Myths and legends are old stories that inspire young children to become the greatest beings.

Some of the stories are simply made up to keep myths and legends alive, but others, such as gods and heroes, are not.

They said god still exists even now, that they just watch us from above to see the world grow on its own, and that god is the one who makes the moon look like that, shattering it half as shards stray away, and that's why it's a myth.

And heroes are simply people who achieved their own objectives and were lauded by others.

But true heroes do not care; they simply do what is right, or they do it for selfish reasons that no one knows about.

It makes no difference whether they are good or bad because they are heroes in their own stories, which is why they become legends.

The Great War

The conflict between the Four Kingdoms was recorded as the longest war in the history of remnants, affecting a large number of people in each kingdom.

Faunus is one of them; they are frequently discriminated against by humans due to their animal parts.

turn them into slaves and force them to do hard labour in a mine in order to obtain a crystal known as Dust

The dust is known by various names, including nature's wrath, energy propeller, and so on.

The Four Kingdoms became desperate, especially Vacua, who needed dust not only to win the war but also to repel the dark creatures known as Grimm, a spawn from the darkness with the goal of annihilating humanity.

The tension became unbearable until vacua was targeted for resources by two kingdoms, Mistral and Mantle.

The warrior king, ruler of the kingdom of Vale, gathered his army to assist his countrymen as they marched to the battlefield.

When they arrived, the warrior king was taken aback by what he saw.

Countless bodies were found on the ground, some of which were still alive.

An unknown figure stands in the middle of the battlefield, surrounded by dust.

And it gradually reveals a man in a black hood wielding a twin sword that's slightly curved but deadly.

The man turned his head to face the warrior king. They exchanged stares, and the king narrowed his eyes at the hooded man, but he walked away slowly, disappearing in the dusty wind.

The soldiers exchanged glances and proceeded to speak with the warrior king until the fallen warrior who lay on the ground spoke to them.

A Grimm disguised as a man who appears out of nowhere annihilates the two armies with no bounds, each time he moves a black smoke but lifelike fire follows behind him.

When he swung his sword, a strange red energy glowed as if it was alive, and it cut through anything like there was no end.

They can't recognise him because half of his face is obscured by a rag, but his eyes are a dark red glow beneath his hood.

After a few days, the four leaders of each kingdom meet on the Isle of Vale and declare the war to be over.

The warrior king questions them about the mysterious man.

The atmosphere in the room became tense as they gave the warrior king the silent treatment and decided to respond to him.

And none of them know anything about that man or where he came from; he just appears out of nowhere and annihilates their Army mercilessly.

The story of the man who destroys the two armies has become legend, and he is known as Ashura.