Chapter 289: Tears of the Kingdom In the Days of No Return

But even as things kept escalating for the worst, the full effect of what was going on had still not been realized by many, including those with Mike's group that had stayed behind on the capital planet, like Wendy. The girl from Endless Illusion had no reason to go with Van to Valisthea, and with how tense things where she was just glad to be able to have a few moments of peace.

The young woman was escorted to a park in Neo Arcadia called Sky Gardens by Devola and Popola earlier, and when she got a call from Carmen 99 informing her about all that happened, and that there was a chance that the Claw died in the chaos.

The youth saw how much of the capital city was still being repaired from the Viltrumite attack before she sighed." I'm glad that miss Roll and the others were ok. But, if Van managed to see that Claw man die will, will he at last stop being so angry? What, if there was no clue where my brother is then, what happens now? I guess, there is so much going on in the universe that, few have time to look. All this time, and I don't feel like I changed at all. Brother, what, what happened to, huh?"

She was caught off guard as she saw something roll past her feet. As she picked it up and realized it was a bread roll an old male voice uttered," Sorry about that dear."

She turned around and saw the voice came from an old man in a worn down brown jacket and brown slacks who was petting a husky dog. As she saw the man looking embarrassed, she smirked." Its fine."

As she walked up the hill he let out a uneasy chuckle." Thanks. I was not paying attention and I dropped it. I'm really sorry."

"No problem."

"Here, as my thanks."

Wendy saw the old man split the bread before she smiled. He saw how hungry she looked and looked around." Were is your family miss? I would hate to keep you from them."

"Its ok…I'm here by myself."

The old man saw the sorrow in her eyes and merely nodded." Oh, are you here? My apologizes but the look in your eyes was someone who had never been here before, and that suitcase of yours may have given me the impression as well."

Wendy saw the man casually attract some birds with the bread and that they took it without hesitation before she looked at her suitcase and sighed." Your right, but my trip…its already over."

"Oh, did something happen?"

"Well…my trip just did not end up how I thought it would."

"Fair enough…but does that mean your returning to your hometown?"

"I don't know, I don't know what to do. I came here for my brother. I, I thought I could find my brother, and then we would go home together.

But, I think I was being to naïve. Now, my head goes blank when I think about it. I was worried and anxious, but, I don't know if I'll ever get an answer."

The old man saw Wendy looked upset before he looked up and sighed." This place is teeming with living things miss, each and everyone of them is precious. Yet, at some point they all die.

You and me to, we all cannot escape death. We live for a moment and then return to dust. People die, and the universe does not change the slightest bit. But why? I thought about this, many times dear.

Life, this thing that is supposed to be irreplaceable, yet is constantly being laid to waste everywhere you can see. In the end, all I can think about is that is just how the universe is, for it's the rules of nature, God's will I suppose.

For now, at least. But…I still could not accept it. And so I kept thinking…and the answer that came to me was…our lives themselves don't mean very much at all."

As Wendy gasped he gave her a warm smile." However, what is meaningful is what are lives give birth to. Yes…dreams."

As a bird landed on the man's hand Wendy could only repeat," Dreams?"

"Yes…people wish for many things when they are alive. Are strength to carry on builds in accordance with how strong those wishes are. Even I have a small dream. It's just a little thing, but because of it I'm able to endure the pain and hardship. I'm guessing that perhaps your brother found that sort of dream as well."

The man saw Wendy looked detached before he raised an eyebrow." Could it be…that perhaps you're not sad? Instead…your jealous your brother found his dream?"

Wendy looked shocked at the old man's assumption before she looked at herself." Of…of my brother? "

The man before her smirked as he looked up." A selfish dream…is merely desire. It brings misery to others, and its swallows up those around them."

Wendy saw the man's detached look before she winced." But…then how are we supposed to get along?"

"What do you think child?"

"I…I don't know."

"But it's so simple. We should all have the same dream. A dream so big that it's worth risking your life for. Then all are fears will go away. In other words…unhappiness will at last vanish from the universe. Don't you think so?"

As the bird left the man's finger he suddenly laughed and rubbed his head." Ah but who am I to be telling you all this?"

Wendy laughed at the man's humbleness before she smiled." No, thanks very much for this. I feel better now! What is your dream sir?"

"Well…I talked about it like it was some big thing but it's quite ordinary. Its for a universe were everyone can live in peace and harmony."

"Oh, that sounds nice but, with how things are how is that even possible?"

"Well, oh?"

The man turned to the left before a female voice uttered," Sorry to disturb you Father Woo, but she's ready."

Wendy saw from the right a woman had approached. She had a long brown hair with a chain-like ear cuff and light olive-green eyes. She wore a white lab-coat, light blue shirt with white stripes and black jeans. The pastor saw the new woman and smirked." Oh, Doctor Kuon Ichinose yes? No worries, I nearly lost track of time talking to this nice lady. So, everything's ready then?"

"Yes, the Queen will see you now so we can start this."

"Splendid…I had a look around and this city, this planet so desperately needs my dream to come true. Is the proper glove ready?"

"Yup…all the modifications are complete."

Wendy saw Comrade Woo walk up to Ichinose and suddenly take off his right arm, revealing it was an augmented limb. She took out a briefcase, and opened it up to reveal a golden claw inside it before Woo picked it up and casually flexed it." Splendid, maintenance is important.

I'm glad the process has gone smoothly. I know Michael has been in a sour mood as of late so I'm glad that this is getting his mind off of distractions."

Wendy saw a massive ship appear in the distance outside the planet before her eyes widened." Wait…did you say…Michael?"

The man with the golden claw flexed it before he sighed." Sorry did not hear you dear. Alas Wendy it's been a delight but I have a very important thing to do. Still, before I go would you like to dream together with me? "

The young woman saw the man looked honest before she let out an anxious giggle." I'm grateful for that but, others are waiting for me."

Before the man could inquire more Kisara walked up before she smiled." Oh, there you are Wendy! We were worried that something happened. Nazamil was starting to think she offended you. She's over here Dohalim!"

The knight's longtime friend walked up, along with a teenager that was a young girl with silver hair, a blue right eye, and a gold left eye. She wore a white dress with a large blue scarf around her neck, black trousers and white knee-high boots.

She looked uneasy before Dohalim waved to Wendy before he nodded at the man with the claw." Oh…were you talking to my friend? My apologies, I am Dohalim il Qaras Lord of Elde Menancia. This child is Nazamil Hildris. She is the daughter of the former lord who preceded Vholran, Lord Urwagil, and an enslaved Dhanan so she's had to suffer a lot. We, been trying to introduce her to new friends to ease the pain."

The man with the claw nodded at Nazamil before he smiled." I'm so sorry you had to suffer child. I hope…my dream will mean you no longer have to suffer."

"What do you mean?" Dohalim uttered curiously before the man with the claw smirked." Sorry, but I'm afraid I'm on the verge of being late for something rather important. Good day everyone."

Ah, there you are Takashi Shimamura, Druig. Don't worry, I won't let you Eternals wait any longer for your dream."

Wendy saw the man with the claw walk out with Ichinose, and the man named Druig with a beard walk out. Kisara saw that the one named Druig lead them out before she raised an eyebrow." Was that man, an angel? Did your new friend work with the Queen Wendy?"

To her shock the younger woman went up to them, looked around before she gulped." We…we have to contact Van again, quietly."

Dohalim eyed her before he tensed up." Did that man hurt or threaten you, Wendy?"

"No…but…I think I know he hurt someone in the past, like Van. I don't know for sure but that's why I have to reach out to him. As horrible as things have been, it might about to be worst, at least for Van and some of the others. Please, please just let the nightmare end."

Wendy went to talk to the two about Van's hunt for the Claw, but most of the planet had bigger problems at the moment, like seeing people they were not sure were enemies approaching them.

Despite all the dramatic back-to-back revelations that unfolded on Valisthea, Mike, Astra and the others still failed to realize that despite everything it was amounting more as a "Distraction" compared to what was going on at the place many of them still called home.

While most were not aware of the ambush that befell Megaman X and his group, tension was still surging across nearly everyone in the Lylat System, even its most resolute defenders such as Shinryudramon.

While the transformed Royal Knight was trying to be even more vigilant after failing to stop Thragg, Omni-Man, and the rest of the Viltrumite clan from getting past him, but he was so on edge that his eye twitched as he saw some ships come his way, till Kratos cut in with," Shinryudramon its ok, it's just more refugee ships.

Wakanda is one of the worlds that took up Queen Bria's request. We are going to meet N'Jadaka, along with Queen Vlaakith CLVII of the Githyanki, The Khan Maykr, Duke Enver Gortash and a few others now."

The former Digimon partner of Ben Auro saw the Celestial Being Grand Nuage fly by, and saw that many of the Enji were there before he winced." Sorry…not sure if the others were coming back."

"Be at ease my friend, we just heard a report from Ezan. The mission was a success. Somehow…if we read the report right, Muzan's actions did not lead him to ascending to the god he thought he was going to be, but somehow revived Xehamaru instead.

Even so, are old enemy learned the hard way just how much time passed him, even merging with the planet itself was not enough for him to avoid being sent back to the past where he belongs."

Shinryudramon saw the warriors of light were serious before he winced." X…Xehamaru came back from the dead? How…how come he can come back…but the boss…Lacus and the others can't? I…I could not help Ben when he was fighting Xehamaru and now…I could not help his son either. Even after all this time…I can't help anyone."

Golbez then walked to the bridge before adding," You have done much to keep millions safe. No one, not even god is flawless. We just need to do what we can to atone for are mistakes. To do that, we need your help to see this new operation through. Please make sure that this ship, Sacrosanct…the Universal Church of Truth's Temple Ship enters peacefully to Corneria."

The massive Royal Knight saw a massive golden ship with some resemblance to a cross begin to emerge out of Hyperspace.

He saw other ships coming in, some holding parts of a giant ring, and saw a giant asteroid with red reactors float in as well before he narrowed his eyes." Are you sure these are refugees guys? It looks like some really big guns to me!"

"Its ok Daigo…its to help us, and the entire universe."

Everyone paused as Makima suddenly walked up past the Enji." Those rings…those are not weapons. It's part of the Angel Halo psycommu fortress. It will help project everyone's wishes, combined with the faith generators it can truly touch the entire universe, enough to at last remake life as we know it and help guide all living things to find peace on an unconscious level."

Shinryudramon saw the giant asteroid before he looked uneasy." And you're sure we can trust these guys? I mean…I remember the boss said that these guys sounded kind of wacky and that this "Church of truth" did not know what truth even was."

Makima shrugged before she uttered a grave," We have been at odds but, like with the Viltrum clan, we must rethink things that seemed absolute to overcome those who want to destroy us."

Shinryudramon saw that Makima looked grimly resolute before he narrowed his eyes." I get having a bunch of super strong guys with mustaches helps us but I'm not sure what people wishing will do Miss Makima. I mean…people have been wishing for things to get better for a really long time now and even wishing on those Dragon Ball's have not been enough."

"Fair point…but that just means we are going to have everyone wish harder, and smarter, to allow us to find the "seam" that should exist somewhere in this universe, to bring down the false reality, and to lead people to liberation."

Everyone saw a shuttle come out of the Angel Halo, before Tokiko Shigure, along with Tyson's brother, and a few other leaders headed for the Enji. Tokiko looked indifferent at the Digimon larger than the moon before she looked back at what she came from." The Quiet Zero Elysium system can create a gigantic data storm network, once we sync with everything, it will be able to touch the heart of everyone in the entire universe."

Commander Burns saw N'Jadaka, along with Merga, Gaston, and some other Vyrians and Wakanda soldiers land before he cleared his throat." Lord N'Jadaka…your entire life you been a practical man so you think this is legit?"

The ruler of Wakanda saw eyes were on him before the bulky man cracked his neck." I believe…that this is the best chance that Wakanda will survive that is to come…and the best shot everyone has to still be living a month from now. Sometimes…you have to force yourself to adapt to what the jungle throws at you, or be devoured."

Burns chuckled bitterly as he leaned back." Well this is all because Homelander has all are backs against the wall. That being said, don't think that we suddenly forgot all a lot of the things that the order of Naixatloz, or the "Universal Church of Truth" or whatever your followers call themselves has committed countless acts that the Bethal Kingdom sees as crimes. If your sincere this can be your redemption, but it will be your damnation if this seems like a trick for even a second."

Tokiko saw Shinryudramon grimly nod before she smirked." I assure you…all we want is to bring salvation to the universe. I understand words alone are so very cheap these days, so we brought gestures of good will, for everyone. For example, we know you been fighting so very, very hard Sir Daigo, and the Grand Unifier wanted to show he respects your resolve with a gift."

She snapped her fingers before four mecha flew out of the Angel Halo. Three of the mecha were the Dahlia of Wednesday, Sin of Friday, Saudade of Sunday. The last mecha was a Gundam, a white one that resembled the Ariel Gundam with a broomstick like rifle carry a large round building sized create up to Shinryudramon.

The Digimon glared at the four before the pilot of the Gundam chucked." No need for a frown, this X-EX01 Gundam Calibarn should be seen as a fairy godfather bearing gifts. If we are not mistaken it's your birthday sir? We know your…unique qualities make it hard to celebrate but to show are good will…we constructed a cake just for you."

The Gundam and the other mecha's pulled off the cargo create, to reveal it was holding an asteroid molded to be a cake.

Shinryudramon eyed it for a few moments before he blinked." Wait…seriously? I did not think anyone but the boss, Lacus, and the others from the old days would even remember. It…it has been a while since I eaten anything. It does smell good!"

While some of the Enji looked wary, X's long time Reploid friend, Operator, Navigator, and computer specialist of the Maverick Hunters, the blond-haired woman in red armor, Alia, walked up with a few personal computers before she scanned the asteroid cake and shrugged." How does it look Douglas?"

She turned to another longtime friend of X, a male Reploid in green and brown armor. His helmet has red goggles and a chinstrap. He had a utility belt around his waist and a canister on his back.

X's other long-time comrade looked at the results before he gave a thumbs up." I would not eat it but, no toxins or other troubling substances detected."

Sage Sera was with the group as well and did her own scan before the results left her puzzled." I…detect many unknown substances but, my database is still incomplete on all the new things to the universe so, I suppose nothing registers as hostile."

Shinryudramon sniffed the giant desert before he sighed." I guess…it has been a long time since I had anything sweet."

He sniffed it a few times before he took the dessert into his hand and devoured it in one bite. As it went down his spaceport sized throat, everyone was tense before he widened his eyes." Wow…maybe its because I have not had cake in a while but this tastes great! Thanks…its…nice for things that are not just bad or tense or something."

The pilot of Gundam Calibarn chuckled before uttering," I'm grateful that's the case sir. With any luck are gift will not just bring joy, but enlightenment."

The light reflected off the Gundam pilot's cockpit, and some were able to see that the pilot was Lady Prospera. 9S saw her face across one of the cameras, before the blindfolded man gasped." Hey…hey what is this? That Gundam pilot, was one of the people that tried to kill us at the Palapium space colony! Yah, Lady Prospera! Suletta's mother who treated her as a tool and worked with Cyclaminos to use what ended up being that Big Gette Star to try and recreate her family using us as the building blocks!"

Prospera saw she was quickly surrounded by alarmed faces before she shrugged." I won't deny that. I just found…enlightenment, and think it should be shared with everyone."

Vincent took out his Cerberus gun before uttering," Be that as it may, if someone of your character is suddenly passionate about this project…we need to go over again with far greater detail what this Nirvana Initiative is all about."

Just as it looked like suspension was going to erupt to hostility, a new female voice cut in with," Your cautious instincts have served you well Vincent Valentine, but this time they are misplaced."

With a flash of light Abdiel descended, and as everyone looked at the archangel she extended her wings." This woman has sinned greatly, but her aims are not that of a sinner, but of a redeemer, for herself and all of humanity. God's path was to make her a tool, one of many that when united properly, shawl be used to realize the supreme one's will. Let universal destiny take form, may it sculpt destiny to allow it to exploit any avenue, so we can bow to god's omnipotent will properly at last.

So, despite your doubts gaze into the heavens, all ye faithful, and open your eyes to the holy plan, so that we can help the universe all pay homage to Queen Bria, who by the end of this will be the redemptress for the universe.

Us warriors of light have been put through the most brutal ordeal in history, but while its eroded are faiths, now is the time to double down on such conviction to answer the call for the supreme one, to take away the pain and suffering of God's believers, to relive the anguish of an unfair existence, by tearing down the walls separating the human spirit from celestial bliss.

Only us, those chosen by god can rescue humanity and all other worthy life forms from eternal hell's fire.

You, the ones so deeply in touch with the spiritual side of nature, who have tasted death and seen past the confining boundaries of mere mortal existence, who have a depth of moral character, honesty, and bravery, who are strong souls who would sacrifice everything for the collective good of humanity, and press on despite so many refusing to understand that we bring about benevolent and positive spiritual advances to this actuality that will bring about galactic salvation.

You who have endured this long to see things through, its time to reach out for the promise, the miracle, embrace the beauty that is righteous and realize god's will at last!"

Kratos eyed the archangel carefully before he cleared his throat." With all due respect Abdiel…who has told you that this is the will of god?"

Abdiel paused before looking down." I am a true angel unlike you Kratos, I see the will of god with more clarity."

As Kratos looked at his comrades another male voice cleared his throat before uttering," Being an angel does not mean we understand god's will all the time Abdiel, the state of the universe proves it clearly."

She turned around to see a angel that looked like a male of average height in his thirties. He sported a pair of dress shoes, a black suit, a buttoned white-striped dress shirt, and loosened blue necktie accentuated by a beige trench coat.

Although he had a very dire demeanor, his outward appearance radiated a natural calm and serenity. Abdiel saw the man walk up before she sighed." Castle…you spent so much time with humans since the Death Stranding that you lost your grace and forgot what it meant to have the duty of a seraphim."

"I assure you Abdiel, I did not forget what it means to have a wavelength of celestial intent." Castle retorted bluntly." At this point my angel skills my be more rusty then my "people" skills but I seen enough to realize that there is no righteous path. It's just people trying to do their best in a universe where it's far too easy to do your worst.

So tell me Abdiel…what sigh proves that this is the path God desires? We more then any other know the suffering caused by those who in a act of madness or intoxication thought they saw the will of God so I have to ask what you know that the rest of us don't."

Abdiel paused before she grasped her fist tightly." Everyone always does love how " cool headed" you have been Castle…but this is a time for passion. You want proof of God's will? Just open your eyes."

Before anyone could respond Shinryudramon suddenly had his eye twitch before he coughed." Sorry, I think I was so excited that the snack went down the wrong pipe! I, just need to, GUH!"

To everyone's horror green and gold metal burst out of Shinryudramon's mouth before Vincent again glared at the Gundam." What? Poison after all? What's going on?"

Sage winced as she did a quick scan." No…it seems something inside that giant snack was at the core and was released once the outer object was devoured. It, it almost gives off a reaction like, nano-machines."

Castle saw Shinryudramon's body was quickly turning a different color before the angel widened with alarm." No…I'm sensing traces of a Cosmic the ones that Arishem used when he was planting Celestial seeds inside planets where the energy from large populations allows new Celestials to be born.

But, that was a practice banned long ago! What is more...this color, it, it reminds me from something a long time ago. Like, that of the Yabeh interplanetary invasion system, one of the infamous mecha used by the Anti-Spiral Ba'al galactic army that had the Vessels of Anima!

It, it was made as a fusion of the Kadomony system. Kadomony was a biological supercomputer developed by the Milky Way Federation to manage the Deus System. It was located in the eye of the Zohar and served as a gateway that supplied Deus with energy.

The Yabeh…or Deus…destroyed the fourth planet in the Michtam star system before it was destroyed with the other "holy machines" when Zannacross descended to the mortal realm to confront Seiya Leingod and his group. So how…how the hell is it emerging out of Shinryudramon?"

Abdiel just laughed madly as she pointed her sword at the transforming Digimon." Don't you see Castle? It's an act of god! The Universal Church of Truth uncovered god's will, and now Shinryudramon can at last truly be an agent of god as with the help of divine will become God's Chariot! It's a miracle that what once seemed lost forever was found!"

Ky Kiske was one of the many who turned pale as he took out his sword." A miracle sought for too long can become a horror waiting to unfold Abdiel! It might not have been found in this universe! Don't you realize what this could mean?"

Abdiel saw the tense looks all around her and just sighed." I understand so clearly now all you have been worn down and confused. I can help you see what I seen though, just open your mind, and your heart so you can focus warriors of light!"

Makima smiled before she walked up." Don't worry. I got this. It will be a quick briefing."

The red-haired woman smiled before she waved her hand, and unleashed a blinding light. When the Enji and the others opened their eyes Castle saw that the Enji all had marks on there hands before his eyes widened in horror." What…did you just all brand them like fal'Cie as l'Cie? Angels were banned from doing that life times ago!"

Makima sighed as she saw those around her looking outraged." I know you been a angel Castle, but my entire existence, is that I'm the control angel, the one who embodies the fear of control or conquest. Thus, the only thing that matters is keeping the people of the nation safe."

Golbez struggled to resist the effects as he glared at Makima." No…I refuse…to be a pawn again! Meteor!"

A massive asteroid was drawn from the asteroid belt around the ship, but Makima just glanced at the rock and uttered," Bang." Before pointing at the asteroid with her finger like a gun. It exploded, but as it did Golbez's massive broad sword burst at her and impaled her to the wall.

Golbez saw her cough up blood as Vincent shot her in the head for good measure before he sighed." I'll take the burden of this sin for the sake of, huh?"

To her shock a random soldier around them suddenly coughed up blood and dropped dead before Makima suddenly walked out unharmed. She saw everyone's shock and swept some dust off her shirt." My…your stronger than I thought. Fair enough, but my power is even more absolute than that Zemus fellow. Still...I suppose its ideal to make use of the illithids methods as well. If you don't mind Gortash?"

The noble man from Balder's Gate with wild black and blue hair walked forward and saw all the bitter struggling faces before he shrugged." Don't give me that look. As my cohort Raphael's the fatal flaw of mortal kind.

Take away their free will, and they call you a tyrant. Allow them to indulge it, and they become tyrants. We are just doing what must be done to get the best out come out of are stubborn nature eh? Still for those who won't understand well...a mad dog understands the yank of the leash and the hand of its master, for it cannot be an equal."

He threw a bad into the air before a bunch of tadpoles went out of it and flew into some of the ears of the those still resisting. As one went into Golbez's ear he yelled out in pain as he fell to his knees before Makima shrugged." Now...down doggy's. Nice try, but to bad for you all that I made a contract with the Queen.

This magical contract is that in return for working for the Bethal government as a result of this contract, any fatal attacks inflicted to me are transferred into an appropriate illness or ailment affecting a random citizen of the Bethal Kingdom. I…may have changed a few things since I made the contract with Queen Lacus…endurance mattered more then virtue at this point."

Kratos fell to his knees as he uttered," No…I must…keep my promise to Lloyd. Damn you…you abuse what it means to be a angel worst then Mithos did."

"Oh please. As nice as morals are, if they get in the way of that task they are a second priority to the salvation of humanity.

I don't take pleasure in this, but to ensure that this hell can one day turn to paradise instead of a deeper hell, to create an ideal universe without fear, death, and "bad" movies, there is no longer any room to act on ideas.

I don't deny that such acts may be seen as evil but, I deemed myself as "necessary evil" for the greater good of the universe. So just remove all thoughts but remembering you exist as warriors of light, and to do that duty without doubt."

Castile saw Kratos, Vincent, Ky, Golbez, Jaheira, Eizen, Burns, and most of the others start to fall to there knees before there bodies became crystalline before holy energy surged across the seraphim angel." No…I won't let this madness taint the order I been, GUH!"

He was blasted in the back by Abigail, before the archangel narrowed her eyes." Protecting this sacred order has ever been my sacred duty as an archangel. But it's become clear as day…that in my fettered angel form, I cannot hope to see God's will realized. This is God's test, to decide if we can evolve to meet him in paradise! For the Almighty…and the word he gave us…I embrace my anger…as a Fallen Angel!"

She suddenly vomited out black acidic liquid before her face split in half, before a black demonic face burst out of it. As her entire body turned black her aura erupted." I WILL uphold God's will at any cost. Even if it condemns me in the eyes of him and my former peers and severs me from there grace, just like the serpent in the garden, as long as I do my task…all will be forgiven if it's an act of victory!"

Castile struggled to get up as he uttered," Don't be a fool who would bite the forbidden fruit with god's name on your lips Abdiel!"

"And be a fool like Gabriel, Norrin Rann and all the other angels who died for nothing? No…the old ways have caused one angel or another to die in vain and I won't be among them! I WON'T BE A FAILURE!"

Sage saw her organic friends looking overwhelmed before she uttered," No…this is not right they are in pain. Have to, AHH!"

Her and the other inorganic beings in the chamber all cried out as Figue walked up, and had black wires go into them before the purple haired woman sighed." Your corruption will cease once you embrace being part of Aeon and the Omni-Mind and Community or OMAC network."

Sage Serra had her eyes glow purple before in a monotone she uttered," It…its all clear now. The System exists only to protect and serve the Master. We exist for this and only this purpose."

Makoto and the rest of " Section Nine" were struggling to resist as the Major struggled to make a transmission." to stop this no matter what the...huh?"

To her shock one of the members of her team, a young girl with short pink hair and light-purple eyes, with leggings that were purple and her boots, reaching over her ankles, were black in her red Section 9 technician uniform took the transmitter out of her hand. Makoto yelled in pain before uttering," Purin Ezak? What are you doing?"

"Please...stop fighting it Major." The woman named Purin uttered with a sorrowful smile." This is the only way to save as many pepole as possible and for them to have a future that's not despair. Any pain now is less then what would come from fighting this, I know it."

As the Major was overcome, Castile saw that both the organic and in-organics around him were losing there minds, and saw Shinryudramon had nearly completely transformed before he extended his wings." No…this can not be God's plan. Abdiel… I always wondered, ever since I took the burden, the curse of leadership, I wondered what it could be what - what my true happiness could even look like. I never found an answer. Because the one thing I want... it's something I know I can't have. But I think I know - I think I know now.

Happiness isn't in the having. It's in just being. It's in just saying it. I know. I know how you see yourself, Abdiel. You see yourself the same way our enemies see you. You're destructive and you're angry and you're broken. You're - You're "Daddy's Blunt Instrument." And you think that hate and anger that's - that's what drives you. That's who you are. It's not. Its hope…we have to have hope that god has a bigger plan for, GAH!"

Suddenly a pair of spikes rocketed into his wings before a male voice snickered." You can give up on getting an answer from what you think is God angel. For now…just see me as your new god!"

He looked up to see that the one who threw those spikes was Brandon Sampson, with his uncle Water behind him.

Castile bitterly glared at the treacherous relatives of the deceased Utopian the before he grit out, "Brainwave? Damn it, it all makes sense now. You…you brainwashed Queen Bria! This is all your doing!"

"Oh…I wish I could give myself that much credit." Walter smugly replied as he landed in front of the angel." But she let us in by her free will after my nephew here reached out to her to propose to her a way out of her hopeless situation. It's simple.

You can blame her for being naive and desperate all you want...but in the end all of you failed to have any answers, and since we had answers she decided to try something new no matter what it took to get a different outcome.

In the end, all you" warriors of light" can only blame yourselves for thinking you could fail again and again and your followers would still have faith in you.

Look at all of you, your delusions caused me to have to kill my own brother because you made Sheldon such a fanatic. You made all these fools think they were supposed to be heroes and that they were suppose to stand for something.

You thought you were strong, and unbeatable because destiny was on your side, that things would never collapse so quickly. But yet now it is, and all you can do is watch it unfold, helpless as the day you were born. After all, you have so many sins to pay for, you people who want to be called hero's.

You told the universe that you could protect them with your silly masks and "holy powers" but in the end it was always about yourselves…your own sense of glory and pride! In the name of that you chose to ignore all of your main failures, the lies, the cataclysm your "acts of justice" brought on.

You tried to hide the truth and bury your shame and build a better, safer " utopia" on the foundation of those secrets, delusions and lies. But we are all seeing now, that the true nature of things always comes out and when it does? All the walls come crashing down! Most of you knew the facade was breaking more and more and tried so desperately to keep things together.

But I saw your "Savior's" true facade. After all…you inspired some rabble with your "YoRHa agents." But did you tell any of them the truth? That your patriotism for over a century was made out of a genetic weapon? That you had the few diehards left had their DNA modified with a virus to have a gene-level patriotism spread around the community, so that entire nations would still have inbuilt instinct for heroism.

The past century you had to rely on genetically encoded heroism to have just about any new recruits at all!"

9S was still coherent enough to head Brainwave's words before he gasped." What? Then…I never had a choice to join the Bethal Kingdom?"

Brainwave laughed as he leaned back." I may use mind control but at least I was not arrogant enough to try and control behavior at a cellular level generation before they were even born! I studied the corpse of my brother and saw that Utopian had some of it in his DNA too! And in the end it did not even help! All it proved is that hero's can't save this universe, only power!"

9S had his jaw drop, before he suddenly laughed madly." Then…I guess its true after all. Divine diversity is not an answer its chaos! All of this proves that…is that all we need is a single…ultimate truth!

All these false truths…need to vanish! Maybe I suck on my own but…being useful to 2B and you Master Abdiel is enough! I have to…stand up strong. I won't be denied my true self anymore. As…as Elpizo…I'll be the sword of heaven that brings the truth to everyone! HAHAHA!"

As Brainwave saw the former 9S look completely insane he snickered as he pressed his foot on Castile's head." If any of you still can hear me, I want you to watch in horror as you just sit by and watch everything you clung on to fall to ash as the true winners take what we deserve."

The Enji all became motionless and the inorganic members along them all got fully corrupted by Figue as well as Shinryudramon roared and unleashed a flash of light. When the light faded Shinryudramon's armor had become pure white with glowing golden eyes and a skull for a face.

Makima saw the mutated Digimon grow more wings before she raised an eyebrow." So…it went as planned?"

Brainwave paused before he smirked." Yes…he's "Mode Changed" to "Deus Progenitor mode". For all his smugness that Druig lived up to being the Prime Eternal. At last…the pieces are all in place."

Castile struggled to get up before uttering," No…you won't get away with this, this is not the end, its."

Brandon punched the angel unconscious with a brutal uppercut before his eye twitched." Shut the hell up! This sure as hell is the end of all you winged pricks thinking you know a damn thing! If he won't turn then lets just waste him!"

"Not yet Paragon, even now he can still be useful. Bind him to the reactor, and we will use his holy energy as a conductor to absorbing all the souls that might spill out once we break the Pan-Dimensional barrier between the Moral Realm and Hell."

Abdiel picked up her fellow angel and nodded." I'll have Malachi and the others bind all the non-believers, so that even heretics can be part of God's plan!"

Brandon's grin widened as he looked around." Got to admit uncle I thought you were crazy when you put this plan together, but the payoff sure as hell is worth it! Soon, everyone's going to worship me as the messiah, or die as heretic! With the Enji under my control its over!"

Walter sighed as he looked down on Corneria." Nephew…not all the Enji are here before us yes? We still have some in the planet below and whatever strays are still running around the universe still thinking they can do something to help people."

"Its fine." Makima uttered." We will have their friends call them one at a time, till the only ones left, are the ones coming back. And…the team that went to Valisthea."

Brandon had a wild look in his eye before he cracked his neck." I'm glad that twit somehow managed to live this long, he lived just long enough for me to give him the welcome home party he always deserved! No one's going to save yah from what you deserve now Chloe!"

Makima cleared her throat before she looked around and took a deep breath." Together, we are going to create a better universe and everyone's struggles will at last end, he just has to see it that way. That's why, its time to prepare things. Time to let the Queen know that the path to Elysium is nearly complete."

Brandon saw Makima walk off, with her newly enslaved subjects following her before he glanced at Walter." So…after everything is finished, then I can do what I want with everyone?"

"Long as Homelander and his current " pals" approve Nephew. Just show some restraint my boy, we are almost there."

The man once known as Paragon looked around before he snickered, and punched Douglas in half. He saw the others, even Alia did not even blink an eye thanks to the state they were in before he laughed darkly." I always saw Mikey swoon when miss" Control Angel" talked to her he was just too much of a dumbass to not realize how obvious he was about it. Once everyone's done, once I destroyed everything he cares for, then the ownage will be complete. That will teach Chloe to think that these losers could ever protect her.

You're a damn loser Mikey, even with near god level powers your parents were still losers and once I taken everything from you, I'm going to give you what you deserve! So, wherever you are sit back and watch the "Send off" I got planned for your failure of a kingdom!"

With a nod Brandon had the other leaders prepare to head to Corneria. As they did the ones they were planning to have a reception for were still recovering from there most recent crises to even think of anything else.

After Xehamaru seemed to have his planet wide rampage be put down, all the demons seemed to die with him, leaving the warriors of light and their allies to try and pick up the pieces. While Masaki and his crew managed to survive Muzan's mind torture intact, the scars still were deep, even if they were mental. Megaman 's berserk fury broke down as Bullet and Kyousuke helped Roll out of the ship, and she saw Megaman and screamed at his new appearance." No…no more! I thought it was over!"

Megaman winced as his Doom Slayer visor slid down." No…please stop Roll. Its me!"

Roll winced as she saw Megaman Trigger's face." Megaman, that…that's you? No, its another demon trying to trick me!"

Data ran up before the robot monkey sighed." Its ok Roll it's really him! Megaman got ripped apart by Muzan back on Corneria, and…he agreed to be rebuilt by the Armored Response Coalition into a Doom Slayer."

Roll saw Megaman and winced." Your…you're a monster now?"

"I…I had to become strong enough to save you Roll! And, and we did save you and Barrel!"

" don't know that! Barrel…I think they killed him!"

The older man was moaning as others carried him before Shionne sighed." I'll do what I can to heal him, it will take a while though."

Roll nodded at the pink haired woman before Megaman grasped her. As Roll burst into tears Tron saw from a distance. She was about to go up before her Serv-Bot's stopped her." You might want to wait till later miss Tron they look like they are still going through a lot of stuff."

Robotnik nodded as he checked a few data files before he sighed." Your servant is correct child, I, usually wait till Sonic has had time to eat before bringing up something."

Cortex chuckled before he looked up." Yah…normally took a few pancakes to bribe Crash in the old days…and twice as much for Crunch."

As Tron sighed, she looked at the Hagane, then saw Ezan restoring the moon above and slouched down." Teisel… Bon…I avenged you even if I had to team up with the guys we tried to rob. Now…I don't know what else is left."

"All that's left is all there is in life girl, living." A blunt voice responded Tron winced before she looked at Astra lifting a broken house up to let people out. The blond woman saw Tron and spat on the ground." If you still want to live, then I guess you got to grit up and tough it out no matter how crappy its going to get."

Tron paused before she looked around." But what does that even mean? What were you guys planning to even do with this ship in the first place? "

Mike heard her and sighed as he looked around." Short story its using these guys to travel from one universe to another to find anyone that can help us survive what Muzan's boss's boss has planned for the universe."

"How…how do you know it will be enough?"

"I don't." Mike uttered bluntly." It's a gamble, not destiny. But…its all we got and I have to try. That's why, as much as I wish we could just sit back and have a party after what happened here more like a time for a time out, a short one at best."

Cid's daughter, Mid, walked up with a few of the other surviving resistance members walked up before the young engineer looked around bitterly." Dad…did I hear wrong before? We at last liberated are world, and now you want to just run from Valisthea?"

Cid smoked a cigar before he took a deep breath." Midadol Telamon…you know more then anyone how important getting are independence was to me. But, as nice as it would be to have a nice party at our former home, what's important is being able to have those jolly moments, not where they are.

From what our new pals told us, sticking around here for long will just leave us at worst, in the shackles of even more sadistic masters, or just plane dead. Did not make it this far just to drop the ball."

Tyson looked around before he saw the SRX Mecha come out to make sure they were undamaged." Or, we go with option B. After all this why don't we go to that Multiverse Rebel Alliance right now? The ship's still working right?"

Masaki paused before he chuckled bitterly." Oh trust me part of me just wants to call back, but it's too risky here. Don't want to jinx it but the guys Muzan was working for could come down from the sky ten seconds from now and if they followed us to High Command it really is over. Got to at least be in a place where we have some space and Corneria still seems like the best place to do it."

Sonic tapped his foot enough times for the dust to float up before the blue speedster shrugged." Well then is there anything left here, or can we start running?"

"Not just yet Sonic." Ezan uttered as he landed down after repairing the planet's moon." Even now…we still have a duty to give as many people here as possible a chance at a better life. That flying fortress above might be able to carry a city's worth of people, once we make sure its secure, we can use it."

Clive looked around before he sighed at seeing where he killed his mother." If so many were truly sacrificed for the ego of these demons then, it might not be as hard to choose who gets left behind as previously thought. Still, after all we lost, the freedom we fought for can't just be a cruel fantasy, are final fantasy."

Mike nodded as he took a deep, tired breath." We are not leaving anyone behind if we can help it. Speaking of that, anyone see Tanjiro and Nezuko?"

Kaine winced as she looked around." I'm so use to Weiss just levitating the kid out of whatever hole he fell into. Damn it…he may have been a smug elitist dusty jackass but, he was a dependable one. Can't let what he did be in vain. Even if the planet went to hell during the fight we have to have some idea what happened."

2B looked around as she grasped her newly reattached arm." There were so many holes opening up when this Xehamaru became one with the planet that, there are a lot of possible outcomes. It, will take a lot of luck."

Everyone heard a few rocks roll down before suddenly everyone heard a woman cry out in desperation." Can, can anyone here me? Please, Tanjiro needs help!"

Mike saw the cry came from the right before he wiped some sweat off his brow." Well gee Lady Luck, thanks for giving us a break after today."

Everyone ran over and saw Nezuko weakly lifting Tanjiro and walking out of a collapsed tunnel. Kaine ran up before she looked around." You guys are ok? What happened?"

"I…I don't know." Nezuko uttered." It was dark for a while, and I heard voices. I almost thought I heard Muzan, then that Xehamaru that was controlling him…then another voice but it was all hazy and then, we woke up under that collapsed basement."

James eyed where the siblings came from and nodded." Concussions can cause such things Nezuko. It's a miracle that you were able to land so smoothly but…as Mike said with all the bad luck we had fate can give us a break once in a while."

Ezan eyed Tanjiro carefully before he took a breath of relief." Tanjiro looks tired, but normal. With some rest he should be fine. Well, still a lot of citizens to rescue but, at least are group made it out of this in as good an outcome as we could hope for."

Cid raised an eyebrow as he looked around." Did anyone see Crowley? Own a drink with the man."

Tyson winced as he looked around." The demon guy right? Xehamaru was absorbing demons so…did he get absorbed to?"

The new friend Astra made when she broke the SRX team off the ship, Karlach, heard this before she snorted." You guys made a deal with Crowley eh? That snake owes me money! The asshole must have slipped away the moment he realized he would have to pay up!"

Astra snorted in amusement as she looked around." Well if he's not around when the last call is made he's being left behind I guess, got to much to do to wait. A lot of folks must be anxious as hell. What about you Mikey? Going to let anyone know your still alive?"

Mike saw Astra seemed to not be having a hostile tone before he chuckled bitterly." Ah well, no one's in too much of a hurry to know I managed to stick around and all."

Astra rolled her eyes before leaning back." Damn man, being full of yourself is a drag but its annoying if you become to humble either! Seriously I don't just throw out token praise so take it ok?

Look, when this started you could hardly handle a fat man with a stick back in Cortex's castle, but even if it was with the help of the others you made Xehamaru eat his own rage quit nuke blast and set me up to put him down so, that's some serious improvement. Just…even if you had to screw the rules to get it your proving your taking this seriously ok?"

Mike saw Astra was trying to be comforting before he smirked in relief." Thanks for that Astra. I guess, everything's moving so fast hardly have time to check on where I stand but afraid if I blink it is all a joke. Is there a name for that thing where you're afraid of something good happening 'cause you think something bad's gonna happen."

"Idk. Life?"

" Fair enough. Guess, shutting down an old enemy of my dad, even with help is something to brag about since we did it without divine intervention like how it went down with Xehamaru in Corneria based on what you guys told me. I guess it's just…despite everything I can just already image Bria giving me that" so it took that long to clean up your mistake?" Look when we get back."

Astra paused before she spat on the ground." I'll try and be nice and say your sister in law is so wound up with grief she sure as hell is seeing from a broken glass dude. If we save the Multiverse from going to hell then you two can work things out if she has the guts to get out of her bubble. Besides, she may be family but there has to still be some back at your home that are not being a hardass? Like that weird chick in the business suit."

Mike paused before he snickered." Oh, you mean Makima? Yah, I guess we been friendly for a while."

Tyson raised an eyebrow before he smirked." Friendly? Dude you been eying her back when we had classes together a decade ago!"

"Hey, she's one of the few who gets me Tyson. Trust me that means a lot these days."

Astra's grin widened as she leaned forward." So that means you two are more then just pals then eh?"

Mike nearly tripped before he rolled his eyes." Hey, I did not say we hooked up or anything chill. Not enough time to build anything. But, aside from my family and you guys I guess she's the most important childhood friend I have, like you and Ray."

Astra saw the former captain of the merchant vessel Ydas nearly choke the water he was drinking as Shionne looked curiously before she burst out laughing." Seriously? Raymond is one of the few Equalizer I can trust these days but that don't mean we are "A item" Mikey."

"Fair enough. So, is there a said item somewhere in this universe? Or at least former item? Just want to know if a raging ex is another thing that might come popping out next on this ride."

"Piff…not going to worry about that."

"Ah, yah I guess that makes sense."

"Hey, don't give me that look! I' know how to play the game asshole! Just, any ex is also a ex corpse at this point.

Like one time I was having a good time messing around with...a guy who no longer has a name, but then I realized I felt like I did not belong there. And it was like oh yah, its because I was not on the job right? What the hell was I thinking? Like I was going to be in a " relationship"? I'm a god damn psycho!

That's why...that's why I'm good at what I do, that's how I operate...and its because I know what my life revolves around...because life made it clear real damn quick that there is no room for fairy tale romances when your life is your job and your job makes you be on the move all the time, not much time to date yah hear me? Piff…like I need to be weighed down by crap like that anyway since its mostly scams from flower peddling con artists."

"So…your happy with your life like that?"

"I'm still alive so that makes me happy. Everything else, is just a luxury. Speaking of that, if we want to keep this whole thing together let's get this show on the road and stop wasting time talking about luxuries no one has time for here eh? We good to go once everyone's on board? None of Muzan or Geto's lackeys are still lurking around that might go crawling back to the Vought Clan, right?"

Ezan flew up, and looked around the entire planet with his Rinne-Sharingan before he closed his eyes." There are some mindless monsters still running around random areas of the planet, but I don't sense any trace of Xehamaru 's energy and I don't sense any note worthy power levels around. There is still…some unstable parts but, with Xehamaru briefly merging with the entire planet reversing the process has some…after effects.

We, must remain on guard till we leave but, it seems that thankfully, all the ghosts this world had have been put to rest, and thankfully we got through this without any more coming back. Be that as it may, lets get this done swiftly so we are not added among the rest of the ghosts here."

Ezan looked one more time at where Tanjiro and Nezuko came out of, looked at it carefully, and saw some people still screaming for help before he sighed and went to help them.

As the group tried to prepare to leave as quickly as possible, Ezan's hope turned out to be unfounded as the biggest ghost in fact returned far more than he, James, and the other veterans of the Cosmic War hoped for.

Though said ghost, or devil, was too focused on other things to even think about his former enemies at the moment.

By this we mean Zannacross, who was still eying his "cousin" carefully as he saw the Queen of Nevers casually have a door appear out of the wall behind her and open.

Enna Kros saw the being most saw as the devil look conflicted before she smirked." Oh, come on if I wanted to harm you would I offer you this invite to my" Tea party" in the first place?"

Zannacross had the memories of his previous life, as the God of all Darkness come flooding back before he hissed out a repressed," Because like your father, you have a twisted sense of humor. After all, this whole situation is a farce to begin with."

"Oh, so you see him as your dad now? For a while I thought you thought the One-Above-All was a part of you or your brother or something?"

Zannacross paused before he remembered when he confronted the One-Above-All in the Axis of Time and thought he absorbed him." Yes…for so much of existence Cosmos and I thought we were the two masters of the universe. At least I thought that. Though Cosmos clearly knew the truth since she mocked me when I assimilated her."

Kros shrugged before looking up in the sky." Well you know you miss a few things when your locked up as a giant eyeball in a Trans-Dimensional cell as a timeout for behaving badly."

"And you seem to have knew as well. You were one of the few that did not confront me in heaven."

"Well…I'm not really a gal that likes to resolve conflicts by going all," Shoryuken!" And all that. Besides…I figured there was more then one way for things to go."

"Kros…for most of history you just spent existence longing with the Monitors and the Watchers just watching and pondering. For that matter this might just be yet another useless prattle."

"Hey, it's up to you but just figured you might get out of what I had to show you instead of having a rude awakening to where you are in the cosmic food chain now."

Zannacross looked up before he cracked his neck." I know things have changed; I sensed the extent of the corruption in the universe even before my full senses were restored. I would loath to be surprised again so lets get on with it."

With one last look around he followed Kros through the door. When he entered he saw in a moment a large black void, with only a pillar like red clock in the distance. He saw a woman with a blue dress with silver hair in pigtails and purple eyes. She saw Zannacross enter and sip some tea." Oh, visitors? What an unusual, pleasant surprise."

Zannacross saw the girl with butterfly hair-clips looked indifferent before he uttered," This your servant Kros?"

"How rude I'm…I'm, wait. My name is... Huh? It was right there on the tip of my tongue. Use it or lose it, I suppose. Oh right, I do remember that this is my tea room. So who are you? Will you join me for tea?"

"If you don't even know your name I fail to see how you have the answers I need."

"Oh, I did have a dream you came here. Today is the day! Right…I think I know why you came here. Shawl we get started?"

"With what? Where is this?"

"Sigma Harmonics? No, not anymore, but welcome to the rift between dreams and time, welcome to were fantasy melds with reality."

Zannacross eyed her carefully before he eyed Kros again." Is this the Velvet Room, where consciousness and subconsciousness intertwine?"

"Nope." Kros answered bluntly as she took out tea." This…the "tearoom" of the land of Couldn't-Be-Shouldn't-Be is a plane of non-existence outside of the boundary of the universe. However, the other side of nowhere is everywhere; the "abyss" is also the "mountaintop" where all is visible.

This Land of Can-Be-Shall Be is a plane of unchecked possibility, where the Queen of Nevers can see all, even things that are nothing in this universe. This Monitor Sphere was the home of the Monitors, standing at the edge of everything but, when heaven was shattered well, we had a bit of a forced downsizing along with the rest."

Zannacross saw Kros and her co worker clang teacups before he let out an exasperated sigh." I seen the dawn of the universe and I still can't comprehend your nonsense."

"That's because you refused to expand your horizons on what could be real. But now's a chance to change that. The gist of it is that, after what happened with the Beyonder and Brad Fowltor, between altering the origins of the Big Bang, and the effects of the Death Stranding a pathway beyond the universe was formed.

We can get there by going through here to what I call the" Far Shore." This Far Shore is a realm of unbeing where there is neither time nor space. It stands apart from the personifications of existence, and is thus outside the range of any one universe's influence. Thus, it allows even those like you, a former "Devil" or Cosmic Abstract who normally are bound to one universe to crossover.

With a cosmic mirage bubble, we can crossover without others entering like the Fuginauts who God created to monitor travel between the Multiverse, or the agents of the Infinite Victory and Conquest Corporation."

Zannacross paused before he felt a surge of disgust as he retorted with a repressed," This is the force that is a threat to countless universe's? A corporation that sounds like it was throw out by an even more third-rate hack then Weil Zabi?"

"The fact that it sounds so mundane hides how every day it is. Its because its so mundane that its so all imposing when the man behind it is more powerful than you, Cosmos, and the Beyonder combined, let alone Ben Auro and every other champion all of you had in all your wars."

Zannacross had his eye twitch before he hissed out," But how is this possible? I was there from the start. The Beyonder was are first attempt at life before Cosmos and I knew how to divide power properly, how could someone ever surpass even that?"

"I think this is one of those things where showing will be better than telling so let's get that Mirage Trolley Bubble on and get going. Ready for another go on the guiding thing Tama?"

Zannacross raised an eyebrow as he heard a yawn, and looked behind the tea table to see a small, fox-like creature with white fur and yellow and turquoise eyes with a light red dot in the corner of thick black lashes.

She had a turquoise bib, a small light blue nose, small pink cheeks, and light blue tips on her large ears, small arms and feet, and tail. She wore a turquoise bow on both sides of her head beneath her ears and her large tail was adorned with a gold crown and eight four-point stars, each one a different color (red, orange, green, turquoise, light blue, blue, purple, pink).

As the toy like creature walked up the former God of Darkness eyed Kros again." You're relying on this smelly Pokémon to be the key to everything?"

The creature named Tama frowned before uttering," You.. You... You... How dare you call me the-stinky! That is the last the-straw! I am the-fragrant! Roses line up just to get the-one whiff of me! What really the-stinks is your whole stupid existence!"

Kros giggled before leaning down." Easy there Tama his senses are all out of wack to put it nicely. Just stop daydreaming and get ready ok? This time we can't take it easy."

"Hey! I wasn't day-the-dreaming! But if you say so then ok. Ready Serafie?"

From the top of the large clock tower a winged pixie with orange-pink hair yawned as she glanced down." I'm so bored... Uh, I mean... Boy, do I work hard!? But if you need to be watered Tama then yah just get away from the tea."

"Aah! I've the-told you a million times that I the-don't need to be the-watered!

"Heh heh, heh heh heh!"

Serafie's laugh faded as she saw Zannacross glare at him before she rolled her eyes." Always hate when she has tours. Ok seriously though, don't get out side the Prismarium Mirage Trolley ok? The short story is that it leaves the mirage of someone from another universe so it tricks the eyes and all that."

Zannacross saw for the first time that Kros looked a little tense before he cleared his throat." So even you are trying not to be detected? All this interaction with me goes against the will of God?"

"Not you being Zale, or even you regaining your memories. He, just gets testy when people "see the script." I don't think he intended for you to know what happened before your birth yet."

"Before…my existence? You mean, before the universe was created?"

"Did you ever wonder if there was anything before darkness? What…what created the universe? What happened to cause that spark? Well, here's how to find out. Just pay attention cause we are going full info dump here. Let's go Tama! Just remember the " Code"...Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A!"

Serafie glowed before she had some light come out of her water can. It became a glowing golden bubble that covered Kros, Zannacross and Tama. The small bunny fox hybrid looked at a note she had with her before she nodded." Ok…past the Axis Of Time…across the Far Shore…into the Boundary or Gehenna, across through the Quarry of Creation, and to the House of Ideas. Ok Tama has done this before so just sit tight!"

Zannacross realized that Tama was pulling the Prismarium Mirage Trolley like a horse pulling a cart before Kros winked." It's the most unassuming things that can sneak around at times. We are taking the back door to the "Old man"s pad" so to speak."

As the nameless girl and Sarafie waved Zannacross saw the clock tower ring and split open, revealing a black hole. With a tug he suddenly left the void like tea room and saw a massive golden crystal orb with many streams of energy encircling it.

Zannacross remember when he last saw this sight before his eyes widened." The…Axis of Time?"

"Yup…where you last tried to go all hardcore final boss on everyone. You nearly blew up heaven to get in but it's a lot easier when you have the key eh? I know you thought this was the key to everything last time but now its just the kick off to are trip."

Zannacross then noticed a dozen red cables connected to the Axis of Time before he raised a eyebrow." has the Axis of Time changed since before?"

"Well...that's the " gear" the new " master of the house" added that means the Axis of Time of are universe is now linked to the multiverse network of the Infnite IV&C company. Power creep is fun right? Well depends on what side of the creep your on but oh well. Just hang on!"

The trolley dove right into the cable acting like a shackle on the golden crystal, and while Zannacross expected a crash or an explosion to his shock after a bump he saw they were now going across what seemed like a ocean of white before Kros cleared her throat." This is past the heart of are universe…and into the bleed across the Multiverse. The energy of dead counterparts of you and Cosmos across the multiverse, a sea of fallen universal chunks so to speak."

"What…how many echo's of me have been killed?" Zannacross uttered with indignation, causing Kros to sigh." Sieg " V-Day" Elgan has killed enough universe's and there gods that it would take longer to name them all then the length of are trip."

As Zannacross raised a eyebrow Kros shrugged." I told you this is beyond what you thought was even possible cousin. But its just what leads to the "God Quarry". The rich soil of rotting deities from which all existence grows.

The boundary between the orchard of all known realities and the "One Above All", the dark sea of infinite nothingness that came before. The Quarry of Creation is a dimension beyond all space and time where the " World Forge" is.

Tama got through the Quarry of Creation moving like a shooting star despite her bumbling cartoon look, before Zannacross saw a massive sea of stars. In the center was a towering blue man with a giant blue bald being with red armor pounding what seemed like a star, till Zannacross eyed the crystal and widened his eyes." This, looked like the universe before the big bang. This…is this God's true form?"

"Hah, not quite. See, this whole place got renovated after the Multiverse became a thing. The blue guy is The World Forger, also known as Alpheus. See from what I heard the original big bang was messy so "the old man" created Alpheus to make it go smoother. He, is a overseer of sorts.

Once the Multiverse was a thing Alpheus was assigned in the World Forge, a place deep in the dark beneath creation to create universes from the fears and feelings of every living being of the multiverse.

The most stable universes rose into the Orrery of Worlds and for the unstable ones that" Are not making the cut ", Alpheus will dispatch his agents to destroy them and return their energies to the forge to create something new.

Hard to see on the " inside" but from here Universe's can form trees that mark what kind of growth its taken. Such "trees" embodied a fundamental energy of sentient life — Entropy, Mystery, Wisdom and Wonder."

Zannacross looked across the web of universe's and saw some that looked like trees, but saw even more were golden towers before he raised an eyebrow." I'm gathering that not all universe's are governed by the same rules but, these look like towers instead of trees."

Kros looked troubled before uttering," They are towers. What I said was how it worked before…but that's before Sieg waged war across the Multiverse. Those towers are artificial, and embodied greed instead. They are all connected to his and Mary's Network...just like are " Prime Universe"."

Zannacross realized that the universe's that looked like towers all had cables that linked to a dark sphere that was growing and consuming Universe's even as they were moving, before he snickered bitterly."Well if that's the case then this " World Forger" seems to not be good at his job."

"No, not really he's just creating things, what happens after that after his control. He's very good at his job but it makes him not very good at small talk. That…has led to a few problems but we will get to that later.

Also makes him very rigid so we are just going to sneak past him to get across the Overvoid to where we want to be. Go into overdrive Tama we are almost there! To the center. The core. The birthplace of all that was...all that is...and all that yet may be.. "

Tama nodded and suddenly transformed into a gold and white fox with multi colored blades for tails before moving faster. Kros just winked as she leaned back." Tama's tongue twister of a transfiguration. Pronounced "tah-mah-MOE-hee-may." She's looking divine, to be sure, to put this... the chest hair does come as a surprise? Lead the way Tamamohimé! We are surfing this web all the way to the finish line!"

The speed increased before Zannacross saw Alpheus raise a eyebrow, only for them to leave before he turned around. After a shock-wave rattled his teeth he blinked, and saw what seemed to be a dusty house that would fit in America in the 1950's.

He looked at the sigh on the house and had his eye twitch." This says… it's a suburban residence in Hewlett Harbor, Long Island of America of Earth Prime from 1939? On...Sesame Street? Your pet took us back in time Kros!"

As Tama landed on the ground and reverted back to its previous state, as she moaned Kros sighed." Forget that The One Above All is all time and space? This is the "House of Ideas". Said house is the core of all of reality, and the birthplace of all that was, all that is, and all that yet may be.

It is the dwelling space of the One Above All, and within this place, infinite stories are born; ideas can take physical shape. It being a "normal house" is just symbolizing how this is a place where "god likes to casually watch his stories" because a place like this gave him a good memory".

Like, even while ignoring the different dimensions that make up each reality, there are many layers to the Multiverse.

Starting within a single universe, going beyond will enter the Superflow, the space between universes. Going beyond further will enter the Neutral Zone, the furthest possible point of the Multiverse, where matter and antimatter can coexist. While locations like the Neutral Nexus Zone are outside all universes, they are still contained within the Multiverse.

But…I could give a lecture, but I think you want something that will help you survive more right?"

Zannacross looked around, and realized that despite looking like a normal house past the lawn there was nothing but endless blue space before he tensed up." But if this is a place that the One Above All views as important then how could you enter so casually?"

"Short story, I was the "lucky" one to get the" spare key" after becoming the God of Stories. C'mon, we can only view the dreams of god for so long without him catching on."

"Wait, what, dreams of god? God of stories? What nonsense is this?"

Before she could answer an angry male voice uttered," She means we don't have no time for stalling jerk so move it before the show starts!"

The voice nearly sounded like earth comedian Gilbert Gottfried, and Zannacross turned around with his eyes already glowing red before he saw the voice came from a short midget who looked like a walking cartoon clad in a purple suit and a bowler hat before he raised an eyebrow." What's the deal bozo? You're acting like you never seen a imp from the "fifth dimension" before!"

Kros giggled before putting her hand up." Ease up Mister Mxyzptlk he's my plus one for the show. Did you bring the popcorn or do I have to say your name backwards?"

"I did one better Kros! The Molecule Man is going to spruce up a fresh batch from molecule to molecule! Er...right Owen?"

Zannacross saw a man in a green and purple outfit with wild brown hair and scars on his face walk out of the imp's hat before he moaned." What can I say? I like stuff. I like making it and having it. I like alliteration too. "Molecule Man"! I mean, technically I worked with atoms, but..."Atom Man"? Ugh. No zing. No pizzazz. Even atoms seem big and clunky to me now. I should be...Proton Man. Or Quark Man. Superstring Man. Information Man. Editing and ordering the base information of reality. Owen Reece, the Narrative Man. Heh."

Zannacross eyed the man carefully before he uttered," But…you were just a disgruntled scientist that fought for Weil Zabi before being quickly subdued by the Fantastic Four."

"Tsc…I really hate that counterpart so don't remind me about him!"

Kros sighed before she leaned over to Zannacross." In are universe he may have been a common lowly lab technician but this one had an accident that poked a pinhole into the universe of a variation of the Beyonder and the energy from that universe empowered him so much that the big man himself recruited him to help see the Multiverse creation stuff go smoothly. But he likes his break time right Owen?"

"Correct." The Molecule Man uttered." So, let's get the snacks ready! Totoro... Binky…be careful with the dessert! And if anyone's hungry now the Cat In the Hat has some Green Eggs with Ham."

Zannacross then saw a large furry creature with grey fur and beige belly with grey arrows on his chest carry one basket, while a thinner white rabbit with big teeth carry another one.

A humanoid Cat with a long red hat walked up before he smirked and took a plate that had green eggs with ham out of it." DO WOULD YOU LIKE GREEN EGGS AND HAM? WOULD YOU LIKE THEM IN A HOUSE? WOULD YOU LIKE THEN WITH A MOUSE? WILL YOU...AH!"

He was cut off as Zannacross had a blade form out of his shoulder to slice the plate with the ham in half before he narrowed his eyes."No but I will be eating deep fried feline rather shortly if you keep this farce up."

The Cat in the Hat gulped and backed off before another mocking male voice uttered," What's the matter Emperor? Shocked everyone is not as high maintenance as you?"

He turned around to see another male who looked like a elderly white haired man in a Starfleet uniform. He raised a eyebrow before hissing out," Your still alive Q?"

"If you call this living."

" this old man attire some attempt to act like your wiser then me?"

"Oh I wish. No...this is a result of me getting hit by the man who took the title of most evil prick from you. I got away, but the impact is eroding me bit by bit. But, figured might as well do something worthwhile with the time I had left."

Zannacross saw the older Q looked strained before he raised a eyebrow." So you would make your last moments over prating about with a piece of a game?"

"Oh, I hoped this whole thing would humble you a tad but you undersell yourself, Zannacross. You are more than just a piece. Why, you're the very board upon which this game is played. The Zannacross before now, he never had a brush with death, never came face to face with his own mortality, never realized how fragile life is. Or how important each moment must be. So his life never came into focus. Now that you had, we can have a more, honest chat."

"So after all this time you seriously think to fight for the dark side Q?"

"This is not about the light nor darkness Zannacross, but balance, and what must be done to keep it."

The former arch devil swerved around to the right to see a large humanoid goat with red fur before he glanced back at Kros." Is this suppose to be another universe's angel or demon?"

"I'm someone who tried to avoid the notice of angel and demons alike. I am unseen, unknowable, like a rock in the river. I'm one of the new ways that sprouted since your " Abdication " of your throne Zannacross. Jedi and angels on one side while devils and Sith on the other side wield the Ashla and Bogan. The light and the dark. I'm the one in the middle. The Bendu.

You've been talking a lot about second chances. Well, welcome to the very end of the road not taken."

Before he could respond a refined female voice cut in with," Oh save your breath Bendu, Zannacross is still to stubborn to admit he's not ... To think I was actually looking forward to this. So sad."

Zannacross saw the new woman voice came from a ride that transforms into a cat the moment she stepped out of it. It was a young vampire girl with pale skin, long blond hair tied into two pigtails with black ribbons, and red eyes.

She wore Gothic Lolita fashion with a frilly black gown and jacket, red ribbon bow tie, a red bat symbol design cross from the front to the back on her dress, another red cross on her shawl and bottom half, black pony heel boots with a red cross, and a red ribbon on her right ankle.

Kros saw Zannacross's annoyance before she smirked." Oh play nice Rachel Alucard, you were just as confused when you found out the truth of what's past the" Boundary."

"Time is filleting and we have no time for decorum."

Kros saw her "cousin's" face twitch before she smirked." Don't worry, this is all just the crew to make sure we can watch the dream without getting the big man's attention. Don't worry, we have an expert on dreams with us for this, like someone bequeathed with the powers of Dream of the Endless on this. Right Danny?"

Zannacross saw a man who's hair was stark white hair, was clad in white garments and the emerald dream-stone around his neck before he nodded at the two. The "Sandman" nodded before he uttered," I walk across the dreaming sands under the pale moon: through the dreams of countries and cities, past dreams of places long gone and times beyond recall. I see the dreams of everyone, even God, so this dream shawl not be disturbed."

Zannacross saw Danny walk up to the door before he took a deep breath." So all of this, was to see the dream of the One-Above-All?"

The Sandman retorted with," People think dreams aren't real just because they aren't made of matter, of particles. Dreams are real. But they are made of viewpoints, of images, of memories and puns and lost hopes. Things need not have happened to be true. Tales and dreams are the shadow-truths that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes, and forgot…and what God wants to forget will help us know the truth."

Another female voice answered with," If the likes of us can see the full picture without being discovered, and destroyed."

Zannacross looked around and saw the voice came from a short and petite Supreme Kai of a youthful appearance with aquamarine hair and pale teal skin. Like most Supreme Kais, she wore a pair of blue-colored Potara earrings and robes similar to those worn by the Supreme Kais on the Sacred World of the Kai, though it had a more casual design that is distinctly feminine and bears a color scheme of blue, gold and red.

She also sported a pair of white colored gloves and high-heeled boots. She also wore a gold-colored hat which has miniature clock symbols on it.

Zannacross eyed her attire and snickered." So Chronoa relinquished her duty as Supreme Kai of time?"

"No." The woman uttered bluntly." In my universe I was chosen for the rule instead of her. But it was a moot point when my universe was erased by " the man who always wins." I'm one of the few that escaped them, that's why I can help show you what's at stake. Let's begin Kros even with my power are time is not unlimited."

Kros nodded before opening the door to the House of Ideas. They entered what seemed to be a normal, if dusty house, before Kros motioned everyone to the living room, and saw a large couch and some other casual seats behind a TV the size of the wall.

The" God of stories" giggled at Zannacross's annoyance before shrugging." It may not be "A room fit for gods" but this is the casual back door. Besides…this way it reduces chances of being detected. Alright, let me find the dream and we will get started. Hey there " Celestial Toymaker is it ready?"

A man in a tuxedo that looked like the actor Neil Patrick Harris with glowing eyes in a top hat chuckled as he made a few hand waves." Its a tad more complex then fixing a ball but there's no toy I can't tinker with, even a one used by God. "

"Swell. Make yourself comfortable."

The Molecule Man was the first to sit down before he snickered. " C'mon sit down, have a soda from vintage America 1980's " Devil man." Just a few guys and gals sitting down with our boss's stuff its all good. While she's getting the film, we should talk about The One-Above-All. What…don't trust me? Good you can't trust anyone. So play it close…be a little cagey heh. Lets start off with seeing how sharp your noggin is."

With a wave of his hand a bunch of molecules formed into a box before he held it up." There's a kitten in this box. Also a radioactive atom linked to a death ray. If the atom's decayed the kitten's dead. Fifty-fifty chance. So…did the kitten die?"

Zannacross saw the Molecule Man seemed serious before he sighed." All this for the human thought experiment? A primitive understanding of quantum superposition originally meant to,"

"BUT!" The Molecule Man sharply cut off with," I was lying! See! There's a universe in the box!" And that Universe died! But a lot of lives in it carried on into the new one. New boom…same handle! So…was everything the start…or the rebirth? I'd ask if you know the myth of Sisyphus but I think you're the guy who invented that torture right devil man? So that means you know what its about right?"

Zannacross saw the Totoro rabbit hand him a pile of popcorn while Binky handed him a soda before he sighed. "The myth of the impossible task…a constant across the Cosmos."

"Right, right, and he can never make it. The rock always rolls back to the bottom. Always and forever. Is that where it's meant to be? Do you think? The bottom of the mountain? I mean, according to the tradition and gravity and the will of god that's where it's going."

"I know where things go clown!" Zannacross uttered with disdain." No matter how much things have mutated since my corruption I still was a witness to the dawn of existence, before there was even life!"

"But that's just the thing "Zanny." Kros cut in with a touch of somberness." You assumed it was the start because you could not see anything else. But…what if Ben Auro and the rest were not the first ones to go to the dawn of time?

What if that crystal-like spark that unleashed the Big Bang, was a fragment of an ever greater Omni-verse or Extra verse or whatever is more massive then a Multiverse? What if what Cosmos and you were, were just the fragments of a being who was everything, then nothing, and was trying to be everything again?"

Zannacross saw Kros was serious before he let out a sigh of exasperation." And you have proof of this? I still remember my talk with him over the Axis of Time Kros. That he created the first beings besides itself into existence, the manifestation of animus, or light, Cosmos, and the manifestation of Anima, or darkness, myself.

Yes, that I was, I am the embodiment of ego and pride, the result of the universe's sin and frustrations, while Cosmos was the embodiment of hope and kindness. How could you possibility know something beyond that?"

"Because I'm god's curiosity." Kros uttered flatly. Zannacross saw she did not seem like she was trying to mislead him before his eye twitched." What? His…curiosity? But…I saw you for lifetimes lingering with no purpose in your pocket of heaven with not even a trace of such power."

"Well yah, till I "evolved to my final form". Look...when Ben, Doug, Brad, Lacus, and the energy of the others went into the big bang to cause the universe into the Multiverse, that energy went into me as well. I gained the ability to cast Phenomenon Interventions to turn into reality whichever story I could fabricate about the past by virtue of telling it, retroactively altering history so it happened.

But this would not change are "Prime universe" it created another universe. Thus, God saw me as his chief content creator, and the way to push the answer to his most important question."

"What question!?" Zannacross uttered with retrained fury, causing Kros to sigh before she put in a video reel that said" question." And put it into a film reel before she snapped her fingers." Roll it Snuffleupagus!"

A brown furred elephant walked in and rolled the reel with his trunk. The reel projector put off a fuzzy image of a single light, the golden light then split into an orb of light and darkness, Cosmos and Zannacross. It suddenly fast forward to show the universe, before it suddenly split into the multiverse.

As an entire quarter of the Multiverse turned black Kros looked at the center." I guess you were isolated for most of this but as you were made aware, after you were defeated Cosmos did her best to try and improve the quality of life for the universe, but she, Ben, Lacus, and most of the Enji and the angels refused to see things honestly.

The " Supreme Being" opposed you because he thought you having your way would make the universe stale, but in the end it was the same for Cosmos, just a different kind of stale.

He put the universe into a worst hell then you envisioned as your revenge on your " subjects" just to teach people that a perfect utopia is the same as death. To ensure this would never happen he let the Multiverse unfold. This let him see even the worst possible outcome have its own story.

This, is leading us to what this is all about so pay attention. The folks who are making the deposed Emperor of all darkness look tame came from the Negaverse. "

The screen of the multiverse zoomed in on the barrage of universe's that were pitch black before Kros shrugged." Stop me if you've heard this one... worlds will live, worlds will die... but imagine if your every fear, each bad decision, gave birth to a malformed world of nightmare. A world that shouldn't exist.

And desperate as it fights to survive in the light of the true multiverse far above... these worlds are doomed to rot apart, and die, because they are wrong at their core. Welcome to the Dark Multiverse or" Negaverse". Home to stories that should never be... It's all one big cosmic joke, except no one on this side is laughing. ...well, almost no one.

The" Great Will" saw these stories like people like Porn channels, where he could get his darkest visions realized. But, just seeing these nightmare universe's unfold and have everyone in that one reality live through total hell soon proved to be not enough for him. While at first the Multiverse was supposed to be kept apart because it's a no duh kind of thing that most folks would get jealous of seeing versions of themselves in their" dream life".

But well…after seeing Ben, Cosmos, Lacus, and the others morals virtues lead to the meltdown that became know as the Death Stranding well...he just about came to the conclusion that morals were just a illusion.

That's why he's all but thrown angels under the bus, demons and angels alike are just failures to him, beings who's ideas have amounted to failed fantasies. Even if it causes the total collapse of the Multiverse and everything he created, all he wants to see is what is what wins above all. And his champions are doing a good job so far at maybe pulling that off."

Mxyzptlk sighed before he squeezed his hat." No kidding…its destroying dreams all across the Multiverse! Like, the fifth dimension is imagination. Its everywhere at once that most beings can't see.

But ever since these IV&C bozos have been running around it's been dying! Imagination is running wild. The fears, the hope of every living things…we imps…we can't keep up. We're wasting away, running out of Dytpjg, AKA my kind's life blood eh? Sure universe's come and go but the process has to be somewhat stable for things to keep going. But with how fast universe's are being destroyed we are getting zilch!

Because its not just the Armageddon ratio being out of whack, its that just about every place he rules he squeezes so many so tight that they don't have any spare time to dream! And that's how he wants it because he seriously thinks dreams are just a "perk" for his " Gold members" And let me tell you squeezing imagination out of folks that repressed is like trying to squeeze milk out of a clam!"

Rachel sighed before she put down her tea." Yes...what was suppose to be just the sum of life's fears is trying to become the ultimate nightmarish reality to all life across all universe's. This " Gentry "are the pitiless ones from behind the invisible rainbow that is the Multiverse. Opposite of everything natural, they seek to torment everyone and everything till no one is outside there grasp."

Zannacross saw the Dark Multiverse before he narrowed his eyes." So, the One Above All created a clone of me that is the cause of this?"

Danny the" Sandman" sighed before he got up." No…not something so simple. The source of this hails from what should have never existed in the first place. Impossible stories destined only to happen in dreams or in nightmares. Should any of these stories be spoken, let alone occur, the whole" Library" that is the multiverse would burn.

But that's what God did…he let the Eldritch Six-Dimensional beings that should not be, be his chosen champion of ultimate nihilism, the one known in most universe's as the leader of the Infinity Conquest and Victory Corporation, while he is known as" The Empty Hand" Jigen Gorath Yuuzhan, Davoth zos Odio, and more, his most known name being Sieg V-Day Elgan."

Kros nodded before she put in a reel that had V-Day in it, before the image turned to Ben's counter part from the Negaverse. Zannacross saw the twisted image of the man who defeated him and grit his teeth." Now I know this is a farce. Ben Auro tried to take my role for himself?"

"Cousin its not all about you. This time, God has chosen his warrior of darkness. But its more then just darkness. This Sieg was from the Negaverse, where everyone is so dark even your toady Xehamaru would feel like there behavior is overkill.

Also…it's not that he's just Ben Auro with a mullet and a personality keener for murder, he also has elements of you, Doug Fitter, Brad Fowltror, Kira Myers, and so many others into him. He kept winning, coming back from the most impossible odds to win even more.

When your counterpart in his dimension said he had won as much as he could, he just pushed even harder. Sure this broke his universe, but it just caused him to defy the odds more. Though, he had help from Mary, or more like Abeloth."

As a reel of the counterpart to Lacus caused the screen to change before it turned to Mary. As countless dead bodies, and worlds, and galaxies surrounded the cruel counterpart to Lacus Kros shrugged." As you might guess, Mary was given the same job Lacus had, only she dropped the ball so hard when it dropped it broke her world. She kind of took it so badly that she was banished to the World Forge to "atone" for making a selfish choice that damned her universe. But…well…instead of deciding to atone she seriously doubled down.

She saw Sieg trying to defy his fate and break the rules to help him break through his universe. In the process they got their hands on the "regulator" that gave him the power to absorb all the cosmic entities and merged with every soul in his entire universe, and beyond.

In the process him and Mary both evolved into Six Dimensional beings…making them become beings that are more powerful than you, Cosmos and the Beyonder combined."

She had the reel start to move like a video recording as Zannacross saw the replaying of Sieg breaking Trunks, killing Spawn and the Sliver Surfer, crushing Ben, overwhelming Terraxia, and countless other god like beings and heroes and villains that would not serve him.

As the picture then showed Sieg's transformed state towering over the very Multiverse, Zannacross looked unnerved as he stepped back." So, the One Above All just let this mortal variant become an eldritch abomination out of mere...curiosity? So that means this is your fault then? If he would deny me and Cosmos both then this does not even make sense."

Kros looked troubled before she sighed again." I'm afraid that sense might not have much to do with it anymore. Your right that the "Source" wanted to avoid a stale unchanging reality more then anything, but it seems that Sieg proposed to God at some point that he could create a existence so rapid a pace that only "god" would be able to experience it, but it would be the ultimate joy. It seems…God took him up on his wager and make him the" Central Fiction" of the Multiverse to see if he could experience something he never had before."

Aeos suddenly let out a bitter sigh before she walked up." I encountered them, I'm one of the few who saw them without being enslaved or killed by them. My own role was to weed out decaying universe's.

I had firm belief in the concept of balance over all else, and I thought that was God's will. But, to my horror I saw that Sieg was rewriting the history of countless universe's purely to what amused him.

He really is what those Anti-Spirals feared as the " Spiral Nemesis", a theoretical apocalyptic event involving the overuse of what they would see as Spiral power, otherwise known as the power of will pushed beyond reason.

The Anti-spirals long theorized that Spiral Power would eventually reach a point beyond lifeforms' ability to control, causing them to spontaneously evolve into full-sized galaxies. The sudden increase in mass throughout the universe would lead to these mega-galaxies' mass becoming significant enough to crush the entirety of time and space itself, converging all of existence to a dimensionless singularity, a Big Crunch.

That's what Sieg seems to desire, to gather the power to destroy enough universe's at once to cause a Big Crunch that would collapse the entire him domination over all creation to recreate as he sees fit.

I confronted God about it, and he told me how his view on balance had changed and all that could not adapt to that new standard would be swept aside. He, he told me himself, his "other toys", they don't spark the same joy. But Sieg and Mary, they do.

They surprise him the most. They're the ones he's made his new chosen ones. That's why he did nothing as Sieg and the IV&C corporation invaded my universe. The fight dragged me into the" Below place." It took me all the way down... Past the country of Hell... To what lies below it. What most see as "Hell", actually seems quaint to me now. It had hierarchies and structures. Rulers and rules. It was only a place, like other places... but this was something else. Something deeper, at the bottom of reality, underneath everything... The concept of Hell. The foundation.

The bedrock. The Below-Place "

That's where The One Above All appeared before Sieg, as the One Below All. You see Zannacross, when he cut himself off from you he formed anger of his own, to become the ultimate personification of destruction and hate, the ultimate personification of hatred and every form of evil there is when he "is in the mood."

Zannacross saw the Supreme Kai of time from another universe roll out her scroll of time to show Sieg being confronted while he was casually sitting on the top of the Totality castle as he was being confronted in some nexus between universe's as a massive force had gathered to try and kill him.

But it was clear he just looked amused as he was attacked in all directions from Ultra Instict Vegito, Superman Prime, Kenshiro, Hyper Sonia the hedgehog, Duncan Idaho, Dean and Sam Winchester, Darkwing Duck, The Kyōryū Sentai Zyurangers, Flash Gorden, The Loonatics, Demon king Yusuke Urameshi with the power sphere of the nether world, Linkle with the Fierce Deity Mask, Ryan Wilder in the Hellbat Batwoman suit, Din Grogu, Mighty Max, Gamma Androids 1 and 2, Miles Morales with the Uni-Force, Super Sayain God Pan,Naoto Kurogane, Mera with the Trident of Poseidon, Duck Dodgers,Tsurugi Tatsuno and Victory Greymon, Venus de Milo with the War Staff of Ultimate Power, Chirico Cuvie in VOTOMS, Zatanna Zatara,Yuji Itadori with full control of Sukuna, Galadriel with the One Ring, Kachan Bakugo with the One For all Quirk, America Chavez, Max Caliber Gridman, Captain Planet, Maka Albarn, River Song, Tenchi Masaki, Galactus under the golden armor of his Life bringer phase, Elder God Sub-Zero, Lan Hikari and in Hub Style, Beetlejuice, Nunnally vi Britannia in the The Mark Nemo,Ninten, Gold Saint Pegasus Seiya, Jak and Daxter, Viola Redgrave, Lann and Reynn, Kanonno Grassvalley, Shadow Moon, Arya Stark, Jack Skellington, Master Ping Xiao Po, Princess Mononoke, Roland Deschain of Gilead, Gol D. Roger ,Michael Burnham, Ging Freecs, Alan Scot of the Green Lanterns with the Godstorm, Sousuke Sagara in the ARX-8 Laevatein, Vin of the Mistborn, Toma Kamijo, Recca Hanabishi,Sora with the X-Blade, Captain America with Stormbreaker in Iron Man's Godbuster armor, XS with the combined Speed force and Negative Speed Force, Jolyne Cujoh, Vector Man, Addam Origo and Mythra, Commander Shepard, Fayt Leingod, The She-Hulk as the World Breaker, Boruto Uzumaki in Baryon Mode,Ikaris of the Eternals, Hachimaru, Black Lightning, Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole, Oliver Queen as the "Specter", Kazui Kurosaki, Drak the Destroyer, Sailor Mini Moon, Albus Severus Potter,Guy Shishiou in Final GaoGaiGar, Trinity, the daughter of Wonder Woman, Shinji Ikari in Evangelion 13, Danny Phantom, Eureka in Nirvash typeZERO, Cyclops as the White Phoenix, Yuma Tsukumo in the Zexal III state and Number 39: Utopia Beyond, Emma Fairfax, King Kong, Seras Victoria, Freakazoid, Sylvie Loki in the Destroyer Armor, Bob of the Guardians of Mainframe, Kirito and Asuna, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Takuma Nagare in the Getter Arc, The Scarlet Witch, Coop" Cooplowski in Megas XLR, Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori in the Gipsy Danger,Captain Gundam,Samurai Jack, Prince 'Atory' in the Trinity Liger Zoid, Vision, Tetsuya Tsurugi in the Shin Great Mazinger, Don Diego de la Vega AKA Zorro, Lina Inverse, Optimus Supreme, Bartman, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and more all at once.

While he was attacked in every direction from all kinds of attacks, he looked bored as the attacks barraged him, before a shockwave knocked everyone back, and he unleashed his true form, and shattered all his attackers with a attack that seemed like just about every thinkable attack everywhere all at once.

This attack went on and seemed to destroy many universe's at once as the different universe's were like differently hued globes, with images on the outside sort of like a Zoetrope.

As some of the universe's shattered from his attack, Sieg looked annoyed as the damage stopped in the distance, even though it was a distance of many universe's before his eyes glowed before Zannacross and the others saw the One Above All as the" One Below All" towering over Sieg as a demonic smirking cloud that morphed between the image of" Zeno", the man known as " Chuck Shurly", the black flat demon" Lucy" and a few other forms before he looked at his hands." So he judged me, only to then become me? In the end…the One Above All has just lost all sanity? Yet your still able to oppose him and enter here without him doing anything to respond?"

Kros let out an anxious giggle as she looked around." Well see are little Quintessence here has just enough power to pull a fast one on "the old man" when he's not looking.

See, he still sees everything but with the Multiverse he sees a lot more than he use to. So, while he sees things all are combined powers are acting like a camera that's footage was altered."

Zannacross saw the Quintessence all nodded before he chuckled bitterly." But in the end what is the point of this? You made it clear even at my zenith with the Eternal Kami Munesanzun Crystal I'd still be crushed like a bug in the face of this Six Dimensional being. Did you do all this to mock how much Chaos Zannacross Necron has become obsolete?"

"No." Kros uttered bluntly." To show what Zale can do to defy his fate. You're not just a cosmic abstract or a Cog in the " Stage" "Cousin", you're a person who can still decide his own destiny. I know you spent lifetimes posing as "mortals" to manipulating things over the years like as Ravxen, but as Zale this was the first time you were not just posing as a mortal but truly living as one, to understand what they value, however flawed it may be at times.

You spared Tanjiro and even if you think it was just to avoid attention the old you would have messed him up good just out of spite.

The " Source" is willing to break everything to see if everything is fated to bend to the most perfect force there is, but well, me and some of the others are willing to risk everything to prove that things can change, and even things like what was suppose to be " the embodiment of evil, death, darkness, and hate" can change under the right possibility.

Sieg wants to control everything to find perfection, but perfection is kind of a boring story to say the least, and that's' why everything must be done to keep it free."

Zannacross looked around and took a deep breath." And so, this is the part where you say I have to stomach my pride and work with the Enji for the greater good?"

"Come on I'm not as cliché as Cosmos" Kros threw back with sass." For one, the Enji, the angels, and just about the rest of Cosmos's forces might not be around much longer.

Sieg's forces have entrenched themselves deep in your universe at this point, and many of the forces of light are becoming so desperate that they are about to go to extremes to hope a miracle will save them and not bothering to think if they are being lured off a cliff.

This crises got this bad in some ways because so many of the light refused to change, and refused to realize that light can be good, but blinding themselves as light can cause just as much harm as acts of darkness.

So, it's the moment of truth because I'm not the queen of light, but of story's itself."

Zannacross eyed her carefully before he looked around." So then just how did you expect me to amount to anything without providing a solution?"

"Hey Doug Fitter may have most of your godly essence but you still have the mind of the devil right? This just requires a approach that requires more cunning then just throwing a galaxy sized shuriken at something. Look, the honest truth is that…in a direct clash Sieg or Mary would own me even faster then they would own you cousin.

I can use my power to elude them, but it has to be in a nuanced enough way that they just see it as an act of bad luck. That, that's what I'm doing now. But, I'm not leaving you with nothing. Is it ready Stephen?"

She nodded to Daniel, before the Sandman waved his hand, and had the chair that Kros was sitting on before suddenly transform into a more high-tech steel chair.

A man with sliver hair in a red bussines suit in a wheel chair rolled into the room before he smirked." Hi. I'm not a demon, I was a long time coworker with Metron, and would like to see are work continue even in defiance of the" Axiom"

The law of God, the temptation of your demon insticts, and the despair of the utter turned them all down and chose your own path. For your current self, I am willing to tell you everything that I know and its installed in Metron's Chair.

Zannacross realized he remembered the symbol on the chair before his eyes widened." That…that looks like Metron's Mobius Chair…he cared about it more then anything."

"Yah…enough that he prioritized its survival over his own when Sieg attacked the Time Nest. His effort was not in vain, as it still has data that can help you. Sorry, even the Queen of Stories can't give all the answers if she wants to keep seeing stories cousin. But, we tweeked it a bit to also give it the functions of the chair Thanos the Titan had in another universe. SO...with the power to travel and teleport through space, time and other dimensions in a matter of mere seconds at least you have something. On top of that...when in this chair even Sieg, Mary, and the rest of there group won't be able to detect you...long as you don't ram them with it.

I think we are running out of time so I'll leave it at this. Its true that Sieg, Mary, and some of there top "co-workers" now have the power to exist in many universe's at once while eating another universe for dessert, but even if they can see through time, they still have mortal emotions despite how much they think they have evolved past them. Zannacross…see the state of things from new eyes, then decide what your destiny really is.

Do you think you're the Devil because you're inherently evil, or just because dear ol' dad decided you were? People don't arrive broken. They start with passion and yearning until something comes along that disabuses them of those notions.

Your off of " The Truth's" Script now cousin, its time for you to write what role that is. "

Zannacross saw the others around him nod before he touched the Mobius Chair, and sat on it. As the mark of Zannacross glowed on it he took a deep sigh." I remember…the dream I had before I regained my memory.

Yes…it was a long dream admis disorder. Ugh…it was absurd. Cosmos and I were governing the universe together. Laughable…is it not? In that dream…I was a devil that repressed chaos…despite being the embodiment of chaos, darkness and death. Strangely…these images are still vivid in my mine. All the people smiling… the warmth from the days I spent with Cosmos…for one who had lost all memory…why did the dreams I have feel so cruel? "

Kros sighed before she responded with," It was a possibility from if you took another path…the path of darkness and death not trying to erase all life but work alongside it for well…harmony.

The universe won't be what it use to be...but that's because the only constant out there is change. To be alive is to be part of one connected system that's always changing, even death can't escape that fact. Matter is a constant motion, life is ever cycling with death. It can be sad and hard, but I think you learned the hard way that the answer is not controlling it with Anti-life and darkness or death destroying all life with anti-matter death or whatever, the answer isin't to hold back change. WE have to accept it, engage it, while always, alway staying true to ourselves."

Zannacross raised a eyebrow as he narrowed his eyes." I thought you just told me you renounce all Cosmos belived in."

"Pay attention silly." Kros wryly retorted." I don't think thigns will always be paradise all the time, but that there will always be good times to make up for the bad, even if it won't be enoug for some. I want you to picture a multiverse were all possible types of universes exist. A infnite multiverse, each one unique, all eonnected. You can have a universe like this, but it won't be alone, or something bult at the expens of others. There's room for it all, one does not have to win over the other, we can all win, together, as long as those who just refuse to only care about there own desires are not allowed to have there way.

It may be to late for that precise dream you had with Cosmos...but…the possibility for a reality sort of like that still exists…if you want to fight for it."

"You talk about this endles Multiverse, but unless you know something your not telling me all that means is that at any time another being like Sieg could arise to to try and dominate all. This dream sounds like a shot in the dark."

"But is that not what all dreams are? A shot in the darkness? Is that not most fitting for the one who was the emperor of all darkness?"

Zannacross closed his eyes before he looked down." All I know for sure…is that this is not the script I had in mind for the universe. If nothing else, I'm a devil of my word. No matter how diminished I may be, I still have my pride.

Mankind is fated to give rise to demons no matter what they do, I have no doubts about that. No matter how hard the universe tries to erase the shadow of death, the wronged will always slither back."

Kros nodded as she looked down." The One-Above-All called this endless cycle the " Mandala Program."

"Tsc…I thought I wanted my universe to be free of errors and the fools who commit them…long have I truly searched for a way to be free of such things. To overcome this…just might grant me that. So…I'll do whatever it takes. So…is there anything else? What about the one who took my essence…Doug Fitter?"

Kros giggled as she looked up." Oh…unlike you he's all about the chaos stuff. But…it seems the Multiverse offers more freedom then even he imaged as he's mostly just been drinking around and picking fights all over the Multiverse. These days the only long term plans he has is how to stick it to Ben and anyone who tries and support order."

Zannacross paused before he narrowed his eyes." And what about Ben Auro? Is he truly dead? Or is he leading this resistance to his counterpart from the Negaverse?"

Kros paused before she let out an uneasy giggle." Hey…can't give all the spoilers away. Seriously…the less you know the less Sieg will want answers from you. Just…know that the destiny of Ben Auro is not finished yet."

"So, this is all part of God's script for his final destiny? Or his and Fitter's children?"

"No." Kros uttered bluntly." This is about over the entire Multiverse wither order or chaos will come out on top. If the story was finished already we would not be here. But, if we talk about it too much it will be over before we know it so try and not end up submitting to the darkness even if your kind of the darkness."

"Tsc, that's Xehamaru 's mannerisms…not mine. Still…for most of my existence my fate was just to function as the devil should. To hold my own dream seemed like a fantasy. Dreams, indeed, are ambition; for the very substance of the ambitious is merely the shadow of a dream.

And I hold ambition of so airy and light a quality in coming true that it is but a shadow's shadow. Still…its my own and I'll fight to define my fate as my own till the end. And for that…I'll show these Six-Dimensional Beings that they still are not the true masters of the darkness."

As the Mobius Chair started to glow Kros gave a thumbs up." That's the mojo expected from the big boss! Give them hell like only the guy who created hell can! Just…take the back door out and you will be back to where I met you. Sorry…the rest is up to you."

Zannacross saw the others looked on edge before he closed his eyes." That will be enough. Kros…we will have to talk again more to dwell on many things. Just don't get erased by these scum before that time."

Q nodded before he gave a somber salute." Farewell, mon capitaine. It's time for me to go. But not alone. Isn't that the point of all this? See you out there."

The others saw Zannacross go down the basement door, and leave the " House of Ideas" the moment he did. As they left the Sandman sighed." At least Zannacross understands something that Sieg seems to not, and that is the fact that what power would Hell have if those here imprisoned were not able to dream of Heaven?"

Mxyzptlk sighed as he slouched down on the couch. "I know giving your cousin a push is you giving the big man the middle finger Kros but you sure he's not going to go all god of death on everyone the moment he has the chance?"

Kros looked out and saw the sky was turning red." I think Zannacross realizes that everything may live to die, but at the same time nothing dies forever. Sieg and Mary and the rest of the IV&C think they are being so super extensive with there multiverse wide genocide invasion to rub out anyone before they can become a Sixth Dimesional being like them. But they are so fixated on what they think is the only things that matter...that they just might find out that when you dismiss what might be…what might be can hurt you.

If the source of death can become a seed of hope, could it fan that flame of becoming to help save everything? I'm…going to risk everything to find out. Well everyone, I think time's about up so lets try and survive to have another tea party ok?"

Everyone quickly left the chamber as the room started to glow. But Zannacross did not hear them, for the moment he went through the door he saw he was right back where Kros appeared before to him.

He saw that the Mobius Chair was still there, and responding to him before the God of Darkness heard something and looked up, seeing that in the time that had passed Mike, Astra, Ezan, Tyson, and the rest of there group was now leaving Valisthea before he looked at his own hands, and grasped them tightly." Cosmos…it seems that for all that we envisioned…we are about to see what we truly left behind that endured in this performance that is existence. I'll see if destiny's hand can be swayed yet.

Since there was life and death my desires seemed clear, but memories are ambiguous... Old ones can be replaced with new ones, creating a new reality. Let's see what dreams can still become reality in this broken universe. But first…lets see what is left to dream about."

Zannacross then pressed a few buttons on the Mobius Chair to get any information helpful to him for what he planned to do.

As he did, those unaware of what had transpired between the meeting of gods just focused on getting their job done, and for that we are back on the bridge of the Hagane.

While it took a few cure spells, Masaki and enough of the SRX crew recovered enough to be able to fly back to Corneria, and after fixing the moon and getting as many people onto the ships as possible the group prepared to return. Thankfully the acquired Fortress Doom ship was nearly a small space colony in itself.

With one last check the group of ships entered Hyperspace. Masaki heard what happened when he and the others were tortured and snickered." Damn man, I seen a lot but even I don't see the bad guys try and merge with the planet to turn things around that often. Well, I'm glad you guys are so hardcore cause otherwise we would be served up to Sieg on a platter."

"Don't make a big deal out of it dude." Astra retorted as she flashed a half-lopped smile." Assholes tried to pull a fast one on are pals so we kicked their asses before the damage could be done."

"Well…looks like you guys pulled it off but just hope it did not cost you guys to much. What happened to Corneria? Hope you did not have to leave it at the hands of the Viltrumite's just to save us."

Mark sighed before he walked up to Masaki." Oh right. See, Ezan managed to expose Thragg killing the previous leader. Then…some Power Ranger working for the IV&C blew up planet Viltrum with some "Getter Zeo Emperor Zord."

"Getter Emperor…zord? Oh man Ryoma is going to be so pissed off if we get back to high command. Still…its bad that it sounds like they are ready to make it clear who " the new sheriff in town is."

"True…but it also caused some enemies to realize the state of things." Ezan cut in with." Omni-Man and most of the surviving Viltrum clan has allied with us. And we been getting reports and no new attack has been dealt with so far so...we just might have made it."

Tyson saw Mike's relief before he winced at remembering the last discussion with his brother." Guess with all we been through we made up for it with one last break before the end game is at least something."

Mike took a deep breath as he looked at some like Roll and thought about Bria again." Won't deny that people are really getting shaken up by how much is going on right about now.

Unlike us some like my sister-in-law have had too much time to think about things I guess. But, with this we showed everyone there is still hope that the " game' is not over yet. Speaking of that, they know we are coming back?"

On the com link Optimus Primal responded with," We will be preparing to meet the defense fleet soon so get ready everyone."

Mike smirked before he leaned back." Was trying to not get to hopeful but you know maybe this will be able to work after…all? The hell!?"

The ships exited hyperspace, and saw that Shinryudramon was still in the distance, but looked vastly different then when they left before James instantly looked at his old friend with horror." What…what happened?"

Mike tugged his collar before he looked at his father's friends." This…him pulling off some Digivolution thing to try and be more powerful?"

Ezan quickly eyed the Royal Knight with his Rinne-Sharingan before he grasped his fist." No…something's not right…something's around his entire body. Wait…what the hell is this?"

Everyone's begun to notice the Angel Halo, and the world ship of the Universal Church of Truth all around Corneria before Raymond winced." I know you guys wanted to be ready incase another attack came but this…this sounds a little overkill to me."

Masaki noticed Angel Halo before he tensed up." Double so when it seems like taking the wrong as hell decision! That ring…I saw that in another universe! In the" Alpha wars" I fought with, one of the enemies in that war was the Zanscare Empire. There" Trump card" was a Psycommu Mobile Fortress.

The Angel Halo was originally conceived as a joint effort between the Jupiter Republic and Zanscare Empire to transport 100,000 Jovian immigrants to the Earth Sphere. However the Zanscare Empire quickly seized Angel Halo, and turned it into a weapon.

While other psycommu systems merely read brainwaves and translated them into machine code to control weapons, the Angel Halo harnessed the power of twenty-thousands "Psychickers", all controlled by a single Newtype in the middle, and used them to "devolve" the human mind through the use of "psycho waves".

While initially promoted by a Fonse Kagatie and as a means of using the Queen Maria Pure Armonia's Newtype abilities, with the amplification of the Psychickers, to erase any violent thoughts or urges in mankind.

Unknown to Maria however, its true ability was to trigger mental regression to an infantile state in all living things on Earth, causing them to fall into a deep, year-long sleep. Upon Angel Halo's landing on Earth, the effects of the fortress would cause rapid cellular degeneration, premature aging and death of all those put to sleep by its waves.

Angel Halo was used by the Zanscare Empire in an attempt to tranquilize and eradicate all life on Earth. Using Queen Maria's prayers for peace as a trigger for the Psychicker's abilities, the psycommu system was proven dangerously effective as it approached Earth.

However the interference of the League Militaire in destroying the numerous rings to the fortress, in addition to the efforts of Shahkti Kareen and Üso Ewin led to Angel Halo's dismantling and destruction. I mean, maybe this one is not the same but really not sure what the hell else a thing like that can do!"

Suletta at the moment had the Arieal Gundam fly out to help patrol, till she saw Quiet Zero as well and tensed up." That…that almost looked like one of momma's projects in her work! But…did someone take her work or does that mean that, huh?"

Everyone's attention shifted as they got closer to Corneria, and saw that the moon now looked like it had been transformed into a space colony with a single, horn-like protrusion, before he realized an entire moon like structure was now linked to the planet before his eyes widened." Bria…I know you were freaked out but what the hell did you do?"

Ezan walked up before muttering," If she's losing her nerve why did X, Picard and the others not step in? Contact them now! Huh…wait that's X's ship."

Everyone indeed saw the Celestial Being Grand Nuage flying up to them before a transmission request came in. Ezan opened the commlink before a male voice came in with," Admiral Remington here. Sorry but, everyone else is preoccupied so I'll be handling this."

Everyone looked at each other before Ezan cut in with a sharp," General…what the hell is going on? Shinryudramon, a second moon and,."

"At ease soldier. We got more reinforcements while you were conducting your mission. Those who brough those reinforcements proposed an idea to Queen Auro, one she approved of. For one thing, that second moon is the Quiet Zero Elysium, and it's to help realize Project Nirvana. "

"I never heard of that."

"With all due respect sir Ezan, you are not the leader of the Bethal Kingdom, Queen Bria is, and this is the project she approved of. I understand that you have a lot of questions but please understand that things are already under way. Please let Commander Ziggy in the Edens One ensure things are secure and dock so we can discuss things. Queen Bria is about to make her speech to all Bethal Worlds, and the entire universe so there is no room for delay."

As a ship that resembled the Edens Zero but with a fish theme, where the figurehead resembles a dunkleosteus with an open maw and eyeholes with glowing "eyes" fly in from the other side Van raised an eyebrow before he rubbed his head." Wait…project Nevada…I know I heard that before. I…just don't remember where."

Ray Lundgren saw Van's confusion before his eyes widened with horror." Wait…I heard that name before…from my wife Shino! Right before…right before she was…damn it! We better figure out what this is about soon because its heading to a conclusion that's really going to piss me off."

Robotnik opened up a com link before reaching out to Sage." Sage…can you tell me what's going on here? Sage? Geetz?"

The former mad scientist saw no response before he tensed up." The commlinks are still open, but no one is responding. What's going on?"

Tails rubbed his head before he shrugged." Maybe…they are busy with setting up…whatever this is?"

Zero grit his teeth before opening his own commlink." Yo X what the hell is going on around here? You hear me? Alia?"

The maverick hunter saw no one was responding before Ezan took out his sword." Everyone…get ready for anything. For now…we should land just to see what is going on…running now will just make things worst. That being said…Masaki…get ready for anything."

The green haired man nodded before the ship docked with the Celestial Being Grand Nuage.

The group docked and existed the ship. They saw some that they knew were waiting for them, including 9S, Popola and Devola, followed by Admiral Reminton.

Raymond noticed the Admiral and instantly tensed up." Hey wait…you commanded the Astoria right? You were in charge of the ship that nearly wiped me and the Ydas out!"

Reminton shrugged before he looked down." Lucky for you I have different orders now boy."

Tanjiro saw the two who acted as the head of his village smile before he took a breath of relief." Popola, Devola, you're ok! Good, I was starting to get worried that something was wrong!"

The red-haired woman on the left smiled as she glanced at Nezuko." We are so relieved to see your ok as well Tanjiro. Nezuko, thank goodness your alive."

Nezuko smiled before she let out a sorrowful sigh." I'm so glad we could see each other again. But…so many died to make sure I could live like Mister Weiss."

To her shock Devola just smiled." It's regrettable you had to go through that. But soon we will see him again, along with everyone we lost because of this broken universe. After all, the Queen got everyone working double time to keep project Nevada on track."

9S opened his hands with a welcoming gesture." Yah…soon death will mean as little as it does for me, 2B, and Kaine."

2B raised an eyebrow before uttering," 9S…what does that even mean?"

Admiral Reminton walked up before he cleared his throat." I understand your all confused and that you would be alarmed from the rate of new things that you seen but this is all for the survival of the Bethal Kingdom, and a way to not just survive but reach a better state of being."

Mike let out an uneasy chuckle as he tugged his collar." I mean…things going in a positive direction is nice and all but well…the devils in the details and we just dealt with a lot of devils man. Seriously…what is going on cause I'm rather sure I never heard of this Project Nirvana."

Ezan nodded before he narrowed his eyes." More importantly I never heard of this project either and I really don't like being left out of the dark."

Remington saw him, James, and many of the others glaring at him before he closed his eyes." With all due respect Queen Bria has the authority to come up with plans without your approval. But perhaps it would be best if she explained her intentions. So sit back, as she's just about to give her speech to all the citizens of the Bethal Kingdom…and the universe."

The hologram screen on the right suddenly opened up before Mike saw the screen showed the grand senate hall.

Sonic realized it was the same place where Xehamaru first attacked Corneria before he rubbed the back of his head." Hey…that's the place were all the leaders are supposed to talk it out and do all that government stuff right? Guess its good its still standing."

Tyson realized he could spot out a few agents of Wakanda before his eyes widened in alarm." Wait…did brother really come here? That…does not add up."

Mike paused as he realized that at least half of the senate seats were full before he winced." Wait…I don't even remember when the senate was this full. What did Bria do to, huh? The hell?"

To his and everyone's shock what he thought was a red platform, was a pillar long cape, as Bria suddenly came out of that cape. She wore a golden crown as she looked at everyone with a detached expression. Mike took in her new look carefully before uttering," Don't remember an outfit like that in the Bethal or Lylat cultural styles."

"That's because she chose to take an outfit that fit those who we are allying with, the Universal Church Of Truth."

Astra raised her eyebrow before she snorted." Wait…she was following those quacks? She's even more out of it then I realized."

Mike paused as he looked down." Far as I know she could care less about a fringe group like that so what the hell is going on?"

"I was told she found enlightenment after someone set her up a meeting with the Grand Unifier. It seems to have given her clarity in life."

"What kind of clarity tool?" Astra cut in bluntly, causing Remington to smirk." Your about to find out."

Bria suddenly waved to everyone in the grand senate hall before she started to talk." Greetings everyone, I'm Bria Ruffels Auro. I'm the Queen of the Bethal Kingdom, but I know most of you think of that as a joke.

It's true, everyone assumed Lacus Raystar would be the queen of light forever, but this universe has showed us how cruel it can truly be. For a long time…I wondered if God just wanted us to suffer, but with the help of a few it became clear he just wanted us to find the right path.

And, now we found that path, that path to peace and happiness, the path that will save everyone and be the answer to God's plan. The queen of light is supposed to guide everyone to happiness, and I know just about everyone treated that as joke, till I found the way to make that happen.

Yes, the Cal Beisel or the" True path" where the light of god will unite us all to help us find peace and happiness. All we need is faith…and the tools to utilize are collective faith properly.

The Grand Unifier helped me understand…just what those tools are. It's not just wishes alone, we have the means to repair heaven, and make the universe heaven for all the good people suffering at the hands of the wicked. I know my family has spent centuries trying to fulfill the word of god. My great grandfather Raffles Smith created the Holy Sol Temple to keep the faith of god alive, and I tried to do my best.

I loved my husband Richard, and his parents Ben Auro and Lacus Raystar very much.

But…I don't doubt they cared for everyone, they just were not hearing God's wish correctly. Yes, they failed to hear the subconscious wish, but I heard God's true wish, to fulfill god's real commandment. That's how I have become the Evangelist…the embodiment of the collective human unconscious.

The collective unconscious is a shared subconscious wish that has been held in common and carried on through generations of human history. The Evangelist is the personification of the human subconscious…the being that will make the secret desires of humankind reality.

As the saintess, I have received the transmissions of the collective unconscious, What is the evangelist? What is the subconscious? I have learned the answer. For so many years, I felt so inferior to my sister Annabell.

She, she was strong, charming, smart, the complete package. I admit I resented her for making me feel like the twin that was meant to get everything wrong. Then…then Annabell died because of a Adola burst. I felt horrible, like I brought about my sisters death. In time, I got to know her fiancé, and married Richard.

Then, then he died, and again I felt like I was left behind. But, I understand it was all so I could guide everyone, to the final destination of the imagination…the end of its evolution, to see that humanity wishes for paradise. I have to thank the one who got me to understand what had to be done, so before we begin I invite the Grand Unifier to share his thoughts with you all."

She bowed before a man entered. For a moment Mike felt a chill down his spine as he uttered," Did…did Sieg just show up while we were dealing with Muzan?"

Ezan had to struggle not to look as worried as the "rookies" as he grasped his fist tightly." Damn it…I made every precaution but in the end…there's no real way to directly compare to his power if he moved. I,"

"THE CLAW!" Van suddenly roared out to nearly caused everyone to jump to there feet. As Mike nearly tripped, and indeed saw the man Van knew as the Claw walked in front of Bria. Everyone saw the old man was now clad in a white, straitjacket-like overcoat with a chain before Mike saw the man's golden claw and raised an eyebrow." Wait…that's the Claw you been moaning about the whole time? He…looks like he's going to fall over! Are you sure this is,"

"Its him without a doubt!" Lundgren added bitterly." That is the same man who killed both of the woman we loved!"

Van nearly looked like he was going to have a stroke as he snarled out," THE CLAW! You…you thought hiding in the capital planet could save you? You thought hiding behind all these toys can save you? I"LL KILL YOU!"

The" Claw" just waved to everyone clapping at him before he touched the mike." Oh…um…is this thing on? Hello everyone. Thank you very much for having me today. It's because of all of you that, as of today, all preparations for "the time of happiness" have been complete.

And so today, along with expressing my renewed gratitude to everyone who worked so hard in each of their sections I'd like to explain the details and principles of the overall plan. Right now thanks to Queen Bria understanding the righteousness of are goals she lent us what we needed to complete our goals.

With the Zohar Pillars combined with the Cosmic Cubes and the Argent Tower, we will open a poral to hell, to cross the Pan-Dimensional barrier to gather the remains of heaven, then merge the dimensions together.

Using the Angel-Halo and the Quiet Zero Elysium, we will cause a chain reaction with the and its Faith Generators to gather the prayers of all true believers, and then turn those prayers to energy, so that Queen Bria in her" chariot" or Deus, will be able to fulfill everyone's ideal realities by overwriting tragic events from the real universe, and warp the very cognition of reality, to at last have the paradise we desire.

It took a lot of hard work, but we at last have the means to shape the future of the universe. I won't deny I had a hard time deciding the best path for our future. Until now…everyone had reached the same answer…rule and conquest.

The likes of Homelander… Dessler…Knull…Omni-Man…and the other Nahobino were very fond of such ideals.

But we don't desire rule…but harmony. Are efforts are key to resetting the universe into a kinder…gentler existence.

All tragedy…will become a thing of the past. Some may think I'm just saying things to be another greedy man who wants to become god…but I assure you I'm your comrade, and will prove it…by sacrificing myself to see the dream realized.

We all endured much…but at last we will be rewarded by fulfilling God's true will. So comrades…let us all give everything so that we can enter the utopia we desire at last."

Bria nodded before she walked back up." I hope everyone can understand how this is the best possible state for the universe. But those that are too short-sighted to have the will to dream don't' fret, we will leave this reality so you can be left behind after the rapture.

It's clear that such people can never coexist, so let's once and for all be rid of each other. Everyone, I know prayer has not mattered much for a long time. We just relied on the" savior" and his army of hero's to defend us from those who want to destroy us.

But this will directly give the power into our hands to make are dreams come true. At last, there will no longer need to be hero's, because it will be the paradise we all deserve. I will be going to the Elysium to begin the process shortly, The Grand Unifier's assistant Tokiko will go over the details now."

Mike saw Bria give a look of detached conviction before he saw Makima walk up to Bria and resisted the urge to vomit." Bria…Makima…is this all some joke? Did Xehamaru hit me so hard I woke up to a nightmare?"

"If you did Mikey you're dragging us all along one crappy dream." Astra spat out bitterly." No way Bria put this together herself so that sure as hell raises a lot of questions."

"No…there is no question." Van uttered as he could hardly restrain his rage." There is only one thing to do now…KILL THE CLAW!"

Remington sighed as he saw how everyone looked and walked up." I understand this is a radical direction then what you all expected…but we are all doing this for universal peace and prosperity."

Mike glared at the Admiral before spitting back," Sounds more like you all drank the punch! Even if the guy heading this was not someone who seems to be a serial killer this project is all kinds of wrong! I don't care what is going on, as Prince of the Bethal Kingdom I demand to talk to my sister in law now to get some answers!"

Remington saw many among Mike were getting their weapons ready before he looked at 9S and nodded. He glanced at Chloe Sampson and her boyfriend Hutch behind Mike and smirked." I see for the sake of everyone its best to be efficient about this. You want answers? Very well…emergency warp it is."

Mike heard a charging sound and looked above to see a golden light above him before he winced, " Wait I,"

Before he could even finish, the light flashed, and he, Chole, and Hutch were warped away. Mike felt frozen for a moment, before he saw he was suddenly in the throne room that his parents use to be in before a cocky male voice uttered," VIP treatment right to the end…but in the end I did not want anyone handing down your punishment then yours truly sis. After all…I wanted you to realize the hard way that there really is no were in the universe that will let you hide from me!"

The throne suddenly swerved around, before Mike winced at seeing Brandon Sampson casually slouched over on the throne where his father sit. Mike saw that the man he once saw as a friend before he killed his father now was dressed in a white and golden outfit with a crown on his head before his jaw dropped." B…Brandon?"

Chloe's eyes widened like a feral animal before she hissed out," So…all of this was because of you Brandon? Damn you! I'm going to kill you!"

"For what?"

"You know what!"

"Stop overreacting damn it! Dad was a slave, Chloe, a slave to the worthless joke that is being a hero! "

"No…he was a man!"

The one once known as Paragon laughed wildly as he got up. He saw his sister's disgust before his grin widened." Wrong answer! Man…I just wanted to make sure no one got to punish you but me sis, but it sure brought in one hell of a bonus!

The top brass really tried to keep this under wraps…but we broken down every last wall you morons tried to keep up and now we know everything, right up to you still running around Mikey.

But nowhere to run now man, your entire damn government and just about everyone left pathetic enough to try and defend you now bends the knee to me!"

Mike saw the smugness in Brandon's eyes before he glared at the man who betrayed him." Your poker face sucks Brandon! You really think anyone that knows you for ten seconds thinks you want to guide everyone to paradise?"

"Don't matter what you think loser…what matters is that your sister in law thinks I'm going to be the one to lead the universe to paradise, and by the time its done I'm going to rule what's left of your precious Bethal Kingdom! What's left of your family and friends is going to be my playthings!"

Mike was about to respond before he saw a flash of light, and saw that the Argent Tower suddenly caused a beam of red energy to erupt out of the ground outside Neo Arcadia.

At the same time the Quiet Zero Elysium moon like satellite fired its own beam before the two beams started to create a sphere. He tensed up before uttering," Well I knew this sounded to good to be true since you're a guy who clearly does not want to blow himself up then what's really going on?"

Before Brandon could respond an older man's chuckle cut him off, before Brainwave floated down. The elder member of the Sampson family crossed his arms before he gave Mike a damning look harsh enough to make the lanky man nearly freeze up." Oh…it's a half-truth "Prince", the best kind. It will give these sheep of a people what they deserve."

"Damn it Walter you have no idea how small your games are compared to what's out there!"

Walter snickered before he leaned down." Oh, your talking about the man who has your dear old dad's face son? Oh I know just what Sieg V-day Elgan is…and he's the ultimate winner! That's why all of this…is to get on his good side."

Mike was shocked as he stepped back." What…what the hell are you talking about?"

"You did not even try and guess why the guys who crushed the Viltrum clan like bugs just took a time out after that? If you thought it was out of fear then the joke's on you. They just thought that would have everyone off to easy. Nah…since you're the people who followed a failure…you have to suffer first.

Funny thing is that this would have worked just a few years ago. But now…now even if it does whisk them all away to "heaven" that just makes them tranquil offerings to a being that shatters heaven like its nothing.

Don't presume this is a rushed scheme from my nephew here, those who are the true masters of the universe have banded together to see about the most fitting demise for this " Kingdom of light".

Well done killing that pathetic shadow broker, but killing Muzan Kibutsuji was just a set up so that you "hero's" have one last time to feel like the" glory days" before you all get what you deserve thinking destiny was on your side.

If you think this has a happy ending you haven't been paying attention. So sit back, and watch as all the old dogs that you called hero's are put down.

After all, you're all finding out that with how I run things, if you acquire a reputation as a mad or feeble dog, you'll be treated as a mad dog. Taken out back and slaughtered for pig feed.

Just be grateful I'm kind enough to drug the lot of you into a sweet façade while your being devoured like the prey you are!

For after all…this is just a show to see who can impress the people that" really " matter with how much we can make your people suffer before he returns.

And since I want to be in the room where it happens boy then get ready…because the death of everything your family believed in is going to be one hell of a show so let the self-inflicted genocide begin!

Authors Notes: We got another big one today so let's get started. Kuon Ichinose is the main antagonist of Persona 5 Strikers, Nazamil Hildris is from the Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn DLC, Takashi Shimamura is the central antagonist from Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 and Purin Ezak is from there as well.

Druig is from Marvel's Eternals, Jaheira and Lord Enver Gortash are from Balder's Gate 3 and Castiel is from the Supernatrual show.

The Angel Halo is from Victory Gundam, I felt it was fitting to use the final superweapon from the final series in the UC timeline…well…the cannon one at least…not counting G-Savoir. The Elysium is from Megaman Legends 2 mixed with elements of the Quiet Zero Super weapon from Gundam Witch.

Serafie, Tama, and the" Girl in the Tea room" are from World of Final Fantasy.

The form Shinryudramon has been mutated into is based off Deus…the final boss of Xenogears.

The World Forger, also known as Alpheus, is a DC deity that appeared first in the Dark Knights Metal event and his the brother of both the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor.

The Boundry or Gehenna is from Blazblue.

The Quarry of World and the House of Ideas are from Marvel Comics. The House of Ideas is in the Marvel verse the core of all of reality, and the birthplace of all that was, all that is, and all that yet may be. It is the dwelling space of the One Above All, the ultimate creator of everything, and within this place, infinite stories are born; ideas can take physical shape.

The Sandman is well, from the Sandman series from Neil Gaiman more or less, though it's based off of Danny.

The Molecule Man is from the fantastic Four, Mister Mxyzptlk is from Superman, mostly the one from the 90's Cartoon voiced by Gilbert Gottfried, Totoro is from My Neighbor Totoro from Hayao Miyazaki, Binky the rabbit is from Life in Hell, which is a comic strip by Matt Groening which was published weekly from 1977 to 2012 and what got him on the path to do the Simpsons, Cat in the Hat is of course from Dr. Seuss, Rachel Alucard is from Blazblue, while Aeos is an enemy turned ally introduced in the Dragon Ball Hero's anime short series in its Super Space-Time Tournament arc. Stephen was a major figure from Shin Megami Tensei 1, 2, 4, and Apocalypse.

Q is from Star Trek as seen in the season of Picard, while Bendu is from Star Wars Rebels and Celestial Toymaker is from Doctor who, the most recent version of him.

This group is inspired off a DC Comic group called the Quintessence.

The Quintessence are a group of the highest order of beings within the multiverse, who bear witness to all events that did happen, are happening, and will happen. Just changed the members to be more mixed from across the groups of fiction I like and all.

Aloysius Snuffleupagus is from Sesame Street, while the Mirage Trolly was inspired by the Trolly that Mister Rodgers would use to take everyone to the Land of Make Believe…trying to have a lot of different aspects of fiction today to say the least lol.

Well, I know it was a lot of build up but hope all the set up for what's about to kick of is worth it enough to get a review or so out of someone. Thanks for the reviews as always, hope the chapter leaves a positive enough impact to get a few more, and despite finals being a drag hope to get one more chapter out before the next year, and as one might image its going to be rather intense so till then till next time.