Chapter 1

Unknown land

Naruto woke up to a searing pain in his chest and an atrocious headache. As he sat up, he realized he wasn't at the Valley of the End anymore. Rather, some beach near a forest. Did he wake up near wave country? It was a random guess Naruto had, considering he had no skill in geography as he never cared to learn or had someone to tutor him on the subject. Then again, it wasn't common knowledge to know where the rivers of the Valley would lead.

With all his strength, Naruto stood up despite feeling pain around his body. As he approached the water, he noticed his condition wasn't very good. His orange jumpsuit was ripped to shreds with the pants barely being held together but it was better than being butt naked. At least his shirt also survived along with the necklace Tsunade gave him. Though now he was barefoot as it looked like shinobi sandals had fallen apart.

'Just great, I fight Sasuke and the teme just shoves another chidori into my chest. Next time I'll give a million years of pain up his butt when I see him.' Naruto thought hoping he at least weakened Sasuke during their fight.

To keep a story brief, Sasuke Uchiha defected to Orochimaru hoping to gain power to kill his brother Itachi. Sasuke had been threatened by the sight of Naruto improving that he refused to acknowledge other's strengths. Because Naruto held back and saw Sasuke his brother despite their poor relationship, Naruto let himself be defeated than going all out. Which leaves him out here in the middle of nowhere.

"Good grief, I think I'd rather have a thousand years of death cranked up to a million than put up with this." Naruto thought as he scratched the back of his head. Then he realized something, "You know, I don't think I'm the only one guilty of a perverted jutsu." he said thinking about Kakashi's perverted jutsu.

What is worse? Turning into a naked female or shoving your fingers up a small child's ass?

Naruto shook his head of the thoughts, "Whatever, I better find some help. Maybe I can make my way back to the village." he said to himself before heading into the forest.

A little while later

Naruto groaned as he still felt the pain from his fight. Though he felt that the kyuubi was already doing it's best to heal him. By now it likely already prevented anything serious. Then again, its not like Tsunade would force him to be in the hospital for an extended amount of time. Naruto understood that Tsunade does it out of tough love and she is the best medic. The issue at hand is actually the fact that Tsunade and Shizune overdo it with the bandages.

That and if Shizune is skilled enough to understand the human body and know the sensitive parts to disable. Why didn't she try using senbon? It's not like Naruto has a skill or ability to block them. Every time she drags him, she ends up tearing a muscle.

"I think Shizune needs a refresher course." Naruto muttered before hearing some sniffling.

Stopping in place, Naruto looked around for the source of the noise. To his surprise, he found a little girl sitting on a log. She was likely around 6 or 7 years old, shorter than the Konohamaru corps and had a blue bobbed style haircut. From the looks of it she was crying as her fists were in eyes.

"Hey, are you ok?" Naruto asked the girl only to startle her a bit.

The girl turned around to see Naruto only to run towards him and hug his waist. Naruto groaned as he didn't know how to handle crying children. So he let her vent out before calming her down a bit. By the time the girl stopped sobbing, Naruto decided to introduce himself.

"I'm Naruto and who are you? Shouldn't you be with your mom or something?" Naruto asked the girl.

"M-My n-name is W-Wendy." Wendy said in between sobs. "I can't find my mama. I woke up this morning and now I can't find her." she said as she tried wiping away her eyes.

"Well what does she look like? Maybe I can help you find her." Naruto asked.

"My mama's name is Grandeeney and she's a sky dragon." Wendy answered.

Naruto sweat dropped, "You were raised by a dragon?" he asked in disbelief.

"It's true, Grandeeney raised me ever since I can remember. Please help me find her!" Wendy pleaded.

Naruto sighed, "Well if you're telling the truth, maybe she's a summon. Can you summon her?" he asked.

Wendy shook her head, "No, mama is always around. She taught my Sky Dragon Slayer magic, not summoning magic." she said.

"Magic?" Naruto asked as Wendy only made things difficult for him. "Let's just find your mama. I'm sure he can explain things." he said as he held out his hand.

"Thank you Naruto." Wendy said as she took his hand and followed him.

From there, the two would journey all over the land on their search for Grandeeney. Along with directions to Konoha. To Naruto's surprise, every time they found humans, they wouldn't register any knowledge of Konoha. Then there was the fact that a lot of people had different style clothing. Luckily Naruto managed to get some replacement clothes so long as he helped with some crops as a deal when they went into one of the towns. Luckily shadow clones greatly helped Naruto with the work.

So while Naruto was trying to find ways to get back home along with not looking like a caveman. He also tried finding Wendy's mother which didn't do much as she was adamant that her mother was a dragon. Though it did help that Wendy admitted that Grandeeney adopted her. Except Wendy got mad when Naruto asked if anyone was missing a child, especially when he approached the orphanages. He defended himself saying that maybe Grandeeney could secretly turn human and adopted her as a baby.

Wendy wanted to argue, but did see Naruto's ability to transform and disguise himself as another person. So she chalked it off as an advanced technique Grandeeney wanted to teach her in the future.

Even then, nobody could confirm that there was a missing child or an orphanage that registered Wendy as an adopted child. Even worse for Naruto, nobody knew about Konoha despite it being a major hidden village. By then, Naruto was pretty close to giving up and assumed he was on some other country where the shinobi system didn't exist. Without that geography skill, he couldn't confirm if there were other countries that didn't live under the rule of a daimyo or have a hidden village.

The real sad part was the same question everybody asked Naruto, "If it's a hidden village, then why is it public? Shouldn't it's location be a secret?"

Naruto did wonder why it was called that. Then a lot of other questions popped into his mind like, if the villages were actually hidden, wouldn't that defeat the chance of gaining clientele to get assignments? He struggled with these questions as Wendy asked about them too along with chakra since she never heard of it and even showed off some of her magic. So it was an interesting journey worth reflecting on for at least six months.

A few months after meeting Wendy

Now the two stood in front of a cave that Naruto opened. It was a wild idea, but Naruto thought it would make sense to check the cave. Though Wendy gave him a dirty look when he mentioned that dragons like to live in caves as their dens.

"You're racist." Wendy said with a glare.

"How am I racist?" Naruto asked her.

"Not all dragons live in caves. How do we even know mama is in here?" Wendy asked.

"Do you have proof that your mom isn't in here?" Naruto asked as Wendy crossed her arms and pouted.

Wendy relented and decided to go with Naruto to explore the cave with hopes of finding Grandeeney. Only to have to run around the various dangers of the cave. Ranging from giant centipedes to spiders to iguanus and lots of other creatures that are difficult to describe. Sadly Naruto only had three jutsus in his arsenal to fight back but they're all weak.

Rasengan can't pierce the armor armorsaurus. Shadow clones increase numbers but not strength. Even summoning wasn't useful as he couldn't summon any of the toads for some reason. Which made things difficult since all he had left were his kunai and shuriken which started to go dull. Eventually they did find a dragon...

Except it wasn't Grandeeney.

Instead, they were graced with the sight of a giant winged beast hidden behind a transparent barrier.

"It is very rude to stare." said the massive dragon.

"Wendy is that a dragon?" Naruto asked as his eyes were wider than dinner plates. Wendy nodded fearfully, "Um, by chance do you know where Wendy's mom is?" he asked.

"I think I would know if I have seen another human nearby. However this barrier limits my movement." the dragon answered.

"But Wendy's mom isn't human. She's the Sky Dragon, Grandeeney." Naruto told him.

The dragon laughed so hard that the whole cave shook, "Never heard of her and I've haven't seen my kind nearby." he replied.

This made Wendy look sad, "Let's go Naruto. I guess mama isn't here either." she said sadly.

Just as Naruto was about to take Wendy back, the dragon lowered his head, "Oh? Leaving so soon?" he asked in a sad voice.

"Is he pouting!?" Naruto asked with a shocked face. "Well, yeah it's not that we don't like you or anything but, we just need to find Wendy's mom." he told the dragon.

This caught the dragon's attention, "That is strange, I am one of the four true dragons and one of my own adopting a human is a strange concept." he said in contemplation. "Allow me to introduce myself, I am the Storm Dragon, Veldora." he said.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki, and I kind of already introduced Wendy." Naruto said as Wendy nodded.

"Nice to meet you." Wendy said while trying to be kind.

"Hmph, as if I cared to learn your names. Me, the mighty Storm Dragon chatting with two lowly human children as if you were my friends!" Veldora exclaimed.

Naruto and Wendy shivered, "Naruto let's go." Wendy pleaded as Naruto nodded.

"No wait! Please don't leave! Stay as long as you like!" Veldora pleaded.

It was safe to say Veldora wasn't just the Storm Dragon. He was also the Tsundere Dragon.

The conversation continued on with Naruto and Wendy explaining their individual situations. Veldora had also stated that he never heard of Konoha, though it didn't help that he was trapped in the barrier for 300 years by a mysterious hero. Regardless, he hasn't heard of the type of ninjas Naruto described of either, or the concept of chakra. Veldora explained that society should still be using magicules which are the life essence of the world where people use magic. Similar to Wendy, but somehow slightly different since they don't use magic circles.

Veldora was even charitable enough to explain how to use Magic Sense. Which got weird when a voice appeared in Wendy and Naruto's heads.

"Unique Skill: Magic Sense acquired."

"Kyaah!" Wendy shouted.

"What the heck was that!?" Naruto asked as they both confused Veldora.

"Answer: It is the effect of your unique skill, Great Sage. Now that your ability has been established. You will now be capable of reacting more quickly." the voice answered.

"Hey Wendy, did you hear that too?" Naruto asked as the little girl nodded.

"Is this skill shared?" Wendy asked.

"Answer: It is possible share the same skill however. It is most likely that you and the one known as Naruto simultaneously activated the skill." Great Sage answered.

"Naruto did you hear that?" Wendy asked.

"Hear what?" Naruto asked as this now further annoyed Veldora who felt like he wasn't a part of the conversation.

After a couple minutes, Wendy explained that the two now have Great Sage as a skill. Which mainly acted as an advisor as well as explaining skills they both now have along with scanning material. They brought in Veldora who was finally annoyed of being left out. The Storm Dragon stated that their skill might something called the Voice of the World. At least now, the Great Sage could assist them in trying to help Veldora in his situation.

Which was to break down the barrier as they decided to trust that Veldora was a good person. It was strange and it involved more of Veldora's tsundere nature.

"So apparently you can't use Magic Sense?" Naruto asked.

Veldora nodded, "Yes, the warrior sealed my skills when she used Unlimited Imprisonment." he answered.

Naruto scratched his head as he tried thinking of something, "Maybe we can puncture it from the outside with a skill?" he asked.

"I can try using my magic and you can try your sphere thing." Wendy suggested as both skills were slightly different from the magic of this land.

"You can try, but I have my doubts." Veldora said as he wasn't genuinely mocking them.

"Ok, I'll go first!" Naruto said as he created a shadow clone and started preparing the Rasengan. "Let's see if this works. Rasengan!" he shouted as he ran up to barrier and slammed his attack.

Only for it to take no damage, "Let me try." Wendy said as she started channeling her magic and making a small incantation. It took a couple minutes but when Wendy was ready, she let out a powerful gust of wind from her mouth, "Sky Dragon's Roar!" she yelled as she let out all she could to attack the barrier.

While the attack also failed, Wendy would have collapsed onto the ground if Naruto had not caught her. Nonetheless Veldora did not look too surprised rather than having some interest in seeing what powers the two children have.

"That was pathetic!" Veldora berated.

"Like you could do anything! You can't even use your own powers you stupid lizard!" Naruto yelled as the dragon looked angry.

"You dare yell at me! The Great Veldora!?" Veldora roared.

"Yes." Naruto deadpanned.

"How rude." Veldora said looking sad.

This exchange only confused poor Wendy, "Um Naruto, I think we should try something new." she said as she tried thinking of a new plan. Wendy rubbed her temples as she thought long and hard about what to do, "Wait, Great Sage you're a skill right?" she asked.

"A unique skill, correct." Great Sage answered.

"Do you think you can list out the possible skills that could help me free Veldora?" Wendy asked.

Naruto and Veldora stood and watched as Wendy's eyes started to bug out. All before she gripped her head and whimpered in pain. Most likely from an overload of all the information that Great Sage was forcing on her. So Naruto decided to try to scan the barrier again and see if there was a way to overcome it without using brute force.

"Do I have any special skills? Anything unique?" Naruto asked his Great Sage.

"Notice: Upon arrival on the island, you've obtained the skill Carnivore." Great Sage answered.

"That sounds cool. What can it do?" Naruto asked.

"Answer: Using Carnivore, you have the chance to obtain another skill once you've greatly weakened a foe." Great Sage answered as this caught Naruto's interest.

However it couldn't help, "Well I can't do that to a barrier since I can't even harm it." Naruto said to himself only for Wendy to grin.

"I think I got an idea. I can eat Veldora!" Wendy said as the two stared at her innocent imagination.

"Wendy, you can't even bite him without getting through the barrier. So how would someone as tiny as you eat Veldora?" Naruto asked as Wendy blushed.

"Great Sage told me I have a skill called Predator. It lets me eat almost anything. Maybe I can try to eat him and store him inside of me." Wendy said before grabbing at the barrier.

As Wendy attempted to "eat" Veldora. The little girl started to shiver before jumping away. Naruto sighed as he also tried to come up with an idea of his own. Only to watch as Wendy ran up to Veldora's barrier again

Wendy placed herself against the barrier, "Ok, I think this is how I'll do it." she said as she started concentrating.

"Wendy, hugging Veldora won't help." Naruto said with a blank face.

"But it does feel like you care." Veldora said feeling emotionally closer to Wendy.

"Wendy what are you doing now? Didn't your skill fail?" Naruto asked.

"It didn't but I had the right idea. I can still store Veldora away, the barrier rejected me but it can't force me to move it elsewhere." Wendy said as she started to turn all blue and bubble like.

"Wendy, what are you doing now?" Naruto asked.

"Great Sage, can you help me out here?" Wendy asked.

"Answer: Taking control and utilizing Stomach to store the Storm Dragon Veldora." Great Sage said.

"So this way, maybe we can break Veldora free?" Wendy asked before turning into some sort of blue goopy moss like substance that surrounded Veldora's prison.

"Answer: Eventually, the barrier will time out or break, but Veldora will remain alive in the meantime." Great Sage answered.

"Wendy!" Naruto yelled as he tried to pull the moss off.

Thinking something bad had happened to Wendy. Naruto attempted to pull off the moss as he was confused as to what Great Sage was making Wendy do. This lack of knowledge wasn't too harmful, but would need to be explained later. As even Wendy herself has yet to understand the abilities of all of her skills. However, this resulted in Naruto slowly being taken by the goopy moss and is slowly being sent into Wendy's "Stomach".

Sadly, it also started taking Naruto with it.

'Great Sage stop it! You're taking Naruto away too!' Wendy internally said.

"Notice: Veldora has not been completely store away. However, the one known as Naruto can be ejected once..." Great Sage stopped itself.

'Great Sage?' Wendy called out.

"Error: Detecting parasitic creature in the form known as Naruto! Arachnid subspecies is attempting to fight back! Ejecting immediately to avoid potential death!" Great Sage replied urgently as Naruto was spat out.

Though from the looks of things. Naruto looked exhausted and pale. Almost as if Wendy devoured his nutrients. At the very least, he's alive and Wendy thinks she has enough skills to heal him later. For now, she had to worry about finishing up with Veldora and regaining control of her body.

At the same time, inside of Wendy

Deep within Wendy sat a large dragon that looked more like an avion rather than a lizard. This is the Sky Dragon Grandeeney and as in her title, she uses Sky Dragon Magic which she passed onto her adopted daughter, Wendy. Her reason for being inside of Wendy was to help her grow and prevent her from transforming into a real dragon. However, it seems that things aren't going according to plan. They seem too far to back on and it didn't help that she was no longer alone inside of Wendy.

"It appears that I am not the only one here." Grandeeney turned her head to see Veldora making his way towards her.

"Who are you?" Grandeeney asked.

"I could ask the same thing. As I never seen another dragon such as yourself before." Veldora replied only to feel that something ominous was nearby.

"In my land, dragons are merely myths. Compared to me, you are both just overgrown geckos with wings." both dragons now turned to a large fox with nine tails that approached them. While his size wasn't too intimidating or his power, they couldn't help but to feel anxious about the malice that leaked from him, "Now someone explain to me as to why I am now trapped in a little girl." he demanded.

Outside, a while later

Naruto woke up coughing to find Wendy standing over him, "What happened?" he asks the girl.

Wendy poked her fingers together and answered, "Naruto I uh... almost ate you." she said.

Naruto gave her a disturbed look, "What?" he asked

"Naruto this is hard to explain. My Great Sage said that I have this new magic skill. It lets me eat things so when my body was eating you. It said you there was something trying to kill me." Wendy explained.

'It wasn't the kyuubi was it?' Naruto wondered. Then he remembered Wendy's transformation, "Wait, what about your transformation Wendy?" he asked.

"Great Sage said that I'm a slime, but I don't why. It also called you a spider thing." Wendy answered.

Naruto gave Wendy a blank face, "I think I would know if I was a spider. Since I can't shoot webs. Also I heard spiders are crazy strong even though they're rally small." he said as he stood up. "Besides, how are you a slime?" he asked.

Wendy started to concentrate really hard before her body became blue and squishy as when she ate Veldora. Only to transform into a strange blob with eye holes. Naruto was horrified as he immediately tried to pick up Wendy who started slithering away until she attempted to solidify herself.

"Naruto I'm really scared and I don't like this!" Wendy yelled fearfully.

Naruto nodded, "I think it's time to leave this death trap. Can you turn back into a human?" he asked.

Wendy did as Naruto asked before clinging onto him like a life preserver, "Don't leave me alone ok?" she asked as her eyes got watery.

Naruto sighed as he stroked the girl's back, "I won't come on Wendy. We should get out before things get dangerous." he said as he tried carrying her away.

Some time later

Seeing as they were still lost in a massive cave full of monsters they were hardly able to fight before. Wendy was given the opportunity to test our her Predator skill. Which she mostly spent eating plants as most of the monsters scared her. Eventually she did have to try devouring the beasts like she did with Veldora. Only after Naruto attempted to learn more about his own skill, Carnivore. Which was definitely weaker than Predator but more intense as it was much more brutal with how it attacked other monsters.

Naruto tapped into his new ability and released strange tendrils. Tendrils that were crimson and surrounded the beasts like a spider's web before piercing their flesh and stealing whatever ability Naruto could find. Things were tough at first, but the two eventually got the hang of their abilities having awakened to them.

However things got intense when they met something much more terrifying that giant insects and random bugs.

"Wendy stand back!" Naruto warns as he sees a strange canine approaching them.

At least it looked like a canine at first. With it's dark hair, large snout, the sounds of snarling and large fangs sticking out. Only for the beast to appear more demonic as red eyes appeared all over its body and saliva leaked from its mouth. Wendy took her distance thinking she could at least support her companion as Naruto tried shaping his tendrils into something sharp.

Naruto ran at the beast despite his poor taijutsu skills with the intent to gut it as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, while wild and seemingly mindless as it was. The canine like demonic entity was more intelligent that it appeared and faster as well as stronger. Avoiding all of Naruto's attacks as it jumped around with the occasional claw to his back ramming him towards a wall. Naruto would then find himself trying to stab the beast with the tendril only for it to start biting down on his arm making his scream out in pain.

Wendy couldn't take the sight of Naruto being harmed anymore and ran in, "Water Blade!" she yelled out trying to hit the canine.

The canine jumped away and ran towards Wendy. Now perceiving her as a threat. The beast aimed to end her life as well. Further making their situation more dire.

"Sky Dragon's Roar!" Wendy shouted as she let out her stored up magic.

The beast stepped back as the attack slightly disoriented and blinded a few of its eyes. That gave Wendy a few seconds to run as Naruto jumped onto the beast's back and tried stabbing it a few times in the eyes. Making it bark loudly as it attempted to shake it off by running around and ramming itself into various rocks and walls. Naruto however kept trying to stab it until it twisted it's head and bit down on his tendril.

Naruto fell down as the beat started clawing and biting him. Naruto wanted to scream, but it felt almost like his voice was gone. Like he was being forced to accept the fate of being ripped apart by a wild animal. However while he refused this fate... Naruto wasn't the only one who refused this to be his demise.

Unknown location

In what looked to be almost an entirely different world. There sat a man in black armor with a red spider emblem on his chest plate, hair as white as snow to match his pale skin and red eyes to frighten any aggressor. This man was no human or typical monster you would find in fiction or legend. This man narrowed his eyes almost as if he was glaring at someone before opening his mouth revealing a dentist's nightmare. His long sharp teeth where wide enough that no one could be sure as to how they all fit into his mouth.

None of the Swordsmen of the Mist could hope to compete with such a frightening looking chompers. More so, it's not just his appearance that should frighten even the toughest shinobi. For this man leaked power that would frighten a god. A King in Black would be one way to describe him and he did not look pleased one bit.

With the slam of his sword he snarled, "Child, is it not enough that those parasitic Otsutsuki are eyeing that world like piece of meat? That you allow a large dog to devour you?" he asked sounding displeased. The man closed his eyes before opening them again, leaking the malice within him, "Awaken child... let the darkness within you flow. For no one who bows before me will heel to a mongrel." he said as several black substances leaked from his body.

Creating several heads with red swirls to appear all over him.

"Kill the mongrel!" the man demanded.

With Naruto

Naruto let out loud cough before feeling as if thousands of needles pierced through his skin. As the beast continued to bite down, its barbaric nature stopped right away. Soon finding itself with hundreds of tendrils piercing it. The beast snarled loudly in an attempt to break free only for Naruto to twist and turn violently before his whole face was covered in a crimson mass with elongated teeth. The beast barked once more before Naruto let out a powerful screech.

"GRAAAAHHHHHH!" Naruto shrieked as his arm transformed into an axe and pierced the beast's head.

From there, the beast started to shrink to a more simplistic canine form and whimpered before Naruto's new jaw extended and began to swallow the beast. After what appeared to be a bit of a struggle. Eventually, the beast stopped moving and was completely devoured by the essence coming out of Naruto. After that ended, Naruto started to twitch violently some more before his transformation ended and he reverted to normal.

"Notice: The Beast identified as Baskerville as been added as a familiar. Unique Skill Poacher Unlocked." Great Sage said before Naruto lost consciousness.

Wendy nervously walked up to Naruto hoping that Baskerville wouldn't return. Then looking at Naruto's wounds only to see them drastically healing by themselves despite some marks being there.

In Naruto's mindscape

Deep within the mindscape was no longer a sewer and a cage. Now the fox found itself in what appeared to be a throne room with several cages hanging over him with Baskerville being trapped in one of them.

"How strange, it appears that my power is gone here. Yet, my mind can travel between the two brats." the fox said as stood up and went to put his attention onto Baskerville. "You are in my domain you filthy mongrel. You best behave yourself." he told it as it whimpered.

A while later

Naruto found himself waking up for a second time. Sort of beating himself up over losing consciousness again. Only to find Wendy sliding down on him in her slime form.

"Big brother..." Wendy said whimpering.

Naruto's eyes softened as he held Wendy closer, "Did something happen?" he asked worryingly.

Wendy turned human again to give Naruto a teary eyed look, "Y-You t-turned i-into a goopy m-monster and... and... and you ate the giant monster! I got super scared and thought it changed you!" she said before sobbing on his chest.

Naruto patted the girl's as he tried cooing her, "I think this is enough adventure for you Wendy. We should leave already." he said as he scooped up Wendy in his arms and started running towards an exit.

More time later

After more endless running, Naruto found a pair of steel doors that he couldn't seem to open. Only to run and hide behind a rock as he noticed it opening from the other side. Wendy continued whimpering as she thought another monstrous threat was coming. Naruto continued cooing and calming Wendy as he watched whatever entered the cave. Only to be surprised by the sight of a few humans.

However Naruto didn't really have much faith in them seeing he had somehow turned part spider while Wendy is part slime.

Once they were out of sight, Naruto dashed for the exit while still holding onto Wendy.


After running away to safety for a few minutes. Naruto ended up stopping upon seeing the sight of a few ragged looking goblins pointing wooden spears at him and Wendy. Before they said anything, Wendy started whimpering at what looked like a threat. Automatically triggering Naruto's new big brother senses. So he immediately transformed his arm into what looked like an axe.

However it appeared that the goblins meant no harm as they immediately got on their hands and knees.

"Please don't hurt us! We mean no harm!" said the lead goblin wearing a bandana.

"Eh?" Naruto asked now feeling confused.

Goblin Village

After the strange confrontation, the goblins invited Naruto and Wendy to their village. Under the pretense that they could sense their heavy magical power and were hoping to convince them to fight for their people. Mainly due to the fact that they relied on the protection of Veldora since the dragon's energy was so intense that it leaked to the outside and scared away the more threatening monsters away from their settlement. So now that Veldora "disappeared", they now have to worry about wolves attacking them.

As they have already lost several of their own, including their strongest fighter, Rigur. Who was the older son of the village elder. Along with the goblins were another tribe of cat like creatures called the Exceeds who forged an alliance with the goblin tribe. Unfortunately they also lost a few of their own in attempt to aid each other against the superior wolves.

Deeming their threat level as one wolf being able to take on five goblins or exceeds. Making the beasts too difficult to handle as their resources and numbers were too low to survive against constant attacks.

"So now you think Wendy and myself can protect you guys?" Naruto asked as Wendy was sitting on his lap.

The goblin elder, who was shivering as if he was close to death, nodded, "Yes, we can sense your great power. As it's very unnerving." he managed to say in between gasps.

"But we're not that strong." Wendy said as she admitted that she could kill a few monsters with Naruto's help, but had no confidence in her own abilities.

At the same time Naruto went silent and started speaking Great Sage.

"But you are, the aura around you says otherwise." the elder said without trying to sound rude.

Wendy looked confused as to what he meant only to hear Naruto gasp, "Wendy, you need to check your magic sense right now!" Naruto told her.

Wendy looked confused by what he said before doing as he told. Then immediately panicking as she saw the giant purple ominous aura she was leaking. After turning red from embarrassment. Wendy worked out a way with Great Sage to disable her giant amount of aura. Naruto doing the same as he still had a chunk of the Kyuubi's essence along with Baskerville inhabiting him.

Now the goblins and exceeds all took a breath of relief once the aura was gone.

"I forgot about that, sorry." Wendy said smiling sheepishly.

"Oh, so you were testing us!" the elder said happily.

"Yeah we were." Naruto said chuckling nervously as Wendy still felt embarrassed.

"So will you help us?" the elder asked feeling hopeful.

Naruto looked at Wendy who gave him a confused look before turning into one of determination. It seems that despite being a fearful child in the cave. Wendy was still compassionate and wanted to help however she wanted.

"Are you sure Wendy-chan?" Naruto asked the little girl.

Wendy nodded, "We have to help them big brother! The exceeds and goblins need us!" she said.

Naruto sighed as he could see a little bit of himself in Wendy, "Ok Wendy-chan, let's see how we can help." he said making the girl smile again.

A while later

Wendy went with the elder goblin to help with the sick as she had absorbed some herbs to create potions inside of her using a crafting skill she had. So whatever was going to happen, Naruto took the chance to get a look at the land. As a prankster from hell, according to Konoha and the many veteran shinobi who lack the skills to catch a failing academy student (Naruto), he had experience with traps and various tools. Leaving him wondering how to approach the concept of wild animals attacking this settlement.

"Well at least they aren't like the Inuzuka dogs. Kiba's mom had the big scary one." Naruto said to himself before further surveying the land. "Wait, maybe I have a useful skill too! Hey Great Sage!" he said calling out to the unique skill. "Is there a list of skills you can present me with?" he asked.

Great Sage then proceeded to bombard him a giant pile of abilities he possessed along with any ability he stole from the creatures he killed. Finding most of them useless in terms of setting up traps. Quite a few are unique, but others could use some upgrades. But he did find a few useful skills that could help.

"Webs seem cool and at least I don't have to shoot them out of my butt." Naruto said as his body was surrounded in the crimson substance.

Only this time, instead of turning into a sharp toothed monster. His face looked more like a mask with white eyes and a giant black spider shape over his chest. It was unique but still felt foreign to him. At least now Naruto felt positive that he could control this form without rampaging.

"So I guess the webs last only an hour. Might as well test them." Naruto said as he started jumping around and trying different ways to set up a barrier.

A few minutes later, Naruto created a decent trap as well as making a wooden barricade to stall any wolves hoping to make their way into the village. Along with setting up the write web traps. The tricky part was making them thin enough to be transparent but still strong enough to catch anyone in their way. That and the web still seemed pretty tough compared to a normal spider. As he finished up, he saw the bandana wearing goblin from earlier approaching him along with an injured exceed.

"How are things looking Lord Naruto?" the bandana goblin asked as Naruto revealed his face under the strange substance.

"You don't need to give me a title uh, what's your name again?" Naruto asked.

"That's what we keep asking them. This idiot doesn't have a name but they somehow know how to tell each other apart." the exceed.

"So what's your name?" Naruto asked the injured exceed.

"I'm Panther Lily, one of the queen's guards." Panther answered.

"Ok so why don't you have a name?" Naruto asked the goblin who shrugged.

"I guess that's how it's always been. But we can communicate with each other just fine. Not even my brother Rigur had a name until a man gave him one." the goblin explained.

Naruto sighed, "Well maybe we can give you all name tags or something later. This is gonna be confusing." he said.

Then the goblin looked excited, "Really? You want to name us!?" he asked happily.

"Yeah it would really help. It's not too much of a problem." Naruto said as he tested his webbing. "Anyways, how does this look?" he asked.

Panther Lily stumbled over to give the traps a good look, "Could use some more fences and maybe we can arm anyone who can fight from behind the fence. I think I have a few ideas for where these threads can go if you have more." he said unaware that the threads are actually webs.

Naruto nodded as he was about to adjust the traps only for Wendy to appear in slime form, "How are things big brother?" she asked still declaring Naruto as her new sibling.

"Good, Lily here is helping me out." Naruto said as Lily stumbled around and nodded.

"Your hurt!" Wendy said.

"Yeah, but it's nothing I..." Lily soon found himself being devoured by Wendy.

"Wendy spit him out, now!" Naruto commanded as Panther Lily was released and no longer wounded.

"What the!? I'm all better!" Panther Lily said sounding shocked.

Wendy giggled, "I can heal people faster that way." she said as Naruto patted her slimy head.

"Good girl." Naruto said as the group planned out the last details of the traps.


The last details were finished and now Naruto and Wendy were standing at the front lines with exceeds and goblins. All of them had their various spears and bows ready to hit anything that gets too close. Preferably wishing to avoid coming into physical contact with the wolves. As they could all see the large pack approaching them.

Naruto took a few steps forward as the substance covered his body up to his neck, "Wolves, you have had too much fun here and hurt too many people. I'm giving you this one chance to leave and never come back! Or else face the wrath of The Great Mystical and Powerful Naruto Uzumaki 2.0... and Wendy!" he yelled.

"Yeah! Wait, how come I don't get a title?" Wendy asked.

"Wendy, you get a title when you're a big girl." Naruto said making Wendy pout.

Unfortunately it also looked like the wolves did not heed his warning. Then again, unlike the goblins and exceeds there was a good chance that they didn't have the same level of intelligence to speak to a human being. So all Naruto received was a loud howl as they all came running at them.

"Ok I guess they're not surrendering. Wendy, plan B!" Naruto yelled.

"AHHHHHHH!" Wendy shrieked.

"That's not Plan B." Naruto told her.

"Run away!" Wendy yelled.

"That's not it either." Naruto said before the substance covered his head. "Fight me!" he yelled as he turned his hand into an axe and waved it around.

From years of being bull headed himself. Naruto knew very well how to be goaded as well as goading others at this point. So it helped that the wolves were just prideful and angry creatures that they started running gung ho into battle. Only finding themselves caught in his webs. With a few lucky ones making it farther only to be shot by the volley of arrows launched by the goblins and exceeds. Minus the elder who was too weak in his old age to fire one accurately.

The battle itself was close to an end as what appeared to be the wolf pack leader had run past his deceased and trapped pack members. Somehow managing to squeeze through the web lines and making his way to Naruto who taunted him to come close. Only to find himself trapped with strings that were a lot more transparent. It wasn't as strong as the webs, but more dangerous as the wolf could feel his flesh being cut.

Wendy smirked, "Skill: Steel Threads." she said referring to the wires restraining the pack leader.

The wolf continued to howl and snarl at the two. Leaving Naruto with one option left.

"Wendy, close your eyes. Actually, look away completely." Naruto said as he aimed for his hand shaped axe towards the wolf's neck.


All howling and snarling along with any sounds a threatening wild animal can make had ended. Leaving canine body and a severed head left. Wendy felt nauseous seeing that up close whereas for some reason she could handle the arrows killing the other wolves. That didn't stop the remaining pack members as they all proceeded to continue marching their way towards the settlement.

"Are you serious?" Naruto asked before noticing that there weren't enough webs and other traps.

Before he could say anything. He saw Wendy go into Slime form and devour the pack leader's body. Before suddenly transforming into the wolf itself.

"Skill: Mimic successful." Great Sage said in Wendy's head.

Dire Wolf Wendy then started howling very loudly, "Menace!" she yelled as she let out an ear piercing howl.

While the wolves looked like they had trouble resisting it. They continued to march their way towards them. Wendy was sure she could stop the fighting without anymore bloodshed with the Menace skill. Only to stop once she noticed Naruto's form had taken a mind of it's own again and started shrieking again while holding its head in pain. Even the wolves stopped and stared as Naruto was running around shrieking and clutching his head.

Eventually Naruto just fell on a single knee and stopped shrieking once the effects of Wendy's howling had stopped. When that did happen, the wolves sat down and bowed their heads in respect. Apparently showing their sign of surrender before Naruto was dragged into the village to rest.

The next day

Seeing as the wolves surrendered and were now willing to cooperate with the goblins and exceeds. Along with that, Naruto learned that his new form had a bad weakness against soundwaves with fire and electricity also being bad for him. Making Naruto whine about being more open to elemental attacks. Unlike Wendy who apparently has great resistance against heat.

Putting aside the concept of strengths and weaknesses of each other. Wendy had addressed the new situation with the surviving wolves including the ones that were trapped and kept alive. Though Wendy also realized there was an issue with communication as the goblins could handle speaking to each other but didn't have names. They explained that the elder's son, Rigurd, was named by a mysterious stranger but didn't know where he went. So Wendy offered them a chance to name them making the goblins feel excited while confusing the exceeds.

Though the elder did looked concerned when Wendy said she would name every person including the wolves. Wendy waved it off saying she wouldn't care if she got tired as she really wanted to help. So now, she was sitting on a tree stump as a seat and naming everyone.

"I'll name you Rigurd, in honor of your son!" Wendy told the elder goblin.

The elder goblin, now named Rigurd, cried tears of joy, "I am so happy to be blessed with a name similar to that of my son! Thank you so much Lady Wendy!" he said now bowing his head.

Wendy giggled, "It's ok, and your other son will also be Rigur. In honor of his brother!" she said as the goblin with the bandana also started to cry tears of joy.

'Wendy may be a kid with lots of imagination, but she's bad at naming.' Naruto thought as the next person she named was Gobta. 'This is gonna be a long day.' he thought as he watched.

Two hours later

And now Wendy finished with the goblins. Luckily the exceeds didn't need to be named but both were unaware of the little advantage the goblins had just obtained by gaining names. However, it appeared that Queen Shagotte, the leader of the Exceeds had arrived with a newly born kitten.

"Lady Wendy, seeing as the Goblins needed to be named for... whatever reason." Queen Shagotte said as the concept also confused her. "As a thank you for saving my people alongside our new goblin friends. I would like you to name my child." she says while presenting the newly born kitten.

"Can I really?" Wendy asked excitedly as she gazed up on the kitten's curious eyes.

Queen Shagotte nodded, "It would be a great honor." she said happily.

Wendy smiled as she gently pet the kitten's head, "Hmm, I'll call you... Carla!" she said noticing Carla's surprised face.

"That still leaves the wolves Wendy." Naruto said as the remaining members of the pack eagerly awaited for their own names.

"Ok, I guess you can be Ranga." Wendy said to the wolf with a star on his head who wagged his tail happily.

Just as Wendy turned into a slime again and began to melt. Leaving Naruto panicking as he picked up Wendy despite slipping past his fingers.

"Magic Sense!" Naruto said as he checked on Wendy's status.

"Notice: Wendy has exhausted all of her magicules and will now enter hibernation." Great Sage told him.

"Hibernation!?" Naruto asked.

"Until Wendy regains the magicules she's lost. Approximately three days." Great Sage answered.

Naruto sighed, "Will, I better put Wendy somewhere safe." he said looking towards the tribe who now looked up to him as the figure of authority.

A few minutes later

After placing Wendy in some warm blankets inside one of the huts. Naruto stood on a rock to address the confused goblins and exceeds.

"Ok, since Wendy exhausted herself from battle or whatever. I guess that leaves me in charge. Unless someone is willing to step up that is." Naruto says as everyone stays quiet. He sighed again, "Ok, I guess first order of business is the wolves." he said noticing the massive amount of them.

From the looks of it, there were more or less the same amount of wolves as there were goblins. Leaving Naruto with a bit of a risky idea to try.

"Ok everyone, since we're adopting a new tribe to our community. I guess everyone can partner up with any of the wolves. I guess if there's any extra, you can probably team up with Queen Shagotte's guards." Naruto explained only to see someone raise their hand. "Yes? Gobta is it?" he asked.

"Is mayonnaise an instrument?" Gobta asked.

Naruto just stared at Gobta with an emotionless face, "What the hell does that have to do with anything? Anyways the answer is no." he said. Gobta then raised his hand again, "Horseradish isn't an instrument either." he said answering the question without hearing it.

However this time, Panther Lily raised his hand, "Hey speaking of instruments and whatever. Why don't we get some real supplies? I mean I doubt a few wooden fences and spears is enough." he asked.

"Good point, we also need clothes and other stuff to build more houses." Naruto said thinking there's more dangerous creatures that aren't as hospitables as the dire wolves. "Hey chief by any chance do you... ok who the hell are you!?" he asked.

Instead of the sickly elderly goblin chief. Naruto turned around to find a goblin version of David Hasselhoff.

"It's me Lord Naruto, I've finally evolved into a Goblin Lord thanks to Lady Wendy." Rigurd said as he started flexing.

"Ok new rule! No one is allowed to start bodybuilding out of nowhere!" Naruto said only to turn and witness that every goblin had evolved into a hobgoblin. "Clearly my main worry should be insubordination." he said noticing that just about everyone is bigger and stronger.

Even the exceeds were very confused by what happened. Even more so, Carla suddenly turned into a pink haired girl with cat ears that looked around the same age as Wendy. Even the dire wolves had started to grow larger despite Ranga, their new pack leader, having been the only one receiving a name.

"Yup, I smell trouble." Naruto said unaware of what's happening.

Three days later

Wendy opened her eyes, if you want to call them that, and found herself in the shack. Wondering where Naruto is and why she was left all alone.

"Ah Lady Wendy, you're finally awake." Rigurd said as he entered the room.

"Who are you?" Wendy asked nervously.

Rigurd chuckled as he flexed, "It's me, Rigurd. Lord Naruto reacted the same way." he said before Ranga knocked down the wall.

"LADY WENDY!" Ranga said excitedly only to further frighten Wendy.

A few minutes later

Naruto had arrived upon hearing that Wendy had woken up. During this time, Naruto took this chance to learn more about the changes as well as helping the exceeds and goblins who were now the hobgoblins. Along with learning more about his abilities using the strange substance on his body, which he now dubbed as a symbiote. From what little he learned, a symbiote is the work between two sentients that are together.

Though in this case, the symbiote literally feels like a part of his biology despite seemingly having a mind of it's own. Similar to the chakra of the kyuubi only no one else is piloting the symbiote despite having gone berserk when fighting Baskerville.

"Oh yeah, also if you name a monster. They get stronger and evolve. Everyone evolved, even Carla." Naruto said as he lead Wendy outside who witnessed the gathering of the hobgoblins.

All of them started to cheer and clap for Wendy as they saw her appear in human form. Leaving the girl feeling shy and awkward enough to run behind Naruto's leg in fear.

A day later

Having adjusted to the society that is the tribe. Naruto had already planned out a trip and waited for Wendy to wake up and settle in first. That and apparently in her slime form, Ranga accidentally knocked her over a hill and needed to chase her until accidentally falling into a river. Where Naruto had to save his adopted sister from drowning. Of course Ranga apologized profusely for his mistake.

Regardless, Naruto had prepared a group to ride on the wolves all the way to Dwargon in hopes of finding an artisan and some workers to help build houses. So with Wendy, Ranga, Gobta, Panther Lily, Rigur and a couple of others. Naruto rode into the distance with his companions towards Dwargon in hopes of building up the village.

"Bye everyone!" Wendy shouted.

"Bye Lady Wendy!"

"Stay safe!"

"Come back soon!"

Wendy smiled at the kind words, "Hey big brother, do you think Grandeeney might be in Dwargon?" she asked.

"Hopefully, you can tell her all the stories of all the adventures we've had so far." Naruto said with a foxy grin.

"Yeah, like... The Time I Became a Slime!" Wendy said.

"Yeah and maybe everyone in my village can learn about what happened to me. Not like I'm gonna care about what they think. So I'm a Spider, So What?" Naruto asked as the two laughed as they continued to their journey towards Dwargon.

Leaving it up to fate, destiny or whatever was waiting for them in their journey.

"Hey Wendy, what do you think about naming the village?" Naruto asked.

"Hmm, sounds like a good idea. I named everyone, so why don't you name the village?" Wendy asked.

Naruto pondered on the idea. As a child, he wanted everyone to recognize him and respect him. So he wanted to be the Orange Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto... Uzumaki... words for maelstrom and spirals. Naruto never saw himself as a calm and collected person. Like a violent rainstorm would describe him best.

Naruto snapped his finger as he came up with an idea, "I know! How about... Tempest!" he suggested.

Wendy giggled, "I like it!" she said as the goblins agreed with the idea.