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All the Time in the World

It had started with an accident. Hermione had tripped while she was going down one of the moving staircases. Fortunately, Harry was there to catch her arm, as she went over a rail. Unfortunately, his own footing wasn't too sure, and he was starting to slip, too. It had happened so suddenly, that Harry's normally excellent reflexes had only barely allowed him to do that.

"Let go, Harry!" Hermione said.

"No!" Harry objected. "You'll die!"

"No, I won't!" Hermione insisted. "I have something that I can use, but only if you let go!"

Harry refused to let go. Damnit, why did Ron have to be such a glutton?! He'd gone off ahead of them, while Harry and Hermione were still packing up after doing their homework. Now, they were alone, and he could really use some help. "Someone! Help!" Harry called anyway. If she started falling, could he use a levitation charm on her, to catch her in time?

"Let go!" Hermione insisted, as her free hand went into her robes, to find the object she needed to. She could see he was losing his grip. If he only let her go, she could use the item to save herself. She wasn't supposed to tell him about it, though.

Harry didn't argue, but he redoubled his efforts to hold onto the rail by only his upper body. He'd be bruised, but she'd be alive. When his feet lost their grip, his eyes widened, as he toppled forward, and started falling, still holding Hermione's hand.

Hermione saw him losing his grip, and falling forward. She didn't have time to explain, and just started acting. She took the time turner from her robe, pulled the loop of the chain around Harry's neck, as he pulled her into a hug, and tried to turn them as they fell, so he'd be at the bottom. Then she turned the clock.

She did not see, as the chain slipped over her own head, while Harry held her close. She'd lost hold on it, as Harry's grip forced her arms into her chest. Harry closed his eyes tightly, as they must be nearing the floor. He hoped he at least saved his friend. He doubted he could survive such a fall, since they were several storeys up, when they started their abrupt descent. And then… nothing.

He woke up and sat up instantly. He was in his bed? He quickly felt his body, and realised he was completely unhurt. He sighed out in relief, just as a snort of a snore came from Ron's bed. It must have been a dream! He fell back in his bed and took a few moments to calm his emotions. It was still early morning. He still tended to wake up early, due to years of needing to do so back home, and this was early, even for that. He usually just closed his eyes and went back to sleep, but with his heart racing the way it had been, he doubted he'd be getting back to sleep.

Sighing out a final time, he started getting ready for his day. He looked through his book bag, to ensure his homework was there, only to discover that it wasn't. Damn! Someone must have thought it was funny to hide it, or something. He'd have to wait for the others to wake up, before he could get it back. Deciding to take the rare opportunity to have the common room to himself, he took what he had and placed it on his bed. When whoever took his homework saw his bag, hopefully they'd realise he had noticed, and they'd put it back, without going through the whole denial stage.

He took his divination book out, and went down to the common room.

Over the next hour, Harry just sat and read the theory. Divination seemed like it could be useful, if it was an actual thing, anyway.

When Ron woke up, last as usual, he saw Harry sitting there and looking at him expectantly. "Good morning?" he said/asked.

"Morning, Ron." Harry said. "Do you, by chance, know where my homework for herbology is?"

"Um, no." Ron said, still a little sleepily. "Why?" he asked.

"It's missing." Harry said. "I know I had it in my bag."

"Why do you need it?" Ron asked. "We don't have herbology today."

Harry frowned. He knew his schedule. Had he somehow messed up the days? Maybe his dream had something to do with it? "What day is it?" he asked.

"Tuesday." Ron said, as he finally got out of bed, and started getting dressed. "Snape's homework was the only thing due today. I still can't believe the git wanted three feet on a boils potion."

"That was yesterday." Harry said. He remembered Ron whining about the homework, exactly like this, the previous day.

Ron looked up and frowned at Harry. "You okay, mate?" he asked.

Harry frowned back. He didn't understand what was going on. Maybe someone had cast a spell on Ron? Or maybe, they'd cast one on him? "Um. Yeah." Harry decided to say. "I'm just a little confused, this morning. Strange dreams." Maybe it would be best to figure this out, as he went.

Ron had been having strange dreams lately, too. Usually featuring a girl, and things like kissing. He nodded and went back to getting dressed. "No problems, mate."

It didn't take long for Harry to realise that things were definitely strange. During breakfast, Ron spilled his tea on Hermione, the same as the previous day, and Neville sat on a plate of scrambled eggs, which had somehow appeared under him, the same as the previous day, too. Professor Lupin was missing from the teachers table, as he was the previous day, and worst of all, it seemed the day was Tuesday, the same as the previous day.

Now, Harry may not be the smartest kid around, but even he knew that something very strange was going on. He was repeating the previous day. Following the dream from that morning, he was starting to think that perhaps the dream hadn't been a dream at all. Hermione had really fallen from the stairs, and somehow, when he was supposed to die heroically trying to save her, he'd been sent back to that morning.

He decided to keep his mouth shut, and just go through the day, as he'd done the previous day, with one exception. He'd be stopping Hermione from falling in the first place.

Fortunately, he liked Care of Magical creatures. Unfortunately, he had to go through Potions again, too. His last class of the day, which he hadn't even got to, was Astronomy, but that was a worry for later.

He didn't change anything, that he could think of. He didn't do better in Potions, and he'd gotten a few friendly words from Hagrid. When time came for dinner, after doing his Herbology homework, again, Harry escorted Hermione, again. This time, he walked in front of her. If she tumbled, he'd be in the right position to catch her.

It was as they were going down the stairs, that Harry noticed something new. A flicker of movement caught his attention from the floor above them, a second before Hermione yelped in surprise, as she lost her footing and tumbled. Harry ensured to catch Hermione, before she could stumble into and over the railing, but he now suspected that it wasn't an accident, at all. Someone had meant for her to get hurt. Maybe it was aimed at him, too? He'd quickly confirmed that Hermione was alright, before turning and going up the stairs, with Hermione following, asking where he was going.

Unfortunately, whoever it had been, wasn't there anymore.

"Harry, what's going on?" Hermione asked.

"Someone just attacked us." Harry said, even as he cast around for any clues about who it could have been.

"What?!" Hermione asked, shocked. "What do you mean?" She wondered if Sirius Black had made it into the school, again.

"That slip you just had, wasn't an accident." Harry said. "Someone must have cast a tripping hex, or made the floor slippery, or something."

"They wanted us to fall down the staircase?" Hermione asked. "We could have died!" she exclaimed.

"We almost did." Harry said.

He then proceeded to tell her about his day. About his memory, and thinking it had been a dream. She seemed shocked, when he mentioned her pulling something out and putting it around his neck. She knew she was meant to keep the time turner a strict secret, but he'd obviously been reliving the day, thanks to something magical, which likely meant that something had gone wrong with the time turner.

"Harry, I can't tell you what the item is, but you must promise me that you won't tell anyone about your day." Hermione said, suddenly very serious. "It sounds like you were affected by time magic. Time is not to be messed with. If anyone finds out that this happened, you'll probably be in big trouble."

"For an accident that happened, or someone attacking us?" Harry asked, lifting an eyebrow. "You're not serious, are you?" he asked, incredulously.

"Not with the teachers, Harry." Hermione said. "If you change the past, you could break time, or cease to exist, even. Doing something that threatens the whole world, would make you a threat to every human on the planet, and they'll lock you up and throw away the key."

Harry's eyes widened. He hadn't thought of that, but it did sound like there could be dire consequences. Fortunately, they were past the point he'd gone through the previous day, so there was little chance of him changing the past, anymore. "Well, thankfully it's over." he said. "We went over the rail when you tripped, last time, so it's no longer part of that day."

Hermione sighed, and nodded. This still had her worried, but she didn't want to worry her friend. Still, it seemed that this year might be as interesting as the other two had been, with someone up to no-good. "We'll need to be careful." she said.

Harry nodded, but decided to get to dinner, where there were many people. Witnesses, so that nobody could sneak up and attack them again. "Maybe it would be best to stick with Ron from now on." He said that last thought aloud, and Hermione nodded, in agreement.

Fortunately, the rest of their evening was relatively calm. They trooped back to the common room with a group of other students, and nothing else happened. Harry decided to go take a nap, before Astronomy, since he knew he'd not get enough sleep otherwise. Well, that, or he could catch up on his sleep during history of magic, like he often did.

Harry woke up, to notice that it was early morning. Had Ron not woken him up, like he'd promised? Harry frowned at that. Something was not right. Then he heard a snort of a snore, from Ron's bed. "Oh no." he said. That sounded way too familiar. Ron snored, sure, but that had sounded exactly like his previous morning.

He quickly went to his book bag, and sure enough, the Herbology homework was not there. What the heck was going on? He'd prevented the accident, right? Hermione had been safe, and they'd made it through the day.

He wasn't sure what to do. He sat on his bed and contemplated it. Hermione had said that he couldn't mess with time, or tell people. It could break time, or destroy him. He decided to try and heed her advice, so he sighed, took out his divination book, and contemplated re-reading what he had the previous morning. That's when he realised, that hadn't been the same. The original morning, he'd gone back to sleep, and woke up again, with his dorm-mates.

So, he put the book away, and went back to bed. He did not sleep. His mind was too awake. Still, he stayed in bed, and waited for the others to awaken.

Over the next few hours, Harry contemplated what was happening. He couldn't let Hermione fall, or go over the ledge to try and save her, again, so he knew he'd be changing something already. He was still there, though, so obviously he'd not destroyed time, or himself. He tested the theory on something small. As a plate of scrambled eggs appeared below Neville, just as he sat down, it vanished just as quickly, with Harry pointing his wand at it, from under the table.

The Weasley twins' frowns confirmed that it had been them. It was a poor attempt at a prank, too. Neville was uncomfortable, as people laughed at him, the last two times around, so Harry was happy he'd stopped it. Unfortunately, he didn't remember to stop Ron from spilling his tea on Hermione. Oh, well. You couldn't do it all, right?

Still, this meant that he could, in fact, change things. He didn't get any ominous feelings, nor was there any spark of magic. He didn't disappear and the day didn't reset, like he thought it might, if he did something he wasn't supposed to. The idea that that could happen, though, would also indicate some sort of intelligence was in control of his situation. He rather doubted an accident with whatever item Hermione had, would indicate intelligent design, however.

Still, Harry continued going to class, getting rather good at seeming like he was just paying attention, when his potion was actually quite successful this time. He wasn't an idiot, after all. Given enough time, even he could make potions.

That thought, however, clicked inside his head. He could do better. He could spend however long he wanted on anything he wanted. Well, until this… whatever it was, stopped. He decided to just go with it, until he found some answers.

And for the next three Tuesdays, he did just that. He went to breakfast, Care of Magical Creatures, Potions, saved Hermione and took a nap, before the day restarted. He'd not yet had the energy to stay up and see what would happen in Astronomy, but it wasn't exactly his favourite subject, either, so he simply went to sleep, and started his day again.

At first, the idea was novel. He started seeing patterns, remembering how people did things, and being able to predict them. Hermione sometimes looked at him funny, when he seemed to be looking at something, before it happened, but she'd not put anything together, yet. He was still considering telling her about what was happening to him. He'd not yet considered telling a professor, especially after Hermione's warning.

Still, since he had certain freedoms, He took the time to look up spells and skills that would be useful to him in the future.

It was after a week of repeating days, that Harry had a thought. He'd not had a weekend in way too long. It wasn't fair. He deserved his down-time, damnit!

Since it didn't seem to matter what he did, he decided to find a quiet place, and then simply relax. He put on his invisibility cloak, and left the common room, something he'd not done before. He was slightly shocked to find a small blond girl, Luna, he recalled, walking down the passage. She was looking at the walls, and paintings, while she wandered. Harry didn't have anything else to do, so he decided to follow.

The girl went down the passage and bent down to pick up a stray article of clothing. It looked like a sock. She put it in her pocket, and continued walking. Harry noted, then, that she wasn't wearing shoes. What a strange girl.

She proceeded to walk many of the halls, and would stop every now and then, to either pick something up, or would use her wand, to bring items from high places. When she found shoes and stopped to put them on, Harry knew what was happening. Someone had scattered her belongings around the school. It seemed Hogwarts had bullies, who picked on innocent, if strange, little girls. He knew thinking of her as little, while she was only a year below him, didn't make sense, but she was rather skinny, and short. He refused to listen to the voice in his head that said he was the same.

He continued walking after the girl, and seeing where she picked things up. Perhaps he could help her, next time. When she was satisfied with her hunt for her belongings, she returned to Ravenclaw. She heard a riddle, and answered it easily, and the door opened. Just before she entered, she turned around and smiled. "Thank you for keeping me company." she said, before proceeding into the room, closing the door.

"Huh?" Harry asked, intelligently. He didn't think he'd been making noise. He had been sneaking around the castle for more than a year, and he knew how to keep his movements silent. Hermione knew a silencing spell, which worked well to make their feet completely soundless, but he'd not even tried it yet. It would have been useful on a number of occasions, and after the attack on Halloween, where Sirius Black tried to enter the Gryffindor common room to get to him, perhaps it was time to look into that.

Deciding on his destination, Harry went to the library. Entering it was not such a problem. Unfortunately, he'd not considered that there may be other people there. There were a few seventh-year students, sitting at desks, studying. Fortunately, he was comfortable using his cloak to stay hidden. He just needed to find a place, where he would not be interrupted. A place where none of the children would go.

His eyes eventually found the restricted section. 'That'll do.' he thought.

First, he went to find the right spell book. He didn't know the filing system as well as Hermione, but fortunately the charms section was well marked. Opening a book and looking though it may look weird, though, so he needed to look for observers, before sneaking the book into the cloak, looking to see if the spell he wanted was in it, and then repeating the process. It took him a few minutes to get what he wanted, but eventually he found the spell in a fifth-year text book, and went to the restricted section, to start reading.

Harry flipped the pages, until he got to the relevant spell.

He spent several hours there, reading the instructions, moving his finger like it was his wand, and practicing the motion, since it was an advanced spell two years ahead of him. Before he could try it, though, there was a rush of movement.

"Has anyone seen Harry Potter?" Hermione asked, as she rushed in.

'Damn.' Harry thought. He should have thought of that. Hermione would not think it was a coincidence that he'd disappeared. She likely thought Sirius Black had finally gotten to him. 'Bloody hell.' he thought. What to do, though?

In the end, Harry decided to ignore the many people. He felt bad about Hermione looking so desperate, and he saw a couple of professors talking to Madam Pince, as they looked for clues on his whereabouts. Unfortunately, the next person to come looking, was Dumbledore. The old man quickly entered the Restricted section and stopped in front of Harry.

"Up to no good, Harry?" Dumbledore asked, but quietly enough not to be heard. The students had looked at him as he entered, obviously, and were likely listening.

"Just a bit of reading professor." Harry whispered back, as he closed the book and slid it out from under the cloak. Dumbledore bent down and picked it up.

The old man looked at the book contemplatively, as he considered it. Then his eyes showed recognition. "A place where people would not be allowed, would be a good place to hide." he noted, with a bit of a smile.

"Something like that, sir." Harry said.

"And you decided that skipping classes, and not informing any professors, or your friends, was a good way to fly under the radar?" Dumbledore asked.

"I didn't really think that far, sir." Harry said. "I just needed a bit of time away."

Dumbledore didn't look impressed, but surprisingly, he nodded. "I know it's been rough on you lately, with the dementors, and Sirius Black, but you must have known someone would notice, and that there are those of us who would worry?"

Harry nodded, not that he knew if the old man could see it. "I didn't think that far." he admitted. "But I needed to get away, if only for a day."

"And I'm inclined to allow it, seeing as how it seems you've been studying." Dumbledore said, a small smile on his face, as he placed the book back on the floor, for Harry to retrieve. "For now, I'm going to leave. I expect you to follow, hidden, and then we can discuss this further in my office."

"Yes, sir." Harry said, as he took the book back.

Dumbledore nodded, as he turned around and walked back out of the library, smiling at the children and nodding at Madam Pince.

Harry followed the old man all the way to his office. They found Hermione and Professor McGonagall waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs.

"Did you find the boy?" McGonagall asked.

"Rest easy, Professor McGonagall." Dumbledore said. "Mister Potter is fine. It seems that he's just had a bit too much attention of late, after the Dementor's attack during the quidditch match, and Sirius Black's attack on the Gryffindor common room. He felt the need to get a bit of privacy, and skipping Professor Snape's class seems to have been a rather easy choice, for him."

"He's okay?" Hermione asked, hopefully. Her worried look made Harry wince. He really should have told her.

"He's fine. I'll be speaking with him, shortly." Dumbledore said. "It seems he was staying hidden in the Hogwarts Library, doing a bit of reading on fifth-year charms, where he felt like there were less eyes on him." he winked at Hermione, and her eyes showed recognition. Her eyes flicked around them, likely looking for Harry, who she now suspected was under his cloak. He saw a look of anger in the eyes, suddenly. If she knew he was there, when she came looking, she now likely thought he'd not spoken up, on purpose. Then a look of hurt crossed her eyes, before a new unidentifiable one settled there.

"Thank you, sir." Hermione said. "I'll wait for him in the common room." she added, her eyes flashing around again.

Dumbledore smiled. "Of course, Miss Granger." he said. "But, I think you should know, I don't think he was trying to avoid you, as much as he just needed a bit of time on his own."

Hermione looked up at the old man, before nodding. "Good evening, sir." she said, then, before turning and walking away, a certain determination in her steps.

"You'll be sending him to me, after he's done with you, Albus." McGonagall said. "I can't let him get away with doing something like this."

"Of course, Minnie." Dumbledore said. "Try not to be too hard on the boy. He really was studying. He just didn't consider the consequences of his actions."

"What was he studying that was so urgent?" McGonagall asked, with a strict look. "He's not trying to learn attack magic, to face that criminal on his own, I hope?"

"I shall ascertain the nature of his studies from him, once he joins me." Dumbledore said.

McGonagall nodded, stiffly, as the man turned and walked to the gargoyle, who stepped aside to allow Dumbledore through. Harry followed.

Soon they were in the headmaster's office. Harry removed the cloak, and put it inside his school robe.

"So, what should we discuss first?" Dumbledore asked, steepling his fingers and looking at Harry, with glittering eyes.

Harry made to answer, after considering telling the professor the truth of what had been happening to him, before Dumbledore's eyes widened. Then he held up and hand to silence him. Suddenly he had a wand out, and he started casting spells around the office, which started fading out of view, as some kind of buzzing sound was heard, which slowly faded.

"Harry, I need you to listen to me." Dumbledore said, urgently. "I do not know enough about time magic, to be able to help you escape this loop you seem stuck in." Harry's eyes widened. How had he known? "In fact, even if I had enough time, chances are, I'll not be able to help you, because I'm not going back with you. You need to look into this. Make it your primary focus, and don't tell anyone. Not even Miss Granger. If anyone finds out, you will be in great danger. I cannot protect you from the department of mysteries. They have autonomy, where these things are concerned."

"How do you know?" Harry asked.

Dumbledore looked guiltily down. "I possess the ability to read thoughts." he admitted. "I do not normally use it on students, but for the worry you gave us, I needed to be sure that you were really unharmed. I find it's a useful way to ensure that people are who they say they are, too."

"You read my mind?" Harry asked, shocked. He felt violated. "You have no right!" he exclaimed, then.

"I'm sorry, my boy." Dumbledore said. "I promise you that I was not malicious about it. I just needed to be sure. Of course, I would prefer it if you didn't tell people about this, either."

Harry stewed, as he looked at the old man angrily. "Don't do it again." he finally said.

"I cannot make you a promise." Dumbledore said. "What I can do, is promise to support you, when you start making sense of your situation. You may come to me, and tell me what you've found, and I'm certain I'll be able to help you, when you have enough information. I will, unfortunately, likely not believe you, until I read your thoughts, again."

Harry's mouth opened to protest, but realised that it was true. "How am I supposed to figure it out, if not even you can?" he asked.

"I'm sure I could." Dumbledore said. "Unfortunately, I've not come across this sort of thing, and I will not be able to accompany you on your journey, so I cannot build up a font of knowledge about such things. You, on the other hand, seem to have time on your side." He could not tell Harry about the prophecy, because he believed it was too soon. The prophecy, however, was also something that gave him hope, now, that Harry would succeed, since he couldn't be stuck in time, to one day defeat the dark lord. He thought that this may prove useful to the boy. Perhaps, this was the power the dark lord didn't know about?

"You can't be serious, professor?" Harry asked, incredulously. "I don't even know where to start!"

"I would think, the library would be a good place to start?" Dumbledore offered.

"I can't do that to Hermione again." Harry said. "She probably hates me, now."

"She would not be angry, if she didn't care." Dumbledore said. "I daresay, if she wasn't angry, that would be indication of not caring for you, don't you think?"

Harry considered that, before finally nodding. "And the professors?" Harry asked. "What do I do when you show up looking for me?"

"Come to me at breakfast, and say the word 'Quizzleforge'." Dumbledore said. "It is a password I once used, back in the war. When you mention it to me, I'll know that you are on an urgent mission. I once had to forget something, so that an agent would not be in trouble, if I was compromised. This word was our safe word. You say the word, and I'll know that you are doing something on my orders, even if I don't remember."

"Quiz-what?" Harry asked.

After confirming that Harry would remember the word, he was dismissed, while the Headmaster sat back and contemplated what he had learned. The boy didn't think about every day he'd spent. He had a rough idea about a week of repeated days, though. He could have delved deeper, found the cause, but he had another thought, which was currently the predominant one. Harry would eventually figure it out. The prophesy basically guaranteed it. The longer he took, the better, technically. He would hopefully gain knowledge, and experience. If his thought was right, he'd be meeting a new Harry Potter, the next time they saw each-other, not that he didn't doubt he'd be suspicious of the boy. The password would give him a clue, however.

Harry, on the other hand, thought Dumbledore was barmy. He was only a third-year, for goodness sakes! How the bloody hell was he going to figure this out? Hermione's item was obviously the cause, and he would need to figure out what it was.

He first went to Professor McGonagall's office. That tirade of anger left him feeling drained. The woman had sworn at him in Scottish, as she vented her anger. And when he was dismissed, he felt relief that she wouldn't remember it in the morning. For him, at least.

Then he went to the common room. He was still on his way up, when he heard a yelp, and stumble, before he saw her, as she plummeted past the stairs he was on, and down to her death. He ran to the side, his heart racing, and a painful ache in his chest, as one of his best friends lost her life due to his negligence. He must have been late. Hermione still had to eat, and probably got tired of waiting for him.

He only barely saw her, from above, before there was a glow around her form, and then, he woke up in his bed.

"What the?!" he asked himself, perhaps a little too loudly.

"Shut it." a voice mumbled from one of the other beds.

Harry sighed. The day had reset. Hermione would be safe. Still, this was his first time resetting the day, like this. Had she used the item, and that had caused his return? He really needed to know what the heck that item was.

Harry got up, got ready, and went to the common room. He remembered to help Luna this time, too, before coming back. He knew Hermione should be, but he needed to know that she was safe. When she exited the girl's staircase, he was instantly by her, hugging her tightly.

"H-Harry?" Hermione asked. "What's going on?" she asked.

Harry didn't care that he couldn't explain himself. He was just so relieved that she was still alive. Finally, he let her go and looked at her, apologetically. "I'm sorry." he said.

"What?" Hermione asked, through her blush.

"I had a dream, and I though you were dead." Harry said. "It scared me. I needed to know you were safe."

"Um. Okay." she said, dubiously. She didn't know how she felt about the idea that Harry apparently dreamt of her. It wasn't unpleasant to think about, but the fact that his dream was apparently violent, or scary, may be a concern. She'd rather ask about it later, though. There were a few too many people looking at them, for the out of character behaviour.

"Let's go get breakfast." Harry said, also noting the looking. He wished he could just get used to it, already.

As they walked, Harry decided to bring up a subject he thought might bring a smile to her face. "So, I've read up on the silencing charm." he said. "I think I'm ready to try it."

"Really?" Hermione asked, a smile indeed coming to her face. "I'm proud of you, Harry."

"Thanks." Harry said, smiling back. He felt relief, at that. "I was thinking, it may be useful to me to be able to cast it. With Sirius Black after me, being able to hide and sneak around, would likely be an asset."

"Well, the dementors have proven that they are basically useless." Ron noted. He'd fallen in with them, obviously. Breakfast was driving him on with a smile on his face.

"A danger, actually." Hermione said, looking at Harry. The attack had been recent, and he was still mourning the loss of his Nimbus 2000. Whenever Quidditch came up, Harry would lose his smile, or look away. "How's your lessons with Professor Lupin going, on casting the Patronus?" she asked.

"Slow, but there's progress." Harry admitted. He'd been able to produce a shield Patronus, and it was able to drive the boggart, who was still the shape of a dementor, back into the trunk it was inhabiting.

"Good." Hermione said. She'd read up on the Patronus Charm. Apparently, it was so advanced, that many wizards stop trying. It wasn't even taught in school, unless a student specifically requested it. The Aurors, however, are required to be able to cast it, so she suspected that it would be part of their training, to learn to cast it. If Harry succeeded, he'd likely be one of the youngest people in history to achieve it.

"Good on you, mate." Ron said. "I heard that spell was wicked hard to cast."

Harry nodded. He wondered when he'd get to practice that again. Professor Lupin was sick, again, so he'd not been able to teach Harry, lately. They were scheduled to continue, later in the week, but he doubted later in the week would happen anytime soon.

Harry continued on with the day, deciding to settle into the rhythm, for at least one day, before he went back to looking for answers. He'd need to get Hermione alone, to ask after the item, anyway. He'd started thinking of what it might be. He'd noticed Hermione disappearing during the day, or simply appearing, again, and he knew that she had multiple overlapping classes, which didn't make sense to him… not unless… But no. Not even Dumbledore would be barmy enough to give someone the ability to travel through actual time… Would he?

Anyway, the day progressed, as it had many times before, and Harry noted that he was now more versed in the two subjects than even Hermione. Potions and Care were the only classes he'd actually been to in the last while, though, so he supposed that made sense. At the very least, it seemed that Snape was begrudgingly respectful, in the way he only sneered at Harry, when he left the class, probably being tired of seeing his face.

During lunch, something new caught Harry's attention. There were a few girls who were looking at Hermione with something akin to disdain. Was this because of the hug? Could they be angry at her, for being Harry's friend? He noticed that it was usually a girl that tended to smile at him, depending on the current attitude towards him from the general school population. When he was being called the Heir of Slytherin, nobody had been friendly to him, though, except for his best friends. Well, them and Neville, but Neville was a good bloke. A bit quiet and timid, maybe, but a good guy.

They went to do homework, and Harry decided to skip it, this time, saying he'd do it during History of Magic. Hermione didn't like hearing that, especially after Ron followed his example. She was still of the opinion that they should pay attention in class, even though the ghost that taught it, was difficult not to get bored with. He was also predisposed to rattle on about goblin rebellions, and even Hermione knew that the Goblins may be warlike, but they weren't such a large part of Wizarding history. They'd not even touched on Grindelwald, yet, and that should be very important information.

Harry decided to read up on the other classes he'd not seen in a while. Not because he wanted to, but because he didn't want to one-day get out of this loop, and be useless in those classes. He even made a few notes, and asked Hermione questions, as he went. She looked like she felt better, when he studied, anyway, even if he had homework to do.

Ron just played a game of chess, with Dean Thomas, who was also procrastinating. When time came for dinner, the Common Room quickly cleared out, with Hermione and Harry sitting and chatting about this year's charms they'd still be learning. Harry had purposely brought up the subject, so that she could go into lecture mode, which would make them the last to leave. Originally, she'd stayed behind to help him finish his Herbology homework, but he knew he knew that particular one well enough, by now, to not need the help.

"I was wondering something, Hermione." Harry said, as they finally set out, on the way to dinner.

"Yes?" Hermione asked.

"What is that item you are hiding in your robes?" Harry asked. "The one on the chain?" he elaborated.

"How did you…" she started, but interrupted herself. "No, it's nothing." she said, as she looked forward and refused to make eye-contact.

Harry stopped, just before she could trip, turned around and caught her. He'd never been able to see who cast the spell. Only a shimmer of movement, making him think someone else had an invisibility cloak.

This time, probably due to her refusing to look at him, or the way she'd been caught unaware, while her mind was busy, she fell differently, and Harry wasn't ready for the change. He was able to stop her from going over the railing, but in doing so, they tumbled down the stairs.

When they came to a stop, Harry groaned. "You okay?" he asked.

Hermione did not respond, however.

Harry opened his eyes and looked at her. She had ended up lying on him, with her back towards him. He was still holding her to him, but let go, now that they were stopped. She was knocked out, a bump forming on her head.

He levitated her up instantly, and started out to the nurse's office.

Before he got there, he remembered the reason that he'd landed in this situation. He quickly went into an unused classroom, where he lay Hermione down on the ground. Then he went to her neck, where he pulled out the chain. Then, he finally took the golden item and looked at it.

It looked like an hourglass, with sand inside it, inside of some sort of circular mounting. Deciding to memorise what it looked like, Harry sat there for a whole minute, just looking at it, turning it side to side, and inspecting it. He saw a nob on the side, and before he could turn it, he realised that that might be a bad idea. If this really was some sort of time-travel artifact, then it might end up taking her away, and then he'd need to find her. And she was knocked out, so that was likely a bad idea.

Having a fair idea of what it looked like, now, he slipped it back into the folds of her robes. Then he finished taking her to the nurse's office.

Madam Pomphrey had her sorted out in just a few wand movements, and a potion for a headache she professed to have, when she woke up. She was told to stay in the hospital wing for a bit, so the nurse could watch over her.

Hermione thanked Harry, and he left for dinner.

He had to explain that Hermione had a fall and bumped her head to Ron, and that she was in the hospital wing, but fine. Ron just shrugged and called her clumsy.

Ginny seemed more concerned than him, but that may just have been so she could show that she could empathise with Harry, to be honest. Anything to get closer to him.

He thanked her for her concern and went back to his food.

Dinner was the standard affair, though Harry seemed to notice more girls looking his way. Was this still about that hug? What did they think was going on? Hermione wasn't even there, just then.

Either way, Harry finished his dinner, and went back to the common room. With Hermione in the hospital wing, on strict orders to rest, Harry went directly to bed. He needed to start again.

Over the next days, Harry started looking into what the item might be. He finally found an answer in the restricted section, about restricted and controlled magics. A time turner. Finally, he had a name for it, along with a description. There wasn't a lot of detail, however, since, well, it was restricted. Apparently only the Ministry of Magic, and the Department of Mysteries, had access.

Harry sighed, when he realised that. He needed more information. He didn't even know where the Ministry of Magic was, let alone how he'd get there. With every piece of new information, he just realised that he needed more. 'Oh well.' he thought. 'At least I'm not just repeating my days over and over again, anymore.'

Still, he'd need to use a certain password again, to gain a bit of freedom, first. First thing the next day.

-Five years later from Harry's perspective-

"Fuck, Sirius!" Harry exclaimed. "I told you to throw that bloody incendiary, after we exit that corridor!"

"I told you, I'm no good without a wand!" Sirius yelled back, as they ran from the horde of angered goblins. "Can't you just get the bloody cup some other way?!"

"The paperwork would take too long!" Harry yelled, as he pulled another grenade out of a pocket, and threw it behind them. Fortunately, they were away from the dragons, now. "I only have one day, as you may recall!"

"Then take some time to get me one, next time!" Sirius exclaimed, even as they reached the spot, to where Harry had smuggled their portkey. "Now what?" Sirius demanded, as they stood in front of the vault door.

"Now, we use the diamond drill-bit." Harry said, as he pulled a drill from a pocket. It looked almost muggle, but there were obvious modifications, like it had been slapped together in about five minutes, which it had.

Pressing the trigger, the drill started turning at massive speeds. It took Harry using both hands, just to hold onto the thing, as he pushed it through the magically re-enforced door. A second later there was the sound of something breaking, and the vault door clicked, and started swinging open.

"Get in!" Harry insisted, as he pulled the drill back and threw it back, toward the charging goblins. Where it hit the ground, it shattered, and exploded in a spectacular display of broken metal and plastic parts, hammering the armoured goblins and dropping a few, almost instantly. He then went in, himself, and pulled the door closed, before spelling it shut.

"Are we even getting out of here?" Sirius asked, slightly worriedly.

Harry took a moment to catch his breath. Unfortunately, he wouldn't ever be fitter than he was, at this stage, since his body always reset. "This vault has a flaw in the wards. We can get out, in about two minutes. The vault door will stop the goblins, too. We're safe."

"You've done this before?" Sirius asked, as he sat down against the wall, also needing to catch his breath. Azkaban did nothing for his strength and stamina, either.

"A whole bunch." Harry said. "How do you think I knew where to drill that hole?"

Sirius sighed and closed his eyes, in gratitude. "Thank Merlin." he said.

"Merlin's got nothing to do with it." Harry said.

-Ten years later from Harry's perspective-

"We're testing this ritual now, why?" Sirius asked, as he sat in the middle of a chalk design on the floor of Potter Manor's ball-room. He'd needed to leave his new wand, one Harry had apparently made for him, outside the hall, and he was feeling distinctly vulnerable, right then. Harry had explained to him, some of what was happening, but he'd stopped being able to follow, at some point, getting a headache and wishing for some firewhiskey.

Harry was sitting in a corresponding location, the other part of the ritual ready. "Because I need to know if it will work." Harry said, easily.

"And if it fails?" Sirius asked.

"Then I'll try again tomorrow." Harry said, easily, as he stabbed a bone dagger through the heart of the exotic magical fish, he'd apparently hunted down himself.

There was a strange sucking sound, as the ritual activated, and Sirius's eyes widened, as he felt something happening to him. He felt weak, and looked down, to see his hands were shrivelling. The last thing he saw, was Harry shrinking, before he toppled over, dead, looking like a mummy.

"Fucking Peruvians, and their traps." Harry said, once he'd recovered from the effect of the ritual. He looked at his stubby hands, and knew he looked like a baby, because he was one. "Fine, so next time, we reverse the effects, and modify the ritual a bit."

Harry then reached into a pocket of the robes which lay about his infant form, found the pin, and pulled it from the grenade. "I'll be back." he said, in his infant voice, just before there was an explosion.

-Fifteen years later from Harry's perspective-

"Really?" Sirius asked Harry. "You're just taking a day off?"

"Really." Harry said, as he sat back, in his new, more adult form, and took a sip from his mojito. Sirius looked more healthy, and a few years younger. Peruvians may be a deceitful bunch, but their rituals were world-class, when you knew how to use them.

Sirius shrugged. He didn't know how or where Harry had gotten the portkey to Tahiti, but he wasn't going to complain. "So, what now?" he asked, as he sat back and took a sip from his own beverage.

"Now, you get blasted, and then go pick up some strange for the night." Harry said. "Don't go for red-head Rachel, though. She likes things that make you squirm. Brunette Rachel doesn't complain when you put it anywhere, as long as she gets hers. You like Tariana, too, but she reminds you of a girl from school too much, and you end up not being able to screw her."

Sirius looked at Harry in shock, before he developed a smile, as his eyes welled up with tears. "Did I ever tell you that you're my favourite godson?" he asked.

"Only every time." Harry said, grinning at him. He looked around, and smiled. "There's my ride. If things go well, I'll not be seeing you again today."

Sirius frowned and looked the same way. "One of those three?" he asked, as he noted three women. They wore hats, and he couldn't see their faces, but they had bodies that made him look twice.

"Triplets." Harry said. "I've only ever pulled two of them at a time. I'd like to have the whole set, though."

Sirius didn't get a chance to respond, because Harry got up, and strangely turned away, running at an oncoming jet ski. He jumped, stepped on someone's surfboard, and flipped into a kick, that dislodged the rider off the jet ski, and easily taking his place. Harry drove the jet ski to the ladies, quickly said a couple of sentences, and surprising Sirius, they all got on behind him, before he shot off again.

"He's a god." Sirius said, to himself, as he looked on in awe.

-Twenty years later from Harry's perspective-

Pettigrew was hanging by his tail, over a cauldron. He had tried to change back, but he was somehow locked in his Animagus form.

"What's the potion supposed to do again?" Sirius asked.

"This one?" Harry asked. "Supposedly it will turn him into a Dementor, but I'm hoping with the modifications I've made, it will allow us to control him."

"Don't we need him, though?" Sirius asked.

"Not this time." Harry said. "I'm spending a bit of time on private research into alchemy. Once I got into Flamel's head, there were a few things that I wanted to try for myself."

"As in, Nicholas Flamel?" Sirius asked. "I thought he was dead?"

"Nah." Harry said. "Dumbledore spread that rumour. When I found out, I made sure to track the old fucker down."

"I'm guessing there's a reason you don't like him?" Sirius asked.

"The Philosopher's Stone is made using human sacrifices." Harry said. "He did use prisoners, which he was able to buy legally, at the time, but in today's world, there are many laws protecting people from such things."

"Monstrous." Sirius said. He looked at Pettigrew then. "I'm assuming you'd need more than Pettigrew, to make another?" he asked.

"I did make one, once." Harry said. "Used all the death eaters I could find to do it, too. Not because I wanted one, mind you. I knew I'd not do it for real, once I'm out of this time-thing. I just wanted to know if I could." Harry looked at the man, to find out if he disapproved of his actions.

"Hey, don't look at me." Sirius said. "I mean, death eaters aren't people, so who'd mind you killing them?" he asked, seriously.

Harry chuckled. "Never lose your callous disregard for human lives." he said. "I might rely on it, one day."

"Could we go pick up some birds, after you kill him?" Sirius asked, indicating the rat.

"Sure thing." Harry said. "Just need a few more moments, for the potion to be ready." he added, as he took the finely chopped dead man's fingernails, and tossed it into the potion, which changed colours. The rat squeaked and squirmed, but was unable to free himself.

"There we go." Harry said, as he took a knife, and casually cut the rodent's tail off, dropping Pettigrew into the potion.

The potion roiled and bubbled, as it affected its victim, until it stilled and cleared. Out of the cauldron, rose a cloaked figure.

"Huh." Harry said, as he looked at it.

"Is it supposed to be that small?" Sirius asked, looking at the unmistakable dementor. Out of it's hood, however, a rotting snout extended, above a still gaping maw.

"The first Dementor of rats." Harry said. "Go suck the souls out of any rat that makes it into Canada." he instructed.

The dementor didn't wait to fly off.

"Canada?" Sirius asked.

"They don't have rats, in Canada." Harry said, smirking.

"Have I ever told you that you're my favourite godson?" Sirius asked, a huge smile on his face.

"Once or twice." Harry said, smirking back. "So, bar?" he asked.

-Many years later from Harry's perspective-

Dumbledore looked up, as someone knocked on his office door. That shouldn't be possible, because his charms had picked nothing up, and the gargoyle should have stopped people. Perhaps one of the Weasley twins finally found a book on how to bypass his protections. It would need to have been in the restricted section, but still, being bold enough to come to his office to brag, he'd have to give them points for their Gryffindor courage, even if it was after curfew.

"Enter." he called, as he sat back.

It was with a bit of shock, that he saw Harry Potter enter, instead. "Mister Potter?" he asked. "How did you get up here?"

"A few charms and a dog." Harry answered, as he walked in boldly, and sat down, slumping in the chair before the headmaster.

"What-?" Dumbledore started.

"Quizzleforge." Harry interrupted.

Instantly, Dumbledore sat upright. "Do you need a permission slip to leave, again?" he asked, seriously. Harry had just used the password that morning, and while he was curious, he couldn't remember giving it to the boy, which meant something, too. It was likely for plausible deniability.

"I still don't understand how you could trust that nobody breached your occlumency." Harry said. "One person finds that word, and you'll just give them free reign? You're showing your age, old man." he scoffed.

Dumbledore looked at Harry, with confusion on his face. "You are Harry Potter, correct?" he asked.

"Yeah." Harry said, as he took out his wand and conjured a cup of coffee for himself. "Merlin, I need something strong after the day I've had."

Dumbledore was impressed. Harry had done that easily, without incantation, or the whole wand movement, indicating a lot of effort had been spent on a conjuration, that he, himself, only learned after his own Hogwarts education. It wasn't difficult, per-se, but it wasn't taught in school, either. "I'm assuming something significant has happened?" he asked. He was still bloody curious.

Harry snorted. "'Significant' may be an understatement, but let me tell you now, I'm done going over it, over and over again." he said. "Long story short, I'm stuck reliving one day. I've been stuck living one day for years, now."

"How many years?" Dumbledore asked, his eyes widening.

"The beginning is a little blurry, now." Harry said. "That was before I learned Occlumency, to keep everything I needed to know, in my head." Dumbledore looked confused. "I can't take anything with me but my mind, obviously. It's been about fifteen years, since I mastered that particular skill, and I started a couple of years after getting stuck. My estimate is currently at about two hundred and fifty months, plus-minus." He didn't mention that he also knew legilimency. That one was more of a remnant from expelling Voldemort, though. He'd gained quite a bit from the parasite, after expelling him over and over.

"That's more than twenty years!" Dumbledore exclaimed.

"Yeah, and I'm not happy with you for doing that to me, either." Harry said.

"I did it to you?" Dumbledore asked.

"Well, no." Harry said. "Hermione's time-turner did it to me, when we had an accident, and I suspect it broke, exposing me to part of the functionality of the chronal-sands. My best guess is, the Time Turner was activated, and about to transport me back in time, when it broke. Then, every time the unbroken one was used, it sent me back. And stupidly, when the daily reset, the 'supposed' security feature, was triggered, it sent me back, too."

"You've studied time-magics?" Dumbledore asked.

"You ensured it, you manipulative old goat." Harry said. "I asked for help, right at the start. You told me you couldn't help, but gave me a password, which would ensure that I can get away with pretty much anything, so that I can use the unlimited time it gave me, to learn."

Dumbledore frowned. Sure, he'd find such an opportunity useful for the boy. He could learn about himself, and maybe even take time to learn about magic, to give himself an advantage, but he'd not do that to someone for so long. "How many times have you spoken to me?" he asked, as a suspicion came to him.

"Too many to count." Harry said. "But I stopped trying to get you to help, once I got into things that you shouldn't know about, just in case I accidentally broke the cycle, while I was working on a solution."

"I would have suggested that you stop, when you could." Dumbledore said.

"No, you wouldn't." Harry said. "You would have gotten me to do research for you. Find certain 'objects'?" he asked, leadingly.

"What do you mean?" Dumbledore asked. He really didn't know. He didn't know what Harry knew, so he had not point of reference.

"He has five, you know." Harry said, not answering, as he pulled out a slip of paper, and waved it. "Had six, including me, but when my Occlumency got to a certain stage, I was able to eject him. Still have to, every time I wake up, actually."

Dumbledore lost a bit of colour at that. He'd begun to suspect, but didn't know. Now, however, he knew what the boy was talking about. "You know?" he asked. "You've got them all written down?" he added.

"Yup." Harry said, smirking.

"May I?" Dumbledore asked, indicating the slip of paper.

"Not yet." Harry said. "First, we need to make a deal." Dumbledore regarded Harry, his eyes narrowing. "No, I'm not going dark, or something. I'm just a bit jaded. I'm told that happens with age."

"What do you want, then, my boy?" Dumbledore asked.

"Freedom." Harry said. "I'm done being a hormonal teen. Seriously, it's been far too long. I'm tired of looking at thirteen-year-old girls and noticing their curves. It kind of freaks me out, now. What I want, is to leave Hogwarts after today."

"But-" Dumbledore tried to protest.

"No." Harry said, interrupting him again. "I've done the research. There is a modified aging ritual from Peru, which will turn me as old as I want, depending on how I modify it. I know where to get the ingredients, and I will be using it."

"But, that has an exchange." Dumbledore said. "Someone else takes on the years you lose."

"No, technically, I will be giving my Godfather his youth back. Time lost to your manipulations." Harry said. "My aging will be the cost of doing that. Quite useful, in this case."

That one shut Dumbledore up. He couldn't make eye-contact anymore. He'd been trying to enter the boy's mind, but he'd not even been able to find a mind to enter. He wasn't just learned, in Occlumency. He was a Master at it. "Harry, I-" he finally tried, after a full minute of heavy silence.

"Oh, I'm not even going to pretend to care about your reasoning, anymore." Harry scoffed. "We've had this conversation before, I'll have you know. I think I actually killed you, once, but that was back in the days when I was still angry at you. I now know you're just old, and have chosen to think that that was the cause for your many lapses in judgement."

Harry lifted the slip. "For this, and the end of Voldemort, I'm taking my freedom. You don't really have a say."

"What deal, then?" Dumbledore asked, finally deciding to talk to Harry like the adult he'd obviously become.

"You won't look for me." Harry said. "There will be no prophesy over me anymore. What I hold in my hand, is the key to Voldemort's destruction. 'Either must die at the hand of the other', after all. My hand – his death."

Dumbledore's eyes widened again. He'd found the prophecy. That made a bit of sense, though. He'd have had to go to the Department of Mysteries, to learn about the Time Turners. No doubt he'd gotten turned around and ended up in the Hall of Prophecy. "You're certain this fulfils the prophecy?" Dumbledore asked.

"I've destroyed all the horcruxes, at least once." Harry said. "Sirius even helped me a few times, but he's not really in shape to do heavy magic, anymore. At least I was able to make him a new wand."

"You?" Dumbledore asked, shocked.

"Oh, you'll be surprised what you can learn, when you have all the time in the world, and a drive to finally have sex." Harry joked. He'd been using his legilimency for a long time, now. Every hurdle, he'd learned to overcome on his own. Olivander's mind was not a mystery to him, anymore. "Seriously, I need to get laid. I've basically been in the hights of my hormonal development for many years. My balls are so blue, they might decide to just up and die on me."

"Harry." Dumbledore said, warningly.

Harry rolled his eyes. "You'll never change." he said. "Then again, you've not had the chance to, for a long time, from my perspective."

Dumbledore actually had to consider that, too. He'd not even thought of that. To Harry, he would have been as reliable as the tide. Heck, everyone would have. "Fair enough." he said. "But I still don't think I can let you go through with this idea of yours." he said. "Even if you know enough to leave school, you shouldn't give up your youth. Haven't you earned a bit of freedom to enjoy it?"

"Your opinion still doesn't matter to me." Harry said. "I can easily live in another country, under an assumed alias. A bit of magic to permanently change my appearance, and voila."

Dumbledore needed to stop this. There was still a chance that something could happen. Voldemort might still return. He'd need to take steps. "Please see reason?" Dumbledore implored, as he sat forward, to hide that he was reaching for his wand.

"Looking for this?" Harry asked, as he clicked his fingers, and Dumbledore's wand appeared in it. "I literally told you we've had this conversation before, not five minutes ago. How did you think you could sneak something new in?"

"Harry." Dumbledore said, warningly again. "You must return my wand to me."

"No. I'm the Elder Wand's master now." Harry said. "And as your master, I order you to return to he who made you." Harry said to the wand, which instantly vanished.

"What have you done?!" Dumbledore exclaimed.

"You do realise that the Deathly Hallows were a trap, right?" Harry asked. "They were literally made to sow chaos and death. I've already returned the stone and the cloak, too. Many times."

Dumbledore was dumbfounded. The boy had certainly learned a lot, during his time in whatever time-loop he'd been in. "But it was the most powerful wand in existence!" Dumbledore still said, even as he felt a pang of pain, at the mention of the stone. He'd never be able to see his sister again, to apologise for getting her killed.

"What would it do in the hands of a squib?" Harry asked, lifting an eyebrow.

Dumbledore glared at Harry. "Nothing." he admitted. "But a squib couldn't defeat me to take it."

"I didn't defeat you, to take it." Harry pointed out. "I just took it." Then he continued. "For that matter, who says a squib can't defeat you? I can figure out hundreds of ways to disable you, without using magic."

"Harry, that is hubris." Dumbledore said.

Harry shook his head. "No. It's hubris to think you are above everyone else. More powerful. Undefeatable." he said. "I've got an advantage you don't, right now. Once I stop the loop, I won't be able to predict your moves, again. Or, at least, not as easily as I can now. Until that ends, you can blow me up, and I'll just know to be prepared for it next time. I can even tell you that I took your wand, when I made my cup of tea, because you won't remember it, next time."

So, that's when he had done it. Dumbledore could see how that was possible. A simple bit of magic to prepare the conjuration beforehand, and it would be easy to hide what he was really doing with his wand. "Very clever." Dumbledore said, begrudgingly. "But, since you have this opportunity, why not use it to get all the items, now? You can try it many times, if they are difficult to get to, until you can bypass their protections with ease."

Harry sighed. "I should have known you'd just keep pushing." he said. " 'You can at least find them, Harry. You can at least tell me where to find them, Harry. You can at least find out what protections are on the horcruxes, Harry. You can at least get your NEWTs, Harry. You can at least get a few masteries, Harry.' " Harry mocked.

Dumbledore didn't miss that Harry had said it all in his own voice. Was he a metamorphmagus now, too? He knew they could change their voices without needing a wand. No, he had likely prepared for this, too. That's when he finally caught up. He sat back and sighed. "You already did, didn't you?"

"Did what?" Harry asked, as a smirk came to his face.

"You already destroyed the horcruxes." Dumbledore said.

"No, actually." Harry said, still smirking. "But I did go fetch all of them, and hid them somewhere new. Now, not even Voldemort would be able to find them. Him, or his followers. Or you."

"Are you so sure?" Dumbledore asked.

"Do you know what I know?" Harry asked. "Do you even know for certain that I didn't lie about how long I've been stuck living this godforsaken eternal Tuesday?"

Dumbledore hadn't even considered it. He couldn't know. He knew the boy had experienced a lot of things, to be able to do what he had, and to know what he did, so he didn't doubt the time-loop existed. Now, however, he didn't know what Harry might be capable of. "You're threatening me?" he asked.

"No." Harry said, easily. "I'm holding the world hostage." he said. "Sirius's idea, actually. He really doesn't like you. I've heard it more times than I can count. 'That old goat-fucker will give up power the day he sees Voldemort become a florist.' " Harry said, in Sirius's voice. "And don't get me started on Remus. He wanted to come to your office, just before full-moon. Seriously, being near a werewolf during their moon-cycle can be kind of scary. That whole feral anger thing… I never understood why he couldn't work during the day if he was on the wolfsbane potion at night, but after seeing that tirade, I get it."

"So, you won't allow me to destroy the horcruxes, unless I agree to never look for you, again?" Dumbledore asked.

"I'll do it myself, for an unbreakable vow." Harry said, smirking again.

Dumbledore looked at the boy before him. Sure, he knew he'd had to make some hard decisions in his life, but he wasn't so bad that people needed insurance policies, against him. "You really think I'm some sort of dark lord, don't you?" he asked.

"Close." Harry said. "I just think you're old, remember? If I thought you were a dark lord, that prophesy would apply to you, too. We wouldn't want that, would we?" He'd said the last bit with a look that did not belong on a child's face. It was dangerous, more so than Harry's face should be capable of, and for a moment, there, Dumbledore thought he was seriously contemplating defeating him, too.

Dumbledore closed his eyes, as he took that all in. Finally, he looked up again. "I can agree to that." was all he said. "But I have to say, Harry-"

"I'm disappointed in the person you've become." Harry finished for him, rolling his eyes again. "You've said that before as well. That, and: 'Your parents would be so disappointed in you'. Frankly, I feel the same way about you. I think it would be best if we just parted ways, don't you? No anger, no hard feelings. We finish this prophecy garbage and then have actual lives. You can finally rest, after standing lone sentinel against Voldemort for twelve years, and I can finally stop worrying about it, too."

Dumbledore's eye twitched. There goes emotional manipulation. Frankly, the deal didn't sound bad. He'd known Voldemort wasn't gone, since the day Harry was first called the Boy-Who-Lived. If he could finally retire, he might just do that. He'd been gaining power, for the day he might need it. He just hoped he didn't need to start protecting the world from Harry Potter.

"I'll make the vow, on the condition that you make your own." Dumbledore said.

"Yeah, yeah." Harry said. "I'll not become a dark lord. So, we have a deal?" he said and asked in quick succession, as he stood up and held out his hand.

Dumbledore looked at the hand for a few seconds, before finally standing as well, and taking the hand.

That's when the latest surprise occurred. Their hands glowed, as the unbreakable vow took effect instantly. "How did you do that?" he asked, shocked.

"I did it." a voice growled from next to Dumbledore, where Sirius Black pulled back the hood of the invisibility cloak.

"That's the cloak." Dumbledore said. That's when more of the happenings tonight started making more sense. The wand vanishing. The hidden magics. They were all tricks.

"Got you." Sirius growled, with a dark smirk. It didn't look good, since he still looked like an escaped convict.

"You are still a wanted criminal." Dumbledore grumbled. It had been a long time since he'd fallen for tricks like this.

"We caught Pettigrew." Sirius said. "He's always been a rat. You just didn't know how much."

"While you are a dog." Dumbledore said, as he caught on to what Harry had said, earlier. 'A few charms and a dog.' He really should have made the connection. He was a transfiguration professor, after all. He had known what James Potter and their friends had achieved. "Where did you find him?" he asked.

"The rat was Percy Weasley's pet first, and then Ron's." Harry said. "That's quite a few years he's spent living under your nose, old man. What do the wards of Hogwarts protect against, again? Certainly not murderers or Dementors."

Hermione was walking down to the great hall on her own, because Ron had left without her. Harry was off on some mission for Dumbledore, and she was worried, but Ron hadn't even talked about it more than once, and that one time he'd looked jealous that Harry had a personal mission from Dumbledore, and not him.

Hermione made it to the stairs, before she slipped, stumbled and went over the ledge. She was quick, though, so she knew how to save herself. She reached into her robes, to turn the clock back. Unfortunately, she found no time turner. Fortunately, just before she hit the ground, Harry was there. He caught her with a spell, and levitated her the last few feet to the ground.

"Watch your step." Harry said, as he smirked at her, helping her up, and slipping the time turner into one of her pockets. He'd fixed his connection to it already, a few hours ago, but he'd needed it to curse her to fall. 'Bloody rules of magical time-travel.' he swore in his head.

Hermione's mind was still stuck on her near-death experience. It took her a bit, before she remembered that the time turner was missing. She quickly checked around her neck, and then stuck her hands into her pockets. Almost falling over in relief as she found the item in one of her pockets, not even caring how it had gotten there, so long as it was still there.

"Looking for something?" Harry asked. "Seriously though, are you alright?" he asked, then, looking at her with more emotion. "You've been acting strangely lately."

"I- I've just been a little distracted by my schoolwork." Hermione said.

"Well, take a break or something." Harry suggested. "I can't guarantee that I'll be there the next time you fall, especially with how you keep on disappearing."

Her mind finally caught up to Harry actually being there. "You're back!" she exclaimed. "Where did you go? What were you doing? Why didn't you tell me you were doing something for Dumbledore?"

"I'll tell you my secret, if you'll tell me how you've been getting to all your classes." Harry countered, knowing she wouldn't ever tell him. Dumbledore had likely made her promise never to do so, unless it was under dire circumstances, or with his permission.

Hermione looked like she was going to instantly reply, but stopped herself. Then she frowned, then she scowled, then she deflated. She couldn't tell him, and if he'd promised to keep things secret, like her, then chances were, he wouldn't tell her, anyway. "You're mean." she decided to say.

"Only as mean as you." Harry said, smirking in victory.

Hermione just narrowed her eyes at him. Harry indicated his head towards the hall. "Come on." he said. "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse. Wait, do the magicals have a saying like that? Abraxan, maybe? Or, maybe something more dangerous, like a Nundu?"

Hermione was soon drawn into the conversation, as she pondered the same thing. She'd heard some interesting sayings.

"I still don't get it." Sirius said, once Harry joined him in Potter Manor, later that same evening. They were having a drink and chatting about Harry's experiences. Harry refused to be treated like a kid, even though he did look young, because his body was. Harry was adamant that they'd be doing the ritual as soon as possible. "You were the one that started the whole thing?" he asked.

"I was the one that made her fall in the first place." Harry agreed.

"But, how?" Sirius asked. "You didn't have access to the time turner, back then."

"Well, once I broke the cycle, I could still affect the time that was affected inside that cycle." Harry said. "So, I used the time turner, outside of the cycle, and went back in, but because I was from a future the other me could never reach, I was immune to the repercussions of starting the whole thing from an improbable temporal location."

"But if you didn't learn what you did, you couldn't do it in the first place, meaning you should have never been stuck." Sirius said, as he started getting a little cross-eyed.

"Magical time-travel, Sirius." Harry said. "The me outside the loop, would have always existed. Don't get me wrong, it took me a long time to accept, too, but the fact of the matter is, this was some sort of pre-destined event. I was just a cog in the gears of destiny."

"But-" Sirius tried again.

"Trust me, Padfoot, you'll only get a headache, if you continue thinking about it." Harry said.

Sirius frowned, before finally just shrugging and accepting it. "Not like I'm going to argue about being free, when we hand over Pettigrew."

"About that." Harry said, looking apologetic. "I let him go."

"You WHAT!?" Sirius exploded.

"Yeah." Harry said. "I locked him in his animagus form and put him in a glass case with a bunch of snakes at the zoo."

Sirius looked at him with big eyes, his mouth hanging open. "But…" he trailed off, as he saw a glimmer of humour in Harry's eyes. "Oh, you sick fuck!" Sirius said. For a moment there, he'd wondered if Harry was crazy. He'd honestly be tempted to kill the rat, himself, if it wouldn't instantly get him sent back to Azkaban.

Harry broke out laughing. "You should have seen your face!" he laughed.

"This isn't funny!" Sirius exclaimed.

"Of course, it is." Harry said, easily, as his laughing calmed down with a few chuckles. "To be completely honest, I've done that a few times. One of the benefits of being stuck in a time-loop, is being able to kill the people who piss you off. I once charmed Draco Malfoy to drink a whole bottle of his favourite hair bleach."

"That sounds… unhealthy." Sirius said, frowning.

"Oh, he died in horrible screaming agony." Harry said, nodding along. "Not my favourite Malfoy death, to be honest. My favourite was that time I shoved Pettigrew up Malfoy senior, and he reverted, to save his own life. You should have seen the look on your cousin's face, while Pettigrew tried to get the remnants of Lucius's shit and gore out of his hair. She finally killed him. Come to think of it, that was one of my favourite Pettigrew deaths, too."

Sirius's eyes had widened, before a vindictive smirk grew on his face. "Okay, I'm going to need to see those memories." he said, emphatically.

"Oh, we've got time." Harry said, smirking, as he pulled out a pair of Time-Turners he'd pilfered from the Department of Mysteries.

Sirius's eyes widened further. "Are you telling me what I think you're telling me?" he asked.

Harry's returning smirk was evil, and Sirius thought he could get used to that, as his own smile widened, and he, too, adopted an evil smirk. "Did I ever tell you that you're my favourite godson?" he asked.

The end?