Piccolo X my Namekian OC Calliope

Warning: egg insemination, oviposition & knotting ️

This was a scene originally written for chapter 39. I was saving it for later use, but I decided it would work better here. The artwork on AO3 was done at the same time the original sex scene was written for "Boobie day" on Twitter. 😊

A cool breeze whipped through the crisp white fabric fluttering behind him as Piccolo did his early morning meditation for the day, levitating above the large fountain beneath him. He was able to tune into Kami's thoughts regardless of his will now. When he attempted to focus, and Kami wasn't at rest, the old Namekian's thoughts would at times mingle with his. Currently, Piccolo was having difficulty concentrating from all the telepathic chatter the old man was having.

Meditate, Meditate… he mentally said the mantra, but it was no use now.

Please come down a moment. I would like to discuss something in person. A female voice said softly into his mental passageways, the astral fingers of her intrusion making Piccolo lose focus, and drop from his levitation.

A large splash was heard, to which Gohan turned and gasped. Calliope was relieved of that much, standing up to see what the commotion was. She had no time to comprehend what had happened as Piccolo shot up from the fountain, then appeared before them so quickly she stumbled backwards in surprise.

"Mister Piccolo, you fell!" Gohan shouted, running up to cling to his dripping pant leg.

"I am fine, boy. Don't fret over me." Piccolo snapped, kicking his leg. Gohan tumbled backwards in a stunned somersault, then sat up and laughed as if he'd enjoyed it.

"Piccolo, am I to assume you enjoyed a swim in the fountain?" Calliope chuckled, and he huffed, ignoring the water dripping down his face as he gave her a warning glare. Calliope knelt to speak with Gohan, placing her hands on his shoulders.

"Stay here and assist Mr. Popo, little one." She said gently, and the boy nodded, running off to go help with the garden.

I need to speak to you privately about Gohan, Piccolo. Calliope intoned telepathically, and Piccolo met her fiery topaz stare that seemed to imply he complied or else. Piccolo followed behind her in silence, looking back a moment to see where Gohan was listening to the djinni explain the simple method of how to use a garden rake. Piccolo growled to himself, turning his face in disgust.

Calliope welcomed him into her bedroom, and he hesitated a moment at the door, looking around at the feminine comforts surrounding him. Calliope kept walking until she was a shadow behind the sunlit pink curtain, then said something shocking to him.

"Remove your wet clothing." She said as if it were nothing but idle conversation, and he hesitated, though he did feel wetness soaking him from head to toe.

"You wish for me to disrobe here?" He snorted, and a musical laugh came from behind the curtain where he could see her shadow moving, and looked away quickly.

"I don't desire mold growing in my carpet." She responded haughtily, and he growled, then looked down at himself, and changed his clothing as quickly as he could, stripping himself down, then destroying the wet clothes without a drop left left to fall on her precious carpet. He felt his face burning as he was aware of his own nudity in the room with a 'female' Namekian doing the same, and quickly clothed himself with a bubbling tone, an identical set of clothing that was dry now covered him.

"I am dry now." He snarled, turning his face to see one of her arms outstretched over her head, her fingers above the pink fabric barrier as she pulled something see through over her curvy shadow figure.

"One moment, I'm not ready." Calliope said, and Piccolo gulped, heat growing in his cheeks as he watched her quietly.

"I thought we were here to discuss Gohan." He remarked flatly, his eyes widening as she bent down to remove her skirt, revealing toned legs. Piccolo felt frozen in place with his surprise, wishing to retreat but he was also too captivated to do so. Calliope at last came from behind the curtain, wearing a flowy garment that fluttered just at mid thigh as she walked, and reclined on the bed before him. Piccolo wasn't sure why he felt so anxious, but he managed to come and sit down, diverting his eyes from the flimsy sarong she was wearing, made of thin red, orange and pink layers of fabric, with almost discernable dark purple undergarments beneath that made him think she purposely wished for the display to be seen by his eyes. He gulped, staring at the wall decor as she began to speak at last.

"I am concerned, Piccolo." She said, and sat up to touch his face with both hands, directing his attention on her. He remained still, blinking.

"I am as well… Is all 'this' necessary?" He said bleakly, as he looked around the vibrant room in question, feeling his hands growing moist where he gripped his thighs. The disgruntled man seemed out of place, sitting cross-legged on the edge of her princess canopy bed, covered in a fluffy purple coverlet with gold trim, along with many red and pink pillows with similar trim. The location was intimate to him, but not in a sexual nature. The bedroom is a place where one sleeps and dreams, unguarded. Was Calliope showing him that she was not threatening to him in this way?

"Being comfortable is necessary for relaxation, yes… This is where I do my meditations, like you. I prefer the comfort of my private sanctuary to think." She said, but Piccolo seemed distracted, simply watching her soft, purple lips move as she talked, noticing the bluish interior of them.

Calliope giggled and leaned back on one hand, playing at the tasseled edges of her top where he could understand how her anatomy differed from his, instead of muscular pectorals, she had a soft chest with a shadowy center where two intriguing mounds of flesh met, nestled in what he recognized as a swimming top.

Namekians do not have nipples...At least, I do not. So why does she need to wear an earthling covering like that?

"It seems that you aren't entirely opposed to my appearance, by those wandering eyes..." She said in a silky voice, and sat up to bring his attention back on her face, Piccolo snapping to attention.

"I am not opposed, but I am…slightly puzzled by your appearance, that is the only reason why I looked. I will not apologize." He growled, but it held no power as she found how he bared his fangs all the more enticing. Calliope smiled bashfully at his embarrassed admission, and nodded.

"I too, am curious about you. You are such a strange being, I'm not sure how we are the same species, but we are." Calliope said as she crawled closer to him, and reached up to remove his turban, setting it beside them on the bed, then gently smoothing her hands down the sides of his head, caressing his large pointed ears, smiling as she felt the warmth generating from them.

"I wish to express my thoughts and you must relax your tension so you may focus. Allow me to comfort you." She whispered, stroking his sensitive ears. Their antennas almost touched, causing a mutual buzz between the alien appendages.

Piccolo sighed heavily, relaxing his scowl as he gave her a warning stare, but didn't stop her. He'd never felt a touch like this, and he couldn't help but feel slightly more relaxed by it.

"Do as you must." He muttered, flinching as she placed her hands on his shoulders, and easily removed his cloak, then his shirt, tossing them on a nearby chair.

"Relax." Calliope said, and placed her hands on his shoulders, massaging the tension there as Piccolo kept his eyes closed, not seeing what he knew was her chest in his face. She soon stopped, and sat before him, with her legs beneath her.

"Do you trust me, Calliope?" He rested his hand on the small of her back, rubbing there. He wasn't sure why, but he did feel comfortable holding Calliope, and was surprised to find he didn't mind being in the quiet sanctum at all, where he wasn't disturbed by Kami's communications. He did not feel anxious now like he did before when she was exposed behind the curtain, it seemed the female truly did have some kind of powers to soothe him.

"I will have trust in your words, Namekian, and have faith that it shall be so." Calliope said softly, and closed her eyes, placing her hand on the flat planes of his chest, and stroking the firm musculature there.

"Should you and I be... touching like this?" Piccolo questioned suddenly, a purple hue coming over his cheeks. Calliope looked up and smiled at him, her hand stroking lower down his abdomen and grazing over his groin.

"Is there a rule that says we cannot?" She purred, and her devilish hand grew emboldened once finding something bulging in his pants. Calliope rubbed his groin, not sure what to make of the growth there.

Instantaneously, his body reacted by pumping blood south. He gulped hard, "That's… Something new. Why are you.." He gasped as she felt his hardness, and her examining hand gripped his groin gently.

"This feels natural. I enjoy your presence and the warmth of your skin. I was alone for some millennia. In that time, I strove to touch another like this, and be held in the lonesome chill of my shell."

"...As do I. I have never been touched by anyone that was a Namekian like I, and certainly not in the way you're touching me. It's evoking an unfamiliar swelling sensation, yet for some reason, it feels pleasant." He responded, and they looked at one another for a long moment, searching their eyes for all the answers within.

"Come, I will answer all of your questions." She said, and stood, gesturing towards an area in the room where there was a deep pool of dark blue water. Piccolo frowned as her hand left, and when he looked down at himself he saw that his pants were oddly tented and he could feel his blood pulsing to that area and making it throb with desire. How strange. I want her to touch me there more.

Calliope walked over and removed her sarong to reveal a purple bikini that didn't cover most of her body, besides the questionable areas of her chest, and the small, smooth area between her legs. He noticed how her skin was pink and green in the same places as his, but the lines were more curving and delicate.

Piccolo turned away his face and gulped, blinking away the visions in his mind of the golden eyed tigress. He stood, and was shocked when she pointed at him, and transformed his clothing to be nothing but a miniscule pair of orange underwear to conceal his swollen groin, giggling. Piccolo looked down at himself and back up, noticing how she was doing the same to him with purpling cheeks, wondering why his groin wasn't flat in the front, but instead oddly bulky, and evidently different than hers. She had no idea, honestly. Only that he was 'male', a rare Namekian creature she'd never actually seen for herself, or known in her life besides from the stories of the ancestors.

"You wish to bathe…with me?" He questioned, eyes wide with his astonishment, startling her out of her curious inspection of his anatomy.

"No, I do not bathe there. I just wish to be in the water with you." She said, and stepped in, her body disappearing until only her chest up was visible. Piccolo felt less uncomfortable and followed, coming to stand next to her in the cool water that managed to calm his nerves. He, like her, felt more at ease in the water, the gentle swishing sounds evoking instinctual memories of places their ancestors would have come, rested, and little to their knowledge, participated in a unique form of egg fertilization.

"The others will notice our absence." Piccolo said, gulping as she rested her hands on his chest, and traced the red lines beneath his pectorals that went in a different direction than hers, traveling down the sides of his abdomen to his groin, as well as marveling at the fact that he had no nipples at all. Piccolo blushed as she touched his chest, and traced boldly down the grooves with her fingers, stopping where his clothing began. Without warning, she used her magic to make his underwear disappear, and noticed that the organ he used solely for liquid elimination was standing up and elongated. Blushing, Calliope moved her hand back up to his chest. He moved close to her and touched their antennae together to sense her thoughts; finding something he didn't expect.

I'm… curious, Piccolo. What is that thing, and why is it acting like that?

It's what humans call a penis, which I use merely to expel liquid. It's not normally hard… at least, not until you touched it… It feels pleasant. Piccolo gulped upon realizing he thought that last part out loud, the damned organ bobbing in reaction as she giggled playfully.

Oh… does only my touch affect you in that pleasant way?

Yes. I… wouldn't mind if you did it again.

Ok, then. She agreed, and reached over to touch it. Piccolo felt the water growing warm around him with his aroused reaction, but he felt it would be rude to stop her from just being curious. She couldn't see below his chest, and after all he'd clearly stared at hers, and kept catching himself looking there again even though he'd already examined it once, he just wasn't sure what was under the top or why she wore it– but he wanted to find out. They shared the same naïvety, and so neither felt embarrassed, or pushed the other away as their hands traveled and felt their smoothness, their ribbed skin, and enjoyed the differing textures beneath their hands.

Piccolo followed Calliope's lead and made her clothing disappear so that he could finally see what was beneath. Calliope gasped as the thin layer of clothing between their skin disappeared, and she felt something hard between her thighs.

He breathed heavier as he caressed her, and she, him with the added slickness of the water. He didn't know why, but the heating water felt twice as intimate than the bed to him as their growing body heat made it begin to steam. He had always only swam in private, it was a thing he did exposed, but they were not exposed now, so that gave him some comfort.

"Should I… tell the others we're busy?" Piccolo rumbled with desire, his cock hardening furthermore in his briefs as it pressed against something hot and wet.

"Tell them we are busy. I'm curious about your anatomy." She said in a breathless voice, and his briefs finally disappeared so that their two aching bodies could touch skin to skin.

Piccolo placed both hands behind her shoulders and stared down at Calliope and smiled, wistfully wondering why he had refused to treat her with kindness before when her presence and her soothing touch was giving him such relief from his stress, her mind was so akin to his. Piccolo found he didn't care at all what Kami, Gohan or Mr. Popo was doing, he was content being in her presence instead, and so he let go of his reservations and entertained her then.

"I would not be abhorred by that notion. I'll inform them now that you and I are not to be bothered until our mutual curiosity is satisfied." Piccolo said with a baritone rumble, making shivers go down her spine.

"What… will you do to me?"

"Whatever feels good. And currently, this does," He whispered huskily, and grabbed his shaft to point it to the soft, purple clit between her legs and stroked it with the matching tip of his erection. At the same time, he groped her breasts and began sucking on her nipple. Calliope whimpered as her clit swelled from his action, her cheeks purpling with arousal.

"That feels so good! Don't stop, Piccolo!" She whimpered, her golden eyes darkening as her irises expanded to take in more of what they were doing.

"You don't have to ask me twice," He purred, sweat dripping down his aquiline nose as he bared his fangs and grunted as his erection was signaling to him that it was ready for more. He bit her breast and groaned as his erection swelled furthermore, and he felt something similar to regeneration happening. A seam formed along the length of his penis, and it fattened.

It was too wide now to possibly push into her pulsing slit, though it seemed like the natural thing to do. Calliope moaned in turn as the fattened head wedged against her engorged clit, and she grunted as it morphed into two, doubling her pleasure. They weren't sure why their genitals were transforming, but Piccolo was sure that he was due for another as the swelling became so intense that the seam split.

He gasped as the skin broke free like a snake shedding its skin, and two identical penises broke through.

"Why two of each?" She questioned, and Piccolo was silent as he pondered this. His large palms circled both of her breasts, and he groped her.

"This must be why there are two of these lovely mounds. There's two of us, and so we both have two sets of genitals."

Calliope smiled as his answer brought her reassurance, and the throbbing in her canal became so much that the wall in the center that prevented penetration thinned as her vagina expanded from arousal.

"Yes, I can feel that my body is prepared for you. I think… You are what I'm missing inside."

"I… want to be inside of you, Calliope. If you'll let me."

"Not yet… Something is happening to me,"

Piccolo agreed, he too felt his pleasure beginning to reach a summit. It couldn't possibly feel any better than this, right?

"Me too!" He grunted, and jutted between her thighs. His cock became slick with her moisture as they worked to further arouse each other, the grinding motions of both of Piccolo's shafts making him groan lowly in time with her pleasured moans. Both cocks became pressed together, and stroked one another between both clits. Piccolo bared his fangs and his hips began to vibrate against her clits, forcing his penises to rub against eachother. Calliope was feeling the beginnings of a climax as he vibrated against her.

Piccolo sensed moisture oozing in beads from both glans and groaned in pleasure. His legs twitched and heat spread through his abdomen, the vibrations going through himself as well as her as both heads tickled her clits simultaneously. At once, both broke out into orgasm, Piccolo's twin erections doing so in tandem; soaking Calliope in his mint-white semen with an earthy scent.

He watched as it stuttered out, drops still landing on Calliope's sensual body as both moaned from the aftershocks of their climax. They kissed again hungrily, their tongues and lips briefly intertwining. Calliope sat back against the wall of the tub, using both hands to smear the cum on her large breasts and sculpted abdomen. She then licked a large drop of cum off her finger, and made a thoughtful face.

"Is this like 'milk'? It tastes good." She remarked, Piccolo watching with bated breaths as Calliope spread her legs and stroked his cum around until her purple labia and pink entrance were coated.

"I don't know, but it feels amazing. And it looks beautiful on your body." He whispered lustfully as the remnants of his climax dripped into the water.

"Come on, Piccolo. I'm ready. Enter my body." She moaned, Piccolo gulped, touching his appendages quickly and finding them still firm and ready for another round. He pushed Calliope gently into the wall of the tub, her legs wrapping around his waist as his body touched hers, and the closer he neared, the easier it seemed he would slip inside.

He took his time, moving to kiss Calliope for a while. What he hadn't been expecting was for the girl to pull him in and force entrance. Piccolo gasped at the sensation of her warm body surrounding him. Her body was still sticky with his cum, her plush interiors pulsing with readiness for fertilization.

"Is this right? I'm not hurting you, am I?" He panted, and she shook her head vigorously.

"No! This is exactly what I needed, give me more!"

He reacted by thrusting against her, pushing himself deep into both heated canals. With her enthusiastic moans in response, Piccolo was spurred into action and began thrusting quickly, and deeply, plunging both holes with his cocks still leaking semen inside her wombs as he thrust deeply; his slick skin stirring both canals up in preparation for fertilization.

"Something's happening... I think I'm going to…explode," Piccolo grunted, and Calliope whimpered needily in response.

"Explode inside me, I want to feel your hot milk pumping out and filling me up!" She panted lustfully, and Piccolo roared in his enthusiastic response.

The longer he thrust, the more obvious his need became for release, both testes with ovums inside trembling. His semen prepared them for his egg to be implanted, serving no purpose but for lubrication and anesthetic. Something told him he would need to release his 'milk' again soon. His testes were now feeling ready to bust, and the pleasant swelling sensation made his body ache even furthermore for release.

"Hold onto me tight, Calliope." He whispered into her lips, then ate of her kiss with passion as he pushed into the deepest part of her and their bodies throbbed in tandem.

"I'll never let you go, you can release my grip when I'm dead!" Calliope whimpered and dug hairline trenches down his back as her legs trembled and her insides fluttered as if his pressure would collapse her walls at any moment. Her clits had swollen so much now that they were throbbing like heartbeats, the lubrication her body was making causing the conjunction of their groins to become soaked in her fluids.

As he thrust her against the wall, cracks formed in the floor.

"Piccolo!" Calliope cried out and sunk her fangs into the side of his neck, stifling her screams of release as her own heated milk sprayed between them with every powerful smack of his hips.

"Calliope!" Piccolo moaned, then kept thrusting regardless of her screams or the mutilation of his body. He was at the brink of giving her what she desired, his testes had sucked up against the solid root of his erections and in result, they became even harder, as if they were made of stone.

Calliope had no complaints, her body was still twitching from being milked to completion. Yet, she was still eager to relieve a large load of his own viscous fluids. His rock-like testes soon became softer as whatever was inside of them traveled up into his shafts and caused him to double knot her canals, locking the two firmly in place. Piccolo attempted to back out, but there was no way out and the way her heels dug into his buttocks told him that the female had no issue with their position.

"You're filling me so completely, Piccolo… I wish to stay like this forever." Calliope sighed, and hugged him tightly as their bodies shared in deep connection.

"Me too… I want to be one with you… Forever. Until our bodies merge and we are no longer two."

"Fuse with me, Piccolo. Let's make a new life together." She whispered into his ear, then nibbled on the dark purple tip. He buried his face in her collar, then licked and kissed his way up to her ear as his hips rocked against her. The tips of his cocks were surrounded by the plush, pillowy softness of her cervixes, and the stimulation they provided was causing more of his hot milk to flow out and slosh around inside her wombs.

"Yes,' he panted, and began to gyrate his knots against her pelvis, her clits being rocked with the motion and causing her to cry out in pleasure. Calliope's walls clenched around his knotted root and she refused to let him go, not that he could if he wanted to. Something was happening that neither Namekian understood, but it felt good and that was all that mattered.

Piccolo looked into her gleaming golden eyes as at last, the metaphorical knots dislodged and released two large ovums. His semen was actually an analgesic that allowed her cervixes to relax enough for insemination; helping her to take his ovums easily as they rose up and traveled down his shafts slowly. Piccolo's body strained through the painful process and he groaned and bit his bottom lip as Calliope clung to him lovingly and peppered his face and chest with her satiated kisses.

"You can do it! Keep pushing my love," She soothed, and kissed his straining muscles.

Once the warmed jelly eggs made their way through his glans, they traveled through her cervixes and settled inside their rightful place– her wombs. Both sighed with relief. Piccolo's vision blanked for just a moment as with their release, his testes became swollen with semen again and the sensation was even more orgasmic than before. His mouth hung open soundlessly and tears ran from his eyes as with the painful release, a pleasure like no other came over him and he washed her insides with another layer of semen, so much so that the water surrounding them became cloudy. His legs were trembling and his entire body shook as Piccolo's body unloaded inside of her and made her petite wombs balloon with life.

Calliope moaned from the full, swelling sensation as it heated her abdomens and sent a pleasant warmth throughout her limbs. She stroked his back and rocked her hips against him, enjoying the warmth and fullness of his hard cocks stuffing her wombs so full of ovules that her abdomen was beginning to swell. Piccolo was no longer locked with her, but his hips refused to part from hers. If he were to move back, he would have found that her clits had intertwined around the roots of his erections and fused the two together until his ovums were implanted and fertilized. The Namekians held each other close, and soon, Piccolo's eyes fell shut with exhaustion.

Calliope giggled and stroked her lover's back, she was not aware that a swim in the pool with him would lead to her becoming pregnant with a brood of his eggs, but she was free of complaints. She kissed Piccolo on the head, then rested against him. When they would awaken, they would find themselves detached and Calliope would be ready to lay their eggs. When that happened, he would be there with her to help the process and nurture their eggs. This was all new to the two of them, but it felt completely natural, as if they had finally found the missing piece of the puzzle within both of them.