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Chapter 1

"At least the waves sound the same," Riku murmured, leaning heavily on Sora as he helped him down to the shore. He bit back a groan of pain as Sora helped sit as gentle as he could before sitting beside him in the damp, dark, sand. "What I said back there...about thinking I was better at stuff than you... To tell you the truth, Sora... I was jealous of you," it was hard to admit, to talk about it, but he had to. He had to clear the air between them, despite Sora accepting his presence without hesitation or question, even when he'd been trapped in Ansem's form.

"What for?" Sora asked curiously, leaning carefully against him.

"I wished I could live life the way you do. Just following my Heart," he admitted softly.

"Yeah, well, I've got my share of problems, too," Sora told him, and Riku tensed slightly, immediately worried.

"Like what?" he asked cautiously.

"Like...wanting to be like you," Sora answered, shocking Riku.

"Well, there is one advantage to being me... Something you could never imitate," Riku offered, glancing over to find Sora looking up at him, relieved it wasn't something really bad.

"Really? What's that?" There was no doubt, jealousy, anything. Just complete trust and it made Riku feel even more terrible about the last years.

"Having you for a friend," he whispered, watching as Sora smiled. With everything he'd been through, how was it he could still smile so brightly, so easily?

"Then I guess...I'm okay the way I am. I've got something you could never imitate too," Sora agreed, shifting to lay his head against Riku's shoulder.

He stretched out his injured leg, keeping the other knee bent to rest his arm on. He ached, they'd run out of anything but straight potions towards the end, and Sora had forced the last one of them on him once the fight was over. It hadn't been enough to heal the damage from those strange beam blades let alone all the other various injuries he'd picked up during the battle and before. There had been one downside to taking on his own body again, all the unhealed injuries from his fight with Roxas had reappeared with it. He'd try healing himself but his magic was too low, not that he was the best with healing magic to start with thanks to using Darkness, and he could feel Sora's was too.

He looked up at the starless sky and closed his eyes, feeling the breeze on his skin and hearing the sound of the waves, it could almost be home so long as he kept his eyes shut. He glanced down as something hit him, finding a bottle had washed up between

his legs. Riku hesitated but he couldn't sense anything so he picked it up and opened it finding a note within. He began reading the letter but then stopped and held it out to Sora. "Sora? I think it's for you."

"Thinking of you, wherever you are. We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend. Now I will step forward to realize this wish. And who knows: Starting a new journey may not be so hard or maybe it has already begun. There are many worlds, but they share the same sky…one sky, one destiny," Sora read from the letter out loud.

As he lowered it, a light appeared over the water before them.

"Light," Riku murmured, shocked by the sight.

"The Door to Light…" Sora was scrambling up and then offering him a hand. Riku took a deep breath and hefted himself to his feet, letting Sora take a lot of his weight but he still staggered. "We'll go together," Sora promised.

"Yeah," he agreed, smiling at Sora who smiled back, holding tight to his hand.

Even Sora was moving stiffly as they made their way towards the Light, they could both use a lot of sleep and time to heal, maybe a good long soak in warm water too. Hopefully wherever the Light took them, they'd get the chance to do that.

He'd never thought he'd get to go home but it seemed he really was forgiven for what he'd done. He held tight to Sora's hand as they stepped into the Light, half expecting it to burn like in Castle Oblivion and the illusionary Sora's attack. It didn't, it felt warm and welcoming, safe. For a second, he glimpsed the Islands and he felt a flash of hesitance. Going home meant going back to his Mum…he'd never known his Dad, didn't even know his name…would he have wanted him?

And then he felt his hand ripped from Sora's, he was falling….falling…there was pain and everything went black.


Hiruzen Sarutobi stared at the boy lying unconscious in the bed and then back to the reports he had been given on his condition and arrival. Whatever had happened to him before he crashed into the training ground and scared a new genin team half to death had done damage, the fall hadn't helped either. How had he just fallen into a training ground though? There was a team investigating but so far they had no answers, all that had been noticed by the jōnin-sensei was a brief yet intense flash of light above where he had landed. They may have to wait for him to regain consciousness to learn more.

He would need to call Kakashi in and ask him some delicate questions. They'd estimated the boys' age and that had raised a few eyebrows once a nurse had suggested testing for a clan link due to his appearance. He'd allowed it, though the Hatake's were hardly the only ones with such hair colour. Hiruzen had thought that at most they would be distant cousins, so the actual results had been a shock. How and when? If the boy was mid-teens then Kakashi would have been…well. He had gone through Kakashi's mission record since that had been during Minato's brief tenure. Kakashi hadn't been sent on any honeypot missions back then, Minato had kept him away from those when he was the Hokage. In fact, Kakashi hadn't left the village much during the three-year period they were placing their guess of the boys age in. They were guessing he was between fifteen and seventeen years old which made the idea of Kakashi being his Father very worrying indeed.

The boy had required surgery to correct damage to his hip and wrist, according to the medics his body had accepted chakra-aided healing but showed no signs of having it used on him before which was interesting. His injuries definitely pointed to having been in a fight, but his chakra system was undeveloped, there was no way he was a shinobi. For the moment, he was being kept unconscious, partially to spare him the pain as his injuries healed and partially to ensure he wasn't a threat. Just because he wasn't a shinobi didn't mean he couldn't be a spy of some sort, raised by an enemy power.

Hiruzen hated thinking that way about children but so long as even the clans had existed, such things had happened. As much as it hurt to admit, using a child against the parent was not something he would put passed Danzō. He knew his old teammate was not fond of Kakashi, but what would be the point to an untrained child? Root had been disbanded and he had personally checked the child for Seals of any kind but had found nothing. Then there were the current whispers surrounding the movement of his old student…


Sora lay on the beach, soaked from landing in the sea, Kairi gripping his hand tightly even as Donald poured healing spells into his battered body. Mickey could recognise the signs of shock easily and was very worried for Sora. What had he gone through once they'd been separated. Even more worryingly….where was Riku? Sora hadn't spoken since staggering from the surf, Goofy and Kairi catching him before he could collapse in the water and drown.


Kakashi dismissed his students as he spotted the summons from the Hokage, taking to the roof tops. Was he being given a mission? He'd only had one since becoming team 7's sensei but it had been necessary to call on his skills. He would do as his Hokage asked but he worried about the kids when he wasn't there, although things had been better since their return from Wave. He slipped in through the window to find Sarutobi at the desk, going over a file.

"Take a seat, this is going to be a rather delicate discussion," the Hokage told him, so he sat, that didn't sound good. Sarutobi then placed a photo in front of him of someone who was either asleep or unconscious. The background appeared to be the hospital so the person was or had been in Konoha. "Do you recognise him?"

"No," he shook his head. It was a boy, older than his team, but his features…that wasn't possible though.

"He literally appeared in training ground sixteen, or should I say, above it. He was brought in by the new genin team who were training there. An investigation has found no trace of how he arrived. His injuries beyond those from the fall were concerning and he required surgery."

"Did you want me to take a look?" he tapped his hitai-ate.

Sarutobi nodded. "One of the nurses thought his appearance was interesting. I agreed to the tests being run…Kakashi," Sarutobi sighed, and he straightened. "The test was positive, he is a Hatake."

He…he had family? They had always been a small clan and as far as he knew, he was the last. His Father had never spoken of other relatives. But a clan member suddenly appearing? A reverse summons maybe? His looks weren't a coincidence? He was too young to be even a half-sibling.

"I was unaware of anyone else," he told the Hokage in shock.

"He's more than just a clan member Kakashi, he's your son."

His eye widened and he looked at the photo again, he could see it, some of the features he recognised from his Father and himself. But…his son? How could that be? He'd never fathered a child to his knowledge, yes he'd had mission sex, what shinobi his age hadn't? But he had always been very careful to ensure there would be no children. "How old is he?"

"And there is the problem, the hospital staff estimated between fifteen and seventeen."

He frowned, he hadn't…not at the right age. The only time he could think of that it might have happened was that time he couldn't fully remember. Just that he'd messed up when he'd discovered the further evolution of his Sharingan and the ability that came with it. There'd been a girl, older than him…but he'd been fifteen then, any child would be younger than his team, not older.


"The only possibility I can think of, he's too old for. If there was a child, they'd be younger than Naruto."

But there was the nagging worry at the back of his head…no, Orochimaru would only have samples from his Father which meant the boy would read as a sibling, not his child. But…would Danzō go that far? Kakashi knew he'd wanted his Sharingan or at least to have Kakashi as part of Root, was mad at him getting Tenzō out, could he have somehow done this?

"I see…and your records show no period of time in enemy hands where they could have gotten samples without your knowledge. It appears the boy is something of an enigma."

"Has he said anything?" he asked, unable to help being curious.

"He's being kept sedated due to his injuries; restrained and guarded. His chakra system is undeveloped although his Hatake heritage means that even untrained it is larger than a civilians would be."

Kakashi nodded, anyone from a long-standing clan would have more chakra even untrained than a normal civilian. His father had known Orochimaru, Kakashi had seen his labs…was this boy the result of something like that? Though surely a spy would be sent in through the front gates and not in such an explosive manner, what if the fall had killed him?

"What happens now?" Surely he'd be handed over to T&I for assessment.

"They plan to wake him tomorrow morning. Do you want to be present?"

He hesitated, glad the Hokage was giving him the option and not ordering him to be there or stay away. Did he want to meet the boy when he could be a trap? Wouldn't it be better to wait until after he'd been fully assessed? Then again, he had offered to check the boy with the Sharingan before he'd been told of their link.


Sora paced the ship, unable to settle. Riku…what had happened? They'd entered the Light together but then something had ripped Riku away from him. He hadn't come home, he was out there somewhere, alone and hurt. They had to find him. The King had returned home to organise a search from the Castle and Master Yen Sid had also been informed. Donald and Goofy had brought a ship and picked him and Kairi up, they were heading for Radiant Garden to see if he'd shown up there or if Merlin knew of a way to track him. Sora hoped Riku was there and all healed. Maybe they should check if Traverse Town had appeared since if he'd been tossed between Worlds then he could have landed there.


Everything felt fuzzy and he tried to open his eyes. He could smell disinfectants…the air was cool…hospital? How long since he'd seen one let alone been in one? Slowly, his eyes opened and he blinked groggily, looking around. He tried to move and then felt his heart begin to race as he found he was restrained. Where was he?

He turned his head, hearing something, to see an old man wearing robes of some kind and a younger man wearing a mask, his hair as silver as Riku's own. Who were they? He opened his mouth to ask what was going on only to cough, the younger man picking up a glass to hold to his lips. He hesitated but then sipped at it, the water soothing to his throat.

"Where?" he croaked.

"Konoha hospital."

Where was that? He…he was meant to be home, with Sora and Kairi.