Chapter 256: Crashing into Rock Bottom.

The events that unfolded in Knowhere occurred so suddenly that all who managed to survive were to shocked one way or another to process what happened…and even some of the dead were unable to deal with with how things unfolded…like Granola. The green haired man's final moments living was that of pure agony and despair.

Yet suddenly the Cerulean gasped as he saw a bright light. He blinked a few times before seeing normal looking men and woman in various causal clothing walking around buildings that looked fitting for a suburb, with a set of stands on each end for pepole to sit on like they were at a school ball game.

Granola had his jaw drop as he saw a trolley roll by the street before he looked around." What…what happened? Did…did someone save me before I died? Or…am I with my people?"

Just as Granola was about to reach out to those in front of him an older, wary voice uttered," Unless your people was my people all along son, I don't think that's what's the deal with this place."

Granola winced before swerving around, and widened his eyes as he saw Utopian and Lady Liberty staggering in his direction." Wait…you guys are alive to?"

"We are here…but not sure about the alive part if you're looking at are, and your heads right."

The younger man gasped as he looked up and saw halo's of light floating over the deceased couple's heads. Granola grasped before he looked up, and saw a halo over his own head, before he fell to his knees." No…I really died in failure. All that…and Homelander just had a way to cheat death?"

Utopian looked at his hands before he sighed." Don't feel too bad about it kid, only the elite have access to the Sleeve network. If, if our own Sleeves did not kick in…then Walter truly betrayed us."

"Oh Sheldon." Lady Liberty muttered sorrowfully as she grasped her husband." I knew Brandon and Grace did not enjoy the lives we lead but, I did not think they would have resented us that much."

"It…it had to be a mistake Grace. He, he was being mislead by my, by my brother. And he, Walter must have been mislead by Victor Makishima.

I took his power to try and fix the universe even if I did not trust him. I, I was doing what was right, that could not have been the wrong thing to do, was it?"

Granola saw how broken the two deceased members of the Union looked before the Cerealian sighed before he walked up." Hey, come on don't be that harsh on your selves! Look you were one of the few "top dogs" I had respect for. I mean if we made it to this place, we must have all done something right…right?"

Before Utopian could respond suddenly a new older male voice uttered," Not just a place, but THE good place."

The three swerved to the right and saw an older man in a grey suit with a blue bow-tie walk up. He had black glasses and gelled white hair, and waved at the trio as they noticed him." Mister Granola, Sheldon Sampson, Grace Sampson? I'm Michael, please come with me to get you guys sorted out. "

The Utopian saw the man in the bow-tie looked pleasant before he cleared his throat." One question…where are we, who are you, and what's going on?"

"Right." Michael answered plainly." So you three, if you're not aware, all died. Now, you're all in the next phase of your existence in the universe."

Granola saw people walking around casually getting food before he raised an eyebrow." So, it's true…Ben Auro and Lacus Raystar were able to restore Heaven after all."

Michael chuckled before he shrugged." Well…it's not the heaven or hell you might have heard of before the Death Stranding. But…generally speaking you three made it to the good place in the afterlife."

Lady Liberty saw her husband looked ashamed before she grasped his hand warmly." Don't feel like a failure darling, we did our part. We, just have to hope others can keep up the fight."

"She's right sir." The man in the bow tie proudly proclaimed." For now you should focus on the next stage of your life, which is the orientation to how that's going to be! Follow me please."

The three saw Michael motion them in front of him before Granola shrugged and walked up, before the couple followed the green haired man.

They arrived at what seemed to be a town square with a few individuals standing around before Michael walked up and had the building behind him form a giant screen out of the wall. After giving everyone a second to see him the man in the bow tie waved his hand. "Welcome to the first day of the afterlife everyone!

You are all…simply put, good people. How are we sure? During your time in the living, every action you took was giving a positive rating, and a negative rating. Everything you ate, everything you read, everything you said, went into the score.

We calculated the total value of your life to assure only the true cream of the crop make it here, to the good place. What happens to everyone else you ask? Don't worry about it, just know that we are sponsored by Otters holding their hands while they sleep."

As a picture of Otters holding hands while sleeping appeared before Michael chuckled." You know the feel you get seeing Otters holding hands? That's the feel the Good Place gives all the time. Here everyone, its your pins for your first day."

Granola was given a pin with a halo on it, and shrugged before attaching it to his shirt. As it glowed he grasped his fist tightly before he took a deep breath." At the very least…I'm glad I can see mother again. I, I hope I made her proud even if I was not able to truly kill Homelander. I don't know how big heaven is these days but hopefully it won't take too long to, huh?"

The green haired man paused as he saw someone in the distance. But it gave him the opposite reaction to seeing his mother. The person who he saw was a man with black dark circles under his eyes, a dark purple hair with a ponytail, a short dark purple beard, pointy ears and turquoise skin.

He wore a long red jacket with golden lines, a white scarf in his neck, a blue sash around his waist, a mind restraint similar to a belt with bones over it, white pants, two blue boots with a white sole and a golden buckle on each and a symbol on the left side of his jacket.

As Granola saw a few other people with the same skin color he turned pale. What…is that…Elec…and the Heeter Force? No…I killed them when I found out they sold my planet to Homelander when I first did the power ritual! What…what could scum like them be doing in a place like this?"

The man named Elec saw Granola looking at him and sprouted a wicked smirk." Well look who showed up on time boys? At least he died when we bet he would! Oh, I'm going to enjoy this show alright."

Granola saw the rest of the Heeter Force before he glanced at Michael." What is the meaning of this? Elec and the rest of his group were pure scum…how could people like them ever get into the good place?"

The man with the bow-tie saw some start to back up before he shrugged." Oh that? Oh sure they might be seen as "sinners" but they all had bought "Indulgences" to clear them to the Good Place before they died."

Utopian glanced at the man with the bow-tie in pure disgust as he walked up to him." Was that suppose to be some sort of joke? What kind of heaven allows sinners to merely buy their way to paradise?"

A few snickers were heard before Michael cleared his throat." Well see that's the thing. You assumed this was like the old heaven run by the angels. But while this is the Good Place, its not the paradise for the "Good".

You all were rated for your…morality, but it was not to reward you, but to provide are audience, and especially are premium members with the best entertainment, for the Reaper Games! Kitaniji, guess since the contestants are eager to see what they got coming for them might as well not keep them waiting."

Dozens of humanoids in pink hooded jumpsuits, black gloves and black boots, and a permeated mask to hide their identities walked out of the buildings. These masks have one of three symbols which indicated their rankings. As soon as they walked up their mask's glowed to form a red barrier.

Granola saw the Heeter Force look delighted before he grit his teeth." What…what kind of sick joke is this?"

Before he could get a answer a new voice cut in with," Greetings sheeple of the" Good Place", A new Reaper's Game is raring to go! And today's contestants are the purest saps in the cosmos! Hello fans…welcome to the craziest…wildest…bloodiest extravanganza! That's right...the seventh Professor Genkai Reaper Bowel!

Previous Reaper Games have had no shortage of surprises, but this one stands to top them all! After all, we have the "purest" agents of justice taking part in their "reward" for a life that's made so many get screwed over all because of there dedicated to "justice"!"

Utopian saw a human with the head of a purple cat with green glasses throw food at people in the stands before he grit his teeth." Damn…I heard Homelander and the Vought tribe had reformatted the area of the afterlife they took over but…I did not think he would make this much of a mockery of the after life! Damn you…I'm not someone that will submit that easily!"

A new cruder voice cut in with," I don't know punk, you squealed like a good pig when your own son offed yah! Still, better be ready to fight like your lives're on the line. Figuratively speakin', seein' as you're already dead... Nyeheh!"

A man with olive complexion, side-swept dark hair and brown eyes walked up past Michael. He had a large nose and a small goatee.

He wears a light grey suit jacket over a white v-neck shirt, textured dark grey pants, and black shoes with gold buckles. He seemed to wear either a bracelet or wristwatch on his left wrist. The man tapped his watch before he snickered." Alright folks let's get the bloodbath started eh? Tanzo Kubo is the name…reaping is the game! I'll go over the rules quick so are fans don't get confused on what to cheer for eh?

We got some mooks who thought they were better then a lot of us in the RG…the Real world! The purpose of the Reaper Games is to is to determine who is worthy enough to be rewarded in the afterlife, or to be given a second chance at life, and to hopefully improve that individual through their experiences in the Game. See we are not giving you nothing…if one of you wins this game you might get a second chance!"

Granola paused before he looked at Kubo tensely." What… a second chance to live?" This some sort of joke? "

"Nah its total legit greeny." Kubo answered callously." But are sponsors are only being generous to hand out one prize. So you want to live bad enough and once more be the last member of your sorry race eh? And what about you mooks?"

The head of the "Reaper's Game muttered as he pointed to Utopian and Lady Liberty." We been watching you act all high and mighty from above, only for your own son to whack yah! Guess its time to see how much your justice is really worth eh? If your own flesh and blood back-stabbed you it can't be that great eh?"

As many in the crowd laughed sadistically Utopian saw his wife's despair before he narrowed his eyes." This plot's worst then Blackfire's…no matter how big this Reaper's Game is we three are not just going to submit to this!"

"Who said this is just for you three?" Kubo retorted." This Reaper Game's no low budget production I'll have you know. We got plenty of other contestants today! After all your not all the fools that gonna get owned again and again! Just the most recent! Ah hell, some even got on people's nerves so much we had a "preview" before the game started!"

Utopian and Granola were both about to say something, before a yell cut them off. The three unwilling additions to the Reaper's Game saw a flash of light, before Gabriel Celeste crashed to the ground to there right. The deceased angel had one black spike through his right arm and another through his left wing.

Utopian saw the winged man cough before he widened his eyes." You…your one of the angels that was working alongside Ben Auro and Lacus Raystar! Did you die with them?"

Gabriel staggered to his feet before he glanced at the bearded man and winced." Sheldon Sampson…and Grace Sampson? No…you two were some of the few allies Ben and Lacus had left. I, I did not see him die.

But I did see someone with his face throw his sword at me, before corrupting a comrade of mine into a unholy abomination that…that killed me. I…been around since the start of the human race…but I don't understand anything anymore. Where, where is King Yamma? This, this afterlife is a complete abomination to the traditions of the very foundation of, GUH!"

A purple energy beam roared through the air to blast through the angel's right leg, causing him to fall to his knees. A new course male voice laughed out loud before adding," Tradition? Tradition is garbage! CRUNCH! I'll add it to the heap! This is my Game. And I only allow two things. Flawless calculations... and beauty!"

The source of the attack came from the right, as a man wearing a black shirt with a white zipper under a dark gray coat with a reptilian pattern walked up.

He wore grey sweatpants with its strings untied and hanging low. He wore a black laced platform boot; he wore a black cap obscured by his hood.

As the new man tightened his cap, Kubo had his face morph into one of murderous delight." And the Reapers take the field! Sho Minamimoto…you going to give us a good show and give these mooks hell?"

Minamimoto saw Granola and Utopian glaring at him before a wicked look formed in his eyes." You three supposed to be Players? Or are you just a couple pieces of trash that fell off the heap? Heh. Doesn't matter. If it's the latter, then you're getting compacted with the rest of the pile!"

Time for a little quiz: what's the probability of you three surviving the Game? One zeptopercent - if that.

I mean your odds are not small – its infiniteismal, so close to the zero the two points nearly converge. But not precisely."

Gabriel grasped his staff tightly before he staggered to his feet." Scum like you are supposed to be in charge of this broken farce of a after life? No matter what kind of new sick game you have planned…it won't be enough!"

Utopian nodded as he grasped his wife's hand tightly." That's right…if this is some game to torture us for sport then no matter what happens, you may break are bodies but you won't break are resolve! We died for are beliefs, and we will hold on to them till the end."

Minamimoto rolled his eyes, but before he could respond a more high pitched male voice snickered from the left." Ya sticking to your guns eh? I dig those who are clearly white and black and don't do no grey crap. But still, ya just couldn't help yourselves, could ya? Shoulda made a quiet move to throw things off...instead of paintin' a big ol' target on your backs. Cause now you're in for one hell of a ride grandpa!"

From the opposite direction of Minamimoto stomped in a very large man with a larger muscled upper body than lower body. His skin tone was swarthy in complexion.

He had short blonde hair with sideburns and his eyes are a very pale light brown. He is shown to have some sort of black tribal-like tattoo on his right arm, and in battle he removes his shirt to reveal more tattoos on his body, notably around his chest.

He had a toothy grin, and his teeth were notably triangular and sharp, like a shark's teeth.

He wore a backwards white cap and a black T-shirt with a printed white deer skull. He wore grey shorts with white vertical stripes on them and white sneakers with black soles. He accessorized with golden chains around his neck with a padlock on it and gold chains on his left wrist.

As the large man cracked his neck Kubo once more chucked." And now that are second Reaper for today's game, Kaichi Susuki has made the scene it's time to get this game under way! Since your noobs it's a rather damn simple game if I don't say so myself. Just remain standing after the time limit."

Granola saw both of the reaper's look smug before he shrugged." That's it? I had to survive the Vought Clan hunting me for weeks after they destroyed my world."

"That so hot shot?" Kubo retorted with dismissive contempt." Well guess your not much of a survivor cause your dead eh? But fine, you still standing this time next year and you won't be all talk anymore."

Granola and the others froze before Lady Liberty uttered," We…we have to fight these thugs for a whole year?"

Kubo just burst out laughing as he leaned back." Who said that? We rotate the fighters, so the fans don't get bored dame! But this is the after life so it's not like time's a wasting for mooks that don't age! I mean…if you just want to give up and submit to what we got planned after you fail that works to!"

Utopian saw his wife looking dismayed before he took a grim breath." You think you won just because you hijacked heaven to make it hell for the noble? No…we will not give in no matter what!"

Gabriel nodded before he had his holy energy flare up." No matter what you monsters do…you won't get away with this!?"

"Oh but we will feather face!" Kubo sharply retorted." Don't you get it? You boys don't get that the mandate of what is right is no longer with you holy types anymore! But before this is over…you will be saying you're sorry for being such up tight assholes! And now let's get this show under way! And I got a theme that fits today's carnage ready to go!"

The manager of the Reaper's Games laughed before he snapped his fingers. The buildings of the "Good Place" started shifting around, before barbed wire formed around the energy wall the hooded men already created. Suddenly it started to rain black colored drops before explosions broke out all around.

Kubo just laughed at the "Players" confusion before he leaned down." Guess only one of yah were even alive at this point but now the cities shifting to the battle of Stalingrad in a war of Earth Prime, World War Two, the war that was supposed to be the ultimate battle between " Good and evil".

Mooks at the time thought there enemies were so hardcore " evil" that they really thought it was gonna decide the fate of history, and that evil was really going to be taken out forever! They thought that their enemies were so horrible that they were a glitch, and the guys who won were" heroes for taking them out.

Yet the truth is that the" greatest generation" were the anomaly, cause humanity was always that evil and they just had enough toys to let them do what they always wanted to do! All of you virtuous assholes thought you were so much better than us, but you're the ones who refused to see how things were! But you're going to admit who's the winner before this is done! Alright I've held this off long enough! Tear them apart boys!"

Minamimoto cracked his neck before he had a hungry look in his eyes." Attention, all yoctograms! (It's X 2) DIE!"

Susukichi flexed his muscles before he spat out," So how you disc's want to be tortured? I'm feeling kind of in the mood for some, GUH!"

In an instant Granola fired a burst of energy right at the bulky Reaper's chest. Susukichi yelled out in pain before the green haired man grasped his fist tightly." Between the Heeters, the" Seven" and all the other monsters I had to fight through, I'm not putting up with punks like you! If this is hell then I'll keep shooting till I bust out!"

Susukichi staggered for a bit before he winced…till he grinned. His eyes glowed before the hole in his chest regenerated. The man with shark like teeth rolled his eyes before hunching over." Yo you screwing with me? We all dead here in the UG sucka! All that did was piss me off!"

Granola winced as he stepped back." What…his energy did not drop at all! He, he has to have a weakness!"

"I ain't got any weaknesses. Or maybe I do... Nothin' makes me madder... than when punks ask me questions that ain't got no answers! You want to go hard core bro!? I was going to save this for later but guess you all got to understand just what game you're playing! Time to go to town… Cervus Cantus!"

The reaper suddenly ripped off the lock on his necklace, and his eyes glowed red a moment later. His muscles bulged before he grew larger and larger, transforming into a deer like demon with drill like spikes on his fists and spiky antlers all around his head.

Susukichi grew till he was as tall as the buildings and unleashed a monstrous roar that caused those constructs to crack. Granola grit his teeth before he jumped up." You think getting bigger scares me? You're just a bigger target!"

Granola swiftly fired a blast right through Susukichi's head. But with his new size the demonic reaper merely winced at the blow, before he snorted out enough steam from his nose to smash his attacker back to the ground. Granola only had time to moan before in a flash the transformed reaper smashed his drill like fist into Granola's chest, skewering him like a fish.

As his target screamed out in pain Susukichi laughed madly and smashed Granola into one building after another." Aaand so it begins! Black's played their disc, White to move! Every region is yours for the taking! It's flip or get flipped - erase or face erasure! That's how you play the Game! A minute to pick up, a lifetime to perfect... Ya start in last place, ya get stuck down there, and before ya know it, ya get erased! You're one hell of a poison disc, bro!"

Gabriel saw the glee in Susukichi's eyes before he grasped his weapon tightly." Damn you…despite your demeanor your just another generation of demons! And no one's fought demons longer than me! Lighting Feather!"

The deceased angel fired a burst of holy energy at the giant deer like monster's head…only for the energy to get sucked up by the antlers like lighting rods. Susukichi eyed the celestial one casually, snickered and fired a blast of red energy from his front antlers, only for the new projectile to be hit by an eye laser from Utopian.

As the blast was redirected into another building Lady Liberty prepared to smash the Reaper in the head, only for a purple energy beam to hit her in the chest.

As Utopian caught his wife, he saw the blast came from Minamimoto. The reaper with a hood over his head just licked his lips." So SO zeta slow! I was hyped cause I heard you were more special than the others…but your just more gullible trash!

Not going to let the beef head come off as the only prime number in this group who amassed Taboo Noise! This is my latest masterpiece. I call it: "Myself" Howl… Leo Cantus Armo!"

Minamimoto grasped his own necklace before his eyes glowed red, and he transformed into a demonic wolf with black fur that had only bones for legs. Utopian saw the transformed reaper howl before he grit his teeth, and unleashed another eye laser beam.

To his dismay the canine Reaper's body vanished before the projectile hit him. Utopian frantically looked around for his target, only for Minamimoto to blitz him, and slash his target's face, slashing across the bearded man's eyes.

As Utopian yelled out in pain his attacker laughed." I don't have time for uninspiring integers."

Lady Liberty tried to grasp the wolf man's arms from behind, but her target noticed what she was doing and let out a cruel laugh in response before demonic fire coursed across his body.

Gabriel saw Minamimoto unleash a barrage of lighting fast slashes at the couple, while he noticed that Susukichi's onslaught against Granola was getting even more brutal before he grit his teeth." My final moments…won't be that of submitting to demons! I won't submit to the likes of you!"

The angel surged with holy energy, and noticed that for a moment Minamimoto did not seem to focus on him, before one of the men who helped Ben Auro realize his destiny focused his power into his speed to burst at the canine like reaper and strike him right in the eye with his staff before he could react.

As Minamimoto howled in pain Gabriel gave out a battle cry and smashed him into Susukichi. As the humanoid wolf crashed into his larger Reaper's face the warrior of heaven had his energy surge." I might not be able to change the nature of this broken universe demon, but I will not let this mockery of all I stand for go on! Celestial Star!"

The angel unleashed his holy magic just as Minamimoto was about to rebound, blasting both reapers at once before either could regroup and counterattack.

Gabriel saw that at least Susukichi was toppled into a building before a explosion broke out before he looked around. As he tried to see the full extent of the Good Place he grimaced." Hell did have some ways for angels to get out…no matter how different this mutation is, it must have something like it."

Kubo saw the angel strike some of the masked men keeping the barrier up before he smirked." This angel is a fighter eh? Not bad…but to bad I got a whole ball pin of fighters ready to pile on sucka! We want the game to end here folks?"

The majority of the audience gave thumbs down in response, before Professor Genki put up a sigh in the air that just said," More." Before a buzzer sound was heard. Gabriel focused on breaking through the barrier, but just as the barrier of dark energy was starting to crack the angel let out a grin, but that grin was quickly swept away as a pillar of red energy suddenly erupted out of the ground in front of him and consumed him.

As the angel was sent flying the crowd cheered before one of the announcers threw in," This is like watching a non-stop highlight reel folks! The angel nearly made a break for it, but the new Reaper on the field shut that down fast! Oh? It's a good one folks, thanks to our sponsors we got another bone breaking figure to cause havoc on the ring, the Terror of Death!"

Gabriel rebound, now burnt all over. As he heard the announcer, he turned pale." Wait…what? Is this a joke? Huh?"

The angel saw a figure casually walk through the barrier like it was not even there. It was armored figure clad entirely in black and red armor, with a skull like mask with a x shaped visor covering its face.

The man did not utter a word as he walked up, and gave a glare that was harsh enough at Gabriel to make the celestial one flinch. Gabriel saw the new masked reaper was motionless before he cleared his throat." No…this must be some trick. There…was far more then one Zandalor warrior after all. There was no way it could be…GUH!"

In an instant the angel felt a surge of pain, as he realized the new arrival was behind him, and in the blink of an eye slashed at his left wing with a blade attacked to his left shoulder.

Gabriel yelled out in pain as he saw his severed wing before he saw the attacker was motionless and staggered back." No…that speed…you can't be…Max Bruder can you? No…Ben would never have left his cousin be reduced to…this."

The masked figure let out an inhuman growl before an aura of pure darkness formed around him. The angel winced for a bit before he took a deep breath." No…just more random tricks from sadistic demons. You won't cause my resolve to, GUH!"

While the devout warrior of heaven charged at his opponent, the masked man thrust his hand forward, and unleashed a purple net of to hit the angel in the chest. The net covered his body and slammed him into the building behind him.

Gabriel cried in pain as the net discharged energy into his body.

The masked man saw the angel cry out in pain before he grasped his fist tightly, and black tears crawled out of his eyes before he snarled out," Liar…all you angels are just god damn liars. All you…all you hypocrites are going to get what you deserve…for having us all throw are lives away for nothing! Tekken Tachikaze!"

The masked reaper burst at Gabriel and punched him in the chest…and used a magic art to have an explosion burst out of the celestial one's back upon impact. The Reaper let out a furious roar as he kept punching Gabriel countless times per second, with an explosion breaking out after each blow.

The angel could only cry out before his attacker unleashed a lunging punch to hit the angel, and shatter his jaw. Gabriel was sent flying across the city and landed as a broken mess. The warrior of the light tried to get up, only for his leg to snap.

As he fell to the ground he cried out in pain, and saw the audience was cheering at his pain. He looked around him and felt dismay course through his body." All of you…won't get away with this.

No matter how broken the universe is now…it will be made right. God's judgment…will strike the sinners no matter what. No matter how long this test is…god will…huh?" Gabriel paused as he noticed a woman in the stands.

She had long silver hair and dark blue eyes. She wore a long white coat with the sleeves rolled up with a black vest underneath. She had a pink ruffled ascot with a sky-blue gem in the center and white gloves.

She had pale olive-green capris and mid-shin black boots, and as she noticed Gabriel she just offered a casual wave before eating some popcorn. Gabriel saw how indifferent the woman looked for a few moments and muttered," Enna…Kros?"

"Oh hey Gabriel! I'd ask what you're doing but I can see you're not doing well. Ugh, its nosy here, eh?"

The woman snapped her fingers and suddenly the entire "Good Place" and everyone in it froze. Enna glanced around before she winked." There now we can hear each other, eh?"

"What…what are you doing here?" The angel uttered as he got to his feet. Enna giggled before she leaned back." What am I doing? I'm doing what I always did silly, observing things."

"What…you're condoning all of this?"

"Oh, come on…you were not mad that Cosmos let hell do hellish stuff did you?"

"You don't get that this is different? Hell is supposed to be where sinners face their punishment, not the righteous!"

"Oh don't be a sore loser Gabriel, I did tell you guys that if it ever happened to guys like you you might think about hell differently."

"That's what you think of this perversion of hell? Just a change of pace? Enna…you completely dishonored the mission Cosmos entrusted to you! You hardly have done anything to give the angel's guidance in the direst period of the universe!"

"Wow…mind's a bit mushy from all those blows eh bud? I know you all wanted me to take up Cosmos's spot but I always said I was going to do things differently remember? I'm not the queen of light, I'm the almost-now.

The yet to be. I am the Queen of Nevers. Cosmos and me never agreed on what was the ideal path of the universe and…I know you angels were not happy with my ideas but well now I'm not here to make you happy either.

My job's not to be the caring mother that what's everyone to be there" Best" selves like Cosmos, I'm to observe the entire universe, see what can be, and see if it can be it or not. Cosmos may have been the goddess most people wish was "god", but I'm being a bit more "balanced".

Gabriel winced before he looked around." You call this balanced? This is an even greater perversion of the order of things then what Zannacross, his demons, or even the Beyonder envisioned! If you approve of how things are I never seen anyone further from the mandate of God then you Enna Kross! If you do nothing but watch your just as responsible as, GUH!"

The angel was hit in the head suddenly, and while it was a light impact the blow caused him to stagger as a middle-aged playful voice threw in," Gabriel…being that sure of yourself is just asking for trouble. After all…assuming you know the will of God is just as bad as defying it…if not worst."

The angel froze as he saw he was hit with a bottle, and saw it came form a figure sitting next to Enna.

It looked similar to a shadow, though it had a shadow of his own, it had a spear-head tail, and had short stubby arms and legs. The shadow's figure had very little form or depth, and was accompanied with a large singular eye horns on his head, and fangs. The form nearly looked like a cat.

While the cat like figure looked like a demon, its golden eyes radiated energy that made Gabriel's jaw drop." That energy…it feels as divine as Cosmos! No…but what does it mean?"

The creature wagged its tail before he walked up." Your head's not to shaken up yet my son, your thought is correct. If the energy feels like Cosmos then it would have to be someone like Cosmos…or the one above her…or the one above all."

The angel paused as he saw the shadow creature with golden eyes much on some crackerjack before he cleared his throat." You…you're the..the Source? The Truth? The One-Above All? God? But…why would you be in a form like that?"

"Oh…it's a lot easier to get around from place to place without being harassed when those around you think you're a minor demon named Luci rather than" God".

And as for what I'm doing here my son? To watch my children amuse themselves and see how the universe has progressed."

The angel saw the utter indifference in the cat like figure's eyes before he paused. Before he could even mutter a response the "Truth" sighed." And yes, while some aspects I would not care for either way, I'm content with how the universe has progressed the past centuries. Doug Fitter may have caused trillions to suffer...but its because of his flaws...his unbridled passion that in some ways he's a more fitting devil then Zannacross as he's more honest about being entirely about chaotic passion.

Really now Gabriel, you say your one of my most devout followers, and yet your so blind to my will? I hope this experience has been enlightening for you."

Gabriel saw the indifference to the being he was made to serve before he tried to mask his dismay." One Above All…I know you want to test us all but…why in such a horrible way? Its one thing to test us, but it feels like you forsaken us."

The One-Above-All sighed before he closed his eyes." You been a faithful follower of the light since the creation of heaven Gabriel, so I won't beat around the bush. If it seems like I forsaken the angels, it's because I have. It's been hundreds of years since I pronounced my declaration to the universe.

The fact that you refuse to accept the truth after all this time just proves me right. In the end…the angels were my first children, but the honest truth is that your failures that could never match reality. Cosmos had to much attachment to see this clearly, but with her influence not holding me back I can, and have been blunt about what you are."

For all the blows he took, including being killed by Floch hurt as more as hearing those words. The angel collapsed as he blinked a few times." So all the good we did for people across the years…was a failure?"

"Again you twist my words my son. It's not that the angels did not do any good, its just that I weighed all the good you do, and the harm from your failings, I judged that your harm outweighs the good. So many of your brethren become" Corrupt" " Fallen" angels like Bhunivelze, Promathia, Fortuna, Zamasu, and so, so many others because the paradoxical nature of reality broke them.

Even the "First" angel, the "Master of Masters," Iger Rassilon and the God's of Destruction's and there caretakers the Sidereal like Whis succumbed to this logic.

For all of history you just labeled them as " fallen to the dark side" or " Mavericks" or what not, but there was a truth to their corruption, a truth that your ideology was impossible to bring into reality.

What many have argued across history has some merit, and its true that if corruption is so frequent, is it really the acceptation or the norm?

In ways this makes virtuous acts from pepole even more remarkable, but it also means they are the acceptation, not the rule, and in many ways those behaviors are just not natural for so many.

The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must, that is another one of the oldest laws of nature. Those who seek to defy that law are seen as heroes.

Yet when those hero's try to make others comply with there that not turning them into villains? Some can only rely on others to fight for them...but in the end the meek should have some hope of justice, but I oppose a existence were paradise is done to those who do nothing. Everyone's life is not the same and thus should not be the same standards...but there must be some tribulations or paradise has no meaning...along with life.

The paradise of Heaven, is only able to come to be because of the closed nature of how souls were controlled, even if it made them happy as there" Reward."

I opposed Zannacross and the Beyonder because there desires would create a existence of nothingness, but the fact that you angels refused to see that your "paradise" you steered Ben Auro and Lacus Raystar on would amount to just a stale state of existence is why you are where you are now. "

The celestial one paused before he looked around him." I won't deny your judgment. But even so, why punish all the innocent people who did not have a say in the matter?"

The One Above All looked around and let out a sheepish grin." To be perfectly honest, seeing how far Cosmos and the angels tried to erase mortals vice made me decide to go to the opposite extreme.

To be honest while its true man did not learn from both times they won the Cosmic Wars over Zannacross, its just that Cosmos and everyone else of the" light" learned the lesson so this act is for me to make sure one way or another life learns a different, more realistic lesson.

I want to see just how far man will go when all that holds him back is erased, when there are no fears of retribution for his sin. The fear of death, the fear of retribution for sin, all of it. Yes…countless people will suffer, but I am darkness as well as light, and as I told Ben many times, I'm not just the god of light but of nature, and nature can be so very, very cruel."

Gabriel saw that Enna Kross was indifferent to the "Source"s reaction before he thought of how he got here, and lowered his head." So that Sieg…that " Dark Multiverse or Negaverse" he said he came from is this test of yours?"

The small black humanoid cat that was God paused, before he chuckled." Just like the Beyonder served as my previous test, that's mostly correct. This universe WAS the first one I created, and all the others of the multiverse were echo's of this prime one.

You would not know it at the time, but when Brad Fowltor tried to go to the dawn of time to remake existence, the " extra" energy added to the Big Bang caused " ripples" to form, hence the Multiverse.

For some time, I tried to keep the universes divided, but that too is a desire I rescinded in order to see what comes from maximum chaos. I want to see who can thrive, and what comes from that.

The Negaverse is a shadow under the Multiverse one formed of every fear and bad decision ever made or dreamt. Worlds in the Dark Multiverse are fragile and constantly deteriorating, inevitably doomed to destruction by their own malformed construction.

To survive in such a state were hope is but a joke requires resolve most can't even comprehend...and Sieg became the Negaverse's champion...before such fury spurred him to attack and consume one universe after another.

The fury from a place were the conditions for hope and justice can not even exist...compared to the despair from a universe that had such hope only to lose it, I want to see which resolve is stronger. To be blunt...for years I seen more and more that so many fight for the light because they confused niceness...with goodness. I seen so many do good only because they think it entitles them to rewards.

Even so many of you angels do good for the sake of " paradise" or to enforce my will or image, and not for the simple sake goodness it self. In this Multiverse...I seen many universe's come to a end. Many were destroyed by there counterparts to Zannacross or Brad Fowltror...but just as many came to a end because the delusions of the light blinded them to reality, and they reached a state of stagnation that they confused as " perfection" or " Utopia".

In the Negaverse there was never even such a thought and pepole lived on vie sheer passion and rage...the concept of goodness itself is alien to them...but I want to see if the spark of goodness can linger even in a universe were they once expected to be on the rightful side of " destiny", only for the universe itself to now be against such beliefs. "

Gabriel paused before he looked even more defeated." And…what will you do when you get that answer?"

"To be blunt…it depends on how fulfilled it makes me. I don't desire nothingness…that's the reason I divided my totality to create Cosmos, Zannacross, and all life from there. But the fantasy of paradise has ended, I'll make sure the majority of the Multi-verse submits to that enlightenment.

If the majority of people currently alive can't live with that, then so be it. Even if its only a fraction of those who can survive living in the truth, those exciting lives that leave stories mean more to me than those who's lives amount to nothing."

Gabriel saw the absolution in god's eyes before he grasped his chest." So Doug Fitter in his supreme nihilistic passion really is still the person who most endorses your will? But…but what's left for us that don't fit in that?"

For a moment the" Truth's eyes looked sorrowful before he extended his right hand." Truthfully my son? There are only a few paths to go. But you Gabriel Celeste, you have spent a lifetime that spanned most of the universe with nearly unwavering devotion to the ideas of the light, and your faults are because of what you were made to be, because at the time Cosmos and I did not realize the folly of having such a mindset. You are what you were supposed to be, and I will reward you with one last gift."

The angel saw God looked sincere before he offered his hand." W..what would that be?"

After a moment the One-Above-All touched Gabriel's hand and smiled," An end to your misery Gabriel Celeste...and a quick one. Goodnight my son."

A pulse of energy went into Gabriel, and in response the Celestial one closed his eyes, before his entire body glowed with light. After a few moments his body turned to dust, and shattered and dissolved. Moments later every atom of one of the first angels was completely erased. Enna Kross let out a small sigh before she looked down." Your all business today eh?"

"The truth was there was no place for him anymore, so at least he would be free of being tormented for the pleasure of others as a reward for doing the best he could. "The Source" retorted with a detached tone." I will not interfere for all angels…but it was clear Gabriel would never change so I'll free him of that…along with any other angel who fails to change to their dying breath and ends up here. At least I'll take responsibility for this mistake."

Kross sighed before she looked up." I have to admit, as the Queen of possibilities this just might be the direst possible direction I can think of. No wonder so many think you are just having everyone suffer a snail paced Armageddon."

The One-Above-All snickered before closing his eyes." People have been saying that since the dawn of civilization, though I concede this time I understand why most would assume this is doomsday. But, even if the odds of salvation are one out of one trillion, it's still a shot. The man who has everything, casually devouring universe after universe who came from the Negaverse, the most ruthless universe in all the Multiverse, against a man who at the moment, has nothing but his wits and buried talents.

Seeing if the spark of hope can come from the deepest despair, from the worst , bleakest odds, should lead to quite the thrilling drama eh? Either way it's too far along to turn back now. Either hope will break through overwhelming odds because of the sheer will to live and be free, or the wills of glory, conquest, and the like will truly dominate all the multiverse with Sieg as its vassal. Well, it will take a bit of time for that to develop so let's see how that cake castle was coming together on Universe eighty-five?"

"Oh I do feel like desert right now that sounds lovely!" Kross casually responded, not giving a second glance to the remains of Gabriel as she stood up. The One-Above-All finished the last piece of crackerjack before snapping his fingers.

He and Kross vanished in an instant, and time unfroze the moment it did. As it did everyone noticed that Gabriel was suddenly dust before the crowd unleashed various forms of shock. Kubo noticed one of his "contestants "was gone before his eye twitched." The hell is this? That angel trying to pull a fast one!?"

Minamoto noticed his opponent was suddenly gone before he snarled with rage." What? That's zetta dull! Are you trying to bore me to death by hiding?"

Kubo looked around before he grit his teeth." God damn it…the angel just warped out here? That's not supposed to be possible! Yo Michael your "Good Place" has a few glaring holes out of it!"

The man in the bow tie looked pale as he looked around." I, I assure you no soul should be able to escape! This, this must be a trick! Janet! Help figure this out!"

A woman with long brown hair in a purple and blue dress suddenly warped in next to Michael before she smiled." Hello, I'm Janet how can I help?"

"Someone escaped from the good place Janet! How did they do it?"

Janet glanced at where Gabriel last was before after a few moments she shrugged." No one escaped the barrier. But the angel did seem to shatter into dust…the last of his atoms have just vaporized."

Kubo paused before he cleared his throat." Excuse me doll? The angel just went poof? HOW!?"

"Unknown, it seems a chain reaction caused him to fall apart."

The reaper paused before he glanced at the masked Reaper, who was just eyeing the remains of Gabriel Celeste before he snickered." Ugh…this masked mook is still fresh meat, looks like he's really nasty. Whatever…thanks to are new sponsor we are going to get a ton more idiots to make a show out of! But the rest of you are gonna get it even worst to pick up the slack yah hear!?"

Minamimoto saw Utopian, Granola, and Lady Liberty all looked on edge before he laughed and licked his claws." What's wrong broken already? How about a little flair!? Give it some edge! You brain-dead binomials are pathetic!"

Utopian grasped his fist tightly before he bellowed out," We…will never…submit to you!"

The reaper saw his target unleash a massive eye laser beam before his aura surged." Don't flatter yourself! Level i Flare!"

The wolf life figure instantly unleashed a massive blue energy blast to counter the incoming eye laser. The blast easily overpowered Utopian's projectile, and blew the other two away while easily vaporizing the entire left side of the former head of the Union of Justice.

As Utopian just twitched Minamimoto laughed with sheer contempt. As he saw Susukichi stomp on the other two he laughed at their pain." No comments from the peanut gallery? Your opinions are garbage! CRUNCH! I'll add them to the heap in the sea of imaginary numbers! Quod erat demonstrandum!"

The reaper tackled Utopian once more, and bit the soul on his neck. As the bearded man screamed, the "terror" of death saw the suffering of the three and just looked up with utter coldness." All the hypocrites…they will all get what they deserve."

Kubo got over Gabriel's sudden departure as he saw the three below him suffer, and formed a psychotic grin of his own." That's what the viewers are tuning in for boys! Eh…there's going to be far more angels to replace that loser. I heard we might have had the last Auro show up but guess something happened.

Whatever…it's only a matter of time now so…were ever that sap is, hope he's ready for one hell of a show, someone like him and his daddy have billions of people ready to see what they got coming! Hey sweet-cheeks get me a drink!"

Janet complied with the Executor of the Reaper's Game's request before the carnage unfolded. But as those poor souls torment just begun, someone on the other side of reality was going through just as much torment, albeit mental instead of physical for now.

When the Flutter made its sudden lurch Mike wondered if that was the last thing he was ever going to feel, but soon realized that was not his fate just yet.

A throbbing pain ripped Mike away from his slumber, and a sudden bump to the head and the surge of additional pain caused the curly haired man to jolt up. When he awoke he saw Data was looking at him before the robotic monkey jumped up in delight." Ah your awake Prince Auro! That's good…things are already bad enough as it is."

Mike rubbed his head…and realized his body was still intact before he gulped." The ship's in one piece? Well…guess got some luck left in the tank after all."

Data paused before he looked down." Well…we did managed to land without blowing up but I would not say it was one piece. Still, if we managed to find anything else maybe it won't be so bad."

Mike noticed Data was a bit uneasy before he paused." Wait huh? Where…where did we land?"

"Not sure to be honest. The crash messed up the Flutter's sensors so we can't really get an idea on that yet. I mean it could have been a lot worst…long as we are well…somewhere."

Mike was about to respond before he glanced at the window, and saw outside seemed to be a beach with a blue sky above it before he let out a small smirk. He looked around and saw past the mountaintop he saw nothing else and started to tense up. The lanky man staggered to his feet before he walked out of the door.

He heard some talking and made his way to the bridge before he saw Roll, Barrel, and Sam talking. Roll saw Ben's son looking tired but ok before she smiled." Hey your highness, glad your awake."

"Well, I guess I have your piloting to thank for that Roll. Where are we?"

The younger woman paused before she looked down." Sad to say I don't know yet. We, we did survive the jump to hyperspace, and even landed in a way that did not blow us up on impact but well…it still did some damage. The short story is we broke a wing and the reactor refractor is really messed up to the point where we don't have power for the sensors. The good news is we landed on a world that humans can naturally breath air.

The bad news…we have no idea what kind of world we landed on, like if it's a friendly world, or if there is even anything beyond this island."

Mike walked past Roll to see that there indeed seemed to be nothing else in sight aside from the island before he used all of his willpower to shrug." Well I guess any ship you can walk away from is still something to feel swell about. Still…just how screwed are we? Do you have a boat in the garage or something?"

"Sorry…we did not have that much room. To be frank we don't have enough energy to even convert the Flutter to a boat. Are path could have been tracked…but there is no way to know if a ally or a hostile would track it first."

Mike winced before he grasped the chair to keep himself straight." And that's if there is anyone on our side left right? Well…we have not had too much time to know each other but I don't suppose anyone here has enough tricks to repair a ship or something eh?"

Roll let out an uneasy chuckle as she looked out the window." Sorry…I'm good but I can't just make stuff out of thin air. But…Megaman is outside scouting the island."

Sam sighed before he zipped up his coat." I know how to find a few things but I'm no miracle worker. If there are salvaged parts or something it might help but to be blunt, if this is a barren world then you better be ready to wait a while unless you have some divine trick up your sleeve."

Mike was about to respond before he winced, and rubbed his chest, feeling terror amass in his gut as he realized his necklace, his mother's gift was still gone. He just let out a sigh before he hunched over." Now I wish I took up my old man's idea to take a new sword with me but felt like it was being a drag. Man I blew that eh?"

Mike saw no one was buying his fake cheer before he slouched." Did…did everyone make it out ok?"

"I'm sore but I'm fine." Barrel responded." Thanks for asking. Even that Pam made it despite slamming her head. She seemed too angry to let the crash injure her. She was cursing someone out for hours before passing out. Sounds like someone hurt her more then any physical injury."

Mike's eyes widened as he remembered Doug revealing himself, and getting a firsthand look at how toxic the family dynamic was before he shrugged." Seemed like it. Well…sure got a lot to think about but might as well think of our options before making any brash calls eh? If its ok I'm going to get a breather myself…really need to clear my head and think about things."

Roll looked sorrowful before she nodded. Mike took a deep breath before walking out to the ramp. As he walked out the lanky man was relieved that he could move and breath without any difficulty and felt a few moments of relief at the nice sight of the water.

As the breeze rustled his hair he staggered onto the beach." Well, there sure are worst places to be stuck. Though if this is the only piece of land on the planet does make for one nice bull's eye though."

Mike saw Megaman walk up before the Digger saw him and smiled." Oh, your awake! Good was starting to worry."

"Thanks for the worry man but it's cool, I may not be as well built as my family but the Auro bloodline is a stubborn one…I think."

"Well I'm glad we have one less thing to worry about. I admit I did not think that Pam…er…Astra would be the one who took the longest to rebound."

Mike winced again before he shrugged." Guess I got off easy compared to her. With all that went down who knows how long it's going to take."

Megaman was about to respond before a crass female voice retorted with," If you pull some sort of fairy tale thing of kissing the sleeping gal to wake her up then you're going to wish Homelander or Omni-Man got their hands on yah compared to what I have planned!"

Mike nearly toppled over as he swerved back and saw Astra was walking out. Her hair was out of her ponytail, and while she healed the injuries she had gotten in the fight with some potions, she had not bothered to replace her damaged garments.

The lanky male saw Astra look like a caged animal before he gulped." Hey there…how you feeling?"

Astra gave Mike a look harsh enough to make him turn pale before she spat on the ground." Like hell dumbass."

"Hey I figured as much but like is anything broken or something?"

Astra winced before she looked at her arm, and at the remains of the mark on her limb. She remembered how casual Doug was to her, and walked to the water as she thought of all the bitter memories she had about her father.

She reached the water, and saw a large wave coming to her, before she yelled at the top of her lungs. As she did, a yellow energy beam shot out of her throat and casually cut through the wave like it was just a ripple in the pond.

Mike saw the water be divided as far as he could see before he rolled his eyes." Ok I get it you can still kill me while sleepwalking Astra happy you puffed your chest?"

Astra suddenly fell to her knees before she grasped her arm bitterly." Damn it…you really don't even know how to sense energy eh prince? My energy's less than half of what it was after that old bastard torn sis out of my body. I can still own losers but…now most of the advanced spells I had are off limits. I would not be able to get hired for any job worth a damn."

Mike saw how on edge the blond woman looked before he just sat down." Yah...we did not have time to really get into details but sounds like that whole devil binding thing was not just a choice yah made after being wasted eh?"

Astra saw both Mike and Megaman Volnutt were looking sincere before she sighed." Guess you have some instincts eh prince? Your damn right it was not done for the lols. Sigrun was my best friend growing up.

We survived for years watching each other's back to make sure none of the other Equalizers or anyone else screwed us over. We took down plenty of jackass's over the years. But…when we were taking on a whole group of assholes on the" Junkyard" on planet Venom when one sore loser unleashed the Black Scrawl on us.

Sigrun made sure I was not gonna go down with her…and even as she was starting to transform into a BT Shade…we preformed a quick ritual so she could give me a Atma Brand before she lost her sanity, and I absorbed her into my body to awaken as my Atma Avatar. We were both willing to do whatever it took to survive and make are place in the universe, and her last act was to make sure I gained as much from the loss as possible. But damn it…that bastard just shows up and takes everything away from me for a laugh!"

Mike thought carefully about everything he heard before he cleared his throat." So was that the first time you and…and Doug Fitter talked eye to eye?"

Astra grasped her fist tightly as she looked up." I did not realize it at first but he appeared in front of me in even lamer disguises then that Arthur Morgan joke back at the restaurant. He…he really thought he was so clever.

Maybe he might have bailed me a few times during my life without me knowing, but if he thinks that makes up for being a no show for most of my life he's even more crazy then your dad thinks he is! Damn it…he can warp to anywhere in the universe, and beyond with less effort than it takes you to get out of bed.

He, he could be here right now, he could have been there any time ma needed help, but he left us to rot out of some god damn code he has! I never wanted to be treated like no princess…but would not have been so bad to have a dad care if your family and friends died or not. He cared enough about great grandma Aqua but after she passed on he outright said he was never being attached to anything but his whims again.

Heh, but I must have one hell of a concussion if the most spoiled brat in the universe would understand having such a no-show parent."

Mike paused and grasped his necklace before he remembered it was not there and sighed. He chuckled bitterly enough to catch Astra off guard before he looked up." I can't say I know completely what you're going through, but I'm not as out of touch as you might think on that."

Astra raised an eyebrow before she let out a bitter chuckle." What seriously? So its true the" King of light" beat his kid for not being a good prince?"

Mike rolled his eyes before he leaned back." Man you guys go nuts over any rumor eh? My dad never hit me, and he did not even try and talk me out of not wanting to be a fighter. Its just…he did not even make the effort to talk me out of it, he, did not really care."

"What? So you really are a mistake?"

"Just want me to admit that eh? They wanted me, it's just by that time my dad already was feeling hardly anything. Thanks to your old man, after fighting for centuries and seeing my brother's kids and so many others die my dad was more and more dead inside each year. Mom told me they had another kid to remember what they were fighting for.

It's not that he did not care about me, he just did not have much expectations for me. Its why he just gave me the Divine Morpher to instantly give me his power level and skills cause he admitted training the old way would not really change anything.

I know all you Equalizers and all the guys you back think my folks are the reason everything sucks but they really do care about the well-being of folks across the universe. My dad's spent lifetimes trying to keep people safe, while you guys have been just doing whatever the hell you want!"

Astra spat in the water before she shrugged." I'm pissed off at my own old man, but not for that. It's getting clear we will never agree on what's more important, but if more people cared about your dad's endless crusade for justice then how come people did not rally to your dad's place instead of Homelander or Omni-Man or Superion or the other "Sups?"

Mike struggled to contain his frustration before he grit out," That's because the wild dogs your pops let loose on the universe killed a lot of them! My dad was the first one to admit he's not perfect but at least he, at least we are trying to save people."

But then they keep depending on them like good shills! Now look at what's happened after there great savior is gone eh? They are all to weak to do anything but hide like the wuss's they are! After all how many people even cared about your folks dying?"

Mike looked conflicted before he looked down." You should see how the folks react in the Lylat System and some of the other parts of the Bethel Kingdom and get back to me on that."

"Well just what are they going to do without your parents to bail them out eh?"

"I…I." Mike uttered before he winced. He then fell to his knees." I don't know ok? Without them…I don't know how we are going to get by. I don't even know if any of his old friends are left, I don't know if anyone is left, if anyone is left! I just wanted to show my folks I could help but guess I really am just a joke eh? This is what yah wanted right? I tried to hustle things in the right direction but in the end I'm just a useless screw up like you all think happy!?"

Astra saw how torn up Mike looked before she spat on the ground." Well you sure looked like a idiot when my old man erased your magic and made you look like a loser eh? So…what are you going to do about it?"

Mike paused as he looked around the island." That a trick question? As you made it clear, my parents and older brother might really be dead…and my entire kingdom might be space dust right about now. It…it might already be too late."

"So what are you going to do about it eh Prince?" Astra uttered with scorn. This caused Mike to just let out a bitter chuckle as he pointed around him." What the hell is left? We might be trapped in the middle of nowhere with no way, GUH!"

In a flash Astrid punched Mike in the face, and before he could even fall she grabbed him by his head to glare at him." Your even more pathetic than I thought if you're just going to give up without a fight Mikey."

"What the hell do you want from me? If we are trapped on a planet with no way out there is,"

"Its never the end till you say it is dumbass! Even if we really are on an isolated planet then we keep hanging on till a way out appears! Maybe your parents bailed out all the people without the will to fight for too long but I had to fight when I had nothing for years to get through, and I'm gotten out of worst spots then this! So are you going to fight or should I just throw you to drown now so I don't have to waste time?"

Mike saw Megaman look ready to aim his buster before he saw how serious Astrid looked and chuckled weakly." Man you really have a one track mind eh?"

"Course I do…quitters don't survive in this business…or in this universe if your not lucky enough to have someone strong enough to bail you out.

I don't care how long it takes I'm going to drag you back to whatever remains of the universe and you are going to say who was wrong got it?"

Mike saw Astrid looking deadly serious before he let out a small smirk." We are all in the perpetual quest for keeping oneself occupied, entertained, and important—which burns at the edge of addiction. Guess your quest is only over when I say it is Astra...and I don't feel like throwing in the towel yet. Alright if your going to get me to go along with your gig you have to at least sell me on something to latch on to. Like…what's step one?"

Astra rolled her eyes, but let Mike go without much force before she looked around." How about seeing what's on the god damn island before saying we are screwed eh? I don't sense any power levels but that don't mean something might not have been here."

"Well…one way or another need something to do so sure. Well, hopefully it won't take too long see what the deal with this place is. Man just hope the local critters are not a…pain?"

Mike turned around to prepare to walk, only to see someone new was staring at him. This new arrival was an orange furred bandicoot who only wore blue pants, red shoes and brown gloves. The bandicoot and Mike exchanged shocked faces for a few seconds before the bandicoot with wide green eyes suddenly yells out," Whoa!"

Mike saw the creature's confusion before he let out an uneasy chuckle." Took the words right out of my mouth."

Astra saw the humanoid Bandicoot look confused before she cracked her neck." So we are crashing a party eh? Whatever I needed to vent anyway!"

Just as Mike raised a hand a new grouchier voice declared," What's going on Crash? You found into, huh?"

The off worlders saw a taller, bulkier humanoid Bandicoot with brown fur, wearing green cargo pants, and a metallic hand march up before he paused at seeing Mike, Astra, Megaman, Sam, and the crashed Flutter. The taller Bandicoot eyed how the group was reacting to him before he grasped his metal fist tightly." What the hell is this? This some sort of new crew Doctor Cortex hired?

He's been having all sort of strange new pals lately but this is the last straw! You flunkies may suck like always but you're not taking our turf so keep pushing to take N. Sanity Island from us and we are going to kick you out of the Wumpa Archipelago for good!"

Mike saw Astra got ready to fight before he put up his hands in the air." Whoa let's dial down the tension a bit eh dude? I don't know who this Cortex is but we come in peace!"

Crunch saw Megaman nod as well before he raised an eyebrow." Seriously?"

"I mean…do you see anyone shooting anyone? We don't even know where we are man!"

"That so? Well, you do look even more clueless than most of Cortex's goons. Fair enough. I'm Crunch Bandicoot, and this is my pal…Crash Bandicoot. "

Mike eyed Crash carefully before he raised an eyebrow." Wait…Crash…Bandicoot? I saw you in the pictures my dad had when he won the Cosmic War! I read the list of gusts on that party a hell of a lot of times! You…you remember Ben Auro? He carried a golden sword and all?"

Crash and Crunch looked at each other before Crunch raised an eyebrow." Wait what? Your related to those Enji Knights?"

Mike heard Astra laugh loudly before he sighed." Kind of. Eh…just how old are you guys? You last a while eh?"

"Time can fly on these islands but yah…we are built to last. What…I thought that war was supposed to be the last war? Then again Cortex is still around somehow so guess it was just a nice sells pitch. What…were you running from someone or something?"

Mike saw Astra kept laughing before he sighed." It's a long story…and something tells me it's going to be even longer of a story if you guys really have been out of the loop for…a while. Still, did not mean to intrude but some jerks caused are ship to crash. Eh…don't suppose you guys know anything about space ships?"

Crunch and Crash saw the Flutter fall to the side before the larger Bandicoot snickered." Mostly know how to blow them up to teach punks like Nitros Oxide and Emperor Velo XXVII they should not bother to leave Gasmoxia if they were going to mess with us! But hey…if you're not part of the problem I don't feel like being a problem.

island is are home but we don't mind visitors long as they are not jerks."

Mike saw Crash look around, before he smiled and give a thumbs up, causing the lanky man to laugh." Well nine out of ten folks I do business with tell me I'm no such thing good sir. Man, good thing English is so wide spoken across the universe eh? Name's Mike Auro Crunch, nice to meet yah."

Crunch folded his arms before he looked doubtful. Auro…yah that is the name of that dude! Man…time flies more than I thought. Ugh…its flying to much! Crash you did not mess with the Quantum Masks and open up a quantum rift,again did you?"

The smaller Bandicoot only shrugged in response before Crunch rolled his eyes." Ugh…whatever. Alright well no promises but we will see what we can do."

Astra paused before she leaned forward." Wait you guys can really fix our ship?"

"Me? Ah hell no but Coco might. She's good at that kind of thing. Between her and that dude who stopped by with that large wrench I'd say your odds are good babe. Man something must be going on between all of Cortex's new pals and all the,"

"Crash! Crunch! What's taking so long!?"

A female voice cried out. Mike saw a new figure run out of the trees, a female Bandicoot in blue jeans and a white shirt with long blond hair, wearing goggles, and holding a pink laptop in her right hand.

The humanoid Eastern barred bandicoot cried out," How come it takes longer for two of you to find new batteries for my laptop? If you did not spin into it I would not need to change it in the first…place?"

The woman saw Astra, Mike, Megaman, and Sam all look at her before her eyes widen." Whoa! Best birthday present ever!"

Mike cleared his throat before he leaned forward." So this is the one who is good with the fixing eh Crunch?"

Megaman eyed the woman carefully before he rubbed his eyes." Its like Roll if she was a Bandicoot! Weird."

Mike saw the woman looked on in awe before his smirk widened." Hey there miss…sorry if it's a bad time but um…we could use your help."

"Oh trust me I'll be all too happy to check this baby out! Name's Coco…nice to meet yah. Hope you guys are ok. Don't worry, I can patch that up like nothing."

"That's the best news I heard all day. Hope it won't be too much trouble, your pal Crunch here said some Cortex dude was causing trouble."

"Oh that? Don't worry about that…Doctor Neo Cortex is just some has been has been who can't let things go. He somehow got out of being in deep trouble from an even bigger jerk after that N-Trophy bailed him out but ever since then they all just kind of hold up in their lab and moan without doing anything.

Don't worry about that, we smack him down any time he tries something funny so it will be fine. Looks like you guys can use something to eat."

Mike grimaced as he rubbed his stomach." Well I did eat recently but I think I lost my lunch so sure…some grub would be nice. What you got?"

Crash gave a grin before yelling out," PANCAKES!"

Crunch just facepalmed before he turned around." Most people like to eat things beside pancakes Crash!"

Coco giggled before she motioned behind her." C'mon, we can plan how to fix this after we eat!"

Megaman smiled before he looked back at the Flutter." Sounds great! I'll tell Roll and we will get this started!"

Mike saw the Digger run back into the Flutter before he took a deep breath and glanced at Astrid." Well…guess hanging on to any hope you can find is a lot more fun than just throwing in the towel. How about we eat then figure out things from there? No matter how much we don't agree on Astra…we can agree on doing what it takes to get back on are feet right?"

Astra rolled her eyes before she looked back at the Flutter." Gee what's next agreeing that we both need to breath? Whatever…glad you're not going to be a pain in the ass about this at least. Just make sure you know what you're eating or you're going to be even more of a dumbass talking like that only to poison yourself to some fruit or something."

"Hey I been on enough tours to know how to not get myself killed eating alright?"

Astra just rolled her eyes before following Coco. Mike saw Crash and Crunch, then looked back at the Flutter before grasping his fist tightly. Mom…dad…I don't know if your still alive…but at the very least I'm not going to just give up and let Fitter and the rest of them get the last laugh. At least no matter what…I'm not going to be the "quitter" in the family. Ah well…at least so far it looks like as good as a place to crash aside from home.

Mike resolved himself to keep calm as he followed the Bandicoots to their home. Though the prince of the Bethel Kingdom was relived he was greeted by friendly folk, he was unaware that there were others who were not reacting so fondly to his arrival. In the sky above a bee flew by, and its eye glowed as it looked at the Flutter.

As it looked at the ship, someone else was watching. In a large round room with computers,tables, and a large round device spawning a hologram in the center of the room, a man in a lab coat with a N engraved on his forehead was watching the prince and the Equalizer and their makeshift comrades walk into the island before he formed a wide grin. As he glanced at the spaceship his grin widened." Crash…for such a buffoon you always managed to attract interesting friends. And this gift from above might at last give me what I need to prove I'm the greatest genius there is once and for all!"

As he let out a deranged laugh a new male voice that had an edge of a computerized tone to it laughed to." I'm glad we are going to prove how great you are Doctor Cortex! But um…how is that happening again?"

Doctor Cortex winced before he turned around to see a shorter male scientist with a rocket for half a head grin eagerly before he sighed." N. Gin…did the rest of your brain get melted or something? This ship's power source is just what we need to get the Rift Generator to stabilize! Then these idiots will at last know their place when dominion over time and space will be in my grasp!"

As laughed and clapped his hand a gruffer voice cleared his throat." You mean we will have control over time and space…right Doctor Cortex?"

The scientist winced as he saw someone enter the lab. It was a male humanoid overweight yellow and brown striped bee in a purple pinstripe suit with pockets and two yellow buttons, a blue tie, and white undershirt.

On part of his three-piece suit was an embroidered cape bearing the letter "B." He wore a black gloves over his hands, holding a red cane with a honeycomb (similar to the honeycombs from Banjo-Kazooie). He had jagged teeth with one tooth missing. He had a bloodshot eye, amber irises, crooked eyebrows, and a pointed proboscis and he wore black dress shoes.

Behind him was a green mallard duck with a yellow bill and a white ring of feathers around his neck. The rest of his body was not visible, as it's hidden from view while he piloted a red bio-suit.

The bio-suit was a motorized gumball machine full of pink, breathable, bubbly fluid. The gumball machine read 'Dr. Quack 2¢ gum.' A thick metal antenna sat on top of the bio-suit with a doctor's head mirror worn around its bowl.

As the two entered Cortex paused before he let a forced grin. "Oh, hello there Capital B… Dr. Quack…Er…I was just going to notify you about the notification."

"You think I don't have my own alarms Cortex? I'm warning you…you may have shown good enough reports to work in Hivory Towers but if you botch this Chairmen Dreck's going to fire you the hard way! All I care about is if this surprise going to effect the bottom line!"

Cortex smirked before he pointed to the monitor. "Trust me…I know the wrath of boss's Capital B. If you want me to be honest we have to get an idea on what these guys deal is. But long as I get the ship's power core we will at last complete this! I mean I would have already been done if you did not have me give away so many power crystals to the Blarg!"

quacked a bit before he got in front of Cortex." You did not see the Info Bot Cortex? Appeasing the Vought clan is more important than anything else or Homelander will fry us all! But long as we keep making planets for Homelander after he breaks planets in his mood-swings…then we have his favor! And if we pull this off we all have it made!"

Cortex just sighed as he looked back at the recording of the Flutter." Ugh…first Uka Uka, then that Xehamaru…now another hot head. Whatever…if we pull this off then even those" Seven" will see how much of a genius I am."

"You mean how much of a genius I am Cortex!"

Cortex grit his teeth as a taller man entered the room. He was blue skinned, had a clock on his chest, wore a brown hat that had another clock, and was carrying a large tune fork before he slammed that fork on the ground to get everyone's attention.

This new arrival caused Cortex to let out an exasperated chuckle." Oh trust me I'd never forget how important Dr. Nefarious Tropy is " doctor." For the record I know quantum warp technology is all on you but I'm still the one that stabilized it so more than one person can utilize it! After all we all managed to escape when that big wave of darkness thing sucked up Uka Uka to become that giant devil in the sky because of me right?"

Tropy rolled his eyes before he grasped his rod tightly." Don't get too smug, you only made it that far because I bailed you out when that Xehamaru was going to execute you."

"Alright alright but when we do this I officially repaid your favor ok? Look…we pull this off and we all are going to be rich, or gods or whatever and even this Homelander guy will be happy. Just go through with that thing to turn any nosy busy body into a robot slave ok Nefarious?"

"Slave?" Tropy uttered." Did you hit yourself on the head? That's more of N. Trance's thing."

Ugh…sorry not you...the other Doctor Nefarious…the one N'Gin won over. Hey… Nefarious two…your mad scientist thing ready or what?"

Cortex and the others looked down to see a tall, humanoid robot. He had green, transparent, egg-shaped head-dome featuring gears, cogs, pistons and a rotating satellite dish inside. His eyes are brightly colored red.

He had red highlights across his torso, a pair of mechanical wings attached to his pauldrons, hydraulic pipes on his chest and back, and diamond-shaped guards on his legs and arms.

This man was typing faster than a human could react. The robotic man saw everyone was looking at him before he snickered." Mad? Mad suggests cognitive impairment. I'm more of a...vengeful scientist. But are we all not like that Cortex? Oh trust me…any squishy organic that tries to interrupt our genius will be in for quite a surprise."

"Good!" Cortex blurted out. I don't know who these newcomers are, but they all are going to see who the winners are in this universe! It's going to be great! I think…no I know that this ultimate Crash Bash is going to be a blast…for m..for all of us! At last everything after falling through a island, falling through space, falling through time, being used as a snowboard, nearly begin eaten by a giant snake and rest of the stuff I endured, at last everything is going to turn up Cortex!"

Authors Notes: Firstly… Sho Minamimoto and the Reaper's Game itself are from the World Ends with You, while Kaichi Susuki and Kubo are from World Ends With you Neo.

The" Terror of Death"…will be explained more later but I assure you it's far from random.

The Heeter Force are villains from Dragon Ball Super that so far are only in the manga at this point in time.

Michael is the person played by Ted Danson in the Good Place show, and Janet is also from that show.

The guards are inspired by the guards from the Squid Game show while the Professor Genkai stuff is from Saints Row Three.

I know the whole Reaper's Game seemed random but I assure you its going to have something to do with are crew sooner or later.

Enna Kross is from World of Final Fantasy…and Luci is from the series Disinchanment, though the" One Above All" is my own version of well, god.

Crash, Crunch, Coco, Cortex, Gin, and Trophy are all of course from Crash, though Doctor Nefarious is from Rachet and Clank while Capital B and Doctor Quack are from Yooka-Laylee.

I'll just say I'm inspired by both events from Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time and Rachet & Clank a Rift Apart. While Crash 4 pretended everything after Crash three never this story this keeps the old timeline and the last cannon game before Cosmic Wars was Mind over Mutant...with a few minor changes.

As always thanks for the reviews…hope you liked what you seen to tune in next time and hopefully see you there.