Random Villager POV

After that mighty storm yesterday, Mura, along with my younger brother Bito, went to scout out the damage that was caused by it. The farther we went, we saw hundreds of trees ripped from their roots in the forest nearby.

After scouting as far the center of the forest, we turned back and went to the coast, hopefully to find any treasure that was washed up after the storm. After 30 minutes of just exploring and finding nothing, we were about to go back to the village when I saw this small flicker of light further on ahead.

"I think I saw something up ahead, let's go check it out," I told my brother as I started running towards it, not even bothering to wait for his answer.

"Alright, lets go-HEY WAIT FOR ME!" He said, running to me, as I was already close to it.

What I saw when I got to it wasn't what I thought it was. It was a large dragon, a shade darker than the sky. It was both mighty, yet vulnerable, at the same time. Its wings were torn and tattered like an old shirt, with small holes marking the webbing on them. One of its legs was hurt, not much so to debilitate it, but enough that it would have to limp for a while.

"Woah," my brother behind me said out of pure awe. "Is...is that a dragon?" His mouth was agape and his eyes nearly dropped out of his head from how far they were opened.

"Yeah, I think it is, " I answered before moving closer. "It looks dead though, maybe we can butch..."

"Hey, you okay? Why did you freeze?" He worryingly asked.

I didn't even answer, I pushed one of its wings back and it revealed a young man, around his early 20s. He was lean, but muscular, with chestnut brown hair and a slime, angled face. He was definitely handsome, but in a strange way. He had a sword next to him, it was sheathed in a scabbard that was a sea blue, as dark as one would imagine the depths of the ocean would be and matching the wounded dragon next to it. Despite it being blue like the ocean, it had a symbol that looked like an open flame on it.

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The strange man then woke up.

Eragon POV

As I woke up, my head felt as if it was splitting open, like someone was banging it over and over again with a sharp rock. After a couple seconds of pure agony, it finally subsided.

(Notice: Individuals Eragon Shadeslayer and Saphira Brightscales have now entered the administrative zone. Due to formerly not being in the administrative zone, individual Eragon has not gained any skills so current capabilities are now being assessed for skills. Individual Eragon has evolved to the Elf-Human Hybrid race prior to exiting "Dead Zone: Alagaësia" and has now gained Unique Skill: Accelerated Learning (Sub-Skills included are Extra Skill: Thought Acceleration and Extra Skill: Magic Sense), Extra Skill: Dragons Bond, Extra Skill: True Intent, Extra Skill: Soul Seer, Common Skill: Thought Communication, Extra Skill: Fire Manipulation, and Mental Attack Resistance.)

After hearing this, I was temporarily frozen in place before regaining my senses. What I saw was horrible. Saphira's wings were torn tattered in many places like an old weather-beaten tunic and one of her back legs was bloody and looked like it was sprained. Her breathing was slightly labored and was in pain.

"Saphira!" I scrambled up as fast as a ballista bolt and rushed to heal her. After failing to think of the current wording to heal her, I took some deep breaths to calm myself and found the correct words after a minute. When I cast the spell, however, it felt different.

There was a bright light that covered her wounds. The webbing on her wings started stitching itself together and was fully healed not long after. Her breathing became more peaceful and it seemed like her pain was gone. I decided against waking her up as she needed to rest after that storm.

The storm! I checked my belongings and was pleasantly surprised to find I hadn't lost the communication mirror and Brisingr. The saddle was also there but was torn in places but I could still use it and repair it. The food we had stockpiled however was gone.

After confirming that most of my belongings were in order. I checked my surroundings and saw two young men, slack-jawed from shock. They looked like they were related, both having strong jaws and black hair, possibly brothers. When I looked at one of them, he fell to the ground as his legs gave out. The one that fell looked to be about 14 years old and the other was about 18 years of age. When the younger fell, the older went in front of him to protect him. They appeared to be brothers, having similar facial features, and were garbed in worn clothes with holes in them.

"Fricai onr eka eddyr, eka weohnata néiat haina ono," I am your friend, I will not harm you, I told them in the ancient language so that they could, at the very least, grasp my intent. I put my hand on my chest and said, "Eka eddyr Eragon, iknol eru ono?" I am Eragon, who are you?

They looked confused for a moment before the older of the two put his hand to his chest and said, "Mura." The younger looked up at his older brother and asked him something in an unknown language. I must be in another land, there's no other explanation. I snapped back out of my thoughts as the younger one cautiously stood up and pointed to himself, "Bito."

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