Chapter 15

Tempest at Night

The town decided to celebrate the non-aggression pact with Demon Lord Carrion and his domain. Doing so, there was once again lots of food and drink to enjoy and of course… lots of partying.

"To another victory to our lord!" Cocytus said as he raised a mug.

"To our lord!" everyone announced.

Naruto chuckled at all the praise, 'Even though I didn't do anything.' he thought. 'Unless you count my idea of having Yami kick Milim like a soccer ball.' he thought as he enjoyed a drink.

"Lord Naruto, you look contemplative." Sebas spoke up.

"Oh, uh… it's nothing Sebas." Naruto told the butler. "Just taking it slow. My alcohol tolerance sucks. Though Cocytus doesn't have to worry about anything, right pal?" he asked.

The insect like floor guardian didn't show it, but he was depressed. He couldn't drink the mug and instead, just got the alcohol to stain his face.

"It is fine, participating is fine." Cocytus said, trying to hide his sadness.

"At least you wouldn't go through what I did when I got drunk for the first time." Naruto said.

"What did happen Lord Naruto?" Gabiru asked.

Kaijin and Logan sighed as they remembered the bar incident. Naruto never got violent, but he did act like a fool. It was all hazy to Naruto, but he could vaguely remember being slightly peeved at Vesta and then trying to false witnesses to win the court case against Vesta.

"Let's just say I never want to party with elven women again." Naruto said.

"Duly noted." Sebas said as he wrote this down.

Naruto started to yawn, "Hey speaking of which, what's been going on with you Sebas? I haven't seen you in a while." He said.

Sebas closed his eyes, "Lord Naruto, you have the memories of my previous master correct?" he asked.

"Yeah, you want me to show you something?" Naruto asked.

"Perhaps at a later date." Sebas answered as he shook his head. "Among the people that Sir Yami had managed to resurrect through his limited yet complex abilities. There is one specific maid I had taken a fancy towards." he said.

Some of the men started jeering for Sebas having romantic feelings for a girl. Naruto quieted them down as he tried remembering the past experiences Ainz had with Sebas. Where he remembered the allegation that Sebas turned traitor for taking in an abused human girl.

"I remember now, Tuareninya. That was her name right?" Naruto asked, seeing Sebas nod. "Was she one of the people Yami managed to resurrect?" he asked.

"Yes, as she was originally among the casualty count when the tomb was attacked. I had been frequently visiting her." Sebas said before bowing his head in shame. "I apologize for putting priority over her." he said.

Naruto waved him off, "Hey, you're only… (can't say human) sentient. Yeah, you're a sentient with feelings and emotion. Nothing wrong with that." He said.

"Thank you my lord." Sebas said gratefully.

"So when is the wedding you old codger?" Kaijin asked.

"We are not planning to got that far at this point in time." Sebas answered.

That's when Naruto stood up, "Then when you are, I'll ordain the minister the weding myself." he said.

"Lord Naruto, let us not joke about this." Sebas said, trying to get his master to sit.

Naruto shook his head, "If there is going to be any point in time where I'm called a tyrant or accused of abusing my power. It's for being an ordained minister!" he announced. "I'm the Chancellor of this forest! So I declare that a wedding under my eyes is considered valid!" he exclaimed.

"Here here!" All the men minus Sebas cheered while raising their mugs.

Kaijin then started to laugh, "I better find myself a wife before all the pretty women are gone." he said.

Logan shook his head, "I think you better look hard because those women are going to hide when they hear the news." he said.

"You're no fun Logan." Kaijin complained.

"I should announce this, but first." Naruto said as he looked at the trees. "Treyni get your butt over here! I know you're watching! I told you that you're always invited! Now come over here, I want to have someone married off before dawn!" he shouted.

A few seconds later, Treyni spawned in front of the group, "Silly me, I tend to forget such details." she said with a happy expression.

"Here, take one of these." Naruto said as he handed her a mug.

"Lady Treyni, does Lord Naruto have the right to wed two people?" Gabiru asked.

Treyni giggled as she took a sip of the mug, "I see no concern to meddle within internal affairs. Especially the union of two lovers." she answered.

Sebas took a deep breath, "Very well, I suppose I will have some preparations to do in the future." he said.

"Good! Now, who's looking to be married?" Naruto asked as he looked around. "Anybody? No one? Geez, this place is depressing." he said before sitting back down.

Kaijin elbowed Logan, "You and Ororo?" he asked.

Logan shook his head, "I ain't the marrying type." he answered.

As the men enjoyed some laughs and drinks. When Milim came flying down towards Naruto. Though it wasn't with happy or hilarious news.

"Hey Naruto, I wanted to see you one more time before I leave." Milim said.

Naruto looked serious for a second, "Why? Something going on in your territory?" he asked.

"Not really, just some upcoming demon lord meetings and stuff." Milim said.

"I was right, you guys do have boring lives." Naruto said. "Hey Milim, tell me when you guys learn to party. Maybe then and I say again, MAYBE I'll consider being a demon lord." he said followed by some laughter.

Milim snorted, "You're probably right about that. A bunch of stiffs is what they are." she said.

"Take care Milim." Naruto said as he patted the girl on the shoulder.

Milim proceeded to crush Naruto with hug, "I'll miss you and little Wendy! Don't be lame when I come back!" she said before breaking the hug.

As Milim left, Naruto collapsed onto the ground as his spine was folded like a lawn chair. Sebas proceeded to check on his new master to make sure he was alive and well. As the men debated on whether or not to take Naruto to Chopper. Naruto let out a loud gasp as he slowly stood up.

"I swear, that is the worst near death experience I've had. Which is really saying something, Pandora's Actor literally crushed my heart once." Naruto said.

Logan sighed, "Kid, you're going to give someone a heart attack with that healing factor of yours." he said.

Naruto chuckled, "Yeah, sorry about… ow! Stupid broken ribs!" he said as he rubbed his chest.

The next morning

Naruto yawned as he dragged himself out of bed, "Oh man, that party was wild. Who's in charge of the budget? There's no way we can party every… six months? How often do we party?" he asked himself.

As Naruto made his way to the kitchen, he found Wendy looking out the window while in slime form.

"Good morning Wendy." Naruto called out.

"Morning big brother." Wendy responds without looking at him.

Wendy continued to silently stare towards the outside of the window in silence. Naruto didn't think about what his adoptive little sister was up to. It wasn't until he had breakfast prepared at the table and when Kanna woke up and took her seat.

"Morning big brother." Kanna said.

"Good morning Kanna." Naruto responded as he helped the girl take her seat. "Wendy, don't you want to take your seat? It's time for breakfast." he said.

"I'm not hungry." Wendy said right before her stomach grumbled.

Naruto snorted, "Take your seat Wendy. You can play outside later." he said.

Wendy hopped down from her position and reverted to human form and started eating her breakfast. Naruto noticed how quiet the blue haired girl was as she ate. Even Kanna felt worried about the girl despite being a quiet girl herself. The whole time, it looked like Wendy was trapped in her own mental world.

Before Naruto could check on Wendy's wellbeing. Naruko had finally come out of her room.

"Hey there sleepyhead, what took you so long?" Naruto asked.

Naruko gave her "brother" a serious look, "Big brother, I need to tell you something, but not with the girls around." she said.

"What's wrong?" Naruto asked.

"Naruko is talking to someone at night." Kanna said.

Naruko gasped in fear, "How do you know?" she asked.

Kanna pulled her hair back a bit, "All dragons have good hearing and good smell." she answered.

Wendy's face scrunched into anxious one, "I've been hearing it too. I wanted to say something, but I thought Naruko was having a bad dream." she said.

"Okay, clearly I forgot dragon slayers have good sense of hearing too." Naruto said before looking at Naruko. "So what's wrong Naruko? Why are you talking to yourself like a crazy person?" he asked.

Naruko pouted, "I'm not crazy, I've been talking to my friend." she answered.

"What friend?" Naruto asked.

Naruko blushed as she turned around and pulled her long blond hair upwards. Naruto wondered what Naruko was up to when he saw the flesh around Naruko's neck open. Revealing a pair of red eyes and a fanged mouth.

"And now the girls are going to have nightmares." Naruto said as he spread out his arms to cover Wendy and Kanna's eyes.

"Greetings Lord Naruto, I'm happy to have finally met your acquaintance. We would have met sooner, but Naruko has been far too anxious on how to approach you on this subject." the voice said.

Naruto blinked in surprise, "Naruko, the zit on your neck is talking. This is what happens you don't let someone wash your back." he said.

"She's a real person brother! Remember back when I ate the skeleton?" Naruko asked.

"I remember Yami telling me of such a thing or was it you? I can't remember." Naruto replied.

"Unfortunately that was my skeleton, though it did rejuvenate my mind. Though I cannot exist without a real body and there is nothing really left to heal." the voice said.

Naruto blinked again in surprise, "Wait a minute, you're Shaltear Bloodfallen! The masochist with all the fetishes!?" He asked.

"What's a fetish?" Wendy asked.

"I'll tell you when you're older." Naruto answered.


"When you're older!" Naruto interrupted.

Shaltear laughed, "Lady Wendy will have to learn adult things, it's only a matter of time my lord." she said.

Naruto glared at the vampire, "Shut up you pervert! What do you want anyways?" he asked.

Shaltear sighed, "My lord, my home is gone, along with my creators and when I felt that there was nothing left for me. I had Naruko who has yet to explain why she devoured my corpse." she said as Naruko gave a foxy grin. "If I have to live in this world. I wish to begin anew, but without forgetting those who brought me into this world." she finished explaining.

Naruto nodded, "You want me to name you and that way, maybe you could regenerate a new body. Is that right?" he asked.

"I swear the utmost loyalty my lord. Lord Ainz will always be in my heart, but I believe he would have wanted us to live on." Shaltear said, sounding sad towards the end.

Naruto was silent before responding again, "Very well, but I'm holding you accountable for any mess you make. I know your type." he said.

Shaltear grinned, "I swear inn the name of my creator and father, Lord Peroroncino!" she answered.

"Okay, for now I need time to come up with a good name. I don't know how I can ever repay you! Other than my loyalty of course!" Shaltear said happily. "Do you require a new seat? Perhaps a throne? A fine chair to demonstrate your greatness!" She exclaimed.

"That sound nice." Wendy said, liking the part about a throne.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at Shaltear, "Keep that up and I'll just rename you to "Shalchair Bloodstool" as your new identity." he said.

Naruko giggled, "It rhymes too!" she said.

Shaltear grimaced, "I will keep my desires to myself then." she said, wishing for a much more nice name.

Later that day

Now in Naruto's office, Naruto had requested for Arahnia to come into the office. Right after the arachne had arrived, Naruko came walking into the office.

"Good, you're both here. Arahnia, I have a new order for you." Naruto said.

"Little Naruko-chan needs a new gown?" Arahnia asked.

"No, her friend does." Naruto answered.

"Pardon?" Arahnia asked before witnessing Shaltear on the back of Naruko's neck. "Okay, something must have been in the alcohol last night. I'm seeing wild things!" She exclaimed.

Naruto gestured to Shaltear, "This is Shaltear, I'm going to name her so she can leave Naruko's body. So there's a good chance she's going to end up naked when she comes out." he said confusing Arahnia. "Also, nudity is illegal and I want this job done by the best seamstress in town." he said.

"Aw shucks, you don't need to butter me up. Okay, give her a name. I'll get the measurements and fabrics ready." Arahnia said as she prepared her equipment.

"Yes my lord, what is the name you have gifted me with?" Shaltear asked, barely able to contain her excitement.

Naruto took a deep breath, "Shaltear Bloodfallen, Daughter of Peroronocino, former Floor Guardian of Floors one through three. Your service will never be forgotten." he said. Naruto then raised his hands into the air, "Now, be reborn… as Sophia Keren." He said.

That's when everyone in the office heard thunder in the sky.

"I didn't know you could conjure lightning like that." Arahnia said.

"I can't, I think that's an omen. Also, I already lost about one third of my magicules with that name alone." Naruto said. "I think Shaltear might be stronger than current Benimaru and the other kijin." he said before Naruko started to stumble around.

"So heavy!" Naruko whined when an arm suddenly popped out of her back.

Naruko let out whimpers and other sounds of great discomfort. As more and more body parts escaped her back and started to take the form of a sentient. Naruto moved around and extended his arms to catch Naruko incase she collapsed from the physical stress. Which she almost did by the time Shaltear's new body had been fully formed and she came out from Naruko.

"Hang on girly, just need to take yer measures." Arahnia said as she rapidly scanned Shaltear's new body. Arahnia shook her head by the various details she had to take in, "Give me a couple of minutes. I'll get you something to wear." she said as she rapidly began to weave.

"Big brother, that hurt! Shaltear, why are you so fat?" Naruko asked in a whining tone.

"I am not... fAaAaAat." The vampire said as her voice had changed a bit.

Naruto frowned as he shot some webbing at Shaltear, "Put some clothes on Shal… Sophia." he said, adjusting to Shaltear's new name.

Sophia shivered as the webbing felt very strange to her body. Especially since Naruto had to cover her private areas as Arahnia needed a couple of more minutes to finish up. Which allowed the woman to take a better look at her new body.

"Oh my goodness!" Sophia exclaimed.

"What?" Naruto asked.

"My breasts are so big! Finally!" Sophia said as she hugged herself.

Naruto sweat dropped, "I forgot about your desire." he said.

Despite Peroronocino having a thing for lolita types. Shaltear was unhappy with the fact that she had the form of a child because she didn't have large breasts. As a vampire, she was undead, undead cannot age which means her chances of developing a chest were non-existent but apparently Naruto accidentally overrides that.

"And done!" Arahnia said before pulling Sophia towards her. "Now tell me if you feel some pinching anywhere." She said.

Meanwhile, Naruto gently helped Naruko into the seat behind the desk. By then, Shion and Albedo came walking with some documents. Both seemingly unaware of who was inside of the office and what was going on.

"Lord Naruto, here are today's new documents. Be sure to take the time read them." Albedo said before noticing Arahnia finishing her work.

"And done, amazing if I do say so myself." Arahnia said.

"I would have preferred something close to my old style. Though, I suppose a maid outfit will be fine." Sophia said as Arahnia stuffed her inside of maid outfit.

Albedo narrowed her eyes, "I don't remember this woman. Who is she?" she asked, sensing some familiarity.

"She's…" Naruto was immediately interrupted.

"You do not remember your superior Albedo? There is nothing wrong that. I suppose there's nothing wrong considering that unlike you, I have evolved." Sophia said followed by some laughter.

The succubus snarled at Sophia, "You seem to have quite the audacity to be mocking me. You poor excuse for a maid" she said.

Sophia stopped, "Oh, you really can't recognize me? Would you remember me if you saw my corpse that Lady Naruko devoured?" she asked.

"Your corpse? I do not remember…" Albedo stopped as she looked at Naruko who grinned. She then stared at Sophia in shock, "This is impossible! You surely cannot Shaltear! That flat chested annoying vampire!" she exclaimed.

"Oh my, directly insulting the breasts. I suppose this means I have the biggest pair now, bwahahaha!" Sophia laughs.

"Shaltear! What did you do!?" Albedo growled.

"Lord Naruto has graciously renamed me. So I am now, Sophia Keren, a much more lovely and more powerful being." Sophia answered.

Shion was confused but felt happy, "Congratulations Sophia-san! That means you are officially in the good graces of Lord Naruto!" she said while shaking Sophia's hands. "Thinking about it, when you are renamed. The power you gain is like having a fragment of your new master inside of you." she added.

"Such an honor!" Sophia responded.

Now Albedo was depressed as she reached for her chest. Unlike 98% of the population, neither Naruto or Wendy has given her a new name. While she would never want to change, she still felt left out and weaker. It was bad enough that Shaltear could have easily clobbered her in the past, but now Sophia is must stronger.

"Now, as a reward for my loyalty." Sophia suddenly spoke. "I will present you with your new throne, my lord." she said as she positioned herself like a chair.

"No thank you." Naruto immediately responded.

This made Shion jealous, "Surely this recruit cannot fit your needs. I would make a better seat should the need for one come." she said as she positioned herself like Sophia. "Please take a seat Lord Naruto. I promise that my back is quite sturdy but comfortable, I also carry snacks." she said.

Sophia gasped, "Why did I not think to prepare for snacks?" she asked.

"I'm gonna go now hon. This is getting too weird for me." Arahnia said as she stepped out.

"Thanks Arahnia." Naruto said as he also tried to leave the office.

"Lord Naruto! Please pick a chair!" the two women said together.

Naruto's eye twitched, "Actually, my bum hurts. Also, Albedo and I have a meeting with… Kurt." he said as he grabbed Albedo by the hand. "Right my trusty secretary?" he asked.

"I cannot fathom a request for Kurt to…" Albedo was interrupted by Naruto dragging her out of the office.

Both girls pouted before looking at Naruko. Shion grinned, still thinking that Naruko is her best friend. Only to see Naruko sit on Sophia's back.

"This one feels warm." Naruko said.

"That's one point for me!" Sophia exclaimed.

Shion cried anime tears, "Naruko-chan, I promised snacks." she said.

"I hate your food." Naruko bluntly stated.

"Now is the worst time to be a picky eater." Shion whined.

Then Wendy came in, "What's going on?" she asked.

"Naruko-chan doesn't want to sit on me." Shion answered.

Wendy was very confused by what she saw. The whole context of this entire room was confusing and she didn't want to know what was going on. At least until she was told to pick a new "throne" for her own office that's being built.

"Pick a chair Lady Wendy." Sophia said.

"Um… this one." Wendy said as she hopped onto Shion's back.

Then turned into slime form to lessen her weight. This made Shion cry tears of joy for feeling wanted. Meanwhile Naruko just frowned at seeing Shion receive approval.

At the bar, a few minutes later

Kurt looked at his leader and his secretary with a confused expression, "I did not expect to see you so early in the day, my lord. Such a surprise, but a nice one." he said.

"Just give us something to forget today's stress." Naruto said.

"How much do you want to forget? There are materials that Treyni made, but I am unsure of how strong they are." Kurt asked.

"I want to be aware of my surroundings before I go home. Albedo too, I think." Naruto said.

"Right away." Kurt said before fetching the drinks.

A few minutes later, Albedo had finished three glasses of lemon water followed by half a bottle of sake. Meanwhile Naruto was just on his second glass of lemon water.

"Lord Naruto, did you have to torture me by resurrecting Shaltear?" Albedo asked.

"I mean, Naruko ate the skeleton. How was I supposed to know it would come to life?" Naruto asked back.

Albedo sighed, "Some memories are meant to stay buried." she said. "Please don't be angry when I say this, but I really miss my former duties. Though, at least now there are less stupid humans who impede our work." she explained as she finished her drink.

"I can tell, those adventurers from Eren's group were cool. I think that Fuze guy seemed pretty chill." Naruto replied.

Albedo rolled her eyes, "You are too soft, Lord Naruto." she said.

Naruto sighed, "I used to be human, you know." He said as he finished his drink. "What even defines a species? Besides physical attributes I mean." he asked.

"Please don't make me explain something so simple my lord." Albedo pleaded.

That's when Kurt came over, "I see you have finished your glasses, here is some trivia for you both." he said.

"Trivia?" Naruto asked.

(Catherine OST - Also Sprach Brooks)

Kurt nodded as he pulled out a flash card, "There is a myth that lemon water will boost your metabolism. This is a lie, because adding lemons will not impact your metabolism. All metabolism boosts are temporary." He explained.

Albedo and Naruto gave him a dry look, "May I have something stronger?" the succubus asked.

Kurt suddenly brought out a cocktail, "A nice cocktail for the lady." he said before turning to Naruto. "My lord, if you would like. I can serve you one as well, though I recommend enjoying it with a steak." he said.

"Another lemon water will be just fine Kurt." Naruto said as Kurt nodded.

As the two enjoyed their drinks. Albedo roughly put down her cocktail after she finished it. She started to pant as she gulped the whole thing in a quick succession. Meaning she had to hold her breath during the whole thing despite how small the glass was.

"You might give my grandma a run for her money." Naruto commented as he slowly drank his lemon water.

"Lord Naruto, can I ask you something personal?" Albedo asked.

Naruto looked curious, "Depends on what it is." he answered.

Albedo nervously reached for her forehead, "Um, what do you think about women with horns?" she asked.

"They're cool I guess." Naruto answered.

"Do you like my horns?" Albedo asked as a blush formed.

Naruto looked at Albedo's horns, "They look nice." he told her.

"Would you like to touch them?" Albedo asked as her cheeks became redder.

Naruto narrowed his eyes, "Touching your horns isn't the same as touching your breasts is it?" he asked.

The last thing Naruto wanted to do was find out that Albedo's horns were less like bones and more like sensitive parts of her body. He briefly looked at Kurt and wondered if Albedo got drunk off of the cocktail or if there was something in the lemon juice. He could already see that his assistant might be getting drunk.

"Would you prefer to touch my breasts?" Albedo asked.

'Great Sage, I think something is wrong.' Naruto thought.

"Notice: The influx of alcohol added by Albedo's low tolerance has increased her intoxication levels by 60%." Great Sage said.

'Of course, but at least Albedo isn't as drunk Shion.' Naruto thought. Then Albedo grabbed his arm, "Uh, are you okay?" he asked.

"My horns or my breasts, I'll prove my devotion and loyalty by letting you touch either!" Albedo exclaimed.

"Okay, this escalated too quickly!" Naruto shouted as he tried pulling his arm back.

"Please my lord, my devotion is honest and true!" Albedo begged.

"I know it is! It doesn't mean I need to grope you!" Naruto argued.

That's when Albedo got teary eyed, "It's because my breasts are too big aren't they!?" she asked, shocking Naruto. "I know it's the truth! You enjoy spending time with Shuna when she's flat chested! Lord Yami doesn't find annoyance in Circe's presence either and she's practically a ironing board!" She cried.

"Albedo, your assets aren't a problem. Look, you're just drunk is all. You don't know what you're saying." Naruto said in an attempt to calm her down.

"I know exacty what I'm saying!" Albedo cried as she grabbed onto Naruto.

"Kurt, there was definitely something in those lemon waters!" Naruto shouted.

Kurt frowned as he studied the lemon water pitchers, "I think I made a terrible mistake. I believe this is from the secret stash belonging to Treyni!" he said with a scared face.

"Indeed it is!" Treyni said, suddenly sprouting behind the counter. "My mixture of the lemon water is mixed with a special herb to help remove inhibitions. This is in fact how Albedo-san feels." she said cheerfully.

"Treyni, if you don't help me fix this. I'm turning this bar into a sushi restaurant!" Naruto threatened.

That's when Kurt lifted up some knives with his hands and tail, "I am quite a skilled chef. So nothing is at stake for me, career wise." he said.

Treyni frowned, "Lord Naruto, Albedo-san is merely demonstrating her feelings. She has lost her inhibitions and is now being honest with you and herself." she said.

"I think you cranked up her anxiety rate to 3000%!" Naruto yelled.

Treyni adopted a thinking pose, "Perhaps the herbs were a bit too strong." she said, admitting some fault.

"A bit?" Naruto asked with an eye twitch.

"Look at the bright side. A lovely woman may have just confessed her love to you. Congratulations my master." Kurt said making Naruto groan.

With Wendy, a while later

Wendy was sitting on the couch while thinking to herself. Her mind travelled back to the final moments of Shizu's life when she woke up in bed. Right before she ate the woman, Wendy and Naruto spoke to the woman to give her comfort. There, she spoke about being a teacher and the many students she had taught. Including her current class at Freedom Academy in the Kingdom of Ingrassia. With recent events, there's no way of knowing what is going on with those kids.

Wendy felt worried about those children as Shizu revealed an important detail about them. It's something she's been thinking about telling her adoptive brother but hasn't had the courage to tell him. Despite Naruto's kindness, Wendy keeps having this anxiety building up when considering this.

'Maybe I should ask someone else for advice.' Wendy thought before Naruto came in. "Big brother!" she called out.

"Hey Wendy, did I miss anything?" Naruto asked.

"That Sophia lady and Shion are having competitions." Wendy answered.

Naruto rolled his eyes, "They better not be having a chair competition." he said as he went to his desk.

"Where is Ms. Albedo?" Wendy asked.

"Uh… she got sick drinking lemon water. So I had to take her home." Naruto partially lied.

"Lemon water?" Wendy asked.

"Treyni messed with her drinks before she left so Kurt has to do damage control." Naruto answered. "Anyways, that means I have to get back to work." he said as he looked at his documents.

"Actually Naruto, can we talk for a minute?" Wendy asked, trying to gain some confidence.

"Sure Wendy, what's up?" Naruto asked as he grabbed his pen.

"Remember when Shizu spoke to us about her duties as a teacher?" Wendy asked.

"She taught at an academy somewhere. I think I remember that much." Naruto answered.

To be fair, Naruto was having issues remaining conscious that day. His body evolved and forced him to physically mature and that took a toll on his body in order to grow stronger. Funny enough, he had to come out of a web cocoon and felt disoriented once out but didn't show it.

"I want to see her students." Wendy said.

"Oh yeah, Shizu was a teacher." Naruto said now remembering that fact. "Are you worried about them?" he asked.

Wendy nodded, "Don't you remember?" she asked before retelling the tale. "Right before she passed away. Shizu decided to become a teacher. She taught kids from other worlds! In fact, we could be from other worlds too!" she said.

That donned on Naruto, nobody ever heard of the shinobi villages but Naruto assumed it was because he somehow drifted onto another continent. Then again, it just sounds like Shizu came from a world with a country called Japan that was a tad more advanced than the shinobi world. Wendy herself didn't know much about her own world since she lived in the wilderness with Grandeeney so a lot of that is a mystery. Maybe he could talk to Yami about that concept, he probably has a few theories.

Back to the main topic, Naruto could see Wendy was concerned for those kids. Since he felt like there were other details he was forgetting.

"Okay Wendy, I'll try to get us to… wait, where was this school again?" Naruto asked.

"The Kingdom of Ingrassia!" Wendy answered.

Naruto sighed, "Okay, it will take me a couple of days to make sure everything doesn't fall apart while we're gone." he said as Wendy cheered. "Also, don't think you can skip out on your doctor's appointment." he said.

Wendy pouted, "But what if Dr. Chopper gives me a shot?" she asked.

"Wendy, you and I are incapable of feeling pain from sharp weapons." Naruto replied.

"Weapons, but not needles." Wendy said.

"Wendy, I feel like you're the reason I have to be a grown up." Naruto said as Wendy gave him a curious look.

The next day

Wendy was currently swimming around in a container while in slime form. At the same time, Chopper was working with some weird measuring device.

"This is going to be tricky Wendy. Since your biology is different, your metamorphosis adjusts you to different conditions. While on paper this may sounds scary, this is actually extraordinary." Chopper explained.

"Eh?" Wendy asked.

"Oops, let me make it simple. Since you can change your body from eating things. You can't be treated like a human, but this is good because you can become immune to lots of diseases." Chopper said.

It was a theory for now, but that's what a doctor does. Maybe Chopper is wrong and Wendy might be prone to some sicknesses. However, a doctor doesn't directly look for a specific disease, they test their patient to see what they can find and how they can treat it.

"Anyways, you look pretty healthy. You can come out of the container now." Chopper said as Wendy hopped out. He then reached for a glass jar, "Would you like a lolipop?" he asked.

Wendy nodded as she slipped her slime hand inside and quickly hopped away afterwards. Chopper snickered as he noticed how many lollipops Wendy had taken.

"Don't eat so much candy Wendy." Chopper said as Wendy blushed but continued to hop away. "Still, her along with Naruto and his siblings will be tricky to read. Their bodies can modify themselves so I wonder how their immune systems react." he said.

A few minutes later, Chopper entered another room where Benimaru was shirtless with Shuna sitting across from him. Since they were family, Chopper had no problem with them being in the same room together. It was a bit less organized to have them together for one appointment but Chopper was still having management issues since he's the only doctor so far and needed to cut down on time.

"Are you two ready for your vaccinations?" Chopper asked.

The moment Benimaru moved a single muscle, Shuna quickly gripped Benimaru's arm. Where she flashed her smile at him which made the older man fearful of his little sister. Benimaru now knew that there was no escape for him to avoid the needle.

"Please hold still." Chopper said once he got the needle ready.

At that moment, a girly scream could be heard all around Chopper's medical facility. Then Naruto came running in as he had not left with Wendy yet. Somehow, he could recognize the pitch of the scream and kicked down the door where Chopper is in.

"Shuna! What happened!?" Naruto asked.

"Nothing happened, my brother is just being a baby." Shuna answered as Chopper didn't do anything yet.

Naruto suddenly looked annoyed and disappointed at Benimaru who now looked ashamed.

"What are you talking about Shuna? That was your scream." Benimaru said, denying that he screamed like a girl.

"Benimaru, you just lost so much of my respect." Naruto said, making Benimaru look depressed. "Now take your needle like a man! It doesn't hurt!" he yelled.

'Says the man who can't feel pain from sharp tools.' Benimaru thought bitterly.

A few minutes later

Chopper finished putting away the vaccination equipment, "Naruto, while I'm glad you hired me and that you helped give me the resources needed for a hospital. I would prefer it if you don't kick open the doors while I'm handling patients." he said.

"Dually noted." Naruto responded.

"I would also prefer you do not knock people out when they need to have their shots taken." Chopper added as he looked at the unconscious Benimaru.

Naruto shrugged, "I think I did more good than harm today." he said. "Besides, poor Shuna already gets a headache from how immature Benimaru is." he said.

"Well he's your family. Family doesn't hit each other." Chopper said.

"Hey, we're close but not that close. I wouldn't call Benimaru family, especially since he doesn't pick up his own underwear." Naruto replied.

"It's quite a headache." Shuna confirmed.

"That doesn't matter Naruto. When you took Shuna's hand in matrimony, he became your brother-in-law. So don't hit your brother anymore." Chopper said firmly.

Naruto sweat dropped, "I took Shuna's hand in what?" he asked.

Shuna suddenly turned bright red from what Chopper was implying. She knew some people see her visit his house in the mornings. But did rumors spread out that she was married. Shuna didn't know this, but along with Shion and a couple of other girls. She's seen as one of the most beautiful and most admired women in Tempest.

"You two are married. That's just how it works Naruto." Chopper said.

"Who told you that I married Shuna? I've never even had a girlfriend before." Naruto responded.

At that moment, Chopper knew he screwed up. A doctor always double checks and brushes up on subjects to stay up to date. Unfortunately, Chopper should have confirmed Naruto's familial information instead of assuming that the rumors about him and Shuna were true.

"Are you two not living together?" Chopper asked.

"No, Shuna visits so that Wendy and the girls can have a proper breakfast since my skills still suck." Naruto answered.

Chopper suddenly screamed, "I SCREWED UP! I THOUGHT YOU TWO WERE HUSBAND AND WIFE!" He screamed.

"Who told you that!?" Shuna asked.

"I heard it from the grapevine! I thought you two were married and kept private about it!" Chopper answered.

"How do you screw that up!?" Naruto asked.

"I'm sorry! I'll fix the documents right now!" Chopper yelled as he dropped everything and left.

He literally dropped EVERYTHING as he left the room. Naruto picked up Chopper's documents before finding Shuna's personal information. He handed it over to Shuna who quickly shoved it back as she couldn't bare to look at Naruto without blushing. Naruto peaked, thinking there was something weird on the paper only to see the demographics page.

Family History

Name: Benimaru

Relationship to the Patient: Brother

Name: Naruto Tempest

Relationship to the Patient: Spouse

Naruto blushed as well, "I'm gonna go check on my records and fix them." he said.

"Okay." Shuna said meekly.

There was no doubt that Chopper's blunder was on Naruto's demographics page as well. With it likely stating that Shuna is his spouse too. Now it felt worse because Shuna was having all sorts of fantasies of her wedding with Naruto as the groom. Wendy being the ring bearer, Kanna being the flower girl and Naruko being a bridesmaid while Benimaru walked her down the aisle.

'No bad Shuna! That's innapropraite!' Shuna thought to herself.

It seems as Shuna doesn't want to admit her feelings for Naruto. Despite the fact that she got jealous and territorial when she found Albedo's gloves in his house once.

Another day later

At the meeting hall, Naruto announced his plans for Wendy and himself to visit the Kingdom of Ingrasia. Although there were a lot of people who were skeptical about their leaders leaving the village. With fear of something happening to the both of them as well as the Jura Tempest Alliance collapsing as an end result.

"Should anything happen to you, this could mean the end of the alliance and we have only just built ourselves up." Hakurou said.

"But we need to find to find those students. Shizu was likely traveling around as an adventurer to help them." Naruto explained. "This matter is of the upmost urgency. Besides, Wendy and I won't be alone." He said.

"Because I will be there to guard them and so will brother Baskerville!" Ranga exclaimed.

"I will surely have to be there to guide Wendy as well." Carla said.

'Or get us into trouble with that mouth of hers.' Naruto thought negatively. "Anyways, our plans are set. I already have planned things out. So you can all manage yourselves." he said.

"But are you sure it is a wise decision?" Shion asked, feeling the most worried.

"I wouldn't be giving these orders if I didn't have any faith in all of you." Naruto answered, making them smile. "Assuming Shion isn't trying to dictate commands." he said.

Shion suddenly remembered the time she butted in and tried telling Milim to stay out of their affairs. While she and everyone was in the right when it came to independence and handling their own problems. It's was rude to outright ignore Milim in odds that were against them.

"I'm so sorry my lord! You may sit on me as punishment!" Shion said as she put herself into dogeza position.

"You're not allowed to hang out with Shaltear… I mean Sophia. No more chair business!" Naruto said.

"Aw, I was having fun too." Sophia said as she stood up, causing Gabiru to fall to onto the floor.

"Wait, you weren't a chair!?" Gabiru asked as he had just sat down on her. "Although that explains the awkward positioning and lumpy cushion." he said.

"My back is not lumpy!" Sophia angrily yelled.

Outside, a while later

Gabiru was breaking into tears, "Good luck on your journey!" he exclaimed.

"Sir Gabiru really cares!" said the first fanboy.

"He loves our master the most!" the second fanboy said.


"Yeah, we should have another party when you come back." Sans said.

Naruto then turned to Yagura, "Are you and everyone else ready to watch over everything while I'm gone?" he asked.

"I think I can maintain some level of stability. How long will you be gone?" Yagura asked.

"Around two weeks as the absolute longest." Naruto answered. "That reminds me, I want us to get together with Ukataka when I get back. There's something I've been meaning to get done for a while." he said.

Yagura nodded, "I will let him know." he said.

"Goodbye everyone!" Wendy said as she waved at the crowd.

"Goodbye Lady Wendy!" the crowd replied.

"Bye, stay safe and nobody listen to Gobta!" Naruto said before leaving with Wendy.

"Hey, that's so not cool! Why is he picking on me?" Gobta asked.


"Or me." Gabiru said before giving a high give to Papyrus.

Gobta sweat dropped, "He trusts you guys over me?" he asked.

It was a sad day to be a Gobta. Except he'll forget about it after his break or maybe if he decides to take a visit to the Black Cat night club. That place seems to be very popular alongside the hot springs and the bar where Treyni is the manager.

On the road

While Naruto was riding on Baskerville's back and Wendy on Ranga's alongside Carla. Naruto double checked the documents he managed to get from Fuze. Since he didn't want a repeat of the incident at Dwargon. It was best not to get into any trouble with the guards. Especially since they're heading a human kingdom and they might be dealing with those who are less tolerant of monsters.

"Big brother, what are those?" Wendy asked.

"They're passports and IDs. They basically have our names and information so we can go into cities." Naruto answered.

"We didn't use those in Dwargon." Wendy said.

"Because we got sent to jail on unfair charges." Naruto replied. "Besides, I don't want to get into trouble when we get there. This mission is really important and we have no time to waste." he said.

"Don't I need one as well?" Carla asked.

"Just tell them you're Wendy's pet and stay quiet." Naruto answered.

"Why, I never!" Carla said angrily.

"Cat, keep that temper in check." Naruto said.

"I am not a cat!" Carla said.

"What did I just say Carla? Can't you follow directions?" Naruto asked. "Bad kitty." he added.

"That reminds me, we need to meet the guild master of the Freedom guild. He taught Shizu this thing from her world." Wendy said.

"What?" Naruto asked, sounding confused.

"I'll explain on the way." Wendy said, referring to a video game reference that Shizu had taught Wendy.

A day later, Kingdom of Ingrassia

Naruto looked wide eyed as he entered the kingdom, "This place makes the fancier districts in Konoha look poor. Do they need windows this big?" he asked as he saw a giant window display from a store.

"I don't care much for armor, but I can admit that the window adds to the appeal." Carla said.

"It's looks fancy and nice." Wendy said, simplifying Carla's statement.

"Then we can go window shopping later. First, we gotta find the Freedom guild since that will help us get to the academy." Naruto said as he started looking around.

"Yes, the academy first and then… Wendy why are you wearing that mask?" Carla asked, noticing Wendy was wearing Shizu's mask.

"I felt so nostalgic, that I wanted to wear it." Wendy answered as she looked around.

Carla sighed, "That is not appropriate attire." she said.

"Carla, save your fashion advice later. I think I found the guild." Naruto said.

At the guild

The concierge looked at the letter of introduction before processing it, "Your letter has been verified. The grandmaster will now see you, so please follow me." she said.

Naruto and Wendy followed the woman into another room. Where they were surprised to find themselves surrounded by a magic circle that teleported them. Although the mode of transportation felt more like an elevator but on an advanced level..

'This beats that slow ass metal box from the tower.' Naruto thought as he remembered the Hokage tower tried to install elevators.

In hindsight, the priority of technological advances can vary between different lands. Especially depending on the resources that governments and businesses have on them. Naruto doubts the Elemental Nations have an elevator that advanced but still have enough to create automatic sliding doors since he's seen one or two in the village before.

"Please wait here." the woman said as she lead them to a room.

There, they found several decorations on a shelf that contained some books and trinkets. Carla was about to say something when they heard a knock at the door. Then in came a young man with brown hair with a tired look on his face.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting. I am the grandmaster, Yuuki Kagurazaka." Yuuki greeted.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Naruto Tempest. I'm the leader of the Jura Tempest Federation. A nation in the forest of Jura that's made up of monsters." Naruto said before Yuuki's expression darkened. He then noticed that he was looking at Wendy, "And this is Wendy, my adopted sister." he said.

Yuuki continued to stare at Wendy as if she had done something horrible to him in the past.

"Carla, what did you do?" Naruto asked, already blaming Carla.

"I stayed quiet as you requested!" Carla shot back.

"That's Shizu's mask, why is she wearing it?" Yuuki asked.

Wendy felt a bit nervous, "Yuuki-san, it's a long story. You see, I can turn into a slime and I take the abilities of whatever I eat." she said.

"You ate Shizu?" Yuuki asked.

"Child, you could have rephrased that better. Now he thinks poorly of you." Carla said before Yuuki sprinted towards Wendy.

Naruto then got in the way and blocked the attack with his own leg. The resulting clash made the entire room shake as an immense amount of pressure was released. Naruto stood his ground while Yuuki applied enough strength just to give a good scare or maiming if he needed to.

"Buddy, let's talk this out like adults. You're confused for obvious reasons and I think Shion poisoned my lunch just by touching it." Naruto said.

Yuuki kept his cold demeanor on his face, but deep down he felt confused by what he meant. He had no idea what Naruto was talking about but it didn't matter to him. Although Naruto himself would likely have a slightly easier time if he didn't have a bad lunch. While he was building a poison immunity, he thinks Shion must have tampered with the lunchbox that Shuna prepared for him.

Meanwhile, Wendy tried to fix things, "I'm not a bad slime, slurp." she said.

Yuuki was surprised by Wendy's words and jumped away.

"What did you say?" Yuuki said.

"I never got to play the game, but you told Shizu right?" Wendy asked as she took off her mask.

"Please continue." Yuuki said, acting more civil.

A few minutes later

After explaining the unfortunate passing of Shizu's death and the whole business with that. The conversation led to Yuuki asking if they were trying to travel into his and Shizu's world. Which Naruto denied and claimed to be irrelevant since they're not from that world and wouldn't have anything there. Then it somehow lead to manga and anime which Naruto would know nothing about had it not been for his research in Nazarick.

Naruto didn't explain the contents of Nazarick or anything Ainz wouldn't want him to tell. However, despite the guild of Ainz Ooal Gown being made of diverse individuals who range from stereotypical heroes to followers of the occult to stereotypical dark villains and the occasional loli and lolicon. There were a lot of weebs in the guild and Naruto was happy to see that because they somehow managed to store manga in there. He wasn't sure if it was a glitch or some complicated technology stuff that somehow got in there. But Naruto could see that the love of manga and anime in the other world is strong.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for the world. Assuming Ainz isn't from another world similar to Shizu's, the planet is already screwed because of all of that pollution. Who knows really, maybe all of the humans went extinct already.

"And you have all of that downloaded into your brain!?" Yuuki asked with wide eyes.

'Yeah, you and Shizu are behind by a lot of years. All of your favorite manga and anime were finished a long time ago and stored away." Naruto answered with a snicker. "Reading those are probably like trying to read a journal from the colonial age for modern humans." he said.

"Then can you answer a few questions? How does Bell Dandy end?" Yuuki asked.

Naruto happily answered every question to the best of his ability. It was a good thing that despite not being as smart as Yami, Naruto somehow obtained enough strength to store so much information. Information which Carla secretly thought is stupid and pointless. At the same time, Yuuki felt bad for Naruto because the blond boy also downloaded a lot of shojo manga by mistake and it hurts his head to think about.

So many outdated books, a whole decade after they came out and most of it is offensive in the western world. Then half a century later and Japan realized how offensive their own content is. This may be the reason why Naruto stopped liking Sakura because of how toxic so many classic shounen girls are.

"And that's how that story ended. The legacy may or may not be different, but that's the conclusion." Naruto said, finishing the finale of another manga.

"Oh man, I really wish I could have been there to see it end." Yuuki said with a sigh.

"To be fair, some of these series have been around for decades. You probably wouldn't have lived to see them end." Naruto said.

"But now I won't ever see them." Yuuki said before Naruto came up with an idea.

A few minutes later, Yuuki gave Naruto a stack of papers. Yuuki questioned what Naruto was about to do when went partial symbiote and devoured the papers. A few seconds later, a homemade manga came out showing the exact details of one manga volume.

"Wow! This looks mostly authentic!" Yuuki said as he recognized the manga.

"I would have had Wendy do it since she can duplicate stuff better. Except she doesn't have any of the mangas stored in her." Naruto said with a chuckle. "That and I'll give her a bad headache." he added.

"I see you have your priorities in order." Carla said dryly.

"I can try it Naruto! Maybe if you describe the books, I can remake them like I did with Kaijin's sword." Wendy said.

"Eh… not sure if that's possible. Unless… nah that might hurt." Naruto said.

"I still wanna try it." Wendy said adamantly in an attempt to impress her adoptive brother.

A few minutes later, Yuuki was looking at hundreds of manga volumes of finished works.

"Wow, this is amazing. Except for the shojo manga, you can keep those." Yuuki said as he treated the shojo manga as if it were a disease.

"I want it!" Wendy said as she stored the shojo manga in her stomach.

"Anyways, what was it you wanted? We got distracted because I got the wrong idea." Yuuki asked.

At the academy

"So the kids, I guess that is something Shizu would have wanted." Yuuki said, knowing how much her students mean to her.

"Yeah, it's her dying wish for us to to save them or something like that." Naruto said as his memory was fuzzy.

"That reminds me, Shizu-san said a student of hers graduated and left." Wendy said.

"Oh yeah, you mean Hinata. Back in the day when Shizu was in her prime and mastered Ifrit, Hinata had already surpassed her by age 15." Yuuki explained before frowning.

"Something wrong?" Naruto asked.

Yuuki stopped and looked outside, "There's a difference between humans like us and Hinata. While we were appeared by accident, Hinata was summoned by another nation as a hero and so were the kids." he said.

"The kids too? And entire nations are involved?" Naruto asked with wide eyes.

"Yes, but you see they failed with the kids. They weren't heroes like the other nations wanted. So Shizu took them in.." Yuuki said with a sad look. "Because of that, the nations were willing to give them up to us." he said.

"Are you saying you have absolute authority over the children now that they've been abandoned?" Carla asked.

"Pretty much." Yuuki said.

"That might give us a chance to save them like Shizu wanted." Naruto said.

Yuuki looked surprise, "Naruto, if you can help them. I will greatly appreciate it." he said while bowing.

"I'll figure something out. This isn't the hardest thing I've done yet." Naruto replied.

"Well then, I will leave Shizu's students to you then." Yuuki said before excusing himself.

Naruto sighed as he walked towards the class, "Stay close Wendy." he said before opening the door. "Good morning class…"

Is all Naruto was able to say before dodging a fire attack. Naruto looked at the back of the class and saw some orange haired kid with a sword covered in flames. This confused Naruto as he thought the kids would have trouble with their magic to the point something like this would have harmed their own health regardless of steady control.

"You missed Ken." a student said.

"Shut up, I'll get him next time." Ken said.

Naruto took a deep breath, "Okay, very funny. Now, can you all take your seats." he said.

"You can't tell us what to do." Ken said.

That's when Great Sage spoke, "Would you like to use the Unique Skill: Scary Big Head?" It asked.

'Yes.' Naruto mentally answered.

"Listen old man, we don't know who you are…"

"SIT YOUR BUTTS DOWN BEFORE I EAT YOU!" Naruto screamed as his head became gigantic like Iruka Umino's did back in the academy.

Naruto mentally thanked Iruka for indirectly teaching him that skill. Because it made every student become quiet and take their seats like good obedient children.

"Good, my name is Naruto Tempest and… Wendy why are you sitting there? You're not a student." Naruto said, noticing that Wendy was sitting at a desk.

"I'm sitting like you said." Wendy answered.

"Child, you're the coed. Not a new student." Carla pointed out.

"Wait, who is that and why does she have Shizu sensei's mask?" Ken asked.

Naruto looked over the attendance list to better acquaint himself with the students.

Kenya Misaki: Age 10

Ryota Sekiguchi: Age 11

Gale Gibson: Age 11

Alice Rondo: Age 9

Chloe Aulbert: Age 10

Naruto then began his proper introduction, "My name is Naruto Tempest, I'll be your new instructor. So please pay close attention and I won't have to use my big scary head again or summon Baskerville." he said.

"What the heck is a Baskerville?" Ken asked.

Baskerville suddenly creeped up behind Ken and let out a snarl, "That's a Baskerville. Cute puppy right?" Naruto asked.

"Y-Yeah." Ken said out of fear.

"Anyways, let's get this straight. You are all clearly lacking in motivation and rather screw around because class is boring." Naruto said as Ken nodded while everyone else was silent. "That ends today, because that was my schtick and it doesn't get funny when you flunk out." he said.

"We're gonna die anyways, so does that matter?" Ken asked.

"Would like you Baskerville to tutor you?" Naruto asked.

The whole class tensed as Baskerville grew larger in the background and let his bloodlust leak. Ranga on the other hand wanted to join in and help prove Naruto's point. Except he didn't want to usurp his friend's position.

"Actually, I think studying is super fun!" Alice said.

"Yeah, very fun indeed!" Chloe said.

The other boys nodded as they all feared Baskerville who was suddenly wearing a graduation cap on his head. Naruto smiled as he realized he was in control. Having been a bad student who was not motivated to study despite good intentions. Naruto didn't want the kids to go through the same thing because unlike his own childhood. Naruto wants to give these kids an opportunity to obtain the help they deserve.

"I'm sure we'll all get along." Naruto announced optimistically.

Meanwhile, in Tempest

Naruko was sitting back in her brother's office chair after Yagura closed for the day. She was messing around and looking at the various things Naruto kept around. At the same time, she wondered why he didn't keep any fun decorations around.

"Big brother is going to sad and old like grandpa Hokage." Naruko said, referring to Hiruzen. "I wonder if he keeps snacks for Wendy. I'm hungry." she said as she opened a drawer.

Instead of snacks, she found Naruto's outdated records. Unknown to Naruko, Naruto had absentmindedly kept the outdated demographics sheet. Most likely during the stress of the embarrassing blunder on Chopper's part. Naruto likely tucked that document away when it got mixed up with his normal paperwork days before he left. Whatever the details are, Naruko wouldn't know as she grabbed the sheet.

"Let's see, how many booster shots does my big brother need." Naruko said as she put her feet on the desk.

At that moment, Albedo came walking in and was surprised to see Naruko, "Naruko, I know you enjoy playing in the office, but can you please not put your feet up?" she asked in a civil manner.

"Miss Albedo, my big brother is keeping secrets to me." Naruko said.

"What makes you believe that?" Albedo curiously asked.

"Right here!" Naruko said as she slammed the demographics page. "He and Shuna are secretly married!" she said.

Albedo looked confused, "Naruko, I think you are jumping to conclusions." She said before reading Naruto's demographic sheet and finding the family history.

Family History

Name: Naruko

Relationship with the patient: Sister/Clone

Name: Yami

Relationship with the patient: Brother/Clone

Name: Shuna

Relationship with the patient: Spouse

"See? I looked up that word! That means husband or wife!" Naruko said as Albedo recoiled.

"I see. Lord Naruto had eloped in secret." Albedo said as she started shaking.

"Stupid big brother had a wedding and didn't invite me!" Naruko said as her eyes got watery.

Chopper's blunder has created a mess. Soon enough, Shion came in as she heard all of the noises.

"Is there a party going on or something?" Shion asked before reading the paper. Then Shion broke into tears, "How come all of the good men want short flat chested girls!?" she cried.

Albedo then started walking out the door, "I will have to congratulate my master once he returns." she said as she failed to hide an aura of jealousy.

Shion continued to cry as she fell onto the floor, "No, lord Naruto! Wait!" she said as she quickly stood up. "Lord Yami must still be single! I'll marry him and we'll have a bigger wedding because I won't keep it a secret!" she said excitedly.

Naruko suddenly frowned at her, "I hope you die old and alone." She said darkly.

"Naruko-chan, no! I said I want a wedding, not a roast!" Shion said, still thinking Naruko was playing games.

With that, Shion ran out the door in an attempt to convince Yami to marry her. Leaving Naruko behind to cross her arms and sulk. Only to notice a strange stamp on the document.

"Outdated, dispose immediately. Demographics error - patient does not have a spouse."

"Well why is the stamp so small and hard to notice?" Naruko asked. "I guess big brother was hiding it because he didn't want to get the wrong idea. Too bad, I want Shuna as a sister-in-law." she said with a sigh.

Suddenly Kanna came out of one the drawers with a bag of candy, "I want Shuna as a sister too." she said.

"How long have you been in there!?" Naruko frantically asked as she pulled Kanna out of the way drawer. "I swear Kanna, if you're going to be this hard to take care of. Imagine when Naruto or Yami have babies. My nieces and nephews are going to be super hard to take care of." she said beore sighing again.

With Ariel

Ariel was having the time of her life as she repeatedly punched Kabuto through the ground. Causing the medic ninja to crash through Orochimaru's hideout. Kabuto was struggling to breathe as he was repeatedly hit with immense speed. It felt like some of Tsunade's more casual punches but at the speed of Rock Lee when he first witnessed the boy's fights in the Chunin exams when he was secretly reporting to Orochimaru.

Kabuto cursed as his regenerative abilities were too weak to handle the attacks. It wasn't even chakra that Ariel was using, she just repeatedly hit him with all of her strength.

"Woah, you're super weak. Between you and Gobta, it would be like comparing a drunk sea turtle to any demon lord." Ariel said as she mocked Kabuto.

Kabuto snarled as he struggled to stand only hear every bone cracking in his body. Every limb was twisted and every bone was likely too fractured to instantly repair. Yet, Ariel looked like she was still not looking satisfied as she ran at Kabuto but at that instant, a massive fireball flew directly towards her. The attack had completely engulfed Ariel where she stood and once Kabuto had time to rest, a figure with a sword appeared.

"You lost that easily Kabuto?" asked the figure. "A measly fireball is all it took and here you are, looking like a pincushion." he said arrogantly.

"You're the arrogant one if you think a fireball is all it took, Sasuke." Kabuto said.

"Don't mock me." Sasuke said as he flared his fully matured Sharingan.

But at that moment, Sasuke failed to notice Ariel appearing behind him with no sign of a scratch on her body. Sasuke turned around at the last second and thrusted his sword into her gut. However, Ariel's gut suddenly reacted as a black mass took the blade and devoured it.

"You didn't even infuse it with an element. You're super weak too, aren't you?" Ariel asked.

Sasuke jumped back and formed hand seals, "Fire style: Great Fireball Jutsu!" He yelled as he released another fireball of great size.

"Grega." Ariel said as she fired a powerful beam of fire from her finger.

In a mere instant, Sasuke's fireball might as well been a fart. Because Orichimaru's entire hideout had collapsed during the destruction. It took several minutes for the dust cloud to clear up to reveal the full extent of the destruction. Had Ariel used more power, she would have turned the entire hideout into a sinkhole.

"Your fireballs are weak. I think comparing you to Gobta would be an insult to Gobta." Ariel said as she looked around for Sasuke.

"You're strong, I'll admit that much, but I haven't used my full power." Sasuke said from behind Ariel.

Ariel instantly turned around and expected to see Sasuke looking unharmed and providing a challenge. Instead, Ariel found Sasuke looking like he had fallen down a turbine engine. With Sasuke's clothes being ripped to shreds and parts of his body being covered in a lot of blood

"Do you a need a hospital?" Ariel asked.

"I don't need your sympathy!" Sasuke yelled.

"It was just a question. I'm guessing you failed at school with that attitude." Ariel said, further mocking him. "But I'm sure you'll do better. In fact, my father was a bad student, but became an excellent teacher." she said.

"That doesn't make any sense!" Sasuke yelled as his curse mark started to take control of him.

"It does with context." Ariel said before Sasuke transformed into his second stage.

"It doesn't matter, this power is what I was saving to use on Itachi." Sasuke said as the sounds of chirping birds came from the electricity in his palm.

"I have no idea who that is." Ariel said before noticing Sasuke's transformation ended.

"Die! Chidori!" Sasuke screamed.

Ariel screamed in return, "AHHH! Juggalo!" she yelled before punching Sasuke across the jaw. "Juggalos are more scary than my aunt Naruko when someone forgets to feed her." she said with a shiver.

With a sickening snap, Sasuke crashed across the remnants of Orchimaru's hideout. Sasuke could barely breath and barely feel anything other than the numbness of his lower jaw.

"I hate creepy clowns!" Ariel yelled.

'What is this power? Has Orochimaru been holding out on me?' Sasuke wondered as he looked up at the sky. 'Where even is Orochimaru?' he wondered.

As Sasuke pondered this, he had yet to realize that he met someone that could likely defeat Itachi at full strength. While still far from reaching a true demon lord's power, Ariel is a whole other level that the shinobi world may not handle. For even the demon lords themselves would see the kages and Akatsuki as petulant children.

Back with Naruko

Naruko nodded, "Yup, kids are super hard to take care of." she said.

"I'm hungry." Kanna said.

"Me too, let's go eat. I always get super angry when I get angry for some reason." Naruko said as she picked up Kanna in her arms.


NOTE: I fixed the Scary Big Head into a Unique skill rather than Ultimate. I wanna thank KakeruPB for pointing that out. It was late and I really needed to update this so that issue is on me. Also, to be fair, it's an ultimate skill against misbehaving children. It wouldn't work on Milim because she's technically not a child, maybe it would have worked on a younger Hinata Sakaguchi but don't quote me on that.

But what WOULD work is Papyrus' spaghetti… assuming he remembers to heat it up.

Super Cafe

Asura was making his way to the cafe when he found an old man passed out on the sidewalk. Naruto looked at the man and identified him as that guy from city hall.

"Um, Mr. August? Are you alive?" Asura asked.

"So hungry… so tired…" August muttered.

"Well you're old and have a stressful job, so what do you expect?" Asura asked.

August continued to groan in pain as a response.

"I think I better get you some lunch." Asura said as he gently picked up August.

At the cafe

August let out a sweet old man smile, "Thank you kindly, young man." he said.

"I'm Asura Otsutsuki, we've met before." Asura said, but August ignored him.

"This is a fine establishment." August said.

"Thank you, now how are you feeling?" Asura asked.

"A little bit better. I should get going soon. The green haired girl that I treat like my granddaughter might be getting groped the psychotic lesbian." August said.

Asura sweat dropped, 'Is he going senile or is this a real thing going on at city hall?' he wondered. "Are you sure, you're good enough to move?" he asked.

"I've never felt better." August said as he stood up only to collapse. "Ouch." he said.

Asura then looked over to Superman, "I am not liable by lawsuit am I?" he asked.

"I don't know, I'm not a lawyer." Superman said.

"Or a Batman!" said a voice in the distance.

"What was that?" August asked.

"Run!" Asura yelled as he dragged August away.

"Really Batman?" Superman asked the floor next to him exploded.

The Dark Knight came out from the broken tiled floor, "I had to do my secret surprise entrance, because I'm Batman." he said.

"How is it a secret and a surprise? That's a contradiction! How do you do both?" Superman asked.

"Why can't I do both?" Batman asked.

"That's going on your bill!" Asura yelled.

"Then get some Batman proof tile floors." Batman argued. "Then again, I would still break through them. You know, because I'm Batman." He said.

Superman sighed, "This is what happens when a certain someone doesn't post for three months." he said.

"I think Batman would have broken into the cafe in some way or the other, regardless of the reason." Asura pointed out.

"I think I broke my back." August said.

"Now I am definitely liable for a lawsuit and probably a citation from the city because of this mess." Asura said as he pointed at the destroyed floor.

"I can speak to my coworkers on your behalf." August said, grateful for the free food earlier.

"And that's the only upside to my day." Asura said.

"Batman, why did you even destroy the floor? You could have just waled right through the front door." Superman asked.

Batman immediately jumped back down and escaped his questioning.

"I have X-Ray vision, you won't escape me." Superman said.

"Yes I can!" Batman argued.

"How?" Superman asked.

"Because I'm Batman!" Batman answered.

"No, I said how. Not… ugh." Superman said, giving up for the day.