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Chapter Two


Naruto wasn't fond of teenagers from his own species. Human teenagers were worse. The annoying nattering of teenage girls as they blushed and gossipped about him once they found out he was Rias' elder brother.

Woefully Rias was herself a teenager and clearly like to surround herself with chittering little brats that worshipped the ground she walked on. They all held Rias in such comically high esteem that the fact that he was her brother sent the schoolchildren into a flurry of activity.

It was weird being in this sort of opposite situation. He was the only male of house Gremory's current generation. That and it's heir. Usually the sycophants were kissing up or gossiping around Rias to get into his graces. He could already tell the boys and girls of Kuoh Academy were about to start trying to get on his good side so that they might have a chance to get in with Rias little group.

Pity it couldn't work. Rias and Sona both had cliques composed entirely of their peerages from what he understood. The majority of the brats here wouldn't be worth the pawn of an extra demon, let alone one of the Pillar families.

"Ugh, tell me we aren't going to stick around here too long." Kuroka complained.

"I'm with the cat, if that little bastard over there tries to use that camera how I think he will there is about to be one less kid in this school." Vali practically hissed.

"No maiming the humans Vali. My mother and Grayfia would hear about it from Rias and then we'll get a lecture about conducting ourselves properly again." Naruto chided with a small chuckle getting a huff from the silverette.

"Sorry for the wait Lord Gremory-" The girl who had greeted them said as she returned from wherever it was she had run off to.

"Just Naruto, I haven't taken the mantle from Zeoticus just yet." Naruto cut her off, ignoring the intrigued look in her eyes from the way he had referred to his father.

"Right, well if you would all follow me, Lady Sona and Rias are both gathered to greet you with their peerages." She said as she led them away from the hall filled with annoying school children.

"Finally." Kazehana said with a sigh as they left the leering kids behind. It wasn't just the boys that had been leering at them either. Actually it wasn't even mostly the boys.

The small group quickly made their way to a meeting room usually used by faculty. It had been cleared of staff though and Rias and Sona sat behind a long curving desk as if they were little business moguls. Naruto couldn't help but grin at the cute sight of his betrothed and baby sister trying the damnedest to act all straight laced and proper. Especially when he knew Rias better than nearly everyone outside of her Queen.

"Rias, it's before noon and you aren't still in bed or even in your pajamas. I'm so proud of you." He teased rather than greeted causing most of Sona's peerage to gasp at his words while Rias glared and pouted. It was adorable and a bit too much for his heart if he was honest.

Sona on the other hand bit down on her lip and tried not to quirk a small smile at the boy teasing her rival. She loved seeing him turn the 'perfect' Rias Gremory into a whining little girl with nothing but a few teasing words. That and she was just happy to see him. It had been quite some time since they last got a chance to spend time together.

"Sona, you look stunning in that uniform and behind the desk. I almost want to enroll here just to spend detention with you." Naruto teased her, causing the slightest crack in the Sitri heiress's demeanor.

"Naruto." Both girls replied trying to bite back their reactions. Sona's was a mere slip of a smile but Rias was, as always, the more emotional of the two. Her face colored faintly and the pout on her face was nowhere close to being hidden.

"Is that it? A cold statement of my name and both of you staying all the way over there where I can't reach you? Have I done something wrong?" He asked.

Sona rolled her eyes but gracefully stood from her seat and made her way around the desk in front of her to approach the Gremory heir. Some of her peerage watched on with trepidation having been unaware of the situation between their king and this man until recently. Naruto simply grinned as the petite young woman pressed tightly against him for an embrace before planting a small kiss at the corner of his mouth.

"I might have been a bit warmer if you had been calling me every week like you promised to." Sona said as she pulled herself out of the broad arms of her fiance that had wrapped tightly around her.

"I apologize. I wanted this to be a surprise. I'm actually here to pick you up for a trip this weekend. We'll be touring the venue finally." Naruto answered.

At that Sona did blush ever so slightly. The thought of her and her lifelong fiance finally being married thrilled her. They had both made sure that they were close despite their marriage having been an arranged one. They didn't want a similar situation to Zeoticus and Venelana after all.

"Venue? Wait what is going on here?" Saji, Sona's pawn squawked, causing her slight smile to fade immediately. She had managed to forget about that little issue.

She may have allowed the boy to form his own idea of a possible future with Sona. While she didn't encourage his fantasy, she hadn't discouraged it either. After all he pushed himself harder to become strong to prove his dedication to her. It was like an eager puppy wanting her approval.

She hopes Naruto wouldn't be irritated by that. Then again she could toss Rias under the bus if need be. While Rias might think her family had abandoned her to her father's contract binding her to Raiser Phenex, Sona knew for a fact that Naruto was not keen on letting such a thing occur. He was a possessive man after all.

"Saji, girls I will explain everything to you later." Sona said as she turned to them. She turned back to her betrothed with a small smile back in place. "So this weekend you are taking me to tour the venue? That sounds pleasant. Are you staying in town until then?"

"Then and more. My schedule is rather clear and I have wanted to spend more time together before the big day. If you don't mind my presence of course." Naruto said charmingly with a smile of his own.

"I never mind it when you are around. Well as long as you don't interrupt my work too much." Sona replied.

"I know better than that." Naruto said with a smile.

Sona grinned before leaning forward and placing another kiss, this time even closer to his lips causing Saji to glare from where he stood in the room.

"I have to go handle some things, I'll leave you to catch up with Rias and her peerage, I believe she has some stories to tell you if Serana and Kushina haven't yet." Sona said getting a glare from Rias at ratting her out while Sona led her peerage out of the room.

"Really? I will catch up with you tonight and then maybe you can properly introduce me to your peerage." Naruto replied as Sona left.

"I look forward to seeing you then." She said as Tsubaki closed the door behind her on the way out.

Naruto turned his attention to Rias who was still sitting behind her desk glaring at the door.

"Oh she's wound up. What do you think little Sona was talking about?" Kuroka asked Kazehana.

"Whatever it was it sure pissed her off. Buying this junk for Rias was probably a smart move after all." Kazehana replied.

"Rias is always a bit emotional and prone to act without thinking, so this could actually be bad if it makes him angry." Mokoto commented quietly.

"All of you stop gossipping. You don't whisper quietly at all." Vali interrupted as she drew the other girls in Naruto's peerage up short. They looked to see both Naruto and Rias staring at them blankly.

Shaking his head in slight amusement at his peerage's antics, Naruto turned his focus back to his baby sister who was still on the opposite side of the desk from him.

"Rias, come over here and give me at least a hug before I embarrass you in front of your peerage." Naruto said with a grin causing the girl to scoff at him.

He probably would do something goofy to try and embarrass her but she was happy to hug him and see him again after so long. She might have some issues with her family at the moment but she did still love all of them.

Just as gracefully as Sona had earlier, Rias stood and made her way around to wrap her brother in a hug. Naruto pulled her tightly to him, and unlike with Sona, it was Naruto that planted a kiss on Rias' forehead.

Issei, Rias' newest and only pawn crumpled slightly at seeing his king's tits smashing up against Naruto tightly. He could only imagine the feeling and it made him groan at the fact that such a thing was being wasted on her older brother and not someone who would really appreciate it like himself.

Then again he was one of only a few in the room that didn't know Naruto regularly fucked his and Rias' mother and had long since made it known that he considered himself the foremost choice for all of his sister's romantic options as well.

Rias had once relied on that before coming to believe her contract regarding the Phenex was being left onto her. She didn't think Naruto wanted her like he did Venelena any longer.

That was part of why, again unlike Sona, who only chose not to correct her pawn's intentions toward her, Rias actively encouraged him. Flashing a bit too much skin here and there and teasing him with it to try and make him work that much harder for her. Her hopes were that she could use the power of the Red Dragon Emperor to free herself. If she had to let Issei fuck her…in her mind it might be worth it.

Just once though.

"Hey, are you alright?" Naruto asked as he felt Rias bury her face in his neck and cling tighter to him. She had only cling so tightly to him in he past when she needed some comfort.

"Oh, I just missed you is all." Rias lied. Truthfully she had always wanted to be with her brother. As long as she recalled she had crushed on him, even getting upset when he was betrothed to her rival or whenever she saw how close he was with his Queen and the other members of her peerage.

Now here she was, he was unattainable and her choices truly seemed to be either Raiser Phenex or Issei Hyoudou. At least she would have all the power if it was Issei.

Naruto was more perceptive than his sweet sister gave him credit for. He couldn't pin it exactly what had come over her, but he knew she needed this moment so he let her hold him as long as she wished, pressing a couple of additional kisses to the crown of her hair.

When they separated, Rias had regained steadfast control of her emotions. Something most didn't realize she was actually capable of doing being as her family regarded her as having especially poor impulse control.

"Did you only come to Kuoh to prepare Sona for your wedding?" Rias asked, a bit bitterly but she masked it with a childish pout.

"Of course not! Check it out." Naruto said as he offered up the gifts he'd gotten her.

The girl's eyes widened a moment before a broad grin split her face. The bags were filled all sorts of figurines, manga, and limited edition toys to add to her expansive collection. Some of her favorites were there too. Her brother had outdone himself in gift choice for her.

Naruto chuckled as Rias dropped all attempts at proper etiquette and decorum as she buzzed about the room going through what he had gotten her. It was a cute sight and his nod to Kazehana made sure that the little snapshots she was taking with her phone would be sent to him.

He had to share them with Venelana. The woman doted on Rias' as her baby and the most similar to herself. She would love seeing her act more like herself rather than just the lady she was expected to be.

"So, you're the president's big brother?" A voice asked.

Naruto turned his attention finally to Rias' peerage. The boy who had spoken was one of the newer additions and Naruto was curious at Rias' choices to add him and the blonde girl beside him. She had some incredible luck at finding pieces or having pieces given to her in the past. Akeno, Shirone, and Kiba were all headed for great things. Even Gaspar, when Rias would eventually help him overcome his troubles, would make a powerful servant for her.

He wondered exactly what these two offered in comparison.

"Ah, where are our manners Rias. Mother would be livid if she saw our failure to introduce everyone." Naruto said with playful shock.

Rias moped childishly as she set her new gifts down but nodded. "You're right."

"Everyone," Rias called as she faced her peerage members. Akeno grinning behind her hand at the interactions Rias had so far. She liked seeing the free spirited side of her king as well. Especially being as that was her best friend's true personality. The one she had hidden as they grew up for too many stupid reasons to bother counting.

"This is my older brother and the heir to the Gremory clan, Naruto. This is his peerage as well. Naruto, girls, this is my peerage. You already know Akeno, Kiba, and Shirone." Rias began, gesturing to each member as she said their name, getting a curtsey from Akeno, a bow from Kiba, and a simple nod from Koneko. Although the youngest of the group did smile up toward her older sister standing to the side of Naruto.

"This is my newest bishop, Asia Argento." Rias said, pointing out the cute blonde girl who seemed a bit timid.

"Hello, it's a blessing to meet you all." Asia said with a smile.

Naruto and the girls warmly greeted her back but a few of them were immediately suspicious by her word choice. Naruto had a feeling both of Rias' newest peerage members would be a problem somehow.

"And finally we have Issei Hyoudou. He took all eight of my pawns." She said, causing both Naruto and Kuroka's eyes to widen.

"Eight?" Kuroka asked. "How, I can hardly sense any magic power on him at all. Hell he barely even smells like a devil."

Issei deflated at the catgirl beauty, shooting him down so harshly. He wasn't that weak, was he?

"He has a lot of work to do, but Issei has a very special sacred gear. One that you might be familiar with." Rias grinned at Naruto and Vali.

Vali narrowed her eyes for a moment as she stared at Issei. The boy shot her a nervous and awkward grin in response to a beautiful woman paying any attention to him. It was short lived before she turned her attention back to Rias.

"So you found the other one then. That's good for the clan's image but…kind of disappointing for me personally." Vali said.

Issei wasn't sure but he kind of felt like he was being looked down upon. Rias knew that she was being spoken down to by Vali and her eyes flared in anger before she tamped down on it.

"Don't you want to introduce your servants?" Rias asked Naruto, emphasizing servants and shooting a look at Vali as she did so, only to be disappointed as the silverette smirked back at her.

"Yeah. This is my peerage. My queen Vali, behave…" Naruto glanced at her as he commanded her to leave his sister alone. He knew Vali liked to taunt and rile Rias up. Ever since their first meeting she had taken a liking to it.

"This is my bishop, Kuroka Toujou, you know her sister Shirone already. My rook Motorola Kusanagi, and my pawn Kazehana Kusanagi." Naruto said as the Kusanagi girls inclined their heads as a greeting and Kuroka waved embarrassingly to Shirone who was trying not to grin at her sister's playful attitude.

"Wait. Are you all his-" Issei began to ask, only to get a slight shock from Akeno that stopped his question. She knew that Naruto regularly slept with his peerage members. Everyone in the clan knew they were lovers but Rias wasn't fond of hearing about it so Akeno went out of her way to stop people from bringing it up if she could. It was a temporary thing. Akeno was secretly a romantic. She fully expected Naruto to pull off something and save Rias from her engagement so that Rias cod be his, and Akeno too of course. Where her king went so did she.

"It's excellent that we all know each other now. However I think Sona mentioned something that you need to tell me?" Naruto asked.

Rias bit her lip lightly as she thought about it. She would rather put it off. Maybe until after his meeting with Sona this weekend.

"I want to tell you all about it but I am behind on my work and this meeting has already ate up quite a lot of my day. How about after you and Sona tour the venue this weekend we can have dinner and talk?" She asked.

Naruto narrowed his eyes. Rias was trying to wriggle out of telling him which meant whatever happened was going to piss him off or make him sad. He was currently betting that it would piss him off.

"Rias, you are not pushing this off until the weekend. If there is something going on I need to know. Both as your big brother and clan head." Naruto scolded.

"You're not the clan head yet though. He still is." Rias snapped back.

"Don't be childish. I may not have the title but I do the work and I make sure the clan is safe and running. Like it or not you're part of that so you need to tell me." Naruto's voice became stern and the happy smile had disappeared from his face.

The others watched in awkward silence and trepidation as the two siblings began to stand bearer each other and raise their voices. Naruto did not like his authority within the clan challenged, especially since he had pretty much broken Zeoticus and assumed de facto control of the family and her territories.

"Oh, is that all I am to you dear brother? A duty?" Rias asked hotly.

"Don't try and bait me baby sister. Akeno, does Rias actually have any work to do?" Naruto growled as he shot a look at his sister's Queen.

"Some, but not too much that she won't be done in a couple of hours." Akeno responded honestly. She did her best to ignore the sour look from the girl as she glared her way.

"Fine then. I will pick you up tonight for dinner and you will be ready by seven. I don't know why you are fighting me on this. You're acting unusually hostile." Naruto said as he began to leave. Only Kuroka stayed behind to be with her little sister for a while. The pair of them both disappeared to Shirone's apartment for sister to sister bonding over copious amounts of candy and other sweets.

Rias didn't argue. She had put it off for a few hours at least. Maybe she could make up an excuse of some kind. She knew Naruto wouldn't be angry with her for doing what she did. Resurrecting the Red Dragon Emperor no matter his magical aura level was a great boost to both Rias and the Gremory family. Saving an innocent like Asia wouldn't be something he batted an eye at either. Although he would be annoyed by her little control over her new pawn as the boy simply had to throw a fit to get his way.

What would anger Naruto would be that Rias had gone out of her way to hide it all while it was going on. Even from Sona. When her fellow King in Kuoh had found out about the fallen angels she hadn't even gotten angry, though she did make it clear that Rias had betrayed her trust.

Sona had told her though that Naruto would be pissed that he hadn't learned about it and that the sooner Rias told him the better off she would be. Rather than listen she had tried to hide it though. Sona didn't seem to want that to happen. If Rias didn't come clean to her brother it was clear Sona would.

As Naruto and his peerage walked through Kuoh, Naruto considered his options. He didn't like arguing with Rias, or any of his sister's truly. However, he felt his protective brotherly feelings beginning to kick up over her nonsense. He was going to involve himself one way or other and he wanted to know how little Rias was acting with so much independence here in Konoha.

"Vali, Kazehana, Motoko. I am going to go handle getting our temporary residence lined up but I want you three to do something for me." Naruto said catching the girls' attentions as they moved out into the courtyard between the old school building Rias had commandeered and the current building.

"What's up?" Vali asked.

"I want you all to snoop around. Motoko, you take a look at Sona's peerage. See if you can notice anything odd. Whatever Rias was getting involved in I'm betting Sona wasn't if she was letting me know about it. Her peerage probably thinks Rias has slighted them somehow, so use that to learn what you can." Naruto commanded.

"Understood." The girl replied simply.

"Kazehana, I want you to search around town. Just act like you are familiarizing yourself with Kuoh. Don't draw attention from either Sona or Rias. I just don't want to deal with the annoyance of them complaining about trying to control their territory." Naruto said.

Kazehana giggled at the thought. She knew that was a lie, her king preferred it when both girls were worked up and even a bit agitated with him. Sona especially being as he liked breaking through her stoic she'll to see the girl he was to marry beneath.

"Well, what am I searching around town for?" She asked.

"Anything out of place really. More specifically though, I want you to look for any kind of sign or evidence of other supernatural beings here in Kuoh." Naruto explained. The thought that Rias was trying to cover up an attempt on her by another supernatural faction so to keep her autonomy here in Kuoh without bothersome guards seemed far too realistic of a possibility for Naruto.

"Got it. I can see if they have any good shops while I'm out too. We can look around at the good ones together later on." Kazehana said.

"Sure, now for you Vali. I want you to snoop around Rias' two newest pieces. They might have nothing to do with this all but I highly doubt that. Plus I want a better gauge on the newest Red Dragon Emperor. I'm sure you think the same." Naruto said.

"If I have to. That boy seemed really disappointing though." Vali answered back.

Naruto shrugged. He didn't know what to tell her in regards to that. It was a bit disappointing after all. Rias was right that he could be trained up given time and effort though. As well as some sort of motivation.

"You're all free to complete those tasks as you see fit, I'll see you all tomorrow sometime. Just send your findings to me with your familiars, besides that you are dismissed for the day." Naruto said as he headed off.

He needed to check in with their arrangements before getting things prepared for dinner with Rias.

Rias knew that her brother would be looking into things with his peerage but she hadn't expected him to be so blunt about it. He expected that he might have Kuroka try to pull something out of Shirone, but instead he sent Vali.

Vali of all people.

She didn't hate the older girl, but that perpetual smirk and her attitude rubbed Rias the wrong way. Especially when Vali proved to be even more shameless than herself. Openly asking Naruto to go off and have sex in front of their family.

It only annoyed her more that most didn't seem to mind. Zeoticus was practically a non-entity at home anymore, their mother seemed entirely too amused by the interaction, and her older sisters all were too busy to do more than frown slightly, though Rias knew that in the case of two of them the idea of Naruto's image didn't phase them it was merely that he was fucking his Queen so often.

So yes, Vali was not her favorite person. Not even close to her favorite, but Rias found herself disliking the girl even more.

There was no question that the Lucifer descendant was beautiful. Plenty of devil's lusted after her for both her looks and her power. But Issei was especially vulnerable to such things.

Vali didn't lead him on, or try to seduce him, she even made it clear that she thought he was a filthy little weakling and she was repulsed by him. It only seemed to make the poor boy want her more. Rias expected something like that. The pervert she had recruited only had one head that did his thinking for him and sadly it was the one below his waistline.

The effect the entire thing had on Asia was what pissed Rias off the most. Any confidence or pride the blonde had picked up thanks to Issei recently was gone in moments as Vali twisted the conversation around them. She was hardly trying, but with two inexperienced and naive juniors the White Dragon Emperor had little trouble working them up.

Asia felt practically zero confidence now and even a bit spurned by Issei following only a couple hours of interaction. The woman insisting that they were two halves fated to cross paths made it even worse as Asia felt like she was no longer worthy of the pawn. Vali knew exactly what she was doing as she worded things that way.

By the time Rias and Akeno intervened the damage was done. Issei was head over heels for Vali, who could pretty much get him to thank her for spitting on him by now, and Asia was clammed up nearly completely silent.

The Gremory girl was going to have words with her brother regarding that…as soon as she could look up from her plate to glare at him. Easier said than done when he had that knowing look and displeased expression on his face.

The cat was out of the bag.

"Seeing as you're finished eating. Maybe now is a good time to talk, hmm?" Naruto asked.

Rias sighed and finally looked up to lock eyes with her brother. She was a bit surprised to see that they were mostly worried and exasperated. Sure there was a steely look there that Rias knew all too well meant her brother was unhappy about something, but it was a fraction of the emotions she was reading from him. The desire to both punish and protect her was strong enough that she could sense it, which was shocking for her a little bit. High class devil's learned from practically infancy to mask their desires from, well everyone. Even family.

"I did what I thought was right." Rias said quietly, much of the wind in her sails gone after locking eyes with Naruto.

The young man sighed at that response.

""That I can believe. You know why I'm aggravated Rias. It has nothing to do with recruiting your new pawn and bishop. As far as I can see they were good moves. Their sacred gears are invaluable and I have no doubt you will put them to good use. Plus they needed help and you helped them while getting something worthwhile in exchange. Your actions are what is expected of a Gremory and I am even a bit proud." Naruto said, causing her to smile slightly. It didn't last long.

"You should have called. Anybody. And to find out you kept it from Sona as well. It's a breach of trust Rias. You expect to have all this autonomy in the name of House Gremory but your actions reflect on the rest of us. Someone could use this whole thing against our house or even against our sisters. You have to think about that sort of thing. Worst of all you could have been hurt and who would have been there to back your peerage up?" Naruto let that question hang in the air before sighing again.

That was a short conversation, if it could be called that. All he had done was lecture his sister. He wished things were simpler like back when they were kids and she had followed their mother around trying to look and act just like her. Now though he knew the Phenex issue hung over her and she was prone to act more recklessly in the face of it.

"Let's put this behind us as a lesson learned kind of thing. Tell me about what else is going on with you. Everything from school to girl troubles." Naruto said trying to lighten the mood by sending his sister a broad grin.

Rias did cheer up, ever so slightly, with that. They talked and teased one another. It was almost like being back home again. She was able to just be herself and forget everything else for a little while. Naruto was just happy to see Rias' smile. Her laugh was beautiful and he wanted her to always be laughing.

"So what about you?" Rias asked.

"Hmm. Where to even start on that?" He asked himself.

"Recently I've been taking over more and more of the clan head duties. Zeoticus is pretty much staying at one of the vacation estates with his harem. As far as I know he's been on a binder of sex and booze…maybe more. He's kind of been spiralling since…" Naruto awkwardly put forward.

"Since you and mother made it public you were a thing. I heard there was some backlash across the underworld. Most couldn't care less about you being mother and son but I heard Sona's dad wasn't happy, or Serafall. And she is a Satan class." Rias said.

"Pfft, like she is one to talk, Sirena is pretty much a cuckquean at this point. I've caught her being made to watch while Serafall takes it from both Grayfia and Kushina. I doubt they are the only ones either." Naruto replied.

Rias was dumbfounded for a second before shaking her head. She knew Serafall was a bit wild but…

"How does Sona feel about it? You are looking at the location this weekend right?" Rias asked.

"We are. She hasn't complained. She hasn't really said anything in regards to it, then again I know Sona a bit better than you might think, little sister." Naruto said with a knowing glimmer in his eye that peaked her interest.

"What are your plans this weekend." Rias frowned. She had been putting thoughts of her own upcoming meeting about a venue off. Now they came rushing back and any good mood the siblings had made a moment prior vanished.

"It seems you aren't the only soon to be groom looking to tour a wedding location with his bride to be. Raised somehow heard about the fact you are taking Sona to tour your venue so he wants to do the same. Instead we are having a meeting Saturday morning with Grayfia there to mediate." Rias said.

"I see." Naruto replied while his mind began to move into thoughts about this Saturday morning meeting.

Maybe he would crash that little party. He needed to pop back to the Underworld briefly before doing so though.

The two made attempts to reignite the conversation but both had too many thoughts buzzing about their minds to really do so and so they called it a night. Naruto returned to his temporary residence and Rias simply went back to her clubhouse. She didn't really feel like going back to her apartment with Raiser on her mind.

The next couple of days webt by quickly for Naruto. He was rather busy throughout the time, setting things up for what he was planning. Among them making sure that the tour with Sona would end up perfect. He cared about her and wanted their wedding just how she wanted it.

This morning he was focused on another coming wedding though. One that he didn't approve of in the slightest. Only Vali was joining him. The rest of his peerage were running errands for him at the moment, besides he was only attending the meeting as the Gremory clan representative since Grayfia was acting the impartial representative of the Maou.

When he arrived Grayfia was a bit surprised though she greeted Naruto and Vali with the respect they deserved. Besides being the heir to the Gremory family and practically running it already, he was her King's younger brother after all.

"Wait, why are we all here exactly?" Issei asked while staring after Vali. Something that saddened Asia and irritated Rias a little.

"We will be receiving a guest soon from the Phenex clan tha-" Rias began to explain only for a pillar of flame to erupt across the room and a tall arrogant looking blond devil stepped out of it.

"Ugh what tasteless and polluted wind the human world has, even inside a building. Still it's freshened considerably with the company present. Most notably you my dearest." Raiser said as he strode over to plant a kiss on Rias' hand only for her to yank it back as if he had burned her.

Naruto narrowed his eyes but did well in controlling his anger at the moment. His mother's lessons in emotional control were helpful.

Not everyone in the room had such self control though. Issei's jaw dropped at the Phenex's action before he leapt across the room to stand before the taller man.

"Don't lay you hands on her you bastard!" Issei roared only for him to deflate as Raise simply looked down on him in distaste.

He turned his attention back to Rias and plastered a smarmy grin back onto his face.

"Rias my love, come, let us go and tour our venue for our wedding shall we?" He asked with false charm dripping from his lips.

"Wedding?" Issei mumbled. "The president is getting married?"

"Oh you didn't tell your little pets? Well that's fine if they aren't worth your attention they certainly aren't worth mine." Raiser laughed out.

"There won't be a wedding Raiser. I refuse to marry you." Rias spat at the blond before her.

"Oh come now sweetheart, out hearts are bound and so are our clans by a contract. You wouldn't want to cause a feud would you? All those dead from a foolish refusal to do you duty for the species." Raiser takes at her like she was a spoiled child.

"I think that's enough taunting, Raiser." Naruto cut in.

"Oh, forgive me I didn't see you there." Raiser said with a thinly veiled sarcasm.

"What is the esteemed heir of the Gremory doing here?" He asked.

Naruto didn't respond instead turning to Grayfia. "Let's hurry this along, I have an appointment with my fiance soon."

Grayfia bowed her head slightly before turning to face both Raiser and Rias.

"By the law of the Maou, contracts made between the heads of two or more pillar families of the underworld must be upheld without bias or undue hesitation." Grayfia began causing Raiser to grin and slowly approach Rias yet again.

"However, any contract or ruling made between clans is subject to dismissal by those respective clan heads or by the individuals involved via a rating game or duel. The consequences be upon whomever reneges on the agreement." Grayfia finished in her cold serious tone. Raiser's smile hadn't wavered in the slightest as he wrapped Rias up in his arms from behind.

"You see, we are bound together by the laws of the underworld. Laws enforced by your own elder sisters. Come along with me and soon enough I'll have you doing exactly what you were born to do," He leaned into her ear to whisper.

"Lying on your back and moaning my name like a whore."

"Get your damned hands off of her!" Issei roared as he flun himself at Raiser. The blond simply snapped a finger and one of his peerage members appeared in the room with a burst of flame and easily blocked and countered Issei's attack sending him sprawling.

Soon the rest of Raiser's peerage was there and clearly ready to fight with Rias'group if need be.

"Enough of this." Naruto barked gaining everyone's attention again. Beside him Vali had taken up an aggressive stance and was clearly itching to dive into the fight.

Rias ripped herself free of her fiance's grip and stepped over to her own peerage as Kiba and Asia helped Issei to his feet again.

"I refuse to marry you Raiser. I challenge you to a rating game." Rias growled.

"Darling you are too young for a rating game and you are just fighting the inevitable." Raiser said like he was trying to get through to a particularly hardheaded child.

"The challenge has been presented Raiser, accept it or accept the termination of the contract." Naruto said getting the blond man to shoot him a glare.

"Fine, though unofficial matches like this one are a pain, it will be worth it to show you your place, dear Rias." Raiser scoffed. "Ten days from now at an arena created by either the Mauo or Grayfia. Best get to training Rias."

With that the Phenex peerage and their master all disappeared into pillars of flame leaving on the members of the Gremory clan behind. Rias promptly scurried to the otherside of her desk and began making out forms that gave her peerage leave so that she could cram as much training into their schedule as possible. The others were ushered off by Akeno to begin packing and when Rias left to deliver the slips of paper to Sona it left only Naruto, Grayfia, and Vali.

The heir to the Gremory family was not especially happy his timetable had just been advanced so rapidly but he could make it work. He would make it work, there was no point in his plan if he couldn't achieve his goal of taking care of Rias' and the rest of his loved ones after all. This whole debacle with the Phenex family was just something he had to save Rias from.

"Grayfia. I want you to watch over Rias and her group until the rating game. You know how she is when under pressure. Stop her from doing anything she will regret." Naruto ordered the Gremory family maid.

"Of course Master." She said stoically. Used to receiving orders like that from the soon to be head. Only Kushina and Sirena's orders trumped his for her now a days.

Vali see if you can lend a hand teaching Issei. Dragon to dragon or whatever." Naruto said as he began to leave.

"It's gunna suck but fine. What about you though?" She asked.

"I plan on enjoying my time with Sona while I can. I have a busy week ahead of me it seems. Raiser will beat Rias group in a rating game, there just isn't enough time to get them ready. That being said, I don't plan on a Rating Game taking place in the first place." Naruto left at that not willing to answer any other questions. They both had their orders from him anyway so it was best to do as told.

An hour to shower, dress, and relax was long enough to put his problems surrounding his baby sister to the side. He didn't want any distractions while trying to show his bride to be the place they would have their big day.

That wasn't to say he was brushing the Phenex problem off, no it was something he just couldn't resolve today. So his focus was on the things he could affect at this moment.

Dressing in a relaxed but respectable outfit he went to pick Sona up at her home here in Kuoh. It wasn't extravagant, which was typically Sona. It was a bit humourous to him that such a prideful girl was actually quite thrify and simple in tastes.

When she came to the door, Naruto couldn't stop the grin that came to his face. Sona had worn a set of light clothes with a shorter than normal skirt. Clearly she looked more like she was going on a date than to a business meeting which he had half expected her to dress for.

"You look great." He said with a grin.

"You look like a normal boy almost." Sona replied with a grin before standing on her toes to kiss him at the corner of his mouth again.

"Such a tease." He joked getting her to giggle as they entwined hands and began heading off for the secret entrance to the underworld train. They wanted to take the long way to spend more time together.

"If you want more you are going to have to impress me, I think." She fired back glancing at him from behind her glasses.

The two headed back down to their home dimension. They got a train car to themselves thankfully so that Sona could be more of herself than she normally was. Always presenting the perfect young heiress publicly, in private Sona was more like her sister than she would admit. Though there was still a vast difference between the playful and teasing Sona and the nearly insane act that Serafall performed.

"You know I've been to these gardens before right? They're partially owned by my family." Sona said as she watched the beautiful landscape appear as they exited a tunnel.

"Sona, you have talked about our wedding day being held here since you were nine. We've been over every inch of this territory in the past. I just wanted to do this so we could have an official excuse to put our work aside and go on a date. I refuse to end up like my mother and fa- Zeoticus did." Naruto said.

"Oh, you think I would leave you for our son in the future?" She teased, knowing full well about his relationship with Venelana.

"More like what I would have to do if it happened. I'm a jealous bastard, Sona. You know that." He said with a smirk. "I wouldn't bend over like Zeoticus did."

"That's probably why I wouldn't fall for a kid between us. Your mother never was interested in Zeoticus anyways."

"True. Still, let's shlft topics here. Since we have already been all over our location for the wedding what if we really do just turn this into a little date?" He asked her.

"A great idea, we can visit that little hole in the wall restaurant your mother brought us to as kids and get things to go. I used to love picnicking her as a girl." Sona shook slightly in brief joy from her place beside him. By now their arms, not just the fingers, had fully intertwined.

"Perfect plan. I know some more secluded spots so we can eat in privacy." Naruto said as the train stopped and he led her along to the old shop to buy food.

They received their order quickly and paid an extra tip. With their wedding around the corner Naruto and Sona were practically household names so appearing to be charitable kind individuals was great for publicity.

Naruto led Sona to a section of the gardens that was thick with hedges, bushes, and trees. Most with fragrant flowers or fruit on them. Beyond it though was a small clearing beside a river bend. There was absolutely no one else present and the soft noise of running water combined with the scent of flowers and soft grass under foot made the spot perfect.

Sona was entrances by it. After the pair of them ate, feeding each other like a cliche couple from television, she kicked off her shoes and dipped her feet into the river followed by Naruto shortly after.

"It's beautiful here. So relaxing too." Sona said as she lay back in the grass.

"Perfect place for a picnic, and perhaps more." Naruto said as he stared over at his fiance.

Sona blushed faintly at the path his eyes trailed down and up her form. She liked that she could draw his gaze though. She knew she was petite. Compared to most other devil girls she was practically tiny when it came to her assets. However, even with complete sexual access to women who were some of the bustiest and most curvaceous in the underworld, Naruto still checked her out. Still desired her.

That thought filled her with lust. She would be his wife, very soon. Matriarch of the Gremory clan. That mere thought turned her on almost as much as the actual thought of kissing and sex did.

She rolled over and crawled on top of Naruto, surprising him slightly, though he was very pleased by the surprise so far. Sona leaned forward and caught his lips with her own. Kshe kissed him loudly, letting her mouth go on it's own. Her lips parted his and soon their tongues caressed and played with one another.

It was more intimate than Sona had ever been with someone before and she wanted more. Badly enough that when he broke the kiss she mewled weakly in disappointment. That turned into a moan of pleasure as he kissed along her jaw and began sucking at her neck.

Naruto's hands began to slip up Sona's soft legs till they passed by the hem of her short skirt. He continued upward but pressed behind as well to cup her taut ass cheeks.

Sona might be petite, but she was also in amazing shape. Her body was tight and felt amazing as he kneaded her perfectly shaped butt with his hands.

"That feels so much better than I thought it would." Sona groaned out before she twisted to kiss him once again. She was more aggressive now. Kissing and breaking kisses loudly as her tongue danced with his.

It wasn't enough though. So she shifted her feet into a position under herself and began to gyrate in her fiance's lap. Naruto grunted at the sensation.

Gentle friction began enticing his arousal faster and harder than before causing both of them to notice the other's arousal. Especially as Naruto discovered Sona had worn nothing more than thin thong under her skirt and the thin fabric across their crotches acted as the only barrier from them taking that next step.

"Do you wanna fuck me?" Sona asked as she picked up speed making him grunt again. Her sudden aggressive sexualized energy stoking his own arousal even more.

"Come on, you do don't you?" She asked.

"Ah yes.." He moaned out as she kissed roughly at his neck and picked up the speed of her hips.

"I'm a virgin you know. Untouched but by you. You've had virgins before. Your peerage, but when you took their cherry could you say you were truly making them yours? Like you will when you take mine and I become your Lady Gremory?"she moaned out gasping through harsh breathing as she closed in on a climax just as Naruto did as well.

"I'll do more than just that Sona. I'll ruin you for anyone else every again. You'll never have a wandering eye and you'll beg me to knock you again and again." He groaned as he thrust his hips up slightly rubbing the bulge in his pants against her soaked panties more roughly than before causing the girl to shake suddenly at the feeling and clamp down tightly on him underneath her as she rode out an orgasm.

"I'm going to be yours…but not till our wedding night, lover." She giggled before leaning forward and capturing his lower lip with her teeth just enough to put some pressure. She then transitioned it into a rough kiss while she slipped her damp underwear off.

She stood over Naruto a playful and lustful look in her eyes before tossing the pair of panties onto him and teleporting home. This was the personality that Sona reserved just for him. Playful, sexy, confident, and horny as all hell. Just for him.

As much as he loves it though he now has a very hard problem at hand, so he chose to teleport back to his residence in Kuoh as well.

Back in Kuoh at Naruto's house the only member of his peerage currently there was Kazehana. As she often did when not busy and just spending time around the house she had dressed down into very comfortable but extremely revealing clothes. Effectively a pair of shorts cut from sweats that could be more considered panties, especially being as Kazehana hadn't chosen to wear any actual underwear beneath them, and an old t-shirt cut more into the shape of a bra, exposing plenty of the underside of her cleavage.

She had been enjoying the afternoon alone, drinking a bit, which was her normal, and relaxing in the bath. Now though she had thought it would be nice to cook a dinner for everyone before they came home.

Things were only getting started, with her large assets bouncing to the beat of the song on the radio as she danced when Naruto teleported into the room behind her.

Kazehana let out a startled yelp as she spun around to face him only to blink in surprise at the state her master and lover was in. The flushed face and sweaty appearance would have given it away easily enough but the noticeable bulge he was sporting and the strong scent coming from the pair of panties in his hand told her exactly what happened. She just hadn't thought Sona of all people had it in her.

"Oh dear, what happened on your little tour master?" She purred as she approached the younger devil.

"She blue balled me. Payback is gunna be so damn good." Naruto said with a half groan half chuckle.

"How terrible. Seeing you all pent up like this is just not right." Kazehana said as she reached out to tilt his face and angle in for a kiss.

It wasn't rough and aggressive like Sona's last few had been. Instead it was deep and passionate. Until she broke the kiss and twisted in his arms to press her ass up against the bulge in his pants.

"What a naughty girl she must be to leave you in this state." She purred as she pushed back against him while snaking a hand back under his waistband to begin stroking him.

She hummed at the feeling of the warm taught cock in her hand. Sona had really worked him up. He was hard as a rock.

"This won't do." She cooed as she twisted once again but kept her hand firmly wrapped around his member. Her other hand quickly tugged his pants off to reveal just how erect he was as it flopped out.

"Is that painful, Naruto?" She had to ask. It looked like it would be. Angry and red. She'd never seen him this hard before.

"I'm not really used to stopping right at the edge. I feel like a bomb about to go off Hana." He groaned out.

"Then we had better put a pause on making dinner then. I need to work up an appetite anyway." She smirked before wrapping both hands at the base of his cock and jacking him off while running her warm tongue along his head.

"Shit Hana, I was already on the edge earlier. It won't take much for my first load!" Naruto said as one of her hands moved down to massage his balls.

Kazehana took that as the signal to really get started as she did her very best to swallow his cock down before rapidly sliding back off of it and repeating the process all over again. The sudden change from gentle licking to her deepthroating him had Naruto sliding back against the counter top, slowly sliding down to sit on the floor as his pawn followed him down, mouth and throat full of his dick the whole trip down.

"Fuck. Ugh" Naruto grunted out as his muscles flexed briefly and his cock pulsed within the woman's throat. She had been in the process of backing off of him when he released his cum, splattering it onto her lips and cheeks.

Once more Kazehana proved that this wasn't their first rodeo together as she licked his jizz off of her lips and scooped the cum off of her cheeks into her mouth only to swallow it all down with a happy hum.

"You've been eating more fruit like I asked. You always taste delicious to me, master-" Kazehana tried to tease only to find herself tugged forward and her shorts ripped off.

"Hey, those were my relaxing shorts!" She cried halfheartedly as the fabric slipped down her supple thighs. Naruto ignored her though. Kazehana had enjoyed his taste and now Naruto wanted to enjoy hers.

He dove straight in, more roughly than he normally would with his girls. Of course Kazehana had compounded the teasing he'd already gone through from Sona, so he considered it justice in the end as she quickly becoming a squirming mess in his tight grip.

"Naruto, wait slow down! I'm still sensitive from when I was play-" Kazehana tried to beg only to take in a sharp gasp as he attacked her pleasure button with his tongue and the suction of his mouth.

It didn't take long. Kazehana had been playing with herself most of the afternoon and was still incredibly sensitive from her bathtime. Naruto didn't show any mercy though. Even after she had come he had stood up and bent her over the counter top. He wasted no time at all as he entered his woman and started with a rapid pace out of the gate.

"Oh Maou! Unng!" Kazehana hollered as a cloud of flour was blown off of the counter from her heavy breathing. Naruto ignored the mess they were making. He wanted to at least cum once inside Kazehana before she regained her composure and started trying to pull it out of him.

"Are you ready baby?" He asked after he picked up his pace more causing the doors and drawers to the cabinets to rattle as he fucked her into the furniture.

Kazehana didn't reply as she rode out another shaky orgasm. Her King took the glazed look on her face as enough of an invitation though with a series of three deeper and harder thrusts that picked her up off of the floor entirely, Naruto emptied his balls into her.

Slowly the both sank back down to the kitchen floor with a sweaty and breathless Kazehana laying on top of her lover. His dick eventually slipped out of her, allowing a steady stream of white to spill across the floor.

As devils both of them recovered incredibly quickly though. Gradually Kazehana leaned up and tore off her top tossing the cloth to the side. She made to mount back onto Naruto as he was already beginning to harden again but paused first. A mix of her cum and his covered Naruto's dick and balls.

"I had better get this cleaned up before I start riding. Nobody wants to sit on a dirty seat." Kazehana mumbled as she began to suck and lick at the juices covering Naruto. Her thick ass swaying and jiggling beside Naruto's head as she did so, giving him a great show of the cum running down her thighs and swollen and slick pussy.

Eventually they would have to order takeout, because neither of them ever actually got around to cooking anything before the others returned and found Naruto filling Kazehana's remaining hole with a load of his cum.

That's it for that one. You are going to get some lemons from all of Naruto's peerage members over the next few chapters, so no worries you will get to see it happen. As far as plot, things are in the works for Naruto to do what he feels he must. Plenty more to come in the future.


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