Chapter 1: I died to get here. So why does my suffering never end?

"Soul Number 577137823616561, please enter." I find myself coming aware in an office chair. "Hey, uhh. Where am-" I look forward and see an amorphous ball of light, sitting in an office chair. "SILENCE!" It shouts,

"I just got done dealing with an entitled ass who did nothing with his life. It looks like I'm dealing with a similar case. You died of a heart attack while watching Final Fantasy 14 Cutscenes- after binging Dragon Ball for the 2nd time that year." He glares at me. "You basically died of exhaustion and overly entertained, you did nothing with your life."

I shrug. "Not like the world gave me a chance to do any-"

"SILENCE! I didn't ask for any explanation or excuse. You have 300 Karma from the kindness you showed to others. Choose two items on this list.- and I'll choose a world for you." He grins menacingly at me. "I dare you to say anything but two powers. I double dog dare you."

I look at the list and only see minor powers that will literally get me dead in most Shonen worlds.

"Can I at least ask where I'm going first?"


"Wait, but all I did was ask a Question!"


My soul is pushed through a portal.

The last thing I hear before waking up in a body not my own was-



Shit! Shit shit shit! My head is killing me. The memories slam into me like a freight train, and Krillin is actively resisting. (You are being erased, your soul is being strengthened by the echo. The echo is a gift given by ! !#$*&! And is your only chance for survival, similar to how it works in FFXIV, you will gain a stacking increase to your strength every time you die. The way the strength increases is different each time, but will always increase your overall power level.)

Not like this. I didn't even want to take over this body. I just wanted to be happy. Why did I have to die in the first place?!

(You are being erased, your soul is being strengthened by the echo. Failing.)


(Your determination is resonating with the Echo. The strength of your soul has eclipsed the soul of Krillin. Devouring.)

I gasp for breath as my body shifts. Actually, this isn't my body at all. I quickly look in a mirror, and notice that I look a lot less like Krillin and a lot more myself. In fact, according to this body's memories, it also didn't have a nose. But I have a sharp but small nose now. My face is shifting around constantly, raising cheekbones and growing out hair.

(Your soul has become strong. Your potential for growth is now much Higher. Enabled strength through training.)

Damn it, the bastard gave me the echo, but disabled my ability to get strong through training? In this death world? FUCK! Well, at least the echo was able to enable it again.

I no longer look like Krillin, so I should probably get out of here. As I look around, I notice that there are people outside the room. And that they're knocking. "Krillin, you have been accused of leaking secrets of the Ouran Temple. You are summoned by the leaders of the temple." SHIT! Guess I gotta fight my way out.

I open the door and immediately throw a punch- which is dodged. "Hey! Who the hell are you! I knew it! He was selling secrets!"

I am ganged up on, knocked to the ground and beaten to death. "Serves the spy right. Now we have to find Kril-"

It is the last thing I hear before everything goes black.

But then I am back in the room, as if nothing happened.

I hear the knocking again before I can get my bearings. "Krillin, you have been accused of leaking secrets of the Ouran Temple. You are summoned by the leaders of the temple."

(Yourgeneral power level has been increased by 1. You have absorbed Krillins understanding of martial arts. Your power level is now 9 to 10. all attributes increased by a multiple of 1.5)

Wow, I always wondered why power levels didn't make sense. I guess more power level by 1 is a better improvement than just additive. I also know Ouran Temple Martial Arts now.

Before I can finish my thoughts, the door is smashed down. "HEY! Who the hell are you!? Where's Krillin?" I smile at him and step forward, preparing to go in with a punch to the solar plexus and plan to knock him out with a punch to the cheek.

I get to knocking him in the solar plexus- only for him to shrug it off.

"Good technique, too bad you stole this knowledge with the help of that traitor." I am then smashed in the side of the head by a staff at lightning speed. I attempt to stand up, and am smashed again just as I hit him in the face, which he also shrugs off. Immediately, I try to push off the ground and continue.

(Your Determination has Resonated with The Echo. Power Level Permanently increased by 10 to 12 Ouran temple martial arts has advanced. You are healing at an accelerated rate. You are now generally 2.5* stronger in every aspect.) I stand up, and force myself to punch harder. This time, he winces when I hit him in the gut, and he flinches slightly when I punch him in the face.

But now he just looks angry, "Let me help you there, Junior brother." I hear from behind before everything goes black.

I come to awareness to that damn knocking. Damn it People in the world are fucking monsters.

I'm just a damn otaku.

(Your power level has increased to 12 to 15. You are now 5 times faster, 2 times more aware of your surroundings and have a 2.5 times increase in body strength. You have become Peak human for this planet. Bottleneck reached. Defeat one enemy to erase the bottleneck and become stronger, unlocking Your Ki by doing so.)

I move forward as the door is bashed in. My rage and killing intent is felt by the guards. "Halt! You are on Ouran Temple property. Return the texts you have stolen with that traitor!"

I charge forward faster than he can react and send him flying. I guess I'm strong enough to fight grunts now. But I'm still fucking weak.

(Enemy Knocked out. Bottleneck Removed.)

"Let me avenge you, junior brother!" I get into a stance and glare at them. "How dare you flaunt such stolen techniques!" the second grunt rages. I charge forward fists cocked back in an aggressive but guarded stance.

I dash to the side, as the man who I'm going to refer to as Grunt two, throws his leg in a round-house kick on the opposite side of his leg I grasp it as soon as it loses momentum. Then I push his body forward, and he rolls backward, trying to arrest his momentum. but then I charge forward and mid-roll I knock him unconscious by putting my open palm behind his head, stopping him cold.

(Enemy Killed. Your echo counter has been reset to 1 and your permanent stat boosts have been tallied. power level is now 15 to 16. Your boosts will be smaller until you face stronger opponents.)

SHIT! I didn't mean to kill him! No time to waste. I have to get out of here! "You have killed my personal disciple." I hear an old man say. "I shall not allow my vow of non-violence to stop me from killing you."

I feel a massive amount of killing intent and then. I feel pain. SO MUCH PAIN! Then, nothing.

I dry heave. It seems like Krillin was fasting before this. I just killed someone. At least it was Reset. I don't want to have to deal with that guilt.

(Your power level has increased. 16 to 18. Power has been distributed through all aspects. You now have Perfect balance and can keep still on high ledges. Your fingers are tougher and can hold on to ledges the thickness of less than an inch.)

I look down out the high window behind Krillin's room.

Guess I'll escape by assassins creed-ing it. I jump over the ledge and grasp the windowsill and slowly start to climb down. huh. It's easy. "DAMNIT!" I hear from above. "He's escaped somehow. FIND KRILLIN! FIND HIM NOW!" I search through Krillin's memories, and in fact he did share the secrets of Ouran Temple to get money to escape. He's been bullied here because of how weak he is compared to the other inner disciples. He seemed to be the weakest of them all. In fact, he just barely made it out of the outer court. Huh. Who knew that Dragon Ball was basically a Xianxia?

Everywhere except the big cities, anyway. North city. East City. Ginger town. All these cities have technology and ways to handle body cultivators. The Guns here are no joke. But anyone with Ki can tank and dodge bullets. So right now, anything below an Anti-Tank Gun won't hurt me at all. Anti-Tank Guns will bruise, Cruise missiles will singe me slightly, and for freaks sake my power level is only 18.

I shrug, and continue dodging patrols with ease, moving quite fast.

"Young one, What are you doing in the inner court. I don't recognize you," said a Kind looking old man with a bald head and a beard.

I calm my heart beat with Ki, and start to bullshit.

"I got lost on the recent tour and am actually looking for the way out."

"Ah, yes. But, why are you nude?" I blush.

"I kinda snuck into the hot springs and when I got out my clothes were gone so..." He nods, "Alright. If you see this person." He shows me a picture of Krillin before I took over and make his body shift around like some kind of alien shape-shifter. "Please let us know. I'll escort you out of the compound." He nods, and hands me some clothing. "Please wear these. They should be in your size." He then whispers, quietly. "I formed them from my energy, after all." I nod and thank him.

He smiles as I put them on. But right as I finish, he attempts to put his hand through my chest, right where my heart is. I dodge, and he grins. "I knew it. You were the one who bought the techniques and info from Krillin." I frown. "So, How did you know I wasn't what I said. I literally manipulated my body with Ki to seem like I was telling the truth perfectly."

"The Inner court hot-spring is Full of Spiritual Ki. You also don't have the Ki enhancement of the Inner Court hot spring. Seems like you just made the wrong excuse." He shrugs. "The only reason I would expect anyone to be naked on this side of the court is if they've been here for quite a while- stealing the resources of the spring. In which case I would have killed you anyway." He grins, "the only reason I knew you bought the martial arts was that the way you dodged had Ouran Temple written all over it.

He dashes at me, and I dodge. I seem to be a lot faster than him. So I just run.

After a while of running, I manage to lose him, but then the bells start ringing. I jump the wall to the edge and start climbing down.

After about an hour, I am out of the inner sect.

After two, I can no longer hear the bells.

Finally, 4 hours after that, I'm in the middle of nowhere and am completely lost.

Time to find a road.

It turns out Mount Paozu is very close to Ouran Temple. If you count 170 Kilometers as very close. Which it's not. But the Dragon Ball earth is the size of 20 earths mashed together, so apparently it's a just quick drive according to the world's standards. A quick. 3 hour. Drive.

But seeing as i'm 3 times according to my Echo System, peak human I can run at 126KM/h which is a about 2 hours away and way past the speed limit. I run as fast as I can, I need to know when in the series I am. If I'm post Picolo jr. arc, then I'm absolutely fucked until I die 1000 times. the way I am right now. Let's hope we can spread those deaths out. At least maybe, if i'm lucky, I can start pre-Dragon ball.

2 hours later, I find a shrine, a smashed car, and hear a few gunshots, accompanied by feminine screams.

I look myself over, covered in dust in an Ouran temple uniform that fits my 1.6 meter frame. I guess merging with Krillin made this body a lot taller. After all, the guy was only 1.1 meters tall. I don't even look like him at all, actually. When I looked in the mirror, I looked rather handsome.

I look like Itachi Uchiha with shorter hair, which is a pretty good look.

I need a new name. Maybe I'll go with Tachi? I don't need a last name. Not like Krillin had a last name either.

I practice my new name a few times before I'm close enough for even Goku to hear. Soon, though I arrive in front of Goku and Bulma who is screaming about being a girl and Goku asking what a girl is and if he can eat it.

I approach, "Is anyone hurt? I heard gunshots over here!" I make sure to walk like a martial artist so Goku notices. "You look strong!" Goku grins.

"HEY! What kind of attention span is that?!" I hear Bulma complain, which is pretty normal for a situation like this. She's clearly freaking out. She just ran over a person who didn't get hurt and then she shot him a bunch of times only for him to not even be damaged and only fall over.

I shrug. "I get stronger pretty quickly by fighting." I quickly remove the gun from bulma's hand without her noticing. "

I really don't think you should be waving this around, though. It's dangerous for people who aren't trained in Ki. You might hurt someone." I look at Goku and surprisingly the echo grants me a scouter-like interface.

(Measuring power level of Individual Goku... Processing. Individual has a power level of 21. Please be cautious.)

"HEY! Give that back!" I hear Bulma shout, scared. "Not until you tell me what's going on," I say, knowing what's going on but not wanting to seem all knowing due to canon probably not being a thing here.

Me existing is bound to have huge freaking butterfly effects.

She quickly explains that she ran into Goku while speeding and not paying attention and then shooting him when she thought he was some kinda zombie.

I glare at her. "How the hell could you think someone who flipped a car is a zombie?! Also, you watch too many horror movies. You could have killed a kid if you weren't dealing with a Ki practitioner like him!"

Goku grins, "It's okay mister, I'm fine it's not like she actually hurt me!" I frown, and nod, "He forgives you, I guess. So it's okay."

He then smiles, "My name is Goku! What's yours!"

I grin, and poke a thumb at my face with my legs spread wide like I'm presenting myself. "My name is Tachi, martial artist extraordinaire! Pleased to meet'cha, Goku!"

Bulma looks at me with a flat stare. "I'm Bulma." I nod, and grin. "Nice to meet you as well, Bulma!"

Goku grins and says "Hey, can we fight?! I wanna try to fight other martial artist and get strong!"

I nod, and say, "Sure, we can spar!" I get into a starting stance of the Ouran Temple style: Hunting Bear swallows the monkey. Goku smiles and is about to get into a stance, but then his stomach loudly protests.


"Uhh, can we go eat first, I'm hungry. I only brought a big enough fish for one though!"

I look at the giant fish on the side of the road. "Uhhhhh, how much exactly do you eat?"

As Goku leads us to his house to cook his giant fish on the stove, I start thinking about the dragon balls. Being honest, I have a few greedy wishes that might make me stronger, but I doubt they would work.

When we enter, I notice the Dragon Ball.

I am immediately petrified. Scared stiff. Horrified.

The dragon ball is white.

The dragon ball has 4 very dim grey stars.

The dragon ball.



"Hey Goku, is that a dragon ball?" Bulma asks.

I try to act calm as Bulma tries to snatch it, while Goku protects his 'Grandpa.'

"What's a dragon ball?! This is my grandpa!"

I zone out as Goku explains that his grandfather Gohan left it for him, and therefore it is his grandfather Gohan.

I internally am freaking out. I clutch my chest and I die of heart failure right as Bulma starts freaking out and trying to resuscitate me.

(The Echo has strengthened your heart and Ki flows through it easier creating harmony in your body. +2 to power level. 18 to 20)

I become aware again as we enter the dragon ball hut that Goku lives in and Bulma and Goku go through their spiel again.

I start to hyperventilate and everyone stares at me as I die of oxygen overdoes as my blood pumps oxygen to my head too fast.

I am standing there before I started hyperventilating.

(Your lungs and brain have been enhanced to resist oversaturation of oxygen when breathing. Echo Grants. +2 to power level. Power level is now 22.)

After my major freak-out I think I've calmed down. We are totally fucked. But at least If I get strong enough, people will maybe not die. Who am I kidding. The planet gets blown up every fucking few years in this damn world.-


"Hey Kid, You look like you're in a fuck-load of trouble. Died at the age of 16, You were falsely sent to a death world for no reason at all. So I'm granting you this boon. You are now able to revive people and restore the planet every time you beat a main antagonist. I'm also giving you an Adaptive Body Perk and the No Limits Perk. Because otherwise your training would be too slow and the speed of how strong you would get would slow down. I feel bad for you. He didn't give you anything to survive and you are incredibly lucky for this version of Krillin to have a power level of 20. Also, I've taken the liberty of removing the time-patrol as an aspect of this Multi-universe small-cluster. Good luck kid. Here's hoping you don't die anymore. Why the asshole gave you return by death is beyond me. What an ass. Hey, at least you got Itachi's body. You'll get all the ladies with that! From what I'm seeing he took away the sharangan, so I'm retroactively giving you a one Tomoe Sharingan that you should have unlocked after killing that Ouran Temple guy in that one return by death loop.

Again. Good luck."



I calm down. I guess they didn't see me get the Echo or Determination for some reason. Me being the Dragon balls and unable to die forever is somewhat relieving. I guess this is my story now. I grin.

I look at Goku. "Hey Goku. nice stone over there, Let's eat though, I'm also hungry. Where'd you get the fish, I kinda wanna get one so we aren't hungry."

He grins and looks at me, cooking the big fish on some kind of spit-roast. "It's thata-way! Hehe!"

I turn towards the forest and start walking. "Hey DON'T LEAVE ME HERE!" Bulma follows me unable to get the dragon ball away from goku, unable to convince him to come look for the rest of the dragon balls.

"Hey, Tachi- How am I supposed to convince him to come with me and help me look for the dragon balls? All he seems to care about is being strong and eating!"

I shrug as I reach the small lake nearby with the huge fish, as I take off my boots. Getting down to my undershorts, Bulma blushes "HEY! What are you doing!" she immediately turns around, her face red as an apple.

I frown. "I'm not getting hypothermia from wet clothes, so please turn around. Or don't, feel free to take a look. I know I'm handsome." my frown turns into a grin. "Also, if I tell him I'll spar with him every day if he might come with us." She nods, but when I start taking off my underwear she turns atomic red. "B-B-Big..." is the last thing I hear her say before she bolts back towards the Hut.

I start laughing loudly. Dive in, and immediately find a huge fish. I punch it out of the water, marveling at my huge strength, and I get back to the surface, dry myself with an application of ki and then grab my clothes, carrying a fish half the size of Goku's.

Bulma is still blushing atomic red when I get back and can't seem to look me in the eye. I relight the fire Goku seems to have quenched and start cooking.

I look at the huge amount of leftovers that Goku is eyeing. I look at him and ask, "Are you seriously still hungry?" he nods twice, stills staring at my well cooked fish.

I shrug. "Have at it then." I stand up, but before I can walk outside he finishes the food, pats his stomach and follows me. "Hey! You said we would fight! Let's go! Let's GO!"

Gosh, hyper Goku is hyper. I nod, "sure Goku let's go outside. I nod, as soon as we get outside I stand opposite him as he backs up. He gets into a stance, and I enter Hunting Bear Swallows the Monkey. Which is an advanced stance of Ouran Temple Kung Fu.

Krillin really shouldn't have focused on this, it's meant for taller people with long arms. It's also good for defeating those using Kung Fu designed by observing Monkey Kung Fu style conventions. I know Goku instinctively uses that monkey-style until he learns turtle hermit kung fu. So, let's hope I can beat him. His power level is lower than mine by 1 since I had that panic attack and died twice of sheer panic.


Defeat him within 1 minute, +3 Power Level.

Defeat him within 5 minutes, +3 Power Level.

Defeat him within 10 Minutes. +3 Power Level.

At least draw with Goku +1 Power Level.

Lose the spar with Goku +1 Power Level. )

Goku grins at me. "I know that one!" He then mirrors my stance perfectly. I grin at him. Guess he knows how to compensate. Didn't think he'd have fought someone who used this style.

"Let's see who's stronger!" I switch into Leopard Challenges the Mountain and rush forward. It's a more closed off stance made to go in-between the wide sweeping strikes of the Bear style . I throw quick and precise moves which Goku barely dodges, "Ohh! You're fast!" I notice his stance change back to his default, and I switch back into the Bear style, and make a quick sweeping leg and uppercut him I knock into his arms, and he grins, when he backs off. He blows on his arms, and starts waving them around, "WOW! You're really strong, Mr. Tachi!

"I'm only 16! Don't be calling me Mr. anything!" I grin, entering Mantis Cuts the Grass stance. As Goku enters yet another stance that I don't recognise, we keep striking back and forth, neither of us making an advantage, he's beating me with skill while I eclipse him in strength. By the time we are almost about to call it a draw, both of us are panting. But then Goku slips up, I am able to knock him out by hitting his jaw with an open palm strike, and he collapses. I smile happily. "Dang! That was fun!"

I quickly go over to Goku, as he starts to shake his head standing with a dazed look. He says, "Aww, I lost! That was fun! I haven't had such a good fight since Grandpa Gohan was teaching me! Thanks so much Tachi! Let's be friends!" I nod and smile at him. "Sure Goku, If you want, we can train like this every day."

He gets excited. "For that, we have to go looking for the dragon balls together. though!" I say. Taking advantage of him feels bad, but he literally doesn't have any incentive and I don't even know why he went in the original.

"OK! I'll go get grandpa and we can get a move on."

(Defeat him within 1 minute, +3 Power Level.[NO]

Defeat him within 5 minutes, +3 Power Level.[NO]

Defeat him within 10 Minutes. +3 Power Level.[YES]

At least draw with Goku +1 Power Level.[YES] )

Lose the spar with Goku +1 Power Level.[NO][GOOD JOB.]

HIDDEN: Defeat Goku by Knockout. [YES] +2 Power level.

I feel power rush through me as my power level reaches 29. I feel invincible but I need to remember that fodder like mercenary Tao still has a power level of 230 and was able to kill General Blue with his freaking tongue, and General Blue had a power level of 180.

I examine Goku again, and notice after he fought me his power level is slowly ticking upwards.



And then it stopped at 25.

What a monster, I need a literal cheat like the echo to get stronger and all he has to do is fight someone. He doesn't even need to rest. He just straight up got stronger. Bulma pulls out the Radar, and surprisingly it works despite the Dragon Balls being inert. She clicks it a few times, and she says, "The closest one that isn't here is that way!" she opens up a capsule case and throws it, revealing an ATV with 4 seats. "Come on, get in!" I shrug. "I feel like doing cardio, just go, Goku and I will follow." She looks at me, dumbfounded, and then pouts.

"No one can run that fast, stop joking and get in." I shrug, "If I can't keep up, you can slow down and I'll jump in. How about that?" She just glares at me and when Goku gets here, she floors it. After 2 minutes she looks back, only to see us right the heck beside her on either side of the ATV. She looks shocked, and then I say. "Pay attention to the road, so you don't veer off and hit a tree." She looks panicked and looks forward. She then rages, "There's nothing in front of me for miles!"

I grin, "That's probably what you thought when you ran into Goku right?" She grimaces and then stops complaining. "Fine."

With that we continue on until nightfall.

As the sun starts setting, Bulma gets out of the ATV and we stop.

"I think that's far enough for tonight," she says, looking tired as all hell.

I nod, "Alright, I'll get the firewood, and Goku, you can go hunt. Shouldn't take-"

Bulma interrupts me, "Hey none of that is necessary,"

I start going towards the trees to start chopping down firewood and stop as she starts talking.

"How else are we supposed to make a camp?" I ask, not wanting to seem suspicious. Even if I know she has a ton of capsules full of stuff, I definitely shouldn't know that at this point.

Bulma looks at me and makes a smug face. Pulls out a capsule, and drops it on the ground, as a big box full of other capsules appears.

I look shell-shocked. Using Krillin's memories, I know what that is. the most expensive compilation of EVERY SINGLE CAPSULE EVER. I guess they kinda glossed over this in the anime. "Hmmm... Houses, houses. Mansion! There!" I hear her say, as she throws a literal mansion over to the edge of the clearing. They really undersold how big this thing is in the anime, too.

I tap bulma on the shoulder and she jumps 2 feet in the air.

"AH!" she then turns around. "Don't scare me like that!"

I frown. "Don't you think throwing out a billion zenny mansion is a little dangerous? I mean, what if bandits come to attack us for loot. Let's be honest here. This is a big ol' 'I'm rich, please rob me' sign. Right in the open. And you have more than one of these? This single mansion is worth 1 billion Zenny. Hell, it's capsuled so it's worth 5 times as much." I look at her.

"Just how rich are you?"

Looking smug, she ignores the beginning of my concerns and instead brags. "I'm the heiress of capsule corp, and I probably have a net worth of around 200 trillion Zenny!"

I work my jaw. "Pretty sure that's the size of 6 times the entire planet's GDP." I shrug. "Cool."

She deflates. "Cool? I'm only just cool? Maybe have a little more of a reaction." she looks up and pouts. I shrug. "Well, I am basically 20 times as strong as a normal martial artist, I think that's cool."

She grins at me. Clearly having an idea. She starts going through the capsules beginning to ask, "What's your favorite food?"

I nod, and immediately say, "Sushi."

She looks back at me, and says. "Prepare to have the best sushi on the planet."

And it is.

She pulls a bento out and opens it, it has sushi of every kind, including ones with 7 different types of caviar. I literally start drooling, Goku style. "Hell yes, Bulma. If this is an engagement gift, I accept. I do, and I-" She glares at me. "Stop joking around." I grin, and just nod.


She closes the massive sushi-boat-bento and casually passes it to me. I approach her and give her a huge hug. She then stiffens in my arms. "This is the best gift anyone has ever given me."

She melts into my arms, clearly having some kind of fantasy. Just as it seems like it's about to get good, and her eyes glaze over, I push her away.

Because I'm an asshole.

She shakes her head, blushing.

"You're welcome." She turns her head away, smiling a bit. Then, she goes back to sorting her food, pulling out some kind of expensive pasta.

I am literally crying while I eat this sushi.

We enter the mansion and I say, "I'm going to take a shower, make sure you turn on any security system you might have on this mansion. I don't wanna wake up and have to deal with bandits later."

She grins, and says, "I'll activate the autoturrets." I shrug. "Autoturrets."

And then Goku asks, "What's a shower?"

I look at him and say. "It's like a bath except standing up."

He looks even more confused. "What's a bath?"

I sigh. This is going to be a long night.

After teaching Goku how to bathe, and leaving him to his own devices, I enter the other shower room, while Bulma is in the other-other shower room. This place literally has four bothrooms, and six bedrooms. 2 kitchens, and a breakroom. It also has a game room and a movie room.

The last thing I think before going to bed is.

Kami this place is massive and this bed is the best I've ever slept in.

I wake up to the sound of auto-turret fire.



Very loud Auto-turret fire. I exit my room and see Bulma about to knock on my door. She pauses mid-swing and then looks at me, panic in her eyes. "Uhh, if I say you were right about bandits would you be mad?"

I simply glare at her, and then sigh. "How many are there?" I ask still grumpy from being woken up so suddenly. "About a small army." she says, "also, I can't get out there and reload the auto-turret."

"How much is a small army?" I ask.

"We started with about 730, but most of them are dead. The autotarget sensors say 7 hostiles Surrounding us." She looks nervous, "The Auto-turret seems to just have bullets bounce off a few of them too."

I approach the door as I start hearing the auto-turrets going empty and powering down, followed by cheering.




Fight the Red Ribbon Army Pillaging and Acquisition force. Defeat and kill them all while protecting everyone. Then escape.

Recommended power level is 504.

I stare at the recommended power level in disbelief. What the fuck? Is Raditz running the Red Ribbon army or something?!

[Message from that asshole who reincarnated you incoming.]

"I see you have noticed something special about the world I sent you to." I hear, a monstrous grin in the voice of that asshole who wants me to suffer. "You see, little boy, this world is a death world. The power level of every enemy you will face is a lot higher than what you thought." He sounds delighted by my suffering. "In fact, King Piccolo will have a power level of 9800, and Raditz a power level of 45000. You catch my drift? Extrapolate ad nauseum for every villain in Dragon Ball through Dragon Ball Z. SUFFER! AS I HAVE SUFFERED!" the monster ends the call, still laughing. "But don't worry, your eyes will never go above 3 tomoe and therefore you don't have to worry about ever going blind or getting strong enough to face me."


I gulp, Heart hammering in my chest. I see someone come through the window, and in a flash. My head is off my shoulders.

(You weren't fast enough. You are now 2x as fast and can perceive things 3 times as fast. Reaction speed is quadrupled. Power level 29 to 32.)

I come aware with a start-, as the bastard comes in through the window.

Before I die again, I get a glimpse of his power level and the chakram blade thrown to kill me. I don't even have time to duck.

His stupid power level is 58.

Then I die again.

(You weren't fast enough. Power level 32 to 39)

I see him throw the chakram, I dodge, and then I see him twist his arms, the chakram comes right back around, and slices into me, and then kills Bulma. I scream internally and then die as the chakram comes back round burying itself in my forehead before being pulled back.

"I have to protect her! She's innocent!" is the last thing I think before darkness takes me again.

(Power level 344)

He breaks into the mansion again. This time, I don't let him throw, I use a skill Krillin learned while observing the core-disciples. Only now am I strong enough to barely use it and even then, the side-effects will kill me.

Burning body mantra.

(You are burning your blood essence. Gains will be doubled for this life, but you will die after this run. This boost is not temporary.)

FUCK! I don't care, no matter what I do, I'll die anyway!

(Power level 688)

I rush forward using my arm as a guillatine and catch his neck right as he throws the chakram towards Bulma. That bastard knew he couldn't beat me, so he tries to take out the civilian. FUCK HIM! He's dead, but I need to save Bulma. I rush forward and grab the chakram out of the air right in front of Bulmas face. It was literally inches away from piercing her skull.

"Tachi! You saved me!"

I nod at her and say, "Hide underneath something out of view. I'll handle this."

I rush forward, and attempt to kick down the door. As I attempt to do so, the door is blasted off its hinges and I am knocked back inwards, and a muscly looking redhead with a scar across his nose comes in, smoking a cigar. He's 2 meters tall and is way too huge. He grins at me. Then everything turns to black. His power level was briefly seen.

Red Ribbon Army General Green's bodyguard. Garedo. Power Level 301.


(Power level 88 to 122)

I think I'm strong enough to use the Burning body mantra without too many side-effects. Since it won't kill me, the gains won't be permanent, and I'll be exhausted afterwards. It's also going to hurt like hell. Time for them Gains.

(Burning Body Mantra activated Boost x5)


Steam is flowing off my body as it turns a bright shade of red. My sharingan Activates. Instinctively know I already have 2 tomoe in each eye. Clearly this has been traumatic for all of us.

10:00 until exhaustive collapse.



I enter back into focus just as the chakram is about to hit Bulma's face.

I catch it and throw it back 100s of times the speed. It breaks the sound barrier, and smashes into him, obliterating his entire body, and smashing through the back of the building.


"Bulma, you and goku need to hide. Find him and hide under some furnature. I'll escort you until you do." Bulma starts running towards Goku's room, and I follow. We hear laughing. I see goku who's struggling on his last legs. He gets kicked in the chest one more time by the 4 assholes ganging up on him.


Dingo Power level 91

Bongo Power level 105

Rango Power level 101

Tango Power level 121

Goku Power level 81

I rush forward, and Kick one in the face, sending his head flying. I send the next one careening through a wall, and the other one's upper body is just obliterated as I shove my fist into his face at hypersonic speeds.

I look at tango, and he starts running, only for me to snap his neck.

Goku looks as me in disappointment. "You didn't have to kill them." I sigh, "Sorry Goku, But I really did. This world is much harsher than any of us realized." He just frowns and then loses consciousness from his injuries.

I look at Bulma. She drags him under the bed and hides with him just as the door behind us is kicked clean off its hinges, goes flying for 1000 feet through the house and exits. Going further and further.

I hear Bulma mutter. "That bunker door is way too tough too bad the hydraulic lock Wasn't activated..." I hush her as the biggest man with pink hair I've ever seen comes ducking through the door. and stands about 2.5 meters tall. He has a single horn jutting out of his forehead.

Not that I've seen many people with Pink hair.

Let alone guys.

He speaks in an effeminate tone that makes me want to laugh if the situation wasn't so damn fucked.

"Oh my, why don't we introduce ourselves. I'm General Green, and I'm going to kill you, and then **** your little friends over there. My friend here, Likes them cooling and dead, so after that He's going to fuck your cold dead corpse."

"Bitch, you guys ain't touching me, or Bulma. I'll kill you a hundred times before that happens."


Garedo(Motivated.) Power level 440

General Coco Green Red Ribbon Army's weakest General. Power Level 651.

Before any of them can react, I take off Garedo's head with a sweeping Arm Rush.

I hear the words. "Now I'm MAD!" and just as I turn around I see.

General Coco Green(ABSOLUTELY LIVID!) Power level 701

I duck a slow punch that cracks the air around us. and My skin peels slightly despite my definitely dodging the punch.

The sound of a cannon shot, enters my ears and the room is torn apart. somehow the bed and area where my friends are hiding are still intact.

I continue to dodge, the slow seeming attacks that are definitely not slow. I notice that it seems like a bunch of arms are being thrown at once, making the illusion of just one punch. But it's actually like Saitama's "Multiple normal Punches." as they blur together.

I rush in close, hoping to stop him from attacking so rapidly, and he is surprised just long enough for me to give him a body blow. But then his arms wrap around me. "I'm going to squash you like a watermelon... Slowly."

I just glare at him. I'm faced more pain than this. Even as my spine starts to creak.

I refuse to die like this.






(The Echo and your determination are resonating.)

(Burning body Mantra effects now Permanent.)

(Pre-Emptively Rewarding successfully Completed Duties.)

(+50 Power level for dying less than 7 times.)

I start to push his arms away. He looks surprised at my resistance. as I glare into his eyes.

(+50 power level for saving Goku.)

(+50 power level for saving Bulma.)

Power level 610 -Permanant- 760.

Two tomoe spun to life in my red pupils under the low lighting. though the only one to notice would be dead before he could say anything.

I separate his arms with my legs and crush his head with my bare hands. Shouting out loud. "I WILL PROTECT MY FRIENDS!"

I then collapse. Alive, as I fall asleep on the spot. My eyes snap open and I gasp. I look around and see that we're in a smaller room. Bulma is sitting next to my new bed, asleep. I just stare. I actually survived and beat that monstrous rapey Red Ribbon Army douche. I sigh, and then hear Bulma stirring. I look at her as she wakes up.

Her eyes similarly snap open and grabs my hand "Oh my Kami you are actually okay! I thought you wouldn't wake up! You've been asleep for 2 days!" I just scratch the back of my head nervously. "Sorry." I mutter.

"Why the hell are you sorry?! You saved both me and Goku from a bunch of evil bastards! How can you be sorry! I should be sorry! I definitely shouldn't have left west city! I was terrified! When that big pink haired dude came into the house I couldn't even breathe. I was useless and couldn't do anything!"

I put my two fingers together and poke her on the forehead. She stops rambling and I say, "Would you like me to teach you martial arts?"

She blushes, clearly having a fantasy.

I smile at her with my Itachi Uchiha looking face, and then say, "Okay then, we start today. first thing we need to do is make sure you can use your full range of motion. So that means lots of stretching. Can you do the splits at least?"

She grins happily. "You're looking at west-city-high's best gymnastics student! I'm not just a big brain you know."

I nod, "Alrighty, then I guess I can teach you how to throw a punch and kick properly."

We go outside and I notice we are in a different capsule house. One much smaller. "When did we switch houses?"

She blushes in embarrassment. "I realized that we would be attacked by bandits again if I were to put something so expensive out in the open. So I dragged you and Goku into a different, smaller capsule house."

I nod, and smile at her. "That was smart, now let's make you strong and you'll be the whole package."

She grins. "The whole package? I'm already the whole package, Just need to add the collectors edition bonus! Kung-Fu Fighting Bulma Briefs! now with more badass!" We both start laughing.

When we finish laughing I get into serious teaching mode. "First thing you need to know about my martial arts, is that I am not a great master. I'm not going to be able to teach you anything past what I've learned. What I'm going to do is teach you the best method of body strengthening and when you are strong enough, I will jump start your chi. I unlocked my chi the hard way, by using internal Ki and fighting. What you need to know is that Ki and Chi are different forms of the same thing. Ki starts raw and unfocused and involves the muscles. Chi is the breath of the world. You breathe in Chi and take it into yourself and turn it into your own Ki. You use your Ki you strengthen yourself and exude it as Chi back into the world." I explain

"So Ki is Chi when it's inside you and in use by a person? Chi is Ki when it's outside and interacting with the outside world?" Bulma proposes Hypothetically.

"Yes that's exactly right! wow, you simplified that really well. I guess you're a genius after all." I grin at her. and she smiles

I continue to teach her how to throw punches, kicks, breathing techniques.

"Thank you Tachi! This was a great lesson." She says, panting on the ground, desperately trying to get into a lotus position to use the breathing technique I taught her to recover her energy.

Which is really doing some interesting things to her chest.

"You're welcome." I grin. "I guess I have to reintroduce myself now that I trust you."

Guess I'm doing this. Since I look like him, and even have his sharingan, I might as well.

"My full name is Itachi Uchiha. Last of my clan, and the fastest improving martial artist you'll ever meet!"

After a week of training my power level has gone up, not by much though. My power level is only 780. Bulma seems to have a lot of talent, too. last time I checked her power level it was at 51. She unlocked her Ki the first night, and quickly gained in strength. Goku isn't even close to my strength though. At this rate, seeing as the threats of the world are magnified, Goku won't stand a chance against most of the enemies. He got beaten half to death by standard Red Ribbon Army goons. After that, though, he gained a zenkai boost. His power level is now 204, but with a King Piccolo the with a power level of 9800, We're probably screwed.

Weren't we supposed to be unsuccessfully robbed by Emperor Pilaf's goon? Now that I think about it, in the original series he wasn't very smart. Maybe the red ribbon army is more dangerous in this world. They probably killed pilaf too. Can't have anyone trying to rule the world besides them clearly. I scoff internally, the leaders of any group that wants to take over an entire world is clearly insane.

I feel a tap on my shoulder, and I turn my head to see Bulma and two coffee cups. "Goku said he didn't want any coffee, you want any?"

I nod, smiling gently.

"How do you like yours?" she smiles back, bashfully trying to hide a blush.

"Two creams two sugars." I respond, and she scurries away.

(Bulma POV)

Oh my god, Itachi is so handsome and dreamy. That smile, those eyes, those looks. I might not even need to make a wish on the dragon balls. I don't even know if they work.

I hope he likes me.

I finish pouring his coffee as I watch him do pushups.

"5001... 5002... 5003."

(Itachi POV)

Bulma has been staring at me for about an hour now. She's clearly enamored with me. Honestly screw Vegeta he totally took Bulma for granted in Dragon Ball Z, She's real now and not just ink on a page. Especially screw Yamcha, He cheated on her for literally no reason. She's rich, she's beautiful, she's smart, and if I treat her right- She's mine.

"10000." I grin, I'd definitely never be able to do 10000 pushups and 10000 situps, 10000 squats and a run around the perimeter of the house 2000 times in a single day in my previous world.

(Power level 780-790 for finishing an intense training regime)

"Hey, Bulma, I think you let my coffee get cold."

she then looks down at my coffee that I was never able to drink and realized that it's been a bit over 5 hours since I asked for it. "Oops. I'll go make some more coffee for y-" Bulma was interrupted by Goku shouting about Bulma turning into a turtle. We rush outside, and notice that there is a very large turtle in goku's arms.

"Hey, Goku, when did you transform into a turtle?" I say, looking at the turtle as I decide to mess with him.

"NO! this is clearly Bulma!" he responds, angrily.

I point to Bulma with both of my thumbs "No, that's Bulma. You are clearly a turtle Goku." I grin, unable to hold back my laughter.

Goku then shows he's not as slow on the uptake as we thought when he says. "HEY! stop messing around, it's not very nice!"

"Uhh, can we all agree that I am my own person? My name is Turtel the turtle. Please put me down." the now identfied Turtel who looks like a tortoise despite claiming to be a turtle explains.

Goku then puts him down on the ground and I ask what i've been wondering ever since I saw him on tv.

"Hey, you kinda look like a tortoise, and not a turtle. Are you sure you're not a tortoise?"

He nods, Replying, "My father was a tortoise and my mother a turtle, but my father was an as-" He looks at Goku who is a child and should hear curses and changes his words mid-sentence. "Ahem, a jerk, so I would rather think of myself more on my mother's side. Oh, May I please have some salt water?" I nod as Bulma starts asking questions. "You're awfully far from the sea, how-

and go inside to start putting sea salt into a bucket of water and start to boil it on the stove. to combine it. I cool it down in the freezer for 2 minutes and come back out. and drop the metal bucket at him, as Bulma is done pulling out a map and telling him, "You're about a year away on foot at the speed you were going."

"Oh, no!" he deflates, looking sad. He then looks like he had an idea. "OH! if you take me to the sea, my good friend master Roshi will surely give you a reward each!"

"Did you say master Roshi? the master of the turtle school of martial arts?!"

He nods, "the very same."

I give an imploring look to Bulma, and she caves instantly.

I look at Bulma and grin. "Let's do it!"

"Hey Bulma, Now that you're strong enough, you think you're up to carrying the turtle to the sea with just your own strength?" I ask, wanting to give her more training.

She looks shocked, "Why would I want to do that?" She asks, confused by my question.

I grin at her, "You'll get even stronger if you carry that turtle durring a marathon to the sea. Don't you want to be stronger than that pip-squeak Goku over there?"

She frowns, seeming to think about it. I look at Bulma and will her power level into my field of view.

(Bulma Briefs Power level 61)

I then look at Goku.

(Son Goku Power level 220)

I internally shrug, knowing she probably won't catch up.

and then Bulma makes a decision. "Alright, fine. I'll carry the damn turtle if it means i'll be strong enough eventually to not be a bu- never mind."

I know she was about say she was a burden, so I go over and try to cheer her up.

"Bulma, you aren't a burden, and even if you were, you wouldn't be for long. If you ever think that again, I'll train you into the ground til' you're stronger than a dragon!" I smile at her, and she blushes again.

"Darn handsome bastard, how can he make me feel like this?" I hear her muttering, but I don't respond, letting her assume I didn't hear.

She picks up the turtle on her back, and we start running towards the ocean.

Only to double back after five minutes after remembering to pack up the capsules.

"I can't believe we forgot those." I say, Scratching my cheek in embarrassment.

"No one is perfect, Itachi. I could clearly have remembered myself, but i didn't."

after packing up everything that was thankfully still there, we got a move on with the turtle still riding on Bulma's back.

I jog slowly for my level in order to let Bulma and Goku keep up. I have to remind Goku to stay together with us, while we run, because he has too much darn energy. But nothing i couldn't handle.

-7 hours later-

Bulma is flagging and it's starting to get dark again. We decide to put down another capsule house for the night, this time it's a small one. We all go to sleep for the night.


I hear loud knocking on the back of my room, and the sound of punches being knocked out at the speed of sound. "OH NO! OH NO!" I hear the voice of Turtel the turtle and Immediately get up, opening the door. I see Turtel, rushing towards me, while a man armed with a machete rushes forward to grab him. I jump forward, and immedaitely punch his head off easily. Rushing towards Bulma's room, I kick it down, as I see bulma crying in the corner, with another bandit with a hole in his chest.

Bulma's arm is covered in blood and she is crying. There's some vomit in the corner of the room. "I'm sorry I didn't notice anyone break in," I say, feeling guilty for not being able to help.

She wipes her eyes and says while trembling, "It's okay, I have never killed anyone before. but I'll be fine."

I lean over and put my arm around her shoulder, and she nuzzles her head onto my shoulder, and cries until she falls back asleep. I scout out the rest of the house, and am able to find a sleeping Goku with a bunch of unconscious thugs around him. Taking the chance, I drag them out, Kill them, and blast them with Ki to eliminate the bodies.

Goku shouldn't have to feel bad knowing that they are dead.

I return to where Bulma is and then go to sleep next to her while she sits, asleep, in the corner of the room.

(Bulma POV the night she killed a bandit.)

Itachi has gone to bed, and I feel incedably horny, I hope he feels the same way about me, and I can't get him out of my head, I go towards the door and lock it, Moving towards my bed, I rub my legs together. I prepare to masturbate to his image by starting to take my pants off-

But then I hear three bangs, and the unique sound of a door getting slammed off its hinges in the room with the front door. Pull up my pants again, just as my door is slammed off of the wall and door braces. I see a man with a green bandana around his face starts rushing towards me, I hear a grin in his voice as he says, "ooh, look a pretty lady. I'm sure you won't like what I'll do with you, BUT I SURE WILL!" Recognizing the threat, I frown, as I notice he's moving a lot slower than I thought he would. I disarm him with a quick flick of my arm, and notice his arm is smashed by the recoil of losing his machete. I quickly Punch him in the gut, but I am surprised that my arm went right through his body and reached the other side of his back, he spits blood over his own face.

Then his eyes go dark as he bleeds out.

On top of my arm.

I just killed someone.

I throw him off of my arm and go into the opposite corner of the room and immediately vomit, I go to the third corner of the room and sit down, just as Itachi enters to room.

I barely Notice when he sits down next to me, and I fall asleep in his arms, and my head nuzzled onto his chest.

(Bulma POV In the morning.)

I wake up with a start. I look at the corpse in the other side of the room and start hyperventilating.

Itachi wakes up immediately and he hugs me, I cry into his chest and he puts his hand on my head and caresses my hair. "It's going to be alright. You have power now. You killed a monstrous person who has probably done terrible things to helpless people. Be glad he kicked an immovable wall this time." I look at his face, and I wipe my tears and then I lean in and kiss him. Because he is perfect.

(Itachi POV)

I am surprised that Bulma kissed me, but I know I can't remain idle when a beautiful woman wants me. I kiss her back, my tongue enters her mouth and then our kiss intensifies, as she tries her best to match my efforts to claim her mouth. We both stand up, she starts pushing me towards the bed, and then freezes. I separate my lips from hers, as a line of saliva is connecting our faces.

"I think this relationship is going too fast." she says.

She pushes me away and smiles at me. "I'm not ready to take another step. but I am interested in making this work though. I'm definitely not ready for sex."

I smile back at her, and I kiss her again. I walk away, wanting to let her go at her own pace.

As I leave the room, she says "Thank you for making me strong enough to protect myself." I look back at her and see her giving me a smile.

"You did the work. I just gave you the methods to learn."

I go to my bathroom to clean myself up and make sure the shower is plenty cold to calm me down.

I notice a few robots cleaning away the blood and the bodies and the vomit when I exit the shower, Unsurprisingly Goku slept through everything.

I look at Bulmas power level and notice it's gone up again.

(Bulma Briefs Power level 81)

I smile, and go over to her, and give her another soft kiss.

"Does this mean we're dating?" She asks.

I nod, "Absolutely."

the next few days, Bulma continues to train, carrying the turtle on her back, and increasingly heavy Rocks strapped to her arms and legs. Unsurprisingly, the entire trip, we keep getting assaulted by bandits at night. We even have to sleep in shifts. all three of us spar, constantly and I continue to get duty Bonuses.

Duty Commenced, Spar with Goku.

+10 Power level

The next day.

(Duty Commenced, Spar with and train Bulma.

+10 Power level

+10 Power level

+10 Power level

+10 Power level)

This is what our power levels looked like.

(Bulma Power level 141)

(Goku Power level 330)

(Itachi Power level 1010)

We reach the beach and ocean earlier than the two weeks we expected to take.

Bulma puts down the turtle, and he quickly enters the sea, thanking us profusely.

When the turtle hermit arrives, I am immediately surprised to see his power level.

(Turtle Hermit Master Roshi power level 6121)

EDIT: fucking thing decied to change power levels with weird numbers. FIXED.