This will be my first Love Live fic and I'm not overly sure how I feel about it so I may change it later but for now I wanted to see what people think.

When Honoka finally woke up after her collapse, she was surprised to see Yukiho sleeping next to her. It was clear to see she had been crying. It took Honoka a few moments to remember what had happened and when she did, she was overcome with sadness, she had ruined their performance by getting sick and made people worry.

It was sometime later when Honoka woke again her fever was finally starting to break and Yukiho was shaking her. She had a tray of food with her but Honoka didn't feel like eating. Rolling over and facing away from Yukiho, Honoka tried to hide the tears that were forming. Yukiho, seeing that her sister didn't want to talk or eat, left the room quietly wondering if she could do anything to help her sister.

While Honoka laid in bed, she started to browse the idols page. It didn't take her long to notice that μ's was no longer listed in 19th place. She scanned the list thinking that they had just fallen a few places. She soon came to see that was not the case.

Confused by her recent development Honoka decided to call Eli. Eli seemed surprised to receive a phone call and Honoka could hear her excuse herself, Probably from Nozomi the two were always together now that they decided to become a couple.

Honoka didn't know what to say in response to Eli telling her that μ's would not be allowed to participate. She felt betrayed by the school. She understood that she was to blame for not taking care of herself but couldn't help but feel it was too severe to pull them out of the competition.

Without saying goodbye Honoka hung up the phone and threw it towards the bottom of her bed. Feeling lost without the goal of love, Honoka went back to sleep. For the next three days as she recovered, she refused to answer calls or texts from the other μ's members and they were starting to worry.

It was on the fourth day that the eight μ's girls turned up at Honoka's home. Honoka's mom, not realizing that her daughter was ignoring these girls, let them in and led them to Honoka's room. Honoka pretended to sleep as the girls entered but Umi saw right through the act.

"Honoka, we know you're awake, will you talk to us please?"

Honoka didn't fully understand why she was ignoring her friends. She somehow felt like leaving love life was their fault. She wondered if they even fought the school director's decision but she knew they didn't.

"I Don't want to talk about it right now, can you please go away?"

The eight μ's members looked at each other unsure what to do or say. Umi looked at Kotori then the group and indicated the rest should leave. When it was just Umi, Kotori and Honoka. Umi watched Kotori waiting for her to speak.

Kotori was unable too though and shook her head. Honoka, who had not yet turned to greet the girls, missed the interaction and once again pretended to be asleep. Umi started to speak but Kotori, who was torn by the decision she had to make, fled the room. Umi looked between the door and Honoka and decided they would tell Honoka another time and left to comfort her girlfriend.

Yukiho watched as the members of μ's left could see from their faces that the conversation had not gone well. Yukiho went into her sister's room and saying nothing led next to Honoka holding her lightly. She could hear Honoka crying but had no idea what to say to help her.

After sometime Yukiho fell asleep and Honoka slowly broke free of her sister's grasp. With no real plan in mind Honoka dressed and went for a walk. Her mother tried to stop her but Honoka wasn't listening. As Honoka walked through the streets, she found herself at the local shrine. The shrine was seemingly deserted and Honoka looked at the steps μ's uses for training.

For no real reason Honoka ran up the stairs, it felt familiar but at the same time it felt different. As she reached the top, she smiled slightly remembering a time when it was a hard run for her. This got her thinking about being an idol. What was the point now? Her school was saved. Without realizing it Honoka had her phone out and was looking at the Idol page again. Looking at the website Honoka slid to the floor, when had she become so interested in Love Live?

"Being an Idol was about saving the school so why am I more bothered about Love Live?"

"I don't think being invested in Love Live is that uncommon. I think all Idols want to win"

Honoka looked around shocked, she had been sure no one else was around. As Honoka looked at the newcomer, she couldn't help but feel she had seen this girl before. After a few moments she looked at her phone then back at the girl before her, she did this twice more and jumped, nearly dropping her phone.

"Your Kira Tsubasa? From A-Rise!?"

At Honoka's loud exclamation, Tsubasa looked around nervously and put a finger to her lips, shushing Honoka but smiling all the same.

"And you're Honoka Kosaka, leader of μ's. We were sorry to hear μ's pulled out we was really looking forward to competing against you girls"

Honoka, while surprised Tsubasa knew who she was, couldn't help but look sad hearing this.

"If I hadn't gotten ill, we could still be performing. I was so focused on winning that I didn't take care of myself"

"It's a shame that the concert looked like it was going to be your best too."

Tsubasa commented sitting and started pulling Honoka to a nearby bench.

"You really have been watching us?" Honoka couldn't believe it, to her A-Rise was still far better and she expected Tsubasa to act superior somehow.

"Of course, μ's was definitely our biggest competition. That's what we thought"

Honoka watched Tsubasa for a moment trying to accept that A-Rise actually considered μ's to be their rivals.

"So where are the other μ's members? Why are you out here alone?" This seemed to snap Honoka out of her thoughts.

"I just don't want to see them right now. I let them down by getting sick and now we're out of Love Live. I can't face them after that. I also feel like they should have fought for us to stay in Love Live."

"I Don't think that ignoring them is going to make you feel any better Kosaka-San" Honoka looks down at her feet knowing that Tsubasa is right but not quite ready to admit it.

"I will speak to them tomorrow at school. I just can't do it right now. What are you doing here Tsubasa-San?" Tsubasa, seeing the diversion for what it was, smiles happily and decides to let It go.

"Well, this is my local shrine. I came to pray for luck moving onto the Finals when I saw you, I just had to say hi"

Honoka and Tsubasa spent the next hour talking about whatever came to mind, enjoying each other's company and enjoying each other's company. They were interrupted by Tsubasa getting a call about practicing. Honoka decided to go home after this and fell asleep happily.

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