Chapter 293: Last Remnant of the Echoes of the Fallen

As much as the very fabric of the rules of nature seemed to be changing around Bria and those around her, outside the sanctum of the Universal Church of Truth most in the city were either descending into fanatical praying or struggling for their lives, including those fighting above the planet.

Mike's allies still in space were just struggling to not be overwhelmed, but thanks to the AI's freed from the Black Wall and Wendy's sacrifice the planet's barrier was disabled.

Van wasted no time charging right for the man he spent years chasing as he slashed through a few missiles and glared at the Shirke and the other warships and roared out," I don't care how many missiles you shoot at me, you're not stopping me from making the Claw pay! After all this time…you're going to pay for taking Elena from me!"

Despite the man in the hat's vow, a swarm of missiles headed at him from behind. However a massive purple beam came out to vaporize them, and Van saw that the backup came from the Tyranado.

Its female pilot Sagiri sent Van a transmission before she gave him a thumbs up." Don't worry dude we got your back! All these cultists got nothing on employees at VTX's drive for a raise! Cultists may have drive but they got nothing on, huh?"

A barrage of lasers came her way as she heard a new voice cut in with," Sagiri Sakurai…you traitor! Accept your punishment at the hands of the DyGaian! I will build the future! VTX Corporate Philosophy #6: If you don't want it, get outta here!"

Sagiri swerved around as she and the others around her saw a giant red and black samurai like mecha had fired the massive red energy blast at them, and saw the frequency from the new hostile before her eye twitched." Wait…I know that phrase…only one person rants off like that! No way…President Dyma Goldwin!? What…what the hell are you doing in some cultist robot from these fanatics?"

"Is that you Sagiri?" Dyma Goldwin replied." Good I need good salaryman to work on my payroll in paradise! This is no mere robot…its DyGaian…the new guardian of paradise!"

"That…is a name very on the nose."

"Of course…if it's going to be the guardian of heaven then its name should be simple and easy for folks to remember. "

"Maybe…but what the hell is going on President?"

"Eh…you can call me commander now Sagiri. Commander of the Galactic Unification Project… it will be a grand dream that brings prosperity to the entire universe! It's not a personal ambition of my own, it's the dream of all mankind!"

"Damn it…don't act like the savior of humanity when you're acting like a common thug Goldwin! I respected the man who had common sense, not this idiot!"

"You just lack vision girl, that's why you were just a salaryman! I gave special section 3 free reign…but that's looking like it was a mistake."

"Here's your mistake!"

She fired her mecha's beam cannons at the larger target, only for the DyGaian to swat them away like flies with its massive beam sword. Goldwin smirked as he had his mecha glow." Looks like there was too much playing around! VTX employees would dare turn on their president? Come VTX sword…I'm going to mete out justice on the lot of you!"

He dashed at his former employee, only for Setsuna to have the 00 Qan use its Quantum Teleportation System to appear near the larger mecha and slash its sword arm off before it could react.

As the member of Celestial Being saw his target glare at him he glared back." Men with egos like you won't be allowed to distort the future with their ambition! Its over!"

"Nice try but it's just getting started!" Goldwin spat out as to his target's shock wires came out of the severed limb and grasped his sword back." I infused some of those DG cells into my baby here…you're not cutting me down that easily! C'mon don't you want to be on the winning side? Mr Van…you rank rather high for a mercenary so how about."

"Shaddup." Van harshly retorted before Goldwin followed up with." Hey, hear me out man! We can fight all kinds of fun battles in heaven!"

"I said shaddup! Who the hell would ever hear you out!?"

"You're as rude as that Clawman said…I'm going to teach you some manners!"

"Tsc…you can try but I fight for one man…and that's ME! So get this into your head moron…I'm not your property! CHIAHH!"

He fired a barrage of blasts at the taller mecha, only for the DyGaian to casually bat the blasts away with his sword, causing the president to snicker." You got some gutso but Dyma Goldwin always turns things around and you need to pack a far bigger gun than those pea shooters to stop my charge! I…huh?"

He then saw the Gundam Snow White Prelude have its Seraphim Binder Zwerg armaments pointing downwards before Heero coldly declared," Then how about these guns? Target locked on…and…firing!"

Dyma winced as he saw the massive yellow energy beam headed for him and tried to swing at it, before finding himself being pushed back. He winced before uttering," No…that's not enough to out man me! I'm, huh?"

He then saw the Super Robot X-Type or "SRX" Mecha charge for him before Ryuusei Date yelled out," Oh shut up already! Trust me far bigger men then you have gotten dragged down to reality dude! Cool robot but it's going in the scrap pile! Zyne Knuckle!"

As the blue mecha almost as tall as the DyGaian punched it with its glowing right fist Masaki flew by Van and chuckled." We got this bozo man…he's just one idiot in a giant, huh?"

He saw a barrage of lasers coming from the right and saw it came from a mecha just like the DyGaian from the right, only red. Goldwin saw the reinforcement and snickered." So, you got here in time after all eh Ame Presbund? I told you the DyGaian 2 would fit like a glove!"

Sagiri raised an eyebrow before uttering," Wait…the leader of the "Dawn Assembly" reform effort? How the hell is this even happening!"

"Oh Ame lost a bet, and got reborn as a man who shares my vision for the universe's future!"

Ame, a man with long black hair paused before he snickered." Well…it's a fun life at least."

As the two giant mecha unleashed attacks in all directions Masaki shrugged." Eh…one more bozo won't change much trust me! Just get to the Claw while we keep them busy! Just…don't kill Queen Bria ok? I don't know her but she sounds like she's being used by this Claw fella and her dying might seriously mess up the rest of these folks here."

Van sighed before he grasped his controls tightly." Hey I'm not as mindless as some of these pricks think I am ok? The Claw has messed with enough woman…and it ends today!"

He charged for Corneria and got closer as he hissed out," No more…no more folks are dying because of that monster! I, huh? Oh now what!?"

"That's right…because the Comrade is going to save everyone and bring about the time of happiness…ONCE YOUR OUT OF THE WAY VAN!"

Van saw the Sundance coming for him and snickered." Oh…is that the idiot brother? You want to fight? Bring it!"

The incoming mecha threw a punch, before Daan caught the Sundance's fist. As the two struggled to overpower each other, Van saw a hologram transmission of his enemy before Garnet roared out," Van…you never learn! You're the sinful fool who tempted my sister away and got in my Comrade's way! I'm ending this now! Die you barbarian!"

Van evaded a barrage of purple energy blasts being blasted at him before he snickered." Hey, stop you're going to make me feel sick!"

Garnet saw Van moving around the wreckage in space before he narrowed his eyes." I'm going to make sure your dead this time."

"If that's how it's going to be then I'm teaching you a lesson!"

"That's impossible!"

"Sorry but I promised Wendy that I'd kick your ass if you did not snap out of it! Just be lucky that I'll spare you for her sake before killing that Comrade of yours!"

He prepared to stab Garnet, till a spear came his way. He glanced and saw Dahlia of Wednesday was the source. The pilot of the pink mecha giggled before cooing out," Gadved would go on and on about you…and it's not too late. Won't you take up your spot in the Original Seven?"

"Save it…I don't like group activities…this whole gig is just me tagging along so I can kill the Claw!"

"You're very amusing."

"Yah well, whoa!" To his shock the Dahlia fired a massive energy blast from its wings. As Van was pushed back his new attacker uttered," Don't you understand you sad man? Our Comrade is going to sacrifice himself for universal peace. The truth is, he's contracted a deeply fatal illness. However, for his final brilliant act, he's going to reformat the entire universe."

She stabbed the Daan through its right hand, but was shocked as he just dragged her to him. As she backed away and giggled Van moaned." You're not like the others, you're a little too at ease. I can't tell if you wanna fight me or not! I don't like it, it's giving me the creeps! It's almost like I'm dealing with that bastard boss of your's!"

"Why thank you! That's most kind. For me there's no higher compliment."

As the two mecha got close Fasalina had lighting discharge into Daan to try and scramble its systems.

Van coughed a bit before he chuckled bitterly." You're a scary woman…but not scary enough to get me back down!"

"Don't be like that…lets be friends! Careful…lash out and you will scatter my petals!"

"Stop talking nonsense! Huh? "

To his shock the pink mecha suddenly had blue tentacles burst out of its armor and lash out before its pilot uttered," What you need…is some nectar! Yes…a sweat, sweat nectar that will make you forget your anger and your hate! Lucky you…you get to paradise first!"

Van saw the blue liquid had started to jam up his mecha before his eye twitched." You're always using some strange ploy!"

He tried to divide his blade but Fasalina giggled." Don't do that, nothing you do will trick me. It hurts, does it not? I know it's painful and agonizing. And to think…all this pain…and suffering for no reason."

"If that's what you think is let me go."

"Nah…I still want to talk some more."

"I know what you're doing…you just want to waste my time! We can talk for a century and I would never understand you! You…who gave your heart and soul to that clawed bastard!"

"Yes…that's right. That's wonderful…you understand me! Which means you get to know me and my Comrade even better! Come…I'll take you to paradise!"

"The only paradise for me…is for me killing the Claw with my own two hands!"

"Come on…give everything to me!"

"Sorry, I'm a virgin…and I'm not giving up my chastity to you!"

"Well…then there's only one way this can end then."

Garnet had his own mecha's sword glow before uttering," Everything you're doing is pointless. The Comrade will die to repair heaven, you will get your wish anyway."

"It's not the same…I have to kill him myself!"

"These are personal feelings! Don't be so selfish and deny everyone's happiness over your own emotions! You're just one simpleton, you can't stop this no matter how stupid you are! After how far mankind has sinned…people and life itself need to be awoken!"

"I don't know what you're talking about!"

"Damn you! Why can't you look towards the future!? Why can't types like you and Doug Fitter and all the other small minded self-absorbed men let go of the past? It's that same old vicious love-hate circle from the previous era that damned us all! It's because of everyone like you that we had to suffer again and again!"

"I don't like your voice idiot brother! Just because your intelligent don't mean you should be prideful!"

"Have you even looked at the broken universe around you during your entire life Van? This all is only the last vestiges of where only a partial economy remains. It's us, the sons of chaos who."

"Shut up with your nonsense already moron!"

Van uttered as he broke out of the G.E.R. fluid and slashed at Sundance. As the two parried each other's blade strikes Garnet yelled out," People don't have to fight in order to live!?"

"Moron…do you know what kind of universe we are in?"

"Tsc…it's because of people like you that the fighting never stops! Doug Fitter being unable to be happy aside from when he was fighting dragged down the entire universe with him!"

"Look at who's talking! You and your "comrades" shot at me first!"

"Stop twisting things!"

"It's damn simple you idiot brother! You were kidnapped that your sister went out across the universe to find you, and I'm wasting time talking to you in the first place! Hurry up and go back to where Wendy is and apologize for being a dumbass!"

"Wendy…was…was naïve…and you took advantage of her and corrupted her! Its impossible for me to apologize to her now…not till heaven is fully restored."

"What…what do you mean? No…no this has to be a joke! She was your sister you son of a, GUH!"

Garnet had the Sundance have a pulse blast burst out to paralyze Van before he slashed Daan across the chest and yelled out a fanatical," No…she was not my sister after you corrupted her against me! It will only be right, when everything is fixed!"

"You…you killed Wendy? You're her brother…no matter what a brother protects his sister!"

"You damn simpleton…that was the only way I could save her after you corrupted her so! For…for a great cause's sake…one must act with resolve! You're the one who abducted my sister with your heathen thoughts! That's why you have to pay."

"You don't have the right to push anything when you can't even protect your own flesh and blood! None of us kidnapped or conned Wendy she came on her own free will…something you don't have any respect for! You always treated her like a child but she did not exist to be your doll!"

"She was not a doll but she should trust the wisdom of her betters! If she just listened to me…then…then…DAMN YOU VAN! You have no idea what we went through after my mother suddenly died in front of us and burst into flames because of a cruel, random Adolla Burst…or how father just died because he was caught surprise by the weather and eroded to dust because of a downpour of Time fall!

This miserable universe is hell incarnate…anything is better than letting it go on!"

"I don't give a damn about that! This is the only life I known…and maybe it could be better but I'll decide what makes it better! And I won't let anyone stop, GUH!"

Before he could charge at Garnet, Fasalina caught him by surprise and bound his arm with more G.E.R. fluid before she giggled." You're a man of passion clearly…but one man's passion is not nearly enough. Kill him now Michale!"

Garnet complied, but before he could slice into Daan he saw a flash before a massive energy beam caused him and Fasalina to back off. They both saw the Volkein fired the blast before its pilot Lungren unleashed another salvo." He may be a fool but he's not the only one wanting vengeance. And as much of a pain as he can be he can help me with my own goals…so I'll see you two dead before he dies!"

Fasalina evaded a few more barrages from the other mech's sniper rifle before she giggled." That's one big gun…but it does you no good if it can't hit me."

"That's what you think!"

To her shock Lungren had the Volkein burst in front of his own beam, and used the Armor's reflective cloak to reflect and diffuse the beam to smaller fragments, and blasted off the Dahlia of Wednesday mecha's right arm in the process.

Fasalina yelled out in pain, before she giggled darkly." How very sneaky, but I'm not done yet! You fight only for vengeance. But we fight for the sole reason of protecting our Comrade's dream! And those that live to protect are always stronger!"

"Just a bunch of knights in shining armor, aren't you? Well let me tell you something! I had a dream once too. To live a peaceful life with the woman I loved. A modest one I know, but HE tore it to pieces when we wouldn't go along with his lunacy!"

"Our Comrade's dream is for all of humanity and the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few!"

"AND DO WE THROW OUT OUR OWN?! What did you think? What did you imagine we would do when our dreams were taken away?"

He fired from his shotgun plasma rifle, and she dodged and lashed out with her armor's whip. He blocked it with the barrel of his gun, only for her to unleash a barrage of G.E.R. fluid on the Volkein's head.

But he blasted it off with his beam gatling gun and fired enough shots to keep her back before Fasalina grit her teeth." I don't understand…how can an ordinary pilot like you match my speed? "

"Oh you don't know? Volkein was the prototype and the basis of the technology for the Seven Armors…and the foundation for the optical weapon you are using!"

The two fired a barrage of blasts at close range, and blew most of each other's Mecha apart. Fasalina saw most of Dahlia of Wednesday get destroyed before she yelled out and grasped the cockpit of Volkein with her remaining hand and devoted all the power to crush Lungren as she yelled out," You can't go…you can't! GUH!"

To her shock the back of her armor was blasted into her, and she saw that the shot came from the Aldous. She got a sudden transmission notice and saw it came from Carmen 99, who was on that ship before the blue haired woman smirked." You're not having your way anymore whore."

"Oh…do I know you?"

"No but I know you! Your dealings with Hayetah, my childhood friend from my hometown of Trinolia cost me everything! You purchased Hayetah's special flowers that were growing in her hometown. However, the flowers were poisonous and were causing problems all over town, all just for the plot of your Comrade! These stinking rotting flowers ruined everyone I cared for!"

"Oh…how sad. But…it was,"


"You're a strange person."

"Am I?"

"What do you want to do with me?"

"Seriously? You think your so god damn adorable. You go with what you want regardless of how it looks. You're cruel but honest with yourself. I hate to admit it…but your adorable. But not everyone can be as adorable as you!"

"Your just jealous."

"That's right…I just wanted to be as honest as you…before you die."

"Then why are you not?"

"No chance… I swear, you're so damn true to yourself, it makes me sick!"

"Well…then I guess we can't be…GUAH!"

Lungren suddenly blasted her machine's head before he uttered," To slow on the uptake woman."

Fasalina saw her mecha's systems fail before her eyes widened." No…Michael…come with me and take all of these deluded fools to…AHH!"

The Dahlia of Wednesday exploded before she could finish. Garnet saw that Fasalina was dead before he yelled out in fury." NO! Damn you Van…you and the heathens around you took everything away from me!"

"Idiot…you forget who started this fight?" Van spat back as he parried the Sundance's slash." You call me an idiot but you're the one who can't even see what you are!"

"I know what I am! Are Comrade might be dying soon…but you will never be the one who kills him! You ungrateful scum…after everything Gadved did for you…"

"Up yours! You're the one who abandoned and then killed your own sister!"

"She became a heathen because of you…and I have a mission to completed and I won't let anyone get in my way!"

He tackled Daan hard enough to knock its blade out of Van's grip, and Garnet grasped the sword from his enemy and yelled out," Die by your own blade sinner!"

"That's mine jackass!"

Garnet tried to slice the Sundance to pieces but only cut off the outer armor. The agent of the Universal Church of Truth tried a follow up slash, only for Van to have Daan catch the blade with his hand and snicker." Thanks for cutting off my outer shell, I feel much lighter now!"

"Bah…begone…for the sake of the universe I discarded all hesitation! "

He fired his beam rifle at Daan, only for Van to transform the machine into a sword, and ram the Sundance upward as Van cried out, "Is that all you got!? HUH!? I am so damn done for you! Wendy…if I knew your brother was this much of an idiot I would have just shot him down the moment I saw him. But, he won't harm anyone again! Raaagh!"

Van kept charging through pieces of the Sundance, causing its pilot to yell out," No…why won't you move!?"

"Cause I broke your Armor…just like I'm going to break you!"

Van then burst right into the Sundance and hit it hard enough to smash the cockpit. This did not shatter the mecha, but it did cause Garnet to be smashed into Corneria's atmosphere…just in time for him to realize the blow destroyed his machine's descent protocols. As sparks erupted all around him Garnet yelled out in frustration." Damn it…this can't be happening! I did what I had to do; I did what God wanted me to do! This was a test and I answered!"

"Then the test sucked idiot!"

Van roared out." I did what I had to do to…and in the end I'm no big thinker but all that's clear is that you lost so get out of here!"

The last living pilot of the "Original Seven" saw his monitor fizzle before his eyes widened." Comrade…help me. I need your…AAGHH!"

He screamed as flames consumed him, before Sundance of Sunday collided into the tip of one of Sacrosanct towers, shattering like a bug colliding into a windshield. Van took a moment to take a deep breath before he looked down." Wendy…I'm sorry your brother was such an asshole…the only way I know how to make up what you had to go through is kick the ass of everyone that wronged yah! Lungren…you able to go or not cause it's now or never?"

The other armor pilot grasped his head before sighing." That whore's armor's fluid is messing with some of the systems…but I can see this through."

"You better! Enough's enough, with all his groupies out of the way, at least the ones in the air, it's time to kill the Claw! Huh? Oh come on!"

He saw a barrage of laser blasts coming his way and evaded it, only to see he was surrounded by funnels before a female voice cut in with," Sorry but, the armor pilots may have been the most fanatical of the Grand Unifier's supporters, but he is hardly the only one."

Van saw that the new foe was the X-EX01 Gundam Calibarn before Lady Prospera 's hologram appeared in front of Van." So sorry that I'm not nearly as charming as your previous host but you will have to make do with me. It's nothing personal…but you're in the way of me seeing my child again so it seems we will see who's pain is greater."

Van saw the Calibarn fire a massive particle beam from its broomstick like cannon and also have its Escutcheon bit funnels fire at him from all directions before he grit his teeth." Lady…I don't know how you were wronged…but if you're working with the Claw to see it right…I know it's wrong! And you can fire as big a laser from that gun as you like you're not keeping me away!"

"All to true…but this witch has her knights supporting her, move out BLACK KNIGHT SQUAD Shi-ve.A!"

Another warship came out from behind her, the black Vanaheimr class ship the Gullvelg. Its commander, Aura Mara Khyber grasped her seat tightly as she giggled darkly." Go my the name of the the universe why the Accords will lead everyone to paradise!"

Van saw a dozen armored mobile suites with helmets for heads and knight like armor surround him before Lungren rolled his eyes." We blasted through worst walls…get lost!"

He had the Volkein fire its main beam rifle, only to be shocked for the new white mobile suit amount the reinforcements to cut the blast with its beam swords and keep charging.

Prospera had the Calibarn fly above her targets before she smirked." Soon Eri…soon at last we will live in a world that we deserve. We just have to kill all these fools!"

She fired again, only to see a beam intercept her attack. She grimaced as she saw that the attack came from Aerial, before Suletta cried out," Stop this mother! Your about to hurt so many people!"

The masked woman only sighed as she saw her living child charge at her with hesitation." Oh Suletta…those fools dragged you this far? You should have stayed away…then at last you could have been happy. But if you come any further only suffering awaits you."

"Your wrong mother…no one tricked me! I just knew you had to be stopped! No matter what happened to you, this has to stop! Huh?"

She was about to attack her mother till suddenly the ghostly image of Ericht appeared in front of her monitor." But sister…the data storm will make all are dreams come true! Don't take away the place where mom and I can live freely! "

"Listen to your sister…no…your original you replacement!" Prospera hissed out bitterly." Eri is the child blessed by Vanadis's ideals. Yet there is no place for her in this universe. So, I'll have to make one. A place where Eri can be happy."

"It's not right to be happy only at the expense of other's happiness!"

"Well that's how the universe works you foolish child, the strong always forge there happiness over the corpses of the weak! And it's not just me who embraced this face eh?"

Her, Van and Lundgren saw the Shrike fly at them behind Prospera before Lundgren winced." That's not a ship, it's a guillotine."

As the Eden One, a squid like Nautiloid ship belonging to the Illithids siding with the Universal Church of Truth, and the Gullvelg tried to help keep up a blockage, the commander of the Shirke, one of the survivors of the Changeling race, Vadic had her holographic image appear, the old woman with black hair saw the pilots anger and smirked." Good afternoon…well…I believe its afternoon somewhere. I am Captain Vadic. So…you're the forces that a fossil like Jean-Luc Picard has gathered eh?"

"Are you the one being a pain in the ass here?" Van spat back bitterly, causing Vadic to chuckle." Oh, you're the one that's Van the Stamped? No, or was that Van the Freeloader? Van Flyheight of the Guardian Forces? Van, The Devil in The Poisoned Tuxedo? Either way there is a rather large bounty on your head, and while I'm not very sure how much longer money will have value but I'm sure it will earn me some cred in the new order! "Damn you all!" Van uttered as he eyed the coming warship carefully." Your just one more wall to break through!"

"I see your having trouble understanding the situation " cowboy." My ship's far more than a wall cowboy. But to bad it's too late to run. But try and the only way you will see the shot that kills you is through the hole in your chest! Besides…the forces trying to stop you is far more then little old me. Ah, we got even more reinforcements!"

Van paused before he saw the ZGMF/A-262PD-P Mighty Strike Freedom Gundam flying at him from the right. Van saw that the radar gave him an unknown report before his eye twitched." God damn it…there's to many of you damn Gundam's!"

The Phenex flew by Van and saw that the new Gundam was just motionless before its pilot Jona raised an eyebrow." Wait…the Mighty Strike Freedom? Is that one of ours?"

Setsuna had broken away from the previous enemies and had joined Jona before he saw Kira and narrowed his eyes." Wait…that Gundam…and that id number…is from Kira!"

Masaki also flew by in the Cybuster before the green haired pilot looked at the new Gundam curiously." Wait…Kira…as in Kira Yamato? Did not realize he was still alive in this universe too. Dude's a bit stiff but a hell of a pilot."

"I don't know this Kira Yamato you know about Masaki…but Kira Myers was my superior once, before he betrayed us all to try and control the universe. He…he nearly became God, till Ben Auro killed him. But even after that his soul was sealed. But, could these fanatics have revived him? Kira…is that really you? You still won't give up?"

The Mighty Strike Freedom paused before it turned to the 00 Qan before Setsuna heard a familiar chuckle." So you're still alive Setsuna F. Seiei? Most impressive…your resolve to keep being a sword of judgment…nearly matches mine."

"Damn it…that really is you in that new Freedom Gundam? What do you want?"

"The same thing I always wanted my former apprentice…to bring judgment to the sinners."

Setsuna braced himself as the Mighty Strike Freedom released a barrage of Dragoon funnels, but saw that the funnels just spread out, and instead of firing beams started to crackle with lighting.

Vadic saw this and snorted with delight." See now morons? It's the fate of God for you all to drop dead. There's no room for fools in the new world so, huh?"

He saw a flash of light before the Mighty Strike Freedom suddenly had its MMI-M15E "Xiphias 3" rail cannons unleash bolts of lightning that damaged the Shirke and half of the units on her side before they could even react. Vadic was knocked off her feet before she blinked in shock." Did that mobile suit…just fire god damn lightning? What the hell were you aiming at you, huh?"

She saw that Kira had his Gundam turn to her before the former Enji chuckled darkly." I agree…there is no room for fools…and you look like the biggest fool of them all. Be gone."

Vadic saw the head of the Mighty Strike Freedom charge up, and winced as she saw that the head armor was in fact the mobile suits EQM-Y148 convergent heavy nucleon beam cannon disruptor cannon before her eye twitched." God damn solids…your…GUHA!"

Before any of the weapons her ship had could attempt to hit her new target, the energy blast from the Gundam's head fired like a railgun, and blew away Vadic and the entire chunk of the Shrike in a matter of seconds.

Van saw how many enemies were destroyed in such a short period of time before his eye twitched." Hey if you guys could do that all along why have you been waiting for so long!?"

Setsuna still was on guard for the Mighty Strike Freedom to turn its firepower on him before he responded with," Because the status of this unit is…still not clear. Kira…things are really so bad that they unsealed you? But…your magical energy would have been detected."

"I see the Celestial Being unit members are still keen about there surroundings." Kira retorted as he had his Gundam take out its Futsunomitama" sword." Even at this stage it seems I'm still not completely trusted so this was our agreement, bounding my essence to this mobile suit. It's not entirely unlike what is going on with the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex and the soul bounded to it."

Jona winced before he uttered," You…you know about Rita?"

Setsuna sighed as he looked around." Even now you want to be on top of everything? How do I know this is not part of the Absolute Hypnosis magic? "

"Well for one you would already be dead, but that's another reason they bound me to this Gundam. But just think for a moment about what I stand for, and you should know I would never aid such fools like these. No matter how much time has past…that has not changed. So, are you going to help me neutralize the threats or not?"

Van looked around before he shrugged." I don't know what this guy did before but if he's helping me kill the Claw that's all that matters to me!"

Kira chuckled bitterly before retorting with," I assure you…the likes of that" Grand Unifier" Koo Krying Kroo are those that disgust me the most."

"Well help me kick his ass and that's that!"

Before Kira could reply he instantly deflected an energy beam before he saw it came from the NOG-M2D1/E BLACK KNIGHT SQUAD Cal-re.A. The white knight like mobile suit suddenly had red wings of energy came out of its shoulder pads before its pilot, the blond haired Orphee Lam Tao burst at Kira and uttered," I don't care who you are…you're a relic of the past that I, as the Chancellor of Foundation of truth and leader of the Accords will purge to set the future ablaze! Your Innvadors were just a prototype for us Accords!

Tony Frost…you and the Sleeper Brigade better pull through!"

Kira parried the lighting fast beam saber slash before he sighed." Tsc…are you supposed to be a parody of me? Even Ribbions, Paptimus Scirocco and Ulube were not so full of themselves. It's only now that I feel old. That's bad for you."

Before he could strike, a Armored Shrike mecha tackled Kira before its pilot Tony laughed madly." You relics are just going to get the damnation that you des, GUH!"

While he thought he had the Mighty Strike Freedom pinned, he failed to account for its funnels as they quickly blew him apart. As the Armored Shrike started to blow up, the black NOG-M1A1 BLACK KNIGHT SQUAD Shi-ve.A burst at the Mighty Strike Freedom Gundam from behind and unleashed its short needle from its arm to wrap around its target before Orphee snickered." That's the way Shura! No matter how skilled or powerful you are you're still just one pilot! We are the best pilots in all of history! You can't stop the, GUH!"

To his shock he was hit by a Wieselnagel" beam boomerang, and turned to see a red Gundam was coming for him. He saw that and another blue Gundam with wings of energy before Kira snickered." The ZGMF/A-42S2 Destiny Gundam Spec II…and the ZGMF-X191M2 Infinite Justice Gundam Type II? Is this some poor attempt at a joke?"

"Apologizes…but even you might need "wingmen." The voice of Samuel Hayden appeared in his monitor." "These Gundam's were the quickest to reconfigure."

Castile nodded as he suddenly appeared in the cockpit of the Destiny Gundam Mark Two." Agreed…I have…some pilot experience…though it was mostly planes."

"All this because you wanted to keep a close eye on me?"

"Yes." Samuel answered bluntly." But if it helps maybe this will make it easier." He uttered before his face suddenly changed to that of a blue haired man." You used illusions so much, the data indicates that you know the illusion of Athrun Zala might rekindled memories."

"Oh really? It's funny…it's been so long but, I almost remember the time I acted as a "hero". But…all that matters is that I don't see these fanatics have the last word. Whatever shape you take, don't get in my way."

"Affirmative." Samual, looking like Athurn uttered before the Destiny Gundam Spec 2 had its wings of light flash up before it created after images, and suddenly appeared behind the Black Knight Shi-Ve A unit and sliced it in half before it could react.

Van saw the Strike Mighty Freedom and the Infinite Justice both parry blades before he shrugged." Have fun…I have a score to settle."

Lady Prospera saw Kira with his" Wing men" fend off the Black Knight units, and saw Setsuna dodge the Schwarzette mobile suit's revolver cannon blasts, and that Van and Lungren descend into the planet before she winced." No…even ghosts of the past won't interfere."

"No mother…just accept the people's wishes!"

"What do you think this all is! You first!"

Kira eyed all the fighting around him before he sighed." Just one thing. I was restrained…isolated…so what is the overall situation?"

Setsuna paused before answering with," Ezan…Mike Auro…and the others status are unknown. We helped Ezan break Shinryudramon out of the enemy's control and then descended to the planet. It seems…he is around the other former Enji."

Kira paused before he sighed." . Even if they opposed me…most of them deserved better than being bound to the likes of such fools. But my former apprentice…won't let that be enough to fail his mission.

Even after all that time…I know that much. When I attempted my own hostile takeover, I thought I was the embodiment of true justice. But, I had a lot of time to think things across the years. I suppose what Mariemaia said all that time ago still rings true. History is much like an endless waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.

I still feel those around me did not have the resolve to see things through, but it's clear that true justice is more than just being the most fanatical to one's ideas. It's about seeing beyond the illusions one binds one to in order to realize the best, most fair outcome.

That's what a ruler in theory is supposed to do, but I can't deny even with my efforts I had my own bias. Auro had his own for sure, loathing anyone who had the mind set of Brad or Doug, but we will see if his son can evolve past that, to see if true justice is more than just a fantasy after all. Till then, pin down the units on the right."

"Alright, for now. Yuji Kaido, Marlene Angel, provide back up to Kira Myers."

Setsuna took a deep breath before fighting alongside the man he long loathed. As much as he and many around him distrusted Kira, the situation did cause them to focus on bigger issues. Some were so preoccupied that they did not have time to observe anything else but what was in front of them, Ezan being one of those individuals.

We rewind time a bit to back to where we left off with the sliver haired warrior of light, with him seeing his friends about to attack them, at the command of Billy Butcher.

Ezan saw the leader of the "Boys" have a wild look with his new artificial Sharingan before the super elite warrior looked around carefully." Are you just another slave among my comrades Butcher? Since we never met before just a few days ago, there seems no reason for this hate to be personal."

"We may have only met recently soldier boy but I known you for a long while freak. Homelander is on the top of my list, but all "super cunts" are on my list."

"Tsc…so your hate has mutated into some deranged racism of a sort? You hate Homelander so much…yet you're just going to end up his puppet."

"Like hell. I'm not doing this to get Homelander's "Forgiveness." I'm doing this because when this goes down the bastard's going to come here to gloat. And when he does the God bomb I and Higgs have planned will give him what he has had coming for a long time!"

Ezan winced before uttering," Higgs? The Homo Demens are in league with the Universal Church of Truth as well?"

"Heh, more like playing them like a fiddle! Higgs was the one that sent the package to your sad excuse for a Queen mate. But these hippies don't get me and him are just playing yah all so we can give all you blokes what you deserve! After all…Homelander killed my Becca…but it's because of all you "hero'" failing to stop him that this happened!"

"You're blaming me for Homelander? I did kill him…more than once."

"But thanks to those damn Sleeves he just pops right back! And it's because you hero's did not do what had to be done that Doug Fitter created Homelander and the other Nahobino! And that happened because the Lylat Kingdom and you god damn Enji Knights were always nothing but a damn joke so as far as I see things your all getting what you cunts deserve!"

Ezan sighed as he looked at the sky and saw all the fighting unfolding over Corneria." I won't deny we failed our duty. But going through with this will punish countless innocent people who did not do anything to deserve death! And if you're blaming everyone who played a part in your misery that list would go up to God."

"Well I have not seen what the "privileged warrior of light has seen but all I'm sayin if there is some geezer up there with a big white beard, he's a world heavyweight cunt. Seriously…he's got a hard on for mass murder and giving kids cancer, and his whole solution to the existential train-wreck that is humanity is to nail his own bleeding son to a plank.

That is a cunt move, c'mon even you have got to agree with me on that one. We should lob a bloody nuke at him and get it over and done with, you know what I'm say'in?"

"I did fight to prevent Zannacross from having his way on the universe…and unlike you I did not sacrifice innocent people to do it!"

"That's because you may have the skills to be a warrior, but don't have the guts to be a soldier! And in the end…unlike you I never said I was a hero. You can make up all these fluffy ideology you want but all I want is one damn thing.

Revenge…that's all I'm after. I mean seriously…not like playing by the books means a damn anymore right? You're fighting for an out-of-date cause mate…morals mean jack…results are all that matter and that's the only thing I fight for! And in the end…not like this is my planet anyway. I mean, in my time here it's clear that your Bethal "Capital folk" are a bunch of pathetic Supe-worshipping cunts.

Did it ever occur to them that they split your spine or broke your cock just for a laugh? Where's their rage?! Their self-respect?! Sitting around like a bunch of scared rabbits, just begging to be devoured! If they are too weak to fight for what matters then it's on them!"

Ezan grasped his hand tightly before uttering," Well if that's really your stance then that makes this very simple. I learned long ago, not everyone is meant to be a soldier, and trying to force that on someone is wrong. I know from my own experience with the man that I once thought of as my father."

"So, you just rely on toy soldiers, eh? Not looking like that's working out for you now very well am I right?"

"There are always tradeoffs…but we made the best choices we could make."

"Well then you chose wrong. All these sups are a imbalance in the natrual order, only by purging the unvierse of them all will there ever be " normal."

"You think just purging every last super powered being would bring peace? I seen plenty of worlds where there were no super powered beings...and it changed little. As great as the odds are that one man with great power could bring ruin to all around him or her, sometimes the best counter is someone else being able to have that kind of power."

"Of course you would think only a god could counter another god pretty boy...but your wrong! Your dead wrong... and your about to face the consequences of it Ezan Zeon!"

"For once, we have the same train of thought…but it will be the last time. Chidori…huh?"

Ezan prepared to attack, till he saw Red XIII, Auron, Fran, Ky Kiske, Golbez, Quina, Vincent, Kratos, and more get in front of him before he winced. He saw Vincent raise his Cerberus gun at him before uttering," Damn it Valentine…I know your will is stronger than this!"

To his dismay Vincent fired at him like he was a doll, causing Billy to snicker." It's not a matter of will pretty boy. Their brains are not in charge of their bodies anymore. Now all these hero's only have one brain calling the shots, mine! So, you professional enough to do what has to be done or going to go down like all the chumps? Can't decide and I'll decide for you!"

With a wave of his hand Butcher made Kratos charge at the other warrior of light before the warrior from the order of Cruxis had wings of light appear out of him before he declared," Shinning Bind!"

Ezan easily parried the warrior from Derris-Kharlan's Mystic Art attack, only for Kunzite to charge at him next before the Mark XI Jack Mechanoid cried out," Malign Revenge!"

Before he charged and formed dark energy swords on all of his blades and charged at him like a drill. Ezan shifted the Nu Epyon to block the Enji from Organica as well. As he did, the red furred canine from planet Cetra, Red XIII jumped up before roaring out, "Blood Fang!" Before he hurled himself at Ezan's shoulder.

At the same time the "Undead" warrior from Spira, Auron, yelled out," Banishing Blade!"

And tried to smash Ezan with his Overdrive attack.

The sliver haired man took the hit as he saw Ky hunched over and yelled out," Dragon Install Sakkai!"

Before the left half of his face turned black, his left eye changing colors (the iris became red and the sclera, jet black), and locks of hair turning neon blue; a similarly-colored, scar-like mark traveled down his left cheek.

Ky's left arm turned dark blue entirely with his nails sharpening into claws, as well as a strange neon-blue emblem manifesting on the back of his hand; and started to constantly emit a dark aura, which during activation takes the shape of a wing.

As Ky's true power shook the ground he uttered," Sacred Edge!"

Before he burst at Ezan like a lightning bolt. The impact knocked Ezan back a few inches before he chuckled bitterly." You trained well Ky…but it's not enough. Sorry, but too much is on the line for me to be "sporting." Shinra Tensei!"

Ezan unleashed a shock-wave in all directions to knock his mind-controlled comrades off him, but as he did Golbez flew above him and uttered a cold," No escape…Genesis Rock!"

Before the mage had the ground around Ezan burst around him to form a cage. At the same time Arche Klein cried out," Meteor Storm!"

Before the pink haired half-elf riding a broom had a barrage of meteors fly down at Ezan, before she and Golbez then declared," Double Meteor!"

To have even more meteors come down on them after their union spell. At the same time Jaheira cast an ice storm spell as the half-elf druid from the Tethyr region from Balder's Gate tried to freeze her target as Quina yelled out, "Bad Breath!"

And used blue magic to replicate the power of a Malboro and unleashed a toxic cloud around Ezan to attempt to unleash as many negative status effects on him as possible.

At the same time Billy had his energy flare up before he yelled out," Your mates might not be on your level one on one super elite…but all they have to do is keep you pinned down long enough to get butchered!"

His eyes glowed before he unleashed a massive optic blast from his eyes. Thanks to the leader of the eponymous team of vigilantes eye beam vaporized the ground where Ezan was and went on to go through the mountains before unleashing a explosion large enough to vaporize one of them.

Butcher grasped his fist as he took in the result of his attack before his eyes widened." Damn…that is one hell of a rush. Still hate his guts but I can get why Homelander enjoy's the perks so much. Only now at last these guns are under the command of who they are supposed to, GUH!"

In a flash Ezan showed he was far from finished as he smashed Billy by his jaw and hit him into the ground hard enough to leave a thud. As Ezan reappeared he cracked his neck." Oh things are far from where they are supposed to be Butcher. You look like you're already drunk on your new power so even more of a reason to shut you down fast. Nice try but, your still too slow to pin me down."

Billy spat out a tooth before he chuckled bitterly." Meh…I was just testing the waters mate, I did not last this long trying to rush a job!"

"I don't know…you thought implementing artificial Sharingan eyes and taking those pills would be enough for you to close the gap with me and that was so very foolish. You can't reach my level just by taking a few "Cheat codes.""

"Maybe not but it's a start. Besides I don't' just have my own strength, but everyone around mine as well!"

The ring on his fist glowed before energy poured into Butcher, causing his aura to get even larger before he grinned." This Yachihoko Mangekyō Sharingan dōjutsu allows me to control the minds and the magic energy of anyone caught in it.

And I caught most of the saps on this planet in it thanks to those faith generators! I know you act like you're the strongest man in the universe Ezan…but does that mean you're more powerful than everyone your supposed to protect put together?"

"We are not going to find out…Chi, no!"

He was about to attack Billy, till Vincent again got in front of the man enslaving him. Ezan used the Amenotejikara to switch places with the former Turk, but as he prepared to stab Billy, Vincent swerved around and unleashed his Chaos form to fire his Death Penalty plasma shot to hit Ezan before he could strike.

As Ezan was knocked back Billy had his Susanoo form an energy crowbar in his right hand before he smashed Ezan in the head with it.

The unofficial member of the Equalizers snickered as he saw Ezan wince." C'mon mate…don't tell me you never fought your own" mates of light" before eh?"

"I did…when I was on the wrong side. That's why I vowed not to make the same mistakes I did back then."

"How precious…but sometimes life forces your hand hero."

"Maybe…but I'm elite enough to make my own hand. We already lost so much…I won't lose what comrades I have left to the likes of you!"

"That's right…keep looking down on me till I'm ripping your special eyes out! Heh…you almost sound afraid Ezan. What…afraid to be alone? If your too attached to your mates, then you can never truly finish the mission!"

Ezan closed his eyes before sighing." I once was trained by someone who shared that line of thought. But after his hypnosis over me fell I saw how unstable his power really was, and he still was far more skilled than you Butcher. I have lost much following the call of duty, and I refuse to lose it all!"

"Then I'm going to wake you up to how little control even the "top" "Warrior of light" has mate. I respected your rep once to be honest, and that's why it's pissing me off how soft you are. I thought talking like you would be like talking with all the other nutters when that's the last bleeding thing you are, you're just a ordinary man.

If I'm being real with yah I think there were times I wanted a brother. Course it's a brother that would have had my back! I lost more than a few of my own over the years. I killed my first man at seventeen…done a lot more since then. An'every time I get that feeling like I'm watching from some place far away.

It ain't like I don't know it's wrong, but…it feels like a dream, or somthin. An' it's what lets me get the job done without worrying about it later. I don't know, it probably just means I'm some sort of psychopath. But…gives me a clarity."

"If you think that's clarity then you're even more blind then I thought. But your followers had to be even more blind to think you knew what you were talking about when you're acting like the planet's Legos and the people are toys."

"Heh…I admit I did have to hustle those like Mother's Milk, Frenchie, Kimiko Miyashiro, Hughie Campbell and the others into thinking we were up to something more "heroic" then it was. Just about keeping the lie going long enough to get the job done eh?

That's just what it was for you Enji Knights oy? Enji Knights, Savor Agents or however you tried to rebrand yourselves, you really thought you could be the saviors of the universe eh? And now look at where that's got yah? Seems like even God turned his back on yah like a toy he was bored of!"

Ezan had his energy flare up again before uttering," Regardless of who has faith in us, there are still things worth fighting for. And I'll keep fighting till the last second!"

"But what if I have the same view eh Ezan? Let's fine out!"

The sliver haired man braced himself as he saw Sophie charging at him before the woman known as "Protos Heis" cried out a cold," Shadow Movement."

Before unleashing an lighting fast purple energy infused punch. Ezan just used his Sharingan to phase through the blow, only for another Enji, a more recent member who went by the name of Ordie, who was a young woman with long blue hair and blue eyes, that wore a white hairband, a long grayish-blue dress that went down to the bottom of her legs with bronze designs, white thigh-high stocking and silver high heels shoes, charge at him before her rapier was infused with light and she cried out," Luminous Embrace."

Before her aura took the shape of an armored swordsmen that slashed at Ezan and unleashed a flash of light.

This blinded him, just as he heard two men utter," Last Laugh." In union before he saw two other Enji that were once comrades of Velvet Crowe, Rokurou Rangetsu and Eizen unleash a duo Mystic Art.

Rokurou started the arte by twirling his right blade around before charging forward, knocking Ezan down before his vision recovered.

Eizen then comes in from the opposite side, uppercutting his fellow warrior of light into the sky, before Rokurou knocked him back down, as Eizen punched him forward. Both Rokurou and Eizen then unleash a barrage of slashes and punches on the target before charging toward each other and smashing Ezan in between them.

Ezan's armor of light and darkness was able to neglect most of the damage, but it still stunned him enough for another more recent Enji, the sword woman Kanzaki Kaori to charge at him.

Just as Ezan noticed the woman 170 centimeters in height, with long black hair tied up in a ponytail that reached her hips, that was wearing a short white T-shirt tied into a knot at the bottom, revealing her belly button/navel; her dark blue jeans having one pants leg cut off to be very short take out her sword, the two-meter-long nodachi called "Shichiten Shichitou" before she uttered," Nanasen." Before seven wires surrounded Ezan, before they glowed and 'split' into thousands.

Ezan once more used his phasing power to try and get through the wires, but as he did three individuals he had not seen before, a large black man, a thinner white man in a trench coat, and an Asian woman with long black hair all tackled Ezan.

The armored warrior winced for only a moment before he grasped his fist." You're not nearly as strong as you think you are if you think you can keep me down you, huh?"

He saw all three of them had dead looks in their eyes before they bit their mouths. Butcher smirked as he licked his lips." After I saw how you handled that Viltrumite hoard that's for damn sure. But they don't have to keep you down for long mate, just long enough for you to go boom."

Ezan quickly remembered what happened to the Tick before he saw the black man's eyes twitch, like he was forced to do something he did not want before he saw all three of his new attackers' chests glow, realized where he was and swore before he shot up like a burst of light, just before an atomic class explosion rocked the sky.

Butcher blinked as he looked up before he snickered." The bloke cares about his comrades and this dump of a wrecked castle that much eh? Saving them won't do a lick of good when you get blown up saving them "hero".

Just one of those bombs killed Thragg…or at least his body…so three of them should do the trick. MM…Frenchie…Kimiko I know I told you that you were my ace in the hole to kill Homelander with a fake offer but well, now I have more people to rig into bombs. Know it's not what you thought you were sighing up for but well…should have read the bloody fine print. Now then…it's just the first of, huh? GUH!"

He heard a clap of thunder, before a dragon shaped lightning bolt came down from the cloud to strike him. As he crashed into the ground a bitter voice uttered," Don't think you're going to win with such low tricks you barbaric scum!"

As Billy grasped his chest he saw that Ezan landed on the ground…with his entire right arm burnt and his Divine Joutei armor cracked, but still standing. As Ezan coughed up blood he looked at Billy with raw hate." I had to send one of your suicide bombers to the alternate space that is linked to the Mangekyō Sharingan with Kamui…so it hurt more then I hoped for. But I endured the wrath of those who destroyed universes…this stunt just made me angry! You're as low as Brad Fowltror to mind control your most loyal followers into suicide bombers!"

"If you want to see the mission complete, then nothing's off the table you self-righteous cunt! After all sticking to all those virtues did jack to make the universe a better place eh? Bonds are just rubbish anyway, we are all on our own, something that the universe has made clear!"

Ezan saw the raw hatred in Billy's eyes before he sighed." Those words…Doug Fitter would rant about the same kind of thing to justify his own actions. Despite how much you loath Homelander you do seem to be on the same level as the man who created him."

Billy snickered as he looked down." The "New devil" may have handed out the ambrosia to those that came to his party, but Homelander was already a asshole thanks to all those Vought rats, if he did not become the Nahobino someone else like Soldier Boy, Gunpowder, or even that asshole the Deep would have just gotten the spot.

Nah…just proves that it's the system that keeps propping up these god damn symbols to blind us all to how things are before so we can get screwed over! But when everything is blown to bits and everyone is forced to see how things are then, it won't be pretty, but it will be pure."

Ezan eyed Billy carefully before he grit his teeth," This universe is already hell for most and you want to make it worst?"

"Hell yah…because those who need" Sups" to do their work for them don't deserve to live anyway. All this is because your precious fans will do anything for "peace." But things will only change when everyone will wake up to the fact that there is no real" After the war". The war that is life is all there is and by the time things are done no one that's stupid enough to have a fantasy of peace will be allowed to exist."

Ezan saw his current enemy was serious before he had lighting crackle around his fist." You really are more devout to Doug's ideology then his own children…but even he is not as callous about his own followers.

You may think you're tough but any thug can lash out at anything in front of them, it takes true strength to do beyond what your base instincts want. You overplayed your hand and with your trump card already spent you, huh? No!"

He saw all of his possessed friends walk up like zombies, and all opened their mouths before Billy's eyes widened." Who the hell said I played my trump cards? I had my reserves go first since I knew you would not check them as carefully, but all your precious friends can go "Pop goes the Weasel atomic style!" with just a single god damn thought! Think I'm kidding? Ask the bunny!"

Ezan paused before he winced, and saw to the right, Fran, the brown skinned " Bunny woman " or viera warrior from the world of Ivalice, and friend of Vaan and Balthier walked up before Ezan yelled out," Fran wait…no!"

He saw her glow and cursed as he used his magic energy to blast her into the air, just as she exploded with enough force to vaporize another mountaintop. He saw what remained of her float in the sky before he glared at Billy. "Damn you…I will kill you!"

"Oh, I know one of the most infamous killers in the history of the univeres has more ways to kill me then days I been alive at this point Ezan Zeon. But…can even you pull it off fast enough when the moment something happens to me your pals go boom? I'm not giving you a chance to find out, cause the fun's over! Drop your sword and whatever else you got hidden over there and power down or I swear it's going to be raining body parts for the rest of the week!

I know my Sharingan are not on par with your ones mate but they still are good enough to see if you have anything planned. So, you even try and do that mind crap you pulled on Omni-Man and Thragg and say good bye to your pals. Do we have an understanding hero!?"

Ezan saw the raw fury in Butcher's eyes, and saw the other Enji all looked frozen before he took a deep breath and sighed. He undid his Divine Joutei transformation and threw the Nu Epyon and his energy crossbow to the ground before he uttered a bitter," If you don't keep your word…then you will wish I kill you."

"Tough talk from a guy who's been checkmated you God damn cunt! Close those eyes…not giving you a chance to pull some magic eye crap on me. It's simple, I'm going to smash your face till I break you apart and the last thing you're going to realize is how worthless all those principles you held on to were!"

Billy had his Susanoo form a massive blood red crowbar before he saw Ezan and the other Enji were all not moving before he yelled and burst at Ezan before hitting him in the head.

The impact caused a shock-wave, and Billy just yelled harder as he hit his target again and again, looking more and more erratic by the second as he saw Ezan's defiance and had veins form on his forehead." Still think you're in control? I beat yah wanker! No one's going to bail you out this time!

God, most of the people that were your fans, your" Rival" no one! This is just what a fraud deserves! You still think you were going to save the day? You're just a tool that's outlived his purpose the only thing left for something like that is to be broken down!"

Ezan coughed up blood before he growled out a defiant," I admit…my entire purpose is to fight. But I decided what those skills were used for, and who could be happy from what I did. But even…even if all I can do is destroy, it's not just me."

Billy saw the lament in his target's face before he grit out," Maybe back in the good old days but that's not how it is anymore! Everything you stand for is dead, so there's nothing you can do but die! SO DIE EZAN!"

As he put both hands into his energy crowbar the warrior of light uttered," There is something I can do. Great Gospel!"

Billy was shocked as the necklace that had the Holy Materia on his target glowed…before a giant magical pentagram formed around the entire group. The rouge Equalizer cursed out as a massive pillar of light erupted out of the ground and blinded the area.

When Billy opened his eyes, he felt unharmed, but saw that Ezan suddenly looked fully recovered, and that the Enji around him now looked much more alive, and much angrier. Ezan took a sigh of relief at the sight of his comrades regaining control of their minds before he chuckled bitterly." I can do more than destroy, with some help."

Billy tried to will his former hostages to kill themselves, only to feel no control anymore before his eye twitched." That light…was like a freaking act of god. Are you kidding me? Heaven is broken…and the angels don't have God's blessing no more! This miracle must be one of your damn illusions!"

"No…this is not Izanagi, Tsukuyomi, or any other kind of genjutsu. It's something far more powerful Butcher…love. I told you, my specialty is fighting…killing…and the like but not her's."

Butcher was shocked to see the white materia glow, before the image of Aries appeared out of it. Butcher saw the former flower girl's soul look at him with sorrow before his eye twitched." What…you keep your main squeeze's spirit around you like one of those Pokémon? And they say I'm sick!"

"He did nothing to me Billy." Aries uttered somberly." I wanted to be by his side no matter what, so we made this contract. I'm sorry you could not do the same with the woman you loved. You clearly loved her and her loss drove you mad."

Billy snickered before his eye twitched." Oh…so you think you have me all figured out in one go lass?"

"Yes…because I been around a lot longer than you and I seen those just like you, like Xehamaru, who lost themselves to the darkness. I know you loved who you lost but do you think they would be happy to see you like this?"

Billy's eye twitched before he laughed bitterly." Oh going on about "falling to the dark side?" Just proves your all to stuck in the past to even see that there is no choice these days…any path to survival is the "dark" side! Damn it, you really do have Becca's face…I can see why a bloke like you would fall for her Ezan. We monsters always want the maiden to save us eh?

But it's a lie…there is no salvation for the likes of us! Becca was too good for this world, the likes of Homelander got a kick out of "Ruining her". Honestly…maybe its best if all the "maidens" just die…because they just exist to suffer in this hell that is reality!"

Aries saw the madness in Billy's eyes before she sighed." It's true that…for nearly my entire life someone was hunting me or wanting to abuse me. Hojo and all of Shinra, Sephiroth, the Zannacross Empire just for being" on the light side" and then after heaven broke and Minerva died many just wanted to kill us for being on the "side of the people who failed us." All my life…people wanted to hurt or abuse me. But…that does not mean I wish I was never born. Maybe you think it would be easier if we never exist but I can promise you that for us, A hard life, is still better than no life at all."

Ezan nodded before adding," Those that are not strong enough to fight on their own depend on others, but those that protect them depend on those people for things they don't have on their own. That…is how relationships work Billy, even someone like me understands that. It's not strength to discard everything, but weakness. That's why your nothing but a coward who has to face up for what you are."

"What I am? WHAT I AM!?" Billy roared out as his aura started to shake the entire area." Don't quit your day job and try and be a comedian in whatever place you're going next Ezan! You're all the ones who don't realize what a joke hero's are these days!

All you hero's banded together and stopped Zannacross after he merged with every" bad guy" in the universe at the time…and in the end nothing changed because evil is what we are! It will only stop when all of you are dead and we can finally be free! I won't stop…not till every super, and every dumb bloke that depends on them is gone so we can at last be free of the lot of yah! I'll just have to blow you all up manually! Huh?"

He pressed a switch, only to see that nothing was happening before Aries sighed." My Great Gospel limit break did not just free their minds but purged any hostile thing from there body, and I think bombs counts as something like that for me."

Billy snickered before he suddenly had his aura form a bazooka." Fine…then I'll just do it myself, like I always had to! Mock me all you want, its blokes like me who are the ones that bring true change while all you hero's just put on a show! And I'm not stopping till I end this joke! Yasaka Magatama…Bazooka!"

Billy used the power of his artificial Sharingan to form the spell normally reserved for those who form Susanoo, and converted it to an energy projection of a shell of a Bazooka he normally uses it before he fired it at the Cetra and her lover. Ezan had his aura surge as he and Aries held hands." For once we agree Butcher…aside from what the joke is! HakiJudgment Arrow!"

Ezan and Aries combined their power to unleash a holy arrow combined with the essence of destruction that shot right through the incoming Bazooka projectile, and vaporized it. Billy had time to widen his eyes, before the shot went through his heart.

The blast went on to just miss the Hollow Bastion castle before it exploded in the distance. Billy saw the hole in his chest before he coughed up blood." Right through the bomb I had…guess those eyes don't miss a damn thing. Well…guess you still have some of God's luck. Hah…if I had any luck then I would not be where I am eh? Don't pat yourself too hard on the back you cunt…I'll be seeing you get yours from the next dimension…and when you fall…you will get what…you…guh!"

Billy collapsed to the ground before Ezan sighed. He saw his enemy bleed out before he saw Aries looked dismayed before he saw the other Enji getting back up." Well…I regret not being able to save Fran…but at least we saved as many as we could."

Aries looked at Billy before she grasped Ezan's hand." No…there is still some more we can save."

Ezan looked down at the man who just tried to kill him before he winced." Are you sure? With so many mind controlled it seems like a waste."

"I know but you're the one who keeps saying to think of the mission right? Besides…I could tell this was done out of pain, not malice, so even someone like him deserves a second chance."

Ezan saw his lover's determination before he closed his eyes." I suppose I could see some uses from this. Very well…but this is his only chance.

Gedo Art of Rinne Rebirth!"

Aries smiled before his Rinne-Sharingan eyes glowed, and he had a sphere of light come out of his hands, and go into Billy's body.

The energy healed the hole in his chest, before Billy suddenly opened his eyes and coughed. He saw Ezan look at him before his eye twitched." What the bloody hell is this? Wanted to kill me again?"

"No." Ezan uttered bluntly." It's taking a practical look at things. What you did to my comrades was unforgivable to me, but I have to look at the bigger picture. You said Higgs put you up to this…and you're the only one I know that could help track him down later so I have more use of you alive.

Besides…there is some truth to your words. If we did not fail the people, the universe would not be in the state it was that made you who you are. So, I take responsibility for that and am giving you a second chance to be more than a raving monster."

Billy saw Aeris smile before his eye twitched." Did I hit you hard enough to give yah brain damage mate? I just killed one of your pals and you're just going to let me off s, GUH!"

Billy was cut off as Ezan took out his energy cross bow and swiftly shot Billy in the neck. Before Billy could even react, Ezan shot him in each limb and his chest. As Billy fell to the ground he saw that he was shot not with arrows, but with black rods. Billy felt he was losing control of his limbs before Ezan looked at him in the eye." Who said anything about letting you off scott free? Frankly with how compromised the very after life is these days I have no faith you would get a proper judgment in the next dimension so I'm taking your penance into my own hands.

This second chance comes with conditions. I just sent black receiver rods into your body, that function as demodulators for high-frequency mana signals.

I am able to transmit my mana into these receivers for a variety of purposes. In essence, I can shut you down the moment you try something, understand? I have no time to waste so are you going to comply or not?"

Billy chuckled bitterly as he saw the other Enji looking ready to kill him at a moment's notice." You must be off your rocker if you think I have a chance at redemption mate."

"Maybe. I won't deny its far easier to be cynical or nihilistic over being hopeful after seeing things for how they are. But I strove to take the hard path, the twilight path to dawn over the easy side. I won't take the path Fitter took no matter what. But that's why I have to take care of that now, but at least I have insurance in case you do something stupid."

"Heh...this gal really is your better half eh? Heh, there was something Becky told me. I didn't quite get it at the time. But she said men wihtout woman, it wan't a good idea. She, she was right. Cos all that macho crap, that gunfighter, dirty harry bollocks, it looks tasty but in the end its' so damn self-defeating. It just leaves you wit bodies in ditchs an blokes with headfuls o' broken glass. Men are only so much use, men are boys...and now I see what she meant. Still…I'm sure we are all not going to be rather chummy."

"Oh, not just them. There's still two people who know how you act to know if you're up to something. Time to come out."

Ezan's eyes widened before Mother's Milk and Kimiko stepped out of the Kamui portal Ezan created in that eye. Billy's eye twitched before uttering," This a joke? They…they blew up!"

"One of the three of your teammates blew up. I could not save the one known as "Frenchie" But I disabled the bomb in Kimiko with a discard of lighting, switched out the bomb in "Mother's Milk" with my Rinnegan magic and then sent them both into my Kamui pocket dimension after the bomb in Frenchie exploded."

"What? You did that all in a matter of seconds? Why?"

"I'm very good at what I do…and what I do is to save people, even if most of the time that involves fighting."

"Damn it…don't think this means your "Legit" you're still a, GUH!"

Mother's Milk and Kimiko instantly showed their former boss what they thought of Billy as M.M slugged Billy in the jaw and shouted out," Whatever he is he's more of a man then you asshole! I followed you for years only for you to treat us like this? This is for Frenchie!"

As the two beat Billy savagely, Ezan shrugged and put his sword away." Good enough for now. Everyone, are you going to be ok."

Vincent walked up with Red XIII and some of the others before the former Turk sighed." I feel like I want to throw up being the pawns for these scum…but physically, I'm normal. Ezan…Aries…thanks for this."

"Of course…I'm just sorry that I did not realize what was going on till it reached this state."

"I don't suppose you can revive Fran with your magic."

"I'm truley sorry but...I need at least some aspect of a body for my magic to work. I...should have been more prepared."

Red XIII sighed before he walked up." Don't feel like the weight of the universe is on your shoulders, old friend. Your still not God, you did what you could. But I suppose the question is…what do we do now?"

Ezan at last saw the pillar of light coming from Neo Arcadia before he winced." Based on what I gathered…the most pressing issue is to shut down this and neutralize everyone behind this that's influencing Bria."

Aries pumped her fist up in the air before looking determined." And if there is not enough time we will make sure there is time!"

Golbez walked up before sighing." After what you just preformed, I won't doubt your resolve. Still, I'm not one to talk about giving an enemy second chances but is it wise to leave this Butcher of a man alive?"

Ezan saw Billy was still being beat up by his former teammates before he nodded." Its not about trust, as I said we don't have time to be picky and keeping him alive improves the overall success of the mission. If he manages to make himself a better person by the end of it, that's on him."

Vincent eyed Billy carefully before cracking his neck." He may be alive but he does not have to be in good condition does he?"

"No…its more for his intel."

"Then I'm taking some...extra insurance."

Vincent promptly took out his Cerberus gun and capped Billy in both legs. As the bearded man howled in pain the man in red narrowed his eyes." Still think we are too soft? That will keep you from going anywhere."

Ezan saw M.M nod before the man snickered." After what you did for us making sure this piece of trash does as told is the least I could do to pay you back man."

Kratos nodded before he winced." Most of us are still drained after he took are energy…sorry if we won't be able to help."

"It's ok…I'll take it from here. Besides there's a task I need you to do. We must be prepared to take everything of value from Corneria."

"So…you think you can't win?"

"Its not this mission…but what comes after that. Win or lose, the blunt truth is that our day's of being able to defend Corneria are over.

Just…be ready for anything, and make sure some of the archives so at least no matter what, all of the Enji order does not fall today even if the worst case situation happens. Master Myers, Squall, Zidane, Senel, father…Cloud, I won't let these fanatics make this the end of your legacy. Thankfully there is still time to, huh?"

A pillar of light flashed out before a shock-wave effected the planet. Red XIII saw this before the dog growled." Still, even you might have to hurry old friend. The very fabric of the planet seems to be changing."

Ezan grit his teeth before he responded with a grave," Damn it, did they just brainwash Bria to at this point? Does she even know what she's doing?"

Aries sighed before responding with," Don't be too harsh on her dear. I mean...the grief she's going through seems to be even more overwhelming than what drove Butcher."

"Maybe…but the actions she caused with her grief could, huh…what the?"

Ezan paused for a few moments before he looked around." Just to be clear…we are still alive right? Maybe Butcher did hit me harder than I thought…because it's just, I'm suddenly feeling the energy of Ben's other son Richard."

As the others looked confused Ky paused before his eyes looked alarmed." Wait…I sense it to! Wait…all this talk about merging the realms…that was more than just a con? But I thought…that you said that Sieg killed Richard outside this universe?"

Billy suddenly laughed bitterly before he spat out some blood." Guess those wankers really are going for it. Well its going to be, GUH!"

M.M punched another tooth out of him as the taller man cut in with," It's going to be hell for you either way since you helped cause this so shut the hell up already!"

Ezan sighed before he grasped his fist tightly." Whatever's going on…time to shut it down before the damage it does is…irreversible. No matter how far along things have gone, to the end…I won't stop trying to complete the mission to the end! Let's go."

Aries nodded before her lover prepared to brace himself for whatever came next, but despite his dread, there were some who were treating everything that's happened mostly with joy, and that was Bria.

Despite all the horrible situations that unfolded across the day, even seeing people die in front of her eyes was swept away when she saw her husband appear before her.

Richard blinked a bit before he looked around." Bria…what is this? What…what is going on? Who are these people?"

Bria giggled before she grasped her husband's hand." Don't worry love, they are just some of the ones that helped me bring you back."

Richard paused before he looked around again and saw his sons." Jerry…George? Where…were's mom and dad?"

Jerry paused before he let out an uneasy chuckle." You mean you did not see them when, you were on the other side pa?"

"On the other side?" Richard muttered." What are you talking about? I last…remember the promise I made you…and then everything's fuzzy."

Maruki cleared his throat before he walked up." We apologize for your confusion Prince Auro, this whole process is untested so you might feel some confusion but it should pass after a while."

As Richard looked confused Bria hugged him." Don't sweat the small stuff…we are a family again and that's all that matters."

She kissed him, and after a moment of shock he kissed her back before he smirked." Your right…that's all that matters Bria. After everything it's just good for you to smile again. Hey guess we should throw a party or, huh?"

An explosive above caused the ground to shake before Richard's eyes grew wide with alarm." What…guess there's already a party going on? A really messed up one to!"

The Claw smirked before retorting with," Sadly my lord, the enemies you been fighting have only gotten all the more vicious since your…absence. They want to rob the universe of a chance at happiness because of their pride."

Richard's eyes grew alarmed before he looked around." Wait…you mean Doug Fitter? He's attacking here now? So he at last showed his face here?"

Brainwave cleared his throat before retorting with," Not quite son. But…his kid is leading an attack on the planet. Sadly she's managed to cast a spell on some of our own patriots, she seems as committed to chaos as her father and she has all kind's of people following her, even some you would think would know better."

A hologram then changed to show Mike still fighting around the Luminarium, and saw Optimus Primal absorb Omega Prime's laser beam, before Ratchet and a few others blasted the Autobot and Mike kicked the Bethal General to the ground before Richard's eyes widened." Is that…Richard? What's bro doing fighting with Fitter's followers?"

Bria looked conflicted before Rex walked up." It's unclear if he's coerced…but what is clear is that he's fighting on the other side right now."

Richard grasped his head before responding with," I remember…that I was looking for him before all this. Don't tell me that he was making a deal with Fitter. No way…he would never do that. But, what is he doing? No…this has to stop. My family is not going to lose any more, even from one of its own!"

George nodded before he sighed." It became very clear to me sitting out there today that every decision I've made in my entire life has been wrong. My life is the complete opposite of everything I wanted it to be. Every instinct I have, in every aspect of life, be it something to wear, something to eat - it's all been wrong. But this is got to be right, and Mike wants to ruin it for everyone!"

Jerry shrugged as he let out a uneasy chuckle." Well its a new day for the universe right? He always did hate birthdays.

To me, the thing about birthday parties is that the first birthday party you have and the last birthday party you have are actually quite similar. You know, you just kinda sit there... you're the least excited person at the party. You don't even really realize that there is a party. You don't know what's goin' on. Both birthday parties, people have to kinda help you blow out the candles, you can't do it... you don't even know why you're doing it.

What is this ritual? What is going on? It's also the only two birthday parties where other people have to gather your friends together for you. Sometimes they're not even your friends. They make the judgement. They bring 'em in, they sit 'em down, and they tell you - 'these are your friends!"

Richard cracked his neck before uttering," Well...he got his way a lot of times but for the good of the family sounds like this has to go through."

Bria tensed up before she grasped her husband's hand tightly." Wait Richard! Please…please don't go. Let the others handle it…I just got you back and I don't want to lose you!"

Richard saw how stressed she looked before he grasped her tightly." I'm sorry you been so stressed out baby doll, but I don't want you guys to suffer anymore either. That's why, I'm ending this now! Don't worry, I'll be back when this is all over so we can catch up without interruptions. Hang tight Bria."

He kissed her passionately before he gave his sons a thumbs up." Glad you guys have been holding down the fort but your old man's going to make this right!"

A golden aura flared up around Richard before Mike's brother ascended into the sky. As he took off his son George let out an uneasy chuckle." Looks like it still can be the summer of George after all! Still a little summer left right?"

As his brother Jerry rolled his eyes Rex cleared his throat." Are we sure it's wise to let this happen? There's still a lot of tests that must be done."

"There's no better way to get live data then a field test." Doctor Giovanni uttered." And, if this is not enough to turn the tide…we will just have to push harder."

Maruki sighed before he looked at Bria carefully." Bria…I know your worried but, the best way to help Richard and all of us is by seeing this through. After all you just saw it was working right? Soon, everyone will get their happiness."

The Claw nodded before he looked up." Its time I interface with the Birthday Armor directly…then at last the promise can be fulfilled. Hold out just a little while longer body, soon it won't matter."

Bria saw the man with the claw go into the mecha before she nodded. She noticed the monitors again and felt where her husband kissed her and winced." It…it is working…Richard's come back to me because of all of this. So why, why is everyone resisting?

Mike…if you're trying to save everyone then why are you trying to deny everyone their happiness? You don't understand what we want, but I'll make everyone understand what they want. Just…just have to pray a little harder and then we can be in paradise together, as a family!"

Bria grasped her hand and forced herself to begin the final phase, while others were pushing themselves to make sure that next push happened, Mike most of all.

The curly haired man refused to let the odds shake his resolve, though with how many threats were coming away he only could spare the thoughts required to keep him alive.

At the moment Mike was evading attacks from a man in a red uniform with a steel helmet, before he dodged a few laser blasts and winced." You know if you guys are all about wanting peace your sure going about it in a very non peaceful way…just saying."

"Don't be an idiot I love peace, that's why I'm called Peacemaker!"

His current opponent replied as this Peacemaker's helmet formed more guns." I cherish peace with all my heart," he sharply retorted. "I don't care how many men, women, and children I need to kill to get it. Now eat Peace you son of a, GUH!"

To his shock Mike kicked the energy blast he fired at him back in his face, and was knocked off the platform. The curly haired man could not help but smirk before throwing out a gib," You first you, whoa!"

He quickly paid for being distracted as he felt himself hurled into the air, and saw it came from a whip belonging to a green haired woman with green hair and grey eyes. Her attire consisted of a grey, two-piece waistcoat, with a pink, long-sleeve dress with black streaks around the bottom and middle sections. The bottom of the dress is adorned with small, black frills.

Her legwear consisted of a pair of black and white striped leggings and a pair of black stilettos that was welding a whip that seemed to be made out of solid sound. As Mike struggled to break out of this whip named Muniel, his attacker giggled." Come on don't get tired out already eh? Might as well use this awakened manga hero power to its fullest. No use wasting something so cool, right? The EXS of Resonance: Baroque Noise!"

Mike struggled to get out as he tugged his collar." Yah…I can see how it sounds fun on the other side but not really feeling it lady. I have more important things to do."

Sorry, but nothing's more important than us saving the day at last. He's not going to ruin it, right Wager?"

Mike winced as he saw the woman with a flaming sword and shield burst at him before the one named Wager had her energy surge." Just hold him tight so he can't squirm out of his fate Phonon! This will end it! Feel the weight of your sin! Hitze Voge!"

Wings of fire came at her as she charged at Mike, only for Tanjiro to charge at her." You may wield fire, but you are a disgrace to flames! Sun Halo Dragon Head Dance!"

As he parried her strike Shiki then charged in turn at Wager before shouting out," How about you feel the weight of what you're doing first lady? Magimech Attack: Meteor Breaker!"

The crewmate of Eden Zero unleashed a powerful sphere of gravity that caused Wager to crash down right on Phonon. Mike saw both hostile women get knocked out before he gave a thumbs up to Shiki." Keep it up guys! Just one step at a time, and we will get to Bria."

Another member of the Bethal Ritter Schild subdivision, a man with ice blue hair that went by Londrekia Light, the man named with the title of Frozen Fang of Eternity took out his scepter." Not even a mad prince will defy the will of the queen and all of the Bethal people's wishes! Cocytus Ice Prison!"

As a wall of ice burst out to try and freeze everyone in its path Geno Wyrmmon landed on the ground and roared." Hey, even the Queen is not going to dismiss me! Trinity Fury Cannon!"

The ultimate level Digimon unleashed a blast to blow away the ice before one of the voices in the crowd shouted out," Shut up man your useless stop acting like you matter!"

The longtime friend of Ben had his eye twitch before snarling out," Hey who said that? I am not just a "waste of space you, GUH!"

As he was distracted the Khan Maykr unleashed repeated blasts of golden light, which knocked him to the ground as she unleashed a sphere of purple lightning. James unleashed a barrage of energy arrows to pierce her right wing before he uttered," Fear not old friend, everyone has a role to play and you're not useless.

Just follow my lead. It's clear not everyone here has the same level of mental resolve. Focus on those conflicted and chip away at the enemies forces till we can take out the leader, which sadly seems to be Miss Makima."

Mike saw the woman he once thought of as a friend's cold indifference before he sighed." Best plan we got sadly."

A few more blasts came out, one of them nearly hit Nazamil before the woman who was both a Dahnan and a Renan winced as she felt pain." No…everyone hates me…everyone! Make it go away so I can reach paradise!"

She had a blazing sword appear out of her Shionne saw the blade and tensed up." No…that's Alphen's sword! I knew she had all six elements of astral energy flowing through her veins, but is she really having both the powers of Sovereign and Maiden?"

As Kisara shrugged Nazamil had her energy surge and she pointed the blazing sword above her before shouting out," Dyshclare Alma!"

She suddenly unleashed a Mystic Art attack before she unleashed a blistering barrage of spells of various elements at once. As she saw Kisara block the strike with her shield only to be launched into the wall Nazamil winced." No…I'm despicable…I should disappear. The current me at least."

Rinwell saw the younger woman's unstable look and winced." Please just calm down! We are your friends and we want you here! Please just understand us!"

"No…it's time to disappear…at the hands of the Oppressor! AHH!"

She had faith energy erupt into her before it formed a sphere of energy. It glowed for a few moments before shattering, revealing that Nazamil had transformed into a large muscular being with six heads, all masked linked to a larger eyeless reptilian head. The new form of the enemy roared before crying out," Despelatega Alma!"

And formed a massive sphere of ice in her hands before throwing it up into the air to try and crush those around her. Shionne, Rinwell, and Dohalim combined their power to blast the new Mystic Art to fragments before Shionne got back up." Nazamil, however briefly you saw who I really am. I want to see the real you too, to know the real you, not one just burying herself in dogma!

Not through some mask but face to face! You don't need to force some "new heaven" on the universe just to have some place to belong! You already have a place to belong, with us! You just need to see it! I understand the pain of being alone, and the fear of losing everything you care about.

I, lost Alphen to the cruel rules of nature. But…I'm asking you to have the courage to push past those feelings you are feeling. For all the bad…this universe is still filled with so many good things, I want you to know that."

Dohalim nodded before adding," Your whole life you always been whatever people told you to be. I know you think you're breaking free but now your just being what the people of this Universal Church of Truth want you to be! Isn't it time for you to decide for yourself who you want to be?"

"But…you…you're just telling me what you want me to be!"

Kisara sighed before adding," Nazamil we are your friends! We just want you to be able to live your life as your real self! We are not going to force you to do anything you don't want to do but, we want you to not be used!"

Rinwell nodded before adding," Friends are equals, we don't want a friend who does whatever we tell them to do! But friends are there for each other!"

The transformed woman had all her mask heads eyes twitch before she uttered," Equal…I…can decide for myself?"

Shionne winced before uttering," I get that you're afraid because you never been yourself. You don't know who you are yet! But if this goes through you will never have the chance to be your own person! Just being yourself is enough, all you need to learn is to accept that! So please, free yourself of the mask forced upon you by others!"


Shionne had her hand shimmer with light before she uttered," Alphen…I promised not to give up on your dream, and I'll keep fighting for that even if the very universe tries to collapse on me!"

Mike saw Shionne and her group cause Nazamil's transformed face to crack before he winced." That's right…just one piece at a time, till we break through this madness."

He dodged a laser, and saw it came from Sera, who was still blasting Megaman Trigger.

The brainwashed Mother Unit was at the moment throwing a barrage of yellow energy orbs at the Doomslayer, but after dodging her blasts, then hitting her with the Unmaykr, the blast blew off a chunk of her right shoulder. As she saw everyone fighting Sera narrowed her eyes." Those AIs from the Blackwall you unleashed…are attempting to assist you, by invading my internal systems! I do not understand, a a Mother Unit, like myself, is superior to a Servitor Unit! His sabotage attempts are, a distraction, nothing more! I am, part of the system, I just have to focus!"

She had energy from the Faith generators go into her, before the golden energy transformed her form into a gigantic butterfly-like battle body. As she had red like hair now Robotnik winced before uttering," Please…stop child before you can't go back!"

"Why go back to anything but fulfilling my duty? Now then…shawl we continue?"

Trigger raised his buster, but before he could fire Sera suddenly moved fast enough to create after images and as her target tried to aim on the real one, the transformed robotic woman started to glow as she yelled out," Feel my true power!"

She fired a red energy beam that her target dodged just as it vaporized a building before Sera winced…and uttered," You can't evade your fate forever!"

She put her hands together and replicated a black hole before throwing it at her target. As Trigger tried to get out of its gravitational pull his attacker's eyes glowed once more." Your corruption in turn corrupted my memories, but, I remember, whenever the Master looked at me, I detected, a sadness in his eyes.

The more I obeyed the System, and tried to serve the Master, the sadder he seemed. It's because you heathens, you mavericks keep getting in the way of everyone's happiness.

Now Trigger, once I at last fulfill my duty and bring everyone to paradise, perhaps, perhaps the Master, will also smile at me, when this is over. At last he will be happy. I will, huh?"

To her shock a Servbot landed on her, and waved as she noticed him. Her eye twitched before she uttered," Wasteful things such as, GUH!"

She realized to late that the small yellow bot was just distracting her as Tron dashed from behind and jammed something into her.

As Tron saw her enemy glare at her she gave her a defiant look." You dummy…you don't understand anything at all!

I may have never met your" Master" but if the " Last Emperor" was anything like how he was supposed to be then Ben Auro was trying to keep everyone's family's together, and your trying to tear your own one apart! Take it from me, once you lose something like that you can never get it back so stop being stupid and let us help you!"

Sera's eyes twitched as her whole body glowed." But…this will reunite everyone…in heaven! The will of the master is too strong…you, me, none of us can fight it! I, AHH!"

Robotnik then jabbed another plug into her before uttering," We can overcome it together Sage, just don't give up!"

As Sera was fighting to decide the true nature of her mind Figue saw Eve block Sophia's Persona's attacks with her pink energy constructions, saw Shinra hit his brother Shō, Mark knock Icarus down, Eve intercept Sophie's Persona Pandora before Chole knocked the woman out, also saw Canoweissmon blast Ai in his "The Arrival Cyberse Ignister "form into a wall with his Dragonia attack, and saw Sam Gideon evaded the blasts from Bogey Alpha and Bogey Bravo slave suits belonging to Victor Zaitsev before he shot Zaitsev down with his beam rifle, and others making progress with their fights before she winced. "No…we cannot fail…we must purge the universe of sorrow! Why can't you understand!? Let this mark the death of pain! Arc Light!"

The purple haired woman fired a barrage of neon lighting out of her hands, only for Ringo to block the attack with her blade. She saw the woman that was her sister struggle before Figue became agitated." You condone the existence of pain, yet you all are trying to circumvent the pain of change! You hate conflict…yet you make no choice to end it. You are all far to accepting the current state of the universe! How hopeless…Don't you see that leaving humanity and the rest of the lifeforms across the universe as it is will only lead to ruin? Why preserve your pain? I will purge the sorrow from the universe! Neo Dogma!"

Figue's body rippled before she created four clones of herself that fired beams of fire, lighting, ice, and wind in all directions, before the other summoners used various summons, including Alexander, Exodia, and a variation of Bahamut Zero to blast the clones away. Figue cast a barrier around herself to try and keep the blasts back, and she saw Ringo coming for her before she winced." No…just stay down! Spike of Greif! "

As a spike of energy came out from under the ground Ringo swerved around it before she looked determined." If you're going to force your will on everyone... then the time for words has passed. I'll stop you. Even if I have to fight you. That's what a friend would do! Recursive Processing!"

She had her Antikythera sword surge with lighting before she slashed through the barrier and hit her sister into the attacks.

As the flames form the explosions roared Milady winced." Did…did we do it?"

Figue emerged from the smoke with bruises all over her body before Saizo let out an uneasy chuckle." How you like that…eh Figue?"

"We are not out yet." Ringo threw in bitterly." Quit wasting time and get serious Figue…I know your better than that."

Figue looked at her hands and giggled darkly." It seems there was some hesitation in me…or more like weakness. I find my own lack of faith…disturbing. This form…this manner…this way of thinking…these things only exist so I could exist with you in paradise. But I neglected my own purpose! For the sake of seeing my purpose through….I will cast it all aside! Aion…full synchronization!"

She dashed back into the orb above…before Faith Energy poured into it. As enough golden light shined out like a miniature sun Figue uttered," Look at me Ringo…this is the shape of my resolve! The future you seek where you deny us paradise…exists only in eternity!"

Arrow saw a rainbow flower bloom from the crystal, and as many hands emerged his eye twitched." No…no way!"

Sazio nodded before adding," What the hell is that!?"

"You don't think…that is Figue?" Milady threw in before Ringo signs." That's what you get when Aion devotes their entire consciousness to destruction. If we are not careful, this is where we can lose it all."

Figue in her new monstrous state fused with Aion roared as her hands twitched." No…you lost it all the moment you were infected with the mindset of heathens maverick! Enthumesis!"

Everyone winced as their former friend unleashed a bolt of purple acid at them. They evaded the wave, only for the hands of their enemy to at once shout out, "Thunderbolt Pleroma!"

And," Inferno Pleroma!"

Along with," Blizzard Pleroma!"

Before dark colored beams of ice, fire, and lighting burst out to bombard the area. As Ringo was blasted to the ground she moaned and chuckled bitterly." Ugh…everyone still alive?"

Sazio saw the state of his hat and winced." Yah…somehow. Not sure how much longer. How hard do we have to hit her like this? I'm…I'm rather sure we are out gunned here."

Arrow coughed up blood before he staggered back up." Until we crack that shell around her heart…we have to keep up till we can get through to her!"

"Hahha…not using your heard much over there eh Arrow? Maybe we should try something different…like dancing?"

"Did you get brain damage?" Milady threw out bitterly." Though…with how asinine this all is I would not blame you if you tried."

Arrow shrugged before he grasped his gun tightly." If it were up to me we would all go out to a nice cold beer."

Ringo paused before uttering," Still…you guys may not be to far off. Figue…if you want to soul hack everyone then…have a taste of your own medicine!"

Figue put her hands together before responding with," Resistance…is futile…all will be blown away. Apostle Genesis!"

The hands formed a massive blue energy sphere before Ringo's eyes glowed." No…I know this is not what you want! Time to wake up sis! Protection set to Zero!

Soul Hack!"

Lighting crackled around her body as she jumped over the energy sphere and with a boost of speed dashed at the flower like enemy and hit her in the head. This caused Ringo to grit her teeth." I don't care if it destroys me…I know…I know I can still save you! DON'T LEAVE ME!"

Ringo tried to hack Figue's soul, and her mind emerged in a void surrounded by large white blocks. She then saw Figue's memories, and in a clip show like fashion playing at the speed of light she saw how her sister had grown depressed at seeing many people she met die over the past few years, most of all the head of an orphanage named Raven that was in fact a member of the Equalizer named " Iron Mask."

As she wadded through the sea of memories she saw Figue in the distance before her sister sighed." You hacked an Aion construct's soul? Your as reckless as ever."

"Say's the lady who tried to hack the entire human race? Your one to talk. That's not like you. No…I can't say that. I can't say that's "like you" when I never even really tried to know you. I think that ended up weighing on you, in a lot of ways. I'm sorry Figue. "

"No sister…I'm the one who hurt you, killed Nemissa and so many others. I know I should apologize but…logic pointed to this being the right thing to do. So, I'm glad we could say goodbye before the end."

"Damn it don't talk about it like that. The gang will kill me if I come back without you!"

"You must think I'm stupid for trying to change the universe based on my own emotions hiding behind logic. "

"Nah…that sounds like just about everyone we ever met, besides my emotions are the whole reason I'm here. Look Figue…even with all of Aion's processing power the fact is the universe is far more complex than we wanted to believe. We can't let just one experience, one moment of pain define how we want to live our lives. No single person thinks the same way, that's where all this conflict comes from. That's why you and I fought, too.

But if you see any beauty in those differences then… I don't think this is the right way to end it. The two of us…I mean, all of us can think about how to deal with this. Even if we fight or argue, we are part of Aion so we are supposed to have transcendent intelligence right? We can find the answer, if we look hard enough. So come on!"

"I…Ahh! "

As Figue's soul grasped her head Ringo hugged her." You can't leave! If your going somewhere else I'm coming with you!"

Everyone saw Figue's monstrous flower form moan before Arrow uttered," That's it Ringo! Hack her soul good!"

Mike saw Sera, Nazamil, Figue, and others around him being worked on at the same time before he winced." We can do this…we can break through this insanity we just got to hang in there! Huh? Whoa!"

He heard a roar and saw that Mahoraga had just batted away James's energy arrows, and seemed to becoming immune to them before the massive demon was heading in his direction.

As Geno-Wyrmmon tackled the most powerful shikigami of the Ten Shadows Technique, Makima floated above him before looking at everyone with disdain." The insanity spreading around here is the nonsense coming out of you Mike, the infection that Astra gave you.

You're all trying to erode my follower's resolve with guilt trips and the like. But the fact is that this is all for the greater good, while you're all trying to defy this for your own personal reasons. Such weakness will falter when hit with the right strike…like this."

Her aura surged before she formed a massive, blood-red spear and hurled it through sort of black, starlit portal propped up by three golden, humanoid effigies that were floating in the air, arms spread.

James winced and countered with," We have no weak links here…Final Eraser Arrow!"

Before firing a massive energy arrow in return. The two projectiles exploded…but as they did Mahoraga came raging out to grasp Mike and James with its hands. As Mike screamed out Geno-Wyrmmon tried to hit Mahoraga with its Striking Crusher claw, only for the wheel on its target's body to rotate before Mahoraga seemed to be immune to the blow before its Sword of Extermination blade burst out of its wrist and it slashed through the Ultimate Level Digimon's armor.

As he fell to the ground Makima flicked her hair back." Lord Elrond…Lord Daigo…you're suppose to be some of the legendary hero's that fought along side Lord Auro and Lady Raystar throughout centuries…but you look quite feeble to me. The years of endless chaos have eroded you to the point that it's almost like you came here expressly to die before us to be proof of the end of the old ways.

The universe once looked on you as saviors…hero's…but the universe has embraced those like Homelander and Omni-man as their champions. Their savage nature reflects what most people embrace as the true nature of reality. There's nothing for you, so will you embrace the reality of the situation, or do I have to have Chainsaw-man drill the point home?"

Denji charged at Mike, only for Wolverine to tackle him and counter his blades with his claws. As the two different kind of mutants tried to tear into each other the devil " power' tried to tackle Mike next only for Cheetor to intercept her Thousand Terrors Blood Rain blood sword barrage with his own blade strikes as Ratchet netrulized the bombarment of Reze the" Bomb Devil" with his RYNO gun.

Mike struggled to overpower the giant hand squeezing him." Nice try Makima…but the fact is that we overcome worst odds then this!"

Makima sighed before retorting with," I understand Muzan may have seemed more formidable, but Mahoraga has the ability to adapt to any and all phenomena.

If it is injured by a particular attack, the eight-handled wheel will turn, allowing it to adapt. If its adversary uses that same technique again, Mahoraga will counter it. Under my control, the situation is futile."

Geno-Wyrmmon growled before uttering," Then we just have to take it down before it can adapt!"

"That presumes you can live that long…but its time your put out of your misery. Sprit Gun."

She prepared to form an energy blast out of her hand, only for Gammamon…once more back in his mega form of Sirusmon flew down from above to cry out," That's not up to you to decide lady! Photon Cannon!"

The white dragon knight like Digimon fired a Nova like energy beam from its cannon arm to force Makima to redirect her Sprit Gun projectile attack. As Sirusmon flew by his eyes glowed." I'm not done yet! Planet Knuckle!"

Before light surged across his fist and he hit Mahoraga hit hard enough for its grip to loosen. Makima saw her captives try and squirm out before the younger Mega Digimon cried out," Time to finish this...Cosmo Blade!" As Makima saw the Digimon's blade glow her eyes narrowed." Enough."

Before chains burst out of her hands to constrain the attacking Digimon, and also further bind those around her.

She made sure to squeeze hard before she closed her eyes." Wake up Mike…you're trying to deny your failure at the cost of everyone's happiness and safety! You will have to embrace the truth sooner or later. No matter how many are drawn to your last stand they will all fall because they all are against the truth. Now…let this end."

She was about to cast a spell before a new female voice cut in with," So your will is the future?"

Makima raised her eyes as a giant sword came swinging for her before she commanded Mahoraga to catch the blade before the same female voice uttered," Nonsense… I'll create...the future alongside my friends. Calvados!"

Makima widened her eyes before the broadsword her demon helper caught fired a green energy blast powerful enough to blast Mahoraga in the face and knock Makima off him.

She saw that the new arrival was a woman with dark-skinned complexion, green hair, and golden eyes with bronze highlights. Her outfit was comprised of a black and white cap styled after a pair of animal ears, and a large white cape with shoulder pads and holes for her arms to pass through.

This cape seemed to possess an organic nature: the underside was flesh-like, and its edge possesses retractable saw-like teeth. Underneath the cape, she wore the minimum article of clothing, which comprised of white shorts, a broad white strap with round buckle worn as a tube top, and smaller versions of the aforementioned straps on her thighs and arms.

As Makima looked annoyed James widened his eyes as the new woman looked at him." You…you made it Ramlethal."

"It's been a while since anyone called me by that name." Ramlethal uttered." I been going by Emeralda ever since I been watching Fei Fong Wong, Able's Reincarnation on the village of Lahan on planet Zeboim for a while now just to make sure the Beyonder did not return.

It is good to see you again James, even if it's in something like this."

Makima widened her eyes before uttering," Ramlethal Valentine…the former Black Swan of the Beyonder? You…you were pardoned for your crimes in exchange for overwatching the reincarnation of the Beyonder…why would you lose your sanity now?"

"You don't understand me." Ramlethal uttered somberly." If this madness goes on…those I promised to protect will be endangered to. You, you're like how I was once was. I thought I existed blindly as a Black Swan…as a tool to Rabum Alal but James and the others got me to see how trying to exist only as an abstract tool can't bring true happiness, only hollowness.

I can't let you repeat the mistake I almost made. Now Lucifero! Animo Estingi!"

Ramlethal had her aura flare up before Makima had chains burst out of her hands to try and counter the former Black Swans sword barrage attack before she hissed out," The mistake is all of you not realizing that keeping this lie up has done more harm then good! I seved Ben Auro fathfully but its clear now that he is dead...and if destroying the rest of his failed ideals leads to the salvation of the masses then that's what I must do.

The only thing that can save us now is the true path to paradise, to salvation! Your failed legacy must be swept aside!"

As Geno-Wyrmmon was pressed back he growled." No…the boss and all of us might have made mistakes but it was not all a waste lady! I won't let you…mock everything we fought for! Geno-Wyrmmon…Digivolve to!"

He unleashed a sphere of light that was powerful enough to knock Mahoraga back before emerging as a much more humanoid Digimon, covered entirely in gold and purple knight like armor with brief dashes of blue and red on it.

His face was entirely covered in a near Gundam like helmet with horns like a dragon. He had a red cape coming out of his back, and his armored shoulder pads seem to have a mix of dragon and angel like wings on his back…and as his aura flared up he shouted out," Shinryudramon!"

The now Mega level Royal Knight Digimon had a drill come out of his arm the moment his transformation completed before he parried the demon's blade with his own energy blade. "It took a while but I'm the one who remembers the dreams of Seiya and Serenity, and I also remember everything the Enji went through and what they all fought for! I don't know if Ben and Lacus are still alive…but everything around here is his dream.

And I won't let you turn that dream into your own! This here… is where Ben's soul…and the souls of all the Enji Knights are here! It's also Humanity's soul... and actually, it's MY SOUL! Do you seriously think it's gonna be wiped out by the likes of you?! Hell no! GIGA... DRILL... BREAK!"

Like a lightning bolt Shinryudramon burst at Mahoraga and drilled into the chest of his target. He slammed the demon into the wall and hit him hard because Makima snickered." Impressive resolve…but even this can be adapted to, huh?"

To her shock Mahoraga roared and its wheel turned, before an iron flower burst out of its mouth. As more metallic flowers burst out of the demon James fired more energy arrows to pin his target further before uttering," I'd say we can test how quickly it can adapt but we are not going to give it a chance to find out. Now Shinryudramon!"

"Right! Infinite Exia Ray!"

The long-time partner of Ben fired a massive platinum and white energy beam into the hole of his opponent. Mahoraga was trying to adapt to the iron flowers James planted into his body and could not stop the beam from blowing him into the air, and unleashing an explosion powerful enough to vaporize him.

Makima saw the chunks rain down before her aura flared up." No…enough's enough…I'll control you all if I exert enough power. I was going to save this for Astra but…business before pleasure. You all, cannot escape the shackles of fate. You, huh?"

She saw Mike charging for her before the curly haired man cried out," Enough Makima...we don't want to be shackled to anyone!"

"To bad…the light of the greater good will purify all insolent defiance! Hana Kurusu…lend me your divine magic.

Maximum Output: Jacob's Ladder!"

Mike tensed up as the woman before him conjured a four-winged trumpet made of light accompanied by a large multi-layered magic array in the sky.

The magic circle featured a heptagram and crossed lining its periphery. Upon sounding the trumpet, a pillar of light descended from the circle preparing to engulf the target in its radiance. Within the pillar of light appear small, cherubic beings with wings and halos (and missing eyes and noses) that surrounded the target.

Mike just had his energy flare up before he cried out," Sorry Makima…I'm not being scrubbed away! Compound…Fracture…Flash!"

Makima was shocked to see Mike get pushed to his knees, before his barrier absorbed the Jacob's Ladder holy spell into a sphere of energy, and kicked it at her. She blocked the incoming crescent energy wave, and was pushed back a few feet before she knocked it into the sky as her eyes narrowed." That's not enough to, huh?"

She saw that in the blink of an eye he was in front of her, and unleashed a barrage of kicks at her.

Astra blocked them all but while she was not taking damage the assault was keeping her from doing anything else. She saw Mike's furious determination and grit her teeth." I thought all of this had caused you to grow up Mike…but you seem even more immature than before.

You read too many stories to think you can just charge in and get your way about this. Who would rally to you Mike? You're too weak to stop Homelander, too weak to defeat Thragg, and surely too weak to stop this Sieg and his Infinite Victory and Conquest corporation! Your tale is too pitiful to inspire anyone, the Legend of Auro is finished!"

"Maybe!" Mike uttered as he kept kicking the woman in front of him." You're the one being naïve Makima! I'm not going to act like I'm the savior or the chosen one or anything like that! I just know this is wrong, and am trying to keep the door from closing so that people can do something about it!"

Mike stopped his assault and caught his breath before Makima lowered her arms and sighed." Nobel enough, but again you're too week to keep anything open."

Mike took a deep breath before he sighed." Maybe…but maybe just have to do a little, and then wait for the tax to cut in. Like oh say…now!"

The lanky man made a hand gesture before Makima suddenly felt a massive weight slam her to the ground. She had to use all of her strength just to move her head up a inch before her eyes widened." What…everything…became so heavy. No…the result of your weight changing Friction Crusher spell? But, I did not feel any increase of magical influence."

"Yah that's because it was all chump change till I ramped up the amount with my Inflation Tax spell. You shrugged off all my kicks till suddenly I weighed down just about every part of your body I could hit."

"Tsc…so now you're going to kill me while I'm immobilized? It's useless, I'll, huh?"

She saw the metal around her seeping over her body before she saw James was casting a spell, before Mike sighed." Because if you die you take the life of someone else in the public in exchange and pop in like an extra life in a video game right? I know about that…and I'm not letting someone else die for you so we are trapping you instead. When this is over…maybe we can get you to wake up from this."

Makima laughed bitterly before retorting with," Mike…no one controls the Control Angel my mental state was never compromised. I just saw what had to be done and did it knowing it was for the greater good. Do you really think you can save anyone like this Mike? I wanted to save you, you're one of the few I could not control with my power so, you were unique to me. But you're either sending everyone to their death snow or later."

Mike sighed as he saw Makima try and gather energy around her right ring finger." Maybe I am but it's still my choice and I'm fighting to give everyone at least a choice unlike what you and Bria are doing. I know you think you're doing this for the greater good Makima, but you're the one who said that necessary evil is just an excuse to justify your own crimes.

Those excuses are unnecessary to society. The truly necessary evils are always kept collared and controlled by the state. Ring a bell? You thought that only applied to others? Then this is a reality check. Makima…you want to do your job but I want to protect people so they can live, like really live! It's not perfect, but it's something I'll fight for to the end."

Makima winced before uttering," No…you will get us all killed for a fantasy it will never, huh? NO!"

To her dread the metal formed a pyramid around her before James sighed." We will see what's a fantasy soon enough but see this as you are being relieved from duty Makima. Iron Layered Imperial Funeral Seal!"

James had the metal pyramid consume Makima, before it crashed through the ground and went deep into the city. James saw Mike's look before he sighed." Well…that should keep her pinned down long enough to resolve this. I'm sorry it came to this Mike."

Mike sighed before he looked at the hole where his former friend was." No…I'm sorry I did not see Makima for what she was. Or maybe…the stress just caused her to snap."

Shinryudramon walked over and nodded." Hey, trust me Mike I know what pressure can do to someone. I don't know what the deal with her is, all I know is that we should worry about fixing whatever has to be fixed later!"

James saw Ramathel land before he smirked." At least there is still an option for later thanks to everyone sticking to the plan, even those who were not part of the plan. Ramathel…thank you."

"Are you really surprised? I would have bene here sooner but, I was not even aware you were still alive."

James looked at his transparent body before he chuckled bitterly." I'm not sure if this counts as alive as, this is a replica of my soul from a Holocron. I, I had one final duty to see through and can't rest till I' ensure Mike and the rest have a future."

Ramathel paused before she looked around." Well, not sure it's that simple but, that's for when we have time to talk. What is the state of this?"

Mike looked around before he took a deep breath as he saw those around him starting to look dazed." Well, with Makima out for now at least we won't have a army of hijacked fanatics to deal with and, huh? Whoa!"

He dodged a blast of light and saw that the Khan Maykr was unleashing blasts of light from her wings in all directions. She glared at Mike with pure hate." Not all of us are mere sheep human! You would destroy all that I was meant to guide! You would burn it all just to aide those who are meant to be servants to are beliefs! Your actions threaten to break the holy seal of Urdak! Your transgressions will threaten all of Creation…and such will, GUH!"

She was cut off as a chunk of a building suddenly flew into her hard enough to smash her into the wall before fragments broke off and hit Vlaakith and Inca in the process.

Mike looked in the other direction and saw Astra was the one responsible. The blond woman spat on the ground before she shrugged." Ever think that your cause is not nearly as holy as you think "Khan"? Well, food for thought."

The impact knocked the Khan's mask off, revealing a demonic face underneath with her brain exposed. She uttered a curse in her native tongue before dying before Mike ran over." Astra…you made it!"

"Heh, you seriously thought I was going down that easy!? I was just pissed off and wanted to make up for loss time. Alright where's the control freak so I can pay her back for that sucker punch?"

Mike sighed before he looked at the hole in the floor." Sorry but we already handled her."

Astra saw the hole in the ground before she raised an eyebrow." Seriously? With how hard you were crushing on her figured I was going to have to step in when you got to wishy washy to "seal the deal."

Mike let out a bitter chuckle before he looked down." What can I say? No time for melodrama…she showed me her hand so I had to show her mine. We were not as on the same page as I thought so, I had to stick to what matters to me."

Astra eyed the curly haired man carefully before she spat in the hole where Makima fell." Damn. Are you going to be ok?"

"Can't really even think about being" ok" till this is shut down but, I know what's got to be done."

Astra eyed Mike for a few moments before slapping him lightly on the shoulder." Well you're sure seeing things clearer then Abigail and so many of these other" pure" angels so more power to you Mike. Alright, if she's down, who's left? "

Mike grimace before he looked upward." Walter and Brandon are the big ones. Before Brandon was able to power himself up using the energy of others vie those Faith Generators."

"That so?" Astra snorted out." Well if he thinks he's a "Real man" by being a leech I'm going to enjoy seeing his face when I kick his ass through his teeth."

"I think I'd enjoy that to gal. Still wondering what happened to the others. Were Tyson, Ezan, and some of the others with you?"

As Astra paused another voice cut in with," Not all of us were Mike!"

Sonic, Raymond, Shadow, J.J, and Knuckles landed near Mike before the hero of Mobius just gave a quick nod." We landed in Wakanda's Embassy, and Tyson's brother was waiting for us!"

Mike grew alarmed before he looked around." So Wakanda is helping us after all? Huh? The hell?"

He saw Tails, Elena, Amy, and Trip land carrying Tyson before Shadow let out a bitter," Not…quite. From what we gathered…his brother had sided with these cultist. It seems…this N'Jadaka was under the impression that Tyson was suppose to be spying on us for him, and was mad that he did not report to him as promised."

Mike felt a chill go down his spine as he saw Tyson did not seem to be breathing." Wait…seriously? No...he risked becoming a enemy of his brother and his entire race...just to help me? What happened damn it!"

Knuckles nodded before he looked at the unconscious Black Panther." Was busy not being eaten by the random purple dragons he threw on us, but seems like they fought. Tyson was winning, but then his brother ranting about being related to Ganondorf somehow, became a demon and absorbed his freaking soul or something!"

James saw Mike turn pale before he winced." Wait…so Wakanda and the Gerudo tribe really did converge their bloodlines all those years ago?"

"Wait what?" Mike blurted out. Astra saw Tyson not moving before she cracked her neck." So Tyson had this deadbeat brother breathing down his neck the whole time and this is what happens when he stood his ground eh? Where's this "demon king eh?" I'll see how much of a man he really is!"

Sonic winced before he looked up." Trust me I wanted to do the same but he bailed the moment the fight was over."

Mike looked at Tyson before he saw the mark of the Tri-Force on his friend's hand." Wait…so where did his brother hit him? I, I don't see a wound."

"Its not that Prince Auro." A bitter Merga replied as she landed with Raymond." L, ugh, Killmonger absorbed Bast from Tyson, and if your mother did not tell you, when a Jinchūrik loses what's inside him or her, then the reaper takes their place. Maybe your mother had enough magical power to reverse this but without someone on her level well, it's not good. The only thing is, something is pausing its effects."

Mike saw the mark on Tyson's hand before he raised a eyebrow." Like what?"

Before James could answer everyone saw the sky light up before Raymond winced." Hey buddy I want to save Tyson to but, sounds like if we don't shut whatever the hell is going on down soon then none of it will matter."

Mike nodded before he winced." Yah…seems like it. Sorry Bria…no matter who is left defending you, even if it's your family I'm not backing down cause this has to end!"

Before anyone could respond a new male voice cut in with," So that's how it is bro? Wow…Bria was right…you have lost it! Your right, the madness has to end, and I'm ending this now!"

Mike paused before he blinked a few times." Did…did anyone else hear that? Did I get hit in the head more than I thought? I mean…that…that almost sounded like my brother."

Astra's eyes widened before she stepped back a few times." Oh, you got to be kidding me!"

Mike saw his friends had a barrage of shocked and horrified expressions, steeled himself, and turned around, and saw a man that looked like his older brother looking down on him. Mike's mouth dropped as Sonic raised an eyebrow." Sorry I did not get the memo…who is that again?"

Tails widened his eyes before answering," Wait I think that was in one of the movies Ben showed us from that hero from Marvados! Richard…Zilos right?"

Amy raised a eyebrow before responding with," No…that does not match the Zilos Chronicles at all Tails. Wait I remember seeing that face in one of the pictures! Was it…that Richard Wily guy? No wait…was that Richard Chandos?"

"Richard Wily?" Zero threw out." There is no Richard Wily ok? At least in this universe. Seriously guys…that's Mike's brother Richard, Ben's first son! And he's supposed to be dead!"

Mike saw Richard smirk before he shrugged." What can I say? I guess I got better."

The younger of the two Auro brothers saw the sky start to twist more before he winced." No…Bria…what…what have you done?"

Richard sighed before he looked down." That's how you greet me Mikey? How about what have you done? Last thing I remember…is bringing you back after you were messing around and it caused such a mess that everyone thought I was dead! You worried your family sick bro! And now you're leading a rebellion with Doug Fitter's kid? What the hell's the matter with you?"

Astra chuckled bitterly before she cracked her knuckles." Oh, this is going to suck."

Shinryudramon looked at James before he gulped." Is that really the boss's kid James? He…he does smell like him."

James quickly made a hand gesture before his bow turned into a Psycho-Pass machine, and he got a reading on the new individual's mind via a cymatic scan. It showed him Richard's Crime Coefficient, a Hue, a graph of how the individual's Psycho-Pass was, before he sighed." The hue is light blue, a healthy Psyco pass. Whatever this before us is, he thinks he is truly Richard Auro."

Richard raised a eyebrow before he leaned down." Hey that hologram looks like the old man's pal James! What the hell kind of party did you throw here Mike? I can see Viltrumite and some others. Well, whatever you're doing your freaking Bria and the kids out so…with the folks not home I'm asking you nicely to stop this before it gets out of hand. "

Mike took a deep breath before he walked up." Richard…so you see me as your brother? What…what did Bria tell you?"

Richard laughed before leaning back." Oh…that Homelander and some other assholes are getting ahead of themselves and while some of this stuff is cooky it's the best shot to at last fix heaven till the folks get back, and that you're not understanding.

I want you to know I understand what you're trying to do. Even through whatever anger and fustration I'm feeling right now, I know that al lof you are just trying to do what you think is right. But you're wrong and you should take a look at the damge you've done. The live's that have ben lost. And all for nothing. We are going to be free of all the weakness and corruption you infected it with. We can make something as great as the good old days before Doug broke the universe.

Mike…I know you always wanted to prove you were your own man but this is seriously not how to do it eh? Being your own man is one thing, but not when it puts your family at risk ok? I overlooked so much as your brother, but maybe I overlooked to much so this is done got it?"

The curly haired man grit his teeth before uttering," Richard…I'm not trying to hurt you guys you hear me? But whatever they told you, you don't have the real story! This is all a act, and if you really are my brother then please listen to me to help keep what's left of are family alive!"

For a moment Richard looked like he was sincere, but just as Mike was about to entertain thoughts of hope, Richard grasped his head before he chuckled bitterly." I admit I don't really know what the hell is going on. But what I do know, is that what you did, made my wife cry! We may be brothers, but I have a duty to protect my family Mike!

You're my younger brother, and I love you. But don't ever take sides with anyone against the family again. Ever!"

Mike saw Richard crack his neck before he chuckled bitterly," So your saying if I don't " bend the knee" you're going to fight me?"

"Hell no." Astra uttered before she walked up." He's going to fight me. Mike…do not get confused now. This is not your brother! As much as these jackasses piss me off I remember they were talking about altered reality, and cognitive stuff, including reviving those who were dead.

Even if this guy talks and looks like your brother, it's a cognitive copy, not your brother. We don't have time for you to get messed up fighting a fake brother so lucky for you that baggage won't fly on me!"

Richard looked at Astra and raised an eyebrow." You…your Doug Fitter's daughter eh? I'm not usually a man who holds grudges…but all of my family's pain comes from your family, and this blood feud has gone on for too long! You want to finish what your old man started? I'll show you who's side justice is on!"

Astra chuckled bitterly before her own aura flared up." Bring it poser! Can't deny a part of me wanted to see how it would go down, so let's do this!"

In a flash Astra was above Richard and brought Gorr down on him, only for him to draw his sword. The two blades unleashed a shockwave, but Astra let out her Mazoku marks reappear and let her demon power flare up to help her push Richard to the ground. As his knees bent a little he saw Astra's eyes and grit his teeth." So, you're a full demon like your father?"

"The only full thing I am is a total asskicker!"

Richard saw Mark coming at him from the left, Chole coming from behind, and Allen the Allien coming at him from the right before he narrowed his eyes." You think this scares me? You may be a demon, but my job is to cut down demons where they stand! Because I'm my father's son! And if I don't do this...who will? RAHH!"

Astra braced herself as she saw Richard have sparks crackle around him, before he unleashed a surge of power that knocked everyone back. His hair then became golden, and his eyes became green before Sonic winced." No way…he can do the Super Saiyan thing to!? His sword can do the stuff that the Star Sword and the Divine Mugen Nova does?"

Mike looked down before he winced." It's not the sword. Richard…inherited mom and dad's power so he did not even need a blade."

James winced as he saw Richard's eyebrows vanish before he winced." So…this Cognitive counterfeit really has Richard's full power? He…he's not quite as strong as Ben and Lacus but he still…he still has quite a formidable level of power!"

Astra saw Richard now glaring at her, now nearly looking like a Super Saiyan three before she shrugged." Think you can scare me because you got rid of your eyebrows "my lord." Like hell! Time you learn that the hierarchy of power has changed dude!"

She burst at Richard, only for her blade to be parried. As Richard kept her back he narrowed his eyes." If you're not scared, then you will be! Fated Circle!"

He instantly fired a energy sword wave at her...and while she slashed it in half he closed in on her before she had time to move.

As she tried to get him to back off Astra noticed a mace slip into Richard's other hand just in time for him to smash it into the side of her head. As she went flying Richard flash stepped to get in front of her before his sword surge with light." Finishing Touch!"

Richard spun his sword as it glowed whiteish blue to create a whirlwind of holy light. As Astra spun around Sonic rubbed his eyes." Hey hold on…that move…that was one of are pal Cloud's Limit Breaks right?"

Mike nodded bitterly as he looked down." As dad's friends died…he taught Richard a lot of his pal's moves like Cloud's. This way…there legacy could live on through him. After all…Richard was the one meant to succeed him as the hero…the savior."

Richard saw Astra be blown around before his aura flared up to even greater heights." We just met, but something about you makes my blood boil! I'll cut you down…so that you will never hurt my family again! My sword Ehrgeiz will be the last thing you see! Omni-Slash!"

As his blade Ehrgeize became a pillar of light Astra saw him coming for her and widened her eyes." Oh like hell am I going down to a corny line like that!

True-Ice Kamui… Cocytus Aegis…and Hakka no Togame… White Haze Punishment!"

Just as Richard appeared above Astra she became clad in her icy armor. And just a she brought his blade down she unleashed enough ice to make the twister, and all around it became a glacier.

As Astra landed in the distance Mike's eyes widened." Astra…you gotten stronger then my brother?"

Before she even had the chance to respond the ground started to crack before Astra chuckled bitterly." Either that or just strong enough to piss him off. Either way…this is just the distraction and the show's almost over yah hear me? Enough gawking around like a dumbass Mikey…you and everyone else get your ass to your sister-in-law before she breaks reality even more got it?"

Mike saw the pillar of light starting to spread out across the sky in the distance before he winced." Are you going to be ok?"

"Do you want me to kick your ass all the way to Bria or what?"

"Alright fine…just don't do anything stupid."

"Hey that's my line!"

Mike took a deep breath before he nodded and looked at everyone." You heard her, this is all the more reason we have to stop Bria before it's too late."

With one last look Mike and most of his group took off. Astra saw Mike leave before she snickered." Hey I'll take kicking a fake's ass over having to talk to the Sister in law that hates me to convince her that her husband's not really back and to give up on it. Mike…if there ever was a time for your hustling skills to be as good as you think they are, it's now."

Before she could do anything else a surge of power shattered the glacier before Richard flew out. As Astra instantly got in front of the Cognitive replica of Mike's brother he glared at the woman in icy armor." You have your tricks demon but I swear they won't be enough! Ehrgeiz can cut through the deepest darkness, and this mace is a Thanagarian Mace that's an Nth Metal weapon that can shatter magic! No matter what tricks you have…I'll cut them down to save my family!"

"You think you're the only one with people to save!?" Astra spat back bitterly." Whatever you really are I can't deny I feel sorry for you. But I don't have room for mercy right now!"

"To bad…you will need mine before this is done!"

"Oh bring it…if there's nothing that will stop you from thinking I'm the worst villain in the universe then I'll sure as hell going to own it!"

With a bitter snicker she and Richard crossed blows at such a fast pace that they were causing countless shockwaves per second. But Mike steeled himself not to look back, and with the others fought through the last few guards before they made it past Neo-Jacob's Latter, and to the part of Sacrosanct where all the energy was converging, the Center of Melancholy.

Shinryudramon, Hyper Sonic, Zero, Shiki, and more helped break down the final barrier, and found a pillar of energy in a church like chamber surrounded by what looked like a "Garden of Eden with trees with large golden apples."

Mike saw Brainwave, Rex, Maruki, Enver Gortash, Brandon, Dr Giovanni, and more waiting for them before Mike grit his teeth and let out a barely restrained," Where is Bria?"

Ben's second son just noticed that his nephews were there to before Jerry uttered," What are you doing Mike? You're going to mess everything up!"

Mike took a deep breath before uttering," Jerry, George, this has to stop! This is, huh?"

He just noticed the ceiling of the church sanctum and noticed that it was not just paintings above him but moving images on the Altarpiece. But as he saw untold horrors playing out above he winced." What the hell is this?"

"This is…the history of humankind's despair. Human history has always been a history of despair. Anger, hate, anxiety, human caused destruction, natural disasters…and now, that image of despair is attempting to assimilate itself with the universe. But…that ends now."

Mike winced as he saw Bria emerge from the pillar of golden energy…looking consumed with divine energy from the Faith Generators. He winced as she notice her eyes were glowing with golden energy and that she was wearing a headpiece adorned with jewels and a metallic half-circle frame on her back with two long strips of sheer fabric hanging down each side.

She saw Mike and the others tension and merely smiled. "Welcome brother…I just been busy getting ready to assimilate the entirety of the human and all other mortal collective unconscious, along with assimilating every mythological history created by this universe, as the evangelist."

Mike winced before he grasped his hand tightly." Damn it…they made you crazier than the others Bria, but I will get you out of it."

"Your wrong "Prince Auro." Maruki uttered as he walked along side Bria. "Despite the…tension I thank you for coming. "

Mike glared at the counselor before shrugging." That so? Did not seem like you wanted us here when you had the ship we were on blow up!"

"That's true...but that was done to prevent paradise from being ruined. But, this is one last chance for you to see the truth...even if it will take more...extreme consoling sessions.

After all just a look at your eyes have made it clear what your current answer is. But if we win…are reality will become the true reality of the universe, and we will overwrite all of existence with Queen Bria's cognition and at last fufill the promise the forces of light made with humanity at the start to guide them to paradise.

Thanks to the Argent Energy, Zohar pillars, the Cosmic Cube fragments, Angel Halo, and the Quite Zero Elysium, Bria has truly become the evangelist, the embodiment of the collective consciousness of humanity.

The collective unconscious is a shared subconscious wish that has been held in common and carried on through generations of human history. The Evangelist is the personification of the human subconscious…the being that will make the secret desires of humankind a reality."

"He's right." Bria answered." As the saintess, I have received the transmissions of the collective unconscious. What is the Evangelist? What is the subconscious? I have learned the answer. The answer, is that the final destination of the imagination…at the end of its evolution, the human race wishes for paradise. All this time…I is not the " Gods" that created human beings…we humans produced gods from are despair of chaos. Yet it is those gods that then create new despair.

God is religion…or friends, information, science, art, culture…family. It could be anything to anyone, as long as it represents their salvation. But on the other side of that " salvation" human history contains…war, massacre, accidents, disasters, and illness. The heavy damage from these phenomena have produced much more despair. And gained ethics, values, medicine, technology, and law. Civilization progressed, the value of each individual soul increased, and we succeeded in keeping death at bay. Humankind won its safety.

But did it really? As we became safer, as our "salvation" grows stronger, death becomes more fearsome that fear grows, and our hearts, and so , too , does despair. And what do you think has happened as a result? The great cataclysm that is the Death Stranding. But I as the "Despair Saintess" will at last end it all. Mike…you all resisted so hard but you're suffering at last will be over."

Mike sighed before he took a deep breath." I know you think your helping everyone Bria, but this is not how I want to be happy! I have to make you understand before its to late!"

Brainwave snickered before he crossed his arms." We went all the way to bring your brother back to life and this is how you say thanks boy? You really one are one spoiled brat to take the gift hourse in the mouth."

Mike glared at the man with the beard before uttering," That's only because I know a scam when I see one Walter!"

Maruki sighed before he grasped his hand." That's only because your pride won't let you see the good, only the bad. You insist on dragging everyone into hell for your own pride? That's such a self-destructive view."

Mike paused before he powered up." Takuto Maruki…I know it's your job to be a therapist and all but this is stepping way out of line! I don't know how much Walter or anyone else paid you but you better back down now before you realize just how much you over stepped your, huh?"

Everyone felt the ground shake before Maruki sighed." So you're just resorting to violence like a common thug eh? I tried so hard to show you a better way but if you insist on this being the only way, I won't be helpless. I'm not just" a therapist", with how broken this universe is I have taken up the mantle of the "Angel of Control" and the overseer of Mementos. I may not be a fighter but, I have my own resolve! Just as you have your own beliefs…I too have no intention of changing my plans for reality.

No matter what happens to me…I will fix this torturous universe! That…is my own rebellion!

I call forth my power like this…Persona!

Come to me…Adam Kadmon!"

The ground started to shake before a massive gold giant with green eyes burst up out of the ground to tower over the entire ship. As Adam Kadmon glared at everyone Maruki grasped his hand tightly." I'd regret pointing this out to you, but should not mistake the powers on our sides as being equal. I have been chosen by the universe itself, granting the wish of humanity's subconscious is my responsibility!

If it's for everyone's happiness, I don't care what happens to me! Don't resist it…accept what the people of the universe truly want heroes! Come Queen Bria, guide us all to are ideal reality!"

Mike saw Brandon and Walter looking amused in the corner before he tried to restrained himself as much as he could." Bria…don't you see what's going on? Don't you see how this will all end? If anything is a monkey paw wish its this!"

"What I'm seeing Mike…is that they are giving me something when all you have to offer me is pain. What I see, is you're trying to take my family, and my happiness away from me for your own pride!" Bria uttered coldly.

Mike saw her pain before he braced himself." That may be how your seeing this but I swear on my parent's lives that's not what I want to do Bria…but if I'm going to save you from your own pain it's going to get rough. But I'm not giving up, I'm not going to let you or this universe drown in pain! One way or another…we are going to see what everyone really wants once and for all! And I'm betting it all…on it being the freedom to define my happiness for myself!"

Authors Notes: Another busy chapter but hope it expresses what I'm trying to get at well enough with the clashing views and all. Ame Presbund and Dyma Goldwin are from Super Robot Wars T.

Peacemaker is from DC comics, mostly based on the John Cena version seen in the movies and his HBO Max show.

With Billy Butcher...I was mostly following how his path went down in the Comic Version of the Boys...we will see if the Amazon Prime show version of him can change his fate.

Yuji Kaido,Marlene Angel, and Tony Frost are from the Blue Gender anime series.

Orie, Londrekia Light, Wanger, and Phonon are from Under Night In-Birth, while Kanzaki Kaori is from Toaru Majutsu no Index.

Power and Reze are from Chainsaw man, while Hana Kurusu is from Jutsu Kaisen.

With Makima I know I changed a few things from how her personality was in the Manga...I mostly did it to make it fit the situation more, to be honest her rational was rather...incoherent in the series...I suppose that might have been the point from such a chaotic series but...just tweeked a few things to fit things better for what I was going with lol.

As in Cosmic Wars EXE Ramlethal Valentine debuted from Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN, though her current idenity as Emeralda is a homage to the woman party member from Xenogears.

Lastly, Bria's form at the end of the chapter is primarly inspired by the final form of the Evangelist from Fire Force.

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