"Well, you broke the internet," her publicist, Alice, declared matter-of-factly over the phone. It had been a couple hours already after the Instagram post and article dropped, but the calls had not waned on Alice's end. She was fielding calls from everyone. Every major news outlet, every magazine.

Bella laughed on the other end. "I'm just glad it's out there."

Nothing could have ever prepared her or Edward for the shitstorm that came after she posted that picture. She doesn't regret it, though. If anything, she felt a little bit relieved. Nothing was going to change – she and her husband would still keep their private matters private. But sharing the greatest joys of her life filled her with overwhelming happiness, she felt like she could burst.

"Have you thought any more about other interviews you might want to do? I mean, now that this is out in the open… have you re-considered at all?"

Bella sighed. "I really don't know. I mean, if I do, I want to talk about the album. But I know people just want to ask about Edward and the baby, and as much as I'm relieved that everyone knows… I also just don't want to talk about them. Not like that."

Alice, ever patient, understood. She had, after all, been the one to clean up all the mess that Bella unwillingly got into over the years. She understood Bella's desire for privacy, and ever since Edward came into her life, it had been their top priority.

"I get it. This is just kind of the bullshit we have to deal with now that it's all out there," she stated. "I gotta say, though… your album sales skyrocketed. I mean, I think Forbes articles are being written as we speak."

Bella laughed, shaking her head. "You know that shit doesn't matter to me, Ali."

"Yeah, yeah," Alice waved her hand. "Anyway, just wanted to give you an update. I'll let you know if anything huge comes up, but we've already turned down Oprah. I don't think you can get any bigger than that."

They hung up shortly after, Bella feeling mentally drained, but also at ease.

She stood from her desk, before she sat back down on the plush sofa tucked in the corner of her office and picked up her guitar, strumming aimlessly.

If you walked through their house, you would find an instrument in every single room. A guitar, a keyboard, a violin, a banjo. Music, obviously, was her life. But it also played quite a huge role in her relationship with Edward. They both shared a love of music and they often serenaded each other, both with old, tried and true love songs, and new ones, written in the early hours of the morning when her love for him couldn't be contained and she just had to write.

She kept a piano in their bedroom for that very reason.

Nowadays, those love songs have started to sound a lot like lullabies.

She looked up, her eyes locking into her favorite green ones.

"Hey," he said, pushing himself off the door and walking towards her.

She smiled, her fingers expertly strumming the opening chords to one of the very first songs she ever wrote about him.

This ain't for the best

My reputation's never been worse, so

You must like me for me

He gazed at her, recalling the first time he ever heard this song. It took him back all those years ago, to the broken spirit he found buried in her frame.

"I'm terrified," she had said.

When they met, he knew who she was, of course. She was a household name. He often heard her songs on the radio. The beat was catchy, but what caught his attention was the lyricism. They painted such vivid images in his mind and he truly believed she was one of the most talented people he has ever known.

Apart from her music, she was famous for other reasons as well. This was the part that Edward hated the most – all the media attention she got. Her reputation preceded her and he would be lying if he said he wasn't intimidated by it.

But on that fateful night they met, when they spent hours and hours talking, he knew then how easy it would be to fall in love with Isabella Swan.

It was an easy decision to make to choose to keep their relationship away from the prying eyes of the public. It had been an easy task for him because despite his job, he had kept a pretty grounded and simple life. It was easy for him to turn it on and off, so to speak. He had to admit it surprised him how easily Bella adjusted.

"You're the only part of me that they don't get to have," she had stated simply.

It's unfair to say that their relationship was perfect. Sometimes, in the past, when curiosity got the better of him, he would read through comments left by those onlookers. Even though his social media posts were solely to promote whatever project he was currently working on, the comment section was often flooded by speculation. At some point, it became easier to just turn off that part completely. He can't stop people from saying what they want, but he wasn't going to let it happen on his account.

It bothered him, way more than he let on, how quick people were to criticize Bella. But that was the price you pay for being in the public eye.

Bella was one of the strongest people he had ever met, and he knew when he took her to his home that he was going to marry this girl.

Five years later and his love for her has only grown. The initial infatuation and passion he felt for her at the beginning of their relationship had nothing on the deep fondness and respect he has for her now that she is his wife and the mother of his child.

After all these years, his heart would still skip a beat every time they locked eyes, would beat twice as fast when she would sing to him like she was doing now, and he recently found that it would feel like it was outgrowing his chest every time he thought about how his daughter inherited his wife's eyes.

All he saw was her.

And he knew that no matter what happens after today, he and his family would be at peace.

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