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262 years after aegon's conquest

Red keep

Kings landing

I woke up gasping for air and hot , dry winds suddenly attacked my lungs….I tried to look around but my vision was blurred and all I could do was wiggle a little is this afterlife

I tried to stand but rather felt a pressure on my head like something soft was touching me..with great difficulty I looked up and saw I was being cradled by…. breasts? In panic I moved my head quickly. That made the woman holding me lose her hold a little ..wait a moment she is carrying me in her arms? That means and my worst fear was confirmed when I looked at my hands and to my horry tiny,puffy hands of a child were taunting me how? Last I remember I was 19 before I died? Another life?

In panic I again tried to move my body as much as possible for a infant but for fuck sake the woman Just tighten her hold

"Hush...little prince …..your mother is about to give birth to your twin any moment now" the woman Said in a soft voice and suddenly a shrill cry filled the room that made several people scramble around the room prince ….twin….which period of world am i? At least I will be reach in this world...maybe I am born in one of Indian kings household before the Mughals invasion

Suddenly I was in the air at least it felt like for a short period mind you...but it felt good even though I was most probably given to my mother by the woman who was holding me

When I looked at my mother though my heart nearly stopped, deep violet or indigo eyes looked at me with unconditional warmth and promise of love….unlike some romantic movies my heart didn't stop because I was getting overwhelmed by the love those eyes emitted but rather by the colour of those eyes

"You are a curious one , aren't you,little one and violent too if my lady In the waiting fussing goes anything to go by" my mother spoke In a kind voice yeah...I am rich..but those eyes again gave me pause..my tiny mind coming with not so tiny theories

"Gaemon Targaryen, that will be your name, my little prince, after the son of Aenar Targaryen himself" my mother said that made me almost shit with worry or excitement or panic I can't really tell ... Targaryen , prince, daemon well fuck sake i am born in Westeros i am a princeeee…...bitchhh...my wildest dream came true or my mind went insane in my last days…

"And you,my princess will be called Visenya Targaryen" my mother whispered to my twin apparently...she looked at her with the same motherly love I often see on one's mother's face. My mother then looked went stiff and something flashed behind her eyes which my tiny brain could not grasp

"Be strong like your name sake visenya " my mother added in a strong tone which again baffled me

What happened to my mother to command her newborn daughter in such a way? Which age of Westeros I was born in ? I knew that I was born after the dance of dragons considering my mother's explanation of my name…that meant my greatest dream of riding a dragon like balerion will be a dream

I was musing over my thoughts when someone grabbed my hand or my fingers

I turned around as much as I could and saw my twin visneya grabbing and playing with my fingers with such adoration that made my heart Melt...and so instinctively I leaned my tiny and puffy hands to stroke her cheek with made her lean closer towards me

In my previous life or short life since I lived only 19 years I was always curious of love twins show each other It was different from the normal siblings relationship but words can't describe what I was feeling maybe it was the inbuilt Targaryen feature to love your sister ( not literally like the way you are thinking) but I didn't care ….i already loved my twin sister to bits and I knew I would do anything for her ….maybe that's how Jaime Lannister felt towards cersei

The sound of door opening again broke me from my inner a few moments a young boy of roughly three years came into my view….he was rather lean with his silver hair flowing all around his shoulders...his dark indigo eyes was looking at us with child curiosity and adoration

"Muna…. I want to meet my valonqar and hāedar " he said excitedly which made me excited too not by my brother's excitement but by hearing high valyrian...in my previous life I was really fascinated by the the Targaryens and valyrian people….there was something magical in that….I had a theory that high valyrian had some magical component in it much like parseltongue in harry Potter universe… long story short one thing was clear I need to visit old valyria...the sheer amount of lost mysteries made so excited that I did shit this time which made my brother laugh

"Now, rhaegar you did the same thing when you were a child" my mother scolded my elder brother

Well at this point I was also laughing Seeing my brother's expression but my tiny mouth made it like an adorable giggle but suddenly I stopped. What did she say? Did I hear her right? rhaegar? Please no... don't let this be true i prayed to all gods of my past and new

"His grace , Aerys II of house Targaryen has come to visit his wife and newborn children" the herald announced in a booming voice that made visneya let out a cry fuckkk…... Of all those timelines...why did I need to end up being the child of a mad king? Just how many years do I have before the rebellion? A son of a rapist...am i product of rape? Someone was brutally burned before I was conceived…...now I can understand my mother or rhaella Targaryen warning to senya

With a bang his grace the mad king entered the room with a big smile on his face...i looked at him with pure hatred expecting to see a mad man what was surprised to see a well groomed man with nails trimmed hair flowing softly and a soft smile tugging at his lips which widened at spotting me guess he was still sane.

As expected I was given to my father who surprisingly held me softly whispering things in high valyrian i couldn't understand.

"Gaemon Targaryen, an apt name for a child of mine" aerys said lifting me high in the air

"You, my son, like the rogue prince, end every enemy that threatens house Targaryens for we are dragons ,we are gods among men" my father exclaimed and though I hate Aerys Targaryen he was right...the people in Westeros never wanted the Targaryens. be it faith militants or grey rats or the Lannisters and tullys in this disliked Targaryens.

Rhaella Targaryen then proceeded to show my twin sister to my father and to my fucking surprise grr Martin please write a book about rebellion or at least please write winds of winter ...my father expression suddenly changed that's the framed targ madness or my mother awoke the dragon(giggles softly).

"What is this dear wife , green eyed Targaryen, the eyes of gold shitters, the very same eyes of my servant Tywin?" My father asked in mock sweet voice and I could feel my brother rhaegar tensing behind me

When no one spoke my father hold tighten around me, apparently due to holding back his anger " this is not my daughter, no daughter of mine while have a speck of resemblance with those Lannisters, they are our is not good enough for rhaegar " aerys said with gritted teeth well her eyes are not entirely green but some speckle of indigo on it...but the question is did my mother cuckold my father with tywin Lannister? Or was it because of me?

All of a sudden aerys anger left him and he again a smile tugged at his lips with great care he gave me to my mother and then caressed my mother cheek and whispered

"We shall try again, dear sister" which made my brother and mother stiffen and while I was looking at my father back ,enraged with pure hatred marked on my features...if Aerys noticed the sudden increase in tension he chose to ignore it…

After my father left it took a few more minutes for my sister to start crying and the tension in the room which was building like Brandon the builder built the wall evaporated.

Rhaegar Targaryen,my brother, the man who started the rebellion was a curious child looking at me and my sister face like we were the wonders of the fourteen flames or the mysteries of old valyria itself

Even though it made me a Little wary I already was love of my new family i was always a Targaryen loyalist expect "aerys the house of mad " and In my opinion rhaegar Targaryen was never the sole cause of rebellion...the other great house at that point was already established to overthrow the dragons

The stark -tully alliance, the stark-baratheon alliance , the relationship between stark ,arryn and baratheon and the almost alliance between lannisters and rebellion was already brewing and the tourney events ignited the flame

I also think the tragedy of summerhall was a large conspiracy of wiping the dragons in one move... unfortunately for them aerys and rhaella survived with rhaegar

All those things now combined with my father mad actions made it clear that Westeros at this point wanted the dragons gone and as a dutiful son I had to protect our house not aerys he deserved to die possibly just like aemond Targaryen died...dark sister right through his eye or maybe he needed to taste his own medicine burning by a dragonfire ah , i am a child thinking of brutally murdering my father...maybe my dragon awokened

One thing that aegon the dragon and his sister wives did wrong was converting themselves to westeroi culture...they could have invited certain families with valyrian blood after conquest and made them only loyal to crown so that could have a army to command...but dragons power gave them too much confidence so when the dragons ended house Targaryen became weak at the mercy of other house that eventually led to the dynasty demise..

Aside from small valyrian vassals at dragonstone and cro..no one was truly loyal to house Targaryen and unlike other great houses like tyrells, starks ,baratheons or lannisters we didn't have a large enough army to command..

"He is just like you rhaegar "my mother chuckled " not even a day old and he is brooding just like his elder brother"

My brother just huffed and glared at our mother "I do not brood muna" he whined adorably..

"Of course my son , you do not " my mother replied in a teasing tone that made my brother glare even more deadly much to my mother's amusement.

"And now you won't even get a chance to broode you have two siblings to look after," my mother said, signaling towards us to which my brother happily came to play with us …..all in all for the first day in a Westeros as a prince of realm the day went well.

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