The story of Niklaus Mikaelson & Bonnie Bennett through the eyes of Elena Gilbert reading Bonnie's Diary. With the thousands of unfortunate events that take place during their monumental love. What will be the things that actually make darling Elena's start to crack? And how soon does Elena process it all so she can reunite with her friends?

Main Pairing: Bonnie Bennett/ Niklaus Mikaelson

Rating: MA/ M

Elena gulped for air as she awakened from her deep slumber. Millions of questions entered her mind. Where was she? When was she? Did time past quickly or did Bonnie die fast? Did Bonnie live her life to the fullest? How was everyone?

Elena squinted her eyes from the brightness of the room. The window in front of her was humongous and let tons of light shine into where she sat. Elena felt warm as if she was wrapped in a blanket, a specific one, a deep purple wool blanket that her mom used to wrap her in and sing lullabies to when her or Jermey were scared.

Elena sighed as stepped out of the coffin she was in. She furrowed her eyebrows, what was the point of the coffin when the bed was next to it. Walking around the bed, her feet getting cold from the chilly floor, she noticed piles of books— no not books, but journals.

Heading towards the neatly aligned journals that were stacked against the wall, Elena slightly hesitated to be frank she was nervous. Elena stomach lurched at any of the negative possible outcomes that appeared in her head. With a bite to of her lip she sat down in front of the journals.

Elena couldn't help but smile when she noticed how the journals were organized by color possible for each persons favorite color. If Elena was correct, it was Caroline's idea. Knowing Caroline she probably put it in order from oldest to newest the same as she did most items she owned.

Glancing at all the color available Elena knew she was going to read Bonnie's. Bonnie favorite color was green and black, it was that color since she read 'Harry Potter' when they were younger. Elena had a sad smile on her face as she eyed the journal that was emerald green and had a singular black stripe. Elena slowly pulled the journals towards her. Taking the first one off the top Elena let out a sad sigh and opened it. Elena heart ached at seeing Bonnie full name inside the cover of the medium sized journal, ' BONNIE SHEILA BENNETT' it said. Elena traced her finger over the writing.

Elena stood up and sat on the bed with the journal. For a brief moment she prayed that her friend didn't get into more harmful things after they were separated. Laying on the bed under the cozy warm white sheets Elena Gilbert was going to read it all even if she was not fully prepared.

Dear Elena,

The night Kai casted this spell I thought I was going to die. I thought I was going to die without so many things not being done or being fixed... Although, I trusted Damon. I mean how could I not after all went through together. Still, for a split second I felt as if he was going to kill me or let me die. I mean it would not have been much of a surprised because he loved you so much.

It hurt losing you... I couldn't stomach the idea of even writing to you because I would cry every time. But losing Damon felt as if I was getting my wrist cut off. Although, could I truly fault him? I knew all to well what it felt like to never be with the one you love..

However, those few seconds where I was close to death happened way to often. Where we deal with a supernatural of the month and for a quick seconds Damon would hesitate as if he wanted me to die. We would argue and he would admit for the seconds that he did. With these situations happening repeatedly to the point were I couldn't even rely on him with the simplest things I left.

I packed my things and left Caroline to watch after Grams and my Dad's house. I took all my special stuff and enough clothes to last me a couple weeks. Then, I headed to New Orleans.

Remember, during a slumber party Grams said I was meant to go to New Orleans one day. I can not believe we thought it was because she was crazy. It is a mystery how she knew.

Turns out Grams left a lot in her will. I actually gained the courage to have it read. Go me!

So first off, Grams did not tell me she owned so many houses. Well...two cottages, four mansions, two manors, and lastly The Bennett Estate that resides in the bayou.

I ended up finding some Bennett's in New Orleans. I meet them in the store they owned. It was a herb and crystal store called 'H ' it was for their name Helen and Ciera. You would love the smell in there. It smells like the incense Grams used to burn in her house.

Turns out Lucy ( You remember the witch who helped Katherine then took her down) lived with them. Helen was fifty-seven and had three kids with four grandkids. She was sweet and caring and opened me with warm arms. Ciera had four kids and two grandkids at the age of 58. She was just as sweet as Hinta but was completely more strict. She often went on rants on making sure her kids carried on the family line. Which I laughed at all the time.I call both of them Auntie, I always wanted more family.

One day on a whim I asked why they never lived in the Bennett Estate and they shrugged their shoulders and told me it was because only the direct heir of our line that allowed people to stay their. I tried getting them to stay their but they insisted on staying in their own house. They were stubborn, I pretty convinced it's a Bennett thing. Lucy, after a month of consideration, ended up saying she would stay the weekends with me so I would not be alone all the time. Which was good considering what goes on here. Especially with the vampire "running" the city.

Huh, I realized I never actually wrote to you about anything so you wouldn't know what goes on.

Well, for starters Marcel is a pain in my ass...

The two young black witch's were sitting in the very large living room of The Bennett Estate ready to talk after the very long they both had. Bonnie sat closer to the fire in large black and gold velvet seat, sipping on her glass of red wine. While Lucy was eating some of the snacks they had laid out.

"Ugh, I am so glad we can practice magic in here Bon." Lucy sighed out of relief," Even though Marcel can't track us. He still got those young vampires following us just in case we do."

Bonnie snorted," And Lord knows we ain't got time to be fighting vampires every day just to practice."

"I often wonder how he has some magic tracker on the french quarter witch's but not us."

" Have you been listening to Aunt Ciera?" Bonnie let out a exasperated sigh.

" What should I be listening for again?"

" The harvest girls never completed that ritual and one of them got away because of the vampires slaughtering more than half of the french quarter witchs." Bonnie took a sip of her drink," Meaning she has three dead witch's powers in her. Auntie Ciera said they do the harvest every two hundred to three hundred years to restore the power to their ancestors. So Auntie Helen believes she also has a connection to all the witch's in the quarter."

" So she can sense them when they do magic," Lucy concluded," So the girl must be with Marcel and see him as some savior. So in exchange for protection from the quarter witchs, she does magic for him."

"Exactly, so we need to find away to complete the harvest for the witch's without killing that girl before that girl overloads on power and kills innocent people," Bonnie took another sip of her wine.

Lucy scratch her hand," Or we hand the girl over to her death. I mean I do remember Auntie Helen saying it's not entirely bad because you die and get taught by your ancestors until you rise again. Not that the girl entirely deserves to live because how many witch's have died because she helping Marcel. "

" Hopefully, it won't come to more death."

Bonnie sighed she never did like choices like this. Where everyone was guilty. It was not like Bonnie had to fix the problem but the problem was interfering with her life. Bonnie's phone started ringing, making her jolt slightly. Repositioning herself on the couch Bonnie answer the phone," Hello?"

" Hello, little witch."

" Yes, Klaus?" Bonnie responded a bit anger at him for having the audacity to call her.

" Well, little witch, I have missing brother, and the last two brother I had died. One of them because of your merry little band of misfits. You wouldn't happen to have him. Seeing as we left off on a bad foot."

Bonnie almost screamed at him. They did not leave on a bad foot, he left. Twice. Not one measly time. But twice. After they gained feelings for each other he left her. But Bonnie did not scream in fact she realized how she could use this in her favor.

"I do not have your brother, but I can try a locator spell." Bonnie ignore Lucy's staring ," but I am going to need you come to NOLA. I'm assuming you already had a locator done but the one I do is different. It works better with blood so get ready to be drained. However I am also going to need a favor in exchange."

" I will be there, Love"

Bonnie heart ached at name. But she stuff it down as he asked for what type of favor she had.

" There is a vampire in the french quarter with the name of Marcel Gerard and he is a bit of a problem. He is killing witch's left to right for practicing magic. I can not even do magic outside of my home without being followed. A fourteen year old girl died for accidental magic. "

"Marcel," Niklaus said slowly as if he was formalizing himself with the name," Even more of a reason to be there. I will let you know when I am there. I will be bringing Rebekah."

" Okay, send me the address you want to me at. Bye."

" Good-bye little Bonnie."

Bonnie ended the phone called and she noticed how she breathed a bit more when she did with her heart slowing down as well. She look up at a shocked Lucy Bennett staring at up her like a dear in headlights.

"Did you say Klaus as in The Original hybrid Klaus? The Klaus Mikaelson that was told to witchs as campfire stories? The Kluas Mikaelson that killed your sleeping besties aunt?"

" Yes," Bonnie rolled her eyes teasingly," Klaus will deal with Marcel even if it is not killing. Fate is definitely with us dear cousin."

"Should I even ask how you have his number?"

" If you want to keep the ideas that I am an angel in human form, I will have to say no."

Lucy snorted and shook her head," Fuck that I'm to nosy to say no. Did y'all fuck?"

" Yes we did. It happened on my prom night when Elena attacked me. We pretend like it never happened."

" Was it good." Lucy said tipping her cup of wine slightly.

" Yes, it was and sadly nobody could compare."

" Why do I feel like there is something more."

" Because there is."

" Bonnn," Lucy dragged out," You're just gonna leave me cliffhanger."

"Something happen that night, I remember creating a literal rain storm. I felt us connected I don't know how to explain it."

" You guys could have bounded. Or the sex was just that good you created a storm," Lucy snickers.

Bonnie didn't comment that they did more than have sex one time. It wasn't just a one off thing it was a repeated thing where feeling got involved. She also didn't comment on how his departure hurt more than she would like.

" Oh shove it up your ass," Bonnie shook her head," I wish it was the second. I do not know how anyone else other than you would react if I was bounded to him until my death."

"Probably some hateful words. Nothing a little booze will not fix."

Bonnie snorted maybe for Caroline, Stefan, and possibly Alaric booze would fix it but for anyone else she'd get dropped as quickly as she could say hello.

Bonnie stood up and chugged the remainder of her drink,"Get up we're going to the shop."


" I want to talk to Ciera about the Bennett coven."

Bonnie had this concept on her mind for weeks. Contemplating on if she go through with the idea. That phone call had finalized her decision. Of Niklaus was coming she knew he would do something as devious as taking over the French Quarter and she needed to have the witchs safe and Bonnie knew that she was their safe bet.

" You know the Bennett coven has not been active in at least 100 years." Lucy raised her eyebrows at Bonnie her face full of confusion.

" Which is exactly why we need to activate it."

Bonnie further explain at Lucy's blank expression," Imagine how many young girls and the few boys we have who do not understand how to control their magic. With nobody to guide them. You seen how I was. I don't want to see one of our own die like I have trying to be a savior."

"I like that. Be warned if we get a lecture by our darling Aunties you owe me those good ass pancakes you make." Lucy puts her hand out,"Deal."

Bonnie smiles completely," Deal."

The pair of women walked to Lucy's SUV that Bonnie always thought smelled like lavender and roses. Lucy drove for thirtyminutes before they arrived at 'H '.

" Aunties we here." Lucy yelled as they stepped through the door. The little bell ringing as it closed behind them.

" Come to the back," Aunt Ciera yelled back.

So they did and Bonnie prepared herself for the worst.

So, we went to see our aunts. Before I get to that Elena I am semi-sorry I fucked kluas. I am sorry that I did it. Especially what he has done to all of us. However, I'm not sorry for enjoying it. Considering that day with Silas manipulating me and you attacking me I needed a release. Well, a release that didn't result in me killing half the town. But I'm writing two days after all this so let me get back to my Aunties.

"We wanna start the Bennett Coven," Bonnie said as she twirled her protection bracelet.

Bonnie took over looking at the extra items and thousands of paper work around her as the silence around her ate her alive. Bonnie even looked at the lavenders that have been growing for weeks.

Aunt Helen was the first to break the silence," You want to what?"

" Start the Bennett Coven," Bonnie repeated, her stomach flipping she was to nervous.

" Thank God, I thought we would not live to see the day," Aunt Ciera sighed with relief.

Bonnie eyebrows raised high. Aunt Ciera was always talking about The Bennett Coven to her. Bonnie realized it must have been to nudge her into the direction of leading.

"Ciera," Helene huffed and gave Ciera a raised eyebrow," Bonnie, I love the idea but do you understand you will be the leader. Leading up to at least ten different families with their magical children. Are you ready to put yourself in position that demanding?"

Bonnie leaned forward, "Auntie that is exactly why I want to do this. I want the children to have guidance. Especially the Bennett's who do not have a home or a place to stay."

"Your heart is in the right place, but are you sure you want that responsibility. You have barely been living. With you going out saving those Salvatores every few months even after you were meant to cut them off."

" Damon got involved with sirens Auntie," Bonnie shifted her body," and Cade you know I wasn't going to let him die."

Aunt Ciera pursed her red color lips," You should not have be saving that white man from things he got into. You dealt with the damn devil and he ain't even sent you birthday card. "

"I know."

" Do you Bonnie? You almost died again. This time you had luckiest thing of awakening your physic energy. But what about when luck ain't on your side?"

" I will bind myself to the my dimension," Bonnie bit her lip," but it's not going to come to that."

"Well, if you wanna start you need to make sure your main priorities will be the coven," Aunt Ciera said sighing.

" It will be my main focus," Bonnie said grinning at the success of her family's support.

Lucy gives Bonnie a thumbs up from behind her Aunts. Bonnie would have gave one back if not for her phone ringing in her pocket. Quickly she excused herself, as she happily walked outside, and answered the phone.

"Hello," Bonnie said cheerfully.

" Bennett are you that excited to hear me."

She huffed as her entire mood was ruined," No, I didn't even know it was you considering I don't think you are important enough to be saved in my phone."

They both knew that her not saving his number was a lie. Bonnie saved it as soon as she had gotten in the car.

"Ouch little witch, I just wanted to let you know I arrived in town I will send you the address and I expect you here in two hours."

" I will be there. Can you get information on the witch's of the quarter about the harvest until then?"

"The harvest?"

"All I know is it's a ritual to sacrifice children to further the connection to their ancestors."

"Why would you need that? You are not one of those measly Quarter witch's. So why do you need to meddle with them?"

"You will see when I finish what I am planning."

Bonnie hung up the phone. There was no point of a pleasant goodbye. He didn't have the pleasantries when he left. Bonnie went in the shop promising to talk about the coven some more later on as she bid her goodbye.

Bonnie took got in her own car which was left at the shop earlier in the morning. Pulling up to her own house was always a sight. Bonnie didn't know if it was the magical vines, bushes, and flowers that made the land look so grand or if it was the fact that it had more rooms than her house time thee combined. Either way it was extraordinary especially with the magic that was in the walls radiating onto her.

Bonnie rushed to her room took of her room. She has been caring her shoes since she enter the front door. She head towards her walk-in closet that did not have nearly enough clothes in it so it look bare with how much space it had. Bonnie had really went shopping even with the hefty amount of money her grandmother had left her.

Bonnie had pulled out a black silk bustier fitted dress that Caroline had bought Bonnie for the past Christmas. She picked out the the jewelry set that Bonnie was putting with the outfit. That had been bought when the girls were shopping during a trip to New York. It was a subtle and simple diamond necklace. The matching earring were just as simple as the necklace. Diamond tear drop earrings that Bonnie loved. Bonnie had charmed them as soon as she got home with them to protect her. Finally, she grabbed a pair of simple black heels that tied at the ankles.

Caring her clothes to her bed she then got in the shower. Shivering as the warm water hit her back she sighed. Bonnie wouldn't admit it but she was terrified. Expressing that was harder than it feels. Bonnie was not scared of Klaus at all, she brought him to her knees too many times so she held no fear. However, she was scared of the situation she put myself in. She had sex with Klaus all those years ago were she had felt something in me snap into place. Knowing now that she have to face him after his silent departure was terrifying.

No matter how terrifying it is Bonnie would still have to acknowledge the fact that something did happen that night. Which was frightening to say the least.

Bonnie stepped out of shower wrapping the towel and starting her makeup. Bonnie chose a simple full face look of bat winged eyeliner, big lashes and black lipliner with lipgloss. It took a while because she was horrified of her eyeliner messing up. Then doing a quick spell that she learned from Lucy that makes it hold.

Bonnie step outside the bathroom and step into her room in just her white robe. Bonnie applied lotion onto her body spraying on deodorant right after. Bonnie nerves we're getting to her again when she heard a noise.


Bonnie had broke the mirror on her dresser that reside next to the window.

" Ugh," Bonnie waved her wrist fixing the window immediately.

Being on edge had, had Bonnie magic out of place. The entire physic/witch hybrid thing was so messing with her. Bonnie never had this problem with controlling her anxiety. So, Bonnie did what she usual does and embraced that tight feeling in her chest before letting it go. Then she resumed getting dressed.

Bonnie slipped on her little black dress and black heels. Adding her accessories which she did add an ankle bracelet that had a heart charm with her initials on it.

Bonnie grabbed a heart shaped hand purse putting a few items in it just in case of an attack like vervain, then her phone and charger. Bonnie walked down the many flights of stairs hed heels clacking against the cold tiled stairs steps.

With her car keys she gets in the car and drive off to the location sent by Niklaus Mikaelson. Driving in New Orleans was always satisfying to Bonnie. To her it felt as if it was just meant to be. Bob pulled up to the large building. Which she was guessing was their home.

Bonnie felt Klaus's presence approach her door of Black Chevrolet Corvette which was a gift from Stefan for her birthday. Sadly, she can only say Stefan since Damon refused to even acknowledge her since she skipped town.

Bonnie opened the door after turning it off and immediately she was greeted with Kluas's hand reaching out towards her. Playing along with his game Bonnie grabbed his hand. Bonnie shook her head she was already a goner.

Bonnie stepped out of the car and Kluas shut the car door behind her. He put his arm out waiting for Bonnie to put her arm into his. Bonnie did, knowing she was already losing and she might as well make the most and worst of it.

Kluas chuckled,"Bonnie, welcome to my home."

Bonnie stomach did a flip he did it again. He said her name as if he was making a promise. One Bonnie knew all to well he couldn't keep.

Niklaus walked her to a dining table and pulled out a chair for her. Bonnie crossed her long brown legs. Klaus pushed her chair back in leaning into her ear his lips slightly grazing her," Well, my darling, let us get to business."

Bonnie held her breath, this was going to be an eventful night.

A/N: It has been mentioned but a lot of things have been changed. Mainly from behind the scenes that really don't affect much. Although the rest of the stuff does affect a lot.