If Elena was being honest she was quite surprised by the fact that Bonnie helped the Mikaelson's so easily. Elena thought back to how the Salvatore brothers practically had to beg or use Bonnie relationship with herself and Caroline to get what they wanted.

Furrowing her eyebrows and letting out a frustrated scream before regaining her composure, Elena couldn't help but pondered how deep the feelings that Bonnie had went. If the Salvatore brother and herself had to beg her to do something and she cared for them. Laying underneath her cover, Elena wondered, how much did Bonnie really care that she barely even put up a fight. Elena knew Bonnie, at with that she knew that Bonnie put up a fight for everything. As of now Elena could now say she was past bewilderment.

I think maybe possibly we should always be more prepared but it worked out this time! I swear I'm beating myself up for you Elena. When have I, Bonnie Bennett, put myself into danger without a plan. But you know what there is a first time for everything.

So as I was saying we get in my car...

The drive to the church was quite. The both of them not saying a word. While Bonnie could hear the wind rustling harshly against the car Niklaus opt to listening to Bonnie's heartbeat.

Niklaus phone vibrated in his pocket. Bonnie looked at him from the drivers seat as he read the text aloud," Rebekah says that she's distracting Marcel and we have to make it quick."

Bonnie nodded pushing down on the gas pedal speeding past the various buildings. Bonnie could not stand Elijah even if she was held at gun point and was told to like him she would still dislike him.

"What's going on in your head?" Niklaus raised his eyebrows at her," You look ready for murder."

"The usual Elijah annoyance hate train."


Bonnie rolled her eyebrows," For someone who acts like he's better than everyone he sure does embarrass himself by getting kidnapped."

Niklaus snorted at her statement.

" I'm dead serious! Ughh, he better thank me and my 'unhealthy coping' ass today or I'm giving him back to his kidnapper."

" You remember that?" he asked, with an abus amused smile on his face.

"Of course I do!" Bonnie blurted out in a huff," It was embarrassing. It was even more embarrassing because I was already doing the walk of shame."


Rays of lights beamed in Bonnie's face as she moved her head to wake herself from her deep slumber. She blinked a few bit as she sat up taking in her surroundings. Where was she? She shook her head and thought, obviously somewhere where money isn't a problem.

Bonnie went to go pick up her dress. Trying to connect the dots on what had happened. As soon as she touched her dress she remembered everything. Prom. Elena attacking her. Having sex with...Bonnie eyes widened as she held the dress in her hands, she didn't do it. She couldn't have. Right?

But Bonnie knew it was a failed attempt to deny what had happened. Bonnie Shelia Bennett had sex with Niklaus Mikaelson. To be honest Bonnie didn't know what bothered her more. Her having sex with him or the fact that she enjoyed it.

Bonnie slid the dress over her body and glanced over the room quickly to find her undergarments but she didn't see it. Bonnie almost groaned in frustration. Bonnie grabbed her heels and put them in her hand as she quickly tried to make her escape. Key word tried. As soon as she made it down the stairs there wasn't just Niklaus Mikaelson but Elijah Mikaelson as well talking next to the stairwell.

" Don't tell me you were planning to leave without giving me a good-bye kiss." Niklaus smirked at her, then he smiled triumphantly at his brothers baffled expression.

"I'm not ever going to ki-" Bonnie stopped herself because she already kissed him," It's not happening again."

Bonnie attempted to brush past the pair and leave but she didn't even get an arm length away before she was grabbed by the wrist and turned around.

"Let go of me.

Niklaus merely raised an eyebrow at her," I remember you saying to never stop or let go."

" It was a one time thing. Nothing more."

" Hmm, I doubt it, witch."

They glared at each other and once after a long time Elijah felt uncomfortable. Neither of them seem to notice his unease as they continued to speak within the glare in their eyes.

Niklaus smirked at her once more, " Would you like to be walked to your car?"

" No, but I hope you burn in hell."

All Niklaus did was laugh as she walked to the front door. Before she reached the door she heard Elijha speak.

"Niklaus don't you think you should have intercourse with someone who isn't going through an unhealthy coping mechanism at the moment."

Bonnie turned around pushing her magic out at him fiercely attacking his mind. Breaking his blood vessels repeatedly and pulling his shoulder out of place. She heard him groan in pain and she smiled in his direction. The wind was already flowing in her hair and she gave a raise of an eyebrow before she release the hold she had on him.

" Says the person who follows after a person to redeem because you can't even redeem yourself. With that in mind I don't you should talk on my coping. " Bonnie gave a disparaging smile as she open the door and headed out.

Niklaus shouted out to her from the door way," I'll see you around, love!"

" Maybe when you're six feet under! If you play your cards right the devil may let you see me in your hell circle!" Bonnie yelled back not even bothering to turn around for his reaction.

"We're here, asshole."

Bonnie expected a snarky response but instead she was greeted with a cry of pain. Niklaus was gripping his head and his flashing between gold and his usual ocean colored eyes.

" Don't get mad at me for this." Bonnie muttered before flicking her wrist. Niklaus head snapped and he limped over in his seat. Bonnie shook her head not believing she was going to rescue Elijah all by her self.

Hopping out of the car with her magic already wrapping around her like a protective blanket. Bonnie did quick long strides into the church—which Bonnie thought looked more like a castle— before she was hit with magic as soon as stepped towards the altar if the church. It was a light jolting pain that stung her in the side. Bonnie made a surprised sound, the witch must have been powerful to penetrate Bonnie's basic magic wards.

With a deep intake of air Bonnie began to let her magic guide her. The pull of magic was strong and it was coming from upstairs. So she followed it. Bonnie felt two vampires guarding a door. With a blink of an eye they both were on the floor with the neck snapped.

Bonnie stepped into the room," You can stay hidden if you want I'm not here for you."

A paint can fell over but Bonnie shrugged her shoulders already undoing a few spells that were casted on the coffin. She open the now visible coffin and felt slightly amused by Elijah grey skin color. If only he could stay like this. Bonnie raised her arm to his head and used her expression to teleport him into her car. She sighed of relief when it actually worked.

The young witch still hadn't come out of hiding through the entire thing," There is war brewing. You—who might be exiled by your coven once they find out you have been aiding in murder of your people—might want to burn or cross some bridges."

Bonnie felt a sudden stab in her side and shook her head," You NOLA witches are all hardheaded." Bonnie walked out of the attic and back to her car.

Bonnie got in her car driving and a decent speed. Before she got a call. Caroline Forbes.

" Hey Care!"

" Hey, Bonnie, I wanted to see how you were doing."

Bonnie smiled as she sat her phone down in her lap while putting it on speaker," I'm fine as usual. How are you? The twins giving you any trouble?"

" Oh, they are so bad. They siphoned Stefan the other day to cheat for school. I don't know if I'm impressed or not."

" I'm impressed," Bonnie giggled," I cant believe I didn't think of that."

Caroline snorted," It's not like you had time to think of it."

Bonnie agreed and before Bonnie started talking about her coven idea.

"I just can see you running a coven Bon! But in a Harry Potter way not in The Craft way."

" I don't know I think I can rock the style of The Craft." Bonnie said but she got a text from Rebekah which interrupted Bonnie's and Caroline's conversation.

" Yes, Rebekah?"

" Is my brother phone broken for why he isn't answering?"

" He's alive but temporarily has a snapped neck because of a situation."

Rebekah let out of a laugh," Please tell me you did it. I'm all for you taking any chance to pain him for him leaving you."

" I did."

" I'm also assuming you have my other brother considering Marcel speed out of this bar like a cat in water."

" Yep!" Bonnie popped the 'p' as she began to pull into the drive way of the Mikaelson home," Are you almost h-"

"Here." Rebekah finished as she appeared on the side of Bonnie's car.

" Great, that means you can get your brothers out of my hands. I've already used enough magic for the day."

I had to take an hour length nap. Teleporting things took a lot out of me. Even with expressing, which gives me more strength in my magic as I use it, it still makes me feel exhausted.

" You okay?"

" I'm fine Rebekah." Bonnie shrugged her shoulders," I just was tired."

" Well, I'm not my neck is killing me," Niklaus glared at her but it wasn't full of of total anger.

Bonnie raised her eyebrows and hummed," I wonder why? Plus you seem very alive to me. Could you possibly be just be acting like a baby?"

" Oh—Don't you two start bickering like a married couple. Wait until you get back together to do that please." Rebekah said and nodded when the both of them did nothing but glare at each other," Good! Now Niklaus dig your hand in his chest and pull the blade out."

" Pull the what out?"

"Gawd you know if you weren't huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf then you would have heard me."

" How did a blade outside of the daggers I have make Elijah look like this."

Rebekah gave an exasperated huff," Because it's Papa Tundes blade! I've said this three time before Bonnie woke up."

" Oh well next time speak up," Niklaus smirked before he got up and dug around Elijah chest.

Bonnie gagged, the sight was not pretty so she opt to turning around and not looking at it. She wanted to barf a bit when she could hear organs move. Niklaus pulled his arm out and to Bonnie's surprise it looked more like a bone then a blade.

It was only a moment before Elijah gave an ounce of awareness. He wasn't moving because he was very close to being entirely desiccated.

"Well, I'm going to go home. Don't let Elijah eat the city."

Rebekah snorted before she headed off to get a few blood bags so that Elijah could at least get on his feet. Niklaus was already a step behind Bonnie as she headed for her to get in car.

" You're leaving?"

" I have no reason to stay."

Niklaus furrowed his eyebrows," But you said we could work things out."

" You expect us to work things out in a day? You left me Niklaus and then I suffered and—You know what I'm not hashing into those feeling right now. Nik trust isn't gained in a day after you lose it. I'll see you again just not today. I need to go home."

Bonnie didn't let him get a word in because she was already driving off to her house. Bonnie made sure not to let any thoughts of Niklaus Mikaelson slip through. If she can do it for four years—even though her distraction we're having no sense of self preservation—she could do it now.

So I made it home and had some tea to relax my self from my own problems. It kind of worked. Honestly, Elena I'm in way over my head.


Bonnie B.

Elena couldn't help but agree with her friend sentiments.

A/N: A very short chapter before we get an actual Marcel appearance!