Time After Time

Hello everyone and welcome back to another chapter. Still working on Ninja's Hero Academia movie story. Again, there's a lot I need to play around and work on, it should be up within a couple weeks or so. I'm just making sure the movie really friggin good! Anyways, I hope you've all been able to figure out how the High School DxD world and Naruto world fits together.

Very simple, DxD is the present and the Elemental Nations is the past.

I hope you all saw in chpt 2 I updated it where I removed the harem/peerage. Though I still left some people who are still confirmed. That being Rias, Kuroka, and Outer Moka A.K.A Akasha. Anyways with that said, let's get to the reviews!


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Last Chapter *Elemental Nations Final Valley*

"I see… I still don't get it, but I've decided. Once I set some things up the way I want to. I must ask you something." Ophis held up the scroll of sealings, "I found this in your Hokage's tower, kept in a secret place, I simply took it out. It was a rather complex and difficult seal to break. Thanks to the rune magic I was able to overload the seal and break it." Ophis noticed that Kasumi and Satsuki were on edge, "I saw this, and it got me thinking." Ophis opened the scroll and pointed to the Edo-Tensei jutsu, "I can bring someone back using a bit of my power and give them a dragon body made of my flesh. It will take the form of the person I call from the cycle of reincarnation."

Kasumi was a little confused, sacred, and agitated at the same time, "What do you mean? You want to bring back who?!" Kasumi's eyes widen, "W-Wait! Is it possible to bring back my Onii-chan? Naruto-Nii?!" Kasumi looked to Satsuki with a pleading look on her face.

Satsuki however shook her head, "Naruto… is in the stomach of the Shinigami, remember? I'm sorry."

Kasumi's eyes which were rejuvenated with hope quickly disappeared. As much as Satsuki knew it would hurt Kasumi, it was the truth, "Yeah… t-that's right… I-I just miss him… a-a lot."

Ophis summoned something in her hand, and what it looked like was an empty vial, "I simply need you two to listen to me. All I ask is you guys are to join me with the Khaos Brigade. Though, it has yet to be formed. However, if you accept all I ask if you come to me when I ask. In return, I'll grant you anything, power, any one person, or anything else within my power."

Kasumi still wondered, "C-Can you free my Naruto-Nii from the Shinigami's stomach?" Kasumi was very hopeful even Satsuki was a little curious.

Ophis shook her head, "I am unable to interfere with the laws of the Death God. I could very well upset the 'One Above All' and be wiped off the face of this Universe which consists of many dimensions. I can, however, bring her back, but I'll only bring one person back. Though that's if their soul is currently flying around in the pool of souls to be reincarnated." Ophis waved her hand across the sky as Satsuki and Kasumi saw a large number of souls floating around just waiting to be reincarnated.

"Wait… so what about Orochimaru and the crap he did to make himself immortal?" Kasumi looked at Ophis rather confused.

Ophis shook her head and said, "I do not know who he is, and nor do I care." Ophis did not care who he was, whatsoever, "My best guess is he's somewhere with 'One of Above All.'"

Ophis then says, "I need one of you to write a book for me, a history lesson, to inform the future of the Elemental Nations. Which will be known as the 'Blank Period', and I need a writer. I think you two or someone you know can do it. Now… who will it be? Who shall I resurrect?"

Satsuki curiously wondered, and she then asked, "W-What about… my Nii-san? I-Itachi?"

Ophis nodded her head and she said, "Yes I can, afterward when I come for you two. We need to time travel." This got Kasumi's and Satsuki's attention.


This Chapter *Elemental Nations Final Valley*

Ophis took off into the sky, she waved her hand to see if his soul was above in the cycle of reincarnation. Souls came to her and flew around her, but she found no such soul. Soon Ophis came back down, and she said, "I cannot find this Itachi Uchiha you speak of. Is there another you wish for me to look for?"

Satsuki was as a little crestfallen accepted it, she couldn't do much about it. Kasumi's eyes widen and she asked, "Oh! I know! There was an Uchiha that my Onii-chan was good friends with… well technically his first ever girlfriend! Rain! Rain Uchiha! What about her?!"

Ophis flew into the sky once more and searched for a soul that had the name Rain Uchiha etched into it. Ophis grabbed it and floated back down next to Kasumi and Satsuki. Ophis held her arm out with the white glowing soul in her hand. Ophis poured her magic into the orb as she created a new body. Using the DNA that the soul once remembered rebuilt the body that once belonged to Rain Uchiha.

Satsuki and Kasumi watched as bones appeared, soon blood vessels, nerves, cells, tissue, muscle, organs, and eventually flesh and more. The skin of the body continued to wrap around the body and eventually, hair came out the top of the head. The body grew to the size of Kasumi's in bust, hip, and height. Clothes appeared that were similar to the memories that Ophis saw in the soul's memories. Soon the begin opened their eyes and the person began to breathe and move on their own.

Kasumi put both hands up to her mouth as she couldn't breathe as tears formed at the corner of her eyes, "R-Rain?!"

Rain's eyes fluttered for a moment until she held her head, "Ugh… Ngh…K-ka-s-sumi i-is that you?" Rain rubbed her eyes, once she stopped her eyes focused, "K-Kasumi? Is that you?" Rain looked to Satsuki, "Uh… Satsuki is that you?" Rain's head hurt as the memories of everything came flooding back, "Huh? What's going on… w-what are these… these memories… what are they… they are mine… aren't they?"

Ophis spoke up and said, "Rain Uchiha… that you see in your memories is just a mere… what did you guys call it? Illusions… Gen… whatever. An illusion that Uchiha Itachi put you into, he knew how much you and Naruto loved one another. So, he gave you the life you could never have with Naruto. However, I have brought you back to the living… and congrats you're a dragon. Oh, and Naruto is dead."

Rain's eyes widen as she looked at this little girl with pointy ears telling her all this stuff, "W-What?! W-Wait!? Illusion!? Naruto is dead?!" Before anything more was said Kasumi rushed to Rain and pulled her into a hug.


*Underworld* Six Days Before the Mission

Naruto slowly opened his eyes as he found a crack in his blinds that were ever so slightly parted. Naruto went to sit up, but he found something, no rather someone was weighing him down. Naruto looked down to his left to find a mop of red hair. Naruto knowing it was Rias, Rias had her head on his chest. Naruto went to scratch his head with his right hand but found it also unable to move. Naruto looked to his right to find a mop of black hair with two ears sticking out the top of them. Naruto sighed as he looked at the person below, it was Kuroka of course.

Naruto looked up at the ceiling and sighed and Naruto remembered back to last night. It was a rather interesting turn of events. He received a call from a rather interesting person he couldn't have thought of. Tomorrow he was meeting up with her at the fountain in the middle of town in Kuoh.

Since he hasn't even been around enough to know where things were in Kuoh. He had agreed to a date that Rias offered to go on with him. Rias's main reasoning was to introduce Naruto to the surrounding area in Kuoh was important, to begin with. However, she was very adamant that it was her that did it. Since she asked Naruto first, he was the first to respond to her saying he didn't mind. Thus dampening anyone else's chances to show Naruto around.

Speaking of said person, Rias soon got up from bed. She looked up to find Naruto smiling down at her, "Well good morning, Rias… you snuck into my room again." Naruto looked at her with a rather deadpanned look on his face.

Rias giggled as she slowly sat up from the bed and said, "I don't see you complaining, regardless I'll see you later at noon." Rias got off the bed as she began to hum. Rias put her bra and then underwear on, though Rias smiled as she turned to Naruto, "Do you mind helping me out here?" Rias gestured to Naruto to wordlessly asking him to clasp her bra for her. Naruto did so carefully not to wake up Kuroka from her sleep, "Thanks." Rias then teleported away in a magic circle as she smiled waving at him.

Naruto turned to the clock as it said 10:00 am. Naruto looked to Kuroka and made a shadow clone, and then substituted himself. Naruto went to his dresser and put a robe on as he began to take his clothes off. Naruto then went towards his door and came face to face with Grayfia, "Oh, morning Grayfia, did you need something?"

Grayfia smiled as she shook her head, "No, I was just about to come to wake up you for your outing with Rias-Ojou-sama, but it seems you're already up. The bath is already warmed up and ready for you to go Naruto-sama. Breakfast shall be ready as soon as you are done, I'll make sure your clothes are then also ready." Grayfia went to go do her duties until a hand was placed on her shoulder.

Grayfia turned to Naruto wondering what he needed. Though Grayfia saw the smile adorning Naruto's face, "I appreciate it Grayfia, thank you." Naruto had a big goofy grin on his face causing Grayfia's cheeks to have a tinge of pinks appear on them.

"It's expected as your maid Naruto-sama now if you." Grayfia reeled herself in and simply tried to act how she had to. Like that Grayfia went to walk off to go do her duties, "Serving Naruto-Wakai-Oji and Rias and Sona-Ojou-sama come first… I am after that." Though Sirzech's words echoed in Grayfia's head, "Don't worry so much Grayfia! You aren't being fired, think of it as simply your job is changing. Look, I'm sorry things didn't work out between us. I'm sure you'll find someone, one-day Grayfia. Keep looking."

Naruto went to the bathroom and began to wash and rinse himself. Once Naruto finished up he stood up and went into the relatively large tub. Naruto slowly sank in as the water came up to his collarbone allowing him to let a sigh out and relax. Just then a voice spoke up, "Oh? Onii-sama is that you?" Naruto tilted his head to the side as a figure came walking into the bathroom, "I didn't know you were in here, care if I joined?" Sona asked curiously.

"Sure, I don't mind, at least Onee-sama isn't here to tease us or try to do anything inappropriate." Naruto chuckled as did Sona as she began to wash herself over by the shower, "So what do you have planned for today?"

Sona shrugged her shoulders as she began to scrub her hair with soap, "Tsubaki has some pacts later on tonight. Besides that, there isn't a whole lot. Once school starts, I'm hoping to run for student council and then begin to recruit more people for my peerage. I've been keeping some tabs on some people. Some I've found rather interesting, what about you Onii-sama?"

Naruto shook his head and said, "Come on Sona, Onii-chan or Onii-san is fine ya know? To answer your question, Rias wants to show me around Kuoh, since tomorrow I have to meet up with Latia Astaroth. She wanted to come to the human world, she wanted to have a chat with me. I have an idea of what she wanted to talk to me about, I think is the marriage proposal I turned down a few years ago." Naruto placed a hand on his chin, he was pretty sure that was the reason, "I can't think of any other reasons why? But who knows, it could be something completely different, regardless I want to be able to show her around at least."

Sona finished scrubbing her hair and washed it off with the shower head. She then began to scrub her body listening to Naruto, "Nii-sama can you get my back?" Sona turned her head slightly to him. Naruto turned his head away closing his eyes and not looking at her. Sona let a raspberry out, "Fine, Naruto-Nii… can you please help wash my back?"

"Gladly!" Naruto smiled as he got up and out of the bath. He fixed a towel to his waist and walked over to Sona. He took her scrub from her and began to scrub her back, "See was that so hard now?" Naruto chuckled as Sona simply rolled her eyes, "How is Tsubaki been? Ever since we took her in, from your letters she's been quite reserved. But she didn't seem reserved when I arrived home. She's been rather talkative lately."

Sona smirked a bit as her brother scrubbed her back. Soon he finished and took the shower head and rinsed her back off. Sona then said, "Well… I guess Tsubaki is just more comfortable when around you Naruto-Nii. She gets along with everyone else, but I don't think I've seen her talk so much within a matter of a few hours." Sona giggled at this; it was quite clear that Tsubaki had a slight crush on Sona's twin.

Naruto simply shook his head, "Regardless, I'm sure she'll begin to open up." Once Naruto was done, he hugged Sona from behind and placed a kiss on her cheek. He then stood up and went to exit, "I'd love to stay and chat more, but we can do that tonight. I got a date with Rias, and I can't keep her waiting. You know how she gets. See ya, Sona!"

Sona simply shook her head and said, "Bye Naruto-Nii!" Like that Sona was alone as she stood up and went over to the water. She went in and sank into the warm water, Sona smirked and said, "Nii-san… I think there are quite a few girls already who like you. You better watch out; you're already beginning to build your harem." Sona blushed a bit at the idea of it, but she quickly forced it away. She wasn't romantically interested in her brother like that, it reminded her of those books that were being published, and that she might have a book or two.

Whoever re-started the Icha-Icha series, the person went by the alias of 'Sage of Prophecy'. He dubbed himself the inheritor of the Toad Sage's Will.


*Fountain at the Park*

Naruto arrived at the fountain after teleporting to an alleyway where he wouldn't be suspected of anything. Naruto went and sat down at the fountain until he heard a "Naruto, look up." Naruto's eyes saw the pair of feet that belonged to the voice. Naruto's eyes worked their way to finding the white creamy pair of legs attached to a girl. The said girl was wearing a black skirt that came down to her midthigh. Which was rather tight but had a slit on the side to allow movement. She had on a white tan shirt which had a frilly design around her cleavage, "Ara, eyes up here Naruto~. You seem to be appreciating a lot more of me than usual."

Naruto blushed as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, "Don't be like that Rias, come on, besides I'm no perv. Though I should be able to appreciate when there's a beautiful girl in front of me." Naruto stood up as he patted some of the dust off his shorts. Naruto was wearing a casual orange shirt with a black and orange hoodie with the zipper undone. Along with a pair of blue shorts and gym shoes. Naruto extended his arm out, "Well should we be on our way then my dear Rias?" Naruto said with a sly smirk on his face causing Rias to blush herself.

"Ummm y-yeah! Let's go!" Rias happily looped her arm through Naruto's and began to tug her favorite blue-haired Sitri around. The two made their way through the crowd of people as Rias simply have a bright smile on her face. She began to point out the different stores, restaurants, gift shops, grocery stores, arcade buildings, the mall, food stands, food booths, and even food trucks. Naruto had to admit that humans were great at coming up with things.

Naruto and Rias made their way into the clothing store first. Naruto followed and stood next to Rias as she went to different clothing racks. Naruto deadpanned as the store manager came up to Rias, "Oh! Rias you're here again! Please pick out anything you like!" The store manager looked at Naruto and giggled as she leaned into Rias's ear and whispered, "Rias… is this perhaps that Naruto boy you've been talking about?" Rias's face turned red as she simply nodded her head, "Ohohoho? He's a real cutie, you two seem to be out on a date. Please take anything you need to woo the boy." The manager slowly backed up as she looked Naruto up and down, "You're a real tall glass of water young man. Too bad Rias has you." The store manager began to walk away giggling at the two.

Rias turned to her and stammered out, "S-SHUTUP MIKA!" Rias quickly went back to her shopping and grabbed clothes and ran off into the changing room. Naruto sighed as he walked over and stood outside of the changing room.

However, Mika, the store manager, walked up to Naruto and smirked, "Get in there!" She shoved Naruto into the changing room.

Naruto stumbled and fell over surprised by the woman's sudden push. Naruto stood back up looking at the entrance to find a sliding door shut and lock. Naruto shouted, "HEY! WHAT THE HELL! CRAZY WOMAN!" Naruto placed a hand on the handle until it shocked him, "OW!" Naruto's hand retracted from the spell. Annoyed, Naruto began to inspect the door handle as he saw runes on it, "That clever devil." Naruto sighed as he turned to the changing room. Naruto saw the area was wide open with seating in the middle. There were separate independent changing rooms around the room.

Just then Rias poked her head out to see the commotion, "Naruto? What are you doing in here?" Rias's head was the only thing that was poking out. Her cheeks were still red.

"The woman pushed me through! She's a devil!" Naruto crossed his arms over his chest, "She locked us in here."

Rias blushed as she pulled her head back into the changing room, "Stupid Mika! She's so pushy in these types of things!" Rias let a breath out as she continued to change into the outfits she grabbed.

Naruto waited for a little bit in silence wondering how he got into this mess. Soon the curtains to the changing room Rias was in opened. Naruto looked up to see Rias with a hand on her hip, and the outfit made Naruto swallow.

Swallow hard.

Rias was wearing a yellow top that showed a good amount of cleavage. She had on short blue jeans that went down to about her mid-thigh. Rias's hair was done in a ponytail, "S-So… how does it look?"

Naruto swallowed again as he looked left and right while scratching his cheek. His eyes then met Rias's as he said, "I-I think it looks really good on you Rias." Naruto coughed into his hand, "It brings out the color of your hair." Naruto, in this world and the world before, loved the color red, that was because it reminded him of his mother Kushina, "Remember the nickname I came up with you when we were little?"

Rain too.

Rias puffed her cheeks out at that comment, "Mou, that was so long ago…" Rias looked left and right and smiled, "C-can you call me that?"

Naruto chuckled as he stood up walking over to her, "Alright… Tamami. That or Little Red, which was Kuroka's nickname for ya." (A/N: Tamami means beautiful gem in Japanese).

Rias blushed as she giggled and skipped forward and hugged Naruto. Rias seemed to ignore the fact that he brought up the nickname Kuroka had for her. Naruto returned the hug, and soon Rias let go and skipped back inside to try on more outfits. Naruto let a mental sigh out, Rias was way too fond of him. Naruto walked over and sat back on the couch and leaned forward resting his arms on his thighs. Then his chin on his hands, "I look at Rias… and she reminds me of Rain." Rias did not act like how Rain was, but even still their looks are similar, and so is their red hair. Naruto placed a hand on his chest over his heart. Naruto was happy though, he was able to find someone to like a lot.

Rias came out and went back in changing into several different outfits. The two were there for about another fifteen or so minutes until Rias was finished, "Well! That was fun! Let's go to the next store!" Rias went towards the door and Naruto went to warn her. Though once Rias touched the door, she slid the door open with no issue. Naruto's eyebrow twitched as he watched her walk through no issues. Naruto simply shook his head and followed Rias out.

Once the two exited they were back in the store as if they never left. Rias waved to Mika, "Thanks Mika, I'll see you around!" Rias placed the items in a bag and Naruto simply walked out with her.

"Rias… do you own this store?" Naruto asked curiously because Rias walked in with the manager knowing her. Then allowing her to walk out with merchandise without having to pay.

Rias nodded her head, "As long as you let her know that you're my friend." Rias wrapped her arm around Naruto's arm and used a quick spell to send the clothes home.

Like that Naruto and Rias took off once again with Rias taking Naruto to various stores. In which one Naruto knew Rias couldn't stay away from. The two were in an anime/manga store, but Rias had to get a hat and sunglasses. She didn't have classmates she knew from school who knew she was there. Not only that, but she was also buying things while on their date. She bought some of the latest issues for One Piece, Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer, and more. It was rather hilarious to see an heiress of a clan from the underworld being an Otaku.

Once Rias found what she wanted, she again teleported the items home and removed her hat and glasses. Naruto chuckled and said, "Well Rias, it seems your true personality cannot be contained, can it?"

Rias looked up at him with a pout, "Mou, meanie let me enjoy what I like. I know you're not into it." Rias puffed the side of her cheek out showing her disproval of Naruto's jab.

Naruto waved it off, "Don't be like that, I never said I hated that side of you. It's a breath of fresh air if you want my true opinion." Naruto unconsciously leaned in pulling Rias in closer to him, "It separates you from the rest of the devils from the underworld. It would be bland if we were all stuck up. Besides it beats being boring, you're weird Rias… but weird in a good way." Naruto smirked as he began to imitate a certain devil from the Phenex Clan. Naruto gently removed his arm from Rias's grasp, which earned a pout from her, and Naruto began to move his arms and head like a chicken. Naruto's eyes even went in different directions as he pursed his lips together, "I'm Mr. Chicken Breath, I'm gonna be the husband of Rias Gremory. I got a large flaming stick up my ass. Bawk, Bawk, Bawk, Bawk, Becaw!"

Rias began to laugh and chuckled as she held her stomach as Naruto made fun of Riser. Naruto then joined her in laughing. The people around the two stared at them rather confused, but to each their own, right?

Once the two were done Rias wiped a tear from the side of her eye. Naruto took a deep breath as Rias gently took his arm once again. She leaned into him as she rested her head on his shoulder, "Y-you always know how to make me feel better about myself Naruto. Thank you, I remember how you were always there for me. I appreciate it, especially what you're going up again now. Just promise me… promise me you'll come back, okay?" Rias looked up as Naruto smirked at her giving him a foxy smile.

"Of course, I will! I'm sure you or Sona wouldn't let me get away that easily, Rias!" Naruto turned his head to the left and saw the movie theater, "Hey, why don't we go catch a movie!" Naruto directed Rias over to the box, "Two tickets to the new Dragon Ball Super, Superhero movie!" Rias simply giggled as he leaned back and forth on her toes and heels.

The two began to go inside until Naruto heard something off at the corner. Naruto turned around breaking the hold with Rias. Naruto looked left, right, and then up at the top of the buildings. Naruto squinted his eye as he saw a figure that was rather short and wearing black. It whispered to him, "Hey, Squirt!" Naruto swore he recognized the voice of it belonging to Rain.

Just then Rias's hand waved in front of his face, "Naruto!" Rias was calling out to him worried.

Naruto blinked a couple of times and looked at Rias, "Uh… what is it, Rias?"

Rias looked concerned, "What were you staring at? I looked where you were and didn't see anything. Is something the matter?" Rias had her hands close to her chest.

Naruto shook his head and said, "I swore I saw someone up there, but it might have been my imagination." Naruto shrugged his shoulders, "Come on, let's go see the movie." Naruto took Rias's hand into his as the two headed inside the theater.


Next Day

Naruto's eyes slowly opened as he stared up once again at the ceiling. Naruto lifted his head and sure enough, he found two mops of hair on each side of him. One red, the other black, it was Rias and Kuroka respectively. Naruto today had his meeting with Latia Astaroth, today was supposed to be a rather interesting meeting with her. Naruto created a shadow clone for Rias and Kuroka to keep sleeping with. Naruto then substituted with the shadow clone and went to begin getting ready.

Naruto grabbed some clothes and then a towel. He made his way towards the baths once again. Naruto placed his clothing into a cubby and his towel on the side. Naruto then turned to the bath and entered it. Naruto made his way to the shower heads and sat on a stool; Naruto dumped some warm water on his head. Then he took some soap and began to scrub his hair. Just then a pair of hands were placed on his shoulders as Naruto stopped, "Grayfia, were you in here? I swore I didn't sense you in here." Naruto panicked a bit, he didn't want to anger Sirzech's queen after all. She wasn't given the title as the 'Strongest Queen' for nothing.

Grayfia shook her head left to right, "I just got in Naruto-sama, I saw you washing your hair and figured to wash your back." Grayfia took a sponge and soaked it with water. She then took the soap and mixed it with the wet sponge. She then began to wash his back and Naruto accepted her to do so, "Do you know the reason yet why Latia-sama is meeting you at the fountain at the park? I was only informed of her showing up from Sirzechs-sama."

Naruto shrugged his shoulders, "Even I'm unsure of the reasoning, but I think it's to do with the marriage proposal I turned down a few years back." Naruto relaxed his shoulders and continued, "After finding out that, not only did my parents put Sona and me into an arranged marriage. I immediately grew crossed with both Otou-sama and Okaa-sama. I got my message across when I hit Tou-sama. I don't regret it, that's because my parents pulled the reign on everything. They gave us the choice to deny. That we did." Naruto smiled as he played with his hands. "Sona said she would not marry anyone unless they were smarter than her." Naruto again shrugged his shoulders, "Not what I would go with, but she's beaten every suitor who has tried to propose marriage. I'm proud of how far she has come."

Grayfia raised an eyebrow, "What about you? Naruto-sama."

Naruto shook his head and said, "I simply said to the old coot, simple and bluntly said. Fuck you, no." Naruto didn't need to go into detail, it was a simple F-U to them.

Grayfia kept moving her arm to wash Naruto's back. The two were silent for a moment until Grayfia said, "I'm getting the impression you don't like authoritative figures. You don't like taking orders from them if they haven't earned your respect."

Naruto turned his head to her and smirked clicking his tongue against his cheeks, "Yes Ma'am! Regardless, there are only a few people I respect. That's mainly Otou-sama, Okaa-sama, Rias's parents to an extent, and you Grayfia-Nee or -sensei depending on what you like better." Naruto specifically added a rendering tone to Grayfia's name.

Grayfia closed her eyes and smiled, "I appreciate it Naruto-sama it means a lot coming from you." Grayfia leaned in close as she pressed her chest up against his back. Grayfia's eyes lowered a bit as her cheeks heated up a bit. She moved her arms across Naruto's chest and pulled him into a hug, "Thank you." With that Grayfia slowly broke the hug and backed away and washed herself off, "I must be getting ready, I've enjoyed our own time. We should do this more Naruto-sama." Grayfia stood up and went to go wash.

Naruto finished himself up in the front and then rinsed himself off. Naruto then got up and walked over to Grayfia, "Why don't I do your back? It's only right since you did mine." Naruto knelt behind Grayfia. Grayfia simply nodded Naruto, thanks.

Grayfia was thankful for Naruto deciding to wash her back. Again, not many devils would do this, and many other devils would have jumped at their maids. Grayfia has heard things, especially when she went into the service of the Gremory family and as Sirzechs's queen. When Grayfia moved her work to assist, Rias, Sona, ad Naruto. She quickly learned from Sona that Naruto was a very kind and gentle devil, one who easily controlled their urgers and many other things. So, in turn, everyone in the house is rather comfortable with Naruto being in the baths.

Once Naruto was done, Grayfia finished washing in the front. She put the towel around herself and stood up. Naruto did so as well, "I'll be getting out and changing, thanks again Grayfia, I appreciate it."

Grayfia smiled back and leaned in placing a small peck on Naruto's cheeks, "Thank you, Naruto-sama." Grayfia made her way out of the baths and headed into the female side of the changing rooms. Naruto did the same but headed into the male changing room. Naruto thought nothing of the kiss from Grayfia, it was her being the Grayfia-Nee that everyone knew and loved. Naruto liked it better when she acted more like herself rather than the maid of the Gremory House.

Naruto eventually made his way towards the kitchen where breakfast was prepped thanks to Alfred. Naruto ate breakfast and before he knew it, he had to get going. Naruto teleported to the park, though in a public restroom to make it easier so no one saw him. Once Naruto walked out, he made his way toward the fountain. Once he got there, he found a girl waiting there, it seemed she was indeed waiting for someone, "Hello there, by chance are you, Latia Astaroth?"

The said girl turned to him and smiled, "Hello there too. Yes, my name is Latia Astaroth." Latia is a beautiful girl with almond eyes long blond hair with blue hair tips she has a voluptuous body and large breasts, whose proportions are similar to Rias. She wears a noble-like dress while holding an elegant folding fan.

Naruto chuckled as he scratched the back of his head, "A pleasure to finally meet you, I have to say. I feel a bit underdressed for this." Naruto looked at himself, he was wearing a pair of nice shorts and dress-casual shoes. He also had a casual-dress polo, "Regardless, you look great. I've heard many things about you, Latia. All good of course, but I'm glad to have finally met you. Shall we begin walking to our first destination?" Naruto, like a gentleman, extended his arm out for her to take.

Latia nodded her head and accepted Naruto's arm which she looped her other arm through, "It is a pleasure to meet you as well Sitri-san, I am quite glad that you were able to meet. Though I beg to differ, I think I'm rather over-dressed for this outing." Latia added in her humor as well.

Naruto smirked, he could see what type of person Latia was, she was different. She seemed to have a noble and domineering aura. However, he could tell she was rather different, "No need to be so formal, you can just call me Naruto." Naruto waved his hand in the air, "I don't care for formalities and things like that."

Latia blinked for a couple of seconds after looking at Naruto. She chuckled a bit as she held her hand up in front of her mouth, "Alright then Naruto, please call me Latia then in return." Latia looked left and right, she human world was rather interesting, "So, where is our first destination?"

Naruto smiled and gestured his hand up at the store, "Here, it's a store that's pretty popular. I figured you could get some clothes to put something comfy on. What do you say?"

Latia nodded her head, "You don't seem like the one to go clothes shopping, perhaps you aren't saying that my choice of attire is making you feel… how do I say… inadequate?" Latia added with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

Naruto was rather confused, "Inadequate? I mean you're the one who came dressed like that." Naruto smirked and said, "If anything, you're shouting out to the world that you're a noble and all that fun stuff. Thus it makes yourself stick out like a sore thumb wearing that blue dress. Make yourself look like that girl who chewed that gum and turned into a giant blueberry."

Latia puffed her cheeks out for Naruto's comment, "Well how rude you."

Naruto cut in pointing a finger at her face, "You started it, Latia, I am going to have the last laugh." Naruto smirked as he got it, "Alright then… blue. Let's go inside." Naruto opened the door and held it open for her.

Latia crossed her arms over her chest, "You are not calling me that." Latia raised an eyebrow at Naruto's nickname for her. However, she unfolded her arms as a smirk came onto her face, "Alright then… if you insist on calling me Blue." She walked up to him and placed a finger on his chest, "Then I'll call you whiskers, Whiskers, thanks for holding the door open." Latia then opened her fan and fanned herself for a few seconds. She hid her grin behind her fan. She then turned and walked into the store with her chest held up high.

Naruto watched as she went inside, "Well… two can play that game… Blue."

The two made their way into the store as the manager saw Naruto, "Oh! Naruto! Who is this?" The manager raised an eyebrow.

Naruto waved to her and while Latia began to look around the shop, Naruto saw a cold look on her face. Naruto quickly walked up, "Oh, Mika! It's not what it seems! I'm just here with a friend, we have things to talk about."

Mika crossed her arms under her bust and said, "Oh really, awfully close from what I'm hearing." Mika knew Rias liked Naruto a lot, and it seemed Naruto was oblivious to what it looked like, "Well carry on, I won't ask questions." Mika began to walk behind the counter working at the register.

Naruto sighed tiredly; he didn't think she would get angry at him. Regardless, it's not like this was a date. Neither was the outing he had with Rias the other day, wait he did call it a date. Naruto put a finger on his lip, "Isn't a date when two people who like each other go out? I mean… we like each other, we're friends, but I think that's the extent of it." Naruto wasn't so sure of how to think or feel, but he was cut from his thoughts courteous by Blue, "Hey! Naruto come check this out!" Naruto turned his head towards the changing room and saw Latia come walking out.

Latia looked at herself checking out the outfit she tried on. Naruto was a little stunned by her outfit, she was wearing a red short-sleeved shirt that came to about the belly button. She had a pair of short jean shorts that came down to about her mid-thigh. She finished her outfit with a pair of flip-flops that were blue. Naruto had to avert his eyes from Latia's ever-so-revealing top, "Oh… Ummm I think it looks nice, you going to wear that for the rest of today?"

Latia smiled as she looked at her outfit, she turned her head to the mirror. She smiled and twirled around liking her new outfit, "I think I'll take it then!" Latia ran back into the changing room and teleported her clothes back to her home. After a few minutes Latia came walking out, "Well, this has been fun! Let's go to the next place, I'll make sure to come to visit when I can!" Latia looked at Mika and looked curiously, "Oh, it seems like you're a fellow devil as well. I can see why Rias doesn't have to worry about paying for things here."

Mika nodded her head, "Yes, Rias-Ojou-sama bought this place a while ago. I just make sure her clothes are ready for her to take whenever. We charge her usually at the end of the year, usually, it's no issue so. Latia Astaroth, it was a pleasure having you here." Mika gave a polite bow.

Naruto walked up and pulled out his wallet, "Alright, well let's pay and go to our next place, alright Blue?"

Mika rang Naruto up, "That'll be a total of 120 yen."

Naruto took out the cash and paid for the clothes. Naruto tucked his wallet away, "Come on Blue let's go."

Latia puffed her cheeks out, "You aren't going to stop calling me that… are you Naruto?"

Naruto shrugged it off and walked out of the store with Latia, "I think a thank you should suffice?" Naruto moved his arms behind his back.

Latia simply let a raspberry out blowing the hair out of her face, "You know, I think I would have liked it if we kept it formal." Latia crossed her arms under her bust, "That way I wouldn't have to deal with your childish behavior."

Naruto smirked as he patted her head, "Oh, don't be like that Blue! Otherwise, we couldn't have this much fun!" Naruto grabbed her hand and began to tug her around, "Come on, the day is burning away! No time like the present to have some fun!"

Latia blushed a bit from the sudden tug from Naruto. As Naruto took the lead on what they were doing for the day. Latia wanted to get to the main topic at hand, but it seemed for the current moment. Naruto didn't want to talk business, if anything it seemed like he just wanted to get to know her. Before Latia knew it, she found herself at many different stores. She found herself at an anime store, food stands, thrift shops, and markets, and even stopped by a person who said was a psychic which Naruto doubted was even real. The two spent hours going to various stores and shops, and Latia was rather surprised by how easy-going and down-to-earth Naruto was.

Or would it be down to hell?

Regardless, Latia forgot for a moment that she was part of a famous house, let alone thinking that they were devils. The two found themselves eating pastries on a bench outside by the park looking out at a pond. Latia just listened as Naruto rambled on, "I have to say, it was rather eventful and funny the way how karma kicked that stupid Ero-Tenshi in the ass!" Naruto had no filter when it came to people he didn't respect, "Regardless, the studying and everything that Okaa-sama makes me and Sona go through is rather boring, but I guess it helps that I can do it. Just the fact I find it boring so sit there and listen about old people." Naruto shrugged his shoulders, "I don't get it."

Latia sighed; it was rather interesting also to learn about Naruto's point of view on devil society. He truly was an oddball. The path he is going down is a path where a lot of the devil society, mainly the nobles and head clans. Won't approve of how Naruto thinks and feels about the current system, "I have to say Naruto you're quite open about your beliefs, why aren't you afraid of how others will think of your family?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow and he thought about it for a moment, "Well… it's not so much I don't care what people think of me. If people start making fun of start talking about my family." Naruto narrowed his eyes at the horizon and Latia saw Naruto's body give off a dark cold aura. It wasn't frightening or anything, but it held a sense of protection from him, "I'll probably begin knocking some skulls together if they want to talk bad about my family. However, if they talk bad about me…" Naruto released the aura and smiled outward without a care in the world, "Who cares? Not everyone is going to like you, and you can't make them. It's when they bring in other people is where I draw the line."

Latia had to admit that Naruto's thoughts and ideas were good ones, with some unorthodox methods. Though could prove to be quite helpful, "I see… well I'm glad there are devils like you out there Naruto. You're able to think for yourself and for the ones you care about, rather than your desires. It's admirable." Latia had a smile appear on her lips, she took a bite of her dango that Naruto got for her, "Mmmm, it's good."

Naruto turned to her giving her a foxy grin, "I know! Right?! It's one of the greatest things that humans have made!" Naruto finished his and tossed the stick into the recycling container. Naruto closed his eyes and smiled as he felt the nature energy around him, and he felt the breeze pick up as the wind blew his hair around.

Latia looked at Naruto watching as he closed his eyes and enjoyed the breeze that mother nature provided for them. Latia felt her cheeks heat up, "Oi… I just met this guy today… why are my cheeks heating up? There's no way I could be liking… Besides, he knows why I'm here anyways." Latia went to speak until Naruto spoke before her, he crossed his left leg over his right, "Latia… you're a nice girl, funny too, you're fun to be around. You can let lose when you know the other person is cool being yourself." Naruto turned to look at Latia, "I figured there was a reason why you contacted me. Let me guess you're family isn't too thrilled that I declined the arranged marriage, are they?"

Latia had a frown appear on her face as she looked down, "Yes, they're quite disappointed and upset over the reasoning. They find your reasoning for breaking off the marriage… selfish and childish."

Naruto shrugged his shoulders again, "I could care less if they think if it's selfish or not, I didn't want it. So I said it, why should I give a damn about people who only care about themselves and power? No offense to you Latia, but I know how families deal with branch members. I find it rather unfair, to put it bluntly, they're worse than trash." Latia's eyes widen and went to defend her family until Naruto continued, "I know what I said was harsh, true, but I don't care. That's what I think, it wasn't the fact that I would end up needing to find a suitor or anything. But why force someone to marry someone who they don't even know? Never even met. Did we even learn what we fought for during the civil war? To make our own choices, well clearly they don't pay attention nor care in the slightest."

Latia looked ahead and said, "Not that I won't force you to change your mind Naruto, but it is the betterment of devil kind. It's our duty to."

"Screw having to listen to them, screw doing things for others." Naruto did his best to contain his anger, he didn't want to come off as someone insensitive or someone who didn't listen, "I get what you're trying to say, Latia. But I don't agree, nor do I see what the elders are trying to say. If they want to keep the line going, then make them go do it. I am not loyal to anyone, but my family, friends, and the people I care about." Naruto stood up and walked in front of Latia as she sat there with the dango in her hand, "What right do they have to make us do something we don't want to do? Who cares if it's for the betterment of the race, they'll always be more devils, but we have to work to gain peace if we are to prosper." Naruto moved forward a bit and placed a hand on Latia's head, "Don't think so hard about it, we're devils first of all. We have our own desires, meaning we can do what we want without any obligation. If you want to love the person you want to love, I say go for it. No one's destiny of lives should be predetermined by some old geezers. I for one, don't want to marry you because I don't know you. However, what I do know…" Naruto extended his hand out, "I want to get to know you better Latia… so what do you say? You wanna be friends?" Naruto had a foxy grin appear on his face as Latia looked up at him rather surprised by his words.

He really knows his way with words.

Latia smiled brightly as well, maybe Naruto Sitri was a lot more interesting than she thought before. She didn't know what to think, but all Latia knew, is she believed in Naruto's words. It made sense that you have a choice, that you have a choice to control your own life. Rather than let others do it for you, "I see… I get it Naruto…" Latia moved to the edge of the bench and stood up, "You've been very helpful and insightful Naruto, I understand what you're trying to say. I'm glad you understand my side too. For now… I think about what you've said… it was rather interesting. So… thank you."

Naruto smiled as the sun was beginning to set behind them as Naruto gave her a thumbs up, "You got it, Latia! Remember you're the one who controls your life! Not others! If they try to say otherwise! Well, just give me a call! I'll be by your side to help you right away!"

Latia's cheeks were stained with a pink hue, but thanks to the setting sun hitting their faces helped hide it. However, it didn't make Naruto's handsome features only made him look better, which didn't help her case. Latia moved to be closer to Naruto as she said, "Thank you Naruto, for everything, I hope we can do this again one day. I hope that means we're friends."

"Of course, we're friends! I wouldn't have it any other way!" The whiskered devil responded with a grin going from ear to ear.

Latia gave Naruto a light hug, and he hugged her back gently. The two soon broke and Latia began to walk away. She raised her right hand in the air, "See you later… Whiskers." Latia purposely swayed her hips as she disappeared into a magic circle.

Naruto let a small, tired sigh out, "That was exhausting… though at least it was easier once she was able to be herself." Naruto turned and began to walk back home sticking his hands into his pants, "I hope we meet up again… Blue."


Astaroth Mansion *Underworld*

Latia arrived back at her place appearing in her room. Her butler came walking in and asked, "Latia-Ojou-sama how did your meeting with Naruto-Wakai-Oji go?"

Latia, who was in a new outfit Naruto got for her, paused for a moment and smiled. She was facing away from her butler, she then turned to him and smiled placing both arms behind her back, "I'll inform Otou-sama and Okaa-sama myself Ebata-san. Let's just say Naruto was an interesting fellow, you could say we're on a friend basis now."

"Very good Ojou-sama!" The butler known as Ebata bowed and walked out, and would let his Lord and Lady known Latia would inform them herself.

When Ebata left Latia smiled as she thought back to Naruto, "Okay… well now I'm confused on what to think… I guess my first impression of Naruto… is he's weird." Little did Latia know that her curiosity about Naruto Sitri would eventually lead up to complete and utter infatuation with our blue-haired whiskered heir.


Time Skip 2 Days Before the Mission *Gremory/Sitri Household*

Naruto smirked as he relaxed from his stance. "Alright guys, I think we can call it here. I think… you're all rather tired." Naruto walked over letting a small chuckle out.

Sona rubbed her butt and slowly stood up, "No mercy, huh Naruto… though I have to say your… methods of the fight are rather unorthodox." Sona still felt the sting on her rear.

If you're wondering, yes, Naruto slapped her rear.

"Nya, that was rather interesting." Kuroka giggled walking over to Sona's side, her kimono was disheveled, but not enough to cause her top to fall off. Kuroka smirked as she looked at Sona, "So… Sona-chan… what was that little moan after Naruto slapped you?"

Akeno decided to chime in, "Yes, Sona, that moan was rather… arousing to hear come from your mouth." Akeno giggled placing a hand over her mouth, "Oh what was it? Bad girl?" Akeno joked trying to imitate Naruto's voice.

Naruto crossed his arms over his chest, "Trying to freeze my balls is unorthodox, all bets are off when you go after the family jewels." Naruto let a huff out at the end as Kiba silently agreed with him.

Sona blushed as she fixed her glasses to her face, "It's your fault Onii-sama! You were the one who was toying with us! I got annoyed! Besides! Remember what you always tell me! If you aren't cheating! You aren't trying!"

Naruto looked at Sona with a teary eye, "Oh Sona! They grow up so fast!" Naruto began to cry crocodile tears as Sona simply rolled her eyes.

Rias shook her head, "I don't think I've ever seen those techniques before Naruto. What was that?"

Naruto held his hand up as a blur orb of spinning chakra formed in his hand, "I call it the Rasengan, pretty powerful since I condensed chakra into it while spinning it, containing, adding more power, and doing those steps all over again as the third step." Naruto then released the jutsu and held his other hand out, "This." Naruto extended his hand out as a mass of black ice appeared from his back and took shape of a black ice dragon, "I call it Eisdrachen. Or dragon in German." When Naruto then snapped his fingers as the dragon shattered at command.

Tsubaki who was sitting next to Sona let a long sigh out, "Naruto, you've gotten much stronger. You kicked me, Sona-sama, and Kuroka too in one v three. Your power is insane, you didn't even use your sacred gear."

Naruto shook his head and said, "I know I am, but you're getting stronger too Tsubaki. Don't sell yourself short. Need a hand." Naruto extended his hand out which Tsubaki accepted.

Naruto pulled her up, but then Tsubaki lost her footing and fell forward. Naruto was pushed down as he fell on his back. Rias and Sona watched in shock and Naruto said, "Itai… you okay Tsubaki?" Naruto opened an eye to find the heterochromia girl slowly lifting her head.

Tsubaki opened her eyes and looked up, "Oh! I'm so sorry Naruto-sama! My legs just gave out and I!"

Naruto slowly shook his head and said, "Don't worry about it Tsubaki." Naruto patted her head causing her to blush. Sona simply smiled, meanwhile, Kuroka was biting down on her kimono in anger, Koneko looked at Naruto and Tsubaki's position as ecchi, and Rias looked at the two with her annoyed look. Naruto however snaked his hand around Tsubaki, much to her protests. Naruto scooped her up holding her bridal style, "I can carry you back upstairs for dinner, come on everyone!" Naruto used his head to gesture for everyone to follow him.

Akeno placed a hand over her mouth and giggled watching this scene play out. Sona smirked and said, "Well… I'm pretty sure Tsubaki is going to be sleeping well tonight."

Kuroka growled out, "How annoying! That little girl isn't going to beat me to Naruto-sama's virginity!" Kuroka ran after them leaving Akasha and Moka behind.

Akasha blushed, she was a little annoyed, but yet also happy. Akasha looked from left to right, Rias had an annoyed look on her face, Akeno was neutral, Sona was too, Koneko was as well, but then Kuroka. Moka pipped up and said, "If you're not quick Akasha, Naruto will slip through your fingers. It's only a matter of time before more catch Naruto's eyes." Moka began to walk off as she swished her hand behind her hair causing it to flail in the air.

Akeno added in as she began to sing, "Rias … ~you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout because I'm telling you why~."

Rias placed a hand over her forehead and said, "Do I even ask why?"

"Tsu-ba-ki is leaving… you-be-hind~!" Akeno sang out which made Sona simply sigh as Rias glared at her queen rather angrily. Akeno then began to trot off, "Naruto! Wait for me! I want to be carried like that too!"


A/N: Alright! Ummm that's now how I wanted this chapter to go! Well… regardless… what can ya do! I was writing and I kept going and this is where I ended up! I promise that next chapter will be the war, so get buckled up! I also wanted to introduce a new character early into the DxD series. So, I figured this was a better time than never to do so! I also am trying to do better with the dialogue between characters. So, I hope it looked and felt natural, I am trying to do better in that sense. Also, trying to make Naruto be a really funny guy, that is how I want this Naruto to seem. He can be serious when he needs to, but he can be a rather funny person. Anyways! Sage of Prophecy! OUT! Ja Ne!