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Standing in one of the rooms of Midday's Point was a Cloaked Woman, moving her hands and fingers into a line of different unknown patterns as a vision of different timelines with each timeline filled is filled with happiness and sadness, life and death, love and war. Focusing on one specific target she carefully manipulated anything that is currently happening on that World to stop, using her fingers to make a some handsign as a small bundle of joy known as a baby was flown into her arms. Silently sleeping without knowing what's happening around him as the Chosen World became to world where death reeks in the air and endless wars that never per.

"What are you going to do this time?" A voiced asked from a newcomer walking towards the Cloaked Woman belonging to another woman with Blonde near White Hair, annoyed at the woman for doing another one of her deeds while also curious to where the Woman will put the child next. "I know you love him endlessly..but do you have to destroy every World you don't like?"

The Cloaked woman looked down on the bundle on her arms, smiling at the cuteness of the sleeping baby's face as he slept. "I've seen versions of the same stuff over and over again. I like to give different type of punishments to the World, I do not see fit." Gently rocking the sleeping baby once she saw him fuss at the noise.

The Blonde Woman sighed at her response as she walked closer to her, a smile came on her face as the baby came to her sight. "Well..I can't stop you from doing your what is in your thoughts, but atleast inform us on what your doing before doing it."

"I'll try but no promises.." The Cloaked woman said to her companion before turning her attention to the infant, pulling him closer to give him a loving kiss on his whiskered cheek before using her fingers to make

a new copy of Universe for her to enjoy watching. Image of her new World came to view infront of the woman with his new family in place, "Goodbye my love..see you in the future.." The infant vanished away from her hands as the woman gazed at the new family from Universe called DxD, intantly using her powers to make some changes until she nodded to herself deeming that it was good enough, snap her fingers to complete her vern.

"You chose the D..DxDverse? Isn't that the one with the Devils, Demons, Angels and whatnot? The Blonde woman asked her friend, raising an eyebrow at her choice of a Universe.."Why exactly did you choose that Universe and that family too?"

The Cloaked Woman stared at her companion before turning her attention at the supposed Mother of Lover. "I made a similar World before..but kinda destroyed it."

"Really?! That's your reason for creating that?!" The Blonde Woman shooks her head at her friend before turning around and leaving to go watch something else. But not before inviting her friend to go along. "Whatevee..I'm gonna watch our Lover as a child in one of his Future, wanna join me?"

The Cloaked Woman's eyes filled with curiousity as she nodded and followed her companion. "Which Future? And what do you mean as a child? Like a 5 year old or something?"

"Something like that..It's a smut World where he will meet his supposed self who is a Female with two daughters and her friends, the Konoha 11 are all female and something something." The Blonde answered her as they began leaving Midday's point and onwards to one of their rooms. "I'll show you when we get there but closed the portal first!"

The Cloaked Woman shrugged and closed the portal to quickly follow her companion, curious to see what this future is like. "I'll watch you later..goodbye darling." As she leaves the room and towards the upper level of the Central Fold..

(Present Day..January 9, Random Year)

"Thank you for the tea, Grayfia." Zeoticus after taking a sip of the delicious tea while sitting on the couch with his Eldest Daughter' s Queen next to him doing her daily deeds with her usual stoic face, he always wondered if it will hurt her to aleast smile or show some emotion whenever he, his wife or Sirzechs talk to her, well annoyance that count's as a show of emotion but not in a good way since she always punished his Son when he is in his childish mood. "How has life been to you Grayfia?"

"It's been well, Zeoticus-sama." Grayfia stoically replied to him in a short and simple manner, standing behind one of the couches awaiting for her orders..

"Hmm..how are the new..maids? Are they comfortable around the mansion?" Zeoticus asked again as to past the time while he waited for his daughters to pop up, nothing else to do as he wait for his children and his wife to come. Not that Grayfia is a bad person to talk to but it's kinda pointless to talk to someone like her, it's like talking to a computer. "Also are Silene and Rias gonna come soon?"

Grayfia once again answer stoically. "They are well and comfortable Gremory-sama, they took a an hour to get everything right but everything's good now." Moving towards the kettle to add more tea on his cup before returning to her post. "Rias-sama and Silene-sama are about to appear soon, just a few minutes needed since Silene-sama was spending time with her in watching her favorite show."

Zeoticus nodded knowing his Eldest will likely used her time spending it with her younger sister, silence reign again as only the noise of him sipping tea was made. Luckily he didn't have to wait as a minute past and two people arrived in the room. A smile came to his face as he thought of their reaction to the news he is about to say, once Venelana arrived that is. "Hello my lovely daughters."

"Hello Tou-sama/Tou-san!" Both said in unison as they greet their Father with respect, after spending time together watching Serafall's tv show they went to see what the announcement is about...

"So..what's the big news Tou-sama? It better be important since I was spending my time with Rias." Seline said as she hugged her little sister making her pout at her, since she always want to spend her time with her adorable little sister. A little too much if you asked Rias, she never turned to hide since her sister practically sensed her and forced her to bond, kinda like Serafall to Sona, both sis-cons..

"You have to wait for your Mother to come, on the mean time tell me how was your day with Rias?" Zeoticus asked taking a sit back as her Eldest daughter's eyes shined as she began telling how her day with Rias has started, from visiting the Garden to eating and forcefully different shows until Serafall's Magic show appeared..

5 minutes have past and another woman appeared before them, her brown hair sticking out on some places while it goes straight to her back. Blue-green eyes filled with love and desire as she saw her family infront of her, a smile instantly on her face as she can't wait to tell her daughters the great news. Wearing her usual white dress that has straps on some parts to hoist it up as her High D-Cup breast can't be covered by them, big part of her cleavage is shown and started to bounced as she walks towards them. Sitting her Big ass next to her Husband as she giddily wait to announced it..

"Now that everybody is here, Grayfia do you mind sitting down too?." Zeoticus looking at her Son's Queen still standing near him, who thought for a moment before nodding at him and sat on a spot on the couch. "Alright..Seline, Rias.., Okay how do I say this.." He stared at his children before speaking

again. "We have something to tell you two..Rias..Oi! You aren't in trouble so stop doing that." He said after noticing the nervous looked in his daughter's eyes and the noticeable shake in her.."You too Seline, both of you aren't in trouble.." As he also noticed his daughter looked nervous. "Anyway..Um..The News we..have is.."

"I'm Pregnant!" Venelana exclaimed after giggling at her Husband's way of trying to build up questions so they can get excited, 2 squeals of excited did happened as her Daughters looked at them with excitement in getting a new brother or sister with Grayfia still stoic but happy for them..

"Congratulations Kaa-sama! I can't wait to tell everyone about this!" Seline with a bright smile on her face, knowing how low the birth rate of devils have been so it's a very good and bright news to devils that a great clan like theirs has more offsprings to occur..

"Congratulations Gremory-sama." Grayfia said making them both smile at her, as a small unnoticeable smile is on her stoic face..

Rias hugged her Mother as she felt happiness at the thought of getting a baby brother or sister. "When is it due? Kaa-chan is it a boy or a girl?!"

"Wel..we don't know yet so we have to wait for your new sibling to come, but we do know it's due around October." Venelana kissing her daughter's head who was looking at her stomach, her husband also smiling next to her as he grabbed hold of her hand. "Just don't be like your sister here when you we're born."

"It was one time!" Seline blushed as embarrassment grew as her Mother laughed at her dismay, Zeoticus

and Rias gained a confused face as they didn't know what they were talking about. Gritting her teeth as she saw Grayfia has a amused face on as she was there when that happened..

"What are you all talking about Venelana?" Zeoticus asked as he and Rias looked confused on something they miss out, his wife is laughing hard with Grayfia letting out some small laughs of her own as his Eldest was cherry bright on her face. "Did I miss something?"

Venelana shooked her head as she smirked at her Eldest Bright face. "Don't worry about it my Love, just Seline being Seline." Making him nod at her as she looked down at her stomach, slowly stroking it. "I can't wait to finally touch see you my child."

~9 Months Later, October 9 Something-Something~

"Maou-sama! This hurts so much!" Venelana gritting her teeth in pain as she layed down on a bed in their Mansion, sweat and tears pouring down her face while her husband gritted his own teeth from experiencing pain from his hand getting crush. "I did this twice and still hurts so much!"

"Breathe Venelana, just keep pushing and breathing!" Zeoticus trying to calm her wife down as she glared at him before breathing hard and continuing pushing, shouting from pain that went through her body. "You can do it Venelana! Keep doing it!"

The nurses were calm and ready for scenarios to happened as one of them nodded at him. "Gremory-sama just keep pushing! We can see the head! Just a few more push please endure it!"

Venelana nodded breathing heavily as she pushed with all she can, pain erupting from her body as she push and scream. "Hurry up my child! Mommy can't do this any longer!" Gritting her teeth as tireness and pain started to get her, the nurses shouting at her to keep going as the head is out and they are ready to finished the process once the child is out. She started pushing again and before putting it all in one push. "AHHHH!

Her scream was accompanied by another as a cry of a child hit her ears, the face of her husband crying as he looked at her in happiness. The nurses cleaning the new born baby after they cut the cord and see if there's any problem, thankfully not. One of them walked towards the couple with a bundle in her arms and a gentle smile. "Congratulations Mr and Mrs. Gremory! It's a healthy baby boy!"

Tears of joy falls down her face as she grabbed hold of her new born. "Hello little one." Her husband looked at them in joy as their baby sleeping was in their hands, small tuff of crimson red hair on the little tyke's head with a noticeable whisker like marks on his chubby cheeks. Making them confused and cute in Venelana's opinion, birthmarks is what the doctor and nurse says as nothing of a problem was made..

"..He's definitely not a Yokai..since I can't sense it, so birthmarks..why is it whiskers?" Zeoticus confusingly asked with a scratch on his head, looking at his newborn's weird whisker like marks with confusion since he knows can feel pure devil in him and not Yokai while shaking his head at the thought of Yokai son, knowing that Venelna wouldn't even think of cheating on him. "I hope he doesn't mind it when he grows up."

"I don't know..but I know it's cute though." Venelana grinning slightly as she trailed her fingers gently on his cheeks back and forth, she got suprised along with her husband when he suddenly purred in his sleep, suprising them with it and Venelana almost squealed at him as she tried to make him purr more before noticing him fussing loudly at her movements. Stopping herself she retained herself to just slowly touch it so he won't wake up..

"He purrs? He isn't a Yokai but does he have traits like one." Zeoticus thought ater watching his new son purr like a cat when his supposed whiskers got rubbed, well he got lucky with a new family so he ain't complaining especially since they take family to heart even if their a slave or a maid they are family. "So..what's his name Venelana? Have you thought of one yet?"

Venelana stared lovingly at her son putting his face on her breast so he has something soft to sleep on. "I haven't thought of his name yet...what about..Maki?"

"No it doesn't sound right." Zeoticus shooked his head as he tried to think of a name, refusing to name him Maki for no reason. "Menma? What about Menma?"

"..Naruto." Venelana muttered after thinking for a few seconds and the name just randomly appeared on her mind after randomly seeing the leftover Ramen cup on the table. "Whirlpool!" "Naruto. Naruto Gremory" her husband brow rose in question as to why she would named him after a Ramen topping. "It means Maelstrom dear..like a fierce storm with a good heart."

Zeoticus unsure at the name but still nodded at his Wife while scratching his head at the random quote at the end. "You did give birth to him, so it's rightfully so that you name him." As they turn silent and peacefully watched the new born sleep comfortably on his mother's arms. Few minutes past he began to wonder where Grayfia and his Daughters are? But that soon got answered as the door opened and three people entered the room, the Gremory Princesses instantly cooing at how cute their new sibling is. "There they are."

"Is this our little brother? He's so cute!" Rias cooing at the baby who was fussing slightly at the noise, walking with her sister towards the bed and smiling excitedly at her new sibling. Already thinking of the

fun times she plan to have when he's older. "Onee-chan look! We finally have our baby brother and he has cute marks on his face!"

"He's not a Yokai..but what's with the cute little marks on his face, not that I mind since it makes him so cute!" "Yeah! He's so adorable! I just wanna pinch his chubby little cheeks!" Seline cooed at the cuteness of her new baby brother, the new born fuss again at the noise they made. Grayfia still stoic let a small smile on her face as she gazed at the new member of the Gremory Household while raising an eyebrow on the Yokai like whisker marks on the new born's face..

"Congratulations Gremory-sama and Venelana-sama." Grayfia said bowing to them before returning to her stoic appearance and making them nod at her. "I have a question Gremory-sama. Not to be disrespectful but is he a'Yokai'?"

"Their birthmarks Grayfia. That's the only answer to it, since my son is not a Yokai." Zeoticus answered his Head Maid who nodded at him, as he turned his attention to his Daughter's who was still cooing at the newborn. "Rias, Seline what don't you two sit down. There's two three available chairs next to you left by the doctors and nurse earlier, you two can use it and give Grayfia one too."

"Will you three pipe down and stop making so much noise! And Grayfia thank you." Venelana glared at her daughter's and husband's noises, noticing how it affected her new son's sleep is. The three flinch and nodded at her as they piped down and just stared at him, few minutes past the sound of small lips smacking grabbed their attention as they looked at the bundle and saw him waking up. Beautiful blue eyes opened filled with curiousity once he noticed the different faces infront of him..

Looking at each of their faces before locking onto the one holding him, staring back at her with curiousity. Venelana smiled lovingly at him as she put her finger near his face making him look at it and at her before looking back, his small hands out of the cloth reaching for the finger and wrapping his hands on it. "Hello my sweet child."

The baby stared at her as he heard her soothing voice before looking at the finger in his small hands, acting on instinct he pulled it onto his mouth to chew as the females giggled at him. His eyes began looking around at the different people in the room. "What's Otouto-kun's name Kaa-sama?"

"His name is Naruto. Naruto Gremory." Venelana answered her eldest as her new son stop chewing on her finger and began looking around again. Making her smile at his childish curiousity, her son blinking owlishly as her daughters tried making him looked at them and tried to make him grabbed their fingers..

"Can I hold him Kaa-sama? I wanna hold my Otouto!" Seline pleaded and pouted at her Mother before smiling as her mother nodded slightly at her, gently taking him from her mother's arms the baby stiffen slightly before relaxing as he faced his older sister's smiling face. "Hello Otouto-kun! I'm your older sister Seline-nee!" She said to him making him blink and tilt his head at her causing her to squeal at his cuteness, hugging him to her big chest and giving his cheek a rain of kisses making him giggle at her..

"Onee-chan let me hold him too!" Rias looking up and pouting at her older sister, the 10 year old wanted to hugged her little brother too! And make him giggle at her. Seline not noticing her little sister as she was entranced with her new baby brother's cute laugh with her mother too, enchansing her pout she tried to get her older sister's attention. "Nee-chan let me hold him!"

A minute past as the room was filled with the baby's cute laughs and giggles as he getting showered with attention from Seline while Rias kept trying to get her turn to hold him, before finally holding him and giving him her attention with her own kisses. Smiling at him as his giggles made her happy before his attention turned to a bright color behind her making her pout, she pouted again as he eyed the colors behind her, before being curious at his whisker marks. Gently rubbing her finger on his cheek she gained a suprised look with her sister as her little brother purred with a face of enjoyment..

"He can purr! Oh you became so much cuter little brother!" Rias gushed in delight as she kept rubbing her finger on his chubby cheek, turning away from her sister once she saw her wanting to do it to. "It's my turn Onee-chan. You can wait." Glaring at her sister making her glared back before she turn to rubbed his other cheek..

"Good to see that their already bonding with each other." Zeoticus thought after staying in silence watching Seline now try to make him purr and tried to convince Rias to let her purr him but Rias refused so and turned around. Zeoticus smiled at their interaction with their new brother, happy to see his family loving each other as Venelana took the newborn from Rias's hands. Making his daughters pout at her before they heard him cry, turns out he hasn't eaten yet so they carefully gave him to Venelana and watched her feed him with her milk..

"Well that's enough for today daughters. Let your new brother have some rest and food." Zeoticus spoke making them pout even more but nodded at him, turning to leave the room after saying goodbye to them with Grayfia. "Should I invite the other Clans to visit in the near future Venelana? Your friends definetely wants to see our new child."

Venelana look at him before her son and nodded. "Hai we should. But only the ones we trust..I don't want anything political to be involved." Making her husband nod at her while she gazed at her newborn's blue eyes staring back at her. Her eldest daughter beside her suddenly smiled and left the room after watching her little brother get fed, her youngest beside her has a look of confusion at her sister before turning her attention on her brother, while pouting slightly after noticing the size difference at their chest. Her sister and mother are practically the same size while she's still stuck in flat stage, even Akeno is growing bigger than hers and their the same age. Life can be tough when your whole family is like this..

"Where did you go Seline?" Zeoticus asked seeing his eldest leave in a giffy and returned holding something in her hands. "Is that a camera?"

"Yup it's a camera Tou-sama! I'm gonna take pictures of Otouto!" Seline said instantly taking a photo of her mother feeding their adorable little brother. Venelana glared at her daughter with a pink blush on her face, finding it embarassing to get caught in a photo while she's breastfeeding her child. "You should smile Kaa-sama~, this is a beautiful moment that should be captured in camera."

"Can't you wait until. I atleast finished feeding him Seline." Venelana sligtly glared at her eldest who just grinned at her, quickly taking more photos of them before stopping and showing it to Rias who looked curiously.."I hope your sisters won't stuck by your side to much, when you grow up."

With just a minute past the newborn stopped feeding on his Mother's breast, his hunger gone and now laying on his mother's arms looking confused. With Rias holding his little hand, his father sitting next to him with Grayfia and Seline near them. All looking directly at the camera placed on a chair infront of them. "Everybody Smile and say Cheese!"


Numerous sound's of flashes went across the room in a span of 15 minutes as after the first few photos, from the first taken of the Family with a confused looking Naruto with the Whole Family smiling at the camera to the last, with Seline and Rias holding Naruto on their arms respectively. With the last moment being Seline and Rias looking through the photos, gushing at how cute their little brother is before getting interrupted by their new brother's sleepy yawn. So we now turn to the three remaining people in the room after Seline and Rias said goodbye, going to their rooms to tell their friends..

"The future's gonna be interesting huh." Zeoticus commented as he looked at his wife and sleeping son, the latter sleeping quietly after tiring himself and now tucked up, on her breast safe and sound. "The Clans might visit tommorow..I'm sure the Sitris and Bael Clan will be there..and the Phenex Clan might

show up too."

The smile that came to Venelana's face turn strained as she heard the word Phenex, it's not that she hate said Clan but their tomboy of a daughter made her have mix feelings about them. Especially since the little perverted bird has been eyeing her youngest daughter like a piece of meat, what will her mind be when she finds out about him and just the thought of her getting her hands on her new born made her angry. Really angry!

"I'm..not sure about having too many people tommorow Ze-kun, maybe just turn it down to our friends?"

Zeoticus looked at her and nodded slowly, understanding what she meant or what he thought she meant..

"Your worried about the marriage contracts, the Clans might offer to us huh."

Venelana looked at her husband with annoyance on her face, remembering the unbearably massive annoyance of people trying to get their hands on her child through arrange marriages. How could she forget one of the biggest headaches of being on the largest Clans, having so many people try to prolonged a legacy such as theirs on slobs like them. Like she would agree to a arranged marriage in the first place, she would die first before signing her children to said love contract..

"Yeah that too..Well, whatever. I guess we have to deal with this headache that's gonna bug us." Venelana sighed, not looking forward to numerous meeting and whatnot in the future. Clearing her mind away from that stuff, she looked down at her hands and smiles affectionately. Rubbing his tuff of hair as

he slept "Don't worry little one. Mama won't give you away.."

"Don't worry about those too much." Zeoticus sat up from his seat and walks towards them. "Our son and daughter's lives will not be broken, because the Clans want to make a new bloodline of this generation." Smiling at her before kissing her lips affectionately, making her nod and enjoyed the kiss. "Trust me Venelana, don't worry about it too much...Plus Seline will probably try to threaten any girls who will try to make a move on him."

"I guess you're right.." Venelana nods at her husband who smiled at her and was about to go to the door. "Ze-kun, tell Rias to not stay up to late. She's probably talking to Sona or probably Akeno in her room."

Zeoticus nodded at her. "I'll comeback after I send a message to our friends. For the mean time rest and do you want something? Food? Anything?"

Venelana shooked her head. "No thank you..I'll be watching Sochi sleep while you're gone, it's relaxing seeing him slept in my arms." Looking lovingly at the infant on her arms, sleeping quietly without a care in the world..

A smile and nod is the Head Clans answer, seeing that his Wife is occupied with putting her attention on their sleeping son. He opened the door and left quietly to not make any noise to bother them. "I really hope Rias and Seline won't have brother-complex to him, with them already attached to him in such a small limited time..Well, whatever not my problem..guess we have to see what the future has intake.."

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