Hey, everyone! Happy Monday. I was asked if there would be an introduction or prologue chapter, so I wrote one up. It really isn't much, but hopefully will set the stage for the state of the world in which the story will take place.

Makato Tanaka, Principal of Tokyo Ultra Academy
Quirk: Teleport

He breathes out a sigh of relief as he places the last application into his read pile. More students sent in applications for the exchange program this year than Makato thinks he's ever seen. It's a good thing, he supposes, that so many are interested in the program, but he cannot stop the e-mail he recently received from troubling his mind.

We are experiencing an unprecedented amount of villain attacks in New York City, Madeline Garcia, the principal of New York Ultra Academy, had written. For the safety of our students and yours, we will not go through with this year's exchange if Tokyo would prefer not to participate. We would understand fully, as the wellbeing of our students should always be prioritized.

Makato heaves out a tired sigh as students bustle past his office on their way to lunch. He is afraid of the world these children will be inheriting, of the dangers it will bring. It seems that every day new villains and criminals are appearing in the world, each more creative and wicked than the last.

Still, what service is he really doing these children if he shelters them from the realities of the world? The exchange program has always proven to be an enriching experience for the students who participate, providing them with a greater understanding of the world outside of their own country. It would be a shame to prevent this year's students from something so beneficial, something that could set them up for a future of success.

And so he decides.

"Aoki," calls Makato.

The young receptionist pops her head into his office. "Yes, Principal Tanaka?"

Makato sighs again and picks up the heavy stack of applications. He stares at them wearily, but they provide him with no answer. "Please e-mail Madeline Garcia from New York. Tell her that we would still like to participate in this year's exchange."

"Yes, sir."

Aoki disappears, leaving Makato to his thoughts once more. All he can do now is hope that he has made the right choice.

Hope that was alright! I wasn't sure how else to really introduce things, so I just teased some conflict.

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