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After Dark

The warm night air flowed in from the window, causing a few stray hairs to brush against her cheek. Her face twitched in discomfort as she lifted her hand from the sink to try and brush it away. The reason she tied her hair up to begin with was to keep it out of the way and some strands always escape.

Hinata dropped her hand back to the water and sighed. She had already put Boruto to bed over an hour ago and now it was just her and her thoughts. While her child was only a few years old he certainly was a handful. The "terrible twos" were an understatement. He loved to climb over everything and explore every inch of the house to find new hiding spots. She would find him in a new place and he would smile brightly in triumph.

Usually, that smile made her heart swell with adoration. But, lately, it also filled her heart with longing.

Naruto had been away on a mission for far too long. Of course, he was one of the strongest Shinobi in the village and she was well aware of that. It never stopped her from worrying though. Even in a time as peaceful as this there could be tragedy. There was not much that could touch Naruto, but she never ruled out the possibility. It was the reality of the world they lived in.

Not only was she worried for his well being, but she missed him. She missed his haphazard sleeping, his bright and energetic enthusiasm, and how he played with Boruto. But, there was one thing she missed just as much as everything else, and the mere thought of it sent a wave of heat pulsing through her.

She shook her head, trying to refocus her energy on scraping stubborn food from a plate. If she thought about it she would only work herself up. The heat would spread, growing from glowing embers to a raging fire in her veins. She wouldn't be able to stand it.

And, so, the plate took her full attention.

The time passed and as Hinata rinsed the last dish and placed it to dry, she stiffened. Was that the front door? The familiar jingle of a key and a slow creaking made her heart flutter. Without drying her hands she rushed to the front entrance and gasped at the sight.

Standing just inside the door was Naruto, her husband. Bent over to take off his shoes, his head perked up when she entered the hall. Her heart that had been beating so erratically, seemed to quicken even further when their eyes met. Naruto stood straighter, the pack on his shoulder falling to the floor as he smiled. He took a step forward, arms opening, "Hinata."

And she was moving. Before she realized it she was in his embrace, breathing in his warm scent. It had been far too long, but she would never forget how good it felt to be in his arms. The nights had felt so long and the bed had felt so cold without him there. He was such a large part of her life that having him gone was like missing a part of herself. Thankfully, she knew nothing would keep him from returning to her, no matter how much she worried.

Naruto dipped his head down, burying his nose in her hair. The exhaustion he had felt just moments before was long forgotten as he tightened his arms around her slim waist. He could swear he heard her heart beating and he chuckled. Even after being together for so long he could still make her heart flutter.

"Welcome home." She said softly.

He sighed, nuzzling against her hair a bit more, relishing the subtle perfume of her shampoo. "It's good to be back. I thought you'd be asleep by now."

She shook her head pulling away slightly. Their bodies still flush against one another as she looked up into his eyes. "You know I can't sleep as well when you're away."

Naruto grinned at her honesty and his own heart began to race. His hands settled on her hips and his eyes basked in the sight of her. Even years after their marriage he was still caught off guard by how perfectly pure her beauty was. He was a damned fool for not noticing sooner. She had loved him since the very beginning and it was so obvious now. He felt her against him and his eyes dipped lower.

Hinata noticed where those crystal blue eyes landed and she blushed. His eyes flickered over to the stairs and his grip on her hips tightened a fraction, "Boruto is asleep?"

She nodded.

His hand traced up her side, lifting her shirt in the process as he leaned his head down toward hers. He held his face mere inches from hers, watching with growing satisfaction as she shuddered under such a simple touch.

"He's still sleeping through the night?"

She nodded again.


Hinata gasped when his mouth crashed against hers. Delicious shivers ran from head to toe at the action. His strong hand on the small of her back pushed her closer to him. The other was fighting with the clasp of her bra.

Suddenly, the heat that she had been fending off for weeks ignited within her with a vengeance. She returned his kisses with equal force, running her hands through his golden locks. Everything in her wanted him. Wanted what only he could give.

When the clasp was undone and Naruto slid his hand to cup her breast she moaned into his mouth. When his thumb brushed against a sensitive peak she shuddered, throwing her head back and resisting the urge to cry out from the explosive sensation. His thumb stilled as she took labored breaths. God, why did he have to stop? Her hands tightened in his hair with need. She needed more. More of him. More of that irresistible pleasure she knew he could give her.

Naruto chuckled, one hand reaching up into her hair as he began to slowly caress that hardened peak. She trembled against him and he could feel her trying to rub her thighs together, surely trying to alleviate the growing ache there. His own breathing grew heavy. If she responded like this from only a caress, then he couldn't wait for what was sure to come.

"You've waited." He said in a purr.

Hinata tried to give some kind of answer but was cut off when she let out a moan. He rolled her nipple between his fingers and she could feel herself grow slick with need. "Naruto, please." She begged, gripping his shoulders tightly.

He kissed her again, "Don't worry, I'll give it to you." His hips pressed against hers and she whimpered at the feeling of that hard bulge rubbing against her. He let her go, gently guiding her to the stairs. Leaning down, he whispered into her ear, "Go wait like usual, I'll be up in a minute."

A curt nod and she made her way up the stairs and into their bedroom. She leaned against the door for a moment, replaying the last several minutes over in her mind as her heart raced. A chill trailed up her spin and her body burned. She wanted - no - needed him to take her. Memories of their past encounters flashed through her mind.

When they had first started dating, they were both awkward and uncoordinated when it came to such things. Naruto even confessed that all he knew was stuff he had picked up from talking with Jiraiya or reading his books, and he had never really listened. Even if he had been clumsy she wouldn't trade those moments for the world. She was his first. And he was her one and only.

She moved to the side of the bed and opened the drawer of the night stand. A black satin cloth lay neatly folded within the drawer. She pulled it out and unfolded it. Goosebumps pimpling her skin at the thought of all the things Naruto had done while she had worn it. And, now, he would again.

While the long nights passed slowly, she knew it was all worth it when he returned. Just looking at the silky smooth material was enough to remind her. She sat on the edge of the bed and tied it in place over her eyes, biting her lip in anticipation. The running water was just barely audible with the door closed and she imagined the running water streaming over his toned muscles. A hot flash overwhelmed her and she had to resist the urge to reach between her thighs.

She squirmed uncomfortably, remembering the kiss they had shared just minutes before. Before she knew it her hand was on her own breast, feeling the ever ridged peak below her clothing. It wasn't enough.


She gasped, her hand jerking away from her chest and grasping the comforter tightly. All her senses were on alert now. He was there. She could picture it clearly as she heard it. There was no need for her Byakugan. Besides, that would take the fun out of it. The door closed with a soft click, and his feet moved along the floor slowly. Calculated and heavy steps.

Hinata felt like a defenseless white rabbit facing off against a menacing fox. He would devour her, and she would enjoy every last second of it.

A lock of her hair was raised and she could imagine him holding it to his lips. "You were going to start without me?"

Her hands tightened on the comforter and she squirmed at the aching feeling between her legs. His voice was so husky and filled with a need that rivaled her own. She stuttered, "No, I was just-" The back of his hand reached out and brushed against her shielded nipple. Her head fell back and she bit her lip to hold back a moan.

"To make up for it, why don't you show me what I've been missing."

The hand retreated and she nodded in response. Hands trembling in excitement, she gripped the hem of her shirt and slowly pulled it over her head. Slowly, because she knew he liked it that way. She could feel his burning hot gaze wash over her and it was like fuel to a fire.

The slim curve of her waist, the way her unclasped bra hung loosely to her chest, the elegant hollow of her collarbones. Each moment, more and more was shown to him as the shirt raised higher and higher until it was over her head. He had to bite back his own groan at the sight. Her skin was flawless and seemed to glow in the moonlight of the night. The ever-deepening blush only adding to her sex appeal. To think, she could have had anyone, and yet she chose him.

"More." He said, biting his lip. He crossed his arms and resisted the urge to touch himself. The desire burning within him was fire in his veins and he felt himself pulse with nearly every heartbeat. Soon, he would be where he craved. Caressed by her wet heat and nothing but skin against skin.

She stood then, slowly slipping the straps of her bra down her arms. In the process, pushing her breasts together deliciously before it fell away. The rosy nubs beckoned him. Rigid and ready for all the abuse he was planning on giving them tonight. She ran her hands over them and she shivered when her own fingers delicately brushed past them. He couldn't help but groan, wanting to press her down onto the mattress and fuck her long into the night. But he couldn't, not yet.

Hinata took her time losing the drawstring of her shorts, well aware that the anticipation was just as exciting for him as it was for her. She hooked her thumbs on them and slowly pulled them down, catching her panties as she went. If Naruto stood where he usually did then he would have a perfect view of everything. The plump curve of her backside, the slope of her back, and her breasts hanging as she leaned forward. The shorts fell to the floor and she stood straight, running her hands over her sides as she did so.

Her body was completely exposed to him now. Countless times Naruto had claimed her body as his and yet her heart always beat erratically at moments like these. Her body hummed in anticipation, each second only adding to the growing tension and excitement.

She gasped when rough hands reached from behind and fondled her chest. Her back was pulled flush against him and she craned her neck to the side feeling his lips upon her neck. Hot pulsing heat nestled against her lower back. An amalgamation of different noises and whines left her lips at his ministrations. The torture of her nipples, the abuse to her neck, and that heat grinding against her; it nearly made her sick with need.

Her hands reached behind her, finding their way into his hair and she pleaded between breaths. That tingling heat between her legs spread all through her body in waves and she knew she was close. But, she didn't want that, not without feeling him inside her first.

Something warm and wet traced up the side of her neck and she flinched. She wanted that tongue in so many places and for a brief fleeting moment she wondered if there was enough time in one night to satiate all of their fantasies.

Naruto caught her earlobe between his lips before whispering, "How much do you want me, Hinata?"

Her body trembled. She tried to fight through the sensations as both nipples were rolled between his fingers. Finally, she gave up trying to form coherent words and pushed her ass back against him, "Please!"

Slowly, he stopped, his hands gliding firmly from her breasts to her hips. He wanted to savor this more, but like her he couldn't take much more of this. He placed a soft kiss on her temple and nudged her forward toward the bed, "As you wish."

Her breaths came in short shallow gasps as she climbed onto the bed. Arms and legs shaking, she knew what would come next and she was more than ready. She didn't need to touch herself to know that.

The towel around his waist fell to his feet as he came up behind her. His hands greedily groped her backside, feeling the tender flesh between his fingers. Her trembling was not lost on him, and he smirked when a finger dipped lower, sliding over that warm and wet entrance he longed to be inside of.

The reaction was immediate. She cried out, louder than before and her arms gave out. Hinata buried her face into the comforter at his touch. She knew how lewd she sounded and so bit down on the fabric. She couldn't take it if Boruto woke. She would have to tend to him and right now, she wanted nothing more than to be filled by him. Completely and utterly taken.

Naruto watched as her trembling only worsened. His fingers gliding through the wetness presented to him, but never venturing inside. Instead, massaging a rather sensitive and swollen nub. It wasn't until he slid a single finger inside that she let out a low, guttural moan that made him shiver. He twisted and curled the digit, caressing her quivering walls in a way only he knew how.

The fire was raging, her body coiling against the pleasure and her toes curled. The pressure was building and she was so close she wasn't sure if she would make it. She ached, wanting him completely. Without fully realizing, her hips moved back, trying to take in more of him.

"Something you want, Hinata?"

She nodded, not trusting her voice.

He inserted another finger, forcing her tight slick walls to take it. "Say it."

Tears stung her eyes from the unbearable pleasure, "Fuck me!" She buried her face into the mattress, a string of pleas following the heated confession.

Wordlessly, Naruto crowded behind her. One knee on the edge of the mattress to achieve the angle of his choosing. His own breathing was shallow as he gripped her hip in one hand and himself in the other. Gliding that smooth head up and down the length of her opening before pushing forward in one hard powerful thrust.

She had been more than ready for him. Her head snapped up and her back arched, mouth hung open in a soundless cry of ecstasy. Every inch of her was full of him. That delicious dull ache deep within her when the head hit her deeply sent another wave of pleasure through her. She thought she would finish right then and there, but he halted. He held still for several moments, allowing them both time to relish the feeling.

Her walls spasmed around him, gripping his phallus as if her life depended on it. This was what he craved. To feel those hot sticky walls around him. Every bump and ridge caressing him in a way he couldn't describe. It was perfection, and he would make up for all the time they had lost.

He moved then, slowly at first, relishing the moans and gasps she made. But, also, transfixed by the sight of himself plunging deeply within her. Seeing himself slickened by her warmth only intensified his own pleasure, and he needed more. His hands grasped her hips firmly as he increased the intensity with each thrust.

Moans filled the room. This was what she wanted, to be completely and utterly taken by him. To feel him within her, moving with reckless abandon as she tried to match the timing. Shocks and shivers coarse through her as that coil continued to compress. He rubbed her in every spot that mattered, every thrust adding to the surge of tingles that made her toes curl.

Suddenly, Naruto moaned, his own body trembling from the mounting pleasure. He leaned over her, pushing her further and further into the mattress with each powerful thrust until her body was flush with the bed. She was tight, and soft, and wonderful, and all his.

One hand found its way into her hair while the other held her hips at just the right angle. He tugged her hair to the side, trailing his lips along her neck and down the curve of her shoulder. Her name left his lips and he felt a familiar surge within him.

Even through her haze of pleasure, she could feel the shift. He twitched within her and she timed her movements with his the best she could. Her walls were tightening on him as they coaxed him to finish. To fill her to the brim with his heat. She ached for it, a primal need filling her senses as she called his name.

Hearing his name on her lips pushed him over the edge. He leaned up, hands grasping her hips in a nearly bruising hold as he moved again and again. The slapping of skin on skin was unmistakable as he felt the pressure continue to build. He grew rigid, with one last thrust he bottomed out within her. Groaning as he worked to fill her with his seed.

The coil snapped. Hinata moaned uncontrollably, her walls spasming as she milked him for all he was worth. Heat gushed forward as he twitched. A few more thrusts helped him to finish off his orgasm, sending pleasurable shocks through her body.

It wasn't for another minute that he pulled out of her and rested at her side. He laid on his back and turned his face toward hers. The blindfold was still in place, but he could see her lips trembling as she gasped for air, and the deep crimson blush to her cheeks. He smiled softly, reaching to gently take off the blindfold before wrapping his arms around her and pulling their bodies flush against one another.

She opened her eyes, pulling back to look into his face. Beads of sweat trickled down his face and she smiled knowing he had enjoyed it just as thoroughly as she did. She reached up and caressed his cheek. Her smile widening when he leaned into the touch.

He sighed, "I love you, Hinata."

As it did every time she heard those words, her heart raced. "I love you too, Naruto." She brought her lips to his, a soft and gentle kiss.

Naruto chuckled when she pulled away. His hand rubbing up and down her side, "I hope you know I'm not even close to finished with you tonight."

She blushed, her eyes locking with his as she dragged her hand down his chest, making him shiver. "I'd be disappointed if you were."

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