Author note: this is a ron centric story set after the battle of ministries exploring the brain's scar ron got ..

Mostly au

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Ron woke up sweating and panting his clothes all drenched from the sweat

He had a very unusual dream where he saw a slightly older Harry in a forbidden forest standing alone and everything went pitch black after a bright green flash of light

Ron looked around and saw that it was pretty dark and he was still in the hospital wing right now.

Ron slipped past from his bed and moved to get the mug of water that made his long sleeves roll down revealing the nasty scars the brain's gave him during the battle at ministry

Ron went back to his bed his mind going back to the ministry and to his shame his was pretty useless there ,his best friend was fighting for his life while all ron could do was joke around

He was deep in his thoughts loathing himself over his self worth when the curtains slid aside revealing Madam pomfrey the school matron gazing over him

"Where are you awake so late?" She asked in a stern voice

"Couldn't sleep, nightmares" ron replied,madam pomfrey expression changed from stony to pity

"Yours scars" she said pointing at his hand that made Ron tuck his sleeves up "are given by a highly mysterious and dangerous object that sadly we know very little of".

Healing magic can less the ache you must be feeling but sadly it can't cure the trauma , mr Weasley you would have frequent nightmares "

Ron took this news surprisingly well without loosing his famous Weasley temper i need to control my anger , if I can't do this then maybe I don't deserve Harry friendship

"You should rest now mr Weasley ,you have a long road ahead " madam pomfrey said soothingly

"Thank you "

Ron was currently on his way to the great hall having being discharged from the hospital not ten minutes ago ,weirdly he had the same dream of Harry standing in forbidden forest and a flash of green light illuminating the entire forest

Ron went past the great hall door and saw harry and ginny sitting together and by looks of it Harry was busy brooding and sulking ignoring his untouched plate while Ginny was trying to make him eat

Harry and ginny were too busy to notice ron joining the gryffindor and sitting beside them

"Hello" ron said while making his food

"Ron you are back, how are you feeling mate?" Harry asked his green eyes full of concern

Ron again felt a pang of self loathing when he saw the concern etched behind Harry emerald eyes i haven't been a good friend

"I am fine Harry" ron waved his hand dismissively "how are holding up mate"

"Yeah I am good ron" Harry said absently and went back to sulking

"That was not your fault Harry" ron said firmly clasping Harry back "you asked us not to come , we came willingly"

"Hermione warned me that the vision may be fake but I didn't believe her and now I lost sirius" Harry replied sadly

"I would have done the same thing Harry ,hell my mind would go blank if I was in your situation" ron said

"Ron is right Harry" ginny chimed up "you did your best"

"Where is Hermione by the way?" Harry asked changing the subject

Ron decided not probe further and accepted the change of subject " she is still in hospital wing,madam pomfrey said that she needs more rest"

"We can meet her after classes today" ginny suggested

Ron was about to answer the question when he felt pain shot through his mind and his vision blanked

Ron opened his eyes and saw he was not in great hall but rather someone's living room what's happening to me he looked around and saw something that shocked to core

Ron saw professor Dumbledore and harry sitting on a comfy looking chair across from three person ron peeked around and found that there was woman ,a man and a boy that looked around his age

"Kreacher" Harry's voice snapped Ron and he heard a small pop sound followed by the wailing sound of Kreacher "won't... won't... WON'T"

"Kreacher I want you to go Hogwarts" Harry said in calm voice and the elf vanished

"Let's go Harry I daresay Molly would not be pleased if we turn up at burrow at midnight" Dumbledore said burrow? What's happening? Am I seeing the future? No that's impossible I am not a seer

The visions changed like a memory in Pensive and Ron saw Harry and headmaster Dumbledore standing across a rather fat and old bald man

"Well we are leaving than Horace" Dumbledore said placing his cup down

"It would have been nice if you teach potions at Hogwarts again, but alas your decision is set in stone" what about Snape?

"Come Harry,we must go"

"Bye sir" Harry waved his hand off moving behind Dumbledore and ron saw slughorn brow furrowed together as if thinking about a important decision

"All right,all right! I'll do it" slughorn voice boomed behind them

"But I ask you a question Dumbledore what would happen with Severus Snape if took the potions post"

"He would be teaching defense against dark arts this year Horace" is he mad ,why did he give the position to Snape?

"It would be excellent to see you on 1st September horace" Dumbledore chuckled i am seeing the future or I have gone full barmy from the trauma attacks

A shiver ran past ron when he thought himself of being a seer and his hand started shaking

Ron gritted his teeth and gripped his hands in fist to control the shaking no this isn't true,if I am seer than why such a huge responsibility on me why not Hermione or Harry, I am just another Weasley

Suddenly ron felt hot pain surge through ron's brain and his visions blurred when he opened his eyes again he was back in the great hall ,he looked around and saw harry and ginny watching him concern

"Right there ron?, you just blacked out mate " Harry asked

" much time did I blackout?" Ron asked his voice Shaking

"Just for few seconds ron, maybe you should go back to hospital wing mate"

"No, I am alright" ron replied trying to sound convincing

Clearly Harry didn't believe him but to Ron's relief didn't probe further.

It's been two days since Ron had visions from alleged future and he was still coming in turns with his newfound ability

Ron thought about sharing this knowledge with Harry and Hermione but everytime he decided to do it his gut screamed not to and for the love of merlin he couldn't quite place this.

Ron was currently in hospital wing visiting Hermione alongside Harry ginny and neville and luna

Hermione was currently reading out the latest edition of daily prophet

"Well , they painted you as a tragic hero harry, the boy who lived she added darkly

"Yeah, it's seems like fudge is covering his track" ron said absently

Hermione nodded at ron then straightened herself that made her wince and clutch her ribs

Hermione was hit by an unknown curse courtesy of Antonin Dolohov the master of dark arts….there was rumors that dolohov during the first year invented several dark curses using muggleborns and muggles as experiment bodies.

"Madam pomfrey said that pain will go slowly,I am taking ten different potions everyday and it's showing effect the pain is subsidizing but it's still there" ron heard speak and ron saw Harry looking sickened probably blaming himself for Hermione pain

"Not your fault Harry" ginny said

"Yes Harry ,we were on our own" Hermione muttered taking harry hand and gazing in eyes with such intensity that made Ron's blood boil from jealousy

"I reckon firenze and trellaway would teach divination now since Dumbledore is back" Hermione mused

"It's useless subject, doesn't matter who teaches it" ginny waved off dismissively no it's not useless you don't know what you are saying gin

Ron saw Harry's face and was surprised to see his face pale and devoid of any blood. His brows were furrowed together like he was thinking something: does Harry know something that he doesn't want to share with us?

"Ron….Ron" Hermione's voice shook away his thoughts on Harry " yes" he replied

"Honestly ronald where is your attention" Hermione began in her bossy tone "i was asking if you could please bring me some books from the library" she said giving ron the parchment

Ron nodded absently and went on his way to the library ,he was half way through on the way when he was stopped by none other than Draco Malfoy and his two cronies

"Well look here what we got potty's lap dog weasel" Draco Malfoy snarled while his cronies cracked their knuckles

Ron took out his wand and for a moment he thought he was having the same the feeling that holding Charlie's wand gave him

"Think you and your gang of mud bloods and blood traitors are almighty eh?" Malfoy snarled pointing his wand at ron " you will pay for what you did to my father" he spat

"Flipendo" Malfoy spat and and a flash of blue light rushed towards Ron who ducked at the last moment

"Perfectus totalas" ron yelled but his wand suddenly went dead like there was no power coursing through it damn it. " Locomotor wibbly " ron tried to fire the jelly legs jinx but again his wand refused to work fuck this wand ,why is it not working,did It broke during the battle of ministries?

Ron did not enough time to think because a conjunctive curse stuck him while at the same time Crabbe and goyle had launched themselves towards Ron and a punch from Draco made his wand go flying on the floor

Ron tried to fight back but a solid fist collided to his jaw that made him drop to the floor after few moments he was yanked upwards forcibly by two strong hands holding him on either side of his shoulder

"Never go against a Malfoy weasel" Malfoy whispered dangerously

" Melafors" and ron head was encased inside a pumpkin " brachiabindo" and ron body was coiled by invisible chords so tightly that ron was sure it would leave bruises

" Flipendo" Malfoy ended the assault by a powerful knockback jinx that made Ron collide with the nearest wall making him nearly unconscious.

Malfoy grabbed ron roughly by his collar "this is a warning weasels for what is about to come" he whispered dangerously saliva dripping from his mouth

Ron who was bleeding profusely suddenly felt a pain that made his head split open and then his visions blacked when he opened his eyes he was currently in a hallway that was dimly lit and decorated with magnificent carpet covering the stone floor ,ron moved around and saw various cloaked figures kneeling on their knees bowing their head towards someone who sat at the raised platform

"You are all the dismissed except Draco Malfoy" a highly unnatural cold voice boomed that made ron shiver

One by one all the cloaked figures vanished from the sight leaving only Draco Malfoy and the man who sat at the throne like chair were left

"Come closer Draco" the man said in a cold voice his voice was so cold that it made ron hairs rise

Ron also looked closer and what he saw shocked him to the very core. His blood froze in his veins and he recoiled backwards, falling butt faced on the cold floor, his body shaking violently due to sheer fear alone.

There on the throne like chair sat lord voldemort with his crimson eyes and snakelike features staring down at Draco with utter contempt ron could feel lord voldemort magic swirling around wild and dark consuming everything in its path with such intensity that ron had never seen before

"Give me your hand Draco" lord voldemort said in a smooth voice that made Draco flinch Hard what's is he doing to Draco

But before he could see more the pain returned with vengeance and ron fell on the cold floor clutching his head and spiraling around ,his visions blurred and when he opened his eyes again he was in the abadaon corridor

He cracked his neck a little and saw two beautiful grey eyes exactly similar to sirius eyes staring at him for a few moment ron kept starting at it but then reality hit him and he stoop abruptly knocking the chair down

"What were you doing here, Jenissa Malfoy!?" Ron fumed gritting his teeth

"Healing you" she replied coldly

"Healing? " Ron laughed scathingly, don't lie to me!" Ron spat searching for his wand

"Here" jennisa said throwing ron his wand that he barely caught "My brother attacked you when you were defenseless,he did not act upon the Malfoy honor that's why I healed you " she finished coldly standing up to leave

"What's your honor eh? Licking the dark lord boot see where it led your father malfoy" ron spat taking out his fear in form of anger

Jenissa swiftly moved her wand and pointed straight at Ron's chest before even ron could blink, her magic dropping down the temperature of the classroom

"Do not speak to me like that again there would be no more warning" she said menacingly her voice a cold whisper twisting her wand that made Ron's skin twitch.

The blonde then opened the door non verbally waving her wand and left leaving a dazed ron alone in the classroom merlin that was scary and that's saying something since I have watched you know who just now

After a few seconds of coming into the reality Ron started to panic considering his power of seeing the future. What's should I do my ability can help us win the war, Dumbledore would know what to do he is most powerful wizard after merlin and harry had described how he fought you know who but something in his gut again screamed like telling him not to do what he was thinking the more he thought about revealing his power the more uneasy he felt so he left the thought for now

Ron than took a look at his wand the willow 14 inches unicorn hair as a core felt like a tree stick to his hand ,he got no familiar feeling of his magic completing whenever he touched his wand it felt like his wand did not want him as her master

Ron tried to perform few first year spells but aside from few unusual sparks the wand didn't obey him did I lose my magic the thought of losing his magic made him sweat profusely and then his first vision of harry and the flash of green light came to his mind was that the killing curse? Harry is going to die? No I can't let it happen

Ron shaking became more violent his mind went blank with all the knowledge he now possessed and he ended up throwing his morning breakfast right sat up on the chair trying to control his breathing oh merlin help me

After fifteen minutes of controlling his breath his shaking finally stopped and he stood up to leave his mind was going numb and heavy with the dull ache he had since morning and he felt like collapsing on bed I need to sleep

Ron woke up abruptly, sweating profusely. He had a weird dream of another wizard named Mason who was performing powerful magic that looked similar to Hermione blue ball flames. These may be the memories madam pomfrey talked about ,I can't even sleep properly nowadays

Ron slipped past his gryffindor dorm bed and went to gaze the setting sun from the windows

Today was the last day of the term so it was always a delight in leaving fest but for the first time in life ron wasn't excited for the feast his mind was plagued with the thoughts of him being a seer ,his wand not responding to his magic ,the problems he could face if his position as a seer would leak somehow,he would be hunted down by both the sides

Ron groaned from all the thoughts and to think Hermione once called me the emotional range of a teaspoon. Thinking about Hermione brought back her injury to Ron's mind and he again felt a pang of self loathing. How can I save Harry? I am not worthy of the responsibility ,I am just another Weasley with nothing special even Hermione and harry didn't believe I could become a prefect

Ron hung his head down and decided to join his friends at the common was still angry with him for not bringing the book but Ron could not muster up enough energy to argue with her.

Ron joined Harry, Hermione Ginny and Neville at the common room by the looks of it Hermione was trying Harry to open up but Ron knew better if Harry was forced to open up he would snap.

"Hello" he muttered lazily flopping down on the comfy couch

Hermione just glared at him while Neville and Harry gave him small smiles.

"What were you lot talking about" ron inquired yawning

"We were just talking about how DA classes helped us and why harry should continue it" ginny finished firmly

"I don't want to," Harry said shortly, his mood thoroughly dampened.

"What I am saying Harry is since you know who is back more students should learn how to properly defend themselves and you are the best teacher to teach us " Neville said confidently

Ron was about to interject when he saw something that made him jump out his seat

There stood in front of ron was a tall man with black hair tied in a ponytail wearing a rather silk coat that looked expensive his face was as pale as moonlight making his sharp features glow

He also had weird ass symbols same as ron scars on his left hand

"Hello ronald , I am Mason" the wizard said grinning at Ron face

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