Crusher blade was sated. After what I did to them the Makron of the Strogg got in line real quick. However...I was just getting started back then, I can do far worst now!"

James gasped as he looked around." So that's what happened to the Forjita? We all just thought they were unstable at the time."

Ezan shrugged before responding with a blunt." In this universe that was the case at least."

Xehamaru laughed a bit before he shrugged at Cortex." Still...well you just missed my speech about how I am alive but don't worry, I'll have plenty of time explaining it to your soul in hell!"

The former top student of Grand Master Myers snapped his fingers before the snakes around him spat out thin black and red swallow type swords. He put them together and got into a fighting stance." Of course I have a lot of lost time to make up for, so there will be plenty of damned souls keeping you company soon enough! I, oh?"

He felt something and instantly swerved to the right to parry a strike Ezan unleashed in the blink of an eye. The impact shook the ground, if not the entire planet, before Ezan had lighting crackle around his blade." There won't be any more victims of your sadistic games Xehamaru!"

The fallen Enji saw Ezan's eye widened, and on instinct flew back as a pillar of Amaterasu flames consumed where he was just a second ago. Xehamaru saw the sliver haired man's eyes carefully before he licked his lips." Most impressive…you clearly mastered the darkness you used to terminate Velgemon. And you changed in other ways if you are protecting such trash like him."

Ezan glanced at Cortex before his own aura flared up." For all the sins Cortex committed...he's determined to atone and work for a better future. That's enough for me to keep him alive. At least unlike you he's sorry for what he did!"

As Crash nodded in the distance Xehamaru chuckled darkly." Why would I be sorry? I hate the universe and the sinners that corrupt it, the only thing I'm sorry for is not seeing the job through. It seems a lot has happened but the fact is if your still committing to defending those who don't deserve to live, then your fate is bound to the inferior scum."

"You think you have the right to dub who is inferior? I may have had to put in some effort, but I would have terminated you back in Corneria if Lexaeus did not interfere, and I've far surpassed the state I was back then!"

Xehamaru looked around before his grin widened." I won't deny your powers seem to live up to the title of "Super Elite" quite well. But dismiss the powers I gained at your own peril. Besides…while you may have all but reached the pinnacle of mastery…your still foolish enough to surround yourself with vermin. I wonder…what are you truly devoted to Ezan? Let's see…this should be a good way to find out! Malevolent Shrine…Cleave!"

Xehamaru's eyes glowed red before he raised his hand. Ezan saw he was looking right at Mike with a look of pure murder before his eyes widened and his aura flared up." Damn you!"

A lightning bolt flashed down and Mike shielded his eyes and stepped back. When the light faded, he saw Ezan, Sonic, Shadow, Astra, and a few of the others looking haggard before he winced." Looks like he's more bark than bite right guys? Wait, what the hell?"

To Mike's horror, he saw that suddenly nearly all the buildings in the city around them in a one-hundred-and-forty-meter radius were sliced apart, and that Ezan was grasping his arm tightly like it was strained. Sonic grasped his face before he winced." Man…even with Chaos Control that was to close!"

Astra spat out blood before uttering," God damn it…you like to play games you slimy asshole!?"

Mike saw Xehamaru lick his lips, and realized he had blood on his face before he gulped." What the hell just happened!?"

He noticed Tyson had a slash on his armor before the Black Panther grunted." Doctor Snakes" just used his Doman Expansion magic to hit everything in the area within less than one-hundredth of a second. If Ezan did not go all out this place would have been a pile of pieces right about now."

Xehamaru eyed Ezan carefully before he grasped his hand tightly." What's wrong Ezan? Have you lost so many that you will defend even the most pathetic monkeys? Still…most impressive that you saved every member of this pathetic little band, even if you had to use these invisible shadow clones to help you.

So, Auro rubbed off on you over the years eh? I have been a while for a way so tell me, what do you cherish most at the moment? I do want to know what will hurt the most when I take it away!"

"You understand nothing fool." Ezan uttered as he cracked his neck." There's nothing I don't cherish."

"And they call me insane. You would have been better off remaining a tool that only feels the joy of battle, because, GUH!"

In a flash Astra showed Xehamaru how much she "enjoyed" his attack as she uppercut him into the air. He rebounded in time to parry her follow up strike with Gorr, and as she saw him laugh at her she narrowed her eyes." We just met but I'm already sick of you asshole!"

"You do have the temper of a demon girl, but it seems the Enji are still practicing taming misguided demons like Vincent Valentine."

"I'm nothing even close to a " warrior of light". Heh...but I'm no slave to the darkness either. I'm just someone who does not be labeled and put up with anyone's crap."

"Oh, that passionate are you? We might have started off on the wrong foot you know. You just might have it in you to be my dark queen!"

Astra had her eye twitch before she narrowed her eyes." You really are crazy if you think I'm even thinking of that!"

Ezan winced before throwing in," Astra…don't underestimate him!"

Xehamaru chuckled before he shrugged." I understand that Slythron culture customs are not for everyone but in some circles I use to be known as quite charming."

"Well in my circle these "customs" are enough for me to cancel you once and for all you, RAH!"

To her shock Xehamaru opened his mouth, before a snake suddenly burst out of his mouth, and out of its mouth came out a new double-edged jian blade that hit Astra right through her right lung.

As Astra winced and coughed up blood she hissed out," I have enough with the god damn snakes on this god damn planet! Think your funny? If you think this is enough to kill me I'm going to enjoy, AHH!"

To her shock even more snakes came out of her opponent's arm and all bit her, before her energy seeped into Xehamaru. The former leader of Sithantos looked ecstatic as his aura flared up as Astra's own started to shrink." Oh, I can taste how strong you are my dear. You might even have more than me, if I don't take that energy for myself! If you won't be my queen you will just have to be my brunch!

Tyson resisted the urge to facepalm as his own energy flared up." God damn it girl stop letting every damn punk pull a fast one at you the moment they piss you off!"

Xehamaru saw Astra try and pull Gorr to him before he licked his lips."Still...that's a impressive looking sword. Might have fit Nightmare better in terms of combat style, but, if nothing else I am adaptable!"

He tried to have the blade be magically pulled to him before he saw it resist him and raised a eyebrow?" Again? Its one thing for a holy blade like the Star Sword to resist me but a blade of darkness should not resist the master of all darkness!"

"Well guess what freak? Things have changed so much that your only being the master of being a pathetic creep. I would, AHH!"

Xehamaru grasped Astra's wound hard before he narrowed his eyes." Careful now...if you lose any reason for me to hold back you won't like what you will end up as."

Ezan had lighting crackle around him before he uttered," No…your tormenting days are over Xehamaru these eyes can see through your tricks!"

Xehamaru had his own eyes glow before retorting with a sharp," Sage Art: White Rage Technique!"

Just as Ezan was closing in on him and Astra the pale man, after forming the necessary hand seals, the user expelled a dragon-like entity from his mouth that carried an orb in its left front claw.

As the dragon tightly coiled itself around the orb, Ezan when to slash the projectile, only for it to release both blinding light and deafening sound by making the air oscillate.

As Ezan recoiled in pain Xehamaru cracked his neck." I knew coming up with this spell in case Xemnas confronted me would come in handy. As powerful as the Rinnegan eyes are, even this new evolved form does not seem to come with shades and ear plugs Kaiba boy! This not only greatly hinders those in the vicinity but, due to the intensity of the resulting vibrations, paralyzing pain is also induced.

Thus, the technique both briefly inhibits the opponent's senses, as well as techniques that require their active concentration. Thus, by the time you regain your senses you're already going to be digested. After all the blonde may be the appetizer but your power fits as the main course!"

He saw Astra, Ezan, and those below him all seem paralyzed from the Sage Art: White Rage spell and had snakes lash out at Ezan, only for Tyson to suddenly appear in front of the sliver haired man and slash those snakes with his kuni.

He instantly dove for Xehamaru, only for his target to parry the strike with his swallow blades. As the two struggled to overpower each other Tyson uttered," You're the one on the menu asshole! The jungle's changed since you were prowling around and now things have changed so much that types like you are just the prey!"

Xehamaru eyed his current opponent before he shrugged." I think not. Still…if you're still moving without having to close the cornea of your eyes to completely block the harmful light, and liquefying the insides of your body in order to negate the effects of the harsh sound vibrations like I am now, then that armor is most impressive.

Ah…a panther shape would make you a Wakanda warrior, if not your people's Black Panther eh? You do look quite differently than T'Challa.

Still, Wakanda did not even dare leave its "Nest" to risk crossing me boy, because no amount of Vibranium will be enough to keep me from breaking you! You know…there was a Wakanda Enji back in the Irazos war.

Yes…Ayo something. She was quite confident about Wakanda pride…till the reality check came with her head leaving her body. And the best part was, that she was betrayed from someone from her own world! Not the same tribe though, the Jabari Tribe sold her out for revenge."

Tyson winced before uttering," The M'Baku line has a lot to atone for. But they are doing Wakanda proud, I'm making sure of it."

"Wait...are you some sort of hybrid of the clans in a attempt at appeasement? I would have thought your kind would have waken up by now to such nonsense but I'll give you the reality check you been running from."

"You can take your reality check and shove it up your ass!"

Tyson had his full power flare up and it was enough to push Xehamaru off of him. The fallen Enji saw the aura of Bast consume the Black Panther, and raised a eyebrow as a claw of aura nearly sliced through him. He watched Tyson carefully before he chuckled darkly." Your energy…it…reminds me of Lacus Raystar just as the Blue eyes White Dragon took over her mind. So…you're a Jinchūrik to some Wakanda deity? Letting a beast run wild in your mind won't be enough! Striking Shadow Snakes!"

As snakes came out at Tyson the Black Panther hissed out," Spears of Bashenga!"

Before his dreadlocks extended to tangle the snakes and stab them. Xehamaru hissed out before Tyson cracked his neck." Do I look like I'm not in control to you dumbass? If you want a war know that war is Wakanda's trade, and has so for generations. Wakanda won't be terrorized, we are terror itself! I don't even know are right now, but I'll repress your cells from doing any demon crap and shut your ass down! Rinzin…Rasengan!"

Xehamaru saw Tyson charge right at him with the sudden purple energy sphere before he narrowed his eyes." A variation of Master Minato's power eh? You're no " Paper Panther" , but that still won't be enough! Darkness Hell Slash!"

Red energy surged across his blade before he struck the Rasengan. The power clash caused the two to both be knocked back before Xehamaru widened his eyes." Darkness Hell Slash…Coil Choke variant!"

He burst at Tyson again and slashed at Tyson vie circling around the Black Panther while using his sword to slice at him from many sides at once. While his target managed to block the strike, the demon made a hand gesture before declaring," Four Black Snakes Formation!"

A large purple barrier appeared around Tyson to cover him before the Wakanda warrior could react. As the barrier glowed Xehamaru hissed out a vengeful," No matter what tricks you have, you won't match my mastery. My entire existence is to master all the magic there is! Oh?"

He saw a flash before he realized Ezan had recovered from before, and the sliver haired man just uttered," Renzokuken Nijūnanazuryūsen!"

For a moment Xehamaru's eyes widened as he could not help but remember how the former leader of the Enji Grand Master Myers had the same stance as Ezan had now, and was slow in his response.

While he tried to parry the strike, he did not expect Ezan to change how the move came out, and had many of his vital organs slashed. As Xehamaru yelled out in pain he laughed bitterly." Using Myers's sword style? You become presumptuous Ezan!"

Ezan narrowed his eyes before lighting crackled around his blade." Figured his soul would want you to be humbled. I'm keeping his will alive, along with all those who are no longer here to put you were you belong!"

Xehamaru saw the remorse in his opponent's eyes before he winced." So he really did not last forever eh? Was it Damonus, or Master Zannacross himself?"

Ezan glanced at Astra before he grit out," You won't be around long enough for the truth to matter scum. All that matters, is that I'm making sure that there dreams won't be in vain!"

"And yet…they will!" Xehamaru cried out bitterly as his aura surged." Because Myers, Gandowan, Minato, Craft, Zoda, they were all clinging on to a fools fantasy! But the dreams of the weak will be devoured by the strong, the fact that after all this time you're still fighting just proves it! And speaking of being devoured… Hades Banquet!"

Suddenly Xehamaru extended his cape, before a swarm of bats burst out. On top of that even more bats suddenly started to descend form the clouds before Shadow winced and looked at those who had not seen Xehamaru fight before." This is more than just some waves of cannon fodder…those bats will explode if you touch them!"

Ratchet winced before he quickly looked at Clank and shrugged." Well, this might not affect their boss but if we can't hit them maybe we can get them to change their tune with the Groovitron! Think you can have it only sync on the bats buddy?"

His small robot companion nodded." Its locked on Ratchet!"

The cat like man threw a small orb into the air just before the swarm of bats reached them, before disco music started playing. Xehamaru raised a eyebrow as he saw the bats start dancing to a tune, and saw his own finger twitch before he eyed Ratchet in annoyance and grasped his fist tightly to repress the effect the Groovitron was having on his own body." A lombax? I see your group is even more diverse than the group that raided the Invisible Hand.

But no matter how many fools across the universe is in this party of yours, it means nothing compared to all the demons that now make up my body! Yes, with the Kotodama Magic from the cells of the demon Zagred, I just have to say my will for it to become reality! Like, let's say, if I want you all to choke right now and have all the oxygen in the area around me vanish, then choke!"

As his eyes glowed red everyone was horrified to realize they were choking. As many tried to put on their space gear Zero glared at Xehamaru and grasped his Z-saber tightly." You think you're hot stuff eh? You're just another maverick that does not know to stay as scrap! You're not nearly as perfect as you think, I'll prove it to you!"

Xehamaru was shocked to see Zero transform into his Perfect Form before he snickered." Oh…so Yurive revealed he was Doctor Wily and tried to make his dream become reality eh? It seemed amusing enough to not break but, even if Wily wanted immortality as bad as I did, his vision was just a tad to narrow, like all you scientists."

"Funny talking from a one tracked mind madmen like you! I'm cutting down all your ambitions snake! Z-End Slash!"

Xehamaru braced himself as Zero was suddenly above him, and coming down at him with a massive green energy blade before he countered with his own red slash and had veins form on his forehead." Almost worthy of living up to that "God of Destruction" power "Maverick hunter." But I'll swallow up your feelings and that will be the end of this farce!"

He had more bats come at Zero, only for Sonic, Shadow, and the others to all unleash the power of the Chaos Emeralds and blaze through in their powered up forms to shatter the living projectiles like flashes of light.

Hyper Sonic smashed Xehamaru in the face before he wagged his finger at the demonic man." You were too slow to keep up with me last time freak, and I was not even going all out! But time you see what sonic speed can really do! Infinite Mass Spindash!"

Xehamaru saw the rainbow-colored hedgehog ripple before his eye twitched." So you're finally living up to your name eh you Mobina rat? That could be quite a lot of momentum…but if that momentum is sent right back at you, no amount of rings would save you! Demonic Guard of Heaven and Earth!"

Shadow saw Sonic's target and grasped his fist tightly." I don't think so! Chaos Control!"

The byproduct of Black Doom used his power to warp Sonic, and have his fellow hedgehog warp into the opposite direction of where Xehamaru set up his counter attack. The demonic man only had time to widen his eyes as Sonic slammed into the snake loving man right on his head from above.

The attack smashed Xehamaru right into the city before the impact shook the planet. James saw Xehamaru yell before he aimed his bow at the man his uncle once worked for." He's pinned now! Don't let him recover!"

Xehamaru saw many prepare to attack before he hissed out." I told you scum…this is my planet! It's impossible for me to be "pinned" when every cell of this world is my asset! Sage Art: Inorganic Reincarnation!"

The "Seeker of Darkness" slammed his free hand to the ground, before the entire area glowed. Suddenly the ground and the buildings alike all came to live and tried to either ram through or impale all of the hero's.

Tyson slashed a building turned snake in half before he rolled his eyes." Ok we get it asshole you like snakes!"

Mike saw one thing after another try and impale him before he winced as his coat got cut." I know this guy's trying real damn hard to be the super demon boss man but how many spells can one guy know?"

Astra saw Xehamaru's sadistic glee before she took a deep breath." Don't matter…the show's over! Don't get too close to me guys, I'm still getting a hang out of this power but its going to shut him down! True-Ice Kamui… Cocytus Aegis!"

Everyone was shocked as Astra revealed her new transformation to others for the first time. As she became clad in demonic icy knight armor Ezan raised an eyebrow." Your mana…has traces of…Aqua in it?"

Astra cracked her neck as the ground chucks coming for her froze and shattered in moments." Geto pulled a sick joke on me…but the joke ended up being on him cause it allowed me and her to D-link to kick ass and take names! Careful "Mister super elite" not sure even you will not freeze solid if you're near me too long! Don't worry, this guy has it coming."

She burst for Xehamaru, and he saw bats and ice freeze alike before he narrowed his eyes." That aura…almost reminds me of Aqua. Just what are you!? Bah, I'll save time and figure out what your corpse was! Shadow Flare Star…Dimachairos!"

With Sonic backed off, in an instant Xehamaru had his aura explode before he unleashed a massive purple energy blast that splits into five smaller fireballs, before trying to converge on Astra.

However, her ice started to freeze the spell before she hissed out," You're not the lord of jack anymore freak! You're not even the head demon around here anymore! Your nothing but someone that's just a virus on the universe!"

Xehamaru narrowed his eyes as he saw his projectiles fail to keep the ice from coming for him before veins formed on his forehead." Nonsense! No matter what has changed, I will never be an "irrelevant" factor! If the "laws of nature" have indeed changed, here on this world, I'll reverse them to fit what helps its master! Designator of the Dark Sanctuary!"

The demonic man's eyes widened before lightning bolts boomed down. Suddenly demonic eyes and mouths appeared from the clouds as the air became distorted. The ice then hit Xehamaru, but he burst into flames instead. Astra saw Xehamaru laugh before she raised an eyebrow."

"I get that at some point when it gets so cold it burns but not like that!"

James saw the entire area around Xehamaru look distorted before he winced." No…its like, Xehamaru rewrites the entire rules of reality around him to change it to whatever helped him!"

Xehamaru laughed as more demonic mouths and eyes surrounded his enemies." I was not being figurative when I said I had the home-field advantage Enji scum. Within this dark sanctuary, the master of said sanctuary can alter the" rules of the game" so that what harms him can heal him and vice versa. I told you, I'm the master of this Shadow Game…and you won't cheat me out of my destiny again!"

Ezan grasped his fist before his aura exploded." This is not a game Xehamaru! Your just one demented man trying to fulfill his will on the universe and if you having to die two or three more times is what it takes for you to submit to that then so be it!"

He prepared to dash at Xehamaru again, only for a new demon to appear in front of him, a bald blue woman with a child like doll in her hand that had a demonic aura. As other demons burst out of the ground to surround the attackers Xehamaru grasped his hand tightly.

"I'm the blind one? I'm going to force those eyes of yours to see what reality is Ezan! Dark Necrofear, Doomcaliber Knight, The Duke of Demise, and all my other Necro Soldiers are still here because their hatred still burns!

Maybe you can shrug off the Necrochalcos as cannon fodder most of the time, but here those who answered the Call of the Haunted are undying when under my command! There's some souls…that I'm not quite familiar with just yet lingering around here. But…they all hate you, and the universe! You can try and dismiss me all you want but you're the ones that failed the universe since the hatred on this planet is even stronger than before!"

Tyson saw some of the demons like Gremory that they just destroyed reform before he winced." Oh hell…so this world had something like the Necropolis in Wakanda? Really don't want to deal with some of these assholes again!"

Astra saw Kirinmaru 's ghost yell at her before she rolled her eyes." God damn it take a hint already!"

As she crossed blades she looked around before her eyes widened." I don't see he just not enjoying being a pawn...or did he not die?"

Ezan quickly cleaved through the Duke of Demise and the Doomcaliber knight before he uttered," No matter how many worthless grunts you pile on it won't save you for, huh? No!"

He saw one corpse stagger, before taking the shape of a adult male with unruly brown hair and light blue eyes, he was wearing a black leather bomber jacket with a fur trim collar and a v-neck white shirt, black pants with three interconnecting red belts, and black boots and gloves. He has a silver stud in his left ear and wears a silver chain necklace with a Griever pendant and a matching ring.

In his hand was a Gunblade, and as he pointed this" Lion-Heart Gunblade at Ezan the gray corpse uttered," If you think I'm just a nameless grunt, you forgotten even more then I thought Ezan. Blasting Zone!"

Ezan winced as the man who looked like his former squad leader, and friend raised his gunblade overhead, charged up his aura, and extended a pillar of energy to the outer atmosphere before having it crash down on Ezan.

The sliver haired man quickly parried the suddenly massive blade of light before his eyes widened." Damn you Xehamaru! I know this is not Squall, the real Squall Lionheart would never be this weak!"

"I don't know Ezan, its easy peasy for a guy like you to not get us man! Grand Lethal!"

Ezan saw another corpse looking like his other comrade Zidane Trible and deflected the barrage of purple energy blasts he unleashed before he winced." You think you knew my comrades Xehamaru but you knew nothing!"

As Ezan tried to erase the demons looking like his friends Sonic was about to run to Ezan's side before he saw a shadow take the image of Sliver. The flying hedgehog had buildings take to the air before uttering," Why are you the only one who gets to have a future Sonic?"

As Sonic winced, Zero saw a enemy look like his former rival, Colonel, the SA ranked Maverick Hunter quickly parried the incoming energy saber and hissed out," Damn it...the real Colonel had to much honor to be used like this!"

Ratchet prepared to try and fire at all the corpses with the RYNO before a energy blast shot past him. He saw the corpse of a 6'5"humanoid, with exaggerated body proportions; whose upper body was large and muscular, while his lower body was small and compact and was clad in a attire that was his iconic Q-Force uniform, one that that consisted of green tights that covered most of his body, with gray tights for his arms, green gloves for his hands, a yellow belt on his waist, a red antenna on top and a Quark logo in the center (a blue and black atom with a lightning bolt that vaguely resembles the letter "Q"come at him before the bulky man moaned out," can you call your self a hero when you screwed over everyone's lovable Captain Copernicus Leslie Quark?"

Ratchet rolled his eyes before spitting back," Loveable? Clank thought you were a legit hero but you sold us, the Q-Force and your whole planet Kerwan out to Chairmen Dreck, then ran off to take over the Megacorp company to spread the Protopets to save the Bogon Galaxy from the mess you caused!"

"Yah but I helped you guys shut down Doctor Nefarious!"

"That's only because he was trying to kill you to!"

Quark just yelled in primal anger as he fired his ray gun at the Lombax.

As he and the others looked bitterly at there opponents, and saw James counter spells from corpses that looked like his uncle Magneto, and his former Enji Master Sieghart before Tanjiro winced as he got his sword ready to defend Nezuko from corpse like imposters of his former fellow Demon Slayers Zenitsu and Inosuke before he cried out," No…death and life should not be crossed! As much as I hate Muzan…this man who spawned from him treats death like nothing!"

"That's the whole point random Enji twenty-six!" Xehamaru uttered with a detached look." To be free of death's grasp was my goal the whole time. This way…only the right people are erased. After how much failure, you Enji are the ones defying destiny. That's why it's the will of the world, if not the universe that you just submit and fade to darkness! Torrent of Despair!"

He waved his hand before clouds covered the sky, before a downpour of blood red energy blasts rained down like a storm.

Ezan saw Tanjiro and Nezuko get blasted off the building and tried to help them before a revived Barnabas yelled at the sliver haired man with berserk fury, only to be backhanded into the others before he sighed." I'm just glad he's not aware of time fall as this is in fact sightly less of a problem. Damn it…at this point just need to catch him off guard with one overwhelming attack to finish him. No amount of minions can shield you forever. Your ambitions will vanish at the speed of a thunderclap! Kirin!"

Ezan raised his hand, before the rain clouds suddenly ruptured, before Xehamaru saw a cloud sized bolt shaped like a dragon charge at him, and hit him in 1/1000th of a second.

As Xehamaru went flying, Ezan tried to follow up his attack, only for a corpse like his former teammate Senel Coolage to grapple him from behind and try to throw him with his" Lord of Creation" Mystic Arte.

Mike saw attacks coming from everywhere before he winced." Man, we had plenty of plans go to hell but this is the first time I feel like we legit are in hell now. No…even hell is just a sideshow from what I have to get done. Just have to, whoa!"

A explosion blasted Mike off his feet. The storm had clouded his vision as he felt like he fell through one or two floors and hit the ground hard. As he got hit in the head he groaned painfully." Damn…just one bad move and the way back is going to be?"

He felt like the room suddenly became ten times chiller before a mocking voice cut in with," Just one boy? You must be more delusional than the rest to think you even still have a chance to rebound from this game. But…I guess you really are his son then eh?"

To his horror he saw Xehamaru was behind him, and that he had landed in the castle's throne room. He realized that no one else fell near him, and that demons were swarming everywhere as Xehamaru snapped his fingers and dark energy cocooned the broken throne room to prevent the others from seeing or sensing them.

The pale man licked his lips before landing on the ground." While the others are busy…I feel we should properly introduce ourselves. I noticed you're relying on your friends even more than your father boy. Your power level's only a tad higher than your father was after he pulled off that Bankai of his. That's why I'm…still not sure just how much time has passed. If you're really only this strong then it can't be that long."

Mike let out an uneasy chuckle before he walked back." Eh, what can I say? Fighting was not really what I wanted to put as the profession yah feel me?"

"And yet here you are."

Mike's resolved hardened as he got into a fighting stance." What can I say other than…got no choice but to see the family business through."

"So you're doing this over family duty over hero fantasying like he did eh? To be honest, I sympathize just a tad with your situation. I had to avenge my own family, and my entire race, when my entire world of Slythron was wiped out by the Zandalorian dogs hired by all the corrupt peons of the farce of the corrupt United Galactic Alliance. Master Myers…he kept trying to insist that people were still worth protecting, that the Lylat Kingdom fixed the mistakes of the past.

Even after Irazous, even after the few people I could tolerate in the order like Captain Allison sacrificed herself in the terrorist uprising on Bolovax Vik, he still insisted that humans would get better "someday".

But I saw the truth, they would never learn, they would never listen! That's why only total extermination would bring true change. So while I can relate to the joke of a destiny you got "Starboy Jr." In the end you chose the wrong team in this shadow game to back!"

Mike saw Xehamaru raise his blade before he chuckled bitterly." So that's what it all is about eh Xehamaru? Your people were the "chosen ones" and brutalizing everyone else is just how the game works cause they are the " other team" eh?"

"Well if morals were indeed the word of god then we would not be here right now eh?"

"Maybe…I'm not going to bet on saying I know God's plan. But I know your plan's a con even if you're the last one who still is hustled by it. Maybe the light's lost, but so has your "team". We all lost, and sticking to the same games are just going to make everyone lose."

Xehamaru saw the bluntness on Mike's face before he raised an eyebrow, and let out a dry," Well…if even his own son has lost faith in the dream then Auro's failure is all but complete eh? I thought I would have to torture you to get to that point but you're making this almost too easy. But…if you're being a good sport out of this then I'll thank you by making your death quick!"

Mike powered up before he winced." I did not say I was giving up! Just that I'm making sure things don't just waste people's times with the same broken cycle but lead to something that will change things!"

"Oh…is that what your sword and destiny is you, huh?"

Xehamaru saw Mike's coat blow open before he saw the broken hilt of the Divine Mugen Nova and snickered." You were given a broken sword? That's one bad joke you, huh?"

He looked at the hilt carefully, and then noticed the broken Oathkeeper blade on the other side before he raised an eyebrow." Wait…that's the blade Raystar used. So the other blade…was the evolved form of the Star Sword? If both of your parents holy blades were broken, you all are on the run? Did, Master Zannacross do this? Has this entire ordeal been a test for my redemption to him?"

Mike sighed before he looked down." You really are all in on the dogmatic spiel eh man? You hustled yourself so much that it would only be one way or another that you did not even think about it going down with option C eh? Well too bad cause that's how it is, neither side won and everyone lost. We all thought it was going to boil down to the god of light or the god of darkness solving everyone's problems, but the only way out is for us to find are own answer to live life!"

Xehamaru was not sure if Mike was just ranting before he cracked his neck." Young fools always want to think they can just will everything to match there reality. I'm guilty of this myself, but I quickly realized no amount of willpower really changes anything, only power! And only the power of god can be enough to do what must be done!"

Mike chuckled bitterly as he looked at his parent's blades." No…trust me even " the power of god" can't solve everything Xehamaru. Only something real is going to push things forward. Even if it's not as perfect as the dream, at least it will last."

"Only something real eh?" Xehamaru uttered bitterly as he closed his eyes." What's real is that those with power set the rules, and I'm far more powerful than you so I'll decide what is real you inferior scum! To think...the son of the hero would talk like a common bussiness man. In some ways that's even more distasteful then if you were a dark wizard like me!"

Mike grasped his fist tightly before shrugging." Sometimes the voice no one wants to hear from is the voice that has to get the last word! Its my own path and I'm sticking to it!"

"Such feeble will can't compare to, huh? Ugh!"

Xehamaru prepared to charge at Mike, till he suddenly lost his traction. As he fell and realized Mike altered the surface of the ground. In an instant Mike burst forward with much more speed then his enemy expected before kicking Xehamaru right in his throat, just as he was about to have another blade come out of his mouth.

This caused Xehamaru to cut his own throat, causing him to cough up blood. As the dark lord staggered back Mike ran at him before yelling out," You can have all the cards but it's knowing which ones to use that counts! Stardust Breaker!"

Mike had the holy rainbow orb appear in his hand and slam it into his enemy's chest. Xehamaru was hit hard enough to be knocked out the window, and used all of his dark magic to prevent his body from burning like Mahito did.

As he counteracted the purging effect by pouring dark energy into it he glared madly at Mike." Your clearly less powerful than me, were you hiding your power level?"

"Nah…more like you stepped on the spell I set up, so your friction transferred the speed and power you were putting into your blow into my own! You're not the only one who can set a trap!"

"Heh...nicely done boy! I give you credit for at least fighting to the end but I promise you just don't have what it takes to kill me!"

"Maybe…but as long as it sets up the play then its good enough for me!"

Xehamaru was going to say more before he saw a flash of light, and looked up to see that Ezan had cleaved through the undead hordes in his way and fired a Judgement Arrow right at his target. He fired it fast enough that by the time Xehamaru saw it, the holy projectile hit him right in the chest.

As Xehamaru screamed out in pain, the arrow shot him back to the core of the planet. He tried to rebound only for James to shoot a Final Eraser arrow at him. The blast shot off his right shoulder, as James uttered," This game has gone on long enough Xehamaru, its time you realize that it's over."

Xehamaru winced and unleashed another Sage Art: White Rage spell only for Ezan to widen his eye." That won't trick me again, Kamui!"

He widened his Sharingan eye to transfer the incoming spell to another dimension he once more had the Divine Joutei armor cover him as he saw his target's eye twitch." You're not leading anything Xehamaru. You're not the leader of any revolutions, just one deluded madmen who refuses to realize his time at his mad cause is done.

This time…fade away forever! No matter how much you mastered immortality it won't save you from the essence of destruction itself!

Kamui…Hakai Tachyon Shuriken!"

Xehamaru saw the purple glowing Shuriken coming for him and tried to get away from it, till an Iron Flower burst out of his arm. He glanced at James with pure hate, till the Shuriken hit him right in the chest.

To his horror he felt the destruction energy course through him, and used all of his willpower to not be erased as he saw the hole in the planet and screamed out in outrage." No…I did not craw back form oblivion just to be swept aside like common trash! Ezan…James…all of you will pay! I'm not just one " deluded clown" cause is not worthless! I'm what will realize the new era! Xehamaru is not just a man, it's a force that binds everything, even a planet! Nothing to lose trying this now!

Inorganic Reanimation...Planetary Soul Binding!"

Just as he hit the core of the planet, the pieces of the planet smashed into him and a explosion broke out.

Everyone saw the light fade, and saw the undead start to dissolve before Astra spat on the ground." He's even more of a stubborn asshole then Geto but…one way or another they all have to wake up sooner or later."

Mike looked down the hole and saw Xehamaru was gone before he tugged his collar." So…is that it? We done?"

Clive staggered up before he coughed a bit." At last…are world is finally free from the, huh? What the hell!?"

He was cut off as a earthquake nearly everyone off their feet. Raymond winced as he looked around." I know it was fast paced but um…hope the blast that took him out did not take out the planet with it!"

Ezan eyed downward and grasped his fist tightly." No…my blast would not affect the core…this is something else."

Zero winced before he looked around." Xehamaru did seem like the kind of guy who would rig his planet to blow up if he failed."

Tyson looked around, and looked up before he saw the mountains start to ripple before he raised an eyebrow." Wait…those mountains are not cracking but morphing…what the hell is this? Is that…turning into a nose?"

Ezan eyed the entire area before he widened his eyes." Wait…the energy, is spreading around the entire planet? But, that would mean, no!"

He and some of the others flew up into the air just as they heard a burst of laughter. They saw geysers of aura were bursting out of the entire planet, before Astra had her eye twitch." Wait…this is a joke right?"

To her and everyone else's dread the entire mountain suddenly transformed into Xehamaru's upper body as demonic wings formed out of his back and another demon like mouth appeared across his chest.

Sonic looked around before he rubbed his head." Seriously…he's nearly like Dark Gaia now!"

As other mountains transformed into gigantic snake heads before the villain who appeared to be merged with the very planet widened his now skyscraper sized arms." HAHAHAH! IT WORKED! I knew with enough energy it would work.

The data on Ego the Living Planet, Mogo of the Green Lantern Corps, Zonama Sekot the living planet that the Yuuzhan Vong worshiped and more, was enough for me to recreate the effects on myself! That Eggman 's data on Dark Gaia ended up being useful after all!"

Shadow grit his teeth before uttering," Doctor…what did you do?"

Robotnik let out an uneasy chuckle before he responded over the codec with," Sorry about that…after what happened to Cortex I was trying to prove my worth and all. I mean…I did not think it was going to work!"

Axl let out an uneasy chuckle before he shrugged." I mean…what's the big deal? Remember when Weil merged with that Death Star or Space Station Ragnarök or whatever? We blew him up so this is no different!"

Xehamaru only snickered as the quakes got worst." Oh…so Weil was that obsessed with his big toy after all? Bah, don't dare compared me to the likes of that insolent scum! He was so proud of his" Technological Terror", but even the power to destroy the planet is not enough compared to the power of a true planet!

After my experience on planet Cetra I realized the power of a planet's will, so I sought to have this planet's guardian submit to my will! The planet did not quite have the lifestream Cetra had but, with a few adjustments I could bend the whole world to fit my aims! After all if it worked for that misguided Cetra then it would work for me as well as I'm the true ultimate life form!"

As Xehamaru laughed madly Sonic let out a uneasy chuckle." Should we tell him that Zannacross still topped him when he became the universe and threw galaxies around like Shuriken's?"

Knuckles had his eye twitch before barking back," Just shut up before you make him do anything crazier Sonic!"

Form within Ezan soul Aries 's own soul left out a sigh of disgust." Damn it reading the will of the planet is not like this! It's cheating when you're just enslaving everything! Kick his ass already Ezan!"

"Understood." Ezan answered grimly. "Your resourceful Xehamaru, but merging directly with the planet just is delaying the inevitable!"

Mike winced as he realized the entire planet was now starting to ripple." Yah, becoming this" Yami Xehamaru" is not as hardcore as you think."

"Yami?" Xehamaru uttered with disdain." Please, I'm already the master of the dark side so that's redundant.

I'm Xehamaru Ultimalius Dragni Pluto now, the embodiment of darkness! I noticed a lack of working Nova Crushers, so I'll just be my own ship for now!"

Ezan had his aura flare up before he uttered," You think you become the ultimate life form when you just become a bigger target! You, huh? No!"

To his horror he saw below that a giant snake head had burst out of the ground, to devour the entire Hague ship. Xehamaru chuckled darkly before uttering," Its been a lot to catch up with at once but I noticed you seemed to care a lot about this ship. Something…does seem unique about it. So, I'll figure out just what might be useful about it after I kill you!"

Damn you, huh?"

He looked below to see a skyscraper sized hand burst out of the ground to try and punch him. He slashed it in half, but saw three more coming for him. As he and the others quickly realized now Xehamaru had endless attacks coming for him there now planet wide, such as a volcano sized snake head suddenly having black magma burst out, the attacker laughed madly." Surely you realized that someone with those eyes of yours has realized that the rules of the game has changed yes?

For all your new powers sounds like you still can't just warp from one planet and another. And if your ship's not around here then too bad but the border to planet Ormus has been closed! One way or another…you're never leaving this planet alive! But you will travel on, as part of this world's life-stream!"

Astra quickly froze the giant snake heads coming at her before she gave Clive a guilty look." Sorry guys, but busting your planet might be the only way to save the universe at this point."

James looked around and sighed as he fired energy arrows in all directions." It's not that simple Astra. If we blow up the planet our friends from the other universe will be lost. We have to fight smarter, not harder."

"Yah well you better have an idea on how to fight smarter real soon!"

"I do. Xehamaru 's become so big that his brain is now a bigger target. He won't just leave it open though."

Ezan landed alongside Astra before he nodded." From what you told me, this Gorr sword of yours is able to also neutralize the effects of immortality yes? Like the Divine Mugen Nova…you could quarantine Xehamaru 's soul from the planet, and allow us to end this once and for all."

Robotnik suddenly cut in with," I might be able to help as well. After my own disastrous outcome with Dark Gaia on Mobius I did create countermeasures just in case it ever happened again."

"You mean in case your next super monster turned on you again?" Sonic wryly cut in, causing his old enemy to snap back with," Hey I learned from that dragon on Northstar Islands right?"

"You did?"

"It's how we made sure Solaris was defeated!"

"Wait what? How?"

"Shut up you're not smart enough to understand. The point is I can synthesize a compound that will weaken Xehamaru's grip on the planet! Just keep him busy enough for me to get it to you!"

Suddenly the ground beneath everyone turned to mud, before snakes slithered out to try and bind everyone as the planet sized villain widened his arms." This time…you will submit! With the planet at my command, I can control everything, up to its gravity!"

His eyes glowed red, before the gravity on Valisthea became over one hundred times heavier than one such as earth. James, Eve, Shionne, and the other magic users quickly had to use their combined magic to prevent many of their allies from being crushed in moments.

Ezan quickly readjusted before his aura flared up." All of this power, won't save you from what you fear most Xehamaru! Twilight Omega Flare!"

Ezan unleashed his energy blast of light and darkness, and unleashed enough power to vaporize the mountain sized villain. As the energy blast went off to space and explode the dark laughter continued before the very surface of the planet below the group morphed into Xehamaru 's face." Don't you understand? A being with the power of god…is beneath pain or fear!"

Astra snorted as she powered up and shrugged off the increased gravity." So you shut off pain and fear eh? Just proves to me that your even further off of being a "god" then you thought, and never came back to life in the first place."

"Auro's side kick sure raised a defective devil to the end eh? You forsake your destiny, all to indulge to your own selfish whims. You're a disgrace to the light and to the dark!"

"Like I care? This might have meant everything to you but your holy war means jack to me! I only care about keeping the people I like alive and well and kicking anyone who has a problem with that's ass, even if it's a planet wide one!"

"Bah…its time all of you learn that somethings don't change no matter how much you feel for them. Your trapped in my grasp, that is absl, huh?"

He saw a flash from above, and saw energy blasts and missiles rain down from the sky. The Yamato and the Eden Zero flew down as Rebecca from the bridge of her ship cried out," You freak, you're not killing are friends! Besides busting up a evil planet is going to get me so many V-tube views! Fire the Star Bringer!"

As the Star Bringer and the Wave Motion cannon fired, Xehamaru also saw the Aldous fire he had snake heads fire massive red energy blasts to counter them before he snickered." I see your warships have managed to get more powerful cannons than the likes of the Great Fox and the Neo-Highwind, but it's still not enough! Even if you have enough power to match the Death Star's planet breaking super-laser, the power that can level normal planets is not enough to destroy what I have become! I am now, oh?"

Xehamaru felt something go down his throat before he heard a new voice say," You just become something with its own weakness Xehamaru."

The Axalon then let down its cloaking barrier as Robotnik in his revised Egg Emperor appeared out of its hanger. Xehamaru saw the scientist that use to work for him before he snickered." You lived this long as well Eggman? Between that and your research helping me ascend, your almost worthy of being in the new order, as long as you pay the proper respect."

"Tsc, there once was a time when I thought that would be praise, but I have no desire to be part of your order Xehamaru. For one thing, there is no order you're going to build now."

"After all this you still dismiss what I can do? As I am now, even that damn fusion of the three Lylat gods, Horakhty, would be swept aside by my wrath!"

"It is impressive, but there is nothing more damning for a scientist than acting on false information. For all your power…it means nothing compared to what is now the" top" of this universe's food chain."

"Bah…I'll show you all that I'm not going to be swept aside by upstarts. Did you finish that laughable death egg and think it can finish me?"

"Sort of, but this Death Egg is more…compact."

As Xehamaru raised a eyebrow Rattrap, Cheetor, and some of the other Maximals suddenly burst out of a hole in the massive enemy's body before the rat like human robot moaned." Man I must have my circuits crossed if this rat's just dived into the mouth of the biggest snake ever."

Dinobot snickered before uttering," It just means you're a rat with honor."

"Heh, fair enough chopper face. Alright Big Bot, lets do this before I lose my nerve!"

"Right!" Optimus Primal uttered," Do it Rhinox!"

The rhino based Maximal flipped a switch, before a bunch of holes popped up around Xehamaru's body like zits." He hissed out before uttering," You think you can ram a few nukes down my throat or something? I'm not like that monkey Fowltror…I did not lose my grace while in this size! It's a simple matter of, huh?"

A new sphere appeared right in front of his mouth as Fragile smirked at the confused former Patriarch." Special delivery from Fragile Express, just for you."

The new device went down his throat before he could attack, and as he tried to cast a spell he felt parts of his body, including his throat suddenly expand causing him to yell out," GUH!"

To his shock the pods all grew massively in size, clogging his throat, and causing energy to scramble his thoughts. Robotnik smirked before he leaned back on his seat." Well, think my "Death Egg pills" are nothing Xehamaru? Mixing the Pym Particles with the transwarp cells can cause for a massive chain reaction eh? After the likes of Perfect Chaos, Devil Doom, Solaris, Dark Gaia, and more I just decided if another monster wanted to devour me it would be good to cause a way to give them indigestion, even if it means scrambling their very make up.

You put more into your experiment then I did to pull this fusion off Xehamaru, but what can be done, can also be undone. be fair I guess the elements of the Evolvo-Ray, powered by mojo, did help insure the process could make the target unstable have my thanks for the help Cortex."

Xehamaru saw the smaller scientist laugh madly before giving Xehamaru the finger." WHO'S USELESS NOW!? This hell was nearly all worth it just to see your, AHH!"

As Cortex dived away from another snake trying to rip him in half Xehamaru saw part of his body, or part of the planet start to glow before his eyes glowed red." Nice try, but I'll just quarantine the virus and be done with the lot of you! I'll...GUH!"

To his shock a giant sword dashed into his left eye. As he hissed with rage the sword revealed itself to be Daan as Van yelled out," You...ARE YOU THE CLAW!? have a claw so, you just might be him! At last your going to pay!"

Xehamaru had miniature snakes try and blast the new mecha before he grunted out," I mean...I do happen to have a claw in this state but your going to have to be precise because I have killed quite a lot of pepole! I mean...first how long ago was this because if I killed someone when I was dead then I outdid myself."

He tried to expel the corrupted part of his body off of him despite Van distracting him, only for Ezan to have his energy flare up." You can ponder it back in the next dimension! You slithered out of your fate for the last time snake! Shin Planetary Devastation!"

The super-soldier clapped both hands together, forming a black sphere between them, and launched it. The black sphere then shot right into what made up his target's" Torso". No explosion happened, but just as Xehamaru relented, he saw the entire chunk of his body be launched out of the planet and into the sky, effectively creating a "moon" that forcefully hovered high above the area.

He saw Ezan was keeping him bound before he howled with rage." Even a " super elite" Enji can't submit a entire planet Ezan…you will pay for your arrogance!"

He tried to have a snake head burst out only for Tyson to charge at him at full power." You're the last person that should say someone else is being cocky! You're not getting out of this, no matter how big you get you can't squirm out of this! You are so full of hatred, you will never be able to be a true ruler, and I won't let anyone have to suffer through that! Idoua's Desgarrón!"

Tyson's aura flared up as he slashed another snake head off.

As he did Clive transformed back into Ifrit before howling out," So sure of your place atop the world, you refuse to acknowledge those below! Even if we just met, I can see you chose to be alone! For all this power, you shunned the one thing that would have made you truley strong! Pushed away the hands that could have pushed you higher! Scarlet Cyclone!"

As he cleaved yet another snake head off...Mark, Hyper Sonic, Zero, Shiki, Wolverine and more all hit Xehamaru from all sides to keep him from expelling the infected part of his body before his aura glowed. " Damn you maggots! That's all you are now, nothing but miserable maggots! I don't need anyone! I will not end, I AM THE END OF THIS UNIVERSE! The universe you seek is just a fantasy! FADE TO DARKNESS! Light of…the…Purgatorium…Megiddo!"

Xehamaru put his hands together before all the snakes around him gathered energy, and unleashed a massive red energy sphere in all directions expanding like a supernova.

While he thought he would either vaporize everyone or at least blow them back to his shock Mike got in front of the beam in his direction and cast a barrier. While the blast nearly blasted him into the sky, Eve, James, Shionne,Rinwell, Blackarachnia, Ratchet, Shiki, Tyson, and everyone else that was around used their various powers and spells to help him push back and stand his ground.

While the curly haired man was nearly blasted through the entire city, he dug his foot on the ground so hard blood came down his cheek as his barrier slowly absorbed the energy.

He saw Xehamaru's look of pure hate before he used all of his will power to reconfigure the attack." Guess what Xehamaru? You can call us maggots or heathens or anything else to try and laugh us off as " inferior beings" but your actions still cause a tab and that tab is being called right now! Its not the act of god or the devil, its just what the will of the people is! And right now, that will is that your whole holy war scam to be canceled!

Compound…Fracture…FORECLOSURE FLASH!"

Xehamaru screamed as he saw that while it looked like the effort was going to cause his own body to fracture in the process, with his friends helping him he was able to reconfigure the attack into a orb of light green energy that went into his foot, before he kicked it and unleashed a massive green crescent wave, one that became big enough to slice Xehamaru in half.

The massive demon gasped in pain as he glared at the defiant faces of Mike, Ezan, James, and the others." No…I…am Xehamaru…the eternal seeker of darkness! The likes of you, can't kill a being such as me. You will, you will, GUH!"

Astra suddenly stabbed him right in the head with Gorr. She spat in his face as ice burst out of chunks of his body before her energy exploded." Oh we sure as hell can kill a creep like you Xehamaru.

Because not only are you not nearly as " perfect" as you thought you are, but times have changed to the point where your not special. You made a big deal about coming back from death but now any rich asshole can do that. Where ever your going next, know that your not special, just another pathetic loser. So get lost! "

"DAMN YOU! I won't let you…Hell's Judgment!"

He unleashed a last-ditch effort to drain Astra's power, but as the magical symbol appeared around her she winced, before she flashed a grin and had shadows carve up the symbol." I don't give a damn what hell's judgment is! Here's my own! Berial…Masako!"

After using Gorr to suck up her target's essence she unleashed her most powerful energy beam. Xehamaru tried to strike her, but all his attacks were blown away as the massive triple red projectile consumed him. Xehamaru saw his body start to break up as he uttered," No…after all this…I can't die again… can't have all just amounted to nothing but a joke! NOOO!"

Everyone saw his entire body be consumed, and in moments be vaporized. Astra fired at just the right direction to have her Berial Masako beam rocket out of the planet's atmosphere and explode in the distance. As it faded Mike took a weary breath." Alright…don't want to jinx it so this another fake out or can we call it?"

Ezan looked around, and saw the planet, while nearly fractured, was back to normal before he sighed." I can't see a trace of his energy anywhere. The mission, at last is complete."

Megaman winced as he looked around." Wait…what about Roll? None of this matters if she did not make it!"

Astra looked around before she cracked her neck." God damn it…that asshole better not have devoured everyone or, huh?"

Everyone heard a tremor, and for a moment everyone dreaded that Xehamaru somehow still survived. Yet as the ground broke open, the Cybuster burst out of the ground, with the Hague behind him.

The green haired warriors mecha transformed into its humanoid state before the member of the SRX team uttered," Is this still part of the nightmare? Being eaten by a planet really feels like it!"

Mike chuckled with relief as he leaned back." Masaki? You, you guys ok?"

Masaki let out a bitter chuckle as the cockpit opened and he staggered out." I think…I need a new well, everything but, I'll live. Some are in worst shape then others but, we, we will be ok."

Megaman ran up to Masaki before he winced." So…Roll and Barrel are ok?"

Masaki coughed a bit before he looked down." The old man…had a heart attack from all the stress from there torture. But, he will just need time."

Mike saw the former Digger looked like he was going to collapse before he sighed." Well…sure as hell need time for R&R but…at least the mission was a success right? We, we saved the."

Before he could finish he heard a collapsing sound, and turned around to see many of the buildings behind him were collapsing from all the tremors and lasers Xehamaru unleashed.

The lanky man heard countless screams before he winced." Well…might come off as a dick if I say we saved the day when it looks like half the planet just got wrecked thanks to Xehamaru hijacking the entire planet. Still…at least we saved someone."

Cid looked around before he sighed." The world's been ripped a new one…but at last it's our world to do as we please. Knew independence would not come cheap but, at last, we threw off the shackles."

Clive looked at where his mother died before he grasped Jill's hand." And thus…did are journey end."

Ezan winced as he looked in the sky, and saw Fortress Doom hovering like a satellite. It was not doing anything, but it caused him to be on guard never the less." Cid…Clive…everyone…I'm truly sorry but this is not the end, but just the beginning. Even with are countermeasures, it won't take long till the Vought Clan and the IV&C demand an answer from Muzan, and will take action when they don't get one. I'm sorry, but if you want to remain free, we must prepare to leave as soon as possible unless you desire to be enslaved or killed by the likes of Homelander."

Clive looked around before he sighed." Aside from the children most of us knew that throwing off are shackles would not mean the suffering would end. We hoped it would be an improvement, but we knew it would not be pretty. A sorry tale of sin and suffering, hardship and pain. But…its who we are. We fight, we survive, and we endure. It's who we are.

The likes of Muzan and Xehamaru seem to insist we need a reason to be worth keeping alive, but we don't need a reason. We are imperfect creatures. When we stumble, we lean on each others, when we fall, we stand back up. We see the horizon ever out of reach…and we still march on…certain that the answer lies just beyond. Because that is are way."

Sonic paused before he looked around." Still…we wrecked these folk's world so we got to save them! Even…even if most of them were part of a planet wide cult it does not mean they all got to go down with the ship!"

Ezan nodded as he looked around." We can't save everyone, but, we will try and do what we can to make sure no one else is damned today. I...should go about fixing the moon now I suppose."

Kaine coughed up some blood before she looked around." At least…for all of this Tanjiro and his sister can be free. But…where are they?"

Mike winced as he looked around and tensed up." He must have gotten thrown as far as I did when Xehamaru made the planet go to hell. No, after all this he has to be able to have good times with his sister!"

Tyson looked around before he cracked his neck." I don't sense the dude's magical energy, but hopefully it just means he's knocked out."

Ezan nodded as he looked at the others." The entire area has been ravaged, so lets make sure to be careful. He has to be somewhere near by. At the very least...we subdued just about all the ghosts this planet has, lets just make sure that' stays that way."

The group nodded and prepared to move out before Ezan took a deep breath, looked around for any sigh of dark energy, and prepared to clean up things as best as a ruined world could.

As they regrouped, they did not realize that the situation was not as simple as they thought and that even Ezan's eyes could not see everything.

Tanjiro indeed fell far, far enough to fall to the depths of the ruins of Muzan's Infinity Palace. Nezuko had grasped her brother, and with her demon strength endured the drop. The siblings were still hurt hard though, and Nezuko saw Tanjiro moan before she winced." Brother…please be ok…I…I know the others will find us soon! Please, please don't die Tanjiro!"

Tanjiro kept moaning as he grasped where Muzan hit his face, before he slowly uttered," No…I…I refuse to die…I will never die!"

As Nezuko gasped Tanjiro's eyes turned red, before he slowly got to his feet." So…even my own cells betrayed me. God truly hates me…and I hate God right back! But…I won't be…anyone's pawn! I…transferred enough of my soul…to keep living…in my Replica.

The Shadow of Death has always…been close by me. My hearts stopped numerous times when I was still in my mother's womb. They…they said I was an stillborn. I was born with no pulse, not breathing. But when they went to cremate me…I writhed and struggled and released my first cries. That which I have desired has always come to pass…I have made it happen.

However, what I can do alone, is clearly limited. Master Elrond…I must admit that what you said is true. All that lives must die. Only feelings are eternal and undying. That is true. I do not remember a single human being I have killed. Flesh dies and that is the end.

However…their feelings passed on and never fell to ruin…and have ruined me. I have witnessed that fact with my own eyes…but my own feelings are undying and eternal as well."

Nezuko saw Tanjiro's face before she turned pale." No…Muzan? Get out of my brother's body!"

"Are you sure you want that? His breath and heart have stopped. Though…not all his cells have died so he is still alive, alive enough for me to take over. Now " Nezuko"…since you stopped me form reuniting with my sister, in return I'll deny you from ever having another happy family moment with your brother! I, ugh!"

Muzan winced as Tanjiro suddenly grasped his hand and revealed he was still fighting being taken over." I…I want to go back. I want to go home too, Nezuko. I'm so tired."

Muzan winced before he hissed out." Silence…you are the inheritor of my will. Do not look forward, do not believe in others, do not find hope. If you're not with me, you will die in only days human. Think only about yourself. Take hold of this opportunity for everlasting life."

"No…I'm going to die as a human. I don't have the slightest desire to live forever, I don't need that. I want to go back to everyone. You, you already lost Muzan. At your best you were overwhelmed."

"You are scum Tanjiro! You understand nothing. Even if my body failed, I'll still win. Because…because I saw the memories of your precious comrades from the other universe! They were defiant, but I know where this Multiversal Rebel Alliance High Command is! As long as I present that to Sieg V-Day Elgan…I'll be given the ultimate reward! A new body, a new family, all of that is within grasp from the man who has everything, who controls everything! So don't struggle over foolish human pride. Don't you realize that can ascend to perfection as the ultimate living creature? As long as we do this…I will prove I am the strongest demon, the king of all darkness!"

Muzan attacked Nezuko and knocked her to the ground. As it looked he was going to kill the unconscious woman out of spite, a cracking noise was heard. A calm voice then uttered," How amusing…the boast of someone who has no idea…the true nature of the dark side. If you dare to act like the master of the darkside then act like its master, not that of a small minded thug."

Muzan spun around, and saw Cornlius casually hunched over, reading a book. The remnants of the shadowlord had his eye twitch before hissing out," Who the devil are you and why are you here?"

The black Namekian snickered before replying with," Why, I'm here because of the storm you threw "Shadow lord." And as for who I am, if you're such a master of intelligence then I thought you would already know."

Muzan paused before he shrugged." Right…there were reports of a hermit wondering near Phoenix Gate…one who remained after the rest of the traveling Nameks were killed."

"Its true…that they were guided more than passion then logic. But…they were the only ones who would show the likes of me compassion and treat such a person as a member of there family."

"So that's what this is? Revenge? Even in this state, the likes of you can't hope to take vengeance on the king of demons!"

"My, so confidant that title is yours to boast? That's a valiant flea that dares eat his breakfast on the lip of a lion. Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. But your mistaken…it's not revenge I seek…but enlightenment. I want to know…if you really think you're the devil."

"Of course I am, I've surpassed Doug Fitter as the true devil of this universe, of the one who concurred death! Even that parasite only delayed me!"

"So Muzan Kibutsuji…you think your above death? All life fears death from birth. Life fears death, but lives only to die. It starts with anxiety. Anxiety becomes fear. Fear leads to anger... anger leads to hate... hate leads to suffering...

The only cure for this fear is total destruction. ... If you were the true master of the darkness it would not have deluded you so effortlessly, by faltering with that mother crystal, you proved how inept a "shadow lord" you truly are, and that you don't deserve to be in command of it a moment longer."

Cornlius was pacing around Muzan as he said this, causing Muzan to grasp Tanjiro's blade tightly as he saw that the interloper's back was turned to him at the moment." You had too much time to ponder you pathetic relic! Now that the mother crystal is broken it can't give you anything. I won't be lectured by someone who understands nothing but, GUH!"

The moment he raised his blade, from Cornlius's right elbow a scythe like blade instantly burst out, and impaled Muzan right in the mark that had infected Tanjiro. Muzan could only gasp as the Namek turned around and gave him a glare that made the man who called himself the devil freeze before Cornlius hissed out," A fragment is all that's needed, when it is held by its core, the core of all darkness.

For so long, my long life was nothing but a hazy fog. But I was drawn to here because it felt familiar. And now, at last, I remember, I remember what I am. Do you know what this chamber is boy? It was where people were sacrificed to the true god of all darkness to gain his favor. It seems…that at least one more tribute will be made here."

Muzan looked past his attacker, and saw a mural on the wall, a mural of a gigantic demonic eye. He looked down and saw that the figure before him's eyes looked the same before he yelled out in horror." No…that's impossible! You…you are gone!"

"Death may be fractured and broken, but death can never die! I am the darkness of eternity... I am eternal... long as there is life and death. So then Muzan Kibutsji…if you wanted to be eternal then come. Enter the Zero World you so desire, and be part of death till the end of time, under the one true emperor of darkness!"

"Wait…you're really Chaos Zannacross Necron? No…wait this…this is a mistake!"

"Yes…one that's being corrected."

Cornlious…or more like Zannacross grasped his hand, before Muzan's soul started to be pushed out of Tanjiro. The lesser demon grasped the ground tightly before uttering," Wait…don't go Tanjiro…don't leave me alone in the dar…AHHH!"

His soul was ripped out of Tanjiro's body, and casually absorbed into the taller being's fist. Zannacross saw the unconscious siblings for a moment. He then snapped his fingers before the ground around them erupted upwards and shot back up to the surface" This is an affair between those of the darkness…one where all confusion will be ceased. Is that not right…Xehamaru?"

He casually turned to the right, before a small white snake burrowed out of the ground. The snake slithered out before suddenly twitching, and vomiting out Xehamaru. The fallen Enji coughed a few times before he slowly got up and chuckled bitterly." Nice try Enji…but after Corneria I was never going to enter a battle without a "backup save." To think even after surpassing my old self so much it still was not enough. But it's clear so much has changed that I must, properly assess things.

But…no matter how long it takes…I will admass whatever is required to get you all to submit. If one planet is not enough, I'll just fuse an entire galaxy worth or whatever it takes so that darkness at last conquers all! No matter what…I'll amass every power in the universe, and mix red, blue, and whatever color is needed to turn the universe to the color that it deserves."

The taller man behind him cleared his throat before interrupting Xehamaru with a curt," You can gather everything in this universe, and it won't be enough. You don't even realize…just how much the game has changed you pathetic snake."

Xehamaru winced and turned around, only to see the black Namekian and raised a eyebrow in response." Oh? A little far off from Namek are we? Sorry, you picked a rather extremely poor time to be a tourist because only death awaits you."

"I did not come seeking death, just answers. You, you came back to life just under a hour ago? I want to know, do you remember your past life?"

Xehamaru paused before he shrugged." Of course I do, I have all the memories of my previous life. Some can argue over what a clone means but I am Xehamaru!"

"If that's the case, then that means you should remember are last conversation Xehamaru?"

"What? I seen Nameks before but none as pitch black as you. What are you molting or something?"

The taller man slowly walked up before uttering," I want to know if you remember when we last spoke, on Corneria, when you vowed to spread the universe with darkness, Darth Orochi."

Xehamaru paused before he eyed the man carefully." Who the hell are you? Only Nightmare, Darth Damonus and a very select few knew my title under the Zannacross Empire. The only other one was…wait…Corneria? Wait…Ravxen?"

The taller man cracked his neck before responding with a blunt," As much as I've changed, I'm still a phantom of chaos it seems. Though…more like a remnant of darkness now. Be that as it may, if you remember then you should remember that I gave you part of my essence, under the conditions that you would kill the Enji. It would seem that…you failed utterly, twice."

Xehamaru winced as the room become pitch black and he stood back." Wait…no…this…this is not my destiny! I still…I still can change the universe! I know I failed…but I'll atone for my sin by granting the darkness its ultimate victory! I promise no one is more devoted to are side's victory then me!"

"Rest assured, your devotion can be plainly seen. The fact that you out of all my demon lords and subjects, even Damonus, proves the extent of your devotion."

Xehamaru saw the man who once went by Ravxen pause before his eyes widened." See? My existence is entirely to are, GUH!"

In an instant the taller man grasped Xehamaru by the throat and lifted him up before glaring at him with his glowing eyes." Yes…your entire existence is bound to the "idea" eh? Macbeth among others…was one who's self-justifications were feeble…and his conscience devoured him.

Yes, even Iago was a little greedy lamb to. The imagination and the spiritual strength of Shakespeare's evildoers stopped short at a dozen corpses more or less. That…was because they had no ideology.

I did seek those driven by ideology to unleash fury and despair to further my revenge. But now…now such things won't change as they are. That's why, I'm returning what I gave you, to retain the essence of me inside you! If you want to serve, THEN SUBMIT!"

"Wait surely there must be some w, GUAH!"

Before he could protest further Cornlious, or more like Zannacross impaled Xehamaru in the heart with his hand. He lifted him up, and caused his entire body to glow red, before fusing with his soul.

This caused the man's energy to shake the room before he grasped his fist tightly." Yes…even if it's a replication, at last, my essence is restored.

The facade that is Zale Cornlious is gone, there is only now and forever Chaos Zannacross Necron. There is only one true devil, one who binds the darkness. I'm...not what I should be...I feel closer to my servants like Shinnok in power. But, even if in sheer power I'm not what I am in my prime, I can do everything the master of darknes should be able to in some shape. Even when reduced to mewling, impotent infancy by my enemies, I endure, defying death, even cosmic death. And now...its time to end this farce."

As he felt energy coursing through his veins suddenly a shrewd female voice cut in with," And just how are you going to do that? I get your going through the whole power trip and all but don't be silly. You may now be able to raise the dead, and maybe even be a Demi-God if someone is being generious, but your still not anything close to someone with the real power of god. I mean, you can't be really fully restored, because Doug Fitter still has most of your essence, right cousin?"

Zannacross paused as he turned around, and saw that a woman was casually sipping on tea. He blinked a few times and realized the woman did not seem afraid nor angry at all as she causally sighed." Ah… Nine Bean Coffee still is the best!"

He saw she looked amused before he grit his teeth." You… only you could be this delusional even now…Enna Kros. I was dealing with more pressing issues, but you're really the one who took up Cosmos's mantel?

To think how desperate they would be if the" Queen of Nevers" who always just watched and never acted would be the queen of light. Though I'm impressed that someone like you would be so pro active trying to finish what Cosmos started."

Enna sighed before she tipped her hat." Oh wow you really need that coffee. I know your groggy after just having your memories restored and before that mostly being sealed for a really, really long time but we use to be kind of chill back in the old days before you and Cosmos went to war?"

"If you mean I tolerated your humor then you can call it that, but because you were so irrelevant it was just no point wasting time on you. This changes things though."

He was about to move when a door appeared out of thin air before Enna opened it. She flicked her hair back before shrugging." But…that's what I wanted to talk to you about. I'm not the new Queen of light Zannacross. I'm the The Queen of Nevers, or the Never Queen, as the embodiment of possibility. I'm not in charge of the angels, and I did not come here to fight. I just thought, this is the first time we could really catch up in a lot of life times. I mean…if I was just taking Cosmos's job up would I be inviting you up to the Land of Can-Be-Shall Be to get a look at the total collapse of what she and the angels built?"

Zannacross raised an eyebrow before he grasped his fist tightly." Is this a joke? Are you saying you took up my role instead?"

"Ugh, I mean I'm not on the side of either light or darkness. The One-Above-All gave me the title of overseer of the Universe because he wanted someone not obsessed with the old days because he was sick of them."

Zannacross looked around before he snickered." So you're the voice of God now? Just show yourself to end this game!"

Enna sighed before she looked down." I'm here on my own behalf, not God's. The fact that you changed, however sightly, shows your not one of the things that won't ever change just yet cousin. That's why, I thought you might like to see just what is about to begin. After all, are you after revenge? There is no point, Cosmos, Ben Auro, Lacus Raystar, they are all gone. And Doug Fitter is not even in this universe either."

"This universe? So...its true then? I felt distortions, alike to what my first son the Beyonder did with his corrupt Chrono Phantasmas that populated his Wandenreich."

"Heh, so close but so far. But if you want to really be up to date you can choose to chat with me over tea about it or find out the hard way if the others get to you first."

"Why...why would you do this for me?"

"Because I want to see what everyone can do with the chance to decide there own face, even you.

Angels and demons alike have spent all of history trying to contain what folks desire. But desire should not be contained, its unnatrual. Some desires must be repressed at times, but trying to shackle the true desires of the collective wills of existence has failed both the sides of light and darkness, like a damn trying to hold back the entire ocean.

Holding that desire created the Multiverse, leading to every desire there is racing for supremecy."

" your saying that now I have countless " clones" of me all racing for domiance waring from universe to universe?"

"Oh there are countless devils and all that but...not as many counterparts of you as you might think. Zannacross...God no longer cares about morals or vitures or justice, in the new universe's in the Multiverse he's replaced those like you and Cosmos with" Fablemen" those who are not beholden to either light or darkness but merely molding their universe to make the most" exciting story" it can be.

He only cares about what desire will come out on top of all overs. So come with me, to see the one who has God's eye more then anyone in any universe right now, and see what you want your destiny to be, not as the devil, but as your own person to see you if can stand aganst" Dad's fave".

Its time…for the old ways and those who can't change pass them to shatter to ash once and for all Zannacross, so its time to see who has the strength to live by their own possibility, no matter the pain."

Zannacross eyed Enna carefully before he snickered." So be it…might as well see the full extent of this farce that is the Multiverse."

Authors Notes: Well, I know we have a lot to unpack today so lets get started.

Captain Qwark is a major supporting character in the Ratchet and Clank series.

Dr. Malcolm Betruger is from Doom 3, Olivia Pierce is from the Doom 2016 game, Dr. Giovanni is from the Fireforce series, and Rex Conners is the real face of" Robot" from Invincible."

Dr. Sellers and the Zohar "Emulators" are from the Xenosaga series.

The Cyber Elves are a mix of how they are in Megaman Zero and the FM's from Starforce mostly to mix it up a little.

Meanwhile, Xehamaru merging with the planet itself was my way of mixing things up a little, inspired by both Ego the living Planet from the Fantastic Four, and the final from of the Demon King from Seven Deadly Sins, as well as Indiora Doom Volt the Cubic Emperor, the final monster used in Yu Gi Oh Dark Side of Dimensions.

Just felt fitting for Xehamaru to once more have his final form inspired partly by Yami Bakura with a touch of Dracula Ultimate from Castlevania Legacy of Darkness.

Well hope it was enough to make his return not be total déjà vu lol.

Speaking of returning villains well, I'll just say I'm taking things in the not most obvious path for Zannacross with Enna Cross, hope you are curious enough to stick around to see how it goes. That should be all for now, thanks for all the reviews and as always hope you like what you seen to see more. Till then happy thanksgiving.