The moonlight shines on the cargo ship as a calm wave blows through the cool air on the ocean.

All of the men on the ship are asleep, but some crew members are still awake and keeping an eye on the ship's navigation and safety.

After taking a sip from his mug and letting out a contented hum, the man turned his focus to his colleagues.

"Is anything new?"

"So far so good captain, everything is working fine," his colleagues replied.

"We're getting close to the mainland, so hopefully the engine didn't break down again."

His colleagues laughed

"The last thing we need is for a bunch of groups to attempt and hijack us."

"And you got shot in the shoulder" The captain rolled his eyes

His colleagues looked at him "OK, that's not funny."

As they talking, two small boats came up behind the ship and docked. Then, a group of men in white and red patterns started to climb into the ship.

It took them a while to get to the top. They looked around and quietly entered the ship, carefully Jamming the door where the crew slept and knocking out the security guard who was on duty.

This is what happens when three masked men break into an electric room and turn off all of its power.

An emergency light filled the room. Captain and his colleagues were surprised and they looked around.

Their eyes opened wide as they looked at the monitor.

"press that button!"

his colleagues nodded and made their way to the far corner of the room, where he broke the glass and pressed an emergency button.

The ship's alarm went on, and the crew awoke to the sound of it.

They began to make their way to the emergency escape,

They went to open the door, but it wouldn't open, They tried again with brute force, but it didn't move.

Captain and his colleagues looked desperate as they looked at the monitor.

The door slammed open and a gunshot could be heard as his colleagues tried to call the police.

When his colleagues dropped the phone on him, a red liquid dripped from his shirt.

Suddenly he felt the brick in his stomach and knelt down on the floor.

When he raises his eyes, he sees a masked figure staring at him, his words muffled by his mask.

"Turn off the alarm,"

Another masked man enters the room, holding a gun, and went presses a button.

It wasn't until the siren had died down that the man heard clicking in front of him and looked up to see an open gun barrel aiming at him.

"Nothing personal." Masked man say,

Accepting his fate, the captain closed his eyes.

As he about pulled a trigger, clanking sounds erupted outside the room, as if had thrown something small at the glass window.

Two masked men stand guard, exchanging glances, and nod.

He goes outside after looking through the window.

The masked man still pointed the gun at the man while he peered at the door. Not even ten seconds passed before the door knocked.

The masked man's eyes narrowed. He kicks captain in the head, causing him to pass out

He approaches the door slowly, gripping the gun tightly.

He kicks the door open, looking around cautiously with a gun in his hand.

"Dean?" He tries to call his men.

Before he looks around the corner, he notices Dean, who is unconscious, leaning against the wall.

He was surprised.

He went to get his scroll, but he was interrupted by someone grabbing his shoulder.

He turned around quickly and felt a brick in his cheek,

He collapses on the floor and sees a fist go towards him, he sees a man who is completely enveloped in darkness before he passes out.

When the captain regained consciousness, he looked around at his colleagues and noticed he pressing his wound,

"Captain,... Are you okay? " he frowned as he tried to rub off his aching face.

"Never been better," he said, rubbing his sore face.

They become tense again as they hear footsteps approaching the door and see an unexpected sight as the person enters the room,

A teen wearing a black and blue striped jacket with one strap across his chest,

slightly dark pants with harnesses between the thighs and legs, and shoes with metal on the toe cap and upper.

His short black hair almost conceals his brow, but the side is buzz cut, giving him a Mistralian appearance.

"You guys okay?" the maroon's colored eyes ask.

"Like I said, never been better,"

"Anyway, what's taking you so long?, Kaizo" captain questioned.

"Well... I have to knock out these people so I can reach here quietly." He crossed his arms,

"And surprisingly, there are so many onboard."

"How many?" The man asked,

"I do not know, so fourteen is my guess"

"Fourteen you say... can you stop them?" The man inquired,

"Captain?'" His coworkers have dumbstruck looks for him.

"If he saying is correct, so not a problem for him because he is not ordinary huntsman- training besides, we have a deal, don't we?" The man gave him a look.

Kaizo nodded.

His coworkers look at the man, then turn to look at the boy, then back at him.

He sighed. "If you said so captain, then I have no complaints "

He stood up and picked up the phone, grumbling as he held his wounds.

"For the man who got shot, you sure a tough one" the captain smirked at him,

"Because this man here is a former soldier who is tired of bull crap, captain" he replied,as he sit down the chair

"I gonna try call for help and while you do whatever you want out there kid, so be careful"

Kaizo nodded once more before exiting the room,

The captain went to the cabinet and opened it. He grabbed a shotgun and loaded it with shells.

Kaizo heightened his senses as he walked down the corridor,

He leaned against the wall, peering into the corridors, after hearing footsteps in the corner.

Two masked men, armed with heavy rifles, patrol the corridors in dark and gradually approach where he stands.

He took out his hidden dagger from inside his leg and ready his armed.

He stabbed the man's shoulder as the two were about to pass him,

the man yelped in pain. His friend was surprised and didn't have time to react before being thrown against the wall.

Kaizo disarmed the man, and he knocked him out with the rifle's buttstock.

As another man is about to shoot him, kaizo appears in front of him,

kaizo grabs the rifle and throws it away, the man panicking as he makes a bailed fist and sends it to him.

he fell to the floor, his mask cracked.

As he approached the end of the corridor, he slowly opened the metal door, it making a loud noise that echoed on the other side and revealing the staircase.

He pauses for a moment, listening for footsteps or strange noises, then he looks down at the staircase to see if the coast is clear.

He didn't find any intruders as he went down the stairs after checking each floor and corridor.

'They hijacked the ship but did not take any hostages. What the hell are they after?'

his question was answered as he look through the window,

A bunch of groups gathers near the container and one of them carries the metal boxes from inside it.

Now he knows where they are at.

As he walks outside, everything is pitch black, but the moonlight glows a little, and his eyes take some little time to adjust to seeing in the dark.

It's better than never.

He went up the container, climbing as high as he could and getting close to them without being seen.

He takes a deep breath and prepares himself as he gets into position.

'Here we go.'

He leaps from the container and lands on an unfortunate man.

They were surprised, and one of them was about to pull the trigger but suddenly he appear in front of him, grabbed his head, and slammed him to the ground.

"Get Him!"

they charge towards him, kaizo do the same as he zig-zag to avoid the bullet,

Man with machete swung at him but kaizo quickly grab the man's wrists and twisted them,

He grabs the machete and blocks the sword behind him, throws the man at his assailant then kicks them away to the gunner.

When he hears a rushing, he instinctively avoids a sword that nearly touches his neck.

He quickly parried with the machete,

he exchanges blow with his attacker before tripping him and punching him to the ground, make him his aura shatter.

It's not over yet

The gunners panic as they continuously fire at him until he throws the machete at them.

They shield themselves using the heavy rifle and one of the rifles gets hit and it almost breaks in half.

Kaizo suddenly appears in front of them,

The energy ring glowed around his legs as he delivered a blow to each of the gunners,

One of them was sent in front of the man who has a slightly different mask,

He walks past the unconscious gunner.

"Wow, that was unexpected."

"An average huntsman in training shouldn't have this much of combat."

"And I only see a veteran, May I ask Who are you?"

Kaizo raised his eyebrows and not answered his questions

"A silent type eh? well never mind"

He sheaths his katana,

"Hurry up and continue unlooting the container, we didn't have much time left," he told his men.

He vanishes as he takes a step forward.

Kaizo's eyes widened,

He jumps back as the man appears to make a thrust, and then he vanishes.

Kaizo stepped up his guard, and His instincts screams at him,

As the man swung to the ground, he took a quick step aside.

Seeing his opportunity, he quickly struck him in the face, causing the man to stagger a little. With his kick, Kaizo delivered a powerful blow to him.

The man quickly recover and went vanished again

At the same time, the three goons tried sneak attack him, One of them swings his sword,

he quickly disarmed him and struck him in the stomach with a powerful jab before slamming his head to the floor,

Kaizo narrowly avoided the sword thrust, he grabbed his attacker's arm and threw him over his shoulder, and went to "snap" his opponent's arms.

He quickly takes the sword and blocks the attack, and his instinct screams at him again.

He kicks his attacker away and deflects went the blow, The man and Kaizo exchange blows until he vanished again,

"Okay, this is getting annoying,"

Kaizo quickly turned around as he raised his hand and grasped the air.

And the man shows up with his eyes widened, as he was desperate for the air as he felt his neck getting tighter.

The others were shocked,

"GET HIM!" one of them yelled,

After dropping the carriers, they charged at him with weapons in their hands.

Kaizo sighed, his arms glowing brightly as the ring of energy appeared around it.

He swung his machete, creating a wave of light that sent it towards them.

Their aura is shattered. As light waves passed through them and pushed them back,

Kaizo examines his sword while they groan in pain,

The sword appears to have melted slightly and its sharpness has dulled,

He sighed as he dropped the sword that can't longer use.

"" The man voiced, as he tried to let go of himself from the grip.

Kaizo turned at him,

"you cannot escape from the aura sense."

Kaizo narrowed his eyes

"Tell me, why would you steal a dust in the middle of the ocean while it is easier to get from a shop that doesn't require a lot of effort?"

Kaizo tightened his grip even further

as he was gasping for air,

"W... we're hired!" He said, struggling to get a word out.

loosening his grip a little, kaizo raised an eyebrow, "Explain"

"the ginger man, H-he promised to reward us with money if we get enough dust"

"and how do you know this ship has dust on it?" said kaizo,

"Corruption... is not an uncommon occurrence"

Kaizo looks at him, trying to find any lies.

Kaizo let him go as he fell on his butt. He

groaned before Kaizo punched the right side of his cheek and knocked him out.

he turned his head as he heard a lot of footsteps come where he is,

When they noticed Kaizo, the other crew members who had arrived with guns in hand began to slow down,

See him standing in the middle of many bodies on the ground with moonlight illuminating him.

One hour later,

Kaizo is now relaxing on the ship's railing as he gazes out at the glistening lights of the city on the horizon.

After they turned on the power, the ship is moving again, and the assailants and their leader have been tied up and placed in the middle of the ship, with their masks removed, under supervision,

And they are almost near to the port.

He turned around as Captain and his colleagues, already bandaging his shoulder, walked towards him.

"Well done, Kaizo! And also thank you for helping us. If it weren't for you, I don't know what would have happened to us."

"Sure, no problem. I do this because we have an agreement after all." Said kaizo,

"Oh, About that... we might need to change it slightly a bit,"

they raised their eyebrows,

"When this ship docks, I'll slip away while you deal with the authorities."

"And why is that?" the captain asks,

"because I don't want to deal with them, that's all"

captain and his colleagues looked at each other before nodding at the man.

"Consider it done," he said.

Kaizo nodded. The captain and his colleagues started to leave him alone as he went back to look at the city.

" life huh?"

The ship has arrived at its destination and is starting to dock the ship as crew members are waiting at the front to bring assailants with them.

"It's been nice to meet you, Kaizo,"

the captain said,

"it's a pleasure to meet you too, captain.",

As they left the ship, the armed forces of police went to arrest the assailants, and medical officers checked the injured.,

Kaizo easily walks past them unnoticed and starts leaving the scene.

"Welcome to City of Vale"