Scott gestured for her to speak first.

'I almost lost you.'

'You didn't. You were right there when I needed you the most.'

'I almost wasn't. If I'd been a couple of seconds later…'

'Dad would say that this is no time for what-ifs. You were there when it counted at exactly the right time. I knew you would be. I had faith in you.'

Scott pulled her into a hug and rested his cheek on her forehead for a moment before talking softly.

'I thought I had lost you too when the machine started back up. You were fighting for your life inside and I couldn't help you at all.'

'You were busy.'

'I know. But I wish I had been there.'

'You were there, Scott. You trusted me to get my job done and that allowed you to get your job done. You were there.'

Kayo tightened her hold before letting go again. She reached up and cupped his cheek.

'I almost lost you today, and it made me realise how much you mean to me, how much you've always meant to me.'

Scott turned to drop a kiss on her palm before pulling her back into a brief hug and then holding her at arm's length.

'I think we need to talk, Kayo. Let's go somewhere more private.'

She nodded, and the two crossed the lounge to go somewhere more private. Only their Grandma was there, and she smiled at them and watched them go. Scott led them down to the gym and they sat crossed legged on the padded floor in silence for a moment.

'I think…'

'I think…'

They laughed as the spoke over each other again. This time Kayo gestured for Scott to speak first.

'I made the biggest mistake of my life reacting the way I did. I was out of line and I did and said things that hurt you badly. I know that there needs to be some bridges built, trust needs to be regained, and I want you to know that I will do everything – anything – you ask of me to rebuild our friendship and our relationship.'

Kayo leaned across and wiped a tear off Scott's cheek.

'Scott. I want to apologise to you too. You've never given me a reason to doubt your love and trust in me. I had no real reason for fearing to tell you – no, hear me out, Scott, please. You had every reason to be upset that I hadn't told you about my uncle and I had no real grounds to continue being secretive and worried about how you would react. And then you found out in the worst possible way. How could you have reacted any differently? And for the record, I'm sorry I punched you.'

Scott chuckled and it was his turn to wipe a tear from her cheek.

'How about we start again. From the beginning?'

'I'd like that.'

She wondered what he was going to do, but his eyes were sparkling in a way she hadn't seen since that fateful day and Kayo smiled back. Scott's lip twitched. He stood up and held out his hand for her and, deeply amused, she took it. Scott helped her up and, once they were facing each other, he shook her hand solemnly.

'Hi. My name is Scott Tracy. I like apple pie and flying really, really fast.'

'Hi, Scott. I'm Tanusha Kyrano. I like spicy food and flying fast too.'

'Good to meet you, Tanusha. I would very much like to take you for a coffee.'

'Yes. Yes I would like that a lot.'

'It's a date!'