It felt like a long time ago since Artemis had gave birth to the twins and now she is back with her huntresses. However she had that a thousand (ten thousand seeing, well you know) stare that the Hunt couldn't understand. Many would said that it she was probably taking a new form of meditation but she was in actuality trying yo figure out her children.

It was like seven years ago after their birth, she asked Kaizuki to moved to America with their children and said she would cover everything. Seeing that she had the money to do so as a goddess. Not only that, he actually had a job offer in the states. So that was good. However, that was when her children were infants. But as they grew, they started to show some level of intelligence that wasn't suppose to show up for their age.

On one of her visits, she saw her lover trying to made one either Shirou or Atlanta speak. It was a simple word, papa. While she love him, she was starting to get slightly jealous over the fact he tries to said for him. So to fight back, whenever she came to visit, she would train- I mean teach rhem to say mama. It didn't work on her daughter.

It wasn't fair!

She was supposed to said mama! Not papa! Atlanta was truly her daughter if she was being spoiled by her father. Shirou one the other hand had a caring visage for his mother and spoke mama. While it wasn't Atlanta like she wanted, her son still said in attempts to cheer her up. Oh who cares on any of that, if Atlanta had her father, at least Artemis had her Shirou.

After all, not all men are bad. Just stupid men are bad.

On their fourth birthday, it was on of those time where they were send to daycare as both her and Kaizuki have work or mission to get to. When she visits again or when Kaizuki sent her a letter on what and how they were, question once more arose.

Shirou and Atlanta, despite the dyslexia and ADHD, had incredible intelligence. Apparently they were smarter than some of the children in the daycare.

While they were her first children, she knows that they should at the very least, have some problem but no. They did not. Both acted like they were more matured than what their age says.

Artemis was conflicted. She had to watch after the Hunt and hunted down some unruly monsters, taking care of her domain and many more duties if the world didn't start up another war. She started to feel like she wasn't there for any of them, even if she did send her familiar to watch over them.

When both of her children were six, when she visits, she could tell that they didn't acted like children, or not normal children. Perhaps only having a father who often work and a far from contact mother, that they were forced to mature. She always tried to search a day to be with them but no. She was still absent from their life. So what, the other gods did it. Other pantheons as well but she doesn't many children.

Not like her brother, Apollo. Not like Aphrodite with her constants flings. Not Ares or her father. Not all of the other gods!

She only had two. She maybe a goddess but she is still a mother. Maybe she should stop for a while. She knows she was risking her father's wrath with this but if it was for her children than so be it.

She will tried to be in their life even if it was for a while.

Atlanta was smart. She knows that but she wasn't like her younger twin. If you compare the two of them, you would see that her brother was slightly more mature. Ever since they were small, she tries to keep up her little brother. Everyday she want to mature faster. Not because she hated that people don't take her seriously, but she want to stand next to him.

She loves Shirou. That wasn't a lie. If anyone asked what she want to be when she grows up, many assume to be get married with her papa as many daughters would say but her. She wants to marry Shirou.

It was the truth. She always felt safe around him and she always calm him if anything bad happen towards them.

Atlanta was smart. She is. Really! Even if she had some problem reading or even staying focus, she is smart. Often times, she knows something better than most. The caretaker of the daycare said that they were learning faster than the rest of their peers. Saying that they very smart. She likes praises but her brother don't

She had friends while Shirou barely has any. Many of the kid called him weird and saying bad words about him. She hated that, until she took charge upon one kid bullying him in front of her. It was only until Shirou stop her from hitting the bully. Atlanta hated that Shirou gave mercy to the bully. She hated the bully even more so seeing that he was a boy.

But that feeling stop when she is near Shirou. She loved him, just like her mother loved him. She was smart.

There were time when she took a nap or even properly slept, she would sometimes dreamed of a forest with many wood land creatures. She like it. She felt as if she was at home, but other time she dreamed about blades. It was weird but she felt connected towards them. As if it was calling her.

Atlanta doesn't know why. But the one she like the most was a pair of falchion, whose color were black and white. A symbolism of sort as they were together.

She knows that she shouldn't play sharp object but she also knew that the blades would break itself than hurting her. She like them. Sometimes, she told her papa and mama about those dream. While her papa chuckles and her mama just stared silently, only her brother some what flinch.

She don't know why. Maybe it was familiar?

Who knows? Atlanta need to search for it herself, after all, she was smart.

EMIYA went many different torment and hardship in life and death. Alaya was a sadistic bitch. Sure, the collective will of humanity survival was a good boss, in its own twisted way, it still a sadistic and sarcastic bitch that he doesn't like.

The question is what happened? His lastest and last memories were the Fifth holy grail war. He remembered that he promised Rin that he would tried harder. All of it were still inside his head. The memories of his own time, his own mistake and many more but seriously what happened?!

The next thing was the air itself. It have an abundance of mana around in the air. He couldn't believed it. It was as if he is in the age of God in one of his missions for humanity.

He tried to understand many things. And right now, on what he collected from the world right now was simply this. He is a demigod. A demigod. His twin sister is a demigod too.

If this was karma for betraying Rin and trying to killed his past self, consider it well payed! How in the Root of all thing that did this happen?!

But at least he knew one out of a few good thing as well. No Alaya. Matter of facts, there isn't any influence of Gaia itself too. It seems that EMIYA has escaped the grasp of the counter force. He is now free from its clucthes. He was happy that he reincarnated into this new world but that not only it.

While his parents and sister wasn't around, he tried to jumpstart his circuits. While it maybe took him a while just to adjust to it, he realize that his circuits was way better than his old self. Even the number increased.

Like for example, magi are all born with certain amount of circuits in their body as well as on how many each of those circuits can hold in the prana that generates it. The only way to increase it was by making an heir as well as Magic Crest.

Let's take for EMIYA as an example. He was born with 27 circuits. It was known that this amount of circuits was a bit above average in number as a first generation magus. While that is true, each of circuits only carried 10 unit per mana in each circuits, seeing that it was a poor state of a circuits. In another word, EMIYA/ Shirou can only produced 270 prana unit at a time.

Now take Shirou- the demigod- Hotaru. His circuits only increase roughly about towards 75 circuits and each of them can hold about 10,000 unit per mana. That is equal to 750,000 prana unit. That means, his circuit had increase fifty new numbers while the number he can hold would be roughly 1000 times more.

While it wasn't much in his opinion, seeing he once met the head of the Barthomeloi before with her, 1000 circuits and 100,000 unit and that if she didn't use her family crest. While the Barthomeloi was a blue blood, the difference is as well the quality of the circuits itself. His mishap of a circuit was better about several hundred times.

While he was slightly happy, but he couldn't utilize magecraft yet. All of the blueprints of weapon that he had was still inside his memories but that wasn't all.

The memories of his other self came about. Usually it subtle and he could control, but sometimes, it increases. How many are there of Shirou Emiya in the Kaleidoscope or multiverse. Which ever you prefer.

Some was his past and some of it was about his adventure but that isn't all. As far he can see, there were many. For example, he saw a version of his past self some how gain the fifth magic and travel back in time towards the age of Camelot and be with saber and had four kids.

Another was his past self, again, with a girl named Iris Potter and their wacky adventure. Then there were himself in a organization called Chaldea and was dating a lancer varient of saber, who had a bountiful... asset. Or the one where, he, Shirou Emiya, made loved with a red hair who is a devil of 72 pillars.

If he didn't have existential crisis, now he do.

While the body he had now is that of a child, his mind was similar of his true, older self. But right now, he doesn't have the pleasure of crying and sucking his thumb in a fetal position.

He had a sister to feed and a mother that in of him to release some stress in the next week. After all, the twins mother was a hard-working huntress.

It was almost the end of a school break. Autumn were coming and pumpkin harvest are right around the corner. And Artemis knows this. Why couldn't she. It was one of those rare time that her huntresses can relaxed long enough before winter. While it won't be the same in other states but it was wrong to lived in New York. Sure there are least vegetation around but it would suffice if anything would go wrong.
And right now, she is the mall searching for presents for two little bwaby. She really do lived them so much, that it wasn't funny. Both of them were maturing way too fast for her and her lover's taste and she want them to stayed as they are. Maybe both of them had her power to shape- shifting into different age.
While walking around, many people looked and watched her pass through them. It was normal. While she is in mortal form, it doesn't help her natural beauty popping up her and there. She took in her mid twenties form but that doesn't help shape and facial.
She had a nice sharp look with eyes sharp enough to know that she isn't some to deal with lowly. Her auburn red hair, grey eyes had being a pop on her. She wore in casual business style which include a red turtle-neck sweater with grey blazer and grey suit pants, both the sweater and pants hug her body tightly in exposed of her asset of front and behind.
While she isn't Aphrodite, she is still a looker.
While in search for a gift, she bumps into the goddess that was mention before.
"My, my! Artemis, it is good to see you sweetie!" said Aphrodite.
Artemis held herself not to shout in frustrations as the other goddess walked towards her. 'Oh for Father sake!' she said in her head. There are few gods and goddesses she can't stand and this one of them.
She wore a almost revealing clothes that would make her half-sisters, Artemis and Athena, faint or yelled at her. At the very least, she did wore a coat, even if it was made from... is that a Siberian tigers pelt?!
If Artemis wasn't glaring, she is now and Aphrodite took notice and quickly said, "It's an artificial tigers pelt, silly. I must said that humans are getting even more crafty in clothing if the decided to take a small portion of the animal DNA just to flush the black market."
If what Aphrodite was joking, she couldn't tell. But what she said had their merits. She did heard that humans are getting crafty in everything. Weapons, vehicles and transportation, architecture and many more.
Is this why the Abrahamic pantheon is always ever growing? No matter, right now Aphrodite.
"While I respond a little later but, it is good to see you too, Aphrodite."
Hey, she can't stand her but she do like her. Matter a fact she is one of the few, very few, knew about her mortal family. She once visited her children and lover and was all over the in seconds. She had her own children but there are many of them. And she had two. A special rare two.
She even spoiled them. Atlanta likes her but Shirou doesn't. In his defend, the Chaldean memories of himself was there at the time and he knew how much trouble is a love goddess could be, even if she is still one of the goddesses of war.
"Buying the kids presents? If so, please let me join! I want to spoil them rotten."
"Indeed I am, sister but that doesn't mean I will allowed you. The last time you did, you almost took Shirou's wish of having the whole historical weapon section of the national museum and many other museums seriously. If I have to remind you."
"Eeeehhh..! But I just want to spoil him. Remember, I'm still like Athena and Ares. A goddess of war, Arty. His soul is steel! And he was loved by not one, not two but three goddesses in this world. What would Ishtar, Parvati and Rhongomyniad said if told them about their fate.
Remember Artemis, just because the leaders of each pantheons hated each other and comparing dicks size, us goddesses be it love of other wise, meet up multiple times. You should come sometime."
'Over my dead body and when Tartarus freezes over!'
She hated when she reminded of the Goddesses that are hiding and running from their respected pantheons just to get together and have fun. While most pantheons like the Hindu, Celtics , Norse, Shinto and Abrahamic (Gabriel love talking to the goddesses for funsies) pantheon have no problem with these, some still do. Oh. They are also a gossip girls group.
Well at least, she do have a good relationship with Rhongomyniad, the goddesses that appear in Arthurian myths when she first went.
Maybe... Nope! No. Nu- uh! Her baby boy will only married to the person she chose. Not Aphrodite suggestions.
As she still thinking, Aphrodite plus one called her from the distance and she waved as she was about to go.
"I'll take my leaves now Arty. Maybe get them bows seeing one of your domain is in, you know. Oh tell them I said hi~."
"Huh?! W- wait..!"
And she disappear leaving the confused Artemis in the middle of the mall.
Artemis did heard about the bows part, but where to find it. Oh well, looks she on her own personal quest. To search for the bows for her children.

"Mama!", "Hello mama."
"I'm home my little moon and huntress.."
Atlanta ran towards Artemis with full intend of hugging her while Shirou simply walk to their mother. Artemis however gave the little girl a big hug as Shirou reach there, she pick him up and hug them both as they fall on the couch.
"Did you missed us, mama?! Did you? Did you?"
With a soft smile and less harden in her eyes, he told her, "Oh course miss both of you. And even missed your father. So, where is he?"
"Right behind you!"
"Hey careful old man!"
As Kaizuki had said, he was right behind them as pick Artemis up with their children. He was blessed by both Artemis and Apollo with good health and strength, so it was easy to pick his family up.
"Honey, put me down this instance."
"Yeah!", "What she said."
"Huuuuh?! Where's the fun in that?! We should twirl around and dropped dead on the bed."
"Kaizuki!", ""Hahahaha!"".
It was a rare moment where they felt like a family. Unlike her family back mount Olympus, this place. This apartment, she felt it like it was home. But she knew it wouldn't last long with many things about to happen in the future, so what! If her family was threaten, she will face the enemies head on, like Ares.
After their little fun, they decided do some family activities and stuff. Like Artemis gifted them with bows. Compound bows to be exact. Small enough for them. Atlanta was jumping in joy while Shirou just said thank you. After all, it wasn't like his jet black bow was better than this one. Or is it...
They had dinner which is Chinese, home style. While it wouldn't reach her aunt Hestia level cooking, she still loved her son's cooking.
They watch some movies with Kaizuki telling some joke or harass comments about the said movies which made Artemis and the children laughs. After some movies, they played some family games. Be it board game like monopoly (with Shirou with the highest income and Artemis the most property), some charade and a bit of video games. With how Shirou and Artemis are with games, it was easy win for both the father and daughter duo.
It was a long time but a soon the the clock closely hit nine-thirty pm, both Shirou and Atlanta were getting sleepy.
"Come now kids, let's get you to bed. Or else, how are you going to wake for school."
"O..*yawn*...Kay papa."
"N-nooo..! I don't want to go to *yawn* school!"
"Oh my baby huntress. How about I carried you to bed. And maybe, I could sing a lullaby."
Atlanta and Shirou looked at their mother's eyes. They were the same as Shirou's. Out of many thing that they inherited, one of them were the eyes. She loves them both.
As soon as they reach to the children shared bedroom, which until the times come, they shall stay together. As Artemis place Atlanta in her bed and Shirou, with Kaizuki, in his, Artemis started to hummed the lullaby and sang the lyrics.
It was an old french lullaby. She heard it in one of her journey at France to catch a certain bird.
After the song ended, the twins were fast asleep. She smiled as her and Kaizuki left the room. Today was a good.

Omake: Searching for the bows
Artemis finally found the store she was searching. It was an outdoor hobbies store. It wasn't rare and almost all the mall in the world had one of them. As she enter, she could see multiple type of hoobies equipment be it rock climbing, mountain climbing, paint ball guns (she hated those since Apollo use them on her) and many more.
"Ah welcome. Is there something are you searching for, ma'am?" said the owner of the store. He had a rough look on his face. A short gray hair beard, he look like he is roughly, 6'3. Middle age man like physic even if he is a little big in the middle but Artemis can tell that he is good man. Maybe seen stupid but a good man.
"Indeed there are, do you have bows for archery?"
"Of course we do! What kind of store do you think I'm running here?! So tell me is it for you or a relatives?"
"My children. I have twins and the love archery. Seeing I am experience myself I like to teach them."
"Really?! Well I need to know how old are they."
"Their turning seven soon."
"Ah! Wait right here."
As he went to the back of the store only to return with two small compound bow.
"These two are design smaller and more novice user to start with. You see I have brats of my own and they never like archery. Saying it is too hard. Hah! They never had patient, well at least my son did but he long gone." Said the store owner as he place the two bows in their respective and separate boxes.
"What happen to him?"
"Cancer. Liver cancer to be precise. He was weak in the body but he loves archery. I remember his last wished, and I failed. But he did left me a gift and I moved on even if most of brat doesn't take after archery like him. Well, I hope your kids love the bows."
Artemis listened to the story and felt a small sympathy for the man as she took the bag that had the bows, she cast a small blessing on the man as she paid for the them.
"Thank you. I do hope I meet you again mister..?"
"Please, just call me Raiga. Raiga Fujimaru."
And so she left the store.

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