Artemis had felt many kind of pains. Broken arms, broken legs, cracked ribs, concussion even phycological and... heart break, betrayal. But what she doesn't know was the fact that giving birth was a different kind of pain. Just pushed the baby out of your womb they said. It was going to be easy they said. It's ironic. She is the Goddess of maiden and virgin but she is also the Goddess of childbirth.

But the blessings she gave through her stature of childbirth was to ease on the birthing but nothing says about easing in the pain of birthing. She should know this. She must have known about this. But no... She must only know about this through the process itself! Was this the pain that her mother, Leto, felt on giving birth to her and her idiot of a twin. Well she did help in Apollo's case but doesn't matter now. Right now, the pain was immeasurable, in her mortal form of course.

Her lover, the father of her twins, Kaizuki Haruko was holding out his own pain. Artemis hand was crushing his own and the pain on intensifies as the more pain she was in.

"Come on ma'am, one more push and the first baby will be out." said the doctor.

"Aagghh!" Artemis scream was loud but that wasn't the case she could heard a wail. It was small and aloud but she knows that she made with the first.

"Congratulations mrs. Haruko, it's a girl."

She was relief. A girl. Her first born was a girl. She would accept her baby girl if the only pain didn't came. "Aargh!" she bellowed. If her daughter was painful her next one was even worse. Why must she carried twins? But then again, she doesn't have the control over her mortal form. After several... minutes? Hours? The second born was born. The crying was loud and it sounds healthy.

"Once again, congratulations mrs. Haruko, this time it's a boy." the doctor congratulate. She wanted to... well, she doesn't know on what to do. Sure she had plans for her daughter, when she is at the right age, she will be part of the Hunt. But her son? Maybe Camp Half- Blood? She means, she could still visit but until when?

She still have her domain in need to take care of and the Hunt need to be guided and many more miniscule tasks here and there. But before she continue thinking on what to do, the doctor and a nurse carried her babies to her. Her lover, relaxing his hand was taken aback of his children.

"They're beautiful Arty." Said Kaizuki. As he took his daughter off the nurse while the doctor gave her son to her.

' Indeed they are. ' Artemis thought.

A boy. If this was a joke in her mother parts, than she would laugh but she was exhausted. As she look at him, she could see herself on him. 'So this what I would look like if I was a boy.' she thought once more. His hair was the same as her's in her more mortal form while her daughter had her silver hair. Was she sad? Maybe. But the more she look the more she saw herself on her son than her daughter.

She read those books. She search the web as well... Sometimes. And she saw the research that on her lover's laptop. A son is more attached towards their mother. That couldn't be true, right? But then again, it also shows that brother are more protective over their sister than their own brother.

"What should we name them Artemis?" asked her lover.

She took of thinking as she did, two names pop up for both of her children. Atlanta and Shirou.

Shirou? Why is that the first name she thought of? Maybe a different name suit him better. Jack? No. Albert? No. Kamui? Nah. Peter! No...

Why isn't there a name that made sense!? She thought of an English name but it was a bust. She tried Greek but no... None fit and don't get strated with the other languages. But somehow, Shirou seems like the only good name.

White. Ironic isn't it? With his auburn red hair. But it seems to fit him. Yeah.

"The girl, Atlanta and the boy, Shirou." said Artemis.

"Hmm... Shirou? It seems odd but somehow it fits him perfectly well."

"Indeed.", as she turn to look at her lover. She smiled and place her finger on her son. She wasn't angry nor she was gross out. No, she was happy. Both of her children was born and she was happy. Her little huntress and white moon.

When the doctor gone to check on the babies and her, Kaizuki left as his office was calling him to get to work. She giggles as she remembered how they first met. It was a small hike. She was taking a week break from the Hunt as well as her huntress. A break was well deserved with how many monsters that broke loose in the United States.

As she walked on a trail of one of Japan forest reserved, there she met Kaizuki as he was planting new trees as well as taking care on the older ones. If the forest was alive and could talked, they would say either thank you and we are grateful. Of course as the Goddess of the forest, she can hear them.

As they both turn to see each other, the rest was history.

She was happy. Even if Apollo found out, he gave him his seal on approval that he even blessed him good health. She turn to her sleeping infants. No doctors or nurse would came her to check up on her, so taking this moment, she place her hand on her daughter to check if she had any of her affinities. Soul diving is tricky business. Even if she was a goddess, soul wasn't her domain, that was left to her uncle Hades or Thanatos. And the only other one who she could thought of who knew the soul, apart from the pantheons god of the underworld, death and the dead, was Yahweh.

Anyway, as she placed her hand on Atlanta chest, she pushed a extremely small amount of her powers into her and after a while she founds it. Her soul was like a forest with moon shining over head. Nothing unusual.

'Good. She have all my affinities. It would be nice if she had a stronger connection to hunting. But... her maiden and forest side was strong.' she said to herself in her head.

Next was Shirou. As the same, she placed her hand on him and push the same amount. This time she was in a meadow of hills. It was a beautiful meadow of hills she ever seen a but as she look around there were little trees around. And the moon wasn't strong but hang up there. She wasn't sad, just... as she was about to stop she saw a few things on one of the tallest hill. Five objects. Three swords, a sheath and a bow. While the sword and sheath were blurry, much more like outlines, the bow was the closest to the realist thing. A black iron bow with jagged edge. And that was cover with a small amount of sunlight in the horizon.

As she leaves, she smiled a little brightly. While the sunlight she couldn't understand as well as the swords, the iron bow however was something else. Her son had a strong connection to the hunt. Now here's the question, why is there maidenhood in him?

When EMIYA had completed, once more, the holy grail war, he first thought he would surely return back to either to the Throne of Heroes or to Alaya. And you know what both the world and fate says? Nope! You will be yeeted out of this world and when to the next, new one! Not only that, you will become a new child to a Goddess and have a sister!

And he was done! When he was first reborn, his earliest memories was a woman with a auburn red hair like his old, 'younger' self. The other thing was that his circuits was shut. He then realized he can't move much. It was coming down all down together. He is now a helpless baby. At least he wasn't the only one. He now had a sister and this one doesn't want to killed him. His twin sister, who was named after one of the Argonaut, Atlanta, it didn't take much to tell who was his mother.

Even subtle nicknames his father gave to her was enough for his already but somehow still developing brain. His mother was Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, Moon, Maiden, Childbirth and Maidens.

To his discovery, if the gods can come down linger with mortals, than means the world was still in the Age of Gods.

Another thing was that his mother was Artemis. Doesn't that mean she lost one of her attributes? How would any of the huntress knows that she had... well, sex with a man!?

He was worried, very worried. Sigh... If only he can grow already so he can look around outside and not in his and Atlanta' stroller.

He can't belive he is saying this, but he wish he could grow up faster.

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