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Chapter Three

Hot Headed

The door to one of the many vacation homes that the Gremory family owned, banged loudly against the wall as Naruto stormed through the opening. His peerage followed closely behind. Each of them mirrored his stern visage while also trying to suppress the anxious looks they were sending their king.

Naruto was rarely as angry as he was today. His entitled form seemed to crackle and hum with the blue and white energy of his Power of Annihilation. The staff working in the house meekly greeted their master's son before wisely ducking out of his way as he made his way for the spacious private bathhouse that the current Lord Gremory inhabited with the half dozen women that composed his harem.

Naruto paused briefly outside the door at the sound of sloshing water and scattered moans. With a sigh he fought to restrain his emotions and recall his Power of Annihilation. He didn't have any issue with his father's women, or even the fact he had a harem. Naruto had one as well and since taking Venelana from the man, Naruto was happy to let him drown himself in lesser women.

When it got in the way of his actions though. That was something that pissed him off. It didn't mean he should go in trying to fight with his father. Besides as agitated as he was with Zeoticus, the truth of the situation was it was all in Naruto's favor even if the delay had frustrated him to no end.

With a second sigh as he regained control of himself, Naruto shoved the doors before himself open to reveal his father relaxing in a large steaming pool of water with several women of various supernatural origins arrayed around him. A young woman, probably around Naruto's own age was sitting in Zeoticus' lap and clearly busy at work pleasuring both of them.

"Girls get them out of the way, Zeoticus and I need to have a talk." Naruto commanded causing the various women of his father's harem to realize that it wasn't servants that had stepped into the room but a very stern looking Naruto Gremory.

The women scrambled to do as they were commanded by Naruto's peerage members. The young woman that had been riding on his father a moment before looked to be nearly in tears as she was pulled from the pool without her swimsuit bottoms that had floated off in the water somewhere. Naruto nearly scoffed at the display. It was a bit late for humility when she had been having sex in front of all the others in the room a moment ago.

"Well, well, well. The prodigal son…or wayward son…no that's not right." Zeoticus grumbled as he stood from the water.

Naruto rolled his eyes and pelted the man with a pair of towels. Thankfully the elder Gremory had the decency to wrap it around his waist. As he did so, Naruto couldn't help but notice the man had been gaining weight. Not a great amount, their supernatural nature would happen keep them from truly becoming obese or anything like that, however Zeoticus had packed on a noticeable weight from his formerly prime physique that he had not ping before.

"You are getting on my nerves. Three days in a damn row you ignore the elders request for an audience and an additional two that you ignore mine. Your name is mud in grandmother's mouth right now!" Naruto barked, cutting straight to the point.

"Oh, just another woman in the family I seem to have disappointed. Maybe you can fuck her too and make it all better." Zeoticus said as he climbed onto the dry floor and made his way slowly over to the bar along the wall.

Naruto stared at his father as the man calmly poured himself a drink. Straight whiskey from the underworld's finest brand. He clearly was content with staying drunk for as long as possible.

"Do you even wonder what we all wanted to speak with you about? Do you care?" Naruto asked.

"No. You have it handled right? I mean you have taken everything over anyway, why not just make it official?" Zeoticus asked.

The silence caused him to turn and face his son.

"Oh. Oh! Hah! That's just fucking perfect!" Zeoticus howled as he laughed.

"I wanted you to be there to plead your case. Or at the least abdicate with some dignity. I tried to do that for you. But you were too busy drinking the days away. Any idea what the hell is going on with your family lately?" Naruto asked wondering if the man even knew that Riser Phenex had moved up the date for the wedding and Rias was going to be participating in a rating game.

"You mean your family? I was so pleased when your mother gave birth to you. I should have known you would take everything from me." Zeoticus pathetically whined.

Naruto stared at the man. He already disliked him though he still loved him as all sons love their fathers. He cared for him despite considering him the most pathetic person he knew. Now though that was gone.

"Well at least you are kind enough to stay out of my way. Stay here and drink yourself to death with your harem. Stay out of my way and I can actually fix all the problems you were starting. First and foremost breaking the agreement with the Phenex." Naruto said as he turned to leave.

Zeoticus paused at that.

"Fool, you can't stop the agreement with the Phenex clan. Do you know the hoops I jumped through to secure things with those arrogant birds? So secure with heir magic tears and healing all that damn money…" Zeoticus rambled.

"I can. I am now head of House Gremory. In your absence Grandmother and Great-grandmother have appointed me as head and grandmother wanted to cast you out of the clan. Thank me for at least keeping you in the family when you're sober." Naruto said as he formed a magic circle and the members of his peerage stepped beside him to teleport.

"Stupid boy! We may hold more political power than the Phenex family but their wealth trump's ours and the Sitri's put together. We need that alliance and your idiocy will start a feud with them!" Zeoticus shouted as he hurled the class of whiskey in his hand against the wall. It promptly exploded into a cloud of glass dust.

"Well that is my problem to deal with." Naruto simply stated.

"You selfish little shit. All this so you can have little Rias as your own, right? How much will that matter when you are holding members of our house in your arms while they die from a blood feud you could have prevented?" Zeoticus demanded.

"Don't try to guilt me. You don't care about this family, only about what you could take for your own from it. Now enjoy the retirement I gave you!" Naruto shouted before disappearing in a burst of red light.

The peerage reappeared at the Gremory Estate where Venelana, Grayfia, and surprisingly, Karin were waiting for them. Naruto felt a bit of tension leave him at the sight of his twin. The two of them were naturally more comfortable together but as of late things seemed to pull them apart more and more.

"Welcome home, darling." Venelana said as she stepped forward and deeply kissed the new lord of their house.

"It's good to be back. Whenever you all have the opportunity could you alter the wards on the estate and the other properties to only allow Zeoticus to enter upon invitation?" Naruto asked them.

Venelana shared a brief look with Grayfia and her second youngest daughter before turning back to her son. "Of course, love. I'll take care of it today."

"Good. Grayfia I need you to also tell my elder sisters that I am in need of a meeting as soon as possible. We have a lot to discuss." Naruto said between kisses for both the silverette and redhead.

"What are you going to do, Naruto?" Karin asked worriedly. She had a duty to Kushina to report anything he might do that could cause disorder in the underworld. As did Grayfia, though the silver haired woman was surprisingly less keen on ratting out Naruto to her best friends. Especially if it was something to do with the nonsense that she expected it to be.

"Never mind what I'm going to do, unless you are volunteering." Naruto leered at her, causing her to swat at his arm. Neither sadly had much time and as much fun as that sounded they both had places to be.

"I'll deliver the request for a meeting before heading back up to watch over Lady Rias as you requested, Lord Gremory." Grayfia said as she curtsied deeply. She grinned up at him as she used his newly claimed title.

With her departure, Karin sadly also had to leave. She had several reports for Kushina and no doubt would have to track her elder sister down to give them to her. The older redhead was far too prone to wander about at her leisure for Karin's tastes.

Venelana on the other hand linked arms with her son and made it clear she intended to be involved with his schemes from the get go. After all, until he married Sona she remained Lady Gremory. It was important she not only stay abreast of whatever it was her beloved planned. She also needed to show a unified front. With the effective exile of Zeoticus, a change in leadership of the clan could appear as a sign of weakness to some parties.

Not that it was. If anything it was an indication that the House of Gremory was growing stronger. With Naruto at it's head it was bound to continue doing so. However Venelana knew what major move he planned next, now that he was the head of the family.

"When are we going to the Phenex family to announce the nullification of the agreement, darling?" She asked him.

"I've already sent my familiar with a message asking for an audience with both Riser and Lord Phenex in attendance. It won't be a pleasant meeting, I'm sure." Naruto said with a slight upturning of his lips.

"Indeed. I'm happy though. My baby girl belongs somewhere much better than with the third born of the Phenex family."

"Even if it starts a blood feud with the Phenex family?"

Venelana stopped and turned to look into her child's eyes. He averted his gaze a bit, something he never did with her in a serious discussion like this.

"What did Zeoticus say?" She asked, hitting the nail on the head.

"Nothing you need to worry about. Just the curses of a sour man who's too pathetic to fight for what was his."

Venelana leaned forward and captured Naruto's lips with her own while pressing herself closely to him. As their tongues caressed one another she impressed upon him that he had in fact taken her, and was in fact secure in at least that position.

"I'm here if you need me. For anything at all." She muttered in a husky tone once they finally broke the kiss.

Naruto pressed his lips to a tender spot where her neck and shoulder met before pulling away.

"I know. I don't regret anything along this path and I'm willing to face the consequences for what I plan." He said resolutely.

Venelana nodded though internally bemoaned not having time to drag him to their bedroom to enjoy one another.

Naruto and Venelana had taken time to eat a small meal and had only just finished when his familiar returned with a response. As expected the response was quick and they wanted to meet the same day. That made it easier on Naruto in the end so he quickly gathered his peerage and insisted that Venelana remain behind while he handled things.

She was unhappy about it but did as she was instructed. If he had been forced to, he would have made it an order as the new head of the family but neither would push the other like that. It was better this way after all. While her presence in front of their house showed the united front she desired, having his mother along for the talks with the Phenex could reflect poorly.

He, along with Kazehana and Motoko disappeared in a burst of red light. Vali and Kuroka were both still preoccupied with Rias peerage. Annulling the agreement or not his little sister and her peerage needed some serious help.

As he arrived in the front courtyard of the Phenex estate he found himself frowning slightly at the natural heat that the clan's territory possessed. Fitting that their land was almost entirely deserts and savannahs, only broken up by humid jungles and a few stretches of tropics.

The seat of the Phenex family rested in one of this tropical zones and just beyond the glittering walls that Naruto considered a bit gaudy even for devil's, hundreds toiled in the production of artificial Phenex tears. A product only produced by the Phenex family and not nearly as potent as the real thing. Still it facilitated the enormous wealth that House Phenex possessed and had played a major part in bringing them to this point.

Not quite as major as the thought of the Phenex family's gifts and Rias' gifts merging for a new bloodline. Similar to how Naruto and Karin had both developed mutated versions of their mother's bloodline

"My Lord, this way please." A servant called out as she opened a door for him and inclined her head.

Naruto simply nodded and stepped forward. He allowed the maid to lead him through the halls. She looked as if she could be extended family of the Phenex house. The majority of those native to this land did though. Fair to tan complexions with bright blonde hair and blue eyes. He much preferred the variations that were more common in his own family's lands.

"My Lord, his grace Lord Phenex and his son await you just through this door. However they have asked that servants of any level remain outside for the discussion. They expressed their intent that only those with a real say in the decision discuss things." The maid said getting Naruto's girls to tense up.

"That's fine." Naruto replied, waving off the concerned looks from both Kazehana and Motoko. "Although it does make me wonder why it is that Riser is going to be present then."

Naruto pushed through the thick wooden double doors and allowed the maid to close them behind him. He was a little annoyed by the obvious lack of decorum when she failed to announce him. He normally wouldn't care but he was certain it was a purposeful command by her master to slight Naruto.

"Ah, young Naruto. I'm glad you could come at such short notice. I had feared perhaps we might be catching you at a bad time. I'm sure your week will be filled with taking oaths of service from all of those that your father ruled over. Congratulations on your succession to the head of the family by the way." Lord Phenex announced cheerfully.

"It's quite fine, after all I have been the acting head for quite some time. It has only just become my official title." Naruto said, notably failing to greet either.

"Quite." Lord Phenex said slowly as he noticed the lack of care any of his digs seemed to pull from the young man.

"Can we get this over with? I want to spend my time with my peerage preparing everything for my wedding next week, not here shooting down another weak attempt to stop it. I figured you could do that without me, father." Riser said from his place lounging on a chair.

Lord Phenex glowered at his son but Naruto smiled quite cheerfully at the younger of the two.

"I was actually about to ask why you were here. This discussion should really only be between the two that have control over it, correct?"

Riser glared but a warning look from his father kept his mouth shut.

"Perhaps you are right but I do hope you don't mind me making an exception for Riser. He has so looked forward to this event. Ever since first meeting his beautiful fiance. From what I hear your younger sister will make quite the wife for him once everything is said and done." Lord Phenex said, turning his attention back to Naruto.

Naruto locked eyes with the older man and felt a small twist in his chest at the mocking glint in his eyes. He seemed fully confident that Naruto would bow to his will on this matter. No doubt certain that like his father, Naruto was too terrified of igniting a blood feud to end the agreement.

He was about to learn that Naruto was hardly at all like Zeoticus Gremory.

"Rias no doubt would make the perfect wife for the right young man…however I scarcely believe that Riser here is up to such a task. Thankfully for his sake he will never have to find out." Naruto said coldly and simply.

Lord Phenex stared at Naruto as if checking to see if he was truly going to go through with this. Riser chuckled snobbily nearby. He had been completely taken with the words of his parents in the past saying that he would be wed to Rias no matter what as the Gremory wouldn't risk breaking ties and offending their family. Not just because of a blood feud but also because of the immense wealth they could throw behind any endeavor.

That was before Naruto Gremory had become head of the House though.

"I see." The old Phenex said darkly as he kept his eyes locked with the much younger man's.

"So you do." Naruto replied in equal footing to the aged Phenex.

"And you understand my position? You see what consequences this action will cause and you simply accept them?" He asked as Riser's laughter died away and he finally sat up straight as the two clan heads stared one another down.

"I'm fully aware and I accept them wholeheartedly." Naruto replied.

The pair continued to stare until finally the Phenex huffed out a long and painted sigh.

"Zeoticus often told me he worried that you were too weak and foolish to lead your house. I see he was wrong about you. You aren't weak at all. I don't truly know if you can fight, but at least in the ways that he was weak, you most definitely aren't."

"Thank you for the compliment." Naruto said back with a small chuckle.

"Don't. He was only half wrong. You are incredibly foolish. However you are the head of your house. The agreement is nullified and the consequences be upon your head, boy." Lord Phenex said as he summoned his copy of the agreement regarding Rias and Riser and burned it to ash in his bare hand.

Naruto did the same as he summoned the Gremory copy and reduced it to atoms with a flashy show of his Power of Annihilation.

"Wait, no!" Riser barked as he jumped to his feet.

"Silence son! I will deal with you later, for now remain silent." The Lord Phenex commanded, causing the brash young man to wilt under his father's tone.

"I believe that brings any business the two of us have to an end, Lord Gremory. I wish you all the best for what's to come, as of the moment your and your servants leave my lands, you may consider yourself the enemy of this House." Lord Phenex said coldly.

"So be it." Naruto said simply as he turned to leave. "Though you have been my own enemy since I learned about conspiring with Zeoticus to use my sister as breeding stock for your littlest bird. Imagine had I done the same with your precious granddaughter Ravel."

"Ravel is my sister, fool!" Riser bit out.

"Ravel is that and more to you, fool. Ask your big brother. He's actually decent company, or so I heard from your mother." Naruto mocked.

"Enough! Leave while I still care to uphold my dignity and allow your return to your lands, Gremory!" The Phenex head raged, flame sparking to life and licking along his cloak and burning marks into the floor.

"Until we see one another again." Naruto replied, passing through the doors and immediately teleporting back home with his two servants.

Upon his arrival he was pleased to find most of House Gremory's more notable vassals present. Having clearly been gathered by his mother. It showed even more clearly how real this situation was.

It was going to be a long day explaining his choices to their subordinates. Though most of those that served their family were honest and decent folks that would understand his decision. After all, the Gremory were known for their kindness even if in the case with their vassals it was more out of practicality than genuine devotion to them. Love only went so far and when compared to the passion they clung to their actual family and close servants, well it was no contest.

The next few days saw Naruto and Venelana meeting with other nobles across the underworld, primarily their allies and the multitudes of subordinates they ruled over. They needed to reassure that things were not only fine, but that with Naruto having official control they would be even better.

Among those they had to reassure of not only their strength but of the alliance that had long stood between their families had been the Sitri. Sona's mother and father had admitted they had been getting messages from both of their daughters regarding the Gremory house and knew this day was inevitable. They just seemed relieved that Naruto and Sona had a good relationship unlike Riser and Rias.

With the alliance confirmed, it was agreed to move up the date for Naruto and Sona to wed. Sona herself was unbothered by an earlier wedding though she wasn't pleased with the small amount of time she would have to prepare for it. Naruto had heard through the grapevine that his dear fiance was taking a short break from school to make certain everything was exactly as she desired.

It was partially Naruto's hope that a clear alliance with the Sitri through a true marriage would cause the Phenex to hesitate until he could work out something with the decent portions of the family. Though he supposed, decent might be a stretch.


As for Rias and her peerage, Naruto had decided to surprise them with the good news at the ten days then take them for a spar to try and drive it home to his little sister that she could be so much stronger if she worked for it. That plan was bound to fail though.

The second to last day of Rias' little training trip Grayfia caught the rebellious redhead attempting something that would have shamed her and the family, if only because of the manner she did it. After all most devils took multiple lovers over their lifetime, although it was a bit imbalanced as a woman having multiple lovers was rather rare. Greed, Pride, and Wrath were three very potent sins that had sway over most of their civilization and feuds between two devils over a woman was typically very bloody.

Truly the almost desperate attempt to get out of her betrothal would have made her a laughing stock if Grayfia hadn't stopped it. Such a thing would never get out to the public though. He would make sure of it.

The new problem right now though was that Naruto himself was probably the greediest member of the Gremory family. He felt an incredibly possessive notion toward all of the women he loved and Rias was no exception.

To make matters worse he knew she felt the same but was still willing to give herself to her lowly pawn in a total lack of faith for Naruto's ability to stop the betrothal. That stung quite badly at his pride too. It also made him realize that he should have done a better job of reassuring her he had it all under control.

Either way he would need to discuss things with her. Hopefully the news regarding the Phenex family would smooth things between them enough to get back to where they were before Riser had begun pressuring to move up his wedding date.

When Naruto took his place in his new office at the Gremory Estate he let Venelana get settled into her own seat along one side of the room in front of an unnecessarily large fireplace. Between the way she lounged in her seat and the mood lighting from the fire, Naruto really wanted to spend some quality time with her. The fact that his scheduled had severely limited his typically very active sexual appetite didn't help matters but he had set a couple days aside.

He planned on finally making his moves on Rias', once they had all this betrothal nonsense behind them.

His own peerage escorted Rias and her followers into the room while both he and Venelana watched them enter. Grayfia followed after them all and closed the large heavy door to the room before sliding her hand across a magical circle that appeared over it. The things that were about to be discussed were not for the ears of the servants.

Naruto stared over at his sister as she avoided looking back at him at all. Venelana instead stared at the pawn of her youngest daughter before seeming to come to some decision and frowning deeply. She then likewise turned her eyes to Rias and stared at the girl.

"Welcome home, all of you. It has been some time since you have visited the estate for more than a few hours and I look forward to you all staying for the weekend." Naruto began cordially.

"I…feel the same brother." Rias quietly replied.

Naruto stared at the surprisingly meek younger devil. It brought a deeper frown to both his own and his mother's faces. It nearly made Naruto waver in his intended plans but he hardened himself. He needed to put his sister in her place and he had a rather devilish method to do so. One that would teach her a lesson but not one she wouldn't inevitably love. Venelana had assured him that it was a good if devious and debauched plan. She'd even insisted on her own part in it all.

"We can have dinner tonight, but for the moment I wish to let you know some news you no doubt will happily receive." Naruto said before managing to get Rias to lock eyes with him.

"The betrothal agreement between the Gremory and Phenex clans has been terminated. You will not wed Riser Phenex."

Rias and her peerage gasped. Elated chattering and broad smiles washed over them but Naruto simply stared down at them. Venelana rained on the parade of the gathered younger devils before Naruto had to.

"You should know it wasn't any action of yours that had this result. Your brother and now clan head chose to place us in a blood feud with the Phenex family on your behalf. Your own actions to attempt to break the betrothal…" Venelana said eyes boring into Rias who flinched under her mother's tone.

Rias had always been the baby of the family and her mother's favorite…perhaps excluding Naruto for obvious reasons. Venelana had never spoken to her like this and Rias simply didn't know how to react to such a thing. Until a bit of fury settled into her chest and she glared back at her family.

"It should be my choice-" She began.

"Rias do you think we would stop you if we thought you truly wanted the pawn?" Venelana demanded.

That brought the redhead up short.

"Do you have any idea of the trouble that your brother went through to break the agreement for you? The enemies he has made?" She continued.

"That's enough mother. It's irrelevant." Naruto suddenly said, causing Venelana to huff though she became silent once more.

"Your attempt would have done nothing but stated to the underworld that you and by extension the rest of our house had no dignity. One of the worst things you can be in our society is desperate or weak, Rias and these actions smack of both of those things." Naruto reprimanded her.

"Hold on, the president was-" Issei began only to snap his mouth shut when blue and white energy crackled around Naruto and the seat he was in began to disintegrate.

"You may be a member of this house but you will recall your place." Naruto said coldly before turning his attention to his sister once again. He had little patience for the boy. Naruto didn't hate the boy but the fact that this stranger had been so close to his sister, someone he had plenty of intent to pursue himself, well it didn't spell out a very friendly future for them.

"This discussion will continue between us in private later. For now I want to move on to happier things. The date for my own wedding will be moving up. In fact you will be accompanying myself and Sona to organize things. I don't really plan on letting you out of my sight this weekend at all."

After that the group, led by Grayfia, made their way to the dining hall. Issei and Asia were stunned by everything but Naruto had kept his attention primarily on Rias and Akeno.

Both were aware of his attention but they also knew that Rias had managed to overstep a few too many times since going to the human world. Akeno had tried to encourage her to have faith in her mother and siblings. Especially being as Naruto had promised that he wouldn't allow the betrothal to go through even if he had to duel the entire Phenex family one by one to stop it. Rias might have forgotten her brother's words but Akeno hadn't. She just wished she had pushed a bit harder to remind her King of those working to stop her nightmare from coming true.

After dinner, the peerage was escorted to their own bedrooms by servants but Rias and Akeno were taken to yet another of the studies found in the estate. There Naruto, Venelana, Grayfia, and Vali each stood waiting for them.

Rias knew something was off simply by their attire. Gone was the elegant semi-formal clothing or dresses each of them usually wore. They all now wore much more revealing clothing. Articles that were improper in the least but also incredibly alluring.

"Rias." Naruto greeted simply. Rias eyed her brother with both nervousness and desire. His shirt hung open revealing his powerful build and as always he simply exuded the powerful aura that she had grown up surrounded by.

Akeno meanwhile also took in the very tense looking women. She'd never seen the matriarch of the house in anything less than elegant dresses or fashionable outfits. They always showed off her beauty of course but at this moment nothing remained hidden to her. A thin veil and clearly see through underwear showed off the gorgeous body that she had passed down to her daughter while somehow maintaining an incredibly elegant and almost queen like appearance. Akeno was rarely if ever jealous of another woman's appearance but in this moment she was.

And that was only with Lady Venelana. Both Vali and Grayfia were present. Vali wore incredibly small panties that looked more like they were painted on showing off even the outline of her pussy. Beyond that and a pair of thigh high boots she didn't have a stitch of clothing on her. The only other adornments being a choker with the Gremory family insignia pressing into it and piercing in her left nipple that Akeno had never known was there.

Grayfia was even worse than the other two. Akeno had often tried to model herself after the legendary devil. The perfect queen. If she didn't already consider Grayfia so far and above herself she would have been jealous of her just as she was with Venelana. Instead she took in the appearance of her mentor with almost reverent appraisal.

The silver haired woman was dressed in clothing that Akeno could have never imagined her in. A snug black wrapped around her torso, lifting up her breasts ever so slightly as if presenting them. She wore tight black panties under a set of fishnet leggings covered with her own pair of thigh high boots and long black gloves that reached half way up to her shoulders. All topped off with a tight black choker adorned with the same emblem as Vali's.

"What-" Rias stammered out, eyes locked with her brother.

"Grayfia." He cut his sister off, seeming to ignore her.

The head maid of the family simply swept an elegant hand across the air in front of her and in a flash the door behind them audibly locked and both young devils felt a pressure push down on their shoulders until they fell to their knees before the four older devils.

"Rias, the historical punishment for endangering the name of the Gremory clan has been to lash the offender with a whip publicly in front of the estate right in front of all of the subordinates of our clan from the lowest peasant to our branch houses. Utter and complete humiliation. In some cases it was taken much, much further. Evidently we had a cousin completely disinherited and sold to a brothel." Naruto said with a grim tone.

"You should count your lucky stars for Grayfia stopping everything. However, that doesn't mean you won't be punished. I simply suggested something a bit easier on your body and my heart. Be happy that I could convince your brother into this and be thankful to Grayfia for stopping you before our hands were forced." Venelana scolded.

"Mother, what is happening?" Rias asked.

"Rias, do you think I don't know my daughter's heart? That I don't know all your desires and more?" She asked.

The redhead locked eyes with her mother, confused by the question. She wore her heart on her sleeve. She made it clear what she wanted. Had openly made it clear what she wanted since being told she was to marry Riser Phenex. She wanted to be free.

"Hmm. I think I know your heart more than you yourself do, darling." Venelana said as she stared down at her daughter.

"Akeno was always the more honest when it came to these things. I wouldn't be surprised if Rias has managed to lie to herself about it all." Vali said tauntingly. Rias grit her teeth but kept silent as her brother's queen circled her.

"Akeno." Naruto finally said having been content to let the others speak with Rias.

"My Lord." She said with a slightly breathy voice, one that caught Rias' attention immediately and caused her to snap her eyes to her best friend.

She was surprised. She hadn't been paying attention due to the increasingly heavy and oppressive feeling weighing down across her body and the words from her mother and Vali. Right beside her though, her queen was slowly helped to her feet by her elder brother as he smiled so sweetly to her and seemed to pull her close to him.

Akeno let out a breath of relief as much of the pressure slamming down onto her from whatever Grayfia had done eased away. She found herself pressing up against the Gremory head's chest for as much relief as she could get and nearly moaned in surprise as his arms wrapped her in a tight embrace.

She felt so confused. Her mind was foggy and wired at the same time. A familiar sensation whenever she was taunting the other students at Kuoh, though this was far more intoxicating and powerful.

"Thank you for being there for Rias. She's such a reckless girl, I can't imagine where she would be without her dutiful Queen to guide her." Naruto said so sweetly and softly that Akeno couldn't help but quake slightly at the knees.

"It's my duty, anything for Rias and for House Gremory." Akeno said, still confused by the pressure that filled the room. It was manageable for her now that Naruto held her but she could still sense it. All around imposing and oppressive. She felt like she would be smothered if she let him go.

"What is this?" Rias asked, shivering a little now from the pressure on her.

"Nothing. Really it is nothing. Grayfia only locked the door. What you're feeling is nothing but the release of the four of us letting loose the restraint of our power a little. Well some more than others." Vali said as she took a seat on a desk and made a point to cross her long legs over one another slowly so as to show off just how tight that little black thong was.

Rias and Akeno's eyes widened at that information. Was the gap between them really that massive? Sure she suppressed a degree of her power in the human world to keep from doing almost the exact thing to them but to have such an overwhelming power that it forced both herself and Akeno to the ground despite both being considered on par with high class devils in power if not truly in rank in Akeno's case.

"Grayfia, don't you think Akeno deserves a reward for all her hard work. Minding Rias must be terribly stressful. I can only imagine that she needs to release that stress." Naruto said.

"You're right. She's done an excellent job. I couldn't be happier with her." Grayfia said as she closed in from the other side and gently began running her hands across Akeno's body and through her hair.

Feeling Grayfia's touch brush across her while in such a state of undress had Akeno breathing heavily once again even as the pressure cascading down on her and Rias seemed to have become forgotten by her. She couldn't seem to figure out who to keep her eyes locked on as her head snapped between the two only for her decision to be made for her as Naruto caught her lips with his own and quickly began roughly kissing her teasing her lips and playfully roaming her mouth with his tongue.

Rias gasped at the show suddenly taking place before her and she tried to force her way to her feet only for a sudden sting to crack across her ass and force her back down again. She jerked her head around to glare at the perpetrator only to have the wind taken out of her sails as the stern visage of her mother loomed over her with a thin crop flexing in her hands.

"Uh-uh princess. Only good girls get rewarded and if you remember you have been very bad." Vali teased.

"He can't just do as he pleases with my Queen!" Rias managed to growl out defiantly.

"You are a Gremory Rias. Leave the decision of who Akeno gives that up to up to her." Venelana scolded.

"Hypocrite!" She snapped only to flinch slightly as Venelana narrowed her eyes at her.

"You want the little pawn? The boy? When did you start lying to yourself so much, daughter of mine? Maybe I should have kept you close to me after all. I thought that time away in the human world would make you a bit more mature and self aware but you continue to delude yourself and remain as stubborn as ever." Venelana growled.

Rias turned her eyes back to where Naruto and Venelana effectively were molesting her Queen. Besides the kiss and gently caressing her body though, they hadn't actually done anything overly lewd to her. Unless one wanted to argue the face that Grayfia was practically nude and holding Akeno so close to her. Eventually Naruto broke the kiss and smiled at the hybrid before him as she caught her breath and stared back at him through half lidded eyes.

"Akeno. Do you want me to reward you? Do you want me to take you and make you mine?" He asked so sincerely and quietly Rias had to strain to hear it, but she did in fact hear it. She had adored him from her earliest memory and here he was selecting her best friend over her. Just like all those other girls. He took them, but never her. Not when she was supposed to belong to another and even now when she was finally free. There was just another reason for her to be put aside.

She wanted to scream. But the moment her mouth opened another sharp bite on her back side turned the rant bubbling up in the back of her throat into a sharp gasp and cry of shock.

It wasn't that painful but it was enough of a reminder that she was not in any sort of position of power here.

For her part Akeno felt herself nodding before she suddenly shook her head and turned her attention to the redhead kneeling on the floor. Truth be told she was fighting a war within her own heart at this moment. Her loyalty to Rias with the lust and desire that was quickly engulfing her from the small spark that these older devils had lit within her. It didn't help that the torturous look of defeat and desire etched on Rias' face spurred the sadistic pleasures that Akeno embodied so well.

It wasn't enough to override her loyalty though.

"I can't betray Rias." She whimpered, almost wishing she hadn't said it.

"You aren't betraying her silly girl. You're being given a reward for supporting her so well. Do you want him?" Grayfia hissed into her ear.

"Yes but-" Akeno started again.

"Does Rias want him?" Grayfia asked.

"Yes." Akeno answered easily.

"Then why was she trying to get with the red dragon holder?" Vali asked.

"You know he worships the ground you walk on after you trained him?" Rias bit out angrily, yelping when her mother cracked her crop across the skirt clad buttocks that shook ever so slightly now.

"Does he? Honestly I couldn't care less he is beneath my notice when there is someone more worthwhile just in front of me. You know what I mean?" Vali asked, enjoying it entirely too much as she ground in the little princess's fuck up.

"Vali." Venelana groaned a bit annoyed by her son's queen. She liked the girl. One of the many girls that had grown up inside the Gremory estate under her own watchful eyes, almost like a daughter.

Vali sighed out as she dropped back on the desk letting her tits bounce as she brought her legs up and planted her feet on either side of herself as if presenting her sex to the world. Rias and Akeno weren't the only ones excited by the amount of natural power that exuded from Naruto at the moment. If anything, Vali was more affected by it. Her bond to her master only enhanced the draw she felt toward him. Her draconic and devil nature both worsened it even more. She was growing wetter by the second and her fingers had taken to stroking her skin tenderly while migrating toward her womanhood.

"Rias will have her chance to make her decision. Akeno, now you get to decide if you want to wait until after her or do you want your reward and be able to hold it over her forever?" Grayfia asked. She had stopped stroking the younger girl's hair and instead begun to actually rub her hands across Akeno's busty chest. She kneaded the teen's tits in her hands pulling soft mewling moans of pleasure from the girl as she felt any resistance crumble.

"Yes, please I want it." Akeno begged.

"Don't tell me. Tell him what it is you want as your reward for your services to the House of Gremory. Only the Master can grant a reward for servicing…the house." Grayfia whispered.

"Please, Lord Gremory, reward me by taking me as your woman." She asked just as she felt his hand creep up under her skirt and cup her pussy.

"Of course, but you know there's no going back right? We devils live a very long time, are you sure you can remain dedicated to me and mine for so long?" He asked.

Akeno nodded and opened her mouth to reply but it had already been enough. He kissed her again. Even rougher than before as his middle finger rubbed along the wet cloth barely covering her slit. They both ignored the sharp crack of Venelana's crop being used again as well as Grayfia stepping away to allow Naruto to guide his newest woman over to the couch in the office.

"Rias, dear, if you can't remain still and endure this little bit of punishment you are receiving then I will have to bind you up or something while it happens. If I have to do it, he'll have to extend the length of time you have to hold out before he gives you what you have always really wanted." Venelana whispered into her daughter's ear.

"Punishment…what I want? You say you know what I want better than I do. You don't think I want my pawn, or the freedom to choose my husband so what is it you think that I want, mother?" Rias bit out bitterly. Her heart hammered in her chest and her eyes stung with tears slightly. She was angry and sad and starting to feel so depressed and confused. Even as she felt her body forget the pressure sweeping over her in favor of her anger directed at the others in the room.

Venelana clucked her tongue in only the way a chiding mother could and forcefully turned Rias head to stare directly at Naruto and Akeno as Grayfia suddenly rejoined them and began stripping both Naruto and Akeno's clothing off of their bodies. In a matter of moments both were completely nude as Akeno twisted and writhed from the attention the head of the house was giving her with his hand.

"Ask and you will be rewarded." Naruto gave the young queen one final chance to say no.

"Make me yours." She simply begged as she felt a climax coming upon her rapidly from the fingers that had already entered her body.

"You always were mine, you just needed to figure it out, like someone else." Naruto said with a chuckle as she began kissing the girl again.

Rias could only continue to watch on as Naruto muffled her queens moans and cries of pleasure while he brought her up to a very quick orgasm. Grayfia took hold of the younger queen's hands and pulled them over Akeno's head where she securely held them in place. She was one of the most powerful devils in the underworld. Akeno would have had better luck freeing her wrists if they had been chained up.

While Grayfia effectively restrained her, adding another level of enhancement to Akeno's sado-masochistic high, Naruto wasted no time as he dropped his hips into place and easily parted her smooth legs. With a single hand he loosely gripped her throat eliciting another lewd moan from her while his other hand directed his member into her waiting pussy.

He was gentle as he took her virginity. At his heart he might have been a devil but he was a Gremory. The model Gremory. Powerful but kind to his loved ones and while Akeno might not be a member of his own peerage she was one of his women now and he loved her deeply. Cared for her pleasure and her well being. Even as he caused her slight pain and broke through her hymen.

It didn't seem to bother Akeno for long. The moment he had bottomed out inside her, with a bit of his cock left to go, she wrapped her legs around him out of instinct to try and lock him in place. A natural primal response to the act of mating with a strong and capable member of the opposite gender.

"Oh! More!" She cried out, forgetting entirely her earlier wish to spare Rias her feelings of watching the man she loved take her best friend before her. Her loyalty might win out over her own desires every time but in the actual act of her desires being so readily supplied…it was forgotten entirely.

Naruto happily obliged the young queen. She wanted more and he had plenty more to give. His hips rocked back before thrusting forward again. Not too harshly though he smiled at the fact she seemed to gasp from the sudden movement and he could see her arms flexing as she tried to pull free to claw at his back. Vali did much the same when he had taken her for the first time.

Leaning forward he sealed her lips with a kiss once again though he didn't stop fucking her, if anything he picked up his pace and intensity and drilled into her pussy claiming it and her heart in a single act of carnal pleasure.

"Had you only waited a day, Rias. That would be you getting everything you really wanted." Venelana said huskily to her daughter.

Rias grimaced. She knew it was true, but to have it rubbed in her face like this stung her pride so badly that she wanted to scream. Her cardinal sin. Attacking it like this was a vile thing to do to her, but even still she found herself truly wanting nothing more than to push Akeno aside and take her place.

"Have you figured out what it is you really want, sweetheart?" Venelana asked gently.

"I want my freedom to choose what I want." Rias bit back, though by now she knew the truth.

"Rias, you chose what you wanted when you were just a little girl chasing after your elder siblings. Although if you want to keep up the charade I can let you return to that little pawn of yours. That is if you think he'll make you happier than you would be otherwise." Venelana all but taunted.

Rias didn't budge. Even as Venelana placed a hand on her shoulder and the pressure she was feeling disappeared she didn't move. She could now. All she had to do was stand up and make for the door, and she would be free to leave this all behind her. She could do whatever she wanted. Her family honestly would support her. They loved her after all.

She didn't budge.

Akeno screamed into her lover's mouth. He pounded down into her like an animal and she wanted so badly to wrap her body around him and simply take it, but instead she was held back. Bound down by Grayfia who stared flatly by the display as if the rest of the room couldn't see how soaking wet she had become by the act of debauchery she was participating in.

The hybrid's entire being shook as she felt her lover mold her body to his liking. His tongue had stopped exploring her mouth now and instead moved to play with one of her nipples while the other was pinched and tugged at by his free hand. The other remained wrapped around her throat just enough to apply pressure but not so much as to cause any pain.

"Ask for it, Akeno. Ask for him to finish inside you." The insidious voice of Grayfia whispered out.

Had the situation been different the young queen might have been taken back by this other side of her role model. This sexual side. This beautiful side.

The situation wasn't different and so instead she simply begged. She didn't ask, she begged for exactly that. She whimpered and bucked her hips up into him to meet each thrust as she begged for the release. The feeling of being filled. She could already imagine it.

When it or rather he came, it was more than she could possibly have imagined. She felt every drop of her master's cum begin filling her. Strong thick ropes designed to give the notoriously infertile race as much of an opportunity to successfully breed as possible. It filled her then oozed out around his cock as he pushed to bury it as deeply into her pussy as he could.

As the two of them came together, Vali likewise cried out in ecstasy as she fingered herself rapidly to completion. She might not be getting her King's attention right this moment but she wasn't going to miss out tonight. Not when he was claiming new women and showing off that big cock energy she loved him for.

Naruto slowly withdrew from Akeno and stood up. The young queen found her hands to be free once again, though she stayed right where she was on the couch and struggled to catch her breath. Grayfia had released her and moved in front of Naruto before gracefully settling onto her knees and leaning forward.

With practiced ease and a notable lack of hands, Grayfia took the young Lord Gremory's dick into her mouth and began loudly slurping and sucking at it. It was a quick thing. She wasn't trying to give him a full blow job. It wasn't what he had wanted.

No she was simply completing her self appointed duty. After she had cleaned his cock of all the mixed juices and cum she turned her attention to Akeno and bent down to place her head in the younger girl's dripping pussy. Lewd sucking and licking sounds, almost like a dog drinking water from a bowl filled the room as Grayfia got busy consuming the product of Naruto and Akeno's fucking session.

"Grayfia-" Akeno moaned in confusion.

"Relax Akeno." The perfect queen said as she paused in her actions. "I am the head maid after all. It's my duty to clean up after the family. I assure you it's my pleasure."

With that she dove right back in. Only unlike with Naruto she didn't stop after cleaning up around Akeno's messy pussy. No, she began eating out Akeno, both to play with her more and to get at the cream filled center within.

Naruto simply stepped over and scooped up Vali who happily clung to him knowing that the next step was his bedroom.

"Mother, I leave Rias to you. Grayfia don't spoil her too much." Naruto said before disappearing into a magical circle.

"Of course dear. Come along Rias. You had best be getting to bed. You have a very long weekend ahead of you helping Naruto and Sona plan for their wedding." Venelana said, pulling her daughter to her feet.

The redhead's jaw dropped. As if this display hadn't been enough to put her into her place if that was what Naruto and the others were trying to do. They were going to also make her stand there as she watched her brother and her rival prepare for an even she herself couldn't even enjoy. Surely they knew that she was the one that wanted to be in that dress.

No, wait, she just wanted the freedom to choose right? If she told herself that enough surely it would become true.

She wondered.

Alright that is all that I have for you this time. I hope you enjoyed it. Debauchery and all that.


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