'Eh?' Yukino thought in her mind. 'Where is this?'

She tried to open her eyes, only to be greeted by a horrible blurriness and a sense of numbness. The only thing she ciuld feels was the slightly high heat across her body.

Though, she didn't need to wait for so long, her sight become more focused to caught the light and helping her to observe her surroundings.

Unfortunately for her, it still won't help anything as something was blocking her sight right at the very front of her face.

And it was actually someone else's face. Another interesting things to note, she could feel something being pressed against her lips.


It was unmistakeably a kiss, she concluded.

And panic ensued as she realized just what exactly is happening.

'W-what?! W-who is this?! W-what is he doing with me?!-'

Her panicked state stopped not so long after she recognized the face in front of her.

It was Hachiman.

'His eyelashes were surprisingly long...' She noted in daze, forgetting the fact that they are currently making out.

Though, her daze didn't last pretty long as he began to grew more passionate and aggressive against her.

'K-kyah! W-wait! Sto-!'

Unfortunately, Hachiman was no psychic and even if he could read her mind, there's no way for him to give her a break.

Hand gently pressed on her cheek while the other circling around her slim waist, Hachiman kisses her so passionately and so relentlessly. Muffled moan and whimper escaped their locked lips as Yukino could feel herself slowly being pinned down on the couch.

Yet, she couldn't even push him away. Something telling her to not to, and something was sucking every single drop of strength from her as they grow more ravenous for each other.

Eventually, they broke the kiss as the need for oxygen demanded them to breath. Thin string of saliva hung between their mouth as they stared at each other with unbridled passion and lustful desire. Their breath came out like a misty fog, carrying a heat that was barely able to be hold in.

"Yukino, do you want to be a cat?" He suddenly panted out before a cat ears headband seemingly appeared out of nowhere on his hand.

Yukino found herself wordlessly nod in eagerness. Though, it was quite hard to determine whether it was caused by her love for cat or the sense of kinkiness at what he would do to her.

And he began to gently rest the headband on top of her head.

"It suits you."

Yukino could feels her heart flutters in happiness at his compliment, although it was quickly subdued as he captered her lips in another kiss, but this time, he prodded her lips with his tongue.

Yukino recipocrated his advance and they began to engage each other in tongue wrestle. However, for Yukino, it was clear that he was somehow more skilled than her and it didn't take long for him to subdue her clumsy tongue. The heat alone was enought to gather tears at the corner of her eyes.

Drool dripping down from her lips followed by her moan and his low growl. Yukino could feels his hand roaming across her silky smooth body beneath the oversized shirt.

If she was as much as capable of creating a rational thought, Yukino would definitely curse herself at embarrassment about why her past self decided that it was a good idea to only wear shirt and nothing else.

Right now, her mind was just too dazed and hazy as if she was drowning down in a fierce sea that was Hikigaya Hachiman. She feels she can't get enough of him, like she won't be able to live without him and his touch.

Before she even realized it, she suddenly felt her world spun and Yukino quickly found herself in a very shameful position.

Head on the couch while her crotch presented in the air, Yukino tried to cover her burning face with her hands. (Look at Silent War chapter 2 if you want a visualization)

"H-H-Hachi-kun, wh-what is this!?-" Her potest died down as she felt something smooth being pressed against her lips and into her mouth.

It was a cat tail buttplug.

"Shhh... Just lay down, and I promise you it will feels really good."

With exhausted look and disheveled hair, Yukino could only stares with wide teary eyes and bathed breath as his face began to move closer toward her shaved pussy. Anticipation and anxiety pound loudly in her chest but she made no attempt to stop him.

"My, you're this wet already, Yukinya-chan?"

A shudder ran down her spine as Hachiman lovingly kissed her clitoris before he began to feast on her pussy.

Yukino could only writhe and twitch as Hachiman spare no mercy to her. Luckily for Yukino, she have the buttplug on her mouth right now because if it was not for it, then Yukino would have been moaning so loudly like a broken radio by now.

Never have Yukino expected this man, Hikigaya Hachiman, out of all people would be this skilled and knowledgeable in the subject of sex. It was obviously an experience, but then again, with who exactly he gained this experience?

That thought only managed to flash for a mere second in her preoccupied mind. It was hard enough for her to stay sane with Hachiman eating her mind away so hungrily, let alone think about anything in the first place.

And with a muffled cries and tensed body, Yukino came.

With hand on his head, she needily push his head against her pussy while having her first orgasm in the morning. It didn't take a genius for figuring out what she wanted, but Hachiman couldn't help himself and chuckle amusedly at her.

It didn't take long for Yukino to rode down from her orgasm and as soon as she finished, Hachiman let her hanging butt down onto the couch and then took the drenched buttplug away from her mouth.

Pants and heavy breath steadily came out of Yukino's mouth. The half-lidded, exhausted stare she gave to him only added the charm on her disheveled and sweaty state. Waiting no pause or response from the breathless woman, Hachiman took her face up and captured her lips into a kiss.

Yukino managed to came back to her sense once he kissed her again, but this time, he wasn't only exchanging saliva with her. Something much more musky and sweet made contact with her tongue.

Whatever that thing is, it brings back her arousal to reach high level again, giving her the strength to reciprocate his kiss.

She then separated herself from him and began to fumble her way to take off the oversized clothes away from her, earning another amused chuckle from him in the process.

Now, she was bare naked without any single piece of fabric or threads except for the choker on her neck. Yukino never thought she would like this kind of thing, but it seriously reminded her to a cat.

Which make her unsure whether she was supposed to be happy or not since it's mean that she was his cat especially in this particular situation.

Her thought was being cut short as his lips yet once again crashed against hers before he flipped her over so that she was on her knees now.

"Yukino, do you really want me to put the plug in?"

"Y-yes!" Yukino answered too quickly. Does she really want to be a cat that much? He perhaps wondered that, "Y-yes..."

"Ok." He gave her a nod before placing the tip on her backdoor.

Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, Yukino waited for him to insert the plug in. Slowly and slowly, she could feels it entering her asshole rather easily. Though, it didn't change the fact that it feels a bit weird.

A mix between pain and shame were swirling in her chest right now. The way her already red face became redder was enough to tell that she was embarrassed with having Hachiman doing this. But it also made her feels so aroused she felt her core yearning for his touch.

The torturous feelings was enough to gather tears around the corner of her eyes.

As it finally buried to its hilt in her ass, Yukino felt her asshole stretches and slightly burn at the same time. Though, as time passes, the pain become more enjoyable just like Hachiman's slightly rough way with her.

"Alright, now come the main course."

That was his warning Yukino had been waiting ever since he has decided to make love with her in the morning.

Shudders ran down as Yukino felt the tip of his member touched her entrance. She almost want to push her own hips up to his crotch if not for her lack of energy. And so, she could only bear with it as he began to grind his cock against her lower lips.

"My, do you want my dick that much, Yukinya-chan?" Unfortunately for Yukino, it seems like the way her pussy hungrily and impatiently twitched against didn't pass his notice.

"Sh-shut uhp!" Even her speech was slurred by now, how embarassing.

"You're so sinfully cute, y'know, Yukinya." He whispered as he lifted her and spoon her body.

This- this is it!

"Brace yourself."

And with that, he rammed his cock into her drenched pussy, earning an amusing reaction from Yukino who loses her mind for a brief moment.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head while she cums for the second time and squirting like a hose on the couch beneath her. It was thanks for Hachiman embrace on her that she didn't fell down face first unto the puddle while looking like she has been fucked silly.

"Did you just came?" He asked, genuinely surprised before chuckling deeply right into her ear. "Well, I mean you're not the best in stamina, so it was not surprising."

"Sh-shut uhp... H-ahchi-k-khun!"

"But I won't stop just because you reched your end you know."

If she was still able to think, look of horror may have flashes on her face by now. But she simply panted out, "D-do iht! Fhast...! I-I whant y-you to do yhour w-worse... You b-bheast!"

Without even onowing how, Yukino found her own face being pressed against the puddle of her love juice while ass still on his grasp.

Ah, so that was her cum he gave to her, huh. Somehow, this treatment feels so shameful yet so arousing for her.

"You're a cruel one aren't you, Yukinya?" She don't need to look back to see his wicked smirk. "Fine, just don't cry too loud okay. I don't want someone calls the cops for animal violation."

And with that, he pulled his cock until it was only her tip that was left, before ramming her again and earning a loud moan from her. He then began to piston her like a jackhammer, leaving Yukino to wantonly moon into the puddle of love juice.

Pleasure and pleasure was basically the only thing left in her mind, everything she did next was purely out of her instinct.

As Hachiman spoon her again, they kissed sensually while he keep pounding her pussy. Sometimes, he would put his fingers into her mouth or even cover her mouth with his surprisingly big hand.

She had lost count about just how much he had managed to brings her to climax, slowly eroding her consciousness and drives her insane with the overwhelming pleasure.

Yukino didn't even realize that she was barely conscious and it didn't take long for the blankness to embrace her wholly.

Once she wake up, she found herself staring at another unfamiliar ceilings and unmistakeable wetness on her nether region. Realization quickly strike in but it didn't do that much to remind her about shame and embarrassment.

Only the fresh memory of that dream and the strange giddiness were left in her heart