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High valyrian: general text



275 years after aegon's conquest


Dragonstone in simpler terms was...grim and foreign in the lands of Westeros,It Was said that the Targaryens built this place using valyrian blood magic, valyrian sorcery and dragonfire. It has an air of mystique and gloominess around it: simpler minds describe it as foul and vile but what they fail to understand is that the dragonstone housed the last of valyrian breed dragons and dragons are nothing but magic...

Dragonstone was large and huge , the castle so big that even hightower of oldtown would seem to be a tiny place, black stones that were infused by dragonfire and valyrian sorcery to look like dragons the castle screamed dragonlords and the mystical arts that were lost in the doom of the greatest civilization of the world.

I jumped on the shore when the captain of the ship gave us the green signal. He was pretty annoyed at me for trying to jump as soon as I saw the shore of the island…. I can't blame myself, I was pretty excited to finally visit the place that I wanted to visit the most in my previous life…..

My unofficial sworn shield and my friend soon to be 'ser' Jaime Lannister followed behind alongside my looked around the castle in open amazement and wonder while my sister wore an expression of pride and awe watching the huge dragon in Aegon garden.

"Wonderful isn't it?" I asked aloud to Jaime who was gawking at the entrance of the castle which was designed as the mouth of a very large dragon and two other dragons facing each other.

Jaime Lannister, the heir of the casterly rock, broke his gaze and looked at me with amusement.

"Targaryens have certainly a flare for dramatics"

"That's coming from the son of Tywin Lannister" Visneya countered good-naturedly..

"You got me there , Princess," Jaime said laughing. That made me laugh , though my sister's expression of mirth at Jaime's jab sombered me a little..

I saw The maester and men at arms of dragonstone arriving towards us and signaled my sister to come forward. behind us Jaime Lannister stood alongside half a dozen Targaryen guards that accompanied us during the journey..

Maester marwyn the maester of dragonstone bowed his head and offered us bread and salt "welcome to dragonstone my prince and princess"

Breaking out the bread I dipped it into salt and ate it, passing it to Visneya who did the same.

"I offer my thanks to keep dragonstone in a stable conditions maester"

"No worries, my prince, truthfully dragonstone always interested me. so when I was offered to stay here i gladly obliged" maester marwyn replied that made me interested

I looked at him and then the valyrian steel links he wore around his shoulder that indicated he studied magic… useful information…...maybe he could offer me some aid

"I do not wish to overstep my prince but can I ask your motive to visit Dragonstone? The Raven you sent didn't specify the reason for your visit" the maester asked.

I was about to reply when my sister beat me to it.

" Why? Can't we visit our ancestral home without a motive?" My sister asked the maester in the most lordly voice she could muster.

The maester flushed and bowed " of course, my princess".

"If all the pleasantries are over can we proceed inside?" I was annoyed at being standing for a long time.

"Of course my prince, please follow" marwyn replied and we started the journey inside of the castle.

The inside of the castle was unlike anything I had ever seen , dragon statues were carved everywhere I looked. the castle walls were so big that i looked like an ant in front of giants,beside me my sister was equally mesmerized by the view her emerald eyes seemed to glow and for a moment i forgot of dragons and looked at her awestruck face , her golden hair seemed was flowing all over her shoulder due to the salty winds of blackwater bay

Feeling my gaze on her, Visenya turned around and I quickly turned my gaze around though I did hear her laughing softly.

"That's so amazing brother, I know now why you wanted to visit Dragonstone" Visneya called out.

"I told you it would be amazing , didn't i?" I questioned her in a teasing manner

"Now, you can do whatever you want without our father breathing fire upon you or setting your betrothal to some noble lord" I whispered so only she could hear what I said.

Visneya must have recognised the feeling of jealousy with which I spoke the last statement because she replied with a soft smile that made me feel something in my stomach.

"My prince , my Princess" Bell the Steward of Dragonstone bowed his head when he saw us.

"The chambers in the stone drum have been prepared for the stay as requested," he continued.

I nodded my head "it's been a long journey from the capital and my retina is tired, we would very much like the rest"

Before retiring to the chamber I summoned maester Marwyn and requested him to present at the night fest.




Once I closed the doors of my chamber I all but collapsed in the bed thinking hard about all the visions I had of the dragonstone.

The book came easy; it was buried deep in the dragonmont , a dormant volcano where once the power of Targaryen's the legendary dragons resided.

There were visions of gaemon Targaryen also known as the glorious ordering his men to mine out dragonglass, visions of steam tubs in the dungeons, visions of daenys the dreamer writing her infamous jornal in the same room i was in, truthfully that was one of the reason i requested the Steward to prepare this room.

It was with those thoughts and I fell asleep.




The servants of dragonstone certainly outdid themselves if the feast were any indication.

I was currently having conversation with maester marwyn holding a half finished glass of dornish red while visneya was currently devouring the roasted fish the servants prepared. Ser Jaime Lannister has retired after the feast and I was glad since I was discussing my plans about the island.

"You want a meeting with the lords of Blackwater Bay, my prince?" the maester asked.

"Yes, i have some plans I wish to discuss and implement with my father's blessings, plans that would make this island flourish"

The maester clearly wanted to question more but he just nodded " i will send the ravens in the morrow"

"I need another request maester" at the marwyn nod I continued

"I need you to gather mining men tomorrow send a batch to mine dragonglass and other to me, we would mark on the journey to dragonmont"

"Dragonmont is nothing but a barren land my prince"

"And if you wish to find dragon eggs then you are late since king aerys Targaryen already searched the cave but found nothing but fused stones"

"I am not foolish enough to believe that i would find dragon eggs there maester" i replied

"I wish to find something else there" , something that I want no one to find.

At that my sister narrowed her emerald eyes after my cryptic answer. Guess I need to reveal everything then, well visneya is someone I can trust with my life

When Marwyn saw that he would not receive any more answers from me he stood up and bowed.

"With your permission my prince ,my Princess"

"You have our permission, maester marwyn" I said , dismissing the men that left me , my sister and a few servants in the hall.

After a few silent minutes in which I continued to ponder on my plans, Visneya broke the silence with a cough.

" So, are you going to tell me anything about your plan?" She spoke in a quiet voice. I could see she was hurt that I didn't share anything by the slight crack of her voice.

I sighed and dismissed the remaining servants.. After the last one left the room I stood up and went to sit beside my sister.

I tried to wrap my hands over her shoulder but she shrugged me off indicating that she was both hurt and angry.

" Do you remember in childhood when father confined me in my chambers after he saw me hitting you" she asked

" Yes,you were crying in your room when I sneaked in". I smiled recalling the experience.

" Do you remember what we promised each other that day?" she asked and I grimaced.

That I am sorry and I will share everything damn thing with you. I replied in the common tongue.

"Yet you didn't keep the promise gaemon" she replied, making me grimace even more for I knew she was really angry since she rarely used my full name.

I sighed and ran my hands on my hair

" I wanted to , but i couldn't explain them not without sounding mad"

" So I kept it from you , though now i realised that it was a great mistake on my part and i would tell you everything"

Visneya just huffed and left the room leaving a miserable gaemon Targaryen behind.



It was the dead of night when I sneaked to her room using a secret passageway I saw in one of my visions.

I pushed the metal box ahead with a shove of my legs that left a small hole that can be passed by crouching around which I did and was finally able to enter her room.

As expected the candles were still lit indicating that she was still awake, thanks the fourteen flames for that...I tiptoed over the room until I reached her bed.

Visneya was sleeping or trying to sleep with her back turned towards me..

"I know you are awake," I said in a low tone.

"Go away" she replied, her voice cracking.

"Senya, i didn't want to worry you and i was still coming in grips of unusual dreams that's the reason why i couldn't tell you"

"I promise now by the fourteen flames that i would tell every vision i encounter"

When after few minutes it was apparent that i won't get any answer back i sighed and moved to her bed and kissed the crown of her forehead

"Love you sister" I whispered leaving the room dejected.




The lord's of blackwater bay were prickly lot….it consisted of house velaryon once of one the richest house in Westeros , house sunglass that swore fealty to Aenar Targaryen, house celtigar that have some valyrian blood in their veins though diluted than the Targaryens.

"You want to build more fleets, my lord," Lucas Velaryon asked me. We were currently sitting in my solar although this solar once belonged to queen visneya after the birth of her son maegor.

"Yes, my lords, the royal fleet is but a laughing stock compared to older times, considering the battle of ninepenny kings. we could not sit idle when the might of braavos is just a narrow sea away"

The lords of Blackwater Bay were scrutinizing every inch of my face obviously trying to find specks of my father in me ..it was said that Aerys Targaryen wanted to build a royal fleet capable of defeating the Braavos fleet.

"Does your father know about your ambition,my prince?". Lucas Velaryon asked me, he was the master of ships that gave him some courage to question the prince of the realm.

"Last I heard my lord , the lord's of blackwater bay were sworn to lord of dragonstone" I questioned , making my expression completely blank.

"Currently, my father the king has granted me to act as befitting as the lord of dragonstone would act"

My audience slowly nodded their heads understanding of their position.

"Lord celtigar" i addressed the plum looking lord with some valyrian features

"I order your good men to mine the dragonglass found here and collect it outside of Aegon garden". I commanded him.

Though the confusion of my order was clearly on his face I turned my head towards lord velaryon.

"My lord i want you to take some amount of dragonglass as a sample and travel to free cities of essos...offer them dragonglass at a lower price than they are being provided"

The realisation of what I was saying dawned on their faces and they looked at me in a new light….yes, yes i am God.

"I want you to make new fleets using the profit we acquire from the trade with free cities" i finished the plan which was brewing inside me for the last 6 years…

"It's a very ambitious plan,prince gaemon" lord sunglass commented and the others nodded their heads at his assessment.

"Your ancestors must have said the same thing after Aegon Targaryen decided to conquer Westeros in one whole kingdom" I retorted, silencing my bannermen.

"The hand of the king may not like this decision,my prince ,considering we don't have the best relation with essos currently."Lucas velaryon cautioned me

I knew that sooner or later lord tywin would get whim of my plan but what can he do aside from talking to my father? Truthfully he may discard me, thinking of me as a child just like he discarded Robb Stark and almost lost the war…

Tywin Lannister was not someone i wanted to trifle with, at least not so soon, he trashed and butchered reynes and tarbecks rebellion killing two ancient house to the last child..he was an excellent battle proven commander he proved his intelligence by drowning the castamere castle killing every single people residing there he was ruthless and valuable ally but unfortunately his ambition was too dangerous for my family.

Yes, i had some ulterior motives , house Targaryen as of now was weak house..it was growing weak since the dance of dragons after our dragons died, many things were against us at his point,since we were not originally from Westeros we didn't have a army to command like other great houses , years of marrying themselves had left us with very few summarise we were almost entirely dependent on the sworn houses for the support.

I wanted to utilise the profit to command a army loyal only to Targaryens though I had a long way to go for that also i needed to figure out the purpose of my dream or my birth, from my vision i had summarised that some valyrian families of old was still alive after the doom and they were calling me out….

Though I really wanted to visit old Valyria and find out the deep buried secrets of our house, I knew it was next to impossible….aenar Targaryen tried and died horribly and he had balerion the black dread to boot….i Didn't even have a lizard ...pun intended….

So, i stalled my plans though I knew I would have to visit it...euron greyjoy visited it and returned harmless maybe just maybe I could have a chance too….things to worry later…

"Prince gaemon the guards are ready as you requested " maester marwyn voice broke my thoughts.

I turned around and saw half a dozen dragonstone guards standing in the great hall with mining weapons in their hands..i smirked down at maester marwyn and continued walking towards the guards until i reached the main door…

"We are to ride to dragonmont and dig the whole place down, anyone who may find a leather tomb will report it to me" I commanded in a lordly voice as Charles Darwin used to in the shows

The guards bowed their heads accepting my command and I signalled them to start moving…

I then moved to get on my own horse, it was a names-day gift from tywin Lannister ...he still thinks he can influence me ….. it was a destrier, a war horse of highest and finest quality and the one that was most expensive….a horse only for the nobility of Westeros.

I climbed up the saddle and tightened the reins that signalled the horse to move forward...an intelligent horse. I named him Sunfyre due to its beauty when compared to the other horses I saw…. Sunfyre was considered to be the most majestic dragon to ever fly in the sky...a pity it was bonded by Aegon the usurper…

Since my nerves were eating me up..we rode hard to Dragonmont. It was a few hours' ride from the main castle due to the steep slopes of the island...the island was beautiful according to me others may call it plain but for me it was a place of legends.a place where aegon and his sister wives planned the conquest….a place where the legendary creatures known as dragons resided...a place where children of forest resided….it was a place of legends…

Till the time we reached the dragonmont we were all drenched in sweat... Though the cool sea air was some relief...I climbed down from sunfyre and started moving towards the cave half expecting maybe vhagar to come out…. it's almost unbelievable that vhagar died from that fall, maybe grr Martin wanted all the dragons gone for his story…..

The guards soon followed me inside the cave, it was huge and magnificent to be honest , looking ahead it looked so big that I thought it was endless. Now surpise if dragons favoured this place from the dragonpit...

"Men start the work, we need to depart before the sun sets otherwise riding back would be as difficult as making tywin Lannister laugh" i japed that made my fellow men laugh...yes i am charming…

Soon the sound of metals working and men grunting to dig the very earth that was not even 1 percent fertile was heard all over the place while I watched the progression with as much concentration as I had while watching porn…

Soon in an hour half of the land was digged without any results and half of my men was looking me like a parent looks s kid when demands an impossible demand...like when I demanded my father to return me to previous night because i missed the movie premiered last night…

I ignored the pointed looks of my men like grr Martin ignores any fan inquiry about winds of winter and ordered them to continue digging….

It was after almost three hours when a guard of average height with a big round mustache appeared to me.

"Prince gaemon" he bowed and then he proceeded to show a rather small and torn out book with dragons and sphinx images Drawn on the rusting cover.

I immediately took the book from his hands and started wiping out the dirt..

After a few minutes of continuous cleaning there it was the book of daenys the dreamer in all glory.

Signs and potents was waiting in my hands to unravel the plot of magic and mysteries and I couldn't shake a feeling that my life was about to take a turn.


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