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Now some things about Mason

: Ron and Mason souls are not merged ,Mason is just representation of himself sort of like Jarvis the a.i or Friday or like astral form in xmen

:Ron will not suddenly become powerful or strong ,his intelligence and power level are still same he just have the ability of seers

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( The gryffindor common room)

"Ron are you alright" Harry said standing up

Ron was shaking violently,He looked around and saw that mason had vanished from the sight i was watching his memories in my dream,ohh merlin ,how is this possible

" are scaring me mate" harry shook ron gently and guided him towards the couch facing the fireplace

After a few minutes of Harry rubbing his back and getting the warmth of the fireplace he shaking finally subsided.

"What happened ron why were you shaking so violently" Hermione asked concerned

Ron realized that it was the perfect moment he could have to reveal his secrets. making up his mind he decided to share what he knew but again he felt the same unease like every fiber of his body was practically screaming him not to

reveal anything ,the more he tried the more his unease increased so in the end he left the thought of sharing anything.

"I think I probably saw someone there," Ron said, pointing his finger at the place where Mason stood a few minutes ago.

Hermione eyes gazed towards the place Ron's finger was pointed and when she saw no one standing there she frowned

"There is no one there" Hermione said slowly

"Yeahh, I probably was hallucinating ,madam pomfrey mentioned this"ron replied vaguely "you know due to my scars" he added

Seeing Harry sympathetic face made ron wince internally how could i call him attention seeker in fourth year and top of that I left him alone, I am really a pathetic friend ron marveled how harry can be so selfless , harry has just lost his godfather few days back but here he was helping his pathetic friend.

"Let's go eh? Can't miss the leaving feast now can we" ron tried to joke that earned him forced smiles and eye rolls

Merlin , what if mason tries to control my mind and if his Brain was experimented in the department of mysteries then I bet he would had been a dark wizard

The thought of being controlled by a dark wizard made shivers run down his spine.

Ron shook his thoughts away and went to join his friends for the feast maybe I was hallucinating

making small talks the small group of gryffindors arrived at the great hall


Ron was currently devouring his 2nd plate of shepherd pie when he heard the voice that made his blood freeze and his spoon fell down on the table making a clattering sound. Fortunately Ron's friends were too busy to notice him. it's mason

"If I wanted to control you I would have done it by now" the voice amusedly said.

Ron slowly turned his head left and saw same black haired man ,mason ,grinning down at him

"Who...are you?" Ron whispered his voice shaking from fear

"My….my,you aren't the smart one eh!" Mason said chuckling out loud "Didn't I introduce myself just few minutes ago , I am Mason"

No it's not real I am just hallucinating ron repeated over and over again closing his eyes tightly

"I am very much real my new friend" Mason said softly grinning down at ron his sharp teeth giving him a terrifying look

"Leave me alone " ron whispered terrified ron could hear his heart pounding rapidly in his ears.

There was no response for few minutes so ron slowly opened his eyes and he realized that mason has indeed left him alone

Taking deep breaths ron steadied himself and gazed around the hall watching students happily chatting and eating their food, he moved his eyes over the Slytherin table and was unsurprised to see some of them all gloom and sad quietly eating their food ,after all some of their parents were in azkaban drowning down theirs pureblood honors.

Ron moved his head a little and he was surprised to find Jynessa Malfoy the twin sister of Draco Malfoy. Dark indigo eyes staring right at him did she watch me while I was having a episode of hallucination she must be thinking me a loon.her long and elegant blonde hair flowed over her shoulder while her saccharine lips made her pale face glow more in all she was Beauty to behold.

Ron shook away the thoughts about jynessa Malfoy,she was a Malfoy for merlin sake! and she was way out of Ron's league ,she was already famous all over Hogwarts for her talent in potions and charms. She may be beautiful but she is still a Slytherin and all Slytherins are dark wizards eh!. Why would she be any different?

Ron realized with a jolt that he was staring at jynessa malfoy and judging by the sneer on her face she too had caught her staring. Ron broke the eye contact and focused it on the gryffindor table trying to mix in his friends conversation




Ron was currently sitting alone in the prefect compartment on Hogwarts express lost in his thoughts , Hermione had left few minutes ago after a spat between them to apply her healing salve

"Leave you alone?...but why?" a soft voice said from below Ron's seat that made Ron jump from sheer fright

"YOU" ron screamed pointing his shaking finger at Mason floating form who was grimacing while covering his ears

"Didn't your mother teach you any manners Ronald" Mason questioned laughing out loud in the end

Mason laugh terrified Ron for a moment but then his gryffindor courage kicked in " why are you following me around?" Ron asked rather rudely his infamous Weasley masking over his fear

Mason stopped laughing and floated right at Ron's face gazing intently in his icy blue eyes that made ron gulp from fear but he did not break the eye contact , after a few seconds of silence when mason spoke his voice was cold like ice cutting through ron

"I want you"

You summoned me in the department of ministries waking me from my great slumber and now you want me to leave you alone?" Mason said calmly

"It was a mistake and I have paid my price" Ron said literally shaking from sheer fright " I lost my…magic...I can't do anything" he added afterwards lowering his head.

Ron looked up after now one spoke for few minutes and saw mason looking at him with confusion "what" ron asked

"Lost your magic?" Mason asked confused

" But I can still sense your magic"

"Sense my magic?" Ron asked confused

"Ahh...I forgot you are not taught sensing here eh!" Mason whined that looked too creepy for ron

Ron then realized what mason had said earlier " But my wand is not working, it's feels dead in my hand" ron said

A look of realization came over mason pale face and he nodded at ron

"You have not lost your magic my new friend , your magical signature have changed courtesy of mine" mason bowed at ron

Ron felt his temper and his face turned a dark shade of red " return my magic to normal" ron spat growling at Mason

Mason, who was unfazed by Ron's anger, just chuckled " you are really foolish eh?" , I said your magic is still there but covered by my magic aura"

"Why "

"It's a side-effect of your scars , when you summoned my brain, my memories latched onto you resulting in covering your aura by mine" mason explained

Ron stared at mason for few trying to comprehend what he was saying

"So, you are controlling me then" ron finalized

Mason clicked his tongue in annoyance " I am not controlling you, my powerful magical aura is overshadowing yours the weaker one" yes, I was always weak than my talented friends and my brothers

"You are not weak" mason said in a sympathetic tone that made ron throat close from fear

"You….can read my mind?" Ron asked to which mason rolled his eyes

"Of course I can , after all you can see my memories so it's only fair that I can see yours eh! " mason replied " and before you freak out you can still do magic you just need another wand, your magic signature has changed so your unicorn wand does not regard you as it's master"

"Another wand?" Ron whispered "Mum and dad can't afford another wand" Ron's ears turned red when he realized he blurted one of his deepest insecurities.

Mason just rolled his eyes "what are you? 16 years old?" He questioned "from what little I have seen your memories you are really a pathetic excuse for a wizard or for a friend "

"You whine daily about not being intelligent enough like your friends but you never work for it ,you slack of your classes, don't study properly ,so tell me what right you have to feel jealous towards someone who have worked hard for it"

"You feel jealous when Harry is praised for his spell works , you feel jealous of his fame , hell you even feel jealous of Neville after the battle of ministries"

"This is bad but do you know what's worse Ronald, what's worse is you are capable of becoming a powerful wizard. but you are so deep down in your insecurities that you don't even try! You just blame everyone around for your miserable life.

"STOP IT" Ron screamed, his eyes burning from unshed tears "you don't know me, you can't feel how I feel living in the shadows my entire life.

"This is it again blaming others, it's your fault you are living in the shadows, you could have worked hard before coming to Hogwarts you had the advantage of 6 older brothers"

"In your fifth year you got the golden opportunity to learn from the room of requirements a room that can literally provide you anything ,oh what could I have given for getting this room when I was alive"

"Leave me ,leave me alone please" ron begged to mason

"No, I can't do that,the moment you summoned my brain I felt the familiar magic of a seer so I latched onto you"

"Yes,you are seer but your magic was blocked when you suffered a trauma in your childhood" the spider incident ,Fred transfigured my teddy bear into a spider ,dad once told me I had leveled the living room with bout of accidental magic

"So what do you want from me if you can't leave me?" Ron asked

"Now,that conversation can't take place before you build a defense around your mind " mason said

"Defense like ... occlumency? Ron questioned


"But even harry can't do it,how can I do it"ron said

"There is again your blaming!, If you won't try, how can you know?" Mason replied annoyed

You don't understand, I just do but mason cut him off

"Yes, I don't understand but if you want to know my purpose you have to practice and master it"

Ron jaw clenched with anger but he didn't say anything

"Who would teach me it's not like I can ask professor Dumbledore to assign me a private tutor " ron asked finding a flaw

Mason just laughed and said "Mason the conqueror would teach you, you should be grateful"

"Now about your wand , I know you have 10 galleons in your pocket right now " seeing ron shocked face mason answered

" I can read your mind Ronald and watch your memories"

"Also don't try to tell anyone about my existence or my memories unless you want your death" mason advisied

"You can tell anyone about your seer abilities but then again your life would be in danger , the dark lord forces will hunt you down while Dumbledore would keep you as caged animal"

"Dumbledore is the greatest wizard after merlin himself, he won't do that" Ron argued he was taught to respect Dumbledore from his childhood

"Ohh you naive fool, you don't what Dumbledore is capable of"

"You are lying" Ron still didn't believe him after all his whole family worshiped Dumbledore

Mason rolled his eyes and said " do as you please with your own secret"

"Even if I have enough money,how would I convince mom to take me to diagon alley"Ron asked

"Use your strategic mind, you are good at chess aren't ya?" Mason said

"Plus this is for your own benefit , you are worthless in wizarding world if you can't perform magic you of all people should know that"

Ron nodded after few seconds

"Now, I have many things to talk about but time is of essence here until next time" mason waved his hand and vanished from the sight leaving ron alone in the compartment.



"Mum?" Ron whisper asked molly Weasley when he got a chance to talk to her alone

Molly broke the conversation she was having with Mrs granger and looked at him

"Yes dear, what do you want?, Did you say goodbye to Harry , poor boy Must be suffering so much"

"Yes mom I did say goodbye to my friends and I want to go to diagon alley" he said bluntly dropping the bomb

"Diagon alley?" Molly questioned dumbly looking at ron... "Mrs granger could you give us a minute I think ron has got some viral infection his mind is not working properly"

"Mum" ron shouted ashamed

Molly Weasley just gave a apologetic smile to miss Granger and forcibly grabbed ron hand to take him aside

"Now what was that young man? "

Ron just drew his broken wand from his robes inner pocket and showed it to molly Weasley

"For my wand, mum"

"You broke your wand Ron?Do you know how much Arthur has to work for our family? You are a grown man now" molly was about to rant about her problems for why she couldn't give ron his wand when ron interrupted him

"Mom, it broke during battle of ministries and I have the money to buy the wand"

Molly gasped like she was watching Merlin being reborn

"But still I can't let you go there all alone ron" Molly Weasley spoke, showing care for once.

"Then come with me mom"

"With you-know-how returning , a wizard without a wand is as good as dead" Ron whispered.

After a long silence she nodded her head…

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