Eragon POV

"Saphira, I think you should rest for now. It's been a day since we last rested", asked a worried Eragon.

I don't need to rest now, Little One. You forget that I'm a dragon, not a human like you, Saphira retorted.

"I'm not exactly human these days, as I hope you recall," Eragon replied, which made Saphira snort in amusement.

Humph, you are still a human in my eyes.

"Well I suppose so, after you are a mighty dragon, capable of destroying a thousand armies with but a flap of your wings!" The young rider said this while sending a rush of pride through their mental connection which solicited a roll from Saphira.

You are sounding more and more like an elf these days, Little One.

While they were caught in this conversation, they felt something come over them. It was oppressive, suffocating them. Not even during his battle against the Mad King was he this petrified. During that fateful battle, Galbatorix used "his" magic to freeze him. Then, it was involuntary, forced. But now, it was as if his entire body was screaming at him. Run, Hide, Do Something! But he couldn't. Then a white flash filled his vision, as if Gûntera was insulted by his very being. Winds blew everywhere, the sun blocked out as if it was a cloudy night, even though it was a bright day just moments before.

His thoughts were in disorder, it was as if the entire world was turned against him at that moment. He held onto Saphira as his life depended on it, gripping with the strength of a god. The very air they were peacefully riding on just a minute ago was now threatening to rip him away from Saphira. The thunder was echoing inside of his head like an empty cave, the lightning filling his vision in bright flashes of pure light.

Saphira POV

Struggling as she is, even Saphira couldn't do much besides being battered around like a rag doll. She felt just as powerless as when that mad-two-legs had frozen her in place with his magic. Her wings felt as if they were going to be pulled from her body like a feather, being stretched to their absolute limits.

Then she heard her partner calling for her.

Saphira!, he shouted inside her head, feeling some of the pain she was feeling due to their bond.

Little One, just hold onto me, she willfully stated to him despite the intense pain from her wings. I'll make sure we live to tell the tale of this storm!

Then they blacked out.

(Notice: Individuals Eragon and Saphira have exited "Dead Zone: Alagaësia", now integrating into the administrative system.)

Sooo, whaddya think? This is definitely enjoyable to write so I hope you enjoyed reading it.