From this prompt by Creativepromptsforwriting: 'Saying that I love you will not change anything.'

Spoilers for S1 E24, 25 & 26. The italic section of text is directly quoted from episode 26 and as such belongs to the creators of TAG.

The change had been gradual. He couldn't have pinpointed exactly when their friendship had progressed to something more, but the pair of them had been skirting around each other for weeks before…

Scott shuddered.

Watching the woman he loved plummet from the sky with a tank full of highly combustible fuel and an unresponsive jet, knowing he was too far away in the fastest ship on the planet to save her…he'd had nightmares for weeks after that.

It had been the trigger, though, for the two of them to actually talk about what it was between them, and they had progressed into a couple. It was still new and fresh, they were still a little uncertain with each other. Years of knowing each other helped, but this was such uncharted territory.

There was a niggling feeling he had, though, that was eating away at him. Kayo kept going off comm, of disregarding his commands. And it was getting worse. He had hoped that since the incident, since their talk, that Kayo would…Scott actually wasn't sure what he hoped, but it had included some level of openness between the two of them. He hoped she'd stop going dark. But…

She'd gone quiet before she almost crashed.

She'd gone quiet when helping the GDF recover the Repulser Magnetic Array.

She'd asked him to trust him. And gone quiet again.

Scott had balanced on his mountainside, unable to move due to the motion-trigger bomb, worried out of his mind as to what the Hood was going to do to her. The relief when the bombs powered down was greatly tempered by the disappearance of his ship, his brothers' ships, and the realisation that the Hood had control of their home.

He did trust her though, and that trust was repaid when their ships returned. He didn't think he'd ever pushed One as fast as he did now. Not even before, when he thought that he was going to lose her.

He was only a couple of minutes away when Kayo opened comms again and told him once more to trust her.

Scott trusted her. He always had, and he couldn't conceive of a reason why he wouldn't.

And then that…that man had spoken.

"She's been working for me the whole time."

"That's a lie."

"Is it? And would I be lying when I tell them I'm your uncle?"

"Kayo, is this true?"

'Yes, it's true. The Hood is my uncle."

"The Hood is your uncle? The same evil mastermind responsible for us losing Dad?"

Scott was sure his brothers could hear his heart thundering in his chest over his 'bird as Gordon put into words what he was thinking.

"It is rather suspicious, don't you admit? You here, safe and sound, while the others walk right into a trap? And every time we've been in contact, not only have I escaped, I got exactly what I wanted. You've been my secret weapon this whole time, and you didn't even know it."

The words pierced him like a dagger to his heart. He knew without needing to even think about it that Kayo was loyal to them, but she didn't, hadn't trusted him with this secret.

"Scott, you have to let me handle this. Don't come back. Comms off."

And damned if she wasn't gone again.

Letting Kayo handle it didn't mean leaving her to it though, and they had all rallied round to help. He had trusted her.

He did trust her. They all did. And they had a conversation to finish.

They all gathered back in the sunken lounge as the sun set, listening as Kayo finished explaining. Knowing that their Dad wanted her to keep that relationship a secret so that it didn't become a distraction went some way towards helping them all come to terms with the knowledge, and then they were all called out on a rescue and Scott had been able to put it all to one side.

Or so he thought.

Kayo was waiting for him when he got back, the last one to do so. He'd stayed behind to discuss getting the local rescue services some of the newer TI tech.

Her face lit up as he appeared from his chute. He didn't see her at first, mind still going over what had happened now that he didn't need to concentrate on the rescue.


Scott looked up at the quiet greeting and the smile was genuine. He changed direction and headed for the desk where she was waiting.

But then she spoke.

'I love you.'

He paused and he saw the look of hurt pass over her face.


'Kayo. I – I think we need to talk.'

He changed direction to the lounge and sat on one of the chairs. Kayo noticed that he didn't take the couch, so she'd have to sit opposite him. He'd been alright with her afterwards, they'd worked together on the rescue fine, but now, when it was just the two of them, maybe that had been an illusion for his brothers.

Kayo sat down, trying not to look too worried. Scott sat forward, hands together, eyes on the ground. There was a tension that hadn't been between them for a long time.

'Scott, I – I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.'

'Don't. Please.'

Kayo watched as Scott ran his hand down his face and sat back.

'Just – why didn't you tell me?'

'Your father…'


She flinched almost as much as Scott did at the shout. He screwed up his face and sighed, getting up to perch on the desk, trying to quell his need to pace the floor. Kayo stood too, but didn't move anywhere.

'My father isn't here.'

'Please, Scott. I – I love you.'

'Saying 'I love you' will not change anything.'

She stared at him, mouth open. There was a chill and she wrapped her arms around herself and rubbed her upper arms. Why was it suddenly so cold?

'Wha-what are you saying, Scott?'

He sat back, perched on the desk with his arms folded and ankles crossed. The blue eyes that she loved so much were dark and stormy, full of pain.

'We've known each other for years. Our friendship has grown into something more recently. You've been saying that you love me for weeks, Kayo. Weeks!'


'Weeks, Kayo, where you could have told me at any point. "Hey Scott, we need to have a chat." But you didn't.'

'I – I didn't know how to.'

'Didn't know how to tell me? Or didn't want to? Or do you just not trust me to handle it correctly?'

'No, Scott! It's not like that!'

'No? Then what is it like, Kayo? Because I really want to know why I had to find out you were related to the man responsible for my father's possible death from HIM!'

Scott's fists clenched so tight his knuckles were white, and he fought to get his breathing – and his temper – under control. He wanted so much to go to her, comfort her, Kayo's distress was so evident, but he didn't know how to process everything that had happened.

He needed time and space.

Kayo watched as Scott pushed off from the desk and headed out, down the stairs rather than to his bedroom, and listened as the patio door closed. She sank back into the couch and let the tears fall.

Someone was pulling her into a hug, and she buried herself into the purple suit and strong arms held her tight.

'I was too late,' she cried.