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"Babe, seriously, it'll be fine." Bella insisted. She hasn't let her career affect her personal life in a long time, she won't let it affect it now.

Edward sighed. "Alright, if you say so. I just think –"

The look on his tired wife's face was enough for him not to complete that thought. He knows what she's doing. He's just being protective, that's all.

"The reporter will be here at ten o'clock and I was told she shouldn't be here any longer than two hours. We can handle it." Bella's statement was final.

Both of their phones pinged, effectively ending the not-an-argument.

Motion detected in Elizabeth's Room.

They both looked at each other with soft smiles. It was eleven o'clock in the evening. They had just put their six-month old baby in bed, but it seemed like she had a different idea in mind.

"She's teething," the doctor had said. "Be prepared."

Edward dropped a kiss on her forehead as he made his way past her, headed where the cries were gradually getting louder.

Bella was nervous, she admitted to herself quietly. After all, this was her first time being interviewed after being away from the public eye for five years.

It was not an easy feat trying to get away from it all. The loud people, the unwarranted opinions, the constant remarks about her– her body, her music. Her, her, her. It was too much.

Of all the things going on in the world, she often thought, why me?

And maybe it was her fault. Her songs were incredibly personal. They were her experiences. Her pain. Her insecurities. But for the longest time, that was all she had.

She never did find the answer to that question that haunted her for most of her young adulthood. What she found, however, was peace.

Peace in the situation she was in. Peace in the choices she had made. Peace within herself.

Peace that she found when she fell in love.

They met at one of those events where there was too much booze and too loud music. It should have been an unremarkable night, really. She just needed to make an appearance long enough for pictures to be taken and then she was free to go. But in the midst of the chaos, she met the love of her life that night.

Edward Cullen was a quiet, mild-mannered actor that kept his private life just that – private. On paper, they would have never worked out. Despite both being famous, they lived vastly different lifestyles.

But somehow, some way, it did.

That normalcy that she got a taste of when they traveled to his hometown together for the first time was a feeling she had never felt in her entire life. They decided, without ever really having the need to outright discuss it, that their relationship was going to be private. It was for them and them only.

"I'm not letting them have this part of me," she said.

So for five years, they kept to themselves. They didn't hide, but they didn't flaunt either. Paparazzi photos still came out, nosey reporters still pried. But they weren't budging. This was different. For her and for him.

"No one is obliged to share their private life," is what he told anyone brave enough to ask him about her during one of the many press junkets he had to attend for his job.

Within those years, Bella re-discovered her love of writing. At the crux of it all, she was a storyteller. And although they made a vow that they wouldn't be sharing every single detail of their relationship, she couldn't not tell the greatest love story of her life.

So under her terms, she wrote about her love. Her joy. Her happiness.

And it became some of the best work she had created.

Up until her daughter, of course.

Edward's concerns about her interview tomorrow morning were not unfounded. He understood, more than anyone else, the kind of anxiety Bella had about allowing people into the refuge they have built for their little family. After all, nothing had been confirmed.

Sure, people knew they were dating. But no one knew about that trip they took to The Lakes two years ago, where they vowed they would love and protect each other for the rest of their lives in front of their family and friends.

And if no one knew about that, then they surely didn't know about the bouncing baby girl with the copper ringlets and hazel brown eyes, tucked in her little crib across their room.

So yeah, Edward was worried. But he trusted his wife and he had always told her, when she's ready, he's ready.

If you didn't quite catch on, this story is loosely based on Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's relationship...or at least what we know of it. I've been listening to her albums recently and this plot bunny just wouldn't go away, so I thought I'd let my imagination run wild. It won't be too long, but I have more will come, and they will be uploaded in the next few days, so watch out for that.

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