I've thought about how things could have happened differently in Gemini Saga for awhile now, and decided to take out the steamiest segments and turn them into smutty scenes! Each chapter will explore different kinks, settings and fantasies. We will see both Vegebul Launchitz featured, and whoever ELSE decides to jump in. Let me know if there are any scenes that you wished went further than they did, or pairings you would've liked to see get intimate. I'll do my best to work them in. I hope you're ready for a bumpy ride! ;)

Launch had watched in silent exuberance as Raditz demolished all his food in short order, besides a small untouched portion. He took a break to breathe and drank half the gallon of orange juice, gulping it down, panting as if he hadn't eaten in months. Well, he hadn't had solid food, if you count the nutrient serum that keeps them sustained during flight.

"Aaahhh... Man, what was that? I've never had such tasty food before!" He said, feeling satisfied by the subsequent belch he let out. Launch giggled, taking it as a compliment.

"You really like my cooking? Honest? It doesn't make you sick..?" She asked, feeling nervous about the last question. She didn't want to see what would happen if she angered this man.

"Sick? Ha! Not likely, girl. My stomach has quite the tolerance. " He said with a laugh.

Oh, he must be like Goku! She realized, quickly adding two and two together. Launch looked at the food on the tray and licked her lips, squirming.

"What? You're hungry?" Raditz questioned, hearing the audible growl of her stomach. "Eat."

She looked at him, surprised.

"I can?"

Normally barely anything was left for her, no matter how much she cooked. He rolled his eyes, pushing the tray towards her and laying down.

"Don't be ridiculous. Have your fill, then I should have these bandages changed." He said, putting his hands behind his head. Launch nodded, eagerly taking a bite of pancake.

Raditz yawned, clicking his canines together as he watched her take tiny bites of food. He found himself smirking with entertainment. His tail weaved out of the blankets and moved contentedly, the tip curling and moving around as if exploring its surroundings.

"Tell me your name, girl."

Launch looked up, gulping. "Um... I'm Launch."

Raditz chuckled at the strange name. "My name is Raditz." He said, earning the girl's smile as she popped more food into her cheek.

"Like a radish?"

He frowned, narrowing his eyes. "What the hell is that?" He snapped, concerned that whatever it was, it was something unacceptable.

"Hmm.. well, it's sort of a bitter tasting vegetable." She responded, shrugging as she nibbled on a slice of bacon.

"Oh. That's of little consequence I suppose. Hurry up and eat, I don't understand why you take so long." He said, almost growling. His wounds were aching, they practically burned.

The girl perked up, "I can eat really fast! Wanna see?" He gave her a puzzled expression and shrugged. Launch tilted the tray back and let the food slide into her mouth, chewing once or twice in her chipmunk cheeks, then swallowing it all with a feminine gulp.

"But that's not very ladylike." She said, blushing. Raditz observed her in silence, his eyebrows raised in surprise, then he threw his head back and laughed heartily, the sound almost shaking the walls. He looked back down at her, his approving eyes gleaming intensely.

"I like a woman who knows how to eat. Only weaklings turn down food." He said, flicking his tongue across his lips. Launch's cheeks reddened again, her hand curled to her cheek in trepidation. She squirmed, moving her knees and wiggling on the bed. Something about the way he had looked at her made her feel all fluttery inside.

"Come here." He said in a low purr, and her head popped up, curious. Launch crawled towards him, gasping when he lifted her and put her on his lap with a small wince so that he could observe her better. She shivered as he pulled her close and she heard a sharp sniff in her ear, then a hot sigh of breath.

"Mmmm." He sniffed, trailing his nose down her neck, huffing and making low sounds as he did. Launch sat perfectly still; he sounded like a dog examining its meal and she hoped he wasn't still hungry. She jumped when she felt a light tickling sensation across her back, his devious tail snaking up her nightgown.

"Um… Mr. Raditz? Why are you sniffing me?" She asked, her voice trembling. He chuckled softly into her chest where he had planted his nose between her bosom, nuzzling her. Then she felt a hot sensation dragging up from her cleavage to her collarbone, which made her whole body suddenly tingle with excitement. She gasped, her head tilted back. He licked her neck, the vibration of his purr rumbling throughout her body.

"You're covered with the scent of your delicious cooking, and sticky with syrup." He said, concentrating on cleaning her, and he licked her chest again and swallowed.

"There. All gone." He nodded, pulling her back to observe her again, licking the remaining flavor from his lips.

"Um… t-thank you..." Launch smiled shyly, not knowing how she should react.

He purred deeply, "The pleasure's all mine." His eyes gazed into hers, unblinking, like dark obsidian with flecks of gray throughout. Launch felt the heat of their bodies together, and his hands still resting on her waist, pulling her gown gradually upwards as his large hands crinkled the delicate fabric.

"I-I'm glad you appreciated my cooking.. um...w-why don't we get your bandages changed now?" She said, inching her way off of him. He nodded, pulling the blanket away and lying still for her to do what she would with him, his arms folded behind his head as he smirked cockily.

Launch gulped as she stood and assessed him, her curious eyes drawn to the very obvious tent in his shorts where something was pushing up against it, stretching the fabric. She licked her lips and squirmed again, feeling an odd warmth in her nether regions.

Raditz chuckled, "Or are you more interested in something else?" Launch startled at his lust-laced words, an electric spike shooting down her spine.

Tearing her eyes away, she ran off to go fetch the items she needed to clean his wounds. She ran into the bathroom and slammed the door quickly behind her, panting, her heart racing wildly in her chest. Launch closed her eyes and breathed shakily, swallowing. She squeezed her legs together, feeling the uncomfortable throbbing there and trying to calm it. She took a few deep breaths until she was more relaxed and leaned into the tub to fill a basin with warm soapy water.

I have to concentrate on treating him. He's just teasing... and besides...I wouldn't know what to do with a man like him... or... any man...

She blushed, feeling embarrassed of her naivety, because after all of Master Roshi's perverted gestures and remarks, she had learned a little bit about what men liked but had never been touched in the way Raditz had, let alone licked. The thought made her shiver, and she shook her head. Enough, back to business!

Launch opened the door with a stern look on her cherub face, her lips turned downwards in a way that was supposed to be intimidating but looked more cute than anything.

"Alright, Mr. Raditz, it's time for your bath. I will have no more monkey business from you, understand?" She said, lowering her brows. Raditz had to stifle the laughter attempting to burst through his cheeks in an obnoxious sputter and nodded, following her with his eyes as she walked to the side of the bed and placed towels underneath him to catch the water.

She encountered his tail and paused, not knowing what to do when it wrapped around her wrist. Raditz smirked and gave her a little tug, sending her into a nose dive into his abdomen. She jumped up, her face flushed red and steamed, making a high pitched squeak like a tea kettle.

"What did I say! Keep that thing to yourself, mister!" He withdrew his tail and nodded, a devilish glint still in his eyes. Launch got out a pair of scissors and began cutting away the bandages, pulling them away gently as some stuck to him with dried blood. She looked concerned as the one wound in his chest still wasn't fully healed over. The majority of the cuts and bruises had magically disappeared, to her surprise.

"How...?" She breathed. Raditz stretched, flaunting his body and grinned.

"Little wounds like that take no time to heal, my body is more advanced than the puny humans you're used to. As long as I have proper nourishment, even the most fatal of wounds will be completely gone within a week." He said, proudly.

"Oh, well that's good...But I still have to take care of you until then. Now lie still. And behave." Launch said, bending over to dip the large sponge in the water. Raditz snickered, and flipped the hem of her nightgown up with his tail, revealing her cute white panties with strawberries on them. Launch shot up, gasping and pulled her dress back down.

"You...you..! GRRR!" She snarled, baring her teeth. Raditz laughed at her adorable attempt to threaten him and coiled his tail back around his waist. Launch stood over him and attempted to appear intimidating.

"Now, that was rude! How dare you!" She squeaked. He just shrugged in response.

"You get to see mine, why can't I see yours?" He winked.

Launch blushed and wrung the sponge in her hands nervously. "I guess that's fair... But you only get the one peek, that's it!" He nodded again, which she was beginning to realize was not a very promising sign.

"Ok. Just relax and I'll do all the work." She said, smiling positively.

"Heh heh, sounds like a good time, sweet cheeks." He said, teasing.

Launch growled again, then took his hand and started scrubbing him furiously, cleaning the back and underside of his arm. She attempted to lift it and couldn't even get it to budge. He just snickered and lifted his arm for her, smiling. Launch washed around his large bicep, marveling at the width of it. She saw him purposely flex as she held him to clean his shoulder off. She almost had to smile at the sign that he wanted her to see his full strength, because even as an invalid this man could probably still blast the room to smithereens while lying on his back.

Launch cleaned beneath his arm and tried not to gag at the potent smell of his hairy armpit and scrubbed it quickly while looking away. Raditz frowned; he didn't want her to think he smelled bad.

"Let me see it, girl." He said, and took the sponge and cleaned the other one so she didn't have to. Launch rinsed it in the basin and returned to work on him again, smiling warmly at him as she lifted his head and washed beneath his neck and behind his ears. She wiped down his throat and collarbone until she reached his chest and carefully washed around his wounds, rinsing out the sponge and working away as Raditz closed his eyes and relaxed. She thoroughly made sure his upper body was clean of all dried blood and dirt.

Launch paused when she reached the band of his shorts, blushing. He put out his hand wordlessly and she placed the sponge in it and turned away so he could clean himself. Raditz chuckled mischievously, tossing his shorts to the floor. Launch was feeling her face growing hotter as she heard him grunt and lots of bristly sounds like scrubbing hair. Her eyes widened and she covered her face.

"All clean, Nurse Launch." She turned around and he just was lying there, unashamed and fully nude.

She caught just a glimpse of his glistening wet privates and screamed, covering her eyes. "Cover up, you PIG!" He only laid there, hoping she would become curious and peek at him.

"Why? It feels much better this way." He sighed, "Feels nice to air out my junk."

Launch growled into her hands. "That's gross! Put a towel over yourself! Or you can just stay dirty!" She huffed. Raditz chuckled malevolently.

"I'll let you have a peek, then we'll be even for what I did earlier. Heh heh."

"I don't want to see!" She responded, afraid to take her hands off her eyes for fear he'd see how red her face was. She only moved one finger in just the slightest and gasped at the sight of him, at the massive erection he was proudly displaying, raised high above his abdomen and taut. Lower down, his testicles were like ripe pears, flushed and rosy. Launch swallowed nervously.

Raditz smirked, their eyes meeting from behind her fingers. Launch saw that he'd caught her, and lowered her hands.

"You looked?" He said in a low breath, and Launch nodded.

"I did." She said softly, her gaze falling to the floor.

"I'm sorry." Launch squeaked, but Raditz didn't need an apology. He wasn't offended, in fact he was flattered.

"Don't be. It's ok for you to look at me." He gently encouraged, hoping she would look up again to see his earnest eyes. He felt perhaps he'd been too bold with this girl. She seemed shy, and as far as he could tell, she'd never even seen a man naked before.

"Do you want to…Touch me?" He questioned, gulping as he did. Launch's head perked up and her eyes flitted anxiously from his groin to his face as she wrung the sponge in her hands.

"Wash me." He said in a rough request, his eyes sliding up from where he observed the sponge in her hands, to her chest where a wet spot was dampening the thin pink fabric of her nightgown and revealing hard little nipples there. He gazed up further, admiring her delicate collar and pale, twitching throat where she was struggling to form words.

"But you... you're already clean." She whispered hoarsely, then licked her lips.

"I'm still very dirty. I want you to clean the rest of me." He purred, the idea of her making herself familiar with all the parts of his body making his mind race. Launch met his eyes once again and nodded, bending down to dip the sponge in hot water.

"Use your hands." He said, turning his face towards her and wrapping his tail around her wrist. Launch dropped the sponge and stared back at him, feeling her heart pounding in her chest. The idea of touching his body all over with her bare hands made her face grow warmer, and Raditz smiled gently at her. She gazed into his warm, dark eyes and smiled back shyly at him.

"Ok." She said, and wet her hands with the water. Launch approached him once again, her hands held out before her, in an awkward, yet adorable way. Raditz chuckled as he saw her hesitation, and used his tail to guide her hand to a safe starting place, just over his heart. Launch rested her hand there, and felt the warmth of his skin through her hand.

His skin was incredibly hot, so warm that he was sweating off the water from before already, perspiration beading up on his face as she looked up to him for confirmation.

"You're burning up, Raditz. Are you sure you don't want to rest?" She asked timidly, and reached to brush a strand of hair away from his brow to feel his forehead. Before she knew it, he wrapped his arm around her lower back and pulled her close so she perched over his abdomen. Launch squealed and her legs shook as she held her body up and away from his, her eyes wide as Raditz stared into them.

"I don't want to rest… I want.." He growled, then shut his eyes and took a deep, calming breath.

"I would like you to continue. Please." He whispered, and Launch sighed, stroking his brow then grazing her fingers through his hair.

"I need to wash your hair, Raditz." She said, noting how it was somewhat oily at the roots and stiff with seawater.

"I'd very much enjoy that. Later." He purred, and his hand moved slowly down to cup her bottom, and caress her full cheek. Launch placed her hands back on his chest, and began stroking circles there. His muscles were softer than she had expected, by the look of them she thought they would be like marble, but they weren't. They moved with her hands as she pushed, and massaged his skin, the black hair there matting down as she changed direction. She directed her hands back up, and stroked his shoulders, marveling at the build of him, how broad and firm his body was. Raditz did the same, stroking one devilish hand down the back of her thigh, and feeling how the skin on her silky inner thigh was slick with her own perspiration.

He anticipated that she would soon tell him to stop touching her, that was if she could take her eyes off him. Launch moved to his throat and Raditz snapped to attention; growling a warning at her as her small hands cupped his throat. She giggled as she felt the vibrations going through him, and squeezed gently. He felt his blood pressure spike and his heart race from the idea of her cutting off his airway; something he would never allow if she were his enemy. His tail slapped the bed, yet Launch didn't seem to catch on to the easily readable warning signs he was sending her. She touched the protrusion in his neck that was his Adam's apple, giggling again as this caused it to bob with his nervous gulping.

She moved her hands away from his throat and he took a deep breath. He had to admit, he kind of liked it. But, he would probably like pretty much anything if it meant she were touching him. Anything? Raditz asked himself. Yes, anything. He confirmed, and his face reddened at the thought of her… touching him in more risky areas. Areas that were off limits to his enemies… but not her.

Launch leaned closer, and cupped him by the ears. Now Raditz was getting mad. She pinched his ears and wriggled the cartilage in her hands.

"You have big ears!" She snickered, seeing how his eyebrows met in the middle and he huffed.

"I have other things that are big… besides my ears." He bit out, then snarled as she flicked him on the nose.

"Bad boy!" Launch scolded him, and Raditz snapped at her finger. He wanted her to just get to the good stuff, below the belt. But, he couldn't rush her, or risk scaring her away. And besides, it felt… nice. He'd never… played with a woman before, never entertained one for this long, either.

"If we're pointing out things that are big, what about these in my face?" He pondered slyly, directing his view down to her cleavage. Launch gasped and attempted to cover her chest, but only soaked her top more.

"I...I never said you could look there!" She cried out, blushing.

"You're a dirty little woman. Maybe you need to be washed too." He said huskily, placing his hands over hers where she cupped her breasts. Launch gasped, feeling how he interlaced his large fingers with hers. He wasn't actually touching her, but if she were just to move her hands he would be.

"I don't think I'm dirty…" She began, then cut off her words with a squeak as he began to move their hands together.

"You were touching my chest this way, Launch. Do you like to feel me?" He purred, leaning closer to immerse himself in her honeyed aroma.

"Yes… I want you to touch me. Please.." She said weakly, and moved her hands out to rest atop his own, helping him to stroke her breasts now with nothing but a thin layer of wet fabric to separate her skin from his hands. Raditz let her guide his hands, though he was tempted to move them and grope her on his own, he allowed Launch to experiment with the sensation first. She closed her eyes and sighed, tightening her grip so that his hands did the same. He felt her softness and wished he could sink his mouth into her soft bosom and suck the wetness from the fabric.

Her hands slid up his forearms as Launch made herself fit more snugly on his lap, giving him no choice but to sink his face into her chest. She placed her hands on his head and smiled as he nuzzled into her warmth. She let her weight rest on him at last, the warmth of her body sinking around him as his groin strained to be felt by her. Launch opened her eyes and gasped as Raditz began sucking on her nipple, his hardness underneath her pressing into her urgently with need. Launch moaned before she could even think about what she was allowing him to do, responding to her body's needs, forgetting all her worries as his touch soothed her, and sent pleasure tingling through her body.

Raditz purred around her nipple as he sucked and nibbled it to a hardened pebble, moving onto the next while the loss of his mouth on the other made it harden even further. Launch whimpered as Raditz grew more bold, gently biting down on her nipple and awakening her pleasure with each shock that passed through her body. She buried her hands into his mane and gripped it to control herself from crying out, the dual sensations of having her nipples teased as well as her squirming on his lap stoking a fire in her belly that soon felt like it would erupt.

"Raditz! W-what are you doing to me?" Launch asked between gasps for air, the trembling in her body making her voice shaky as well. Raditz pulled back abruptly and looked up at her with concern, worried that he'd done something wrong. Launch got her bearings and gently moved his face away from her chest to allow her tender nipples a moment of rest.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing really… it's just, what you're doing is a-almost too much… I hope you don't mind if we take a break for a moment." Launch said bashfully and blushed, playing with a lock of blue hair. Raditz nodded, feeling a little like he'd been rejected.

"Besides, I can't help but notice somebody was poking me really hard…" She said with a curious sparkle in her eye, then sat back so that his erection popped out from where it had been comfortably wedged between her legs, where he could see her soaked strawberry decorated panties now clinging to the contours of her body, made transparent enough for him to see her flushed skin beneath.

"He needs some attention too, doesn't he?" She said playfully, touching the tip with a finger and giggling at how Raditz jolted slightly in place.

"Who?" He said, slightly concerned about who this other man could be in his distracted fog of lust. Raditz's eyes widened then as she wrapped her hand around him and pressed him against herself and shuddered, rubbing her clit through the cotton panties.

"This feels so nice, Raditz. I loved it when your thing was rubbing me here," Launch breathed, her eyelids lowering and her innocent face becoming more sultry. Raditz's demeanor changed quickly back once he realized she meant 'he' as in his cock. "The thing you like rubbing you is my cock, don't you know that silly girl?" He whispered back huskily, leaning back to expose more of himself for her.

"Oh, I know but I've never seen one so big. Only Goku's tiny one when he was a little kid, and Master Roshi's I've seen sticking out his pants a bunch of times, but his old man thingy looks gross."

Raditz furrowed his brow and his tail slashed through the air, gripping her waist tighter. "He never poked you with his 'thingy'?" He growled, attempting to hold back his rage. Launch put the finger that she'd been stroking him with to her mouth seductively.

"Oh a bunch of times, when I was bent over and even from the side." She whispered, then stuck her tongue out and made a 'bleck!' sound.

"Launch… Tell me you at least consented to this…" Raditz grimaced, squeezing her hips harder so she couldn't be stolen away by that perverted old man.

"Not at all… I told him to stop poking me with that thing or else I would snap it off!"

Raditz chuckled, slapping her bottom in his relieved amusement.

"And it never went inside? It just poked you where mine did?"

"Well, yes but…I had pants on, then. What do you mean, 'inside'?" She said, tilting her head, and Raditz's jaw dropped abruptly then snapped shut. He couldn't believe the girl didn't even know how to properly have sex, it was unthinkable! But also… it made his mind race with showing her the limitless possibilities, all the things she hadn't experienced yet, and seeing her reactions to it.

"You know what, let's change the topic. I'll show you how it goes inside soon enough. I'm just glad that old man hasn't claimed you before I could, I would have to kill him you know." He responded with a thick guttural growl to his voice, his hands tightening on her waist as he ground his hardened length against her warmth.

Launch shivered from his words, staring into his dark eyes. She could tell he meant what he said, and it thrilled her. Raditz pulled her close and kissed her at last, his mouth hot and soft against hers as he urgently moved to make his claim on her, more passionate now than ever before. Launch melted into his embrace, allowing him to dominate the kiss as she whimpered in her submission. He buried his hands in her silky blue curls and tugged so her neck craned back so he could rain his kisses down her skin, then make his way back up by grazing his teeth along the tender skin. Raditz's hips pulsed as he tasted her honeyed perspiration on his lips, the urge to mark her as his causing his fangs to ache in his gums as they lengthened in preparation.

Then, he gasped, ripped out of his fugue when he felt her hands grasp around his tail and pull so that he fell atop her. Shocks tingled through his system as he attempted to comprehend the sensation she'd given him, panting. What was that?

"Show me now, Raditz!" Launch breathed into his ear, then bit down on the lobe.

"Launch..!" Raditz sighed in a breath of passionate relief, his blood rushing through his veins, boiling hot in reaction to her words.

"I'll give you what you want, naughty girl…" He whispered, a tentative hand moved down her silky shift, admiring the fabric one last time before tearing it fully in half. Launch gasped as he exposed her breasts beneath him, her split dress laying beneath her nearly nude body. He cupped her breasts in both hands, appreciating their softness and warmth as he groped, and stroked her hard pink nipples with his thumbs.

Raditz moved down her body, sucking and nibbling on each nipple, leaving his love bites still wet on her chest as one hand caressed down her quivering belly, to her panties, playing at the ruffled silk hem of them. Launch whimpered and attempted to wriggle her way out of them, but he quickly caught her hand by the wrist before it could assist. She looked puzzled by his reaction, before blushing when he moved further down to rub his face on her panties and suck the fabric into his mouth with his teeth, sampling the luscious taste of her nectar oozing peach, swollen until her outer labia were pink and pulsing with their readiness for his touch.

Launch trembled as he pulled them away until air hit her heat and made it all the more obvious. His large hands gripped her thighs and thrust them apart almost if their creamy girth suffocating her center had offended him. She felt her face grow heated as his eyes fell to her exposed pussy, and his red tongue flicked across his parted lips. She closed her eyes and turned her face away, inviting him to do as he wished in shame. First she felt the heavy warmth of his fingers petting down her indigo curls, then the shock as he so easily spread her. Heat puffed across her as he lowered his face and took in her perfume, ripe with need. Raditz looked up at her, and saw how she avoided his gaze.

"Look at me." Raditz growled, then nipped her tender little bud with his front teeth gently. Launch's back lifted off the bed with a squeak, then she looked down at him with wide violet eyes and red cheeks.

"That's better." He purred, then slid his tongue out, the vibrations of his purr going through his tongue and tickling her clit. Launch sighed shakily and reached down to stroke the spiked hair on both sides of his head, before gripping as he upped the intensity. Heat blossomed in her lower abdomen and tiny jolts went from her stimulated clit up to her belly, like strings of electricity awakening her body and making it crave more of this new sensation. Raditz noticed her reaction and slid his tongue down to poke at her entrance, then back up, licking and tickling her sensitive labia and clit like she were a delectable candy.

Her hands tightened around his hair and she gripped it hard as she felt the tightness in her groin unwinding, heat spreading as the fervent throbbing began again. Her slit oozed moisture down his mouth, his flexing jaw working to encourage more slickness, wanting to bathe in her nectar. Launch melted with pleasure as Raditz took his time eating her quivering pussy until her entire body was shivering with the beginnings of her climax, the grip on his roots making him groan into her body as his tongue twitched inside her plush canal.

He purred and wet his fingers along her slit as he pulled back his tongue to grin, admiring the strings of clear lubricant she produced as they coated his large fingers and palm, some still dripping from his chin. Launch looked down at him, her face twisted in beautiful anguish as she felt something deep within her clench and release, waiting for the stimulus that would help that release let go at last.

"Raditz, please!" She begged, staring at the way he played with her body with two of his long fingers, which pinched her swollen clit and rubbed it between his calloused flesh. Tears budded at the corners of her eyes and she grit her teeth as he teased her body to the edge of coming undone, the throbbing between her thighs so intense her lower body started to become numb to its thunder.

"Hmm… Since you asked nicely." He said, and moved one finger down to trace the silky entrance of her pussy, his tongue slipping out to poke her teasingly.

"But, I expect payment…"

"Yes, yes! I'll do whatever! Just–!" She cried, and pushed his face into her lap. Raditz laughed, but didn't punish the girl for her overeager reaction. He took no time giving her what she so desperately wanted this time, slipping one finger inside her to the first joint, testing her readiness. Launch squirmed and waited for his next move, but she didn't seem to be in pain. He took that as his opening, and slipped another finger in as he sucked her clit into his mouth and out, demonstrating what his own body wanted as his cock made a wet spot on the sheets, straining for when it would finally be his turn.

Raditz moved his fingers, and curled them gently to stimulate the areas beyond her ribbed interior, the subcutaneous nerves that would be stimulated by his cock. Blue curls hit the bed as Launch craned back her head and opened her mouth in a silent cry, tears flooding out as she experienced the pain of her first penetration and pleasure at once.

Regardless of what little twinges of pain she felt, the pleasure outweighed the bad and she felt her body climbing over that edge as he reached deep and grazed the bottom of her depths, before her well broke, and sent her body into an ecstatic reaction. Raditz groaned as he tasted her orgasm, and it wet his hand with each pulse of her body. He drew away slowly onto his knees, stroking the moisture onto his swollen cock, the veins along the shaft filled with blood as his girth ached and strained to have the same release.

Launch slowly recovered and sat up slowly, her gaze going wide as she saw what Raditz was doing. A smug look came over him and his tail wagged lazily as Launch stared at his body, examining his anatomy and studying the way his hand moved along his shaft, making the skin around it follow with the motion. She gulped, then licked her lips as saliva began to fill her mouth. Glancing back up into his eyes for permission, Launch crawled towards him on the bed, then lowered her head to observe him even closer. Raditz let go of himself and she was amazed by the way his erection bobbed in midair, a solid, smooth shaft and shining glans waiting to be touched before her.

Launch knelt and stuck the tip of her tongue out, looking up at him for guidance, but Raditz would give her none as he crossed his arms over his muscular chest and watched her with a rapt expression. She was left to deduce that he wanted some kind of similar treatment, and hesitantly reached to wrap her fingers around him, finding that once she did, they didn't touch as they surrounded his girth. Launch fixed this issue by placing her other small hand around him, and stroking them together, admiring the smoothness of his skin which contrasted with the iron hard girth beneath. She licked the slit at the tip of his dick, then underneath the crown, slicking it with spit as her tongue made gentle circling motions. Launch watched as this made veins twitch on his sculpted abdomen, and he moved forward to press her mouth.

Launch opened her mouth then quickly regretted it as his cock filled it up quickly, her eyes going wide as she looked up at him in surprise and backed up her head, but it was stopped by his hand gripping her hair in an immediate reaction. She gasped, attempting to back away as he pushed her head forward. Yet, Raditz seemed to be pleased by this even more, so she let it happen, sliding her lips and tongue along his length, feeling the velvety skin following her motion. Launch closed her eyes and let the motion of his hand guide her, using both of her hands to massage the rest of his length as his head slid closer to the back of her throat.

Raditz made a sound like a frustrated growl and Launch whimpered in response just as he powered his hips forth and her fist landed against her mouth, forcing her to let go of him so that his base was exposed now too, covered in spiky black hair. Launch gulped and her breathing was uneven as she replicated his motions he'd shown her, finding it easier than she thought to fit his cock in her mouth when she was doing it herself. Raditz sighed and watched as Launch took him nearly to the base, her muffled coughs and gags twisting his heart strings as the adorable earth woman attempted to swallow all of him, the pleasurable feeling of her throat constricting around his cock massaging him almost like he hoped her pussy would as she finally adjusted to the odd feeling.

Raditz pulled out of her mouth and pushed her down on the bed, her cock-sucking skills, though clumsy, had done the trick and he was dripping wet with a mixture of her spit and his fluids, and even harder than before. Launch covered her mouth shyly with her hands and blushed as he pulled her down to his groin by the hips, his wet cock pressed against her stomach. He took both of her hands and yanked them off her face, forcing her arms down to the mattress. Launch yelped in surprise, but she felt excited, her nipples hardening as his hairy chest grazed her heaving breasts.

"Raditz, I'm s-sorry, you have to forgive me!" She whimpered as their noses touched. Raditz raised his brow at her words as she blinked innocently; internally hoping she hadn't given him a terrible blowjob and maimed his dick, giving him reason to punish her.

"Don't be sorry. It's not needed." He said softly, and smiled gently at her, this time not a mischievous smile, or a sneer. He truly found happiness in being with Launch, a feeling he'd thought he lost long ago. Launch's deep, velvety violet irises met his shining obsidian, and stared into their abyss willingly. She noticed something was different about him, a gentleness was in his dark eyes that wasn't before. They gazed into each other, so close, for an imperceptible time, until falling back into a kiss. Launch had decided that he was the one she wanted, and he had confirmed that he was more than ready to give it to her. To take her chastity away and make the girl a woman. His woman.

In a sudden fervor, their tongues slid against one another through hot pants and bitten lips, hips rolling against one another, her slick entrance gliding against the hard knob of his cock. Raditz took the opportunity, driving himself inside in one decisive thrust. Launch cried out immediately, gripping his shoulders as her walls stretched around the steely girth now slipping out slowly to only repeat the motion. Raditz held her soft body tight, beads of sweat racing down his temples as he tried his best to gentle when all he wanted to do was plunge himself deeper and fuck the plush walls beating around him into oblivion.

"Raditz!" Launch gasped as he surged forth deliberately, squirming beneath him. She gripped him by his broad shoulders and moaned, her body wriggling against his as he filled her to his base, panting out sharply as he felt her walls quivering around him. "Launch," he breathed, leaning down to ghost a breath on her throat, kissing the goosebumped area though his gums ached in response from the growth of his fangs, which again reminded him of his origins and what Saiyan men did to make a woman all their own.

Raditz ignored the urge for now as he deemed her ready for more once she began to grind against his abdomen, reciprocating his kisses and licking the side of his throat, grazing it with her teeth in a wanton tease that dared him, and drove him mad with lust. He reached beneath her to grip her plush buttocks, filling his hands completely with them as he drew back, then plunged forth again. Launch's cries were like music to his ears as the ridge of his cock grazed along her once virginal walls, taking with it her moisture and slicking himself fully in it as he thrust inside of her. He bucked against her quicker with each moan, answering to the pleading in her eyes, the pulsing in her body that drew him in and roped around him, snaring his manhood within her deep femininity so that he could only stroke deeper inside her walls, slickened by wetness.

Raditz leaned down and took her moans of submission as his permission to lose his composure, his tail lashing as he held the girl's legs wide open and plunged back and forth noisily, his heavy balls slapping her wet skin salaciously as he felt the first drops of precum ooze out and enter her body freely. Her heat was so inviting he didn't think he could pull out even if he wanted to. Raditz's primal mind instinctively just wanted to keep fucking, and fucking until he girl was filled to the brim with his cum, and he was sure she would let him now as the movement of her body encouraged him to hit deep and seep his semen inside her body, unhindered.

Launch moved her hips in tandem with him, not caring about the squelching sounds they made as they shared in the ecstasy, sharing one another this way should've been illegal for how pleasurable it felt. So good, too good in fact. She loved the feeling of his coarse hair grinding against her tender, pink clit, the girth of his hot dick stretching her wide open.

"Fuck!" Raditz hissed, gripping her ass harder as Launch wrapped her legs around him so he couldn't escape even if he wanted to. Raditz lost his strength completely when Launch grabbed ahold of his tail and cried out as her orgasm slammed into her like a tidal wave, scratching channels down his back as it arched in his own ecstasy and she screamed in reaction, before muffling it by biting down on the meat of his shoulder as her body pulsed and pushed against the pressure of his pushing cock, letting out jets of her moisture.

Raditz's eyes rolled back as the force of his tail being pulled paralyzed his body temporarily and his full weight dropped into the girl, making her orgasn twice as intense. He could do nothing but gasp and moan as he felt a powerful climax of his own building up rapidly before breaking through, his liquid arousal gushing forth and flooding her channel as sparks radiated throughout his groin and warmed his body with waves of pleasure. Launch moaned from the filling sensation and held him close, kissing his parted lips as Raditz stared at the girl in shock. She had bitten him, and pulled on his tail like she was a Saiyan woman! He was completely at her mercy now. He had no control of himself, and couldn't pull away even if he wanted to. Launch gasped as she felt her insides swell with his heat, which inevitably began to leak out between them as his length still sat before her cervix, his balls drained and body weak as Launch's walls continued to massage every last drop of cum from him.

"L-Let go… Of my tail." Raditz finally managed to muster, and upon realizing that she'd had it in a death grip, she let it go and watched as he slumped over her, and began to snore instantly. Loudly. Launch blinked, still piecing together what she'd done to the Saiyan man, and what he'd done to her. Apparently, his tail was very sensitive, and though the results had been beneficial, she had the inkling that maybe what she had done wasn't quite what Raditz had intended, instead quickening his release long before he planned it to come. With a grunt, she wriggled out a bit from his weight, and he turned over onto his side and he slipped out of her, his snore quieting as he did. Launch smiled and cradled his arm to her body, snuggling up to his warmth as the remnants of their orgasm still oozed from her body.

Launch gazed up at his handsome sleeping face and sighed contentedly; thinking of all the fun they were going to have when he woke up again, before closing her eyes and falling asleep as well.