these aren't really chapters but drabbles but... Yeah, some will be short and some will be long.

Depends on my motivation.

Luffy D. Monkey, a young childish boy by the age of 10. Turning 11 this May, was reading his book of human psychology. Ever since he was a toddler he was already fascinated over the human mind and how it worked, how it varied, how it reacted, how it interacted.

His Gramps supports him and, from time to time, would ask why he loved doing these things. And every question led to the same answer.
''For you guys, duh!''

Then, he'd give his Gramps a wide smile, resulted into him getting crushed into a hug every single time. Fingers tapping on the soft surface of the book's pages, he hums quietly to himself. Right now, he and his Gramps are out shopping for his school supplies, he was currently sat down outside Ollivander's Wand shop.

You wouldn't believe how shocked and confused he was while his Gramps cheered and tossed him high in the air catching him no problem.
Mr. Luffy D. Monkey, I am pleased to inform you have been invited to Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Luffy read out loud. Practicing his pronounce, his mind not at all processing the letters words but Garp, however, did.

The aging man spat out his water, his head whipping around to turn his gaze to see a familiar letter in his youngest Grandson's hands. Goodness gracious, Minerva really had to scare him, now did she?

His grandson's small frame sitting on the carpet, his book lay forgotten in front of him as he sat up. Finally realizing what this letter meant.
''Luffy?'' Harp slowly approached his grandson's still stature, then the little boy stood up, turns his head to meet his Gramps eyes. ''I'm a wizard, Gramps!'' His face was strained with smiling, confusion, and excitement.

''HAHA! FORGET BECOMING A SOLDIER! YOU'RE GONNA BE LIKE YOUR BROTHERS!'' He was tossed and swung around the spacious living room, still mostly confused.

Looking left and right, the to his book. He slaps his face with his hands, Ow! Yep, not dreaming!

Laughter bubbled up to his chest, a quiet 'shishishi!' was heard.

He could hardly wait.

Please read the fanfiction Life in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry please! It was the same fic that had inspired me to make this!