Been wandering through some other fandom and saw something called reaction fic like this, especially from re-zero, and I kinda like, 'eh, no harm in trying' so this is the result of it.


A room, quite a sizable one at that, was currently deep in a silence as there is absolutely no trace of any living being in there. Dozens soft red chairs were being lined up while a big screen was a few meters away in front of the chairs, just like how a smaller cinema would look like.

The emptiness was quickly being lifted from the room as a double door at the back of the room was being opened, revealing a tall black haired young woman with a smile adorning her face. Her seemingly hollow black eyes were twinkling with giddiness that matched perfectly with the bounciness in her step. She wore a black tuxedo that hugged her body in a pretty nice way, complete with a bowtie and bowler hat.

"Hum~, Hum~, Hum~" Humming to a random melody, she made her way to the very front of the room before snapping her finger.

Puff of smoke reverberated across the room before sounds of confusion and cacophony of clueless chatter filled the once peaceful and empty room.


Some new attendants have been brought into the room through mysterious way, and they seemed to be confused more than anything. The first young woman smiled smugly at her job being done quite well before panic settles in the hearts of the newcomers.


"What the hell?"

"E-eh, w-where are we?"

"Y-Yuigahama-san, please don't suffocate me?"

"E-eh, what just happened?"

"D-did I just got k-kidnapped!?"

And so on so on, until the young woman cleared her throat loudly, gaining their attention in instance. Somehow, the panic they felt a mere moment ago was slowly dissipating away until it was completely gone as if they didn't feel fear in the first place.

"Evening everyone! I'm sorry to interrupt your day, but my dearest master have something he really wanted to show to all of you. Oh, but first thing first!" With a friendly smile, she lifted the hat on his head, "it's very nice to meet you, you may call me Hosu. And you have no need to bother to introduce yourself. I have already knew each one of you."

"What? But how?" the first to ask question was the ever youthful boomer, single otaku teacher, Hiratsuka-sensei! "Not important anyway, so what... exactly do you want from us and you better answer it before I introduce my fist to you."

"While I don't support the act of violence, I do want to warn you that what you just did would serve you in a prison for a long time." Yukinoshita Yukino, the cold ice queen from the service club, added while glaring dagger at the young woman.

"I hate to say this, but I was like, agree with that girl right there. What do you want with us, you creep?" And Miura Yumiko, the queen bee as well as the one who is titled as the fire queen of Sobu, joined in glaring the woman with her own glare while venom basically dripped out of her words.

"Y-Yukinon, Yumiko, I think you both just scared her too much..." With a sheepish and raised hand, Yuigahama Yui, the puppy of service club, tried to placate both of the girls from trying to murder Hosu with their gaze alone.

Meanwhile, the remaining others were either too dumbfounded and don't sure how to respond or just watching the scene silently from the back.

They are consisted by the best little sister in the world, Hikigaya Komachi. The tomboy girl with a lot of potential to be a great housewife more than anyone in this room, Kawasaki Saki. The foxy little kouhai who is also the student council president of Sobu High, Isshiki Iroha. The infamous fujoshi who is shrouded in mystery, Ebina Hina. And lastly, the charming ideal and enigmatic onee-san, Yukinoshita Haruno.

Before they could interrogate the host even more, Hosu suddenly stood ramrod on her place with a pleasant smile on her face. "I'm sure all of you was currently wondering why exactly you're in here, right now? To make it simple, you're invited in here and right now to watch yourself being paired with someone you most definitely know!"

"Wait, what?" It was Saki who voiced her question.

"Yes, you hear me clearly. You're currently in here to watch the alternate world where you are the romantic partner of this person, which also the one who became the main protagonist of the story. And I will be the host of until this showing reaches it end."

"Is it Hayato?" Yumiko blurted out, in which Hosu happily denied.

"No, I promise you it's much better than that. We will watch every single one of you being paired with Hikigaya Hachiman!"

Silence followed next after her passionate declaration and stayed for a whole minute, until the said person's little sister asked the question that everyone asked in their mind.

"What? Onii-chan?" She was not even bothering to try covering the disbelief in her deep voice.

Komachi's voice also managed to snap the girls mind blank and some of them began to blush at the thought of being Hachiman's partner. Haruno at the back only raised her eyebrow in interest. The thought of having a relationship with Hachiman actually didn't appear just this once in her mind, but she don't want to ruin her sister happiness again, so that's why she always put an emotional distance between her and the boy.

"Wait, are you actually saying that it was everyone as if me too?" With the same amount of disbelief but directed at a different reason, Hiratsuka-sensei asked the host with rosy tint on her cheeks. Disbelief and excitement rose in her heart at the thought of dating Hachiman since it was just simply... a bit impossible with their status as teacher and student, not to mention her infamous luck with romance make her self-esteem took a lot of damage throughout her lonely years of adulthood.

Did Hachiman really want to go out with her despite her age anyway? Despite her bad attitude? Fear and anticipation began to build up in her mind, clouding her thought and causing the headstrong woman acted a bit meeker in fear of false hope.

It was just impossible, even if it was an alternative version, there was no way they could make it happen. Hiratsuka Shizuka simply concluded, the fear of having her hope got betrayed in the end was enough to make her into a paranoid that contrasted against her usual personality.

"Why yes, of course. There was even an alternative world out there where he dated all of you in the same time." They would do a spit-take if they had a drink right now. Hachiman, dating all of them? What kind of bullshitery is that?

"If you don't quite believe me, let me show you a peek on a world where it was focused on you, Hiratsuka-sensei, and him." At that, the screen began to play, catching their attention as they, especially the single teacher, were pretty curious at what and how exactly it will be shown.

Even though they're still confused, and perhaps beyond shocked in Komachi's and Hiratsuka-sensei's case, from what just happened in the last few minutes after they got kidnapped.

"Hiratsuka-sensei is a very headstrong woman."

The scene was started with the sound of streaming water before showing a bit older and more mature-looking Hachiman in casual clothing, washing a small pile of dirty dish. The scene then changed to him cleaning the floor from any grime and then washing some dirty clothes with washing machine.

"Huh, so apparently he wasn't lying when he says he can do house chores. It seems like my thought that he had no use as a human being was wrong." Yukinoshita commented with neutral expression and her cold voice, acting like how she usually speak while in the inside, she just tried to distract her mind from anything revolving the dead-fish eyes boy.

"Wha-" Even Yumiko herself was surprised at the coldness in her voice.

"Yukinon, I-I think it was a bit too harsh..." with strained smile and chuckle, Yuigahama said to her bestfriend.

"I'm agree with Gahama-chan, Yukino-chan." Haruno quipped in, eyeing her sister with playful suspicions stare, "Are you perhaps jealous with the main focus of this movie?" To her credit, Yukino refused to answer the question even though her ears were red while frown was on her face.

Hiratsuka-sensei in other hand was completely silent and simply focused on the screen, unaware of the stare Komachi has given to her.

It was now showing him wearing an additional green apron and currently busy cooking in a small household standard kitchen. The sizzling noise from the frying pan echoed across

"She was manly. Not girly at all. A big otaku and also being a smoker and alcoholic. Lot of people always says she was anything but cute."

Hiratsuka's eyes widened in surprise before sadness began to appear on her face. It was just like how she expected. Deluding herself in something like that will only end up in pain. She should have known it, she should have realized it from the beginning. But it still hurts so bad...

"She complained to me a lot of time about her love life, or the lack of it. She always said that every man she had dated so far only lasted for a week or two because she's not cute and too manly for them."

Tears began to gather at the corner of her eyes, as the pain in her chest began to suffocate her.

Everyone who watched the scene began to grow even worried at Hiratsuka-sensei, even Haruno was included.

"Onii-chan..." Komachi muttered softly under her breath glancing at the hurting teacher and the screen back and forth with concern clear in her eyes.

"But I just simply told her that they are just idiots who doesn't deserve her."

Hiratsuka-sensei's teary eyes began to light up once again before he looked at the screen with shocked face.

"If you asked me, Hiratsuka-sensei is just... the best thing I have ever found in life. Whoever those jerks are, I felt so envious to them and want to smack them for missing the chance to make her happy.

If only I wasn't ten years younger than her, I will surely propose to marry her right now. If only I was born ten years earlier and if only we had met ten years earlier, then she don't have to degrade herself that low to seek for a husband."

Hiratsuka-sensei who listened to his thought with absolute focus could only blushed madly with a single tear rolling down on her cheek. Even some of the girls who watched it couldn't help but blushed at how they felt the passion in his voice, despite feeling a bit jealous toward the single teacher.

Hachiman was now arranging the dinner he had cooked before on a dining table. His face remained unchanging, no emotion made it appearance on his face as he continued his inner monologue.

"But we are a child and an adult."

And Hiratsuka-sensei's heart stopped a beat as fear began to settles in yet again, not realizing how Hachiman had oddly prepared quite a big meal for only a single person. But was he really going to eat them all alone? The others except her noticed this, but they decided to keep silent due to mischievous reason.

"That was what I used to say before these days."

The sound of ringing bell came from what presumably the front door of the house he was currently in. And with a smile, he made his way to it.

"W-wait, wh-what does that mean?!" Hiratsuka-sensei loudly wondered, desperation practically dripping from her voice as she leaned forward in hope of getting the answer she wanted to hear.

As Hachiman opened the door, his smile widened quite a bit before he began to speak to a very exhausted Hiratsuka-sensei, "Okaeri. How's your day, Hira- Shizuka-san?"

"Hachimaaan~, I already told you to not call me that. It makes me feels old..."

"After all, we're already happily married for a year. And that whine is so cute."

Tears began to fall one by one from Hiratsuka-sensei's chin. The stream from her eyes began to grow faster and stronger. Her mouth was agape while her eyes were wide open in surprise. She brought her hands up to cover her gaping mouth as she cried tears of joy out of her heart that has experienced too much rollercoaster of emotion throughout the showing.

Surprisingly, Haruno who sat beside her offered the crying woman a hug and a smile. A genuine happy smile.

Some of the girls, especially Yuigahama, Komachi and Iroha who cried a bit, felt really happy for the single teacher. It must be an incredible moment for her after all of the years she went through with only herself. And it must feel even more wonderful if she could realize this scene into their world.

"C-c-could you s-send m-me back!?" Hiratsuka-sensei asked the host with sob and sniff between her words, "i-if you c-can, please r-r-right n-now! I-I beg y-you!"

"Calm down, Hiratsuka-sensei. I can, or more accurately, my master is the one who allowed me to do that. Unfortunately, your presence was needed in here until he decided to bring you back, but I promise that we will show you more of your moments with Hachiman." The elder woman visibly deflated from that news.

"I still have a question though." Yumiko called loudly, "Like, why did I was involved in this? Do you think I have some feeling for Hikio?" Surprisingly, Hosu only chuckles ominously at her outburst.

"Well, little girl, what if you ended up in love with him?"

"Hmph, it was like, impossible, y'know."

"Very well, then. Think whatever you want."

Meanwhile, while Yumiko was busy talking to Hosu, Ebina was leaning forward to reach Yui and whispered to her ear with suggestive smile.

"Hey, Yui. What do you think if Yumiko does ended up falling in love with him?"

"Eh?" Caught off guard by the sudden question, Yui could only stare at her bespectacled friend in silent.

"What do you think if I was head over heel to him too?" At that question, the pinknette's eyes grew as big as a saucer while Ebina sit back on her seat with unreadable expression.

"Can't they just have Hayama-senpai for themselves? Why is everyone was pinning on Senpai right now?" Muttered a certain foxy kouhai in frustration.

'M-Me and H-Hikigaya in marriage like that?' Surprisingly, the stone faced, tomboy bluenette was the one who thought this.

"That was certainly interesting to see and I felt happy for Shizuka-chan myself. Though, I wonder how will Hikigaya-kun and my story will go." Not wanting to show her interest to the boy, especially in front of her sister, Haruno muttered quietly under her breath.

Even though she knew she will only hurt herself in the end if she does fall in love for him, Haruno's curiousity was easily overpowering her paranoia and anxiety. And she was already got used with having to back away if it's for the sake of her sister anyway.

'Okay, I know onii-chan was kinda popular and Yui-chan, Yukino-chan as well as Iroha-chan fell in love to him, but just how did he manage to strike these girls' heart without even realizing it?' And lastly, Komachi thought to herself while feels a bit terrified at how many girls who apparently have a crush on him judging by their behavior.

It's not like she doesn't like it, in fact she loved it, but it still a bit scary for her to think that almost everyone in this room was basically interested in him. Not to mention, she doesn't like this feeling in her chest right now when her Onii-chan was with someone else.