The apartment door opened and Naruto was greeted by Inko Midoriya. The women was slightly plump but Naruto was still off set by the aura she was giving off. "Hello Miss, I'm Uzumaki Naruto and I am here to return this notebook to your son." Naruto held out a burnt and water damaged notebook to her. "Now I couldn't help myself when I saw the title on the cover so I peaked inside and might I say your son has a fantastic mind. Would you perhaps be willing to allow me the privilege of taking him under my tutelage at Gods Eye Middle School?"

Naruto could tell the women was hesitant to accept the offer so he decided to play his trump card. "I can tell your hesitant to accept so allow me to also say that Gods Eye Middle is one of the only places where your sons abilities can be fully grown. In fact I can guarantee that in a single month your son will be able to do this." Giving a slight moment of focus Naruto created a rasengan in his left hand. "This is a ball of pure chakara. Chakara is a type of energy all living things have. Your son has quite a bit of this energy and if left alone it can harm him."

Inkos eyes shot wide open in shock. Her son was in danger? This chakara energy could harm him and he had it? Is that why he was so smart without a quirk? Those and so many other thoughts ran through her mind and then the final one came and her face fell. How could they afford it? Gods Eye was a private and prodigious school. The fee to take the entrance exam was over seven million yen.

"Miss Midoriya," Naruto stretched out his left hand and placed it on her shoulder after releasing the rasengan, "I can tell you've come to the conclusion any parent has when I talk to them. The school is expensive but as the Principal of the school I can waive most of those fees and I will be because our school recognizes talent above all else and your son has talent. I understand that you may want some time to think about it so here's my personal number. If you decide to send your son to my school call the number and I'll have one of my people come and pick your son and his belongings up. Gods Eye is a boarding school after all. Have a good evening Miss."

Ten Months latter UA Entrance Exam

Izuku stood before the gates to the UA entrance exam shaking with excitement. This was the moment his life as a hero began. Crossing the gates he approached the proctor for the exam and was given an identification number along with directions to the auditorium where they would be holding the written exam. Making his way over to the auditorium he took his seat next to a kid with pipes coming out of his legs. Once the test began Izuku flew through the test laughing at how easy it was compared to the tests he was given by Huraino-Sensai. Going over his answers two more times just to be sure he hadn't made any mistakes he raised his hand and a proctor came and collected his test. Izuku began to meditate once his test was taken. He would need as much energy as possible to perform his techniques so why not increase the energy he had to draw upon? He wasn't sure how much time had passed since his meditation began but he was pulled out of his trance by the loud shout of the examinee next to him.

"UA is a prestigious school and should be ashamed of such a mistake."

"Calm down examinee 7111 I was just about to mention the fourth villain. While the other robot faux villains are worth one through three points respectively this fourth villain is actually going to remove points in counts of five for each second that an examinee is in a certain radius from it. In all honesty it's best to stay as far away from this villain as possible. Now with that out of the way please go to your examination ground."

Getting up from his chair Izuku made his way over to the bus that would take him to testing ground Z. Upon arrival Izuku noticed that there were only a few students there besides himself. Taking a quick count he noticed that there were eleven other kids his age but none of them were from the same written exam area as he was. Steadying himself he moved to approach one of his fellow test takers when his danger senses went off. Izuku channeled chakara to his legs and jumped back a few feet while quickly flying through several hand signs. Upon finishing the signs Izuku brought both his index and middle fingers up to his lips and breathed out causing a continuous gout of flame to spawn from his fingers. The attack lasted only five seconds before Izuku cut it off and drew out a kuni. Upon taking his ready stance however he heard someone speak in a dead monotone voice.

"You can relax now problem child. Points to you though for detecting my attack and being able to return one of your own. Now let's see about splitting everyone up for the test." Refocusing his senses Izuku realized that all eyes had been on him and his attacker who was dressed in all black except for the pair of yellow goggles and white scarf that was around his neck. His impromptu opponent also had long black hair and heavy bags under his eyes. "I'm the pro hero Eraser Head and I'll be one of the proctors for the physical exam for the recommendation students. The other is Midnight but she's just here as backup in case things get out of hand." Eraser Head reached into his pants pocket and pulled out four bells and attached them to his belt in several locations. The first four students to get a bell from my belt will receive a guaranteed pass on this test. The rest will be graded on their performance. Form a line however you want but just know if all the bells get taken before you get a chance to spar with me you will get a zero on this part of the exam. Any questions?"

Izuku spoke first. "Yes, I believe I'm in the wrong place. You see I don't have a recommendation and as such I should be with the other students who-," Izuku found himself cut off by the man before him.

"Izuku Midoriya, age Fifteen. Late bloomer, quirk energy manipulation. School, Gods Eye Middle. Your principal pulled some strings to get you into this test because he believes you too powerful for the normal exam. At first I thought he was bragging you up but after our exchange earlier I can see he wasn't just blowing smoke. Now if there's no other questions form the line and it starts behind Midoriya."